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*✧・゚wherein you are atsumu's favorite ex
TROPE: friends to lovers to exes to friends to ?
GENRE: romance | fluff! | college au | AGED UP
wc: 2k~
a/n: this may or may not be inspired by true events, you be the judge ;) also, i initially planned on posting this as a single chaptered fic but it went longer than expected so,, enjoy :)
Tumblr media
It’s another mundane day for you. Your feet lead you to the lecture hall for a morning lecture on sociology. Frankly enough, the only thing that motivates you to class as early as seven in the morning is that you share the same class with Atsumu and Suna. The course automatically becomes bearable with Atsumu’s mid-class antics, including showing you random Instagram reels below the desk or nudging you as he pretends to pay attention during lectures.
You enter the spacious room, which reeks of new paint and wood varnish. A type of fragrance that lets you know how young the place is. You took your usual seat and sat as soon as you placed your tote bag on your desk. Your orbs scan the room, only a few students have arrived, and the two men who will entertain you for the entire two-hour lecture are not here yet. So, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your jeans and idly scroll through your social media feed. After a few minutes of staring at the posts of acquaintances, a text notification pops at the top of the screen on your device.
“Has the class started?” squinting your eyes to the sender, you read his name.
Osamu Miya.
Your fingers press on the keyboard as you type in a reply to your friend.
“Nope, the professor isn’t here yet.”
You press send before putting your phone screen flat on the table. At the same time, the twin of the recipient appeared next to you. His hair is disheveled, and traces of bed markings adorn his well-proportioned face. He runs his fingers through his hair as his other hand throws his almost empty-looking bag across the long shared table.
“Well, good morning to you tsumu.” You sarcastically say as you watch his half-asleep face barely make out an expression.
“Hm.” He lifelessly hums, nodding his head to greet you back. You chuckle.
“You look like you just got out of bed minutes ago.” You run your eyes to his whole body. He’s wearing the university’s pullover jacket, washed-out jeans, and a rubber shoes. 
“I did exactly that.” He replies, pulling the seat next to you. He plumps and after that he shoves his hands down the pocket of his pants. He slouches, the back of his head resting on top of the backrest of the seat. You observe him as his eyes slowly flutter close. His eyelashes rested on the skin below his eyes, with his bottom lip slightly ajar. He heaves out air as his face basks in the dimmed rays of the sun peeking through the windows of the lecture hall.
He looks beautiful, ethereal, even.
As if he senses you looking at him, his eyelids pull open, turning his head to you. Atsumu looks at you, holding your eyes gently as he waits for either of you two to break the silence.
“What happened to last night’s date?” You question and instantly his once solemn face immediately crumples in annoyance. He frees one hand from the pocket of his jeans and turns his body to you. His eyebrows are crossed, and his lips turn up in frustration.
He had an arranged blind date last nightㅡas set by his seniors in the volleyball team. Atsumu had a fair share of experiences when it came to dating. Although aside from several casual dating here and there, the only legitimate relationship he had was two. One was from three years ago, and the other one was you.
“(y/n), do you think this face is a satisfied look? A happy face? the I-have-finally-found-the-love-of-my-life face?” He sneers, gesturing on his exhausted yet pretty face making you laugh even louder than last time.
“What happened? Come on, spill the beans.” You respond, giggling at his reaction.
“You know it’s okay to go on a date with a shy person. I can handle the conversation for a couple of minutes to an hour at most but this-“ He dramatically pauses. His free hand lands on his forehead, massaging his temples using his outer fingers. He continues. “I felt like I was talking to myself. She didn’t even laugh at my jokes!”
“Your jokes are lame, don’t blame her for that.” You retort. He narrows his eyes on you, shooting you disapproving scowl.
“My jokes are NOT lame!” He argues, his voice increasing. The sound of the chair screeching against the waxed floor momentarily seizes the growing tension between the both of you. 
“Can you not shout early in the morning, Miya?” Suna’s morning voice echoes inside the room. After shooting Astumu a displeased face, Suna sits next to you.
The universe does not guarantee you peace as another person you are familiar with blasts inside the room.
“I have news.” Osamu rushes to the empty seat in front of you. He has his knees planted on the base of the seat as his hands gripping on the edge of the backrest of the chair, steadying his posture.
“Kita-san agreed about the party.” The corners of Osamu’s lips pull into a smile before shifting his gaze at you. “But there’s a condition.”
“What is it?” You ask, feeling unsure of what Osamu’s gaze means.
“You have to attend, (y/n).” You roll your eyes, raising a single eyebrow up. You speak.
“Of course, I’ll attend. We planned it for him.” As an alumna of Inarizaki and Atsumu’s three-year seatmate, you have grown fond of the whole volleyball team. You managed to sustain your friendship with them even after high school graduation. And now that Kita is about to leave the university walls, you and the rest of the team have been planning on throwing a party for him.
“No, it’s not just that. He wants you to meet someone.” Osamu fishes for the right words to say, “A prospect lover, more like.”
You feel the burning stare of the other twin sitting next to you. Atsumu’s eyes are craving for your attention, but you are left stunned by what Osamu said. Kita has never been nosey about your dating life. His standards are too high, and simply enough, there’s no single fling of yours that has been approved by Kita. So hearing from Osamu that the latter is willing to pair you up with someone is something you have not seen coming. The person must be of high quality for them to pass Kita's standards and woo you into dating them.
Osamu flips his wrist up to read his watch. He curses under his breath.
“I have to go, my class is about to start. Think about it, (y/n).” Osamu says as he runs out of the door, leaving you with your thoughts.
Typically, any person would say yes to meeting a random stranger towed by a trusted friend. But with you, a person with a crippling commitment issue, this is something you need to think about.
After the first class was over, you tagged along with Atsumu. Currently, Atsumu is in the shower of his shared aprtment with Osamu, and you are lying on a couch in his living room, staring at the ceiling. Soon, Atsumu emerges from the bathroom. His torso is exposed to you, naked and glistened of beads of water making his skin glow. A towel is wrapped around his waist as his bare feet pad across the apartment.
“The answer is not written on the ceiling,” Atsumu says; consequently, you turn to look at him. Even though you are exes with Atsumu seeing him half-naked was a reoccurring scenario even after the break-up.
“I don’t want to disappoint Kita-san and every one by not attending the party.” Pouring out your honest feelings has always been easy with Atsumu.
“Then attend,” He says as if the answer to your dilemma is as easy as deciding for something necessary for survival.
“Kita-san is setting me up with someone.” You focus your eyes at your best friend and ex. You follow him as he navigates around the apartment, then briefly, he disappears to enter his room. A sigh leaves your mouth, bringing your orbs back to the ceiling. Atsumu’s voice rings inside the flat.
“Even if it’s Kita-san prospect for you and the person may tick all Kta-san’s checklist, at the end of the day, it’s for you to decide whether to date him or not.” Atsumu appears by the doorway of his room wearing grey sweatpants and a plain white shirt. He ruffles his wet hair using a small towel in his hand.
“But what if they tick all my checkboxes too.” Your voice hushed but the silence in the room accentuates it. Atsumu stops and locks eyes with you. he swallows before breaking the eye contact.
“Then date them.” He mutters, his back facing on you as he walks to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.
“No.” You whisper to yourself, but somehow, Atsumu heard you.
“Still the same issues?” He shoots you a brow. The one good thing about sharing history with a long-time friend is that it saves you from explaining your worries. With a single utter from you or a minor shift in your facial expression, he already has an idea of what you are thinking.
“Yeah.” You nod, biting your lower lip. You look at him as he studies your expression. A smirk grows on his face.
“The same reason why you broke up with me after three weeks of dating?”
“HEY!” Although break-ups are a sensitive topic for most ex-lovers, for the two of you, it’s merely a running joke.
“It’s not three weeks. It’s a month.” You correct him, your voice muting as the last words of your sentence roll out of your mouth.
“That’s only a week difference! Does it matter?!” Atsumu retorts, making you sit up.
“It matters to me because every passing day with a lover means more than just a day to me!” You lower down your tone,
“If for you our relationship felt like a rapid film flashing before your eyes, to me, it meant everything. A day feels like a month and a month feels like a year. It was the longest I could hold onto a relationship. Heck, I wasn't even into labels but for you I tried.”
Atsumu nods as he sips water from the rim of the glass. He knows exactly where to end his teasing. Your commitment issue is more than just a relatable thing you see from a random social media post. To you, it’s an inner dilemma you can’t get over with. You two were perfect for each other, but your anxiety and fear of pain ended your eutopia.
“That’s precisely why you’re my favorite ex,” Atsumu says all of a sudden. The sound of the glass hitting the tiled kitchen island brings your attention back to him.
“You loved me.” He utters seriously but you take this chance to turn the tables and jest at him.
“But you found it easy to move on from me and dated… who was that again?” Your eyes tease him. His face changes as the unwanted memories of his second ex crawl into his consciousness.
“We had a deal to not bring her up.” Atsumu nears you, pointing at you as he attempts to push the unwanted memories back to the corner of his mind.
“Why? You miss your baby, tsumu?” You test his patience by pushing his buttons one more time. He cringes.
“That was a mistake. She was a mistake. She only dated me so she could flaunt to her friends and Instagram followers that we were together. God, the amount of money I spent on our fancy dates all for the sake of the aesthetics of her Instagram feed!” Atsumu paces back and forth, his hands on his head as anger begins to boil inside him. Albeit, you laugh out loud, satisfied with the reaction you get from him.
“She is my only opponent for the 'favorite ex' title.” You stated, Atsumu turned to you.
“And without a doubt, you win the title.” He says and a soft smile paints your face.
“You are my favorite ex too.” Sincerity coats the tone of your voice but Atsumu snorts it off.
“I’m the only person you dated. It’s not like you have a choice.”
All other romantic affairs are indeed either petty flings or one-time dates. Suddenly, you throw a pillow in his direction, but his quick reflexes save him as he catches the material in his hand.
“NOT FAIR! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” Atsumu throws the pillow between his grasp to the floor as he walks towards you.
“Did I lie?” He challenges you but you kept your mouth shut.
A step closer.
“Did the truth hurt, (y/n)?” He presses.
Another step closer.
“I am your only ex,” He whispers, his face dangerously inches away from yours. You clench your jaw, not letting go of his gaze. Your eyes swim in his honey-hued orbs as a smirk grows wider on his lips.
“You only have me, love.” His breath reaches you. He dared to close the gap between you, making his arched nose graze against the tip of your nose.
“You were brutally honest, tsumu. You deserved it.” Your eyes rally between his'. His pupils dart to your lips before locking eyes with you. You feel your airways tighten and your heart rapidly pounding against your chest. A familiar feeling rushes in your veins as his intoxicating scent, and lustful eyes entice you into him. For the first time you wondered,
Is it still safe to be friends with your ex?
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Tumblr media
thank you for reading, rbs and likes are appreciated! ♡
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Day 18. Dumbification
Tumblr media
Pairing: husband!Tetsuro Kuroo x f!reader
Synopsis: Will Kuroo be able to survive No Nut November?
Warning: thigh riding, cunnilingus, doggy style, dirty talk, dumbification, creampie, pet name, multiple orgasms
wc: + 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"Thirty days without sex," he smirks, tightening his fingers around your hips, "of course I can take it."
You thought he was going to lose the first day, but he didn't give in.
The first week went smoothly, every now and then he would stop and look at you more intently and give his usual smirk, but nothing more.
