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h-shibas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu!! characters reactions to you wearing a short skirt
includes: kageyama tobio + tsukishima kei + iwaizumi hajime + miya atsumu
genre: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
warnings: less smutty and more suggestive, possessiveness, boys being handsy, some degradation from tsuki
{tokyo revengers edition}
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio
kags never did like going to parties but unfortunately he got dragged to them sometimes. at least you’d be there too. little did kageyama know that once you arrived you’d be the cutest and shortest skirt he’s ever seen. immediately he’s blushing as you approach him. “something the matter tobio?” you asked, faking innocence. you knew exactly what you were doing when you picked this outfit. stubborn, kageyama insists he’s fine. “oh really? so you don’t want to find somewhere a little more private to talk?” you smirked in reply. just like that he’s switching his tune, letting you drag him off away from the rest of the party.
tsukishima kei
tsuki didn’t mind all that much when you visited him at work. what he did mind was you trying to tease him. as soon as you showed up in that damn mini skirt he knew you were up to know good. what pisses him off even more is that several of the museums guests turned to stare at you. forgetting about his work entirely, tsuki grabs your wrist. “you brat. what do you think you’re wearing?” kei growls in your ear. you try so hard not to act excited, having hoped for this result. instead you try to claim you have no idea what he’s talking about. “oh yeah? you wanna act like a slut? let me take you to my office so i can treat you like one”.
iwaizumi hajime
you had texted iwaizumi to tell him that you’d meet him at the gym so you two could go on a date after his work out. what he didn’t expect was for you to show up in that particular outfit. your skirt takes him aback for a minute and it didn’t fail to make a few of the guys at the gym stare. iwa doesn’t actually have an issue with the clothes you chose to wear. to be blunt you can wear whatever you want because he can fight. shooting anyone who’s eyes laid on you a little too long a dangerous glare, iwaizumi would pull you close to give you a kiss. “look so cute today, baby. wear that just for me?”. “mhm all for you haji”.
miya atsumu
atsumu loves it when you come to see him at the jackels practice in one of your hot short skirts. it fuels his ego when his teammates stop what they’re doing to stare. pausing his sets, atsumu approaches you with a smug grin on his cheeks. “are ya tryin’ to distract me, baby?” atsumu asks, wrapping one muscly arm around you as his other hand creeps up your skirt. “you know i can’t get anything done with ya lookin’ like that”. you shamelessly inform him that that’s exactly the point before atsumu leans down to kiss you, just so everyone in the room can see that you’re his.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
2022 © h-shibas — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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gojospit · a day ago
hq boys who are stoic, stern, and mean make the best brat tamers
Tumblr media
god, he’s fun to piss off. he has no patience whatsoever, and that’s why you wait strategically until you think he can’t do anything about your brattiness there and then… even though it always comes back to bite you in the ass.
you text him a photo of your tits one day when he’s at practise and he’s chewing his fist, both desperately aroused and utterly livid that you would pull something like this. it takes everything in him not to ditch practise so he can fuck your brains out—but it’s okay, he’s already devising a plethora of punishments for you when he gets home. ‘you’re in for it when i come home.’ he texts back.
he takes you to a gala one time, some volleyball award ceremony (you think), but you’re way more excited about wearing the expensive gown your boyfriend bought you… and flirting with his friends in it.
his eyes burn holes into you as you lean in a little too close to his teammate when he asks how you and kageyama are doing. contrary to your actions, you can’t help but gush over your boyfriend, who you don’t need to see to know his jaw is tight from how hard he’s gritting his teeth. the moment you bat a hand at his teammate’s chest as you laugh at one of his jokes is the moment kageyama beelines across the room and grabs your arm in a firm yet soft grip.
“that’s enough,” he says, never one to waste his breath on words. with a curt nod to his teammate (who had been respectfully staying in his lane), he guides you to a corner of the room and curls an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against him. “you’re in for it later.”
and he’s never one to bluff. he won’t hesitate to tie you up with a vibrator on your clit and make you count your orgasms. or edge you until you’re sobbing from how desperate you are, promising you can cum soon, only to leave you laying there without helping you reach your climax after all. or fuck your face until you can’t breathe and when he pulls out after spilling his cum down your throat and you can’t speak from the way he’s bruised your oesophagus. “aw, can’t speak?” he coos. “good. now you can’t run your bratty mouth.”
he’s the type to physically put you in your place—grabs you by your jaw and kisses you to shut you up when you won’t stop whining, smacks his palm against your asscheek when you’re being too mouthy, tosses you over his shoulder when he’s had enough. it’s a good thing you love getting man-handled—one of the benefits of dating a 6’3 athlete.
his favourite is shoving his long, lithe fingers in your mouth when you’re being bratty. the way your knees buckle is adorable, the way your eyes glaze over and he visibly watches how you shift into being well-behaved for him. he doesn’t even need to say anything half of the time.
suna loves using you to cockwarm him <3 you’ve been acting up all day, making one too many sassy comments in front of his friends, and whispering into his ear about how ‘god, i wish i were split open on your cock right now…’ and how ‘i want your fingers inside me so bad’. it all builds up, and when you get home he’s got a devilish grin on his face and you can’t help but mimic it because all you can think is you win.
but you’re a fool for thinking it.
