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See you there
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"i miss you, sorry wrong person" prank + haikyuu boys
characters: suna, kageyama, oikawa and kuroo
genre: crack
warnings: typos (maybe) and swearing
a/n: repost from an old old blog cause i don't have anything else to post </3
Tumblr media
❥ suna rintarou and kageyama tobio
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ oikawa tooru and kuroo tetsurou
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: i know these are shit but they're really old okay so don't come for me anw reblogs appreciated mwah <3
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forget boyfriend!kuroo I need bully!kuroo edging me and not letting me come until I get organic conversions right
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akaashi is so tired
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Day 18. Dumbification
Tumblr media
Pairing: husband!Tetsuro Kuroo x f!reader
Synopsis: Will Kuroo be able to survive No Nut November?
Warning: thigh riding, cunnilingus, doggy style, dirty talk, dumbification, creampie, pet name, multiple orgasms
wc: + 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
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Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"Thirty days without sex," he smirks, tightening his fingers around your hips, "of course I can take it."
You thought he was going to lose the first day, but he didn't give in.
The first week went smoothly, every now and then he would stop and look at you more intently and give his usual smirk, but nothing more.
The second week the stress was wearing on him. "fuck, when this shit is over you're going to be praying that I take pity on your poor flesh". Every time you got out of the shower, he had to look away as you bent down to pick something up, and his breathing got heavier. Evenings on the couch were the hardest time, when you curled up on his chest and traced his pecs with your fingertips, his voice became more sensual as he growled the dirty things he would want to do to you.
Week three was hard on both of us, but you were the one who needed to feel his hands on you the most. "It's no fun if you're not the one touching me" you whisper removing your towel, sitting astride his bare thigh as he lies in bed, "don't you dare" he growls as you approach sucking the skin of his neck, filling it with small bites all the way to his shoulder. "I miss your hands" you whisper taking his hands in yours to rest them on your bare breasts.
At the light touch Tetsuro growls, your nipples swelling slightly and you begin to move back and forth on his beefy thigh. "Chibi-chan, you're not going to make me lose" he says leaving your breasts and grabbing your hips, his fingers sinking in as he holds you close, "if you're going to do it, do it fast but not a word" he moans softly as you suck harder on his neck, "and don't be loud, my cock is about to burst" he confesses as you thrust your hips faster brushing against his bulge.
"Fuck" you murmur in his ear as you keep grinding on his thigh, "please touch me" you whimper as he grips your hips tighter to keep you firmly on him, "fuck no" you gasp taking a long breath.
In that moment he sees you even more beautiful, your hair tousled, your face a little red from fatigue, drops of sweat running down your neck and sliding between your breasts, "I'm coming" you moan increasing your thrusts.
Kuroo takes a breath of relief when your hips stop moving and you bury your face in his neck, "damn, that was close" he whispers stroking your hair.
"Damn, it's about time," he murmurs leaving sloppy kisses behind your ear. "wake up wake up princess. It's the first of December, start praying for your pussy because by the time I'm done with you it'll be Christmas" you feel his smile get wider as he slides down your back, sucks and bites your sweet flesh down to your hips, "I've waited too long, you know I like you reactive when I fuck you" he says biting your ass.
"Fuck," you moan when he lifts you up slightly and slides your panties down to your ankles, "baby, it's one o'clock in the morning" you murmur crinkling your eyes to better read the time on the alarm clock display, "yes, it is" he murmurs continuing to kiss your body, his boner presses on your butt, "don't fall asleep" he threatens grabbing the base of your nape pulling your hair.
When you feel his warm lips sucking on the skin of your ass your hips instinctively rise, "good girl" he praises you before going even lower and settling between your legs, "fuck, I missed you" he whispers pushing his tongue inside you, your lips part to let out a silent moan.
His hands slide down your belly and caress your back before grabbing your ass and licking deeper inside you, "baby, I feel so good" you moan with your face buried in the pillow, Tetsuro behind you giggles sending vibrations into your sweetest spot, your body fills with goosebumps as you come only thanks to his tongue, "Tetsu, fuck" your breath doesn't stop increasing with each lick of his.
Your clit swells in his mouth, you can feel how his teeth nibble and tease your lips. Leaving your pussy still trembling, Kuroo climbs your body, pushes your thighs together and lifts your pelvis, "hold on, princess" he growls in your ear as he sits astride your butt and pushes the tip of his cock between your moist hole.
You feel him thrusting fast against you, his tip meticulously hitting your G-spot making you whimper, "baby, slow down ah" the words come out slurred as he leans over you.
His steel hard chest is hot on your bare back, his hands clasp yours making your fingers intertwine, "fuck, you're swallowing me so good" he moans sucking on your earlobe, each thrust bringing you closer and closer to the edge, "Tetsu, I'm going to c-cum, shit" you moan clutching his fingers.
You can feel the accelerated beat of his heart as drops of sweat imprint your bodies, he lets go of your hands and grabs your hips, pressing your body against the mattress as he continues to thrust inside you, you hear him murmur a series of obscenities as a warm liquid fills your insides. 
His thrusts don't cease, "I need to cum again" he whispers as you clench his cock inside you, your eyes roll in the back of your head as you feel him grab your ass so hard that your pussy lips spread.
Kuroo cups and squeezes your ass roughly, you can feel your mixed cum sliding down, and the second orgasm flushing your body quickly and roughly, your tongue rolls out as drool pools at the sides of your mouth, "baby ..." you moan.
You can't think straight anymore, Tetsuro keeps fucking you incessantly, his libido that has been at rest for thirty long days, doesn't seem to want to know about running out, "fuck, please, I can't take it anymore ..." you cry as you try to get up on your weak arms, he pulls out of you, and spins you onto your back, "I haven't fucked you stupid yet, so just hang in there a little longer" he says with a grin on his face.
You start to see white when he rubs his big cock on your clit, "so good" you moan pulling him towards you, your arms laced behind his neck as he holds onto the headboard with one hand.
When he pushes into you your back arches pushing your breasts against his chest, your sweaty bodies slide over each other, "princess, hold on" he warns you moving his hips faster and when you bite his shoulder he comes moaning, "fuck" he grunts not stopping sliding in and out of you.
His sweaty forehead rests on yours as you both try to catch your breath, "I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow" you whisper making him laugh.
He covers your face with kisses as he pulls out of you and sits on his heels, between your legs, cum slides out of you falling back onto the sheets, "fuck" he moans massaging his neck.
"It's okay," you giggle lifting yourself up and wrapping your arms around his waist, "I'll put them in the wash tomorrow" you say rubbing your nose on his vigorous chest. Kuroo wrinkles his forehead, "okay, but how do we do about the headboard" he says with a smirk.
When you follow his gaze to the headboard you can't suppress a laugh, the second bar, where he was holding himself, is completely destroyed, "shit" you giggle into his chest as his cock gets hard again.
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Taglist: @akinokisetsu @kuroohoeee @cookiesformytummy @ghostietales @kamizama @eremikakisses @softjaegerhours @Nelvvyyy @NamiKawaiiNeko @haobrcndy @heichouswife @nezsded @mutsu422 @justcellie @tangorohamado @atshena @br4tsuki @shawtybethicc @akiko-cum @whalecage @daddykakashisensei @dibhachu @kamustyles @akaashi-todorki @katsuki-baby @zekesblckgf @smilling-death @suga-tofu @bluellama7 @tojibreedingme @tirzamisu @all--that--jazz @hoe-for-sukuna @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @duskamethystgirl @dabishutup @dabismyprettyboy @dabibemydaddy @tojibigfatgun @toshiswifey @haitanisprincess @dabiloveme @dabicomebackhome @dabislilcumslut @dabiyandere @gojousprincess @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @ryugujidrakenken @manjirosbabe @roonilwazlibswhore @Hxrzvf @ob-levi-on @saccharinegrll
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what did they see? (°_°)
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+ drabble. 540 words.
+ contains. soft dom kuroo tetsuro.
+ warnings. slight brat taming, afab reader, dacryphilia, manhandling, fem reader, praise, humiliation, daddy kink, orgasm denial, teasing.
+ note from lola. no comment, no thoughts, just.. yeah. all my shit is pretty much a self insert at this point, pfft.
