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can u do y/n who sleeps w no pants pt2 with oikawa and ushijima pls?
a/n: why of course! i love these two so much omg <3 i'm in writers block so bear w me here tw: suggestive, semi-depressing in oikawa's for a lil' bit
sleeping with no pants pt.2 [pt.1] - haikyuu!! x reader
oikawa tooru after a long day at work, the last thing you wanted to do was go to another social event, so you made the critical choice to cancel on your friends plans to go to the weekend party - oikawa included. it was time for you to relax, instead. getting into your comfy, long shirt (that you're pretty sure you stole from your good friend oiks), you slid under your covers and turned on the tv to watch a Disney classic. half way through, you must've fallen asleep because the next thing you knew, you were being shaken awake. you groaned groggily and shifted in your covers, at last looking up to see oikawa standing there with puffed cheeks and a toddler-age pout. "tohru, what are you doing here?" you asked with a sleepy voice. "the party was boring without you," he huffed, pushing you to the left side of your bed so he had room to lie down next to you. you let out a little laugh, "but you still went, huh?" "how else am i supposed to relax?" you looked at him as if he were insane. "relax? more like get more anxious and stressed out." he bonked your head lightly with his knuckles muttering, "sass.." you sighed, "this is much more what i prefer." you breathed a heavy, contented sigh, nuzzling into your covers. oikawa gazed down at you lovingly, shifting to readjust his position futher under your blankets as well. you smiled, "if i could, i'd sleep all day. forever." you turned to you, "why's that? i don't think i could stand being in bed longer than a few hours." you turned to gaze into his eyes, "when i'm asleep all my worries are completely gone. i don't have to think about not looking stupid or being seen as someone worthy of the space i take up... it's the only place i feel true peace." oikawa nodded, though his expression was still puzzled. you burrowed closer to him, taking his arm in your own. his eyes widened in surprise, before turning to a crescent shape - a smile. you proceeded to wrap your arms around his torso, breathing in his scent: a little bit of sweat and pine. suddenly shifting, oikawa's head shot down to the covers below your embrace. you raised an eyebrow in confusion, "something wrong?" his eyes snapped back to your face, wide and uncertain. "i-it's nothing." he avoided your gaze now. at this point you were positive he was hiding something. you moved your head to try to get a further look at his expression but he held fast to staring at a thread on your blanket, seemingly completely enamored with it. unbeknownst to you, you'd unconsciously been rubbing your thighs against his own, a bad habit you'd picked up whenever you cuddled. you didn't mean anything by it, it was simply that you loved being close to people you care about and what better time to do it then when you're about to sleep? you sighed, feeling drowsiness take over your emotions. oikawa swallowed thickly, his voice coming out strained, "you... nevermind." you shrugged, your face was up against his chest now. you didn't know whose heart was beating so fast or whether it was the combined rhythm of the both of your hearts. whatever it was, it lulled you into a soft, quiet slumber. oikawa's pants strained as he again made the mistake of looking down, below the covers to see your big shirt had ridden up, exposing your luscious thighs and panties. he hadn't had the heart to tell you, he told himself, he didn't want to embarrass you. it wasn't like he was enjoying this - it was torture. he almost did tell you, but, well, then you might never cuddle with him again. and if he wasn't lying... he was enjoying this. god, he sucked at being your "friend".
ushijima wakatoshi if there was one thing ushijima wakatoshi learned from his father, it was that it was very important to be a gentleman. he was just like every high school boy in that he had "urges", but he wasn't one to act on them. which is why you made his life very difficult. you, on the other hand, were a "free spirit" of sorts. you did what you wanted and gave zero fucks. that included going against societal norms you deemed to be "pointless" or "stupid". including not wearing pants while in your own home and even sometimes at other's houses. you reasoned that if bikinis showed the same amount (if not more) skin as panties, what was the shame in wearing them freely? to some, you were a "spritely thing", to others "your average weirdo" and to still some "a bright visionary". to ushijima, you were a friend. you'd met simply by being neighbors when ushijima moved in order to be closer to his school, shiatorizawa. while also being a free spirit, you were also incredibly forgetful. after discovering that your neighbor was your age and didn't seem like a complete creep, you frequented trips to his apartment right next to yours in order to ask for a spatula or sugar or even some shampoo after you'd forgotten them and it was much too late to go out and buy anything. and ushijima, being the gentleman that he was, always lended you whatever you'd asked for. even when you'd come to his door barely clothed in a t-shirt. he couldn't see below it's long length, fitting you more like a dress, but based off the limited conversations he'd had with you, he was certain there were no pants hidden below the seam line. wakatoshi kept his cool in front of you but it was getting harder to pretend to be unaffected when every time you'd show up to his door and ask to come inside only for you to slip off your loose-fitting shirt in favor of your bra. he reasoned that you must trust him very much, and he took a lot of pride in that. you often asked him all sorts of questions or told him stories of your own during your visits, sometimes staying for hours while ushijima worked on his college-level prep work or a protein-filled dinner. he enjoyed your company and found solace in your conversations. when he'd finally managed to broach the topic of your lack of pants and sometimes top, you explained your reasoning, to which ushijima couldn't find a real argument against. he supposed it made sense in a strange sort of way, so her didn't push the topic any further, even though at times he found himself staring at you a little too long when you weren't looking. one night, ushijima awoke to the sound of his doorbell ringing repeatedly. glancing at his nightstand, it was somewhat past midnight. he opened the door to find you standing there, long-shirt and presumably no pants, beaming at him. "can i sleep with you tonight?" you asked without a hint of shame. ushijima's brow furrowed, "i wasn't aware that you considered me romantically." you blinked before laughing, "i meant like cuddling, like, actual sleeping." ushijima's eyes raked over you before turning his body, allowing you inside. ushijima was already mentally preparing himself for what was about to happen, but in reality nothing could've made him ready. as you both slipped under his covers, it only took you getting situated for maybe a minute before you were out like a light. ushijima had to just sit there, staring at you while you snored softly. there was no way he was going to get much sleep, especially when you kept unintentionally rubbing your ass against his dick. he narrowed his eyes, trying to concentrate on anything other than the steady rhythm of your motioning against him. spoiler, he failed. being the gentleman that he is, though, he won't say anything. he probably won't look at you for a while, either. give him a little time, he's working up the energy to say what he needs to say to you. he's liked you for a long time, but now you just made confessing so much more difficult. wish him luck, he's gonna need it.
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Tumblr media
[00:53 a.m]
you woked up from your sleep as you feel something tracing, tickling along your cheek and nose. the moment you hazily opened your eyes, you find oikawa laying on his stomach facing you, just then the movements on your face caused by his fingers stopped.
"s-sorry, did i wake you up?" he jolted up a little, aching his back upwards.
you try to make clearer of your vision and collect your conciousness, "why aren't you sleeping...? it's literally midnight..." your face now fully facing his.
"i'm counting the stars on your face," he explain, fingers continue to making circling motions, "oh? then how many did you get so far?"
"i lost count, or more like—" he came closer to you, his hands now grabbing both of your cheeks "—i got lost on you."
he gets on closer and closer to you, his breath slow yet firm, trying to be in synch with yours, he does nothing but stares at you in the eye.
"what are you staring that much for?" you can't help but feel goosebumps started to flood with the way he gazes you like you're his forever. it was silent at first, but the unrecognized passionate tension tooru's eyes are giving you is vibrating around the room.
"you're just... so perfect..." he giggles, gently drawing circles with his thumb. he closes his eyes to relish in his adoration, slowly, your foreheads connected with each other.
"i was seeing an angel sleeping, it was so beautiful," he began to describe what was actually your sleeping face.
"even with all its hair splayed out like a mess? even when it snores like it would wake the entire world?" he giggled at your points, although he can't help but to look at them like it's nothing to be ashamed of when he sees it as something so radiant.
"even with all of that, how ever the angel slept was the prettiest thing i have seen, i'm so lucky to be able to see its face every night like this."
you bring your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you. he presses a lingering kiss on your lips, that makes you leaning in for more as you enjoy the seconds you're awake with him.
you heard a yawn coming from his mouth, "i think it worked," oikawa bringing one of his hand to cover his yawning mouth, "i'm starting to feel sleepy..."
he rests his chin on your chest, his hands retreated to slip them around your waist as he tries to go into the land of dreams.
"goodnight, my angel.."
Tumblr media
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calling them by their last name !
w/ shoyo hinata , tobio kageyama , hajime iwaizume and toru oikawa.
first blog for another fandom :]. i have no clue why kageyama’s is the longest. i literally made his last
Tumblr media
❥ kageyama !
tobio had just finished a few laps around the gym perimeter before nearly collapsing next to you on the bleachers.
“here kagayama,” you say handing him your water bottle. you had noticed he didn’t bring anything besides his volleyball and his headphones to listen to music.and you being you, had always came prepared.
he didn’t hear what you has called him just a few seconds ago, the music blaring in his ears was to blame, “t— thanks,” tobio took a few deep breaths before unscrewing the cap and downing half the bottle. his black strands sticking to his forehead and his white tank top sticking to his body like glue.
“you’re welcome, kageyama.” you repeated, this time gaining his interest, he side eyed you before fully turning his body to get a good look at your facial expression.
the look on your face is one he never grew to recognize, were you mad at him?
“you good?” he huffed out, using the back of his hand to wipe off the sweat from his sideburns.
he’s used to hearing you say his first and last name, but the tone in your voice wasn’t something he liked at the moment.
“yeah i am, why wouldn’t i be?”
“you said my name weird.”
“i say it like i always do, kageyama.”
“okay. what’s up?” he questioned, clearly not buying your façade of a joke.
“nothing, i’m just messing with you,” you say with a laugh, running your hand through his damp strands.
❥ hinata !
the two of you were by the gym room’s vending machine when the thought of calling him ‘ hinata ‘ to mess with him popped up into your head. you requested for him to buy you a drink.
he did just that, despite you calling him by his last name, he still obliges doing what you asked of him. you raised an eyebrow as he hands you the can of sparkling water,
“thanks… hinata.” you emphasize more this time, “ you’re welcome y/n!” he said with his orbs still shining with a cute little smile of his face.
still not the reaction you were looking for, “actually, hinata? can you also get me a bag of chips too?” you request and he hums his response going back to the vending machine, “what kind?” , “ any kind!” you say as he presses the selection number pushing in a dollar and again, returning to you.
what the hell. is all you can think of when he has zero reaction, “sorry, what’d ya say?” the unsure smile on his face, his hand extended out for you to grab the bag from his hands.
“ do you not care?”
“care about what?”
“ me not calling you shoyo?”
“oh! i noticed, but it’s still my name so i didn’t mind it!”
❥ iwaizume !
“ hey iwaizumi, can you hand me the notebook?” you request, pointing to the notebook next to him who was across the table.
you two would be in the library when you decided to pull a harmless prank. he ignores you, focusing in the book in his hands. you notice his eyebrows furrow and he bit the inside of his lip, in hopes to conceal his impending frustration.
“iwaizume, i need the notebook— so i can see the notes that toru wrote earlier.” you pry, this time reaching out for the notebook with your hand pressed flat against the wooden table that was scattered with your study papers that looked nothing like his neat section. you can almost feel the grin on your face fade from his eyes, darting to yours with the most semi annoyed look within those olive green eyes.
“ go ask toru to come grab it for you,” he grumbled, going back to his page that you are sure he can’t even get past the first paragraph from your nagging. you stifled a chuckle as you slid back into your chair, a smile reclaiming it’s position back onto your glossy lips. it’s working, you thought. he mumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t really make out. he rose from his chair, clamping the book shut,
“wait, wait, it’s a joke hima!” you revealed looking up at him, who’s eyes just barley meant yours, “it better be, i was about to go tear shittykawa into bits.”