“you’re not gonna move, you hear me?” he drags you into his lap, shoving your panties to the side under your skirt before sheathing himself fully inside you to your surprise. you’re shuddering at the sudden full feeling and your instincts tell you to start bouncing but before you can, suna’s got a toned arm wrapped around your torso and he’s refusing to let you move.
“if you move even a little, i’ll pull out n’ leave you dry, understand?”
somehow, despite the way his cock stretches out your walls and how you can’t do anything about it, you manage to whimper an “mhm.”
“that’s right. you need to be taught some fucking patience.”
…who knows all about dealing with brats from growing up with his twin brother. hearing that he’s supposedly the ‘worst boyfriend in the entire world’ when he tells you he’s too busy to take you shopping doesn’t faze him. not even a little bit. he knows all the tactics you can use to rile him up—it never works. in fact, there’s only really one way it ends, which is when it backfires on you. when osamu has you in his lap with your legs spread and his fingers buried knuckle-deep in your pussy, your clit raw and throbbing from the three orgasms he’s given you solely with his fingers.
“what was it that you called me again..?” he growls into your ear, curling his digits inside you, prodding at the most sensitive part of you. your melting, overstimulated brain paired with your stubborn mouth has you responding with nothing but a high-pitched whine. in an instant his three fingers slide out of you and meet your clit with a harsh smack, leaving you flinching with a shriek at the sudden sensation. “asked you a question, didn’t i? what did you call me?” he repeats, fingers no longer touching you as he waits for your reply.
“i-i called you a bad boyfriend…” you muster, and it’s pathetic how weak you sound.
“wrong.” another smack has tears spilling down your cheeks, osamu’s grip tightening around your waist as you thrash about.
“i’m sorry- ’m sorry! i called you the worst boyfriend,” you sob. “i’m sorry, ’samu, i’m sorry… didn’t mean it.”
“i don’t think the ‘worst boyfriend in the entire world’ would let ya cum three times, now would he?”
don’t even try 💀 you once gave him the silent treatment and gave up after three hours because he wasn’t fazed.
“i was giving you the silent treatment, by the way,” you say with a pout as he chops away at a carrot—yeah, you have to physically tell him for him to even acknowledge your behaviour.
“no wonder there’s been so much peace and quiet,” he says without missing a beat.
you huff dramatically, crossing your arms over your chest, sliding off the kitchen counter so you can retreat to your bedroom. “fine. then you can find something else to fuck.”
and of course there’s not a single doubt in ushijima’s mind that you’re just bluffing. and he’s right, because another few hours later after some more silent treatment from your end, you’re sinking to your knees in front of him, tugging at his shorts as you beg him to let you put his cock in your mouth. he gives a simple nod, prompting your fingers to wrap around his length with urgency and wrap your sweet lips around his leaking tip.
ushijima’s not really one to be spiteful, not really the type to say ‘i told you so’. not out loud anyway. but in the back of his mind he knows you’ll behave because it’s more of inconvenience for you than it is for him. ‘i told you so’ he thinks as you desperately plead for him to fuck you, to do as he likes with you, to touch you, anything, anything.
…it’s a weekly occurrence.
…is ridiculously fun to rile up, especially in public. you’ll let your already short skirt ride up your legs as you sit in a restaurant with him, forcing him to tug at the hem until you’re decently modest again as he mumbles something about how he should “stop taking you places because you just can’t help but act like a slut no matter where we are.” (in truth, he wishes he didn’t have to pull your skirt down for you. wishes he could show everyone his hot girlfriend’s perky ass and her tight little cunt.)
too many times your hand “accidentally” brushes over his crotch, to which he grabs your wrist and uses it to pull you in close to him. he hovers his mouth right next to your ear. “behave,” he’ll tell you, a command that sends shivers through your entire body.
tsukki’s intimidating, even when he’s your boyfriend, even after months of dating. it means you have to be careful when pushing his buttons, because there is in fact a risk of him leaving you dry for weeks. he doesn’t care. he’ll use his hand. but don’t even think about using a toy—“oh, so you can get off without my cock? great! then you can wait a few more days, hm?”
it doesn’t mean he won’t indulge your playful brattiness. he thinks it’s cute when you talk back to him, that you think you have the upper hand. all it takes is for his hand to snake around your neck, not quite squeezing as a sign of warning, for you to turn quiet.
…becomes resistant to your antics. he works from home of course, giving you plenty of opportunities to be a menace to him while he games or streams.
you’ll slink into his office from time to time, in a lacy little slip dress, and pad over to where he’s typing away. he’s probably doing his emails or something, but you don’t care enough to look as you slide yourself into his lap. and he lets you, because he loves you, and he loves your warmth even if it’s distracting.
“miss you, daddy,” you mumble into his neck, dotting soft kisses on his flesh because you know he’s weak for neck kisses. “come to bed?”
“can’t, baby, the company needed me to send this shit last week,” he tells you. to your dismay his eyes remain fixed on his computer screen almost as though you’re invisible to him—it breaks your heart to be treated this way. you have a trick up your sleeve however, and you’re sliding off his lap, onto your knees underneath his desk, pawing at his nekoma sweatpants. there’s a devilish grin on your lips but it fades in an instant.