Tumblr media
You always just had to be such a fucking brat, didn’t you?
Kuroo feels a shiver of pleasure run down his spine at the way your cute little cunt was clamping down on him.
His dark eyes admired your form and you were a mess underneath him, that was clear; a thin sheen of sweat covered your body and your hair was haphazardly splayed all over the sheets while you bit at your lower lip, almost hard enough to draw blood.
He suddenly thrusts his hips forward, letting out a breathy chuckle as he feels your body tense and your back arch off the mattress.
“Come on, pretty girl. Let me hear you,” he coos down at you — all while he loosens his deathly grip on your hips to move down and give your quivering thighs a light slap.
It makes you gasp in response and you finally meet his gaze, your desperation and embarrassment hard to miss even through your teary eyes.
His hips continue to languidly roll against yours and your fingernails dig into his back, leaving crescent shaped indents in it’s wake as you fight the urge to let your whimpers escape you.
Still stubborn as ever.
“Don’t you wanna be good for me, hm?” he asks, large hands lazily cupping your face as he wipes away the stray tears that effortlessly roll down your tinted cheeks.
You lean into his touch; sniffling, voice slightly trembling, and neediness coating your body and filling your veins from the amount of times you’ve been denied of your much needed climax.
“J-jus’ wanna cum, daddy. Please..”
He licks his lips, “Mhm, I know you do, baby. But you’ve gotta do something for me before that,”
You know what he wants to hear and as much as you hate the idea of giving in, your minds too dazed to even care.
Finally, you succumb to your desires and nod dumbly. Still throwing your arm over your face in an attempt to hide your shame as you spoke.
“Didn’t mean what I said, m’sorry — need you to make me cum, make me feel good.”
He feels a sense of satisfaction at hearing you say that, his palms fluidly circle your wrists and before you knew it your arms were pinned down. Leaving you feeling vulnerable and helpless, completely at his mercy.
“Good fucking girl.” he growls out. “Wasn’t so hard, was it?” you didn’t get the chance to respond because you knew he wasn’t looking for an answer, he was done holding back.
He leans down to kiss you, hips stuttering while his cock is fucked deeper inside you — tip pressing against that sweet spot that has you whining against his lips.
“M’gonna make you scream my name, yeah? Fuck you so good you won’t be able to keep that pretty mouth shut.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
## warning(s). fem!reader, virgin y/n, oral (f and m receiving), mentions of cream pie, mindbreak, cum eating, cumming on chest, y/n has tits :00, kuroo is a tease
## wc. 2.5k
Tumblr media
it was a pretty boring friday night for the two of you. through your friendship, the years spent with one another have been reduced to sitting on the floor, playing the long-forgotten game of truth or dare.
a grin slowly grew on kuroo’s lips before his finger tapped at his cheek, as if he was in deep thought. “have you…ever screwed someone?” he drawled. the excitement from forcing out dirty secrets from one another barely kept kuroo from bouncing his knee as he anticipated your answer. “or have gotten some action at the very least?”
you blinked at him before hanging your head to avoid eye contact. the answer to his question then settled upon kuroo.
but why would you be hanging your head? to you, it was embarrassing. nearly everyone that you knew has done it and bragged about how many bases they have covered as if it was a goal. as your eyes bored into the ground, you failed to notice the glint in kuroo’s eyes — the glint that signified the rush he felt throughout his body, how his breath hitched in his throat that you have yet to feel the highest of highs.
“wanna…wanna know how it is like?”
you were reaching for a cup of water before you froze in your spot. a million thoughts ran through your mind before you settled on one. “and how do you plan to do that?”
while it was not explicit, your admission was pretty clear to kuroo, making him raise his palm to his mouth to cover his smirk.
“simple,” kuroo murmured as he tilted his head, closing the distance between the two of you as he seals your lips with his. your hasty fingers bumped into his as you reached for the hem of his T-shirt and pulling it off his body while he does the same to you, hands grabbing the cups of your bra to pull them down as your boobs spilled out.
kuroo pulled away from the kiss, eyes flickering downwards at your exposed chest.
“stay on your knees for me sweetheart,” he says as he gets on his feet, fingers fidgeting at his belt buckle to pull it off.
as he pulled his pants down, your eyes immediately widened at the hard bulge that was protruding from his dark underwear. your mouth gaped open when you watched kuroo slowly pull his aching cock from its confines. deep down, your clit throbbed at the sight of his cock that was erected proudly right in your face. thick veins ran through the length of his dick and was carried by heavy balls at the base. kuroo was big.
“have you done this before?” kuroo says as his hand moves lazily along his cock, using his pre-cum as lube to rub along his length. his knuckles grew white as he clenched the girthy base of his cock. he was big, far too big for comfort given that it was your first time. as you shook your head in response, kuroo felt blood surging downwards, cock growing harder by the second at the thought of his cock being your very first.
parting your lips against the head of his cock, you looked up at kuroo to meet his eyes, giving him a small smile, and that seemed to do him in. his hips started rolling on its own accord, making you gag at the sudden intrusion of his cock into your mouth. Kuroo groaned, whimpering and vulnerable to you. it was dangerous how you were such a quick learner — every ounce of his body is dedicated to will himself from cumming there and then.
unintelligible whines and pleaded poured out of kuroo’s mouth. he needs to tell you to slow down, he has to, otherwise he knows he might embarrassingly blow his load prematurely. still, as he praises you and warns you to take your time, his body betrays him by keeping your head still as he guides his cock into your mouth again. it was sinfully addicting — the way your soft tongue swirls around the veins of his length, the way you try to mask your gags just so you could continue pleasuring him.
“please, sweetheart,” he grunted abruptly, his fingers tightened around your hair as he lurched forward. “l’me cum in your mouth-ngh fuck! please.”
your eyes flickered upwards to meet his ones that were hazy and lost in the pleasure of your ministrations. popping your mouth off his length, your mouth trailed south and your tongue darted out to flatten against his cock. your other hand was circling gently at his angry tip when his hand cupped your cheek, thumb smoothing at your cheekbone.
“you drive me fucking crazy, sweetheart.“
you hummed in response. your mouth moved towards his heavy base before taking one ball into your mouth, sucking gently.
he threw his head back in pleasure, body shuddering at the adrenaline pumping through his veins. “fuck….i’m coming-oh fuck fuck imcomingimcoming-”
cheeks sucked in, the lewd slurps of your lips against his wet balls filled the room. you flinched when you saw spurts of hot white flowing from his tip, landing all over your face. kuroo’s chest was heaving as he tries catching his breath but damn, was it taken away when he saw your doe eyes sparkled in confusion and arousal from how his cum was coating your entire face.
kuroo dropped on the ground to his knees, hand stretching to cup your face before pulling you towards him. he peppered kisses all over your face, tongue darting out to lick at his cum, making you shiver at how dirty it was — or rather, the intimacy of his tongue that flattens against your skin to clean you up before pulling you into a kiss. the flavour of peppermint erupted in your mouth along with the saltiness, from which you guessed was from his tongue.
the kiss was sloppy and messy. it sounded wet from all the hot kisses the two of you pressed onto the other’s lips as you keened to each other but it conveyed the message that kuroo was trying to tell you. he needs you, now.
“kuroo,” you rasped. you had no idea that your voice would sound like that but it seemed to appease kuroo from the way he was sucking on your neck.
“yes, sweetheart?” he hums into your skin, his hot breath fanning the crook of your neck followed by the cooling wetness of his lips finding its way back to your neck.
“i-i need you.”
you felt him stop in his place, a slight smile spreading on his lips against your skin before continuing. “need me where? i’m already here.”
rolling your eyes, you opened your mouth once again to retort back. instead, your mouth fell open in an empty gasp when you felt kuroo’s hand slither between your legs to cup your pussy. you had no idea that your thighs were clenched until kuroo’s hand had to dig your thighs apart to touch you.