❥ oikawa !
“thanks oikawa, this was really helpful.”
the two of you were in the living room of your shared apartment going over a school project that he offered to help with when he seen you were perplexed from the vague instructions, that luckily he cleared up for you.
he gave you a warm toothy smile, proud of himself that he could of use to you. when is he not? his childish antics always are beneficial, “you’re welcome y/— y/n did you just call me oikawa?!” the smile quickly dissipated from his thin pink lips, a pout taking place of it. he new he heard right when you nearly blew your cover with a chuckle.
“why did you call me oikawa? were you just being sarcastic? was i not helpful to you?” the words flown in a haste from the stunned brown haired who eyes shown a hint of pain. it wasn’t that serious, “ you get called shitty-kawa from hajime.” you reminded him. he blinked, not once, but twice at your lips fixed to say iwaizumi’s name, but not his.
he fall back, clutching his red t shirt in direction of where his heart is. he groaned over exaggeratedly, “ god, my heart, what has my life come to? hajime? but not toru?!”
by this point, you couldn’t help but begin to laugh, holding your stomach from the pain, the setter sat up to look at you with a blank face. “ what’s so funny y/n?! is my heartbreak also amusing to you too?!”
“ you— you dumbass, toru it was a joke! you seriously are a lost cause.” you joked as he smiled at hearing his name, the rest he didn’t bother listening to.
Tumblr media
reblogs and shared are always appreciated <3 have something to recommend? tell me through asks!
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pancakegyu · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing : oikawa tooru x gn!reader
genre : fluff, angst with no comfort
warnings : major character death, swearing, manga spoilers
Tumblr media
summary : oikawa tooru (19) leaves his nest and leaves you with a plan to return home soon enough. but the longer he stays away, the farther he drifts from home. at the end all it takes to convince him to fly back home is a tragedy.
wc : 20k + (full fic)
AO3 version
an :
one, i’m such a massive idiot to confuse brazil and argentina. but i went back and edited everything so it won’t be a problem now.
two, listen to nothing by youngjae while reading this if you’d like to.
three, it will definitely be a while before the next part comes out. i have a few tests coming up plus i’m sick right now. hopefully i’ll be able to get part three out by mid july.
four, thank you so much for reading my work. i appreciate each and every reader <3.
again, huge thanks to @fleurwritesitsblossom for motivating me to do this!
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“if i close my eyes, it rushes in soundlessly. you pile up in full again in my heart.”
oikawa kindles a fillis of midnight musings, and an inch along its surface, he sedulously thinks about his home in japan.
he thinks of his mother and her remarkable cooking. he thinks of the bento she’d make every morning for him to carry to school to share with hajime, takahiro and issei. he thinks about his father and the stern look on his face that only wore off at a certain time of the day. he’d only see his father smiling at the dinner table when he’d sit to spend some time with his family after a long day at work.
he thinks of his sister and the sound of her voice chiming the crisp, hot neighborhood gossip she caught the heed of. she had a habit of visiting her parents almost everyday, and oikawa, without being asked for his consent, had to hear her chirp about things he couldn’t care less about. he thinks about his friends and their unity on the court during games. he’d set to iwaizumi, who somehow knew exactly when to leap in the air to hit the shot and score a point.
then, his thoughts subside away from that set of reflections, and plummet into all the memories he keeps that feature you. the moment his body lingers in right now makes sense to him. him on a flight back to japan, back to you, back to the place he used to offhandedly refer to as his home four years ago, everything makes sense to him.
it’s noteworthy, he propounds, he’s finally coming home to you four long years of disoriented contact, a hundred unkept promises and two splintered hearts later. he’s returning home with a rucksack of regret mounted on his spine with no one there to share the burden with.
the two of you were supposed to be soulmates. those weren’t your words. they were his to begin with. two people who were once strangers, then lovers, built from the fragments of the same incandescent star hanging in the vast sky. he believed you were made from the dust of the same star glimmering in space as him, and yours was a love that was meant to be. but somewhere along the way everything he thought he knew about his love for you started falling short for him to sustain it. you weren’t the one with the shortcomings. if anything, he’d like to say that you’re one of the best things that happened to him. then where did it go wrong?
maybe it was just that whatever he felt when he loved you never compared to whatever he felt during the time he played a game of volleyball. even then, even with ample amount of doubt in his mind, he still tried to love you enough. but once he moved away it was easier for him to let go of you. he thought he’d eventually find his way back to you after a few days, a few weeks, a few months. just someday. he thought he’d eventually yearn to return to your embrace. but that feeling never really approached him and the day he decided to ignore your texts, calls or any other attempt at contact, was the last you heard from him.
oikawa is no stranger to mistakes and there are things he regrets doing, but nothing compares to the kind that is smothering his breath right now. the universe could cry him a river, but he’s aware that there’s only one person to be blamed, and that’s him. it was his choice to turn his back on you to spend the last four years of his life playing and practicing volleyball in argentina.
tonight is just another night in the dynamic knell of his life, and he’s crossed more than halfway the avenue home to you. ironic, because you thought four years ago was the last time you’d look him in the eye when the texts gone unnoticed, the voice calls that were ignored, the video calls that were declined and the letters you never received a reply for duressed you bid your goodbye to him.
oikawa tooru always looked forward to the return trip to japan he deduced he’d book the ticket for on the day he’d be satisfied with his ever inflating reach in the field of volleyball. that satisfaction however, ended up being just a myth. every moment he spent refining his skills, the more gluttonous he got about wanting to achieve new highs. the ticket that was meant to be booked a few months after he moved away never ended up with a reservation.
although it would’ve been under better circumstances and things would’ve been much happier than the sitch he’s hemmed into, his mind, since the moment he chose to leave japan, had been set on flying back home, in the svelter of your welcoming arms, where he trusted half his heart had cemented its belonging.
volleyball was the sport he chose to deify and prioritise, adopting a fastidious regimen to work on his skills. but that never meant he wanted to catapult the idea of you as an epoch making part of his life aside in order to pursue a career in the sport. indubitably, you were the love of his life and he knew for a fact that he’d never have the gallantry that’d require a steadfast commiment to walk away from the future you were bound to revel in the company of one another.
he set in stone, the concrete decision to walk out of your life for a brief while when he decided he wanted to look for his nativity in the world of volleyball. but there was always a plan scribbled in the journal he kept that dictated the constituting events of his life. the plan was to come home to you, in the aisles that were stacked with downpouring love, where oikawa tooru truly belonged.
japan, and nothing about the country or the prospects it wanted to project to him looked like what he’d been looking for. then, the opportunity to train in argentina presented itself. he was eighteen with ambitions and that letter of opportunity he received manifested itself as the most appealing thing to exist. so he packed his bags and left momentarily.
a “sober” epiphany bolted into his musings one night in argentina after quaffing three pegs of a strong kind of liquor. there was a future waiting for him in the homeland of japan. that future appeared bright. japan meant he’d get to spend time with his family, his friends, but most importantly, you’d be there. japan meant he’d no longer have to feel anxious about being miles away from his safe place, you.
a few more shots down his throat and he could no longer see that future burning bright. all the glory it ensued earlier had demolished to rubble. it appeared bleak. sure, there was you, and nothing about you was uninteresting, uninviting or unappealing in the slightest, but he thought you could wait a little bit longer for him to come back to you. in that moment, argentina and the opportunity to play volleyball more and more shone so bright that he was blinded by its prospect.
he was maddeningly addicted to the adrenaline that’d sprint through his vessels while he was on court, so much so, that he decided making you wait a little longer wouldn’t hurt. a few months turned into an year, an year into two, two into three and three into four. by the time he realised it had been so long, it was a little too late. it wasn’t even him who realised it himself. it was iwaizumi hajime who made him, and this trip back home wasn’t by choice either, it was planned only because you’re dying and he couldn’t sit back and relax with the guilt chewing him out alive.
home is someplace in japan oikawa hasn’t put in a sliver of effort to visit in the last four years. there were days when he felt homesick and the feeling promulgated through his bones. the urge to head back to japan screeched at his soul but by the time his body relayed itself to look for the tickets online, the same urge to go back garbled and finally evanesced. the laptop perched on top of his legs was shut and kept to the side. this sequence of events became a rather regular occurrence and oikawa eventually learned to live with it.
he would voice call his parents at least six days a week to inquire about their health. he would constantly bicker with his sister over the most stupid topics like the best possible savories in the argentinian cuisine, the better brand of clothes, the prettier sibling between the two, yada yada, so on and so forth. more often than not takeru was cajoled to pose as the final judge when the two of them couldn’t settle their argument.
amidst all the conversations he had with his family over the last four years, he forgot to make room to have a few with you. he never understood why, but it had something to do with the fact that his family didn’t pull him to return to japan, but for the first few days when he’d talk to you every day without fail, you’d tug him with a force so large, so massive, it was one he couldn’t reckon with. he’d feel if he gave in to you, he’d be in japan, right next to you at any given moment. and japan wasn’t where he wanted to be back then.
he visited japan in a way. he visited his bedroom, the one he’d spent his teenage years in. he visited the park in his parents’ neighborhood, the one he’d rush to when he was a kid. he visited his old high school, a place overflowing with memories he never wants to forget. but those brief visits were never in person. they were on video calls dialed to his sister’s phone.
oikawa never flew back to japan physically, and for the most part, it was because he feared having to facing you after cutting contact so abruptly without an explanation. more so because he had no reason to alienate you like that. he did have his reasons, but if he were to say it to you, you’d slap him across the face and call him a traitor. knowing you, you wouldn’t even come close to raising your hand. you’d probably says it’s okay and walk away.
it’s been four years since he’s had a sound conversation with you. while you were together, you’d often indulge in the most baseless conversations and come to think of it, he thoroughly enjoyed every single opinion that was exchanged between the two of you.
it’s been four years since he’s seen you smile at him from across the lit screen of his cellphone. he’d call you up, keeping in check the twelve hour time difference and you’d spend hours on the video call, sometimes doing nothing but only staring at each other, at other times, talking until one of you had to take the leave.
it’s been four years since he’s texted to ask you regarding the simple things about your day. he’d text you late into the night to inquire if you’d had your lunch because it’d already be past three in the afternoon in japan and you had your own share of bad habits he had to keep a watch on.
it’s been four years since he’s done the mundane things you’d do while you were still together. from an outsider’s perspective, calling to wake them up, walking to school together, having lunch together, walking each other home, studying together, sitting next to each other without saying much may seem boring, but from your perspective, these were your ways of expressing love.
your love never looked for grand gestures. all the little things you did together were enough to sustain it. with you, even the most random events brandished themselves as the most colorful ones. oikawa can recount all those memories over and over again, and he still wouldn’t find anything monotonous in the catalogue.
you’ve been missing from his life, and it’s funny to a certain extent, because you were supposed to be his embodiment of home, his soulmate, the highschool sweetheart he wanted to see walking down the aisle. you were his everything but at the same time, you were nothing. you were who he worshipped religiously, but you were also the home he chose to move out of because he found a better place to reside in, and for the most part, his actions appeared reasonable to him and they looked acceptable to you too. letting him fly farther off from you was easier when he broke the news to you only because you overestimated your value in his life.
you were the makeshift home he chose to abandon because there was a voice often bimbling around his head and it never ceased to tell him the same thing over again. the doors to your life will be open for him to walk right back in whenever he wants to just as easily as he left. he didn’t know if he was being told the truth or if it was just his nasty conscience tricking him into a lie. despite the doubt, he chose to trust his conscience.