“no.” your boyfriend is deadpan, and his one word shatters all your hopes and dreams. “i told you i’m busy, so be a good girl and wait until i’m finished.”
against your better judgement, you keep toying with the waistband of his pants, filled with a tiny sliver of hope that he’ll give in to the relief that you know he needs.
but it’s useless.
“i wouldn’t do that if i were you,” he warns with an uncharacteristic edge to his tone. you toy with the idea of pressing him until he snaps, but the possibility of him not touching you at all forces your hand—you crawl back into his lap, snuggle into the warmth of his hoodie-clad figure, and drift off to the sound of his mechanical keyboard.
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simpsamaa · a day ago
"certified freak, who's living it easy, and lovin' it"
Tumblr media
pussy eaters !! + fav boys ( hq, jjk ) || pt 1
Tumblr media
cough this is my very late 800 follower special :)
cw: dom! characters + sub! afab! bimbo! reader!! || pussy eating, ass eating, spitting, dacryphilia, size kink, manhandling, somnophilia, dumbification/ bimbofication, clit stimulation, panty smelling + licking, name calling (princess, good girl, bad girl, crybaby), praise!
Tumblr media
+ haikyuu
Tumblr media
» hinata eats pussy for you nd only you !
» his main focus is on your pleasure and you only
» he's the claimer of the #1 pussy drunk award and he takes the name seriously
» he's a messy eater too
» he'll lick up your cunt before stretching your leg up till your knees are hitting your chest so he'll have full access to your cunt, plus! he'll be able to watch your face contort in pleasure from his actions <3
» shoyo also loves it when you sit on his face.
» he could die in between your thighs like a happy man if you'd let him
» ofc if you're shy about it and self conscious while you're on top of him, he'll just pull you down with his strong hands and lap at your cunt like a starved man.
» he's amazing with his tongue, so he prefers using it over his thick fingers, but when he does use his hands, it's mostly to rub tight circles against your puffy clit <3
» and well he just has to get his fill of you every night yk? so even if you're sleeping he'll crawl under the sheets and peel of your underwear just to eat your pretty cunt out like you deserve :)
» samu eats pussy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert
» he's so mean that he eats it for him and not you <3
» the fact that you get to cum is just something that happens in result of him loving your cunt sm
» he's the meanest one :((
» he'll tug your thighs over his big shoulders and pin your hips down against the bed as he sucks on your clit till you're gasping and crying for him to slow down
» and when you're squirming and crying against him, your hands trying to push against his head, he'll tell you to stop being a baby, he'll tell you that you can take it, he'll tell you to shush, that he's trynna eat his pretty cunt and treat his pretty cunt good
» samu loves, loves, loves it when your thighs lock around his head, even when you're crying out for him to stop! you're so dumb that you can't even listen to your own body's needs, because its so obvious that your body wants samu and wants samu to keep touching your pussy
» he also loves it when you're crying for him about how good it is, he'll roll his eyes at your big crocodile tears even though he can feel his cock getting harder at the salty liquid dripping from your eyes because you're just his big dumb crybaby
» iwa chan loves to eat your cunt <3
» big, strong, beefy iwa loves to be on his knees for you, always at your service
» he calls your pussy 'his pretty princess cunt" (and it gives you butterflies) and makes sure to always give it a little kiss when he can
» iwa practically makes out with your cunt. he'll loudly spit a glob of spit on your twitching clit before diving down and moving his sticky saliva against your cunt with his tongue
» gah something about Iwaizumi Hajime (27) athletic trainer between your legs, acting like you're the best thing that's ever happened to him, which you are, makes me head a fuzzy
» he's the best at giving you toes curling, back arching orgasms when he wants to, only when you've been good ofc! only good princesses get to cum, bad girls dont <3
» when you're being bratty he'll still eat you out, it's his own guilty pleasure and why would he deprive himself of it just being you're being a bit of a brat? but before you get to cum he'll pull away with a sticky pop
» he'll lick his lips while watching you cry and reach out for him, just because your brain is so empty, only thinking about iwa and only iwa
» but dont worry, he always makes you feel good, even if he has to break you down and piece you back together into his good princess ;)
Tumblr media
+ jujutsu kaisen
Tumblr media
» pretty boy is obsessed with eating pussy
» he's so obsessed that if you're too tired from his licking and slurping, he'll move on to your stained panties, pressing them up against his face and licking against the parts stained with your arousal
» yuuta's been stuck with rika for so long, that when she finally gets exorcised and he's finally free from his curse, he'll be pouncing on you before you could even ask him why he was so eager
» he'll lick and suck your cunt from underneath your skirt, slightly covering his face because it makes him feel safe, especially when your thighs are locked around his head
» yuuta's face also burns a red, that could make blood jealous with how vibrant it is, when he eats you out
» his mind gets all hazy and eyes get all droopy when he's pussy drunk and he makes sure that when he's like that you're already all dumb and stupid so you're not able to make fun of him
» yuuta's so in love with the feeling of your tight cunt clenching around his tongue that he makes sure to try and shove it as far as he's able too.
» he slurps and kisses and is so loud whenever he eats, he makes sure to not leave a drop of you when he's done
» and yuuta's little gasps and groans into your cunt have to be the hottest things youve ever heard from him.