“what, here?” a small hum of approval barely slipped past your lips before a gasp follows as one of his fingers dips between your legs, feathering along your slit over your underwear.
kuroo deftly hooked his finger over the hem of your underwear before pulling it down to your ankles. a small gasp escaped your lips when you felt how exposed you were under his dark eyes that were raking over your figure, finally fixating between your legs. instinctively, you closed your legs out of shyness but instantly felt his rough palms part your legs once again, letting him have a full view of your glistening folds. he couldn’t stop. as he brings you back on the couch, kuroo’s eyes never left your pussy nor did he stop talking about how pretty it was or how beautiful it would be stretched around his cock.
soon enough, his head was lost in between your legs. your back immediately arched as you felt his wet tongue dipped between your lips to drag from your hole, and upwards to your clit. your hand found solace in his dark locks, fingers weaving and tugging at flick of his tongue against your clit.
you felt his lips curl into a smile against your cunt when your walls clenched down on his fingers that were stuffed deep in you. kuroo’s lips then wrapped around your clit, sucking vigorously as his fingers started pounding in and out of your little hole.
“gotta train this virgin pussy for my cock. you sure you could take me?”
at that point, it wasn’t a matter of if you could because you needed him. your eyes would dart between him relishing in your sopping cunt and the cock that twitched against his stomach as he ate you out. you bit your lip, nodding at him, only to let go out of it when you let out a guttural moan as you came all over his fingers. as kuroo retracted his fingers from your pussy, you caught sight of his glistening fingers.
your face flushed at the sight of your slick coating every inch of his fingers, smothered all over his mouth. a deep throb ached between your legs when you watch his tongue swipe against his lips before sucking his fingers in his mouth, tasting you once more.
his hands grabbed your sides, flipping you over on your stomach.
tilting his head, his eyes trails over to your ass — of which he grabbed with his hands with a loud ‘slap’. cold air breezed past your cunt as he parted your cheeks, exposing your glistening cunt to him.
“arch your back a little for me, love. just a little-yes, fuck yes.” as you followed his words, he moaned at your obedience before watching how exposed your cunt was to him in your position.
you were beautiful in every aspect. your slick drips at your cunt and down your thighs, shining under the light above the two of you. taking his hard cock that was resting against his abdomen, he parts your lips with his cock. your hole clenches around nothing as you felt the veins of his cock rub against core. you immediately gasped when you felt something thick nudge at your hole.
his hips bucked forward, finally enveloping his cock with your pussy and oh, did you feel so warm around him. your wet pussy immediately made a wet squelch as his cock penetrates you. the two of you simultaneously moaned at the warm contact. his hands gripped your hips, lifting it as he pulled you back down on his cock. your body shuddered, choking out a sob as you felt so, so full.
“fuck t-tetsuro!” you whined. as he rocked his hips against yours, every ounce of shock and pleasure suffocated you. “oh god, too big. tetsu, too big!”
he ignores you, of course. your mouth says one thing but unlike him, you did not get the chance to watch how your pussy lips stretches out at every admission of his cock into your hole. you did not get the chance to see how your wetness gathered into a translucent ring of white at the base of his cock.
he smirks as you wail, watching your arms shake before giving out under you, your face pressed against the smooth leather of the sofa. it might be too much for you, he muses inwardly, but he can’t stop—it seemed like his hips had a mind of its own, moving to get his dick wet with your arousal.
“you fe-feel ngh…so good in me. fuck me, oh my god.” your whines were muffled against the sofa, hot breath fogging up the surface. soon enough, you were bouncing on his cock on your own accord, your hard nipples rubbing against the leather.
“where—” kuroo choked out between thrusts. not once, did his hips falter as he pistons his cock deeper into your cunt.
“wh-what? what do you mea-oh,” realisation struck you when you felt his fingertips dig into your hips, holding you closer to him as he bucks his hips against yours. “on my…my-“
“my…my,” he snickered, clearly amused at how you were so lost in pleasure that you couldn’t form a simple sentence, “my what, sweetheart?”
“t-tits-ngh! my tits please.”
kuroo cursed under his breath. his head thrummed at the rhythm of his racing heartbeat, the only thought on his mind being your dirty dirty cunt begging to be ruined.
his hands shifted from your hips to your chest, hands squeezing at your mounds. a blissful hum sounded from kuroo’s throat as he felt how hard your nipples were, tempting him to tweak it between his thumb and index finger. instead, kuroo pulls you towards him such that your chest rests against his back before hooking his arms around yours to trap you close to him, with nowhere to run as he fucks you senselessly. at this angle, you could feel his tip hit you in all the right angles deep in your needy pussy. your slick slowly dripped from your hole to coat the length of his cock, dripping onto his balls that were slapping against your ass as he continues spearing you continuously with his cock.
your mouth hangs open, all sense in your head fucked out just by having your pussy stuffed with kuroo’s cock. although all you could muster was mewls and whines of his name, it was clear to him that you were close.
“that’s my girl. y’said you have not fucked anyone before but really, you’re just a dirty dirty girl.”
“are you close for me? you feel so fucking tight for me right now-oh fuck.”
“gonna fuck this pussy until no other cocks can satisfy you.”
every word, every sentence only pushes you further over the edge. kuroo knows that from the way the walls of your cunt tightens around his cock at every plunge of his cock. sniffles sounded from you before you felt the ache in your stomach eased as you gushed all over his cock.
“fucking beautiful” he moaned in your ear, watching you come all over his cock.
kuroo took one last hard thrust into your pussy before he took his cock out of your pussy with a loud squelch. he grabbed your shoulder, swivelling you around to make you face him who was frantically jerking at his cock. you watched as kuroo’s eyes focused on your heaving tits that he was seconds from coming all over, his lips captured by his teeth and forehead glistening with sweat.
his breath came out erratically, followed by a moan as spurts of white shot from his cock, falling onto your tits. kuroo’s cum was warm and thick and he made sure to live up to your demands by coating you with all the cum that he had, until it dribbled down his cock. shifting closer to you with cock still in hand, he rubbed the tip of his cock all over your tits, finishing off by rubbing circles around your nipples. he dipped his head so that he could watch your hazy eyes that was still clouded in lust from the after-math of being fucked senseless.
kuroo moved to catch your lips in his before pulling away, whispering against your lips, “wait till you find out how it feels like to be filled with my cum.”
Tumblr media
\(≧▽≦)/ likes and rbs are always appreciated <333
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terrakiyo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo wants to kiss you, so badly, terribly, deeply.
he wants to kiss you. but he also wants you to kiss him.
‘is there any difference between the two?’ yes, absolutely, obviously, he’d say.
kuroo wants to kiss you and kenma’s sick of hearing him tell him that.
kenma swears that the time his best friend spends whining to him about how he desperately wishes to press his lips against yours would have been better spent actually trying to do so.
it’s so stupid, he thinks when kuroo sighs for the umpteenth time in the hour.
“stop it.”
kuroo sighs again just to spite him. “i can’t help it.” lies. “it’s an involuntary reaction.” he’s such a liar.
kenma clicks his tongue, brows furrowing. his gaze snaps up from his console to the man (read: idiot) sitting in front of him.
he groans. “just ask for a kiss.”
the look kuroo gives him makes him want to throw his console at his stupid face.
kuroo shakes his head. “are you out of your mind?”
“no. you are.”
truly, kenma’s not sure how much more he can handle. he hates seeing that dumbstruck, puppy-eyed look on his friend’s face. not that it’s a bad thing, rather he hates having to see it every day.
he frowns. “is it so hard to walk up to them and ask for a kiss?”
“oh, please, you’d be doing the same thing,” kuroo scoffs, “besides that’s just creepy.”
“creepy, is staring at someone from a far, whining to someone about how much you want to kiss them— oh, sorry, how you want them to kiss you.”
silence falls between the two of them.
“i hate you.” kuroo mutters.
and kenma doesn’t miss a beat, “i hate you more.”
there’s another pause.
“what would i even say?”
“what should i know?” kenma huffs, “i’d be doing the same thing you are.”
“maybe i should just keep looking for now.”
“shut up.” kuroo rests his head against his hand.
he sighs agains. and then he yelps when kenma hits him under the table.
“just talk to them.”
kuroo squints at him. “why do you want me to do that so badly?”
“i made a bet with yaku and lev.”
he blinks at kenma. “you suck.”
“you suck more.”
there’s a pause before kuroo opens his mouth to speak again.