there was always the regret of leaving that accompanied him everywhere in argentina. it wasn’t a whole lot. it was only just a little. but every once in a while he’d feel the same regret choking him down.
there was always regret polluting his blood, but it was never enough to pool at his core for him to pack his bags and run back to japan. but once in a blue moon, he’d feel the needle prick at his edges and it’d sting for a while.
sometimes he’d wonder whether you’d accept him if he were to show up at your doorstep some day with a bouquet of flowers as a stopgap apology. although the universe, too busy to be consulted on schedule, never answered the questions he put forth several times because he was an impatient fellow, oikawa tooru was an optimist and he convinced himself, jerry-built, you’d let him in as easily as he let you go.
now, however, there’s a far more heavier, far more patent sliver of regret he holds in his palms while he’s alone in the middle of the night, at some ungodly hour with his thoughts toying his body away from slumber, while somewhere thousand miles below him, resting on the surface of the unlevelled ground, in the assured protection of a random hospital bedroom, you’re on your way to a permanent, irreversible end.
home is a word he’s heard before and he’s used it too, countless times, relentless regarding its importance. his sister would say so much about stuff like fate, destiny, soulmates and other concepts alike, and he wanted to lose any memory of it because he was of the view that he wouldn’t ever find the need to believe in it. but it stuck to him. he never gave it much thought, but after having heard it come from his sister over and over again, the only response his system could set up was to recall it verbatim.
he knows now, home, in simple, explicable terminology, is someplace his heart will want to reside in until infinity finds a terminus. he envisions what it must really feel like, because when he’s scrunched up in a seat on an aircraft after four long years in a different country, home no longer projects itself as the sport he moved away for.
home is nowhere in the emotion his heart shudders in when he’s on the court, nuancing his body into moves that’d lead him to score. it isn’t in the two meter net that separates the rival teams for a lively game of volleyball.
home, according to him, if he isn’t crossing a line to note down the observations of his survey, is the smell of the morning coffee brewed using the ingredient of passion that invades the atmosphere enclosed in the four walls of a house. home is the good night kiss pressed onto the cheek that one returns to their lover before the quilt is pulled upward and warmth is one of the only feelings that retains its presence. home is the two sets of keys that rest in the basket on top of the table in the genkan on weekends when either of the apartments’ residents occupy the space inside for intimate moments to follow.
home is the feeling that petioles to ascend into light from the domestic events shared between loved ones. this fact, this reality, this truth, he understands now. but it’s too late to put the knowledge to use, so it remains at the back of his head as a new piece of information he’s been recently familiarised to.
his eyes fix their hold on a cloud wandering below the giant aircraft and he averts his attention to the sequence of events that wrote themselves voluntarily to scribe a story.
(before you can duck down to avoid the impact of the volleyball flying in your direction, someone clutches onto your shoulders and launches you to the side. you collapse to the ground, falling flat on your butt with all your bag’s contents strewn across the ground.
you mewl in pain while trying to process the events from a moment ago and that’s when you first notice him. a tall figure secures a grip on the volleyball that could’ve potentially injured you. you reckon it’s the same person who thrusted you to the side with the intention of protecting you. he could’ve been gentler about it but at least he managed to keep you out of danger.
he turns around, only to find you on the ground in an awkward position along with your belongings scattered all around you. he didn’t think his force would be quite enough to reduce you to the ground, but he supposes he was wrong about it. clearly.
you rub your butt in an attempt to pacify the throbbing from the impact of the fall and he catches a sight of it. he wants to break into a good laugh but considering how you’re only strangers and the fact that this is partly his fault, he holds it in and starts walking over to you with a grin strapped across his lips instead.
you notice his shadow towering you and quickly shift positions on the ground to sit with your legs folded. you’d very much prefer to stand up to your feet but a sore butt isn’t helping a whole lot with that. least to say, this is embarrassing and this is a first for you. three weeks into your first year at highschool and you already have an experience you want to rid the memory of.
you look up to meet his gaze. he isn’t a first year at aoba johsai, you remark. if he was, and considering how happening this place is, you would’ve had the pleasure of running into him around the school on multiple occasions and maybe even sharing some classes with him. the next thing you deduce is that he’s an athlete. frankly speaking, the sky blue jersey with hints of white, the agility from when he stepped in the way to save you, the reflexes that allowed him to make a perfect catch are hard to miss. and there’s also the fact he just ran out of a gymnasium.
he stands in front you, legs spread into a V, holding out a hand to help you up from the concrete you seem to be stuck to. he holds the moldy volleyball in other hand, the same one he just saved you from. you pause for a moment to take a good look at the boy right in front of you. not that you weren’t already ogling at him, but this time around, you scrutinize the face of the savior who guarded the new pair of glasses your mother got you.
you take in his features and the only thing you have to say is that he looks beautiful. if he wasn’t an athlete he’d definitely be able to nail a job as a model. with his brown mop of hair swaying at the rhythm of the blowing wind, chocolate eyes glimmering under influence of the afternoon sun, and the charming smile contagious enough for you to return it, you’d hardly regard him as an average high schooler. for a moment it seems like you’re in a disney film and he’s your very own prince charming asking for your hand in marriage.
“come on now, kid.” he prompts and his stern voice sends a shiver down your spine. you don’t respond using words or extend your hand. you take your time to digest the sound of his voice. it’s not just his looks that seem to be a hundred, it’s his voice too. you can feel the heebie jeebies crawling on your skin already.
“take me hand already.” he wriggles his fingers, gesturing for you to welcome their grip. you know the appropriate response is to take his hand and raise your body from the ground but you can’t seem to bring yourself to move your hand at all.
“too uncomfortable?” he asks, removing his hand out of your face, waiting to hear your opinion regarding this.
“no, not at all.” you reassure him, throwing out your hand and he puts out his own as well.
“oh, thank you very much.” you latch your fingers into his, grinning sheepishly as he swiftly lifts you up, ignorantly dropping the volleyball and sliding his second hand across your waist until you find balance.
his touch, although light and not intrusive by any means, is enough to make you shake in your boots. you’re so very flustered and if you don’t leave his side in the next few seconds, you’ll probably combust and burn the whole school down.
you quickly withdraw your hand as well as your body when you feel a drop of sweat scurrying down your cheeks and the heat rushing to warm them up. it’s not that you’ve developed a crush on him for you to get so overly skittish around him. in fact, you don’t even know anything about him. you know nothing about him other than the obvious conclusions you came to while you were busy gawking at him for five minutes straight.
you backing up unannounced from his firm hold makes him flinch due to the disrespect he feels he’s receiving from your end. when you notice this shift in his demeanor, you can’t help but feel guilty about it. then again, what else could you have possibly done to prevent your heart from leaping out of your rib cage. one more second of being this close to him would’ve led to an inexplicable outcome for sure.
although not a crush or anything remotely close to it at all, his presence speaks magnitudes. it’s loud and it’s prominent and it’s boisterous and it most definitely shrouds your own that is so insignificant. plus this man standing right in front of you might as well be your senpai. that fact alone is enough to shake you like leaves off a drying branch.
you look up to meet his gaze and you have a plan. you want to thank him for his help as well as apologise to him just in case your impromptu actions offended him. when you turn to face him again you find him glaring down at you with those chocolate eyes that had you on a chokehold earlier. his strong gaze makes you take a few steps back and he notices your feet backing off. that only entices him to take a few steps ahead.
“um, so who are you exactly?” you blurt out before you can bring yourself to collect your words. this isn’t anything close to what you wanted to say, but it’s definitely what’s been on your mind since the beginning of your encounter.
for a moment he looks at you with the most bleak expression you’ve seen in your entire life. then he burst into a loud laugh and he isn’t even hiding the patent sarcasm. while his smile from earlier on was extremely contagious, his raucous laughter is the exact opposite of it. your face dims into an antsy smile and even that takes a lot of courage to bring on.
“that’s how you thank your senpai now?” he raises his brows at you, questioning and mocking your nonchalant conduct with him.
“you know, back in my day the seniors would beat us to pulp if we were to disrespect them.” he tells you, all lies of course, making it seem like he’s much older than you when in reality he ought to be a second year or third year. despite the obvious chiacking from his side, you fail to recognise that he’s just joking and an even more grim look appears on your face.
“sorry i didn’t mean to offend you or anything. it’s just that—“ you begin explaining yourself, bowing down to seek forgiveness so that the stranger in front of you doesn’t beat you to a pulp like his seniors did to him, but he cuts you off, raising a hand to your face.
“i’m only kidding.” he sneers, giggling at your panic stricken face. you hear the sound of his laughter and you’re quick to look up. you sigh in response like a tonne worth of weight has been taken off your back.
“you should’ve seen the look on your face.” he points at you, “it was hilarious.” he laughs even harder and although you’re very very embarrassed, you’re also just as equally relieved.
you feel your cheeks warming up due to the embarrassment as well as the sound of his laughter that sounds like a soothing record on repeat. it reminds you of the music your father plays in his study. you’d be willing to hear it all day long if you could.
“oh i see.” you say, tucking the one unruly strand of your hair behind your ear, nodding your head in the realization that you’re not about to get beaten into a pulp.
you then bend to collect your belongings scattered on the ground. you have a class in ten and your lecturer wouldn’t appreciate you showing up late to their class thrice a week as of today.
“let me help you with that.” he offers, squatting down right next to you and starts picking up one thing at a time.
“i’m sorry if you felt like i was disrespecting you.” you start drafting a proper apology to him, “i really didn’t mean to.” you tell him.
“it’s just that i haven’t seen you around before and you’re really intimidating.” you confess, eyes glued to the concrete pavement, flustered at the proximity between the two of you.
there are instances when your hands reach out for the same object and your fingers touch and even if only for a moment, you feel the nervousness pooling in your chest every time that happens.
“i should be the one apologizing.“ he admits, hunching forward to grab the final article he spots fallen close to a neighboring bush. you’re about to reach for it too, but you hold back once you see him do it for you.
“you could’ve been seriously hurt if the ball had hit you in the face.” he shrugs, offering a soft smile, handing you your student id. you take it from his hand and shove it into your pocket.
he grabs the fallen volleyball in his hands and jumps to his feet which very utterly athletic of him. you’re still on the ground. when you look up, he’s holding out his hand yet again to help you up.
this time around you accept without balking. you bow down to thank him for everything he’s done, right from saving you from the ball to helping you collect your scattered stuff. you want to ask about him. perhaps only his name for the starters. maybe his grade too. curiosity irks at your throat, wanting to force the questions out. he stands at a distance from you, reading something on his phone, having ended the conversation between the two of you already, so you decide not to implore.
he looks at you from the corner of his eye, staring at him, quivering in your space, as if you’re waiting for him to grant you the permit to leave his presence. then again, maybe you are. the air of superiority surrounding him is no joke and it feels like you’ll be guillotined in public if you don’t ask for his sanction before you head to class.
“i’ll see you around, kid.” he waves at you, walking away with volleyball in one hand and his phone in other.
when you notice his figure diminishing at a distance, you continue on your own way to head to your next class. questions about him still clog your mind and you’ll probably spend the next hour or so of your calculus class wondering about the stranger you just met.
you don’t get to know who oikawa tooru is until a few weeks later when another one of his teammates spikes the same moldy ball at you, except this time, it hits you right in the face because by the time oikawa realises what’s coming your way, it’s too late.)
it began right in front of the volleyball club and ended calls that were left unreciprocated in a haste, and later dulled into messages left unread and unreturned. from that to a haunting silence, a kind of void neither him nor you urged yourselves to fill.
he wonders if home has always been a feeling and not just a place.
he wonders if home has always been in the svelter radiated by love.
home was with you, not in argentina where he moved to extend his skillset in volleyball, not in the obvious rhapsody gallivanting inside his fluids after a win. he’s late to realise that and he’s aware of his mistakes now, and he hates himself for that. heck, he hates himself for it beyond the flank that separates rare instances of self hate from the the toxic aspect of it. there exists brewing hate inside his soul and there exists a sea of regret that looms up to the level of his chest and there exist elfin spicules of pain that pierce him to augment the hurt.
and for the first time in his life, oikawa regrets ever picking up a volleyball.
home is some type of feeling rather than a distinct location with a designated address. and to oikawa tooru, home has always been someplace close to your beating heart. that is a conclusion he deduces tonight, inside an aircraft soaring miles above the ground, in the middle of the night, while thoughts of you sprint around and about his mind.
