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#hq memes
screamin-abt-haikyuu · a month ago
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I like to headcanon that this one time, on a particularly cold winter night, the Karasuno boys (2nd and 3rd years, specifically) discovered how huggable and warm Asahi is so they all just piled on to him and now that is how they always sleep on cold nights.
Noya was the first to notice that Asahi was walking around in a normal t-shirt while everyone else was shivering in their scarves and sweaters.
As soon as Asahi settled into his futon, Noya launched himself on top of him (rest in peace, Asahi's internal organs🧎‍♂️) and discovered that he was the human version of a radiator.
"Hey, guys!!! Look how warm Asahi is!!! Join us!"
Tanaka and Sugawara did not waste a second and joined them instantly.
Daichi, however, refused to join.
"Are you worried that your scary captain image will be tarnished?"
But when he saw how happy and cozy everyone looked all huddled together, he slowly inched closer until he was a part of the group.
"Hah! You're just as much of a softie as everyone else," Suga teased.
Daichi just "hmph"d in response.
He would rather eat an entire brick than admit it but he would 100/10 do it again (and he did).
Asahi, on the other hand, absolutely loves this arrangement. He was made for this. He loves to hug and be hugged.
On snowy days, he will wear extra soft and warm clothes so that everyone feels comfy while hugging him.🥺
Please enjoy this noob edit of the first night for better visualization:
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I also decided to use this opportunity to add myself (or you if you'd like to imagine yourself there instead) to the scene. Behold my artistic prowess:
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I hope you liked it!! I just thought this hc was so sweet and I had so much fun editing the entire scene. They're all so cute and wholesome, I can totally see this happening. Also the edit with reader/myself in it has had me laughing since last night lmfao.
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@thepuckishrogue I have a feeling you will enjoy this headcanon and edit.
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After Kenma stays up all night (or excuse me, wakes up early) to play games:
Mrs Kozume: You’re grounded! And no TV!
Kenma: My TV broke when I rage quit.
M. Kozume: Fine. No computer!
Kenma: I need that for school.
M. Kozume: *notices Kuroo standing behind her*
M. Kozume: Fine! No Tetsuro!
Kuroo: What!? No Testu-?!
M. Kozume: NO TETSURO!
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