“how much did you bet on me?”
kenma doesn’t look up from his console. “enough.”
kuroo bites the inside of his cheek. he contemplates between walking up to you and talk his way into kissing you, or staying where he is, looking at you from afar (like a stalker, kenma would say).
really, the former sounds like the better option.
“i’ll go talk to them.” he whispers.
and he does, because he wants to kiss you, badly, terribly, desperately. and unbeknownst to him, you want the same thing too.
Tumblr media
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kodzukvn · 2 months ago
𖧷 hq boys + accidental confessions
with: k. tetsurou, o. tooru, t. kei
tw: none >:)
ollie's notes: omfg :0 a SMAU?? FINALLY !! ive made you guys wait CENTURIES before i posted another one ;; also only three :P cause i lost interest in the prompt after making kei's.
pt two : m. atsumu, b. koutarou, s. rintaro
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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ozetia · 2 months ago
Haikyuu boys vanilla turn-ons.
Tumblr media
Because vanilla is totally okay and not everything needs to be hard and kinky. Both ways are fine just remember that!
Watching you put your clothes on whilst your running late for work. Your shirt half way buttoned leaving your chest and collarbones exposed, he’s left undressing you with his eyes as you leave for work. Sometimes he purposely leaving leggings out for you to wear when you arrive home so he can gaze at the structure of your body and the sway of your hips.
Sugawara, Kuroo, Akaashi, Semi, Osamu
Man boobs, boobs anything related with boobs. Including nipples. Even hearing the word boobs gets him all exited. He can use them as a personal idea, stress balls, something to cum on and something to grab on when he’s thrusting into you. This all started from writing 8008 into a calculator during exams.
Lev, Oikawa, Aone, Tendou, Kageyama
Hearing you say “I love you” during slow passionate make out sessions or sex. It makes the scene go from 0 to 100% in less than a second.
Daichi, Kenma, Kita, Washio, Hinata
Long legs with thigh high socks, fitted skirts which show the shape of your hips and legs. He’s not stuck in the 1980’s I swear, he appreciates legs that enhance the beauty you already have.
Bokuto, Ushijima, Suna, Hoshiumi, Ennoshita
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Tumblr media
#includes: Suna, Kuroo, Osamu, Ushijima
#genre: Smut 
#Warnings: praise, F!oral, car sex, creampie, daddy kink, slight exhibitionism, M!oral, blowjob, AFAB reader, deepthroating, tears, office sex, shower sex, kitchen sex, soft sex
#Note: When I say “fucking” I don’t necessarily mean penetration, only Suna’s and Ushijima’s contain penetrative sex the other two are just oral. Just a quick fyi :)
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
SUNA - Car 
 It didn’t take long for the car windows to fog up, not with all the heavy breathing and pants. You don’t know why you expected today’s late-night drive to end up any different, you and Suna had a routine: he’d come and pick you up, you guys would get food and then you’d find yourself in an empty parking lot with your back against the steering wheel and in his lap. However, you couldn’t complain, it was your favourite part of the week and without fail you’d find yourself looking forward to it and even when Suna would suggest that you guys could take it back to either of your places, you insisted that he don’t break tradition. You loved the thought that you could get caught any moment and the urgency of it every time you fuck.
So, as you sit there, legs straddling his waist and pussy encircling his cock, you couldn’t help but throw your head back and let out an obscene moan. Suna let out a breathy groan as he dipped his head and enveloped one of your nipples (that he nearly ripped your top to get to) while massaging the other one with his thumb and pointer finger. You slowly lowered yourself onto his cock until you reached the base where you grinded your clit against his pubic bone and gripped his hair, pushing him further into your tit. “Mmh, fuck baby, feels so good” you sighed. Suna lifted his head from your chest and gripped your waist, encouraging you to start bouncing, “I know baby, your pussy’s so fucking tight and wet, you like this don’t you, that we could get caught any moment”, after every word the pace of his thrusts increased, until all you could do was grip his shoulders and let him take control, “yes yes yess” you chanted. “Then make as much sound as you want baby, yeah just like that, let everyone know how well I’m fucking you” “Oh shit, you fuck me so good Rin, so good” you managed to moan out. He let out a deep groan at your words and pulled you tighter to him, slowing his pace down to deliver hard deep thrusts instead, the change in pace drove you to the edge of your orgasm. He pulled your head down to his and silenced you with a kiss, pushing his tongue into your mouth and toying with it. You pant into his mouth as you breath out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming Rin” “Shh shh I know, I know, I can feel you baby, creaming all over my dick” with a few more thrusts he joins you in your bliss and pumps his cum deep inside you, biting your shoulder to keep himself silent. You both stay in that position for a while, his softening dick keeping his cum inside you. Yeah, this was definitely your favourite part of the week.
Tumblr media
KUROO - Office
It wasn’t rare for you to visit your husband at work and bring him his lunch he would ‘accidentally’ forget, plus you also didn’t mind, you loved seeing him in his work environment and you definitely weren’t partial to him in his suit. You lightly knock on his office door and wait for his approval to come in and once you get it you open the door and dangle his lunch in front of you with a teasing smile, “Really Testu, again? It’s like the second time this week”, “What can I say kitten, I’m getting forgetful these days” he replies with a cheeky smirk, “Mhm, sure”. You walk up to his desk and place his lunch on the table, while you lean down and peck his lips. He encircles his arms around you and looks up at you with a slight pout, “Now that you’re here, why don’t you stay for a few minutes”, you lightly laugh while stroking his hair “and what would you have me do in the few minutes I’m here?” You slyly asked.
He slowly lowers you onto his lap so your straddling one leg. With delicate, deliberate movements he runs his hands up and down your thighs, the wedding band sitting snugly on his ring finger catching the sun as he does so. “I’ll do whatever you want me to pretty baby”. You bite your lip while looking at him and move your lips to his neck, placing delicate kisses all the way up, across his jaw and finally to his lips “I wanna make you feel good testu” you whisper against them, with a quiet groan he shakily nods his head, “you always make me feel good kitten”. With one last kiss on his lips, you slip off his lap onto your knees, you mimic his movements from earlier and run your hands up the expanse of his thick thighs till you get to the buckle of his trousers. “Fuckk” he sighs from above you as you unbuckle his pants and free his thick cock from his boxers. He places his palm onto your cheek, smoothing circles into it while you occupy yourself with placing delicate kisses onto his dick “so good to me baby” “you deserve it, want you to relax” you continue worshipping his cock and kitten licking his head, letting the sounds Kuroo’s making send you into a daze. After enough teasing you place the red leaking tip into your mouth and lightly suck. He moved his hands from your face to lay gently against the top of your head, not forcing , just encouraging you to go deeper, “shit, just like that kitten, just like that”
A knock on the door snaps him out of his haze and in alarm he calls out “who is it?” “It’s Haru from next door, i was wondering if I could run some numbers over with you if you’re free?” “Uuh…” he quickly looks down at you and acknowledges that you haven’t stopped sucking his dick the whole time, you innocently look up at him as you slowly take more of him and start fondling his heavy balls, “fuck” he sighs out, he can’t stop now, not when it feels so good. He gently ushers you under his desk and pushes his chair in so no one would be none the wiser. After clearing his throat so he sounds semi normal he calls out “yeah come on in, I have a bit of spare time”.
As they talk boring work and numbers you continue to hollow your cheeks and work your way down, your hands working on anything you can’t fit into your mouth…yet. You can hear him try to keep his voice even as the tip of his cock lightly hits the back of your throat and he covers your gag with a cough, “everything okay Mr Kuroo?” “don’t worry everything’s fine, just a little tickle in the throat”. You can feel your panties get even more wet as he places his hand back on your head and pushes you down further. He bites back a low moan as you increase your speed and pressure, “the ohh..nly thing that needs to be changed is this table here” he catches himself. It takes a lot for you to hold back your own moans as the thought of his co worker only being a couple feet away from you and being completely oblivious about what’s going on under the desk increases the heat pooling in your belly.