“you rise clearly above the shattered time. ilive on, keeping you in my lost heart.”
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violet0203 · 16 hours ago
how you met your boyfriend Oikawa
sorry i’m obsessed with oikawa once again.
I have not proof reading so there might be some mistakes. hope you enjoy <3
You met Oikawa during his first year in Argentina. You can still vividly recall that day.
It was in the summertime, a Tuesday afternoon. you were in the park with your niece and nephew after picking them up from your sister’s house. She asked you to babysit them while she was at worked and you of course agreed because they were not a big trouble, actually it was pretty fun.
That was a particularly hot day so in due moment you all went to a supermarket to buy some ice-cream and snacks for the evening.
When you arrived to the store they ran straight to the ice-cream aisle. The two kids left you a little behind, but you could see when they suddenly stopped and stared a grown man that you didn’t know.
They turned to you, mouth wide opened, gasping and pointed the man. You finally got to them and whisper.
“Who is he?”
“THAT IS OIKAWA TORU” your niece screamed in the whisper, but you still weren’t able to recognize the name.
“Is the volleyball player that we so often talk about, the japanese one! He is here!” It started to make sense to you and you remembered that at some point they mentioned his name to you. He was the setter of their favourite team.
“If you love him so much go and ask him for a photo, this will probably be your only chance” they looked you terrified, as if they didn’t have the personality enough to do that. Both of them looked you with puppy eyes and ask you to go with them and you do the talk.
You gave in to their request.
During all the time you talked, he already had walked to others aisles so you needed to find him, your nephews following behind.
In the vegetable aisle there was him. You approached to him and clear your throat as to grabbed his attention.
When you first saw him back in the ice-creams aisle you didn’t really take a look of him, but now you were so much closer and could appreciate all his features: his brown eyes, his little long and wavy hair, his smile…
“Hi” he said, clearly not speaking any Spanish.
“Hi, i’m (y/n) and this are my nephews” you told him their names as you pulled them behind your back to stop them hiding from him “They are really big fans of your club, and of course you, so they wonder if they can take a photo with you”
Oikawa looked at them and crouched down to be at their eye level, because oh my god he was so tall. He tried to have a conversation with them, your nephews could understand and speak a little of english, but you sometimes you had to intervene and help them.
“Estábamos tan emocionados de ir a verte a las finales del campeonato, pero no pudimos conseguir entradas” your niece pouted. Oikawa looked at you waiting for your translation, he was trying to comfort her holding her hand because what she said it made her a little sad.
“They were eager to go and watch the finals, but they didn’t get tickets before it sold out”
Oikawa looked at your nephews and looked at you.
“I can give them tickets. Every player has some for friends and family and in my case all of them are in Japan”. He said shyly rubbing the back of his neck.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I was giving them away anyways”
Your nephews didn’t understand what’s going on, so you had to translate them the made proposal. They were so happy, their face lighted up, hugged Oikawa and almost made him loose balance. The three of them laughed.
When the kids calmed down a little bit, the setter stood up and now you had to look up to meet their eyes.
“Thank you”
“Eh- Can I have your number?” once again he said shyly, his cheeks going a little red (yours went red too) “Mm-you know- to send you the tickets”
He gave you his phone to save your number and then send you a text so you will have his.
“I will coordinate it then”
“Once again thank you”
“Seriously no problem”
You and your nephews said goodbye to him and walked away to buy the stuff you were going to in the first place. They were so excited that they didn’t trouble to pick an ice cream flavour and let you choose.
After the checkout and on your way home, they realized they forgot to take the picture. You couldn’t avoid but laughed a little, but they were really upset.
“Don’t worry, you can take one after the game”
The next days Oikawa texted you a few times: sending you the tickets, asking your address to send the vip pass, wanting to know a little more of your nephews (and you).
Before you know it, it was Saturday and your sister was picking you up to go to the game (as the setter send one extra ticket she joined you).
When you were in high school you never were interested to play volleyball as your sister, so you actually have never even watched a profesional game vía tv. Therefore along the last week your nephews tried to teach you all the rules and the players so that you would be too lost.
Oikawa the day before gave you all the instructions you would need: where to park, what entrance use, what you would need to show to the security guards, how to find your seats etc.
There was still some time left, but the stadium seemed to be full by now. In the court the teams were already doing stretches and some drills to warm up.
“Look there he is” your niece pointed to the setter that was a few metered away.
“Well he is even more handsome in person” your sister whisper only for you to hear and you laughed. When you looked back at him he was watching you and waved his hand.
As soon as the game started you were impressed by the athleticism of all the players. They were able to jump so high, spiked the ball at such velocity, the blocks and of course the set that Oikawa was able to do. The game was so awesome that you cursed yourself for not watching one before.
They won 3-1. They were national champions. The players went to celebrate with the public and Oikawa went were you were. Your nephews being the happiest, went down the stairs to the barriers and started to celebrate with him.
Your sister went closer to them and took his children a photo. You then saw Oikawa whispering something to her ear, as you were far from them there was no way you could hear, but both of them look at you.
“Yeah, is single” your sister answered and he just smiled relieved. You were puzzled about what was going on. Your niece, send by her mom, went up to you and pulled you down to where the others were.
You congratulated him for the win and once again gave him thanks for the tickets. As usual, he said nothing to worry about. It was a little awkward, like if you both wanted to say something else but were afraid of.
While this were going on his teammates were still celebrating around, there was people working to made the podium for the award ceremony and a reporter was signalling him to make an interview.
“Mm-I need to go-but, I was wondering… would like to have dinner with me sometime?”
It was a little bit of a shocked but you didn’t hesitate to answer him. It was surreal, but even after only knowing him only for a week something inside you was telling you that it was him.
He told you that will text you, before saying goodbye to your family and to you and going back to the reporter.
“Oikawa you look happy, what does it feel to win this championship during your first year with the team”.
He of course was happy for winning finally a championship after all the hard work, but the real reason he couldn’t stop smiling was you. Of course he wouldn’t tell that to the interviewer so just went on about the game.
You all stayed to watch the award ceremony, Oikawa got the mvp, before you left.
When your sister left you home your phone buzzed:
“What about tomorrow at seven pm?” you couldn’t wait.
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emswordss · a day ago
bro i have the worst knee pain and my knee injury has been a bother for years
imagine if oikawa became a physiotherapist tho-
like he’d understand 😭 since he has a bad knee too
he’d also be so gentle and attentive and would make you feel so comfy 😭
one time I went to physio and this older guy gave me weird vibes and kept calling me (a minor) beautiful and girlfriend material and I never went back to that place since ☠️☠️ I found a new place and I love it there sm - the staff are amazing and so, so friendly
anyway (LMAO) could you possibly write a scenario where reader ( they can have a knee injury or whatever works best :) )is Oikawa’s latest patient and he thinks they are just so cute and fun to talk to?
no worries if you can’t 💜
have an amazing day 💜
A/n: I'm glad you found a nice physio to go to, I hope I've shown Oikawa in the same way with this piece, and I hope you like it (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Oikawa drabble - gnreader
Going to Oikawa became routine soon enough - the regularity of it always coming along with his soft, always friendly smile and calm voice that never gives any hint of a sharp tone to his words. When he greets you he seems so genuinely glad to be there to help you as he leads you to a seat.
"How have you been?" he asks attentively.
"Yeah pretty good, but the knee pain has been," you pause before continuing, "honestly not great recently," you admit. Oikawa gives an understanding nod as you explain the knee pain a bit more.
"I can help with that, don't worry," he says as he starts checking your knee carefully. As he does every action he explains to you the whole process, making sure you feel comfortable.
"Knee injuries aren't fun, I have experience," he admits as he adjusts the way you're sat, you tilt your head, intrigued by his aforementioned 'experience.'
"Mhm yeah, I think it's part of why I chose this job," Oikawa shares, "I love it."
"Yeah, I mean, you get to see me and my knee pain all the time" you say jokingly.
"Yep and y'know it's the best choice I've made going into this career, helped me learn a lot about my own knee pain, especially as part of a volleyball club," Oikawa says. You nod and Oikawa looks quietly joyous as he talks about his interest, yet he doesn't get distracted as he carries on and pauses to talk you through his movements. Still you wince slightly as he presses a certain spot.
"Sorry," he apologizes, Oikawa moves your knee and is sure to be gentle.
"Alright?" he checks.
"Yeah, all good," you confirm before switching back the subject, "so you play volleyball?"
"Yeah, just a casual team, but I'd say we're pretty good," Oikawa mentions and his face lights up even further at being asked about it, and even more so because of your sincere interest as you ask him about the subject more.
Somehow Oikawa ends up cycling it round to your interests and listens to you ramble about the little things as he casually does his job, making the room as comfy as possible for you whilst also easing the pain in your knee bit by bit.
"Okay so," Oikawa begins, "we're done for today," he says as he finishes up and starts to explain any new advice on gradual exercises for your knee.
"That seemed quicker than the time that actually passed," you point out as you leave and check to see the time. Oikawa chuckles.
"Well time flies when you're having fun," he affirms with a grin that you match with a similar smile.
My Masterlist
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r-indou · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
CONTAINS: fem!reader, heavy smut, face fucking, fingering, humiliation, consensual recording, cockwarming, cucking, overstimulation, handjob, use of dildo, implied punishment, not proofread.
tagging the loml @riszu <33 favoritism in tsumies lmao
Tumblr media
“aw, why’re you cryin’ baby? ‘s too much for ya?” ‘tsumu coos as his middle and index fingers firmly rub circular motions on your clit. little droplets of tears that ran down your flushed cheeks tickled the back of tsumies hand– the swollen tip of his cock piercing your cervix with every minor gesture you made.
it’s been 20 long minutes since you’ve been sat stuffed with astumus dick, reframing yourself from making a filthy mess of your orgasm. but it was plain to you all you won’t be successful with following his strict instruction.
osamu laid still on his side, eyeing down your bare body to your abused pussy that glistened from your arousal under the dimmed light. your poor cunt quivered endlessly around astumus thick length as you swiftly cover your lips with the palm of your sweaty hand to avoid the porn-worthy moan that was seconds away from slipping out your throat.
“such a dirty lil’ slut. ya love having osamu-kun watch you like this, don’t ya? cryin’ like a little fuckin’ baby on my cock. what’da think, bro? should we let poor ol’ y/n cum tonight? ‘s yer call,”
the word ‘please’ repeatedly murmurs out of you as if you’re begging some vicious murder to spare your life.
“i don’t know, ‘tsumu. she seems to be enjoying it really well wouldn’t ya say? i’m just not so sure if she’s deserving of it or not, ya know?”
tsumie’s hips thrust forward– his thick cock kissing your sore cervix as you cry for mercy before begging one last time, “‘m begging! it hurts, need to cum, please!
the twins share a sinning laughing before the blond’s palming your tits with his massive hand and leaning in to plant sloppy wet kisses along your jawline and neck– the addictive warmy vanilla scent that beams off your smooth skin meets with the tip of his nose daintily.