» little words of 'fuck' and 'so pretty' and 'so good' drop from his lips every so often
» he'll make sure to keep telling you how good you are for him and how you deserve everything
» and yuuta makes sure that when you've gotten all mouthy and pouty with him that he fucks you stupid enough with his tongue that by the time he's finished with you, you've completely forgotten why you were so mad in the first place and you've gone back to being yuuta's good girl
» emo boyo eats pussy for your pleasure and your pleasure only.
» choso knows that you get so embarrassed and flustered when he eats you out, so it become his favourite new hobby to do <3
» he'll ignore his cock throbbing against his thigh, he'll ignore the feeling and shift his hips into the warm bedsheets, making sure to ground himself so that he'll be able to eat you out better.
» choso will take your wrists and pin them down against the bed at your side with his big calloused ones just because he wants to hear your cry out and whimper whenever his tongue touches you.
» gosh and he'll press kisses against your cunt, on your clit, and up the insides of your thighs just to feel you tremble in his arms.
» and he definitely softly scrapes his teeth against your clit just to get a reaction out of you if you're being a little too quiet.
» he'll press the warm length of his tongue against your slit, and his eye'll roll back and close to bask in your taste before completely devouring you whole with his tongue.
» choso'll eat your pussy for hours without even thinking bout touching himself
» he makes sure that you come so much that the whole bottom part of his face is covered in your slick.
» nd he'll only stop when your legs are shaking and your hands are trembling as you try to push his head away from your sensitive cunt
» choso will press an array of kisses against your puffy cunt, making sure to be as loud and obnoxious as possible with the sticky sounds just because he knows it gets your face all pink and flustered <3
» mr suguru treats eating you out as a reward
» he'll only eat you out if you've been a good girl for him
» and if you have, he'll make sure to give you most mind blowing orgasm till your brain short circuits
» suguru makes sure to put in good use of his hands because he knows how much you like em,
» he'll press his long fingers into your cunt and curl them at your spongy spot as he's makin use of his tongue by sucking and pressing tight circles against your cunt.
» sugu's sharp eyes'll always be watching your face as it scrunches and as tears roll down your puffy cheeks
» and just for fun, once in a while he'll pull away his mouth from you with a pop, licking his lips and sitting back on his heels to watch as your eyes widen in worry and your hands reach for him and lips pulling out a whimper, only for him to push you back and continue what he was doing
» he'll suck in his cheeks with his lips around your clit and bring his hands up to caress your body before making sure to grab at your hips and pin you down against the bed.
» your drooling cunt make suguru remember why he loves you, and why he picked you because you're so compliant to his touches, no matter what he's doing, or how he's feeling, you always keen into his touches and come crawling back for more
» whine and cry against his lips as you dumbly try and mumble out how good you're feeling and how good he's making you, he'll just tell you, mumbled by your cunt, that he knows, he knows
Tumblr media
© simpsamaa2022
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p-antomime · 2 days ago
hi kiki my darling!! i am back, did you miss me? anyways... i am back and i want to know your thoughts about virgin!bokuto wanting to lose his virginity with kuroo's gf (like, bo just cant help himself, kuroo's gf is always so nice and kind and lovely with everyone)
🍓 nonnie
OF COURSEEEE I MISSED YOU?? where have you been my luv ? and you already come here with your juicy lovely brain and offer me mr. bokuto + kuroo? thats lovely from you!
ᨦ. tw: virginity loss, breeding!kink, hints of cucking, voyeurism, cunniligus.
Tumblr media
just imagine bokuto having to excuse himself to the bathroom on one of the many outings he had with you and kuroo, it was already common for the three of you to go out together and bokuto loved those hours because it meant more time spent with you, and him opening one of the doors of the cubicles of the various male bathrooms ready to unbutton his pants, pull them down and start fisting his cock that was painfully confined until that moment; bokuto couldn't help himself anymore: the unique sight of you wearing a sundress that rose every time the wind whipped against your body was too much for him, for his virginal sanity.
in that bathroom, bokuto leaned against one of the walls as he moved his hand at an already very fast pace, teasing his swollen tip, leaking pre-cum by the bunch, fantasizing that someday he would have your mouth around it, sucking and licking and wanting to swallow every last drop of his hot cum. as your name fell through his lips and he closed his eyes tightly, bokuto tried to convince himself that if you weren't with kuroo, you would fuck a virgin like him, a virgin who couldn't go more than two days without getting off furiously at the thought of having his pussy, which would definitely be better than a hand, clenching down on his dick and taking it so deep that you would have him cumming as soon as his tip kissed your cervix and fucked you as good as your boyfriend.
koutaro would be so, but SO immersed in his own thoughts, even forcing hips against his own fist, that he wouldn't even notice someone, kuroo, going into the bathroom looking for his friend because it had been almost 10 minutes since he had left the table at the mall and was never seen again. And then, suddenly, kuroo understood whose voice was moaning and panting in that completely inhospitable bathroom except for the two of them and, even more: he realized that the main name coming from those lips, besides several "P-Please", "cannot ngh, just a lil more", was precisely that of his girlfriend.