You flatten your palms against his thighs as he carefully thrusts up into your mouth, straining for your touch. He wants nothing more than to hammer into you and spill his seed down your throat but he’ll have to wait till his co worker leaves and prays he doesn’t come before then. He makes the mistake of glancing down and he’s met with your glossy eyes peeing up at him, he lets out a breathy sigh, “if that’s all then I’d really love to get back to what I was doing before” “Oh uh yeah of course, thanks for all your help” and with that Haru makes his way way to the door and lets him self out with a final wave.
“Oh shit” he pushes his chair back to give you more room and opens his legs further, “fuck baby you’re driving me crazy” you lowly hum while speeding up and the vibrations almost send him over the edge. He pushes your head further till he can feel your throat constrict around him and the tears that decorate your lash line have him cumming within a few seconds, “oh fuck oh fuck” he repeats as he shoots his cum deep into your mouth and slowly pulls out. You swallow everything in your mouth, opening it to show him that it’s now empty, “such a good fucking girl, you took all of it” he gently swipes his thumb against the edge of your lip, catching a bit that spilled out and shoves it back in your awaiting mouth. You slowly suck on his thumb while looking up at him and he swears he can feel himself get hard again “you’re going to be the death of me Y/N” “I’d say the opposite, I helped you relax, didn’t I?”. Yeah, he’s definitely going to forget his lunch more often.
Tumblr media
OSAMU - Kitchen
You feel two strong arms circle around your waist and pull you flush against a chest. “Samu, I’m making breakfast” you whine. He nuzzles against your neck and starts sucking your neck, “Mhm my breakfast is right here… and dessert” you lightly laugh while titling your neck to give him more room “you’re a fire hazard” “then let’s off the fire” he whispers into your neck, and he does just that, reaching in front of him he offs the gas to the stove and turns you so you’re facing him. “Can we continue now?” He asks with a raised eyebrow, with a roll of your eyes you smile back “now you can continue”
With quick movements, he lifts you up and places you onto the island in the middle of the kitchen “here?!” You squeal out. He deeply chuckles “yes here, where else would I enjoy my meal?” Without giving you time to answer he places his lips onto yours and smooths his hand down your body, slipping it beneath your (his) shirt and inching it higher and higher. The pads of his fingers make contact with your bare cunt and he lets out a deep groan, “fuck, no underwear baby? Dirty girl” you let out a moan at his words and spread your legs further “just for you daddy” “fuck look at you, all this for daddy, you’re so wet for me baby”. He lifts your shirt higher and orders you to hold it so it doesn’t get in his way. He lowers his head and trails kisses starting from your stomach down to your thighs and onto your pussy. You let out a sigh as he spreads your lips and blows cool air onto your pussy to watch your cute little hole clench around nothing. Licking his lips he gives a tentative lick to your clit and watches you throw your head back and place your hand into his hair to try to push him down, however he doesn’t budge. “Tell me what you want baby” “Mmh want your mouth daddy” “where do you want it?” You let out a whine at his teasing and try to push his head down again, he slaps away your hand while giving you a disapproving look, “my clit, want your mouth on my clit” you huff out. “Much better, wasn’t that easy” he smirks out and before you can whine more he leans down and takes your clit into his mouth.
“Mmh oh fuck, just like that”. He continues sucking on your clit, sometimes taking his time to prod your leaking hole or suck on your folds but he finds himself back on your clit and groaning at the taste of you, “taste so fucking good baby, could eat you all day” you eyes roll back into your head at the harsh lashes he delivers to your clit with his tongue, alternating between sucking and flicking. You grind up into his face as you feel yourself nearing your orgasm and Osamu doesn’t relent. “I’m so close Samu, fuck don’t stop!” “Mmh don’t worry pretty baby I’m not stopping anytime soon” he grips your thighs and drags you closer to his mouth, appreciating the way your thighs tighten around his head. The feeling of his teeth lightly grazing your sensitive clit drives you over the edge and you cum all over his face, “just like that baby, cum all over my face, taste so fucking good” he laps at your leaking hole and doesn’t stop till you physically push him away “aah Samu too much baby, I’m sensitive” “just a little bit more” he drunkly replies and tries to dive back in, you quickly tug him up to you and kiss him, cleaning the mess you made on his face “you can have more later baby” you speak against his mouth. Yeah, he’s definitely going to get more later.
Tumblr media
The sensation of the cold wet glass against your burning skin had you moaning out, the sound echoing throughout the bathroom. Ushijima had you in his strong arms, back pressed against the shower wall and legs crossed behind his back. He continued his assault on your hard nipples, alternating between the two as his thick cock bumped against your clit every so often. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gripped the hairs at the base out of it while whining out “please toshi , put it in” he lifted his head from your chest and placing sweet kisses across your face ending with your lips “you think you can take me now sweetheart?” You hurriedly nodded “Mmh yes, promise”
He took ahold of his thick pulsing cock and pumped it a few times before prodding your hole, that feeling alone had you throwing your head back against the glass but he took your chin between his fingers and angled your head down “I want you to watch me stretch this tight cunt, can you do that for me?” “fuckk” you groaned out while keeping your eyes glued to the way your pussy was stretching to accommodate him. You both let out deep groans once he reached the hilt, he dropped his forehead onto your neck while he tried to control his breathing. You don’t know if it was the steam from the shower or the way toshi was splitting you apart that made you feel dizzy but you wanted more. “Move toshi” you whispered out. He slowly pulled back out till it was only the tip inside and then slowly pushed back in “shit” you sighed out. The slow rhythm continued for a while, both of you just enjoying the feeling of being connected and feeling him so deep inside of you, delivering deep slow thrusts that had you clenching around him and creating a thick creamy ring around him. “You’re so tight love, god it feels so good” “faster toshi baby, want to feel more” and how could he deny you when you asked so sweetly.
He hoisted you up further and tightened his hold on you before speeding up the pace of his thrusts, the sudden change had you clawing against his back and screaming out, he groaned at the pain from your nails which didn’t take long to morph into pleasure. He took one of your erratically bouncing tits into his mouth and harshly sucked, gripped his head you moaned out “fuck toshi, just like that baby, I’m so close” with that he quickened his thrusts until he was hammering in and out of you. You moved one of your hands down to your clit and started rubbing harsh circles into it, trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts, you’re undoing was his deep gruff command “cum for me” and with that the tight rope in your belly snapped and you were creaming around his cock, the feeling of your tightening cunt and moans was enough to have him shooting his load deep inside of you “Mmh fuck baby”. As both of you caught your breath and waited for your heart rate to slow down, he let you gently down, still keeping a tight grip around your waist and placed his forehead against yours “done so good sweetheart”. Yeah, you’ll definitely be showered together more often.
NOTE: Got carried away with Kuroo’s because it’s like one of my top fantasies lmao.
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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wonderorange · 22 hours ago
mdni: nsfw content ahead
boyfriend!kuroo has your thighs bracketing his head as he leaves teasing kisses and kitten licks around your pussy and inner thighs, but doesn't give you what you want because you CAN'T FUCKING REMEMBER THE MECHANISM FOR ESTERIFICATION
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aikk00 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I swear I didn't mean for this to look like some sort of otome game. My sister pointed it out, and I went with it 😰
Here's one without bg though
Tumblr media
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nymphobunnie · 2 months ago
[ 𝟏𝟏:𝟒𝟕 ] — 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 𝐓𝐄𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐑𝐎
Tumblr media
Your mind was all fuzzy and your head blank, as you blinked away a new set of unshed tears that were quick to roll down your flushed cheeks. Even more loud whimpers pour out past your lips at the feeling of another firm smack against your ass, the slight stinging aftershocks making you suck in a breath.
“What’s the matter, pretty baby. Thought you said you could handle it?” Kuroo asked, the teasing tone in his voice clear as day, you could hear the smugness practically dripping off of his words but before you could even utter a single word, Kuroo’s hands were gripping your jaw and forcing you to look up at him with that pitiful fucked out expression all over your face.
“I don’t wanna hear any excuses, doll. Now, how many was that? Told you to count, didn’t I?” Your eyes widened comically at the mistake you made and he swears, he almost cooed at the sight of you, sniffling pathetically and begging for him to stop. “D-don’t know, daddy—please! ‘m sorry, didn’t mean to forget-”
Your begging was barely heard, just a passing whimper that went in one ear and out the other, as he lets his hands come down hard against your already bruised skin, “Uh-uh, I told you to count and you couldn’t even do something as simple as that. You know what that means, don’t you?”