The second week the stress was wearing on him. "fuck, when this shit is over you're going to be praying that I take pity on your poor flesh". Every time you got out of the shower, he had to look away as you bent down to pick something up, and his breathing got heavier. Evenings on the couch were the hardest time, when you curled up on his chest and traced his pecs with your fingertips, his voice became more sensual as he growled the dirty things he would want to do to you.
Week three was hard on both of us, but you were the one who needed to feel his hands on you the most. "It's no fun if you're not the one touching me" you whisper removing your towel, sitting astride his bare thigh as he lies in bed, "don't you dare" he growls as you approach sucking the skin of his neck, filling it with small bites all the way to his shoulder. "I miss your hands" you whisper taking his hands in yours to rest them on your bare breasts.
At the light touch Tetsuro growls, your nipples swelling slightly and you begin to move back and forth on his beefy thigh. "Chibi-chan, you're not going to make me lose" he says leaving your breasts and grabbing your hips, his fingers sinking in as he holds you close, "if you're going to do it, do it fast but not a word" he moans softly as you suck harder on his neck, "and don't be loud, my cock is about to burst" he confesses as you thrust your hips faster brushing against his bulge.
"Fuck" you murmur in his ear as you keep grinding on his thigh, "please touch me" you whimper as he grips your hips tighter to keep you firmly on him, "fuck no" you gasp taking a long breath.
In that moment he sees you even more beautiful, your hair tousled, your face a little red from fatigue, drops of sweat running down your neck and sliding between your breasts, "I'm coming" you moan increasing your thrusts.
Kuroo takes a breath of relief when your hips stop moving and you bury your face in his neck, "damn, that was close" he whispers stroking your hair.
"Damn, it's about time," he murmurs leaving sloppy kisses behind your ear. "wake up wake up princess. It's the first of December, start praying for your pussy because by the time I'm done with you it'll be Christmas" you feel his smile get wider as he slides down your back, sucks and bites your sweet flesh down to your hips, "I've waited too long, you know I like you reactive when I fuck you" he says biting your ass.
"Fuck," you moan when he lifts you up slightly and slides your panties down to your ankles, "baby, it's one o'clock in the morning" you murmur crinkling your eyes to better read the time on the alarm clock display, "yes, it is" he murmurs continuing to kiss your body, his boner presses on your butt, "don't fall asleep" he threatens grabbing the base of your nape pulling your hair.
When you feel his warm lips sucking on the skin of your ass your hips instinctively rise, "good girl" he praises you before going even lower and settling between your legs, "fuck, I missed you" he whispers pushing his tongue inside you, your lips part to let out a silent moan.
His hands slide down your belly and caress your back before grabbing your ass and licking deeper inside you, "baby, I feel so good" you moan with your face buried in the pillow, Tetsuro behind you giggles sending vibrations into your sweetest spot, your body fills with goosebumps as you come only thanks to his tongue, "Tetsu, fuck" your breath doesn't stop increasing with each lick of his.
Your clit swells in his mouth, you can feel how his teeth nibble and tease your lips. Leaving your pussy still trembling, Kuroo climbs your body, pushes your thighs together and lifts your pelvis, "hold on, princess" he growls in your ear as he sits astride your butt and pushes the tip of his cock between your moist hole.
You feel him thrusting fast against you, his tip meticulously hitting your G-spot making you whimper, "baby, slow down ah" the words come out slurred as he leans over you.
His steel hard chest is hot on your bare back, his hands clasp yours making your fingers intertwine, "fuck, you're swallowing me so good" he moans sucking on your earlobe, each thrust bringing you closer and closer to the edge, "Tetsu, I'm going to c-cum, shit" you moan clutching his fingers.
You can feel the accelerated beat of his heart as drops of sweat imprint your bodies, he lets go of your hands and grabs your hips, pressing your body against the mattress as he continues to thrust inside you, you hear him murmur a series of obscenities as a warm liquid fills your insides. 
His thrusts don't cease, "I need to cum again" he whispers as you clench his cock inside you, your eyes roll in the back of your head as you feel him grab your ass so hard that your pussy lips spread.
Kuroo cups and squeezes your ass roughly, you can feel your mixed cum sliding down, and the second orgasm flushing your body quickly and roughly, your tongue rolls out as drool pools at the sides of your mouth, "baby ..." you moan.
You can't think straight anymore, Tetsuro keeps fucking you incessantly, his libido that has been at rest for thirty long days, doesn't seem to want to know about running out, "fuck, please, I can't take it anymore ..." you cry as you try to get up on your weak arms, he pulls out of you, and spins you onto your back, "I haven't fucked you stupid yet, so just hang in there a little longer" he says with a grin on his face.
You start to see white when he rubs his big cock on your clit, "so good" you moan pulling him towards you, your arms laced behind his neck as he holds onto the headboard with one hand.
When he pushes into you your back arches pushing your breasts against his chest, your sweaty bodies slide over each other, "princess, hold on" he warns you moving his hips faster and when you bite his shoulder he comes moaning, "fuck" he grunts not stopping sliding in and out of you.
His sweaty forehead rests on yours as you both try to catch your breath, "I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow" you whisper making him laugh.
He covers your face with kisses as he pulls out of you and sits on his heels, between your legs, cum slides out of you falling back onto the sheets, "fuck" he moans massaging his neck.
"It's okay," you giggle lifting yourself up and wrapping your arms around his waist, "I'll put them in the wash tomorrow" you say rubbing your nose on his vigorous chest. Kuroo wrinkles his forehead, "okay, but how do we do about the headboard" he says with a smirk.
When you follow his gaze to the headboard you can't suppress a laugh, the second bar, where he was holding himself, is completely destroyed, "shit" you giggle into his chest as his cock gets hard again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
+ or. the boys being needy when you're working.
+ featuring. matsukawa, akaashi, iwaizumi, suna, atsumu, kenma (ooc?),
Tumblr media
⸗ MATTSUN chucks a crumpled piece of paper at your head, grinning when a string of curses leaves you making people in the library turn around and stare. "ready to leave?," he says, already pushing his chair back to stand up, his hands hovering over the books spread out in front of you—and of course, he only gives you a second before he grabs them all at once, shoving them into his bag. "hey!," you yell, jumping at him to revive your notes—unfortunately, in vain. the next thing he grabs is you, throwing you over his shoulder (and no, the punches you're landing on his back make no difference). you're unable to work for the rest of the day, because what mattsun wants, he gets (and let's be real, you were going to get kicked out of the library at that rate anyway).
⸗ AKAASHI isn't one to complain about you working too much, being busy himself—but what he won't stand for is you spending the little time you get together typing away on your laptop. "love," he stresses, hand squeezing your thigh gently, "why don't you take a break, hm?," he tries to reason—because there's no way he'd say it directly. "i can't," you reply, although you're already slowing down, mind aching to leave your work unfinished. it only takes one pout and a snarky "you could've done this yesterday," from akaashi to make you abandon your files, turning to bury your head in akaashi's cashmere sweater, making the man smile secretively. (in other words, he was jealous of how much time that little screen gets to spend with you, well, it's all good now).
⸗ IWAIZUMI nudges you, an arm wrapping around your waist as he shifts onto his side to look at you—he's lying down, so his face ends up right in your tummy, making you let out a tired laugh. "just a sec, haji," you say, ruffling his hair, "almost done." the broad man grunts, pausing for a second before shaking his head no and propping himself up on his elbows—"you're leaving that shit, now," he demands, making you raise an eyebrow in amusement. "if you're needy, just say so," you jest, earning a soft glare from the man. "whatever," iwaizumi grumbles—but as you set down your laptop and throw a leg over him, you both are aware of the small smile growing on his face.
⸗ SUNA glances at you typing away the for what seems to be the millionth time, little space between his brows as he frowns. “you need something?,” you question, making him shrug (which would be effective, if he wasn’t wearing hello kitty pyjamas). “you gonna keep working on that?,” suna asks, his voice gruff as he crosses his arms in contemplation of your answer. “can leave it if you like,“ you say, and his expression loosens, furrow disappearing to allow a small smile to form on his face, the tips of his lips raising upwards almost unnoticeably. “well, i don’t mind if you do,” he says, and you laugh, opening your arms to let him scoot over into them. you smile to yourself, hugging him close to you—after all, suna isn’t as detached and cold as people seem to think.
⸗ ATSUMU whines your name loudly, throwing a pillow to your head. “babyy,” he stresses, standing to walk up behind you and wrap his arms around your figure, “a’ m right here, y’know,“ he says, burying his face into your neck, placing sloppy kisses all over to get your attention. it isn’t fair how you’re blatantly ignoring your precious boyfriend, he thinks. “mh, “ you start, and his eyebrows raise in hope, only for his excitement to be killed by the “shut up ‘tsum,” that follows. “but-,” he starts, turning you around to make sure you can see the pout on his lips (and perhaps kiss it away), only to be shut up again by your lips meeting his. your hands cup his face as you pull away with a pop, ruffling his hair slightly, “give me two minutes and I’ll be done,” you promise, smiling at him. (you can bet atsumu will be waiting).
⸗ KENMA huffs at you from across the room, turning away every time you meet his intent gaze, muttering inaudible words under his breath. “hey,” you slap your laptop close as he exhales again, knowing just what he wants. you walk to his spot on the bed, shifting to sit beside him, thighs brushing his. “hey,” he repeats, but it’s softer, gentler even—it’s not unlike kenma to be patient with you, regardless of how long you derive him of your attention. “you good?,” you laugh at his pouty face, leaning in to kiss his mouth softly—he melts into your touch, a smile playing on his lips. “next time-,” kenma cups your cheek with his warm hand, brushing his nose against yours, “-no working after ten p.m,” he finishes, and even if you know it’ll definitely happen again—it’s okay, because he isn’t going anywhere.
Tumblr media
feedback & reblogs are appreciated <3
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ch0s0 · 26 days ago
Hii i don’t know if your taking requests so if you don’t please ignore this 🙇🏻‍♀️
Anyway can you do haikyuu boys reacting to you getting your nails done ? (Or u could make it jjk whatever you feel like doing!)
Thanks bestie i hope this isn’t too much !🙇🏻‍♀️💕
hq guys when you get your nails done
[with: kuroo, osamu, sakusa, suna (suggestive for suna’s lmao)] [a/n: bestie i saw this in my inbox and wanted to take a swing because it looked super cool... hope u enjoy <3] (also by nails done in this context is extensions)
Tumblr media
-> SAKUSA absolutely loves it when you get your nails done but loves paying for them even more, you choose what shape and colors you want and he’ll hand you his credit card before heading out. cough cough he’s ur sugar daddy cough cough there’s a reason he’s paying for them though and that’s for the headscratches. he melts the moment you run your fingers through his locks, pointed nails scratching his head as he leans his head against your stomach. “ooo- ahh- yeah right there... that’s it” he mutters under his breath as your fingers deftly move against his scalp. a soft chuckle escapes you, hands grabbing his cheeks as you press a kiss to his temple, then one or two more. a pouty sakusa meets your eyes as you pull back, taking your hands off his cheeks and moving them back to his head. “don’t stop” he murmurs, eyes fluttering shut, a smile cracking his lips. whether you like it or not your stuck there and no lame excuse is gonna let you off the head-scratches-hook-- but do you mind? no not really
-> KUROO lmao is your manicure partner but he’s in the pedicure chair wooing the nail techs while your at the tables watching him with a bemused expression. he’s a dork- idly chatting with the lady scrubbing his feet- but he’s your dork and that’s what makes him all the more cute. his eyes catch yours as he slumps down in his chair, body jostling from the massage chair being on the highest setting. “is that your boyfriend over there?” asks your nail tech, eyes focused on dipping your nails in the colorful powder, kuroo’s laugh echoing in the background. “yeah- but with the way things are going, i think the lady doing his feet’s gonna take him away from me” you joke, eyes creasing as kuroo catches your gaze, large hand enthusiastically waving at you before lifting a foot and flexing it at you. “you like my feet?” he asks, admiring them himself before leaning over to the nail tech “will i get those free flip flops too?”