“wanna cum, ay? then be a good girl and cum all over my cock, angel. ‘n show osamu how messy this slutty pussy can get, yeah?”
“fuuuck yes, baby. uh-huh that’s fuckin’ right, just like that. show these fuckers how much you love sucking my fat cock.”
currently posted in the moonlit parking lot of your guys’ campus after bo’s game, your glossed lips have wrapped themselves around his heavy cock– your fragile jaw striving to bear his whole girthy length inside your mouth.
bokuto becomes weak in the knees once he sees how your tight throat bulges around his throbbing cock every time you bob your head downwards– his trimmed pubs brushing against your nose with each movement. his throaty groans become more vocal every time you give his fat balls some attention by derisively sucking and licking on them.
he’s gaping at you in awe as his phone stays recording the filthy act of you choking and gaging on his dick once he grazes the back of your throat while you give his cell a smutty giggle before licking a line up his veiny shaft– gluing your eyes with his gorgeous golden brown ones.
bo carefully grabs a fist full of your hair with his free hand and pulls you back as you part your puffed lips open– tongue resting out, you sloppily jerk his hard cock till he’s finally panting your face with his sticky seed– his release dropping from your chin to your exposed tits.
“good fuckin’ girl. now daddy’s gonna ruin that cunt of yours and make you cum,”
“keep goin’ for me, sweetheart. gosh- yes yes yes, ‘feels so fuckin’ amazing, princess,”
toru definitely has the prettiest cock you’ve ever laid your eyes on. you’d say it’s perfectly long and has ideally prominent veins that mark all around his length. it’s just perfect for you <3
your skilled hands gave him euphoric pleasure as you jerk his hard cock in a sustainable pace– never forgetting to rub his fat tip with your thumb and give his plump balls gentle squeezes at random. the filthy wet sounds that echoed within the living room had your panties dripping.
his intense breathing made it obvious he was close– his hips bucking up as he jabs his nails into his pillow.
“fuck, baby- fuck, fuck, fuck-ngh ‘m so close!”
poor baby only lasted two more strokes before he’s shooting out his pearly white load all over your polished fingers. gosh it was such a mouthwatering scene, his warm cum seeping out between your fingers as it dribbles down effortlessly from your knuckles to your tired wrists– coating the beautiful heart shaped charm bracelet he gifted you for your birthday.
milking his heavy cock, you give him a couple more drowsy squeezes before seductively licking up the mess he made all over your two hands.
“bet my lil’ princess cunt missed me all day long. c’mere, let’s make ya feel good,”
before suna eats you out, he loves spitting right on your clit and watching his saliva drip lazily down your folds only to hear your whiney whimpers and modest begs.
and with a quick sweet kiss to your clit, he’s licking nice and slow at your hole with that genius tongue of his that carries you into a stargaze that lasts what feels like an eternity.
your backs arched high at the immense satisfaction you’re experiencing. suna’s pulling back– his lips and chin gleaming with your slik arousal– to tease your puffy folds with his lean fingers– scissoring your fluttering hole and toying with your clit to then strike your cunt with delicate little slaps that has you squirming out above him.
“p-please! ‘m so close, wanna cum so badly!” your lips caught between your teeth as your fuming face scrunches up in vast pleasure.
“but you sound so fuckin’ pretty when you beg like that, angel,”
the way you’re screaming as you reach your toe-curling orgasm was something out of a fucking porno– legs jerky and kicking upwards until they struggle to stop twitching as your cunt leaks out every once of cum you had stored.
“atta girl, knew you had it in ya. you’re too fuckin’ good for me. ‘gonna fill up this pretty pussy now till you’re leakin’”
“you just love pissing me the fuck off, don’t you? was it worth being a brat out there?
a jealous kuroo is one dangerous being. he transforms fully lethal in a matter of seconds. so after whatever it may have been that you did to tick him off, do you really think he’s going to allow you to get off on his own cock?
fucking the baby pink dildo in and out your tight hole pitilessly, the lewd fusion of your sultry moans and the sounds of your wet pussy sends you both in heat– kuroos throbbing cock growing gradually underneath his denim jean.
the sex toy’s splitting your creamy cunt open– fucking what felt like your literal gut. you sinlessly beg your beloved kuroo to forgive you by convincing him you won’t make the same mistakes ever again, but he’s heard that one too many times. in the same wording. and same whiny voice. and same situation.
“is princess gonna cum on this stupid piece of plastic like a dumb lil’ whore? of course she is, cause she sure as hell won’t be cumming on my fuckin’ cock tonight,”
fat tears well up in your glossy eyes as you gush around the toy for the first time that night– your withering hole pulsating around the dildo as you continue to throw more pure begs at kuroo. but what you didn’t know was that he does end up fucking you, and you end up losing walking privileges for the next couple days.
Tumblr media
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chaoticevilorange · a month ago
Haikyuu x reader
You kiss him in front of his team
You didn't knew he forgot to tell his teammates he was dating you, so you walked towards him and greet him with several kisses asking how was his day between kisses as you usually do
You're not dating a person, you're dating a tomato 🍅 his face is redder than the Coca-Cola logo, yes, he didn't stopped you but when he heard his teammates gushing that was it, shy boy waves his teammates goodbye before holding your hand and walking to the nearest exit. When you both are alone he kisses you several times still red faced mumbling about his day
Asahi, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Hinata, Tanaka, Goshiki, Kenma, Yamamoto
He chuckles letting you kiss him, he places his hands on your waist and even kisses you back, between kisses and words he says his day improved since you're there too, when he turns to his teammates he can't help but laugh at their shocked faces, when you're walking to the exit hand in hand he can hear his team asking "when did this happen?" "Is this real?" And things like that
Hanamaki, Sugawara, Daichi, Yaku, Aran, Futakuchi, Atsumu
He enjoys your kisses, says his day was fine and pecks your lips a couple of times before asking you to wait for him outside, when you're nowhere to be seen he turns back to his teammates glaring at everyone "if anyone says anything I suggest said person to cover his head next time I serve" of course noone said a word, he can feel his cheeks grow warm when he sees you chuckling from the doorstep
Kyotani, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Semi, Sakusa
He says he is better now you're there, holding your face gives you several kisses on your lips, loops an arm around your waist and yells at his team a quick bye before leaving, he already planned on taking you to a date, he hopes you didn't have plans for today because he's dying to try a new dish from the restaurant near your house. Meanwhile his teammates are in the lockers processing what just happened
Matsukawa, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Satori, Kuroo, Bokuto, Osamu, Koganegawa
He leans over for you to reach his face, between kisses he talks about his day calmly while his hands caress your face gently, to be honest you both act like a married couple so his team decided to not say anything and mind their own business, when you leave the gym walking with his fingers tangled with yours he suddenly remembers "right, we're dating" you look at him very confused "I forgot to tell them I'm dating a beautiful girl" and smiles softly at your blushing face
Ushijima, Lev, Akaashi, Suna, Kita, Aone
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strawberrykake · a month ago
His Super Reliable Manager
Kuroo, Osamu, Oikawa, Bokuto || manager!reader
warnings: jealous bfs, lowkey suggestive (mainly Osamu’s)
notes: requested, another long scenario(s) glhf
Tumblr media
As manager, you’re one of the most reliable people on team
They would go to ask you for anything or help with some things
Your captain bf was used to it…kinda
Kuroo would start to notice some things that he’s never noticed before you started dating
Like helping them into their jackets, assisting with injuries, helping with their shoelaces (bc you’re pretty good at tying them), aiding them in anything
Your bf would pretend not to care
Because it’s what you do, right?
But of course, one day he was watching as you dabbed some cream on Lev’s hand before placing a bandaid on it
“Make sure to change the bandaid after a shower, or if it gets dirty or wet,” you say with your arms on your hips.
“Thanks, [y/n]-san! Where can I find this…uh…” Lev tries to remember the name of the cream you used on his hand.
“Neosporin,” you answer.
Suddenly two large arms hug you from behind.
You immediately knew who it was because of the familiar skin tone and scent
“As long as your not allergic to neomycin sulfate, bactitracin zinc, or polymyxin B sulfate,” he says, resting his chin on your shoulder.
Lev’s head spins at the jumble of words thrown at him
You freeze, turning your head to him
“Hi?” You greet him in a how-can-i-help-you manner.
“Hey.” He smiles and gives you a lingering kiss on the lips.
Right. In. Front. Of. Everyone.
Right in front of everyone!!!
The most affection you’ve shown in public together was merely a peck on the cheek.
(Not that he mind PDA with you.) It was your idea to minimize the intimacy in public.
Lev takes that as his queue to walk away
“Tetsurou, what are you doing?” You turn around to face him.
“What, I can’t kiss my lover?” He has his hold still on you as he leans down to give you another kiss.
But you push away, whispering, “Not now, everyone’s watching us.”
He smirks.
You blush heavily, pulling away from him as he chuckles.
Now whenever you’d be seen getting a little too handsy (to Kuroo’s liking) with another team member, he’d pop out of nowhere
Like *poof* and start getting all flirty and intimate
Basically stealing your attention from them
Tumblr media
You becoming manager was the best thing that ever happened to him since you’ve both started dating
Because now you have a reason to be on the court with him
And it meant spending more time together
But it’s also the worst thing ever
Because your job is to also make sure the rest of the teammates are in their best form
And that means…doing exactly what you are doing right now:
You squeeze Suna’s shoulder joint, trying to find the painful area that he’s been complaining about
“No,” he says.
You lower your hand and press again.
“Ow!” He yelps. “Yep, right there,” he says groaning.
Ain’t no way, Osamu thinks to himself
He’s been watching you the whole time
His jaw clenches really hard seeing you with your hands on Suna’s shoulders, the middle blocker holding a pack of ice in his lap.
“Okay, leave the ice there.” You help the middle blocker lift the pack of frozen contents near his right arm. “Rest a bit.”
You both don’t think much about it until Osamu shows up
“Soooo, what’s going on here?” Your boyfriend doesn’t hide his emotions, sending a tired look to his teammate.
Suna scoots farther away from you on the seat, noticing your proximity.
“Suna might not play today,” you say, standing up.
“Sorry, bro,” the fox-eyed boy apologizes.
You don’t realize the apology was also for something else.
There is a shared glance between the guys that you don’t catch.
Osamu gives a sigh.
“Take it easy, Suna.” The tall middle blocker nods to him.
With that, Osamu takes your hand and brings you to the side where there’s less people
“Samu, need something?” You ask, wondering if there was something wrong.
He glances at you with no words
“You?” he says after a moment of silence.
Oh, boy.
Osamu isn’t one to be super flirtatious
But these moments usually occur when he’s 1) done something wrong, 2) jealous, 4) just in the mood to be
“Samu, I don’t have time for this. The others need some help.”
You guessed jealousy based on the way he is now clinging on to you as you tried to walk back to the rest of the team
He circles his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.
“Just a little longer, yeah? ‘Need ya.”
You hug back, placing your face in his chest to hide your blush
His chest vibrates as he lets out a chuckle.
“Sorry, I’m kinda sweaty.”
You don’t really care, and neither does he
You have work to do
“‘Kay Samu. We got to go back.” you pull away before giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Don’t worry. We can continue this later,” you whisper in his ear.
And that makes him behave for the rest of the day for sureee!!!
Tumblr media
After a hard, long day of practice
The boys of Aoba Johsai go through the same routine
changing back into their comfy clothing, refreshing themselves
However, some guys had been pushing themselves way too hard, injuring their hands
Being the responsible, reliable manager you are, you quickly bring out the first aid kit and tend to their wounds
You sigh as you wrap the bandage around Kyoutani’s bruised finger.