As much as you wanted to argue with him, you knew it’d only land you into more trouble and so you brainlessly nodded along to his question. “Mm, dumb little whore just doesn’t know how to listen.”
His calloused fingers danced against the marks he’s made on you, loving the way you shuddered from just the warmth of his touch. They moved lower and lower, till they were rubbing against your clothed cunt and just as he expected.. your panties were soaked, dripping in your arousal.
“Begging me to stop when you’re this fucking wet, princess. I knew you liked it, bet you wanted to get punished, my cute little pain slut.”
There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as he pushed your panties off to the side, digits now circling your clit while he smirks at the way your hips rock against his hand in an attempt to chase the pleasure. And when you least expected it, he pulls back, unexpectedly delivering a harsh slap right on your sensitive slit which makes your body jerk in response, the pain and pleasure making your thighs quiver.
“Count for me, princess. Don’t make me ask again.”
That was all he had to say to make the words roll off of your tongue.
“Hngh—o-one..” and this time he couldn’t even be bothered to hold back a chuckle, not when you looked so pathetic bent over his knee like this. “Atta girl, now..”
“..why don’t we see how long it takes for me to make you cum, just like this.”
Tumblr media
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maikawa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu boys + doms + aftercare
— characters of haikyuu who are mean dominants but will make sure you feel alright after a rough session
kuroo tetsuro + ushijima wakatoshi + sakusa kiyoomi
fluff + nsfw
warnings :: degradation, mean doms, degrading nicknames, dumbification, edging, hints of spanking, mentions of bondage
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
"what now, you slut? can't speak properly? poor baby..." he mocks, sneering when you sniffle and sob, the rope enveloping your body making it hard for you to move, but kuroo thinks you look beautiful, the red ropes hugging your curves perfectly.
you sniffle again, moving around the bed, ruffling the sheets and whimpering. "tetsu, tetsu— need ta cum, please—" you practically beg him, the knot inside you threatening to snap anytime now, you just need permission. "fine, since you asked so nicely."
and when you both finally cum and it seeps down your thighs, it feels like heaven. you could see kuroo smirking slightly as your vision blurred, the need to rest making you reach out for him.
when he sees you reach out, he immediately falls on the bed beside you, long arms wrapping around your waist and running his fingers through your hair, asking you if you're alright.
he sees you blink up at him and smile, knowing that you're sleepy and probably tired, he just watches you till you're asleep, placing a subtle kiss on your forehead and he slowly falls asleep as well.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
he has you bended over his knee, counting and squirming. he likes to do this, placing strong smacks to each of your asscheek, making you sob because, "it hurts t'much, toshi!"
he gets off to the sight of you sobbing and yet you were still wet all over the front, he could feel it in his pants that were slowly getting wet because of you.
and when you count to the last number, you sigh.
he rubs his hand over the reddish cheeks, muttering praises to you for taking it so so well. he sees you smile drowsily, and his heart tugs at it, carrying you to the living room so you can watch your movies.
making sure to feed you some snacks and holding you in a bone-breaking hug, asking you every two minutes if you feel alright or if it still hurts.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
he chokes you, hard. looks you in the eye and tells you the most degrading things, "you're such a whore, thinking with your pussy all the fucking time." he has you look at the mirror so you can at your own reflection, drooling and moaning for him and you could see him smirk.
"see how you look? so dumb, so so dumb and naive." he cooed, his face inches from yours, pretty black and curly brushing against your cheek as he groans, painting your insides white.
he takes a bath with you, hot water and soap bubbling as he spreads soap all over your back, making sure to get every corner covered with lavender-scented soap. grumbling when you complain that your legs hurt.
"not my fault that you acted like a brat, now turn around baby, let me wash your hair, mm?"
Tumblr media
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kairakeiji · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
you've done nothing but avoid kuroo for days.
you've been dodging him in the halls, ignoring his texts and calls and you're even avoiding conversations with the rest of the volleyball team in hopes of making him think that you've disappeared off the face of the earth. if it were up to you right now, you wouldn't exist to him.
the last thing you told him was that you liked him, the last time you saw him was while he walked you home, professing your feelings before dashing behind the safety of your front door. you got no response, you weren't even expecting one, you just left him standing outside your house still processing the small but powerful phrase. besides, you already knew what kuroo was going to say. you were certain that you already knew his reaction and you knew it was going to be something you didn't want to hear.
so the next step in your plan was moving on, thus why you were currently avoiding the boy like the plague.
you shared one class with kuroo and luckily for you, it was at the end of the day so all you had to do was make a mad dash for the door before the boy could catch up with you. unluckily for you, was that you were on the other side of the classroom and kuroo was right in the middle of you and the door. you weren't even paying attention for most of the class you were just trying to create a plan to make it out before the boy caught you.
the final bell served as your cue.
your things were already packed.
and you were dashing towards the door before kuroo could even process that you were leaving.
you knew the school like the back of your hand, flying down the first set of stairs at the end of the hall, racing to make it to the courtyard connecting the school buildings. "hey-" you hear yaku call. but you ignore him.
you can see the front gates, they're just within reach. you turn behind you and a smile curls on your lips when you see that no one's chasing after you. you're about to make it and your pace quickens.
until you end up slamming to a stop.
before you know it you're on the ground with someone lying right under you.
"what's the hurry?"
it's kuroo.
you're quick to try and stand up but kuroo grabs your wrist before you can slip away from him again. "i...i have something after school," you lie.
"and what may that be?" he asks brow raised.
"i um have to pick up groceries for my parents," you replied quickly as you both sat up. but as you tried to stand, his grip on your wrist tightened. you laugh, panic settling in, "you know, i would really appreciate it if you let me go."
"you know," kuroo interrupts. "you didn't give me the chance to respond the other day."
"i didn't, as a matter of fact," you nod.
"why you don't wanna hear it?" he asks.
and you raise a brow, "why would i wanna hear it if i know it's gonna be bad?"
"well you don't wanna leave it hanging forever," he replies.
the two of you are still sitting on the ground as students walk past the front gates and you wish you can join them, but his grip on your wrist is still as prominent as ever.
"well maybe it'll be better if we did," you reply before trying to stand up again. "now if you'll excuse me."
but he pulls you back down to him, now moving to intertwine his hand with yours.
his actions make you freeze. "i don't want to leave it hanging though."
"and i don't want to hear it," you quickly stutter.
kuroo's eyes linger on your hands for a moment, thumb stroking over the back of your hand, "well what if i said i-"
"stop," you yelped out, reaching up to cover your ears as you shut your eyes.
kuroo can only stare at you confused, "you don't wanna hear it?"
"i don't because i know it's gonna be bad."
"i don't think my answer's bad though?"
you slowly open your eyes at his response, only to see a smile on his lips and a blush on his cheeks.
when did he get so close?
your hands are still intertwined despite the fact that you're trying to cover your ears. "so then you think your answer's good?"
kuroo nods as he peels your hands away from your ears, "i think it's very good."
and you can't help the smile on your lips when you respond, "then say it."
but he doesn't, he shows it instead.
his lips are on yours before you even notice, eyes widening in shock before they fluttered closed. his hands cup your cheek and sure it's a quick kiss, but you already want more. "i hope that gives you my answer," kuroo smiles as a soft laugh escapes his lips.
your cheeks are warm and your heart is beating out of your chest when you pull him back in by his jacket, his lips crashing into yours and you swear you can feel him smile. when you pull away his hand brushes strands of hair away from your face, his eyes look like they're shining. but laughter bubbles up when you meet his gaze, wide smiles on both of your lips as you breathlessly respond.
"and i hope that gives you mine."