at first, kuroo thought about kicking the door open just to scare bokuto a little bit, but then realized that maybe it was too mean and didn't take too long in that bathroom; it was better just to let that pathetic virgin finish getting off and kuroo was praying not to be haunted by his own friend's moans after that day of revelations, but maybe his bathtime had been too long right after you and him went back to his place since on weekends you slept there. you already knew what long baths meant to kuroo and also that it was only a matter of time before he called you to join him and the steam from the water mixed with your moans as he was deep inside your tight pussy so desired by bokuto.
bokuto who popped into kuroo's mind again when he was about to cum inside you and he bit down hard on your shoulder cursing loudly while he had the best climax of his life thinking about what it would be like if his best friend fucked you, but, obviously, someone had to control that virgin if he got too tricky & messy with you. and, deep down, wouldn't kuroo be doing him a favor? letting him fuck the girl of his dreams and, as a bonus, helping him lose his virginity? — this is exactly what bokuto was told the following week while the three of you were in his bedroom, him sitting on the edge of the bed and you and kuroo standing in front of him as if you were offering him a pot of gold.
and indeed, it was a pot of gold for bokuto, he almost came just by receiving kuroo's blessing and permission to fuck you and to finally feel a raw pussy around his fat cock.
bokuto barely knew how to eat you out, he had zero actual experience and kuroo was the first person to wrap fingers on his hair and guide his head up, down, sideways against your dripping pussy while you said out loud what his tongue should do, how much pressure to apply and your moans filled his ears and made his dick harder than ever. in the end, you squirted all over his pretty, blushy face and obviously bokuto was never going to miss the opportunity to feel your thighs trying to smother him as he sank his tongue between your folds trying to lick up every last drop of your juices.
as soon as kuroo had spoken, "you remember what I said at the beginning, don't you, bo? no cumming inside, 'm dead serious" pulling bokuto's face smeared in the liquids of your pussy away from between your legs, your virgin boy understood that it was time to finally sink inside you and prove to himself that he could fuck you just as good as your attentively watching boyfriend. and he wanted to try a very specific position, your legs pressed against your tits and pussy ready to be pounded; perfect mating press for a perfect virgin boy.
bokuto tried to go slowly, an inch at a time, tried to enjoy the feeling of his veins rubbing against your velvety walls and them also squeezing him massively, but it was too much for him. he thought he was ready to fuck his best friend's girlfriend, but before he even buried himself completely all his cum was being gushed deep inside you and kuroo knew this as soon as a white circle started to form at the base of his shaft.
"k-kuroo, 'm so, sorry, her ngh pussy, 's tight 'n good, i cannot", bokuto would whimper ready to beg for kuroo's forgiveness, since the one thing he wasn't supposed to do ended up being done before he could control himself.
and then kuroo would simply put his hands on his best friend's hips and finish pushing them against yours to make his cock bury itself completely inside your tight little pussy, to which you both moaned loudly and you felt his cum being pushed even deeper.
"finish fucking my girlfriend and worry later 'bout cumming with no permission inside of her," kuroo said looking at your face over one of bokuto's shoulders, but you were too lost in your own pleasure to notice him staring at you, "fuck her, bokuto"
it was going to be a long night of overstimulation of his dick that was determined to use you as a cocksleeve.
Tumblr media
— haikyū masterlist.
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dejwrites · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ⠀ ⠀⠀ happy together ⠀ 〳 ⠀ u.wakatoshi ‵
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ( synopsis ) if i should call you up, invest a dime. and you say you belong to me and ease my mind. imagine how the world could be, so very fine. so happy together or in which the heir to the biggest mafia/yakuza in japan is in an arranged marriage with a foreigner & it turns into a wicked jealous filled obsession. inspo from happy together by the turtles
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — fem reader, her/she pronouns, female pet names, the reader is black coded (mentions of skin complexion but isn't centered around the plot), yandere themes, yandere!ushijima, mentions of violence, mentions of blood, mentions of murder, mentions of gore, yakuza/mafia au, choking kink, character death, possessive!ushijima, ooc!ushijima (only said ooc cause he does not act like the way he acts in hq), toxic relationship, ushijima father slaps him in one part, arranged marriage au, apart of @thicksimpx 'omertá 1k collab event', minors dni !!
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Tumblr media
HOW COULD SOMEONE’S HANDS FEEL SO COLD? That thought lingered in the back of your mind when you felt Ushijima Wakatoshi’s hand placed on the lower part of your back as you waltz around the venue. You remembered how his touch felt so cold that it sent a shiver down your spine even though minutes ago you complained about hot you were in the vintage well-tailored white dress. You never actually expected your life to take a sudden change due to your father. It was a bit comical considering that he got you into this marriage and didn’t even bother to show up to walk you down the aisle.  You felt like a sheep among some vicious hungry wolves. You had no friends in Japan. You had no family in Japan. Just Ushijima and his circle. You couldn’t even contact your family unless they contacted you first. You would think that you were the president’s daughter, but you were only one of the richest men in the world's daughter. That came with consequences. Your life was always under a microscope. Eat this. Dress this way. Don’t date this person. Attend this university. You didn’t actually think you’ll be scribbling ‘have an assassination threat on your head’ off your Bingo card.