-> OSAMU’s favorite thing to do when you get your nails done is make sure that everything is closed extra tight because opening things with nail extensions can be a bitch. your favorite jar of pickles? might as well be super glued shut, you’re not getting it open without your big buff boyfriend lending his services, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “samuuuuu” you groan, head hung in defeat as you hold the jar out towards him. “whats up babe?” you motion to the jar, a pout on your lips before laying your head down against the counter. you know of his shenanigans and initially, you were determined to open it yourself, but he closes things so damn tight that its hopeless with or without the nails. he just wants a chance to flex them back muscles with a sharp pop, the lid comes off and he hands the jar back to you with a smirk “here ya go” “you suck” the way you grab the pickles out of his hand says otherwise though. 
-> SUNA might be the most invested in your nails out of all the guys- your man has a whole pinterest board dedicated to nail inspo and your texts are full of not so subtle hints of what nails he wants you to get next. its endearing, and to be honest his picks are always spot on to what you’d usually get done- plus you love that he loves picking these things out for you. “look at these love, see? very pretty” you prop your chin up on your hand, taking the phone from him. “chrome nails? i don’t know...” you trail off, furrowing your eyebrows “hear me out though- pointy tips, and a black base. it’d be really pretty” the excitement in his eyes makes it hard to say no, and within a day or two your nails are done and what color are they? black chrome. “see i told you” he chirps from the passenger seat of your car, seat reclined back as he crosses his arms across his chest. your nails do look gorgeous, glinting in the light as your hands grip the steering wheel. he can’t help but wonder what else they’d look good wrapped around.
Tumblr media
[a/n: merry christmas ya filthy animals] masterlist
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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ೀ*: ・゚random husband texts pt 2! - suna rintarou
warnings; drunk suna at the end
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𖧷 · °   .* part one
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ohajime · 6 months ago
When you sleep on the couch after an argument (Atsumu, Suna)
Tumblr media
part two part three
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 2.8K
request: Hiii!! I love your works can you do that prompt when you sleep on the couch after an argument? With any characters you would like please.
Tumblr media
You and Atsumu have always had problems communicating when it comes to serious discussions. He was lighthearted and playful by nature, which was something you liked in him, as his upbeat personality balanced out yours, always being helpful when it comes to mellowing you out when you were stressed. 
However, when it came to moments like these when you were nearly in tears over Atsumu’s nonchalant mannerisms, there was always a part of you that wondered if being with Atsumu was the right choice for both of you.
“Stop being so wound up Y/N,” he groaned, sauntering over to the couch with you hot on his heels practically steaming with annoyance.
“But i’m not being wound up,” you fired back “you aren’t listening to me.”
“Baby I don’t know why this is such a big issue,” he says with a chuckle, shaking his head at you as you stand in front of you with your arms folded.
“It’s an issue because I can’t keep picking up after you Atsumu,” you complained, joining him on the couch, “you’re lazy when it comes to house chores and you’re barely even here and when you are here you don’t do anything...I hate feeling like i’m doing all of this on my own.”
“Well if you want me to start putting the toilet seat down, I guess I can start doing that,” he joked with a laugh and you didn’t even need to look at his face to know he was smirking, which made you scoff.
You didn’t respond to his poorly timed joke, frustrated how Atsumu wasn’t listening to you. It was a common occurrence that Atsumu didn’t take the problems that you had in your relationship seriously, whether it was a minor issue or a big one. He had a tendency to brush it off and make a joke as if it wasn’t important.
The silence was deafening, and you could feel Atsumu wince, silently berating himself at the awkward atmosphere that he knew he caused. You had no urge to speak to Atsumu anymore, his constant unconcern for your troubles made you think that your relationship was a lost cause.
“Y/N,” he said, his voice timid just above a whisper as he tapped you on the shoulder feeling apprehensive since he now could tell you were annoyed by him, “why do I feel like this isn’t really about my bad house habits?”
“Wow I’m surprised you noticed,” you muttered sarcastically feeling fed up by his slow revelation. 
“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked sincerely, inching closer to you.
“It’s just..” you started with a sigh, “what are we even doing with each other?”
“What do you mean by that? Do you want to break up? What why?” he said with a frown, his voice raising becoming panicked at your ‘random,’ suggestion to end the relationship not fully understanding your words.
“Atsumu,” you said softly, finally turning your body so you were looking straight at him and he could see the tears already started to form in your eyes, “You don’t listen to me. At all. And I feel like you take our relationship as a big joke, and you don’t care about me or about us.” His lips parted slightly in confusion, and before he could respond he thought about what you had and said and he felt terrible knowing in what you were in reference too. 
“Y/N I-” 
“I don’t have time for your excuses ‘Tsumu,” you say a bit harshly “Whenever I talk to you, it goes in one ear and out the other you never pay attention anymore, like I don’t even know if you’re listening to me now.” The tears in your eyes sparked and started to run, and Atsumu instinctively pulled you into a hug, a response wanting to immediately comfort you although he was angry at himself that he was the cause of your tears.
When your crying relaxes, you hear Atsumu take an intake of breath before speaking “I hear what you’re saying Y/N, I do and I'm so sorry that I’ve made you feel this way. I do listen to you and i get -”
“Atsumu I can’t do this with you right now,” you stood up abruptly going straight to your bedroom with a sigh with him following in pursuit rolling his eyes. “It’s late right now and I think we should go to bed and I guess we can discuss this tomorrow.”
He nodded, unfolding his arms going into your bathroom to brush his teeth getting ready to sleep, meanwhile you were collecting spare blankets and cushions out of the closet to set your bed on the couch tonight. As much as you wanted too, you were too agitated with Atsumu to sleep next to him and even though you ended the conversation there were still more things you wanted to say but you knew they’d fall on deaf ears anyways.
When he came out of the bathroom he went straight in the bed barely thinking about you as his mind just thought of how this problem escalated and how he didn’t mean anything that he said or how he acted. You both spent the beginning of your sleep staring at the ceiling, not being able to sleep feeling bad about how sad you made each other feel.
Atsumu was about to try and properly rest and he turned on his side to give you his usual night time kiss but he froze when he realised you weren’t beside him. He got up in a quick panic, confused about where you could be. But when he exited your bedroom, walking into the living room and saw you bundled up in blankets he felt even worse.
“Y/N,” he called out behind you but you shut your eyes abruptly, pretending to be asleep. You heard his footsteps approach you and he sat gently on the arm of the couch taking in mind not to touch you in case you ‘woke up.’ “I’m an idiot,” he said more to the air then to you, “I keep on fucking up over and over and I feel terrible I love you really bad and I do listen to you I just joke around too much to distract you, because I feel that if we had a real serious talk then you’d notice how I don’t deserve you.”
He stood up off the couch and went closer towards you, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead and you felt him move the blanket onto you more so you could have a more comfortable sleep, “I promise i’ll try better in this relationship, since I don’t want to lose you baby. Goodnight Y/N,” he padded away back to the bedroom and you were trying your best not to jump up and run into his arms, your heart melting at his indirect apology.
You couldn’t sleep, after hearing Atsumu’s words you really did start to forgive him. Of course you needed to talk to him, but just by him going out of his way to say all this to you when he thought you were asleep really made you have hope in your boyfriend that although he didn’t seem like he was listening to you all the time, he was and he wanted your relationship to thrive just as much as you did.
In the middle of the night, you realised that falling asleep on your own was something you weren’t used to, so you got out of your poorly made couch bed, and crept back into your bedroom sliding into your bed, trying not to wake Atsumu. 
His eyes blinked open and he looked down to see you next to him and a sleepy smile came on his face and he pulled you into his arms as usual and you snuggled up into his chest as you both finally felt like you could sleep as the comfortability and safeness you lacked being without each other was back now that you’re back in each others hold.
“Baby,” you heard him ask, dazed not really knowing if he was dreaming or not, “are we going to be okay?”
“Yes ‘Tsumu, I think we will,” you responded, closing your eyes in content as you truly believed that you would be.
You were having a terrible week, nothing was going right, you were stressed, tired and in need of a hug. Your boyfriend, Suna Rintarou, was usually the best remedy for times like these always there to ease your mind with a lame joke or one of the numerous tik toks and memes he’d send you throughout the day or when he comes home and wraps his limbs around you in a bear hug spreading his warmth and comfort to you.
However, Suna seemed busy as well, not spending much time in the house as he was preparing for a big game coming up. You understood that being a professional volleyball player can be demanding at times and you were very supportive of your boyfriend’s work. But sometimes, especially times like these, when you were stressed feeling lonely you just wanted to see your boyfriend not hear him leave bright and early in the morning when you were still in bed or when you were in bed at 4 am at night.
It was past midnight, but you were up late going through mountains of schoolwork that was due the next morning so you had to cram to get it done. Suna was of course not home yet, but you weren’t that fazed on that now as you only thought of getting this work done.
You were more than halfway through and on your 4th cup of coffee trying to stay awake when you heard the door handle jiggle a bit, a key going through, before you heard the front door open. Suna’s footsteps trudged into the house and you heard him yawn, obviously tired from gallivanting about doing who knows what at 2 am. 
He didn’t notice you hunched up on the couch at first as he walked past the living room to go to your bedroom, but the furiocious typing of your keys alerted him and he had to do a double take not believing that you could be up at this time. 
“Y/N, what are you doing up at this time?” he asked 
“I could ask you the same thing,” you responded with, saying it a little more harsher than you would like to but you couldn’t help the involuntary annoyance you had with him.
“Woah what’s that s’pposed to mean,” he said with an attitude of his own, starting to form, as he dropped his duffle bag, approaching you closer so that he was in your line of sight.
“Oh don’t act so coy,” you said, shutting your laptop lid, looking up at him “you’re barely around anymore, I don’t know whether you’re my boyfriend or just a roommate I see from time to time.”
“You’re so dramatic Y/N,” he scoffs “I see you all the time, I'm seeing you right now. It's not my fault that you want to be underneath me all the time.”
“That’s not what I want at all, I just want to be able to see you and not hear your footsteps leave your house at the crack of dawn,” you complained “I know that you have a big game coming up and i’m so excited for you since I know you don’t want to lose, but I just don’t want to lose what we have with the amount of time you’re away. It’s crazy how we live together but I miss you so much.”
Suna frowned hearing what you said, and you could tell he was deeply thinking about it. You looked at the clock and saw you only had a few hours left before your deadline was done, and you didn’t have the time to have a heart to heart with Suna after spending all the days alone.
“Y/N I-”
“Look as much as I’d want to talk about how neglectful you’ve been for the past week, I’ve only got a few more hours till my school work is due,” you said “and don’t you have to be up really early anyways, you should get some sleep.” Your tone of voice was bored and dry, with Suna recoiling slightly realising that one of the reasons for this was him and his actions.
He nodded and just silently slipped away to your bedroom, cursing himself along the way thinking of ways he could fix the awkward position he’s put your relationship in. You stayed on the couch tapping away nearly finished your homework feeling sleepier and sleepier. When you were done, you got ready for bed and stared at your boyfriend sleeping peacefully and as much as you loved the sight of him, you didn’t want to sleep next to him to just continue the cycle of him waking up super early not saying good morning to you and leaving.