Tumblr media
ayo hbd kuroo ily <33
thanks for reading!! relogs are incredibly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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sunascumdoll · 5 months ago
𝚝𝚠𝚘'𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚢, 𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚎'𝚜 𝚊 𝚌𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚍.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ x ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: ꜱᴍᴜᴛ (ᴍᴅɴɪ 18+) ᴡᴄ: 1.6ᴋ ᴛᴡ// ᴄᴜᴄᴋᴏʟᴅɪɴɢ, ᴏʀᴀʟ (ʀᴇᴄᴇɪᴠɪɴɢ), ᴊᴇᴀʟᴏᴜꜱʏ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ (ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇɴꜱᴇ), ᴅᴏᴍ!ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ, ʙʀᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ, ᴍᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴘʀᴇꜱꜱ, ꜱʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴘʀᴀɪꜱᴇ ᴋɪɴᴋ. ɪꜰ ɪ ᴍɪꜱꜱᴇᴅ ᴀɴʏ ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ʟᴇᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡ! ᴀꜱ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇᴅ, ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ.
a/n: this was only suppose to be oral.. somehow it turned into this and i am now violently whoreknee.
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ʜQ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ |  ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
“be honest with me. have you had thoughts on fucking y/n?”
kenma tenses, the music from the game on his phone filling the daunting silence of the living room. he shifts his lower half on the couch, cat-like eyes finally glancing over at the raven-haired man. kenma opens his mouth to respond, only to be cut off by the front door opening and a sing-songy voice chirping into the room. both men turn around and look at you, kenma staring the hardest.
“hi kuroo! oh, hi ken-ken! what are you guys doing?”
kuroo smirks before turning to look at kenma, who’s in the middle of staring daggers into you, his tongue dipping out to wet his lips.
“come here, pretty girl,” kuroo instructs.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
kenma is forced to his knees, black-blonde hair pulled back tightly into a makeshift ponytail by kuroo’s hand, his face mere inches away from your cunt. kenma gulps, the aroma from your pussy making his mouth water. he wants to, god he wants, but it would be wrong.
“i can’t, kuroo. i can’t do this.”
“yes you can, and you will,” kuroo sneers, his grip tightening in kenma’s hair before mashing his face into your waiting cunt.
kenma struggles against kuroo’s hold, his head shaking back and forth only to come to an abrupt stop. he licks his lips once, then twice before letting out a throaty groan. the taste of your sweet nectar had spilled and invaded kenma’s palate. ‘good, tastes so fucking good’, he thinks. his tongue protrudes from his mouth and gives your cunt a lap, eliciting another groan from him. your body jolts a bit, gasping when you feel the warmth of kenma’s tongue on your pussy. his hands reach up, grasping and kneading at your thighs as he attaches his lips to your clit. he sucks on the tiny nub, all while brushing the tip of his tongue against it. your pretty little moans are music to his ears and more than enough encouragement to keep him going.
kuroo pushes kenma’s head further into your cunt while his other palms his hardening cock through his low-hanging grey sweats, “what happened to not being able to do this?”
a wanton of moans spills from kenma’s mouth in response, his eyes beginning to droop as he gets lost in your flavor. drool spills from his lips to his chin, his head shaking left and right to nestle himself deeper into your core.
kuroo would be lying if he said the sight in front of him wasn’t beautiful. his own best friend, dazed, mind lost in a fog of lust, with his face buried deep in his girlfriend's pussy. the sound of your moans brought kuroo back to reality. his brown orbs land of your face contorted in pure pleasure. your hands shakily reach down to grab kenma’s head, your nails raking through his hair.
“ ‘m cumming!” you yell.
kenma smiles against your throbbing pussy, making sure to lick up every drop of your sweet juices from every crevice possible. he watches in awe at the way your body shivers and jolts from his touches alone.
“alright,” kuroo releases kenma’s hair, it falling to frame his face perfectly, “that’s eno-”
he’s cut off by kenma, who is scrambling off of the floor and towering over your frame. the faux blonde bends down, his tongue slipping inside your mouth and exploring as he kisses you. your arms wrap around his neck as you moan against his lips, the taste of your own cum occupying your mouth. kuroo cocks his eyebrow before walking over to a chair that sat conveniently in the corner. his cock was painfully hard and desperate for any attention. he pulls on his sweats, his swollen dick springing free and slapping against his stomach.
“mmm, ken-ken,” you whine as you break away from his kiss.
“shh, baby, hold your legs open for me.”
you quickly oblige and spread your legs as far as they would allow you. kenma fumbles with the button of his pants, his dick leaping free seconds later. those same intimidating eyes scan the room and land on kuroo, a mischievous smile spreading across his face.
“i’m taking this cunt.”
kenma looks back down at you, more specifically your pussy that’s coated in arousal. he wanted this, god he wanted this. he’s dreamt about it, and now that the opportunity is in front of him, he’s going to take it. why shouldn’t he? he has this beautiful little pussy laid out in front of him, all for him. his best friend isn’t saying a word. kenma glances back at kuroo, watching the man stroke his cock, before grabbing his own and burying it all inside of you.
kuroo gulps and strokes his shaft a bit quicker. this wasn’t part of the arrangement, kenma was only meant to taste you, but here he is, balls deep inside of you, pounding away at your poor little cunt. he should stop this, tell kenma he’s taking this too far, but he can’t. those simple words get caught in his throat. why can’t he tell him ‘stop’.? simple. he likes it. the jealousy of watching his best friend ravage the pussy that belongs to him makes his cock twitch, your guttural moans adding onto that jealousy.
kenma leans down, sloppily kissing you while he pumps his girthy dick deep within your core. your nails claw down his back to his ass, helping him slam deeper into you.
“mm ken-ken! it feels so fucking good! fuckin’ me so well!”
“yeah? slutty thing loves getting fucked in front of her boyfriend? say it. out loud.” kenma groans and grips your face, turning your head towards kuroo.
a broken sob crawls up the back of your throat, and your eyes begin to water as you make out kuroo’s figure. drool slips from the corner of your mouth and onto the bed, your body lurching upwards with each thrust kenma delivered to your whole.
“l-love getting fucked in front of you! d-daddy, he’s stretchin’ my pussy! s’too much!”
kuroo groans and releases his hand from his cock. he spits down into his palm and grips back onto his girth once more, eagerly pumping himself. “is that so, baby? mm- fuck. just going to let kenma fuck you like whore in front of, daddy?”
you nod pathetically and turn back to face kenma. your hands grab onto your legs and pull them further apart, “k-ken, please! need ta’ be fucked harder, please!”
kenma grins and pistons his cock deeper into your cunt, his balls bouncing off of your ass, “hm? pretty little thing doesn’t get fucked like this often? maybe ken-ken needs to come around more and pound this pussy like it deserves. what do you think, kuroo?” he spits.
kuroo glares, a singular vein becoming prominent on his forehead. his gaze shifts to you and softens. you look so fucked out, your whines and moans growing louder with every lunge of kenma’s cock. kuroo can feel jealousy and rage entangle with his lust. he runs his thumb across the tip of his cock, hissing before peeping back at kenma, “fuck her.”
“with pleasure.”
kenma grabs onto your legs and pins them against your chest, folding you into a mating press. groans, wet skin slapping together, and a creaking bed fill the atmosphere in your shared bedroom. kenma was deep, almost too deep inside your cunt. your ____ irises fill with salty tears as he continues to plow inside of you. each thrust had you craving something more and more; kenma’s cum. you needed it, and you’d do anything for it.
“ken-ken please!”
“please, what, doll? tell ken-ken what you want.”
“want your cum!”
“yeah? do you want me to breed this pretty little pussy? aw, baby, what would your precious boyfriend think? would he want me to pump your tummy full?” he mocks, locking eye contact with kuroo.
“please! need your cum in me now! d-daddy, please! let him fill me up!”
kuroo swallows, his hips sloppily thrusting into his hand as he watches your pussy swallow up kenma’s bare cock. he curses under his breath when he hears your pleas. is he suppose to tell you no? not when you’re begging so prettily. he spits down onto his and continues thrusting into his hand before whispering.
“give my baby what she wants.”
kenma leans down, the warmth of his breath fanning over your ears. your juices began to turn a milky white and bunch around the base of kenma’s cock.
“fuck~ gonna pump this pussy full of cum. gonna keep fucking cunt until it takes. want you leaking my cum all the time. you want that, sweetheart?”