“You gotta be careful Kyou-kun.” The aggressive wing-spiker grunts as a reply.
what the fuck?? Oikawa side-eyes you both from a distance, pretending to drink water.
Oikawa’s ears and eyes are aimed towards your direction. He can’t help but scowl at the sight of you touching another guy’s hands, especially like that
He stares daggers at the back of their heads.
Feeling chills, they turn their head around to see Oikawa, whose expression abruptly changes into an innocent, friendly smile.
But they know their captain too well. Hidden beneath the smile is pure evil, perhaps planning their demise if they keep clutching onto your hand like that.
As you move on to tend to the next person, Kindaichi, you notice the shallot-haired boy hesitate, looking a bit anxious.
“What’s wrong Kindaichi?”
Oikawa stares intensely at the 1st year. And the poor lad seemed to notice.
“Ah, i-it’s nothing. I can do it myself!” He attempts to take the medical tools.
“Oh, Kindaichi-kun, don’t kid yourself! Please, let me!” you say with a reassuring smile, wanting to be a supportive agent to the team.
The dude opens his mouth and closes it as if trying to say something
Before he could say a word, your bf suddenly appears out of nowhere, approaching you
“Babe, what about me?” He slings an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.
“Oh, are you injured?” You ask, immediately searching his hands for any signs of injury.
There weren’t any, surprisingly.
“Yeah, but only a kiss would make it better,” he leans forward and pouts pointing at his lip.
It makes the rest of the guys walk off to give you guys space to flirt talk
His words make you roll your eyes.
“Tooru, not now. We need to fix their wounds.”
“Do you have to?” he says with a pitiful voice.
“It’s my job. I’m the manager?”
“You’ve done so much today, though. Here, relax.” He takes the bandages and creams from your hands and places them back in the small bin. “The boys can do it themselves. They’re big boy now, see?”
Kindaichi is seen struggling to wrap the bandages on his fingers before stomping over to his companion, Kunimi
They’ve grown accustomed to your help that they’ve depended so much on you
It makes your heart warm, thinking about the fact that you truly have a place in this team
But of course, now that you’re dating Oikawa, you’d run into these little situations where he’d start acting up
Making excuses so that you’d put your attention to him instead
However, you knew exactly how to put him in his place
By giving him exactly what he wants
“Here, gimme your hand, babe.” You motion towards his hands.
He raises an eyebrow, giving you his hand, palm faced down.
You bring his fingers to your lips, kissing each tip
“Better?” You ask.
His eyes gaze at you with a foggy look in his eyes, as if daydreaming.
He shakes his head as you call him back to reality.
“Yeah, yeah! It’s better.”
“Good.” You place a hand on his shoulder. “Now, can I go do my job?”
You smirk, trying not to laugh at his suddenly changed demeanor.
Tumblr media
He’s not sure why you got your hand wrapped around the ankle of one of his teammates
His eyebrows scrunch in confusion, watching you from a distance
As manager, you’ve always been helpful in many situations
But this was definitely a new situation to him
He’s never seen you get this handsy with another person
He absolutely hates it.
Konoha sat on the bench with you squatted on the ground, inspecting his hurt leg
Konoha yelps when you press a certain spot.
“Ah, there it is,” you say, chuckling as you gently apply the ice pack on the wing spiker’s shin.
Before you could say anything else to the injured player, two large arms scoop you up
Bokuto literally picks you up, making you squeal
“Get your own manager, Konoha!!!” He shouts as he pulls you away in his arms, bridal style
Konoha merely sighs as he watches you get carried away by your burly bf
Here we go again
“Kou! you need to let me—”
“No!” His grip on you is strong as he walks to a bench much farther from everyone else.
Finally reaching his destination, he sits down with you in his lap.
“Hehe,” he smirks, watching his team, sticking his tongue out at them.
They don’t seem fazed at all, used to his antics.
“Koutarou, what are you doing? We’re leaving soon. I need to help gather some things.” You try to squirm your way out of his arms but he just tightens his hold.
“Wait, wait—”
“Kou,” you say his name sternly.
You explain your role and duties as the manager
And how it is essential to be in their best form if they want to go in the “main arena” that he always dreamed about
“Fine,” he says, cowering. His eyes lower to the ground, creating pitiful look on his face.
You give him a light kiss on the cheek. Then another on his lips, surprising him.
“Who’s the most handsome, strong ace in the world?” You ask, booping his nose with a finger
He gives a weak smile. “Me.”
“My favorite person in the world?” You pinch his cheek.
Bokuto’s smile grows, his owl hair no longer drooping. “Me?”
“That’s right. And whose boyfriend?” Your smile is reflected on his face.
“You know it.”
He giggles, before leaning in for another kiss from you to which you gladly obliged.
“Alright, time to go,” you say after pulling away.
You slide from his lap and take his hand to walk with you
But he stands still, tugging on your hand.
“Wait, let me carry you back.” Your bf leans down with his back facing you. “Hop on.”
You laugh at his request.
“Okay, babe.” You drop on his back, your limbs clutching onto him.
Bokuto chuckles and carries you piggy-back style back to the team, definitely in a better mood
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tsunaaism · 2 months ago
You tell your friend that they, “Look like a bottom.” + "Submissive and breedable."
GN!Reader ft. Miya Atsumu, Oikawa Tooru, Miya Osamu.
Warnings: VERY suggestive content, curse words, characters being a tease, slight possessiveness, slight obsessiveness, not proofread, also a teeny tiny manipulation, sexual tension.
Tumblr media
Bokuto, Kuroo, Ushijima's ver.
Tumblr media
You were Atsumu’s assigned high school tutor. Unlike the rumors about the cocky, annoying blonde, the actual person was surprisingly much compliant and easy to get along with. Sure, he could be a little bit of an asshole sometimes, but he’s a good friend nonetheless.
Years passed, and somehow, you’re still in contact with the now volleyball athlete.
Aaaand you’re standing right here, in his pantry instead of sleeping on your bed during your off day, making breakfast for him because he texted you that he was dying and needed immediate help or else he’s in big trouble.  
He wasn’t.
He was just going through a hangover.
So with a stovetop and a pan in front of you, the petty joke that suddenly appeared in your head—alongside your annoyance— slipped through your lips.
It was a harmless joke, of course. But the way your tone was dripping with sarcasm triggered something in him. It’s been so long since he had seen you in person; you didn’t have to be so rude to him, you know?
He was standing behind you by then. You can feel his prominent abs pressed to your back, a slight scoff escaping his lips,
Until he lowered to your level, lips dangerously close to your ears and warm breath hovering over your skin,
“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He whispers with a teasy, raspy voice; smirking cockily as hazel eyes watch your ears turn red.
You wanted a reaction out of him, right?
“Hmm. Where did that confidence go? I thought I am the submissive and breedable one here.”
“Nuh-uh. Look at me.” He slid his hands around your waist, fingers reaching out to turn the stove off,
“Turn around. Look at me.”
And you did, taking several seconds to calm your racing heartbeat down before facing his stupidly handsome face. His hands were caging your form by now,
“Why are you so pissy? I just needed a little help. I just wanted to spend time with my cute little friend. What’s so wrong with that?”
“It’s a harmless joke, Atsum—“
“Shh. I know. And we both know I could turn that joke on you and make it a reality.”
Tumblr media
A notification from Oikawa popped up on your screen:
“Hey, you’re done working, right? I’m here to pick you up <3.”
“Wdym by what? Btw, stay in your place. I can see you from my car.”
Naturally, surprise and bewilderment wash over you. You haven’t met him since high school! He’d been in Argentina for years now, and even though you still text each other almost every day—simply updating each other about your life—you have yet to hear about him coming back to Japan.
It was so sudden. So many questions at the back of your head (the fact that he can immediately locate your office goes unnoticed by you), and yet here you are, sitting beside the driver seat that’s occupied by one of the most-fawned-over volleyball player.
“You.. don’t change much.” You say, closing the expensive car’s door, “Except for the fact that you’ve tanned a little.”
And for the fact that his jawline and muscles are much more prominent. Also the fact that his plain black t-shirt is pressing to his body. Lord.
A low chuckle escapes his lips, “Why? You don’t like me this way?”
No. Of course not! But you didn’t want to make it seem awkward, so you inserted that one joke your friend often says,
Before you realize that it would probably make things more awkward.
“You think so?” He raised his brows, smiling sweetly as he averts his gaze to you, “You’re very bold now, huh? I don’t think I dislike it.”
“I didn’t mean tha-”
“It's fine, darling,” His eyes narrowed, a glint of mischief flashing through his brown orbs, “If you’re so curious about it, why not come and find out yourself?”
And before you could even process his words, he leans onto you—whispering into your ears,
“I missed you. A lot. Maybe I could show you how submissive and breedable I am—or not.”
Tumblr media
You knew the calm business owner through a club activity. People deemed the man as unapproachable due to his silent nature, but once he heard about your dreams of being a great cook—he felt a little of your excitement, and you got along quite well through your shared passion.
He was three years older than you, though. He graduated from university earlier, and once you do, he immediately offered you to be a trainee at his shop. It’s almost been 6 months, and he’d been nothing but strict with you.
A baritone voice calls out to you, dispersing your short recall;
“Is everything alright?”
It was late; the shop had already closed, and he was untying his pink-colored, bunny apron—courtesy of you—that hugged his waist just right, and your brain decided that it’d be funny if you told him how cute (as opposed to his usual demeanor) he looks right now.
He stopped his movements, his features expressing no emotion as he stares at you,
“Say that again?”
Uh oh.
“It’s a joke. Promise! No harm-”
A slight smile creeps onto his lips. Eyes narrowed, he crosses his arms, “No. Repeat it one more time, slower this time.”
He takes a step towards you.
And again.
And more, until you’re stuck between the walls and inches away from his chest,
“Why so quiet? Cat’s got your tongue?”
YEAH. Your tongue? Can’t find it. You suddenly have no courage in you to speak, and he knows it well. He leans closer to your face, gazing into your eyes,
“You know you’re wrong, don’t you? I hate pointless chats, so let me prove it to you and see who is the submissive and breedable one here.”
Tumblr media
 A/N: Since you asked for a 2nd part. Characters weren’t specified so I picked these three. My hand slipped a little for this one <\3
Reblogs are always appreciated.
Tumblr media
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gojirabbit · 7 months ago
“I have a boyfriend.”
“I hope he die.”
atsumu, hinata, tendo, aran, suga, kenma, komori
“Can he fight?”
osamu, iwaizumi, sakusa, bokuto, tanaka, kyoutani, konoha
“Damnnn, you can’t have friends?”
issei, maki, kuroo, suna, terushima, oikawa
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o2amu · 3 months ago
boyfriend who’s also your best friend. you two are practically inseparable, going on fun dates several times a week and always spending the night at each other’s places. you feel the most comfortable around him with his welcoming and understanding personality. though arguments and little disagreements are inevitable, you two make up eventually and laugh about the petty behavior. your love for each other is forever treasured and irreplaceable.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU, KUROO, osamu, akaashi, HINATA, bokuto, yamaguchi, OIKAWA, suna, TENDOU
Tumblr media
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kazuphoria · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
"i miss you, sorry wrong person" prank + haikyuu boys [smau]
characters: suna, kageyama, oikawa and kuroo
genre: crack
warnings: typos (maybe) and swearing
a/n: repost from an old old blog cause i don't have anything else to post </3
Tumblr media
❥ suna rintarou and kageyama tobio
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ oikawa tooru and kuroo tetsurou
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: i know these are shit but they're really old okay so don't come for me anw reblogs appreciated mwah <3
Tumblr media
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bykii · 17 days ago
asking the hq best friends their fav position
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring: oikawa tooru, akaashi keiji, suna rintaro
warnings: minors dni, best friends to lovers, smut smau
part one | part two | part three
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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heichoe · 6 months ago
you like the way oikawa calls you mi vida.
mi vida, he’ll call to you from the bedroom, asking you if you think his tie matches his suit, if his hair looks right, if you like the scent of his new cologne. mi vida, he’ll whisper to the skin of your neck when you greet him at the door in the evenings when he comes back from practice, tired but somehow his energy replenished after he gets you in his arms. mi vida, he says, tone teasing as his fingers smooth along your skin, tickling. mi vida, he murmurs, full of love, kissing you after he’s done cleaning you up in bed.
what does it mean? you ask him one night, as he’s holding you in his arms and you trace soft patterns onto his naked chest.
mi vida, he says, stands for all that you are, everything that you’ve given me. he takes a hold of your hand and continues to explain softly. you’re everything i have and all that i live for, and now tears begin to prick your eyes, as you hear the wobble in his voice and see the silver lining his. you are my life, my being revolves around you, mi vida. because you gave him a new life. pulled him from the gray ashes of his old one, and brought light, and happiness, and everything good that he now stands for. he kisses your brow and moves to gently touch the skin of your stomach, the small bump that now resides there. life.