So you went back to the living room and laid in the burrow of blankets you had set up earlier when you were studying and decided to sleep there for the night, thinking of how you and Suna could possibly solve this.
Suna’s alarm went off, as usual, at 5 am again and he groaned, being more tired than usual. He slowly got up and wiped his eyes, before he noticed you weren’t there and in his confused haze checked the time again, to make sure he didn’t oversleep. He walked out to the living room and saw you sleeping there buried in your blankets and he felt immediately bad, having to practically sneak out past you trying not to wake you up made him feel more guilty then he thought he would.
So, he went over to you and scooped you up in his arms, chuckling at the sight of your half-drooled-sleep state and put you in your bed knowing that your back is going to ache from being on your couch all night. When he left your bedroom, instead of leaving straight out the door to go to an early practice he sent a quick text to his captain and went to the kitchen instead.
You woke up around 12pm, feeling well rested and accomplished that you finished all your schoolwork. But you were confused as you were sure that you fell asleep on the couch. You heard movement from outside and froze, thinking that an intruder was in the house but when you heard the familiar “for fuck sake,” come from a voice which you could easily pinpoint as your boyfriend your worries left as quickly as they came. 
You trodden out of your bedroom and were shocked to see your boyfriend, Suna Rintarou, in a “kiss the cook,” apron frantically moving from mixing bowls in your kitchen. “Um babe?” you said your voice was a bit quiet from just waking up.
Suna looked at you, with a shocked look on his face “you weren’t supposed to be awake right now,” he blurted down his eyes averting to the pan on the stove that was most definitely burning.
“But it’s 12pm,” you said, stepping closer to him in an attempt to help, “what are you doing here?”
“Sorry!” he said again abruptly, “I wanted to say sorry, I know this isn’t probably the best sorry but I wanted to start somewhere…”  he was obviously nervous and you actually thought that was endearing how his usual nonchalance was crumbling in front of you.
You pulled him out of the kitchen and into the living room, ignoring his humorous flour covered appearance. “Rin, this isn’t what I wanted” you said, and he slightly frowned not wanting to hear this.
“Well what do you want babe?” he said sadly, “last night I realised how much I messed up and I want to really make this up to you.”
“I just want you to be here” was all you said, and you could see Suna start to relax a bit as he noticed that you wanted to fix this mess as much as he did.
 “You want me to be here,” he repeated slowly to himself before looking at you with a smile that you quickly returned I’ll be here”
He pulled you into a hug getting flour over you, but you didn’t care you were just happy you were taking a step into the right direction. You knew that it would take more than Suna agreeing with you for things to actually go okay, but you knew that he would actually try. “You suck at making food by the way,” you mumbled into his chest with a laugh.
“Well I guess you’ll have to teach me,” he responded with a smirk standing up pulling you into the kitchen as you spent the rest of the day cooking.
Tumblr media
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airimiya · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
birthday present + atsumu miya
warnings: breeding kink, overstimulation, degradation, mommy kink, petnames, service! dom atsumu, atsumu fucks you 24/7 as a bday present </3
synopsis: you'll get what you want for your birthday, a nice fuck from atsumu and a baby for you and him to take care of
a/n: a wild wild and a late birthday self-pleasure atsumu fic, i made him a horny animal, i hope you enjoy </3
Tumblr media
your eyes shut and open every moment feeling something intrude your insides. regret flushing over you when atsumu keeps cumming and cumming inside you, some of it pooling near your entrance and the base of his cock, dripping down his reddish and throbbing balls.
remembering slowly what you asked him for earlier, it's your birthday and you want to make it special. you wanted a baby, and atsumu was only happy to oblige, fucking you in every possible position and location, reverse-cowgirl in the bathtub during the morning, cockwarming him while you ate your breakfast, up against the wall with your toes touching your ears during noon and him making you bend on the couch as he held your neck, groaning while he thrusted into you, giving you five-minute breaks before continuing to ruin your insides.
it also didn't help that he said stuff you secretly liked, "such a fucking slut, you want a baby yeah? yeah? you're gonna get it, gonna give you the best fucking birthday present every year, hm?"
"not even tired doll? been fucking you all day and you keep asking for more and more, begging like a bitch. but how can i refuse hm? when you ask me so nicely, can't even talk properly, stuttering like a b-bitch" he mocks you, tears falling down your cheeks but he knows you like it, cause you came on his cock a few minutes later.
it's 10:00 pm, and you hadn't stopped yet, gonna make sure you're properly filled.
atsumu shudders slightly, he feels it, the entrance to your womb. his eyes close and he groans, loudly. "shit— fuck, baby, do you feel it? god, fuck, you feel so good, baby. this pussy's mine, made f'me, do you agree?"
you mindlessly nod, blinking up at him and prettily batting your sticky eyelashes at him, your face still covered with the cum he spurted on it, a few hours ago. safe to say, he's addicted.
"so pretty, fucked dumb aren't ya? but ya want more, greedy baby" you squeak slightly, nodding as you grip on the sheets beside you, your legs dangling on either side of his hips that were pushing itself farther inside you.
his calloused hand pressed on your stomach, a big bulge on it. and atsumu smirks in pleasure, his pushed back yellow hair and the sweat dripping down his toned chest made him look more attractive, and you clenched on his cock, your insides feeling like it was trying to keep his length captive.
and oh, did atsumu feel it. eyes widening as he focuses on you, lust-blown eyes greedily looking at you "fucking greedy, baby. so greedy, jus' because you want me to make you a mommy, but 'm feelin' nice today, say your pleases, i'll give you what you want."
and he won't stop till the clock hits 12:00 and by then, you'll be a blabbering and dirty mess, and he could just imagine what you looked like, all round and plump for him, carrying his baby.
Tumblr media
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cokecorp · a month ago
your guy best friend who secures your head with his palm while you're passed out on his shoulder during a rocky car ride. the instant he feels your weight lift off of him, his hand finds its way up to the side of your head to hold you flush against him. the sudden increase in body warmth has your hold on his bicep tightening as you snuggle into him, still fast asleep, and he can’t help the warmth that spreads throughout his body, across his face and up to the tips of his ears. it takes every fibre of his being to stop himself from pulling you into a more comfortable position on his lap and pressing a kiss to your head, and he can only hope that one day he'll be able to afford that luxury.
akaashi. iwaizumi. kita. suna. itadori. megumi. atsushi. akutagawa.
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therescrackinmytea · 2 months ago
Hot Shit ft. Captains
Idk what this is
A/N: no seriously it’s just me being a silly little simp. These are basically things that guys do that I find hot, I wrote these quite a while ago. It’s literally a regurgitation of my brain, there’s no ‘writing’ as such here and it’s not proof read, I just wanted to scream into the void, okay? Okay.
Tumblr media
Daichi - When you’re being annoying or cute and he finds it endearing, he rolls his eyes and he gets that crooked smile on his face. Bonus points if his tongue pokes his cheek out. Imagine it in the order: eyeroll, tongue in cheek, break out into a grin. BYE.
Tumblr media
Kuroo - A man that regularly wears a suit. Ahem. When he unbuttons his blazer before he sits down. When he unbuttons his shirt and loosens his tie with one hand. When he unbuttons his sleeves and rolls them up to his elbow so you can see his forearm. WHEN HE UNBUTTONS THINGS WITH ONE HAND.
Tumblr media
Oikawa - During matches, especially intense ones when he’s sweating a lot, he pushes his damp hair back whilst breathing heavily and it flops down a little bit cos it’s kinda long. ALSO. Whenever he uses the hem of his jersey to wipe at his face and you get a little peek at his abs. Hehe.
Tumblr media
Bokuto - Anytime he lifts something effortlessly, including you, and you can see his muscles flex. His arms bulge out of his sleeves a little bit and you can see his back flexing and if it requires a little bit of effort and he does that little grunt? Yes. YES.
Tumblr media
Ushijima - Whenever your hair gets in your face, especially when you’re talking, he brushes it away gently mid conversation. His fingers linger over your skin and you forget what you were talking about for a second. He gives you this soft smile when you trail off and look at him with rounded eyes and parted lips. BUTTERFLIES.
Tumblr media
Kita - The king of eye contact. Whether you’re talking or before he’s about to kiss you, his eyes are always on yours. He gives you a little smirk when it flusters you and you don’t quite know where to look because his eyes are smouldering and his gaze can be quite intense. A BLUSHING MESS.
Tumblr media
Futakuchi - When you’re sat with someone who likes to talk a lot of shit and he just kinda narrows his eyes at them a little and tilts his head to the side. He makes eye contact with you very briefly and smirks knowingly and it’s just ITS THE SMIRK OKAY
Tumblr media
Terushima - Whenever he winks you. Say he’s walking away and he’s said something kinda smooth (for once) and he looks at you over his shoulder and winks and gives you this shit-eating grin??? UM HELLO????
Tumblr media
Daishou - This man likes to come up behind you and put his arm around your waist. He’ll lean down to your ear and whisper and the sound tickles your ear and makes you shiver. There’s something about the way his breath slithers around your ear that makes you a little bit (VERY) weak in the knees.
Tumblr media
BONUS (they’d all do these at some point I think)
- When they put their hand on your waist lightly as they squeeze past you to get something.
- When they take off their hoodie and their t-shirt gets dragged up too and you get a little peek at their abs.
- When they reach up to get you something on a high shelf and their arm flexes a little and their skin peeks out a tiny bit from the hem of their shirt.
- When they literally look down at you cos they’re so fucking tall and intimidating (and I am small).
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kiyomai · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
husband!kiyoomi who lays on the cold, hard floor next to you when you’re not having a good day and the bed just doesn’t feel as comfortable as the floor does in that moment.
gazing at your beauty while you stare at the ceiling, slowly inching his fingers towards your hand—testing the waters before assuring that you’re okay with him holding you. tugging it to his lips before pressing a kiss onto it, and then another, and another, and a few more before you’re giggling, telling him to stop being weird with a smile on your face.
grunting when you roll on top of him, kissing his two moles before resting your head between the crook of his neck. shushing him when he asks when the two of you’ll get off the dirty floor.
Tumblr media
husband!iwaizumi who pushes the furniture out of the way to make space for you to do push-ups after you jokingly say that you can do twice as much as his team can.
walking around you with his arms crossed against his tiddies chest as he judges and comments on your form, bending to your level and pressing down on your lower back when your body rises higher than it’s supposed to.
helping you back up when your arms give out, pulling you to his chest as he leans closer to your ears and tells you how hot you looked and that he can’t wait for your next session.
Tumblr media
husband!akaashi who creates stories using the random strangers of whatever restaurant the two of you find yourselves in.
telling you all about the life of the man with the receding hairline who’s actually a miserable billionaire wanting to find joy in being a normal man who dresses in normal clothes, eats normal food, and tips a normal amount.
he encourages you to add on, pushes you to try when you shrug your shoulders, telling you there are no wrong answers. and he laughs when you tell him that the billionaire is the ceo of a very naughty company—apologizes through a fit of giggles when you whine about how mean he is for making fun of you. everyone in the restaurant turns to the loud couple, and the laughter only increases when the same billionaire turns to face the two of you.
Tumblr media
husband!kuroo who comes home one day wanting you to style his hair because everyone in the office joined a five minute conversation on the topic of his weirdly styled hair.
he sits on the edge of the tub as you search for the hair products, scrolling through different hairstyles on his phone, and pouting when you clown him for looking through google images.
he holds onto your thighs while you doing your thing—occasionally squeezing a little too hard, groaning in pain when you pull on his hair, not believing you when you say he had a knot.