“yes, ken-ken! please cum in me!”
kenma turns his head to face kuroo, his hips slamming down harder into your greedy cunt, “c-cumming!” kenma moans, spilling all of his seed deep within your gooey core.
kuroo grunts, his eyes hyper-focused on your cunt guzzling down every ounce of his best friend's cum. his cock twitches, and with one last thrust into his hand, kuroo paints his stomach with his cum. he slumps in the chair, his breath ragged as he looks at the two of you.
kenma slowly pulls his cock out of your hole and watches as your pulsating pussy leaks his cum. he takes two of his fingers and shovels the cum back into your cunt, a smile present on his face.
the legs of the chair scrape against the floor, emitting a loud screech noise as kuroo gets up. he makes his way to the bed and stops before the two of you. his angry red cock is still standing tall despite cumming a minute ago. his pupils are blown, orbs darken with lust as he wraps his hand around his cock once more. he clears his throat and smiles down at both you and kenma.
“my turn.”
Tumblr media
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ozetia · a month ago
Where they like being touched
Tumblr media
Because men liked being touched too and let’s remember that all touching sexual or not feels nice!
He has no problem with being touched in public or private. He is a lusty love monster that love being lusted over. Slap his butt in public, hold hands whilst walking and hold his hand during sex. Even though he holds his image of being a tough loving dude he’s the complete opposite, he’ll melt as soon as your fingertips touch his skin. Touch is the most sensual act in his mind and makes his sexual performance 100% better,
- Tsukishima, Yaku, Iwaizumi, Semi, Akaashi, Osamu
Firstly he reminded you that in a relationship touch is important there are all different love languages but relationships are give and take. He hugs you from behind, running his hand down your bag when your making coffee and you scratch his back whilst laying down watching tv. Sometimes when he’s feeling cheesy he’ll promote his idea of missing back and head scratches over sex after work. He basically turns in a cat purring over the attention you’re giving him, luckily he has 9 lives. He loves the marks on his back that you leave after sex, it shows that he preformed well but after all the attention you give him you that’s the least he’ll do.
- Tendou, Suna, Bokuto, Oikawa, Kenma, Sugawara
He’s likes his butt being slapped end of story, he has a 6th sense for when you’re planning to slap his butt and he’s waiting for it. Sometimes he’ll clench so you hit his ass bone instead of his cheek and sometimes he give into you and pushes his butt out ready. When you randomly stroke his arm or leg whilst he’s driving he’ll reward you with his best move: putting his arm on your chair looking back whilst reversing. He can’t take his hands off you touching you boobs and using them as ‘heat warmers’ or ‘comfort.’ But feel him up shirtless and you’re looking for a free pass of 1 day in bed but that’s up to you.
- Kuroo, Yamaguchi, Konoha, Kita, Ushijima, Terushima
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heichoe · 21 days ago
for tonight 
Kuroo Tetsuro x reader 
wc: somewhere under 1k :)
kuroo’s not exactly passed out. not really, because he’s looking up at you, blinking, aware.
not to say that he’s doing great, though, because he is half-sitting, half-laying in your bathtub.
you pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh. about fifteen minutes ago, you’d pushed him into your bathroom, throwing in with him a spare change of clothes, and told him to get dressed. this was all, of course, after he’d called you, drunk, to pick him up from a night out with his old high school teammates.
really, this is your fault for agreeing to be roommates with the man.
he opens his mouth, struggling to form the words.
“y/n, i need you to help me change,” he whispers (you don’t know if he bangs the back of his head on the bathroom tile on purpose or not), “… can’t- can’t stand up on my own.”
kuroo tetsuro will definitely not be nominated for the roommate of the year award— you’ll make sure of that.
still, the way his usually sly eyes are now round and honest, moves you to help him.
first, the shirt. that’s probably easiest, you think.
taking it off is easy enough, and once you’re left with a shirtless kuroo in your tub, you think you might be able to do this, never mind the rapid beating of your heart.
“stop ogling,” he slurs.
your heart trips over a beat or two. you scowl. “i was not ogling,” you tell him, “in fact, you can take care of the rest."
you’re about to leave the bathroom, but he take a hold of the hem of your shirt, slurring some more.
“nhg- mmno! don’t go,” and he tugs you back, almost tripping you in the process. who knew drunk people could be so strong?
“the tile’s so cold,” he complains and you sigh again.
“whatever. need you to sit up.”
kuroo hums, doing as he’s told.
you get the sweatshirt over his head, but it takes you a good five minutes to fight his arms in through the sleeves.
“this smells like you,” he says, not really complaining, just stating a fact.
“i was wearing it earlier,” you dismiss him, trying to figure out how the fuck you’re gonna get him out of his slacks and into the sweatpants you brought for him.
he hums, “it looks like mine”
you dont respond because it is.
“i need you to stand up.” you tell him.
he helplessly looks up at you, “(y/n), i can’t.”
you want to scream into a pillow and choke the life out of him. why are you helping him?
you step into the tub with him, crouching down so you’re straddling his hips, and hook your arms under his arm pits.
“i’ll hold you steady,” you tell him; wide eyed, he holds your stare and nods, “but i need you to stand up.”
“‘m gonna fall.”
you’d never known his voice to be this... soft, vulnerable.
“you won’t, kuroo; i promise.”
even though he does stand, you do, like, two-thirds of the work, and it takes you both more than one try. he wasn’t lying when he said he couldn’t stand, and you have to secure him in your hold, most of his weight being held up against your frame as he leans further into you.
you huff, hoping this nightmare ends soon.
you reach under his sweatshirt, fingers grazing the skin of his tummy in order to find the buckle of his belt. you hear his breath hitch. you squeeze your eyes shut and clench your jaw tight.
quickly, you undo his belt, and the button of his slacks, and the zipper too, all while trying very hard to ignore the bulge underneath the material of his underwear.
kuroo sighs, nuzzling a little deeper into the junction of your neck and shoulder. “y’know,” he mumbles, “it’d be a lot harder if i hadn’t drunk so much.”
it takes you a second to process the meaning behind his words. you choke on nothing but your spit.
that’s it. you are going to kill him. you’ll drop him, and hope he cracks his skull open on the tile and-
kuroo plants a soft kiss on your shoulder. “thanks for helpin’ me,” he says softly.
the duality of man.
really, it’s incredible how one’s plans for murder can be foiled by a single brush of the lips.
“we’re not done yet,” you mutter back as he kicks off his pants.
a thought occurs to you: how the fuck are you going to put on his sweats if A.) they’re across the bathroom, on the sink counter, and B.) you’re carrying 73% of his weight.
“kuroo,” you say, and he’s already dozing off on your shoulder. you gently pat his cheek and brush back the mess he calls hair away from his face in the hopes of waking him. “‘m gonna lean you against the wall,” you tell him, already shifting his weight, “you need to stay standing up, ‘kay?”
“don’t go,” he fights you weakly, but he’s already leaning against the bathroom corner as you shuffle out of the tub.
it’s not until kuroo cracks one of his eyes open and sees you, kneeling in front of him, that he groans (both at the pounding of his head and at how pretty you look like this).
rolling your eyes and muttering a quiet ‘pig’ under your breath, you have him step into his pants, pulling them up as you move to stand. you tell yourself that the way your fingers linger on the skin of his hips as you settle the waistband of his sweats there is purely accidental.
kuroo sighs again, leaning into you so you can carry his full weight again.
“bed.” you both say at the same time, with different intentions.
drunk as he is, kuroo snickers in your arms. “if you insist, sweetheart.”
“i’ll drop you.” you promise, wrapping you arms tighter around him as you help him go over the edge of the tub.
the trek down the hall all the way to his room seems too great at 3:42 am and with an extra 180 pounds, so you resort to walking him to your room instead.
you have a bigger bed, anyway.
he sighs as you finally tuck him in under your sheets. you’re both exhausted.
he catches your wrist before you can go too far away. “stay with me until morning,” he says, voice small, eyes unsure. 
you purse your lips, knowing he's long won this battle. you sigh. 
“you better not puke.” you warn, sliding in next to him.
he turns so that he can snuggle up to your side, nose pressed to your neck. “i won’t”
his soft breathing at your side lulls you to sleep— whatever this is, you tell yourself, you’ll figure it out in the morning, but, for tonight, you’ll let yourself pretend he’s yours.
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