So here you were, bound with Ushijima Wakatoshi for your safety and the future of your family. You should have known that an arranged marriage was going to be put on the table. Someone one would question why a foreigner has been hanging around the notorious family that controls more than eight districts in Japan. You planned to lay low, enjoy your time in Japan, maybe go back to school, and then when your father contacted Ushijima’s father, go back home. But the thing is, you knew that it wasn’t any going back home. For all you know, your father could have been dead. The thing is you knew this marriage wasn’t going to be rainbows and sunshine, Ushijima didn’t even smile as you waltz down the aisle in a room of strangers. You remembered the deadpan look he gave you, but that last dance is what caused your stomach to form the most horrendous knots as he brought your closer. You could feel his breath trickle at your earlobe before he’s whispering, “The only one for me is you, and you for me. We both have a lot on the line when it comes to this fuckin’ marriage. We’re stuck with each other, so let’s make sure this work.” 
Even though he uttered those words in your ear over two months ago, you and Ushijima just couldn’t work. It wasn’t like you weren’t putting in the effort, you did. You even learned how to cook some of his favorite dishes and even then, you still were met with a harsh cold steel door. You remembered vividly when it seemed like a switch was turned on in his head. You sat in the living room like the pretty wife you were. The diamond ring on your wedding finger glistened under the family mansion light, you hated to admit that Ushijima picked out a beautiful ring when it wasn’t much meaning behind it. You were confused about why you and Ushijima were summoned here in the first place. It wasn’t like you two were doing anything romantic anyway, just you watching the maids cater to him due to him partying the previous night. When you heard the harsh footsteps and your eyes watched as men bowed as the Takashi Utsui entered the room. By the looks of his face, he looked pissed and your mind instantly panicked. You toyed with the ends of your dress as you watch Ushijima stand up with urgency to greet his father. 
Your eyes bulged outward when you heard and witnessed the harsh slap Takashi placed against Ushijima’s cheek. The room was so silent and you observed everyone in the room. No one bulged at the action as if it happened before. You watched as one of Takashi’s men would rush to his side handing him a folder. He opened it with urgency revealing the photo of Ushijima in a club the previous night. A woman was on his lap kissing his neck. Your eyes instantly lowered in embarrassment. Even though this marriage had no love, you still felt a form of humiliation. 
“What did I tell you before you said I do to that woman right there?” Takashi’s finger points at you. 
Ushijima's jaw clenched tightly as if he was holding back an explosive bomb. 
“Huh? I can’t seem to hear you.” Takashi stepped forward toward his son. His head tilted to the side as he was trying to hear Ushijima’s words.
“That if I embarrass her, I’m dishonoring my family,” Ushijima said.
“And?” Takashi asked.
“And she’s a part of the family now,” Ushijima said. 
Your heart was beating so hard at the word. You watched as Takashi's fingers combed through his hair. He let out a sigh to calm himself down before he’s walking over to you extending his hand for you to take. You hesitantly took it as he helped you up, walking by his angry son to walk into the family garden in the backyard. Your hand grasped at his arm as you walked by his side. The sweet scent of the Cherry Blossom tree that was in their backyard. You remembered Ushijima mentioning that his father got the tree grown in the backyard because his mother adored the scent of when the petals free-fell to the ground. However, even though his parents divorced his father still made sure the tree was taken care of.
“I want you to go out,” His father commented as he was walking around the garden. He could feel your grasp upon his arm tighter, “You’ve been trapped up in the house while my reckless son goes out and embarrasses our family,” He commented. 
“I don’t know anyone to go out with sir,” You commented. “I would rather be home, especially considering that it would only be a burden. Do I need to remind you, that I have a hit out on me?” You pointed out.
You watched as his lips formed a straight line, “Of course. I won’t let you go out alone, you’ll be with my assistant and her friends. Plus, I’m sure I’ll have some men in there if you need them,” he reminded. 
You would look at him before simply nodding, not bothering to argue with him once again. “Okay.” was the only thing you said before he let go of your hand. 
“Please enjoy your time out. I would hate to have to tell your father you hate it here.” He responded. “You deserve to be happy and I’ll be sure to ensure that.” 
You forced a smile on your face which seems like you were doing that a lot. The sweet scent of the cherry blossoms lingered up your nostrils before you were speaking once again, “Okay, thank you.” You gave his arm a squeeze and a kind smile before departing to go back into the luxury home. 
You were expecting to be met by Ushijima, but he was nowhere to be found. It didn’t particularly shock you, he got embarrassed in front of everyone. You were expecting to be met with your usual driver who hardly spoke to you unless you spoke to him first but instead was met with Tendou and Kai. Your eyebrows raised as you stared at him, “Let me guess, you’re taking me home.” You sighed and you didn’t get an answer, but you did follow them outside the huge mansion. 
When you got in the SUV, you would sit in the back instantly indulging in the things on your phone before you heard Kai’s voice. “He actually does care about you, you know?” 
You would shake your head, “Has a funny way of showing it.” You answered.
“But, please do not do something tonight that will upset him,” Tendo warned as his fingertips tapped at the steering wheel.
You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “He gets to go out and act a damn fool, but wants to lose his mind if I do the same,” You kissed your teeth. “I’m going to go out and have so much fun like his father said to do.” 
The remaining amount of time in the car was quiet before you were dropped off at the luxury mansion that you resided in. Despite you decorating the huge mansion to your liking, it still didn’t feel like home. You were greeted by one of the maids, and you would only tell her that she could take the day off, especially considering that you believed today was one of her children's birthdays.