Tumblr media
a/n: this is as much as i can handle posting right now—kinda been feeling a little down :/ likes/comments/reblogs are welcome and appreciated <33 take care lovelies *muah
Tumblr media
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sunaluvs · 6 months ago
PLS I BEG OF YOU “i fucking love you” “hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober” WITH KING SUNA
Tumblr media
+ PROMPT: "i fucking love you" / "hang up, and tell me this when you're sober" ft. suna rintarō.
+ TAGS: fluff, yearning, gn!reader, fwb to lovers !!, nsfw mention, he calls you "whore" but it's lighthearted, reader drinks alcohol & is tipsy.
+ A/N: ....i really need to learn self control 😰 also i tweaked the prompt a little hehe but i hope u enjoy !! <3
Tumblr media
suna’s got a weird feeling in his gut.
it started with the text you’d sent him earlier in the night, a simple “hey, i’m going out drinking with the others tonight, so keep your phone on <33.” when he’d asked you why, all you’d said was “just in case!” before promptly ignoring the rest of his messages, leaving him with raised eyebrows and multiple questions. eventually, he’d sighed, tossed his phone away and gone back to his game, pushing away the strange twist in his stomach.
you’d never specifically asked him to keep his phone on before (not that you ever really needed to; he has a special ringtone for you, but he’d sooner insult his coach to his face before telling you that). he also didn’t know who these “others” were, and obviously, he knows you don’t owe him the information, but that doesn’t erase the nagging curiosity in the corner of his mind.
it’s frustrating, makes him feel a little stupid and irritated with himself. he wants you to text him whenever you’re going out (or better yet, give him a kiss before leaving). he wants you to talk to him about your other friends, wants to hear you spill all the gossip you know and laugh when he tells you the things he’s heard.
he wants to be more than someone you call when you need some stress relief or just want a good old orgasm. he wants to give you the sex and the aftercare and the company but under a different context. he wants to call you over to his place just to cuddle, and treat you to a night out, and be able to tell everyone that you’re his—his to kiss and hold and joke around with and love.
and just as much, he wants to be yours. wants you to call him sickeningly sweet pet names and buy matching outfits for the both of you and hear you call him your boyfriend. the desire for you to be each other’s burns brightly in his chest, and he feels it ignite every time you say his name or laugh at a stupid joke he told or moan so prettily into his ears.
sometimes, it feels like if he doesn’t do anything about it, the fire might end up consuming him inside out.
but then he’ll think about losing the familiarity of your touch, and no longer hearing your sweet voice calling him rin, and he thinks he’d rather be burned to ashes.
it's only hours later, when he can feel his eyelids getting heavy and the yawns leaving his mouth increase in number, that he gets the call that’d finally douse water on the flames.
the special ringtone blares throughout his room, and instantly, he’s awake and reaching for his phone, swiping at the screen and lips curving at the sound of your voice.
“rin!” you exclaim, “why’d you take so long to answer!”
he can’t help the small chuckle that leaves him, knowing from the slight slurring in your tone that you’re probably a lot more than tipsy.
“sorry, i was busy doing something important,” no he wasn’t, “what’s up?”
“something important?” you ask, and he can picture the exaggerated widening of your eyes and o-shape of your mouth, “what’s something important?”
“mm, don’t wanna tell you,” he hums, smirking when he hears you whine.
“that’s not fair!” you complain, a pout evident in your tone, “i deserve to know!”
“do you now?” he teases, “and why would that be?”
“because.” you pause, and he’s smiling like a fool, “uh—i’ll suck your dick?”
he snorts, closing his eyes in amusement, “you’d do that anyway. you’re too much of a whore not to.”
“hey!” you cry out petulantly, and he huffs a laugh, “i mean—you’re right, but you don’t have to say it!”
“what, bunny can’t take the truth?” he sounds a touch too fond, and he knows, but for the life of him, he can’t help it. already, he can hear the crackle of embers lighting up in his chest, and he lets out a silent sigh.
“so mean,” you mumble, before huffing a short breath, “can’t believe i love you.”
his heart stops.
minutes pass, and you continue to ramble on, not noticing the complete halt his world has come to. all he can do is sit there, with blood rushing through his ears and a heart engulfed in red, orange, and yellow. he sits and sits until you’re calling his name, a confused “rin? rinnie?” leaving your lips; until the heat licking at his ribs snap him out of it and his heartbeat kickstarts all over again.
he takes in a sharp breath, and his voice is shaky when he speaks.
“say it again.”
“wh—huh?” you’re out of the loop, and he curses the long time he took to react properly.
clearing his throat, he forces stability and calm into his tone, “what you said—a few minutes ago,” he squeezes his eyes shut, “that you—you couldn’t believe you—”
he cuts himself off, but it seems you’ve gotten the gist of what he’s trying to say, because you make noise of understanding.
“ah—you mean when i said i can’t believe i love you?”
a harsh breath leaves him, and he swallows with difficulty.
“mhm, what about it?” you sound—so innocent, so honest, like you don’t realize how you just simultaneously destroyed and rebuilt suna’s entire world with that one sentence.
it’s so you, and it’s all he’s ever wanted.
“did you—did you mean it?”
moments pass, and it seems that the reality of the situation has finally gotten past the haze of liquor and exhaustion, because your next words are quiet, embarrassed, but not hesitant or deceptive.
“oh. yeah,” you whisper, soft and honest, “i did.”
a breathless laugh leaves him, and his hand comes up to cover his mouth, an uncontrollable, foolish, unbelievably happy grin pulling at his lips.
“bunny.” he says, and there’s definitely too much fondness in his tone.
“hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober.”
“uh,” you sound puzzled, but you agree anyway, “o-okay. yeah—alright.”
“good,” he replies, biting at his smile. suddenly, a thought strikes him, and he does a quick check at the time, raising his eyebrows when he sees the numbers 2:15 am, “hey, do you have anyone to drive you home?”
“hm?” you must have zoned out, as you take a moment to answer, but then you’re replying, “oh! oh, yeah, i do! yeah, they’re um—i think they’re in the bathroom with one of the girls.”
he chuckles, nodding even though you can’t see, “good. don’t stay out too late, yeah? text me when you’re back home.”
“uh-huh, will do! actually, y’know, i was just thinking abou—huh? what?” your voice is muffled, probably talking to someone off the phone, but then you’re back and your voice is a little hurried, “sorry rin, i got to go! i’ll talk to you later!”
“alright. bye, bunny.”
“bye-bye!” you sing cheerily, before you hang up, leaving him in the silence of his room.
he sighs contently, staring at your contact photo, when he suddenly feels air bubbling up through his chest, and before he knows it, he’s falling back into his bed in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. it’s embarrassing, and he’d rather quit volleyball than get caught, but he can’t stop the laughter shaking through him, and he buries his face in his pillow in a helpless attempt to stop, but the scrunch of his nose and curve of his grin don't leave him—not for a while.
he feels so unbelievably light, like he could start floating through the atmosphere at any given moment. his chest is warm, but it’s not the sweltering heat of a burning fire—it’s the heat of skin against skin, of the sun hitting your frame just right and your bright smiles directed at him. it’s the warmth he’s been daydreaming about and seeking for so long, it doesn’t quite feel real yet.
sleep is a far-away notion, leaving him lying awake in what he thinks has to be some amazing fucking dream, but the sound of a notification from a message—your message—jolts him out of the state, and he scrambles to grab his phone and swipe to see your text.
im home nnow!1
m very tiredt
gonna gosleep
nightnight. :0
a soft chuckle leaves him, and he quickly types back a reply.
goodnight, bunny. sweet dreams.
he exhales a light breath, and flops back onto his pillow.
he can’t wait for tomorrow.
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kodzukvn · 7 days ago
𖧷 hq boys + drunk texts ;; part two!
with: b. koutarou, u. wakatoshi, k. tetsurou, s. rintaro, i. hajime, s. kiyoomi
tw: suggestive in kuroo's and a bit in iwaizumi's, use of petnames angel and baby, sakusa calls you a brat 💀
a/n: the part two that nobody asked for but everybody wanted <3
part one
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@kodzukvn2022. do not repost, copy, edit, or claim as your own. please report plagiarism.
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
BIRTHDAY BOY — Tetsurō Kuroo x f!reader
a/n. a special bday post for pretty boy Kuroo since he turns 27 today — m.list
cw. nipple playing, pussy eating 
Tumblr media
Your idea was to make him his favorite breakfast and take it to bed, give him head to start the day, ride him a bit and then maybe visit him at work on his break to have lunch together. 
But once again, Kuroo beat you to it.
A moan escape your lips when your husband licks a strip of skin of your neck, "baby" you meow as his hands slip under your nightgown and Tetsuro positions himself between your thighs.
His bulge is hard against your stomach, "good morning kitten" he murmurs in your ear in a hoarse voice as he begins to play with your boobs.
He pinches your nipples between his long fingers, gently rubbing and pulling them until they become hard and swollen.
You're a mess when he goes down your body.
Kuroo kisses your belly as he slips his thumbs under the edge of your panties and moans softly looking into your eyes as he pulls them down with a smirk. "So fucking cute," he murmurs tracing your thigh with open-mouthed kisses before kissing you between your thighs.
When he firmly grabs your thighs before running his tongue up and down you moan clutching the sheets, "god, baby" you manage to spit out the words as he circles your clit with his tongue, beginning to suck it between his lips.
"T-Tets ... fuck" you gasp arching your back, you can feel his smile pressed into your most intimate part before you feel his finger inside you. Your hips lower in reflex, Kuroo begins to caress your sweet spot, gently rubbing it without taking his mouth off your swollen clit.
"Fuck" you curse grabbing his hair, you hear him moan and thrills run through your body. Kuroo licks your nub, and pulls your swollen wet lips into his lips making you moan louder.
When he starts rubbing your G-spot faster and sucking your clit more eagerly you can't even think clearly anymore, you wrap your legs around his head and press your hips into him.
Your eyes roll into the back of your head, your back arches and your toes curl as you come, and you manage to mumble only a "fuck" as you enjoy the perfect orgasm.
When you free him from your grasp he smiles lasciviously, "good morning to you too, love" you murmur as Tetsuro kisses and licks the inside of your thighs giving you goosebumps.
"Those weren't the plans" you whisper as he moves up your body kissing your warm skin. Kuroo rubs his nose into your neck chuckling, "and what were your plans my beautiful wife?" he asks nibbling on your earlobe and moving along your jaw leaving a trail of kisses.
Despite the weight of his body on yours you manage to tip him onto his back and climb on top of him.
His now rock hard boner twitches as you free it from his boxers and Tetsuro is only able to curse as you lick the drop of pre cum off his red head and sensually whisper a "happy birthday, baby" to him.
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rinesei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
♯ ft. atsumu, sakusa, suna (ooc?), iwaizumi, kita
♯ you’re his best friend (who he might just be crushing on) - you’re feeling cold and it doesn’t go unnoticed.
♯ considering doing a part two - lmk <3
Tumblr media
𝄢 ATSUMU doesn’t miss this chance to get you to wear his team jacket - poking you in class as soon as he notices you shivering. “psst,” he pokes your shoulder, making you frown at your book, hands moving up and down your arms - to warm yourself up. “pssst,” he repeats, poking you harder, his leg moving to kick your chair. “what is it?,” you hiss, turning around to glare at him, eyebrows furrowed - only to be met with a jacket being thrown at your face. “wear it,” he demands, ignoring your agitated look. “don’t need to,” you pout, putting it around your shoulders nevertheless. the sleeves are long - enough to encase your hands—you’re snug, occasionally squishing your chin against your now-warm shoulder, when you hear atsumu again. he leans forward, breathing down your neck - lips almost touching your ear. “you look cute,” atsumu‘s smirk is prominent, and the pink dusting his cheeks goes unnoticed.