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shingekinosimpson · a month ago
Horny Haikyuu!! Headcannons
aka the imaginatively titled 'How they like to fuck you.'
Featuring: Tanaka, Asahi, Daichi, Sugawara, Oikawa, Atsumu bonus Bokuto!
18+ mdni
(。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。)
Tanaka: If there's anyone who can make you feel like the most beautiful thing in the world it's Tanaka. He loves it when you ride him, gazing up at you like he can barely believe you're real. His hands roam everywhere, unable to decide which part of you he wants to touch the most - squeezing your hips, stroking from your stomach up to your chest, caressing your thighs, digging his fingertips into your ass - he wants it all. And christ does he sound good, his quiet 'oh god's and overwhelmed moans as he watches you switch between bouncing and rolling your hips. It's commendable how long he lasts given the effect you have on him.
Asahi: Similar to Tanaka, Asahi is another king of making you feel worshipped, staring at you in awe as you bounce on his cock. 'Fuck you're so beautiful' he chokes, as you grasp his shoulders and impale yourself over and over on his length. He loves doing this in a seated position, holding you close and drawing your breast into his warm mouth as you take what you need. However, even a sweetheart like Asahi has his limits and when you reach yours, thighs trembling and pleas spilling from your lips as you beg for him, something in Asahi snaps. The tables turn very quickly when Asahi hoists you up and slams you down on the mattress, practically bending you in half as he pounds into you. You both moan loudly against each other’s lips, before coming hard and long with a cry of the other’s name.
Daichi: Back your ass up into this boy at your own risk! You used to think of 'spooning' as something quite sweet and snuggly. Not anymore! You quickly learn that nothing gets Daichi riled up more than when you sleepily roll onto your side and shuffle your hips back to meet his. He paws at you, caressing and squeezing you awake, pressing his growing erection against your curves. He likes to keep you in this position throughout, holding one of your knees bent as he literally fucks you sideways. The moans he muffles into the back of your neck get louder when he uses his free hand to play with your clit. You clench hard around him, your keening and desperate cries of his name barely drowning out the slap of his hips against your ass as he finally spills inside if you.
Sugawara: Nothing gets Suga off more than you begging for him, so expect to be teased within an inch of your life! He knows exactly what he's doing when he briefly kisses your shoulder, lets his hand linger a little too long on your waist or brushes his thigh against yours. But he never initiates anything, taking great pleasure when you finally give in and start kissing him, moaning at the feeling of his tongue sliding against yours. Sometimes the teasing stops there, sometimes it doesn't. After undressing you both, Suga stops. "What do you need sweetheart?" You beg him to touch you. "Take a seat then," he grins patting his knee. You straddle his thigh and he gently takes your hand, pressing it against his hard cock. "Let's see how well you touch me first." You can't help rolling your hips against his tense quads as his pants and keens get louder. His thigh is slick and sticky with you by the time he finally gives in to your demands. He makes you come, embarrassingly quickly, on just his fingers before laying you down and fucking you properly.
Oikawa: This smug bastard needs put in his place and what better way to do it than to have him tied to the bed with your panties stuffed in his mouth. His muffled grunts and moans sound so good when you're riding him, watching how the muscles in his arms flex the closer he gets. If you're feeling generous you'll let him come with you. Most of the time though, his bratty behaviour warrants a different approach. On those occasions you take exactly what you need, growling at him not to come. Once you're satisfied, it's time for some serious edging. He thrashes wildly as you stroke his slick cock, sobbing and keening when you finally, finally give him permission to come.
Atsumu: Absolute king of eating pussy. Nothing gets this boy off more than devouring you over and over. Sometimes he's nice enough to listen to your demands for his cock, sliding into your sloppy cunt after pulling one blissful orgasm from you with his tongue. Other times he gets completely carried away, relentlessly lapping at you as he holds you in place. The feeling of your thighs tensing and clenching as you try to squirm has him moaning into your pussy and - more often than not - rutting into the bedsheets as he chases his own release.
Bokuto: yells Hey! HEY! HEYY!! the first time he sees your pussy
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kira-fluff · 5 months ago
there's only one bed - haikyuu
a/n: once again i'm writing one of my fave tropes (dif fandom tho) bc i can :) if you wanna see more haikyuu characters or a dif prompt, request 'em here! (pls make me write more of them i enjoy this too much) random thought but hiroo koji is hot asf?! a song to show my mood while writing this NOW LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEE
pairing: selected haikyuu!! characters x fem!reader tw: swearing, not edited
pov: you're in love with him, but he doesn't know that. then, of course, just because life hates you, you get stuck in a hotel room together on the class trip with him due to some "mix up". and there's only one bed. one. *sigh*...
tsukishima kei "i'm sleeping on the bed. my legs are too long for the couch." honestly, how is it possible for you guys not to bicker about like,,,, everything?? in classic gentlemanly fashion, tsukki only thinks about himself. and you're not afraid to tell him this (how did you fall for this bitch again?) this begins an argument that lasts at least an hour, or until you look at the clock, seeing it's almost 1am. tsukki sighs, "i'm tired. look, i'll sleep on the sofa but you better not snore". you stuck out your tongue in reply, slinking into the bleach-white covers of the hotel bed. secretly, though, tsukki kind of wanted the argument to end with the both of you sharing the bed but alas, you were too damn stubborn and he was too proud to ask. he, of course, was the first to awaken. he didn't feel all that too unlucky, however, because he got to see you all curled up on the bed, hugging one of the pillows close to you, softly snoring.
kuroo tetsuro "i'll take the floor, don't worry." when you both received the same hotel keycard number, you glanced at each other - this couldn't be right. just your luck, you also weren't allowed to switch rooms (and even if you wanted to break the rules, you didn't know anyone else's room numbers, thanks to your teachers collecting phones before bed). upon opening the room, you were shocked. there was only one bed, of course. just your luck. kuroo immediately took the initiative to take a sheet off the bed, placing it on the ground, as you did not have the luxury of a couch in your room. you weren't about to let your crush endure the rock-hard ground of the hotel room when sleeping in the same bed was practically harmless (for everything and everyone except your heart). kuroo would keep asking you, "are you sure? are you positive?", trying to gauge your comfortability with it all by your answers and expressions. finally relenting (and exhausted), you both showered and slipped under the soft sheets of the hotel bed. halfway through the night, kuroo decided he would've likely gotten more sleep if he slept on the group what with his heart racing with every movement you made. at last turning on his side, arm under a pillow, he closed his eyes, begging sleep to come. instead, his eyes shot open as you snuggled against his back, sighing softly as your arms snaked around his torso. he could scarcely move, much less breathe. poor guy didn't get much sleep, but it might've been worth it to see your blushing face when you woke up, embarrassed to see what you'd done.
kozume kenma "let's just sleep together." this boy does not have TIME to be arguing over who gets the bed and he's too tired to argue with you over him sleeping on the ground. he's a smart boy, figures you won't allow it anyway. he doesn't really give a fuck so he just says it outright. like, ok, does he actually really, really like you? yes. is this probably screw him over? a little. but is it also sort of a win? absolutely. kenma doesn't actually like to lose when he thinks he has a chance at winning. so yeah, you may wake up to him holding you tight. what can he say? you're very warm.
oikawa tohru "ok, GEEZ you can have the bed, you're welcome." you didn't get two words out before he inserts his "gracious" offer to you. to be honest, he actually just doesn't want you to feel guilty for taking the whole bed so he figures acting sort of a little asshole-ish would work (it kind of does). it works until you pull the sheets toward yourself, huffing an irritated, "fine!" and you see his relieved and soft smile. now the bullshit becomes clear. "wait a second, tohru. you.. uh, let's sleep together? i mean on the bed.." his eyes widen - he was sure you didn't see through his little plan, but you did (dammit, you can read him like a book). he sighs, "really, y/n, it's okay." he smiles gently, urging you to sleep as he announces he's going to shower. when he finally finishes his eight-step skincare routine and walks out of the bathroom, he's shocked to see you're still awake. he blinks a few times, shuffling to the chair by the fridge, but you grab his wrist. "please, tohru. just for tonight?" as if he could ever say no to you. he nods, you both situating yourself comfortably under the covers. he will probably awkwardly warn you of his sleeping habits so you aren't as surprised as you might've been when you wake up for him holding you tight in his arms, his face nestled in the crook of your neck. iwaizumi is going to wish he was deaf because oikawa will N E V E R stop talking about this.
matsukawa issei *laughs* "you're kidding, right?" this man is in DISBELIEF like??? how could they screw up this bad?? it's honestly hilariously, such a bad failure. once he realizes you're not laughing he kinda goes "oh shit" and feels kinda bad. he'd try to get other people to switch with him but girls would be all like "nO i dOnT wAnNa sLEeP wiTh sOmE gUy aND ThERe'S noT enOuGh rOoM iN hErE fOr hER" so he quickly gives up. "hmm, so...bathtub? g'night!" your eyebrows raise and you clasp onto his hand, "wait, wait, wait issei!! why can't you, uhm... with me...?" he stares at you before laughing, "see? i told you, you're hilarious." your cheeks puff out, "i wasn't joking, issei-kun!! sleep with me!" his eyes widen. your eyes widen. your cheeks flush. "i-i-i didn't mean it like that! just forget it!!" you huff, plopping down on the bed, covering yourself in blankets in embarrassment. he chuckles again, joining you under the covers, unable to resist the urge to poke you as he muttered as soft, "silly girl," you both drift off into sleep. you awake to practically all the covers shoved off the bed. yeah, as far as bad habits goes, matsukawa probably has the worst.
hanamaki takehiro "the helleys stay ON during sex" "oh my god it's just like the shrek x reader fic i read" this man is straight up chaotic evil like ?? you couldn't hold back your laugh like wtf???? takehiro ??? anyway, he knows how to make things a lot less nerve-wracking and less awkward, at least if you've known him for a long time. you'd probably end up getting no sleep because of his impromptu pillow fight ("BATTLE ME TO THE DEATH YOU COWARD"), and then he'd insist on showing you every meme he's ever collected (he has a folder just dedicated to oikawa crack shit posting). you're not able to stop yourself from laughing throughout the whole night. your neighbors want you dead, but it's worth it.