“But Mr.—“ The maid's words were cut off by you.
“I will handle him. You guys can have the rest of the day off. Go enjoy your child’s birthday,” You explained as you watched her face light up before she walked away to grab her things. 
FOR ONCE YOU WERE ENJOYING YOURSELF. As you were at the bar attempting to flag down one of the bartenders, you could feel a male figure squeeze himself next to you and the countless others at the bar. His tall stature towered over you as you attempted once again to get the bartender’s attention. However, the man interjected whistling and getting the bartender’s attention. 
“That’s the trick, to get their attention,” He commented as he gave you a smile that you returned. It was like a bird calling as the bartender flocked to him effortlessly. “This beautiful young woman has been trying to get your attention. I’ve told you guys about not being aware of the customers in front of you.” He warned.
“Sorry sir, it’s a bit hectic back here.” The bartender apologized as his eyes traveled to you. But when he noticed who you were, he looked away with quickness. “What can I get you?” 
You would ignore his sudden break of eye contact and begin to list the drinks your section wanted. “Could you get them served to that section also?” You pointed to the section on the left of the club. “Add an extra bottle and just charge it to Ushijima Wakatoshi’s card.” 
The gentlemen next to you eyebrows raised as he was trying to mentally put a face to the name that fell off your tongue. You leaned against the bar patiently before speaking, “Thanks for helping me. I appreciate it.” You gave him a kind smile as you watched one of the bottle girls load up the drinks on a tray to deliver to the section you were at. 
“It’s no problem. We wouldn’t want to disappoint the wife of Ushijima Wakatoshi.” He responded. 
You rolled your eyes hearing that statement, which the man caught instantly. “Is there a problem? Are you—”
Your words cut him off with a quickness. “It’s not a problem. I am his wife after all, but I just hate that here that’s all I’m known for.” You said to the gentlemen. 
You understood that it was for the best for a lot of people to know who you were, but being known as the wife of a man who didn’t even take the marriage seriously himself felt even worst. You had so much more power than people expected, but here you were in an unknown world not being able to use that power. 
You thanked the stranger once again before attempting to go back to the section, but you felt him tug you back towards him. He lets out a firm sigh before extending his hand toward you. “Let’s start over, I’m Lev Haiba. I own this club.” His hand motioned around the crowds of people in the nightclub. 
You couldn’t help but snicker as you shook his head. “Y/N, heir to the biggest oil company in the world.” You answered. “But that has to stay between us.” You gave Lev a playful smirk and he only held his hand up in a defensive mode.
“Your secret is safe with me. I hope Japan is treating you well considering the uh—circumstances.” Lev says. 
You could hear the pity in his voice. “I’m assuming you’ve heard the news of my loving husband?” You asked as the two of you were walking towards the section you were in. 
“Everyone did. It was this club he was spotted doing said activities. However, it’s Ushijima Wakatoshi, no one is going to ruin his mood.” Lev admitted as he rubbed at the back of his neck nervously. “But I have said too much, I should get back to my job. It was a pleasure meeting you.”
You watched as he disappeared into the crowd, once again feeling like the sheep in a field filled with wolves as you sat down in one of the chairs. You instantly picked up the drink wanting to drink the night away. 
WHEN YOU RETURNED HOME, you dropped your YSL heels on the floor as you stumbled into the house. You glanced at your phone and saw that it was four in the morning. You couldn’t believe that you stayed out so late. You definitely were going to have to rain check with the afternoon tea session with Ushijima’s mother. You attempted to tiptoe your way further inside the house not wanting to wake Ushijima (if he was home). You were aware that on some occasions Ushijima men would be at your house. It didn’t shock you that they were here in your living room doing gods know what. However, the weird feeling under the bottom of your feet caused you to instantly sober up. It felt wet, slightly slippery. You glanced down and your eyes grew big at the sight you were seeing. You had stepped in a small splatter of blood that decorated the thin plastic layer that was on the floor. Your heart rate increased instantly as you stumbled back in a horrified panic to be met with Ushijima catching you from falling. 
“I—“ Your words were stuck in your throat. Your hands were shaking harshly and your heart felt like it was trying to claw out your chest. Your eyes stared at your husband as the crimson-colored liquid stained the white Versace button-down shirt. 
“It’s good to know you’ve made it home safely. Now let’s go get cleaned up. We’re both in need of a shower anyway.” He firmly said. 
You felt Ushijima grab hold of your forearm. His blood-covered fingertips stained your brown skin. “But we have guests.” You stuttered out.
“That’s fine, they will be busy cleaning up the mess that you made,” Ushijima confirmed.
Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as you were being tugged into the shared bedroom. With urgency, Ushijima closed the door behind him. “Strip.” was the only thing he said as his hands went up to unbutton the buttons on his shirt.
You did what you were told, letting the dress you wore fall to the ground. You crossed your arms over your chest preventing Ushijima from seeing you like this. You didn’t even notice that he had already stripped out of his expensive clothing. You could sense him towering over you before you finally croaked out some words, “You said my mess? I haven’t done anything wrong.” 