𝄢 SAKUSA is somewhat awkward. "oi," he looks down at you, hands stuffed deep in his pockets, "are you cold?," he asks, noticing how you've seemed to become smaller, blowing air into your hands every other second, nose scrunching. "a little bit, yeah," you answer, smiling at him painfully as you try to hide it- "i'm alright though." he sighs, unzipping his neon jacket, signalling you to spread your arms. “here,” he pulls your arms through the holes and zipping it up, “i want that back,“ he says, hands now lost in his sweatpants’ pockets. “but what abou-,” you start, wondering how he’s handed you a piece of his precious spotless clothing, but are interrupted. “just, wash it when you’re done, okay?” he huffs, and your mouth stretches into a grin. sakusa tries to look past the way his heart skips a beat - yet can’t stop a smile from spreading on his face under his mask.
𝄢 SUNA rather use this opportunity to trap you in his arms. “you’re shivering, ya know,” he has a cheeky grin on his face - an arm around your shoulder. “so what if i am?,” you mutter, subconsciously leaning into the man - who’s fighting the way his heart seems to beat faster with you this close to him. “i was going to offer ya cuddles,“ he starts, “but i can keep ma body warmth to myself if you’re gonna act all bratty,” suna pretends to pull away from you - his eyes widening only slightly at the way you immediately stop him, throwing your arms around his neck and looking away in embarrassment. “shut it and share,” you mutter, fiddling with the hair at the nape of his neck - heat rushing to your cheeks as he scoffs playfully , “if ya wanted to hug me that bad, ya could’ve just asked,” he mocks you, yes - but you don’t see the smile on suna’s face as you bury your head into his warm chest.
𝄢 IWAIZUMI warms you up in the way he knows best. “dumbass,” he comments, keeping a hand on your shoulder as you grit your teeth. why didn’t you bring a jacket when he specifically told you to? “hey!,” you protest, backing up into him to feel warmer, “not my fault it’s this cold.“ he glares at you, zipping open his jacket to hand it to you - cheeks heating up when you slip into it instead, head resting on the crook of his neck as you attempt to wiggle your arms into the sleeves. “won’t you zip it up, then?,” you quip, full-well knowing you’re flustering the so-called hothead iwaizumi. “i betchya blushing,” you sing, making the male scoff as he pulls the zip up - pushing you cosier against his chest as a result. “shut the hell up,” iwaizumi grumbles - hoping you can’t hear this heart so summersaults in his chest.
𝄢 KITA seems to be disappointed you haven’t dressed according to the weather - yet does what he can to make you feel better. “yer going to get sick if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes,” he scolds, shaking his head as he pulls out a spare shawl from his bag. “here-,” he puts it around you, fingers brushing your cold neck as he fixes it snugly, “-i kept this because i knew you wouldn’t get one.“ he really does know you inside-out, and of course, being as caring as he is, he’s there to fill the gaps you need him to. “thank you, shin,“ you grin widely at him - grateful you have someone who takes care of you so well. his breath hitches— the corners of his lips twitching upwards and maybe as he feels warmth spread through him at your laughing face he decides - his reasons for taking care of you are selfish.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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oi-oikawa-chan · 4 months ago
3:00 AM
Tumblr media
"Suna, what the actual fuck?" You croaked, struggling to open your eyes.
Calling you at an ungodly hour, you didn't have to look at your phone to know who it was.
A few seconds passed, but there was no response from the other line.
You groaned, "If this is a prank-"
"I like you." Suna whispered ever so softly you weren't sure if you heard him right.
You blinked. Once, twice, as your heart and mind processed his words. All the grogginess in your body; gone in an instant.
"What?" He echoed, confused.
"What did you say?"
"I didn't say anything."
"But-but you said... you said something!"
"I didn't?" Suna bemused, and you can hear the frown in his voice.
"You did! You just said you like me!"
"I swear I didn't."
You got up from your bed and stared at the screen; your heart beating eratically in your ears as Suna's name and picture flashed before your eyes.
You knew what you heard. You weren't gonna let Suna fool you.
You took a deep breath and explained patiently, "You called me, Suna. And the first thing you said was 'I like you'-"
"I like you too."
"Please take care of me."
"I'm so sorry, that was so lame." You heard a muffled groan, like he just covered his face with a pillow. "If you're gonna reject me because of that, please do it now. I might cry if you reject me in person. I'm serious."
Suna paused to pluck up his courage, you could even hear him gulp. "But I really do like you, Y/n. I like-I love being with you... I hope you know and feel that when you're with me." He cleared his throat, "And... it's okay if you don't answer or if you don't like me back. Just... please let me be with you, but if you don't want to-"
"I didn't know you could say that much words, Suna."
The middle blocker sighed, exasperated. "... That's just mean Y/n. I'm so close to crying here."
"Hey, you called me at 3 am, confessed to me and pretended you didn't. You were mean first you know..." You trailed off, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks, "But I like you too."
"What did you-"
You suppressed a giggle, "I didn't say anything."
With that, Suna went panic mode. "Just so you know my heart is beating like I'm at the edge of a cliff right now, and I'm recording this call because I know you'd pull the same stunt with me, Y/n."
He was frantic. You could imagine his fox-like eyes getting bigger as he spoke. Suna always acts cool and laid back, it was satisfying to see him break character for once. And knowing it was because of you, his feelings for you... your heart might just explode.
A giddy laugh escaped your mouth, "I can't believe I like your annoying ass too.”
Tumblr media
confession timestamps masterlist. reblogs are love~
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babydai · 7 months ago
Kuroo, Osamu, Iwaizumi
status: requested
a/n: kinda hate how this turned out but the concept was very cute so enjoy<3
(italicized is boys speaking)
warnings: set in timeskip, mentions of food, light cursing, angst to fluff
Tumblr media
-Didn’t mean to forget he’s just been so busy lately
-He’s been working such long hours he’s hardly had time for anything else
-It was his first day off in a while, which is why he didn’t think you’d mind if he went over to visit Kenma, considering it’s been a while since they’ve hung out
You walked into the kitchen expecting to find Kuroo but instead, you were met with silence and a note on the counter that read
Went to hang out with Kenma, didn’t wanna wake you + text me when you’re up
Your mind instantly started wondering if he forgot but you were quick to reassure yourself, Kuroo always loved gifts and dates there’s no way he would miss something like this. You sent him a quick text telling him you were up then started getting ready for the day. He’d probably be home in a couple of hours anyways then you two could spend the day together.
The next few hours went quickly with no word from him which is when you decided to call, the phone rang for a while before he finally picked up.
“What’s up kitten?”
“Hey Tetsu, you planning on coming home anytime soon,” you asked him teasingly.
“Well me and Kenma were gonna grab some dinner, I’ll probably be home late so don’t wait up.”
“Are you serious?” The shift in your tone was severe, shocking him a bit.
“Yeah? Is something wrong baby?”
“Nothing at all Kuroo, happy anniversary by the way,” you spewed out sarcastically.
“Oh shit I-” You hung up the phone before he had the chance to say anything else.
You didn’t expect him to make a huge deal of your anniversary, but never in a million years did you expect him to completely forget. It hurt more than you’d like to admit, but you swallowed the lump in your throat and decided to make the day special for yourself.
You were gone for far longer than you anticipated, time flew by easily as you got your nails done and did some light shopping. It was dark by the time you reached your apartment door and you were dreading going inside, the last thing you wanted to do was fight on your anniversary and your feelings were still hurt that he didn’t care to remember such a special day.
As you opened the door you could hear faint music playing from the living room and you were immediately pulled into an all too familiar chest. You felt his large arms wrap around you tightly as he started leaving kisses on your head.
“I’m so sorry,” he mumbled quietly into your hair.
You only hummed, your arms remaining at your side refusing to hold him back.
He took a step back, grabbing your hands in his, “I know you’re mad at me but I have something to show you,” you looked up noticing the nervous expression painted on his face, brows furrowed waiting for your response.
“Okay,” you said just above a whisper allowing him to lead you to the living room.
You didn’t know what to expect walking in but you were taken aback when you saw the state of the room. Music playing lightly, a couple of candles going, a basket full of your favorite snacks, flowers, and cute little gifts, he even got you a little black cat plushie with a matching blanket. Next to the basket was a small bag from your favorite jewelry shop, he knew it was your favorite because whenever you go on walks together you always stop to admire the rings and necklaces in the window. Kuroo’s always been a thoughtful gift-giver but you never expected something as sweet as this.
“I’m sorry baby, my days have been so hectic lately it went right over my head. I know it’s nothing too amazing but I promise I’ll keep making it up to you. Anything you want, I can take some time off work we can go on a trip and-”
You cut him off, throwing yourself onto him nearly knocking him to the ground.
“I forgive you,” you spoke into his chest leaving a few pecks.
He tilted your head up and pulled you in for a soft kiss before replying.
“I still think we should take that trip I mentioned,” his usual smug tone appearing for the first time that day as you let out a soft laugh while nodding.
-He’s been so busy since opening Onigiri Miya, he can hardly keep track of his calendar.
-Anniversaries were never a huge deal for the two of you but you always did something, maybe a nice dinner or a movie night and small gifts.
-That’s why you didn’t think anything of it when he said he was going to work, you figured he’d just come home a bit earlier than usual, order your favorite takeout, and you’d get to spend some time together.
-Sadly that wasn’t the case
It was 9 pm when you finally accepted that Osumu forgot your anniversary. You figured you’d just clean up a bit then get to bed early. There was no point in calling or starting a fight, why get worked up when he clearly didn’t care.
An hour went by and still no word from your boyfriend, not even a text so you decided to just go to bed without him. It wasn’t until midnight that Osumu was getting ready to leave the restaurant when he spotted his brother’s bag on the counter, he must’ve forgotten it when he stopped by for lunch earlier. He decided to call Atsumu and let him know in case he needed it anytime soon.
“Tsumu you left your bag here,”
“What? I haven’t been to your house today,”
“Not at my house ya idiot, at the restaurant,”
“You’re still at the restaurant??”
“Yeah, I usually stay late to prep,”
“I know I know, I just figured you’d go home early on your anniversary”
Before Atsumu could answer, your boyfriend had already hung up the phone frantically looking for his calendar app, and sure enough, he had missed your guys’ anniversary. He immediately started locking up then raced home hoping that you hadn’t gone to sleep yet.
When he entered the house it was dead silent, signaling you had gone to bed without him. He spent the entirety of his shower thinking about how to make this up to you, and when he finally fell into bed he pulled you close whispering a small sorry into your sleeping ear.
The next morning you woke up to Osamus’s side of the bed empty. The sadness from the previous day overwhelming you as you thought he went to work again. You got out of bed to go make breakfast and thought about how you’d probably have to go to the restaurant later so the two of you could talk. That was, until you walked into the kitchen and saw your boyfriend in an apron carrying two large plates of food, he immediately put them down at the sight of you.
“I’m so sorry angel, so so sorry,” he whispered as he pulled you into a hug, he smelled strongly of pancakes and coffee.
“It’s whatever Samu,” you mumbled back, sure you were hurt but you weren’t angry, you just felt neglected.
“No, it’s not whatever, I should’ve been here with ya. Ya mean the world to me and I’m horrible for not showing ya that. I’ll make it up to ya baby I promise,” he held onto you tightly and let out a sigh of relief when you finally relaxed into his arms.