iwaizumi hajime *sigh* "i'll just go in shittykawa's room." like, it's not even up for debate. he doesn't wait for your answer. the moment he enters his hotel room and sees you already standing there, confused, he takes in a languid breath before walking right out the door. this entire guy's life is, like, constant pain. he goes to oikawa's room and (unfortunately) is dumb enough to tell him the truth. so, yeah, oikawa snickers and slams the door in iwa's face all like, "better go back to your little crushy-wushy and spend a romantic night together~" (the only thing iwaizumi wants to crushy-wushy at this moment in time is oikawa's fucking skull.) so iwa stomps his way back to your room, a vein popping out of his forehead. he left the keycard in your shared room, so he softly knocks on the door. when you pull open the door, a look of relief flashes across your face as you whisper a soft, "there you are", pulling him into the room with your hand on his wrist. hajime is surprised, to say the least. he can see remnants of tears under your reddening eyes - you were crying? to you, it had seemed like the last thing iwaizumi wanted to do is sleep in the same room with you, like he was disgusted by you. it hurt, your crush acting like he didn't even want to be in the space as you (though it was the very opposite). iwaizumi doesn't know why you're crying but timidly pulls you to him as you both lie down together. he's so unsure until you wrap your arms around his chest, whispering a soft, "thank you, haji". he might just melt on the spot.
futakuchi kenji "move, i'm sleeping here, too, dummy." prick. you fell for a smartass, you knew that, but you didn't know you'd have to share the same room as him. it was already late when you settled yourself in your spacious bed, humming to yourself in contentment. you were lucky enough to get a room all to yourself. or so you thought. you were just about to turn off the light when you heard the door unlock and slide open. you froze in fear only to stare across the room at none other than futakuchi kenji. "um, this my room?" you said sarcastically. kenji sassily held up his room keycard, deadpanning, "how do you think i got in the room, y/n?" you scowled, shrinking further under the covers, "whatever. well, i'm not moving so good night." he glowered at you, "great, that makes two of us. now scoot over." if you asked to cuddle, though, he'd go all soft. muttering a shy, "dummy...", he'd hold you in his arms, caressing your hair (as if he hadn't dreamed about this situation before).
bokuto kotaro "HEY HEY HEY!!!! ----HEY YOU'RE IN MY ROOM!!!" bo is straight-up STOKED to be in a hotel. like teachers have had to shush him like nine thousand times already. he's already loud enough, but when he walks into the room and sees he has a room all to himself he gets a little lonely, but also tries to show everyone how cool and mature he must be because he got a room to himself and they didn't. i mean, he thought. but he thought wrong. you walk in the room mid bo's mirror pep talk. (and of course, he was shirtless). you flushed, covering your eyes with your hands (though there were a few cracks in that shield). he shouted - you shushed him, trying to figure out what went wrong. bokuto was surprised at first, but it quickly grew to enthusiasm, "THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SLEEPOVER EVER!!!!" you had to calm him down as he rushed over to the bed, jumping on it a few times before snuggling under the covers. thankfully, that was all it took for him to be out like a light. you're first to wake up in the morning, basking in the glory that is beefy bokuto arms wrapped around you, his spikey hair soft against the skin of your neck. turns out he told the hotel the wrong number for his room.
akaashi keiji "there seems to be some mistake. i'm going to talk to front desk." istg NOTHING shakes this guy? at least, he appears calm and collected. inside he's screaming like AHHHHHHHHH because a part of him doesn't really want to be a gentleman. a part of him just feels like saying, "well, what can you do?" but akaashi knows he's better than that. so, he heads to the front desk. the woman smiles, apologizing and saying there's really nothing they can do about room arrangements without charging the school for an extra room. akaashi then goes to his teacher, who suggests asking others to switch rooms. as it turns out, there's an uneven amount of girls and guys, resulting in the room assignments not having enough space to accommodate an extra student. keiji trudges his way back to your shared room, volunteering to sleep on the ground. you feel awful, urging him to take the bed, expressing your thankfulness to him for trying to work things out anyway. he insists, saying he can't let a girl sleep on the ground. this turns into a back and forth of different excuses exchanged, ultimately resulting in him letting out a tired laugh. "alright then, shall we just share?" you grin, nodding your head. how lucky can he get? he's a light sleeper so when you lean closer to him, sighing in your sleep, he can't help the smile that grows on his face.
ushijima wakatoshi "goodnight, i hope you sleep well." sleeping together is not a problem to him. as long as you're comfortable with it, it doesn't really faze him. if you're hesitant at first, he'll pat the bed, urging you to sleep next to him. "it's comfortable, you won't have to worry about being sore tomorrow." (as if that's the problem wakatoshi?!) he's so cute and oblivious though so how can you resist him? no promises that you're not going to wake up hugging each other close, however. he wonders, though, why does his heart beat so fast when he's around you? maybe he's stressed out. it'd be best to ask tendo for advice tomorrow. (he just laughed and smacked ushijima's back saying, "wah~ ushiwaka, you're getting older aren't you~?") he was very confused, "yes tendo-kun, we all are."
terushima yuji "well, it can't be helped. night, gorgeous. ;)" when you both discover your predicament, he sends a wink your way. this mf doesn't even try he's just like "damn that sucks" and then man-spreads on the bed with a little smirk playing at his lips. you have to resist the urge to smack this boy istg idk how you do it "yuji-kun, don't you think we should, like, tell someone?" you said sarcastically with an eyebrow quirked up. he replies with a lazy, "nah", his tongue piercing sticking out. you can try to pull this guy off the bed but the moment he stands up for you, he acts like all his limbs have no function and just falls on you like "can't walk, sorry". -_- like. dude. the night would end with you falling asleep due to exhaustion from trying to move this fucker. he'd tuck you in all sweet, softly caressing your face (fuckin' simp), before moving to sleep on the couch. well, he was going to, until you smiled and opened one eye saying, "thanks yuji. sleep here, too, 'kay?" this guy thought his heart might explode. god, you drove him crazy. expect him to ask you out in the mornng.
daishou suguru "hmm.. well, this is interesting." he's panicking, really. nothing prepared him for this moment and why did you look so adorable in your little jammies with little strawberries on them like??? NOT FAIR ?? your cute little doe eyes stare up at him, so trusting. you really think he's a good guy (and he is!), but the fact that you don't just believe what everyone else says about him and his snake-like appearance warms his heart more than you know. yet, when you mention you wouldn't mind sharing the bed with him, if it's just for a night, he can't help saying "i'm a guy, too, you know.." you blink in confusion as he sighs, "nevermind." he finds himself falling impossibly harder as you sweetly whisper a soft, "goodnight, suguru." as you turn off the lamp. you have him wrapped around your little finger.
miya atsumu "sweetheart, what are ya doin'?" when you, at last, made it to your hotel room, it was late. like, really late. you carefully opened the door, thankful for the lack of squeakiness of the hinges. all the hotel room lights were off, so assumed your roommate was asleep. changing into your pajamas as quietly as you could, you slipped into bed. sleep came quickly after that, your breaths evening out into a soft rhythm. you awoke to a strange voice - not at all sounding like the female you thought your roommate was. it sounded very familiar. you assumed you must still be dreaming until the voice asked again, "doll," a slight chuckle, "why are ya in my bed?" you slowly blinked your eyes open, vision still bleary. as your vision focused, you realized that it was, indeed, a man. and it was miya. miya atsumu. your crush. and there you were, gripping tightly onto his white shirt, your bodies flush together. you shrieked, flying off the bed in surprise, whamming your head against the nightstand. he laughed, "that must'a hurt. ya ok down there, darlin'?" you popped back up, staring at him in disbelief, "i.. you're in my room? how...?" he shrugged, "i'm just as confused. not gonna lie, though, ya sure were warm." you both flushed, simultaneously embarrassed by his words. this was going to be a long trip. there was no doubt about it - miya atsumu was head over heels in love with you.
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reineydraws · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hbd to the king of blue castle and his god-given face 🎂🎉💞
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chaoticevilorange · a month ago
Haikyuu x reader
First thing in the morning
Usually wakes up before the alarm rings, his first instinct is to reach for you on your side of the bed, is like his body gravitates towards you, he likes to feel your warm body pressed against his chest, he is careful to not wake you up, if he wakes you he whispers sweet nothings before kissing the base of your neck apologizing for wake you up, of course you forgive him
Iwaizumi, Ennoshita, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Ushijima, Yaku, Akaashi, Kita, Aone, Sakusa
Doesn't let the alarm sound too much, awakes at the second ring and is quick to turn it off to not disturb your slumber, after a heavy sigh wondering if is worth to get out of bed or not he decides to turn towards you, you're mumbling a sleepy 'good morning' he chuckles at the sight, your hair is messy, you refuse to open your eyes but there is that smile he adores so much, he will snuggle a bit longer before showering in kisses and then gets up to start his day
Matsukawa, Kyotani, Daichi, Asahi, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Semi, Kuroo,
Is the kind of person who has like 5 alarms with a spawn of 5 minutes in between each one, usually you kick him out the bed at the third one, he groans and states you don't love him anymore, when he finally disables all the alarms he crawls to the bed asking for forgiveness, you will but there is a price of course, breakfast in bed is always his favourite way to pamper you, because he gets to see you happyly munching your toast and he can get on the bed again
Oikawa, Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Satori, Yamamoto, Atsumu, Koganegawa
Doesn't even bother to put an alarm because you wake him up he trusts you, sometimes you wake him up softly and tenderly or even placing playful kisses on his neck and shoulders, but some days when you're running late you shake him up, or kiss him goodbye with force enough to wake him up, babbling good mornings and good byes, by far his favourite is when you caress his hair and kiss his checks, sometimes he pretends to be asleep only for you to shower him in soft kisses
Hanamaki, Goshiki, Lev, Kenma, Bokuto, Suna, Osamu, Aran, Futakuchi
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omg i loved the pervert!iwa hc could you spare some pervert!oikawa thoughts please 🥺
back to pervert!hc masterlist
tw// filming, dry humping, pantyshots, implied exhibitionism, penetration, somnophilia, male masturbation
pervert!oikawa? oh ho ho ho. yes i can.
pervert!oikawa is a perv just like his best friend but much much worse. iwaizumi is secretive about it, but oikawa? he lets it be known.
pervert!oikawa takes panty shots all the time. he has no shame in lifting your skirt up and snapping a picture. he always comments on how cute your panties look though <3
pervert!oikawa loves watching you bend over, whether its to grab something or over a desk. he can’t help but groan at that sight and imagine you even lewder positions. pervert!oikawa has no control when he grabs onto your hips and forcibly grinds his growing bulge against your heated core. you just sound so pretty when you’re whining and telling him to stop.
sleepovers with pervert!oikawa? the first few times he’s on his best behavior. he’ll give you break this time. but the next time? oh no. sitting in your bathroom jerking his precum coated cock isn’t enough for him. he wants more. so more is what he’s going to get. you’re sleeping so peacefully in your bed, your oversized shirt rising up to barely cover your thighs and tummy. the fabric of your panties cling to your pussy lips and oikawa can feel his mouth fill up with saliva. pervert!oikawa. can’t. control. himself.
somehow he finds his self between your legs, your panties pulled to the side, and his bare cock rubbing inbetween the lips of your cunt. he lets out the prettiest moans, hissing when the slit of his cock head brushes against your swollen clit. ‘i wont put it in. i won’t put it in.’ repeats in his head over and over. ‘then again.. the tip wouldn’t hurt.’
the tip turns to an inch, then another, until he’s bottoming out and fucking into you mercilessly. your soft snores switch to high pitched whines and moans as pervert!oikawa holds your legs open. your eyes squint when a sudden bright light illuminates the dark room. it’s a phone, his phone. and it’s aimed right where the two of you are connected.
he’s recording every second if his thick cock splitting you open. he has to. how else is he going to show his best friend how well you can take dick?
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