“You left me alone, I missed you,” you replied quietly, clutching his shirt in your hands.
“M so sorry, it’ll never happen again,” You could tell he was remorseful and you knew he’d make it up to you, he always does.
you stayed in his arms for a few minutes enjoying the warmth and leaned up to give him a peck before speaking, “Can we please eat now I’m starving.”
He chuckled nodding in response, finally letting go of you to grab the plates he was holding earlier.
“By the way, what time are you going to work today?”
“I’m not.”
“What do you mean?” Samu hardly ever took days off, especially not without telling you first.
“I’ve got a whole day of making up to do! Day full of surprises planned angel, get ready for it!”
All you could do was laugh at his child-like grin taking up the bottom half of his face as you started thinking about what your day would entail.
-You knew he was way more stressed than he was letting on
-He never brings it up because he doesn’t want you to worry for him but you can see it on his face
-The long days and sometimes nights, as well as away games, were catching up to him which is why he spent most days on autopilot. Simply checking things off his to-do list with not much thought involved.
-Despite this, you were looking forward to spending some time with him on your anniversary, even if it was just a simple night in.
-You knew things would be different this time around because he didn’t wake you up with flowers, Iwaizumi made it a point to ALWAYS wake you up with flowers on special occasions likes anniversaries and your birthday.
You were disappointed that Iwaizumi was gone before you woke up, you were looking forward to seeing him and celebrating three years together. You figured he didn’t have time to pick up flowers in the morning, which was no big deal to you, as long as he came home soon so you could spend some time together.
You decided to give him a call and wish him a happy anniversary but it went to voicemail after a few rings. You tried again but had no luck, he’d probably call you back when he sees the notifications, or at least you hoped he would.
In the meantime you decided to get ready for the day, putting in extra effort to feel and look cute. At this point, hours had gone by and you had lunch alone with no communication from your boyfriend. Of course, he forgot, maybe three years wasn’t as important to him as it was to you.
Around 5 pm you texted him a short ‘happy anniversary’ and changed back into your lounge clothes since it was clear he didn’t plan to come home and celebrate.
Meanwhile, Iwaizumi hardly had a free moment the entire day, he didn’t have the chance to check his phone once. He spent all day running around from person to person and meeting to meeting. He was just finishing up with Hinata when it hit him.
“Oh and by the way tell ____ I said happy anniversary,”
He simply grumbled, shooing the red-head away. That was until the words finally registered and he shot his head around to look at him once more.
“Say that again…”
“I said happy anniversary! I saw they posted a cute photo of you guys on their Instagram story,” he replied happily, oblivious to the turmoil going on in Iwaizumi’s head.
“I need to leave,” were the only words he could muster as he started jogging away to grab his stuff.
“What? Why? Are you sick?”
“Yeah, sure,” he’d lost all interest in the conversation, rushing to get his phone out of his bag to see a few missed calls and texts from you hours ago, wishing him a happy anniversary. He quickly made his way over to his car thinking about how to fix the problem he created.
You heard a loud banging on the door as you were watching a movie in the living room, almost like someone was kicking it. You run up to open the it, figuring your boyfriend probably forgot his keys but that wasn’t the case at all.
There he was, disheveled, standing at the door with 12 bouquets piled up in his arms.
You couldn’t help but blurt out a loud laugh at the sight, to which he scowled, of course.
“What are you doing??” You asked him through a giggle as you let him into the apartment.
“One bouquet for every hour that I forgot,” He answered you so casually as if normal people behave that way.
“You’re an idiot,” You couldn’t help but smile at his efforts even if he forgot. He dropped the flowers onto the kitchen counter and grabbed your wrist pulling you in for a hug.
“I know doll, I’m sorry,” his eyes remained soft as he looked down at you, kissing your forehead.
“I forgive you, but you better not forget again,” you replied in a playfully angry tone.
“Good, now go get ready you brat, I’m taking you out to dinner.”
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!! <3
my masterlist
requests are: open
© babydai 2021- do not copy, edit, or repost
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ohajime · 6 months ago
What they message you after an argument (Atsumu, Bokuto, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Sakusa, Suna)
Tumblr media
AN: two post in a day call me mega mind but I’m tired HWOEVER this request spurred some ideas in me so thanks to the anon that requested it.
Read part two here
Reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 5 months ago
heart anon !! ❤️❤️ i havent request for a while but can you do a scenario or headcanon of hq boys witnessing their baby's first steps?? it can be any character u prefer ❤️❤️ u can do this when you are not that much busy :D
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, oikawa, atsumu, bokuto
note: ❤️❤️anon strikes again with these beautiful prompts and i'm crying bc THIS IS SO CUTE PLEASE —fluff!
part one - part two - part three
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA watches with curiosity as his daughter holds onto his arm, propping herself up the floor. his eyes widen in both surprise and excitement as she steadies herself, taking one step then another, and another. "you're walking!" he exclaims and she continues to take small wobbly steps, looking only forward. suddenly, he eyes the messy floor she's walking on and hurriedly sweeps her toys away from her path.
but her little legs slowly give out and she falls to the floor, cute watery eyes now searching for her father. and he's immediately by her side, scooping her up onto his lap, "it's okay, papa's got you." he kisses her teary cheeks and beams, "you did it baby, you were so good!"
Tumblr media
❊ OIKAWA literally jumps from his seat, eyes wide and hands covering his mouth. "are you?" he quickly crouches down the floor and looks at his daughter, her little legs moving forward, one step at a time. "you're walking!" he gasps, hands still covering his now shaky mouth. and then he sniffles, proud tears threatening to ruin this whole moment, "y/n!!! she's walking!! our baby's walking!" he calls out for you, voice now cracking from all the emotion. his eyes never left his daughter as she continues to take her first steps, moving so naturally and confidently. with ugly sobs now falling from his eyes, he opens his arms as she trudges towards him, "come here angel, papa's here!"
Tumblr media
❊ ATSUMU couldn't keep the smile from his face as he sits beside you on the floor, both looking at your daughter as she takes her first steps on her own. "ARE YA RECORDING?" he asks not so quietly as you point your camera towards your confident daughter. you sigh and nod your head, thinking about the fact that his loud voice is now permanently part of your daughter's memento, "yes i am, now quiet down-"
"SHE'S TAKING HER FIRST STEPS! SHE'S WALKIN' ALL BY HERSELF!" he exclaims excitedly, hands gently within his daughter's proximity, there to catch her if ever she falls. and despite him being so loud, you couldn't help but smile. seeing him so proud and happy for your daughter just makes your heart burst. "OUR BABY'S WALKIN'!" he cries out, teary eyes darting at your daughter then at you.
Tumblr media
❊ BOKUTO couldn't contain his excitement, with a big big smile and hands outstretched for his daughter, he exclaims, "you can do it baby!! come to papa!!!" his daughter looks on at him, shaky legs taking their very first steps. he moves his hands to encourage her to walk forward and she does, quite confidently too, something she got from her father.
she takes one, two, then three steps and he just loses it, ecstatic beyond words, "YES!!!" he shouts, oblivious of his volume. his daughter suddenly stops, surprised by his voice, and falls down to the floor. she sniffles and upon seeing her father's concerned and quite panicked face, she cries, also oblivious of her volume. "oh! papa's sorry," he comes up to her and scoops her up from the floor, "papa's got you, shhh..." he cradles her into his arms as her cries die down, comforted by her father's warmth.
Tumblr media
p.s.: the way i unconsciously wrote daughters for all of them :'D
» m. list
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
character/s: timeskip!kuroo tetsuro x f!reader, timeskip!suna rintaro x f!reader, timeskip!miya atsumu x f!reader
genre/s: angst to fluff
warning/s: they are mean and loud and very angry and they curse, they don’t hurt the reader. crybaby reader. sorry i can’t help it im a cancer.
gwen’s notes 🤍: borrowed my sister’s laptop again to update this (context) finally after more than a week of no updates. all these are longer than intended, thus my brain is melting, thus it is not proofread
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro loves your endless doting and how you hover over him every chance you get, nagging him to take breaks, take care of himself, and overall just showering him with lots of affection. which is why it scares you that the things he love most about you can also sometimes be the things he hate.
he shuts the door behind him with a sigh, wanting nothing more than to hop in the shower and clock out completely. you didn’t get the memo though, seeing as how you’re humming and dancing in the kitchen, juggling pots and pans while you cook dinner.
“tetsu, you home?” you call out. kuroo finds himself sighing in irritation for some reason. he pinches the bridge of his nose, mumbling a small “yeah” which he knows you wouldn’t even hear.
you hear shuffling from the living room and just assume he didn’t hear you. “dinner’s almost ready,” you try again.
kuroo drags himself into kitchen. “hey, i kind of already ate before coming home,” he says flatly.
“what? but i made your favorite!” you spare him a glance and a little pout before quickly turning your attention back to the stove. you were never the best at working under pressure and multitasking, but you really wanted him to come home to a nice meal. “i swear it’s almost done, see! have a seat, you can take just a few bites,” you ramble.
he squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his head throb. he slides into a seat begrudgingly, propping his elbows up on the table and placing his head between his hands. he zones out as he hears you ramble about your day, complaining about your classes.
you notice how tired he seems and hurriedly set up the table, so much so that you spill something on his shirt.
“shit!” he grits through his teeth, jumping out of the chair.
“i’m sorry!” you screech, eyes wide and hands over your mouth. you run to get a towel.
“i got it,” he mumbles, trying to take it away.
“no, i’m sorry. i got it.” you stubbornly refuse, frantically blotting the stain.
“can we please make this quick,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes.
your eyebrows furrow, hands halting their movements and you straighten up. “hey, i know you might have had a pretty bad day. i was just trying to do something nice.”
he scoffs. “if you knew i was having a bad day, why would you go and make it worse.”
arms fold over your chest, annoyance quickly bubbling up. “sorry i messed up, it’s not like i purposely spilled it on your shirt.”
“it’s not like i asked you to do something ‘nice’ for me,” he mocks. “you can’t even do anything right.”
your mouth hangs open, disbelief flashes across your features before it is replaced with anger. “i don’t care if the universe is shitting on you and you’ve had the worst day of your life, you don’t get to talk to me like that especially when i go out of my way to look after you—”
“that’s the point!” he screeches, flinging his hands in the air exasperated. you stumble back on your feet, heart hammering inside your chest as he raises his voice too loud for your liking. “i don’t need you looking after me like that, i don’t need you breathing down my neck at every waking moment!”
a glass of water spills and shatters to pieces on the floor as his hand knocks it over. you can’t help but jolt up slightly and watch wide-eyed as liquid bleed out onto the tiled floor slowly. silence fills the entire apartment while you stare at it, eyes stinging as you attempt holding back tears. kuroo’s chest heaves up and down as he catches his breath and notices how oddly quiet and reserved you’ve become.
he feels a pang in his chest while he registers what happened. the more he looks at you, trying to close in on yourself and shy away from him, the more guilt bubbles up in his chest.
“kitten, i—”
you drop onto the floor out of panic, not knowing what else to do other than clean the mess up in a rush.
“no, no, wait! stop it—” he crouches down and tries to seize your hand from picking up the shards of broken glass, but you’ve already picked up a few pieces. you move almost robotically as you quickly clean it up, kuroo not being able to stop your movements. he stands up and sighs, frustratedly running his hands through his face.
“i’m sorry, please stop,” he pleads as he finally grabs a hold of your wrist.
you tuck your face away as you feel like you can no longer hold back the tears and feel a sob claws its way out of your throat.
“i’m so sorry. i didn’t mean to snap at you like that,” he whispers, pulling you to his chest. you’re too worn out to push him off, so you opt for sobbing into his shirt instead.
“you’re so fucking mean,” you cry out, balling your fist and hitting him meekly.
“i know, kitten. i messed up really bad. let me make it up to you, hm?” he coos, rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“no, fuck off,” you sniffle. you feel him shake as he lightly chuckles, and you take the opportunity to push yourself off.
the air in the apartment is thick and suffocating even as you both get ready for bed. you’re still pretty upset but ultimately too tired to deal with it. kuroo nuzzles into you, mumbling apologies, and sweet nothings. though he’s trying to play it off, his stomach is still in knots as he thinks back to what he did and how horribly he acted.
“i’m going to do better,” he whispers, a tear streams down his cheek and fear looms over him when you don’t answer. he tells himself you don’t need to, he just needs to do as hey says.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro is not one to lose his temper during arguments. he would rather shrug it off, wait until the heat of the moment passes, and then speak his mind. so why were you going at each other’s throats with passive aggressive remarks and offhanded provocative comments over something you can’t even remember?
“you’re being so difficult,” you grumble, eyebrows in a deep furrow. you turn your back on him as you fold your arms over your chest with a huff.
“oh, i’m the one being difficult, huh? i wounder who started all this shit in the first place.”
you notice how his voice gradually becomes louder from across the room and even with your back facing him, you could feel the daggers he’s glaring right at you. something irks him with the way you’re avoiding his gaze, shying away from him like you’re trying to escape his presence. “talking to you about what’s bothering me isn’t exactly ‘starting shit’, suna,” you humorlessly chuckle, your eyes rolling in annoyance.
his heart twitches at how vindictive his name rolls off your tongue paired with your sarcastic tone. “i already said i was sorry!”
“well sorry doesn’t quite cut it, doesn’t it!?” you shout, exasperated but you finally turn to look at him, tears line your eyes from the exhaustion of arguing for god knows how long. when your eyes finally meet, it hurts your heart to be in such situation in the first place but for some reason, suna refuses to feel small under your gaze.
“what do you want me to do then,” his voice is suddenly quiet, the stark contrast startles you. you open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off as he stalks towards you. “do you want me to beg on my knees for forgiveness, is that it?” his lips curve to a sinister smirk, making you equally confused and frightened. “tell me what the fuck you want me to do because clearly, i can’t go back in time to fix it!”
you never realize how close he’s actually gotten until his hands slam against the dresser behind you, making you jump in the slightest. he lightly shoves it out of frustration, making the things sitting on top of it fall with a loud clatter. you reel away as much as you can trapped between his arms. suna’s eyes mirror your wide ones as you both seem to break out of a trance, he watches as tears stream down your cheeks one after the other. you let out a sharp breath you didn’t know you were holding and he slightly backs away from you, retracing his arms back to his sides. he takes in how you cautiously eye him with teary eyes, hands clutched onto yourself, and his heart sinks into his stomach.
“i-um, i’m sorry,” he mumbles, eyes glued to the floor. you remain backed into the wooden dresser, seemingly frozen in place. you don’t reply and his heart thumps in his chest. he went too far, didn’t he? did you think he was going to hurt you? oh, god are you going to leave him? “i’m really sorry, i didn’t mean to go that far,” he whispers, feeling the guilt eat him up from the inside out.
his voice trembles and your body finally relaxes, moving on instinct to reach out to him. “it’s… it’s fine, can we please just stop arguing for tonight and get some rest,” you awkwardly plead, trying to hold his trembling hands.
“no, it’s not fine. please don’t say that it is. i never should have treated you like that.”
“i agree, but for now we should sleep it off, yeah?”
he nods in agreement. you clumsily walk past him and into the bathroom to get ready for bed, when you peek into the bedroom afterwards, you find suna cleaning up the mess from earlier.
“do you… want to sleep alone or…?”
“no,” you almost immediately answer. he gives you a slight nod.
you fall asleep engulfed in tension and in each other’s arms. he’s careful as he holds you, not wanting to see the look of fright flash on your eyes ever again, especially if he’s the cause behind it.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu is nothing short of intense. it’s just one more thing you love about him, but the same intensity and passion he has for all things does not translate well when you’re having misunderstandings.
he comes home like a ticking timebomb from the unbelievably terrible day he had, and it just so happened you were too busy with college and job applications to take care of the flat like you’re supposed to, putting off chores until later in the day but you never got around to doing them before he arrived. it was enough to set him off.
“i’m sorry, i just got too busy. i was planning on cleaning anyway, you go wash up and i’ll take care of this.”
“what’s so important that you can’t even do basic things in the house,” he mumbles irritated, shoving his duffel bag and shoes off.
your mouth falls slack, a sarcastic scoff escaping. “sorry if i have a life outside of looking out for you like a damn maid, i already said i was going to clean up. what’s your problem?”
he shoots you a scowl before turning back to shrug his team jacket off. “my problem is that i can’t even come home to a clean house after one hell of a day.”
you follow his steps as he stomps his way towards your bedroom, eyes trailed forward and an angry scowl on his features as he ignores your arguing. “you’re not the only one who has bad days, dipshit. it doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like this—”
your words cut off when he swivels on his heel, slamming the bedroom door shut, so loud that you almost feel the apartment quake. “can’t you just shut the fuck up,” he grits through his teeth, hunched over the doorknob and his back facing you.
you feel your body tremble but can’t will yourself to move or shout back at him. instead, warm tears trail down your cheeks as you stare at him in disbelief. atsumu’s ears are ringing, heart pounding in his chest from the adrenaline of hearing the door slam shut, and his breathing is shallow from the stress and fatigue of arguing. it takes a moment for him to register the quietness, save for your soft sobs.
he peels his eyes open as he begins to realize what he just did. your cries become more and more clear to his hearing, and he feels his heart plummet. he can’t bring himself to turn to look at you, scared of the horrified look he knows he’s going to see on your face.
he runs a hand through his hair, raking his brain for something to say but he realizes he can’t say anything to take away from the fact that he was being unreasonable and hostile, and that he made you feel unsafe on top of being an ass. “i’m sorry,” he mumbles breathlessly instead. he still doesn’t look at you, but you remain quiet.
he slowly turns around, heart shattering when his eyes falls on your wide teary ones and how you’re shakily clutching onto yourself.
“angel,” he calls out like a plead, a prayer. he takes a tiny step and you shuffle away out of fear or spite or anger, you don’t really care to know. all that matters is you didn’t want to be touched by him at the moment, or even be in the same room as him. “i really am sorry, i wasn’t going to hurt you, you know.” his head hangs low as he feels tears of his own form in his eyes.
“i need to take a breather,” you manage to croak out, wiping away at your tears and collecting your phone, wallet, and a jacket draped over a desk chair.
atsumu tries hard not to engulf you in his arms when you weave past him. “please be safe,” he calls out after your retreating figure before he is all alone in the barren apartment. he stands there for a good few minutes, replaying the scene in his mind and feeling more and more terrible. he figures he should at least try and clean up the mess he was so furious about moments ago which is ironic of him.
you immediately notice the difference when you walk back in but can’t bring yourself to care so you storm straight into the bedroom. atsumu is all but jumping off a chair when he hears the door open, eyes puffy and apologetic.
“i-uh… i prepared a bath for you. can we talk about this after you’re done?” he twiddles with his thumbs as he tries to look you in your uninterested eyes. you give him a curt nod.
“i just wanted you to know i’m sorry and i won’t let it happen again, angel,” he whispers while he watches you crawl into bed.
he chews on his lips, standing at the foot of the bed awkwardly. he understand his apology doesn’t make the problem go away. a beat of silence passes and he starts walking towards the door.
“where are you going?”
“i figured you wouldn’t want to sleep next to me so… i was going to sleep on the couch instead.”
eyes roll to the back of your head with a sigh. “never mind that, come here.” you pat the spot next to you and atsumu tries not to look so excited. you still catch on how he brightens up immediately.
“never again, huh?”
“i promise.”
Tumblr media
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therescrackinmytea · 2 months ago
Kiss Me Breathless ft. Captains
Brainrot for the masses 😮‍💨
A/N: This was one of the first collections of hcs I’ve ever written for these boys lmao so excuse how incoherent they are pls 🤡 idek if you lot will like these but fuck it here you go lads <33
Tumblr media
Daichi - He likes to kiss you slow and firm, choosing to take the time to thoroughly make you (and himself) breathless. He usually starts off gently, tentatively, but give it a few minutes and he’s tugging you in flush against his chest in an attempt to be as close to you as humanly possible. It’s very easy for him to surrender himself to the feeling of you pressed against him, so much so that he hums contently into your mouth.
Tumblr media
Kuroo - Definitely very teasing and playful, he leaves you wanting more with each press of his lips and often leaves you dazed and a little cloudy-minded. He’s the type that smirks against your mouth and tugs/sucks at your lips, just to make you whine. There’s no time to feel embarrassed, not when his kisses feel so good. He finds he gets the most delightful reactions from you when he traps you against a wall so you’ve got no choice but to lean further into his warm embrace.
Tumblr media
Oikawa - Another that likes to tease you but he’s so much sweeter. He’s surprisingly soft and gentle and can get incredibly passionate when the mood takes him. He likes to leave fleeting little pecks against your lips to make you chase his smile and work for it but it’s always so rewarding. His technique is outstanding and he always leaves you a little dopey and yes, it does stroke his ego a lot to see you so lovesick afterwards.
Tumblr media
Bokuto - Playful and a little clumsy to start, 9 times out of 10 he makes you giggle into his kisses. He likes a lot of tongue and likes to lick at your lips cos ‘they’re so sweet’. He laughs against your mouth and can’t help but smile cos he just loves you so, so much. All in all, he’s very enthusiastic and often can’t decide where he wants to put his hands so they wander over your body almost feverishly.
Tumblr media
Ushijima - Takes it slow but his kisses are deep and all consuming. He’s gentle for the most part but he’s always a little bit serious, his expression falling into something contemplative just before he leans in. He cradles your cheek with his fingers, almost like you’re made of glass and his kisses leave you content and feeling warm. But there’s also times where his kisses turn a little desperate and in the heat of the moment, he lifts you off your feet to bring you closer.
Tumblr media
Kita - Typically, he’s soft, always sweet and the perfect gentleman but there’s a subtle wickedness to his kisses. His fingers stroke your cheek and he sighs into your mouth, any and all tension leaving his muscles. His kisses leave you lovesick when he pulls away with a parting peck. His lips are always soft and inviting, almost velvety when they drag across yours and so incredibly addictive that it’s hard to pull away from him.
Tumblr media
Futakuchi - He’s surprisingly forward when he really wants to kiss you and he can get a little… demanding? He pulls you in by your head or neck and likes to nibble at your lips, grazing them gently with his teeth. He’s very thorough and often leaves you gasping and left with swollen lips. He sometimes finds himself a bit overwhelmed with the feelings he has for you so he pours it all out into his kisses.
Tumblr media
Terushima - He will kiss you until he runs out of air, he hates letting go of you. Let’s just say he likes to use his tongue a lot and things often end up getting quite heated. Sucks on your tongue and groans with delight when you tug his hair. Leaves you panting and flustered when he pulls away with a grin, nonchalantly licking at his lips with his own cheeks looking a little rosy.
Tumblr media
Daishou - He always has something up his sleeve. If he’s being gentle he will quickly flip the script for just a moment, tugging a little roughly on your lip or pressing his tongue deep into your mouth, all to hear your yelp of surprise. He always grins slyly at you whenever you do make a noise and he pulls away just to admire your flustered expression.
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