Goosebumps decorated your skin when you felt Ushijima’s fingertips tracing alongside your side. His fingertips engraved you with the possible sin he just committed before you arrived home. He stopped right at the soft fabric of the thong you wore, letting out a low hum before pushing them down. You didn’t argue against his action. You weren’t sure if you were too afraid to or if you just wanted to see where this would go. You stepped out of your underwear before watching Ushijima disappear into the bathroom. The sound of the shower could be heard before his voice broke you out of your broken thoughts. Like an obedient dog, you walked into the bathroom with your hands still attempting to cover your bare body. Ushijima was already in the hot steaming shower washing over the blood that was on him. “I’ve already seen you vulnerable before, remember our wedding night?” He asked. “There’s no need to hide your body away from me.” He answered.
“You never responded to what I said. What mess have I created? You’re the one that’s going out every night and acting a fool,” You reminded him.
Ushijima let out a sigh, “Just get in the fuckin’ shower and we can talk.” He says, “Please.” 
Hearing him say please was a shock to you, you took a couple of steps forward opening the door of the walk-in shower to join him. In a different world, such an intimate moment would have your stomach flowing with butterflies. But right now, your stomach could only twist in dangerous knots while you let the steaming hot water heat your body. “Did you have fun last night?” Ushijima asked.
Your eyes met with his as you felt the warm cloth filled with soap brush against your body. He was kind enough to clean you himself. Similar to a doll maker creating a doll, you felt that’s what Ushijima was doing. You were his doll as soon as you walked down the aisle clutching onto his father’s arm. “I did. It was nice to not be bottled up in his house. It can get lonely sometimes,” You answered. 
“You have the maids, it can’t be that lonely,” He responded.
That was true. During your time living here, you managed to get to know each of the eight maids and two groundskeepers that worked to make sure Ushijima’s home looked nice. But it still felt lonely, cold. It didn’t feel like a home. 
“Although, I appreciate their help around the place. It’s not the same.” You answered as your finger went up to motion for the young man to turn so you could wash his back. “You know this. I’m not asking for much, but can we at least pretend we’re enjoying this marriage.” 
“I’m actually enjoying this marriage,” Ushijima responded with a chuckle.
“You have such a weird way to show it. Going out every night, being seen with other women—“ You stopped abruptly to let out a weary sigh. Not sure if the sudden feeling of being lightheaded came from the hotness of the shower or the fact that you’re finally voicing your opinions to Ushijima. “It’s humiliating.” 
Ushijima didn’t say much about your words. The two of you continued to shower in silence before eventually getting out of it. At this point, you had sobered as you toyed with the ends of the soft white rob Ushijima put you in. You watched as Ushijima waltzed back into the bedroom, “Well, let me show that I will change.” 
Your body leaned against the doorframe of the master bedroom bathroom, “Sex really can’t show me anything. Changed behavior though,” You said rolling your eyes at him. 
“Come on, when was the last time we actually had sex.” 
“You’re deflecting from the original conversation Ushi,” You sighed as you walked towards the dresser to find something to wear.
As you were searching for something to sleep in, you could feel Ushijima’s strong arms wrap around your waist. He tugged you closer to his body and you felt the growing boner poking at the fatness of your butt. “You haven’t called me Ushi since our wedding night.” He commented.
“You’re so annoying.” You sighed, but you didn’t bulge out his touch. “We both were drunk as ever that night. I can’t believe you still remember that.” 
“Of course, I remembered it. You moaned it so beautifully while your head was buried into a pillow,” Ushijima reminded you as you felt his lips press against the exposed skin on your neck. 
You felt your skin grow hotter with each harsh nibble, lick, and bite on your neck. One of Ushijima’s hands disappeared inside your robe and straight in between your thighs. His index and middle finger swiped at your wet folder and indulged how wet you were while you seemed to melt into his touch. “You don’t remember, hmm? How your thighs couldn’t stop shaking once we were done?” He asked as his fingertips that were covered in your wetness would rub at your clit. “How you wet up the sheets so badly?” 
You made direct eye contact with Ushijima in the mirror that was connected to the dresser. The once softness that was in his eyes for a split second was gone. You weren’t particularly super religious, but you were sure you were looking into the eyes of the devil. He undid your rob and tugged it off your bare body causing you to gasp suddenly. Your thighs quivered for more as you felt your own wetness stain the inside of your thighs. Ushijima stopped the subtle circular motion on your clit before he’s talking once again. “Tell me you remember that and I’ll help you cum,” His words tickled your earlobe and you nodded instantly.
“I remember. Ushi—“ You desperately coughed up those words. “I remember.” 
“Good,” Ushijima said while the grip around your waist grew tighter. “Now be a good wife and go to the bed and get on all fours, darling.” 
You did what you were told, being sure to grab a pillow to make yourself feel more comfortable. The anticipation bubbling into your stomach as you could sense Ushijima behind you. When you felt him tug you closer to the bed, you swallowed the large lump forming in your throat. Your cunt so eager to swallow his cock bit by bit even though you were sure he wasn’t going to be so gentle. When you felt the tip of Ushijima’s cock enter you, you chewed at your lower lip getting ready for him to instantly bottom down inside you. The faint memory of your wedding night when he specifically praised you on how well you took his dick swirled around your head. 
This time he took his time. Pushing his cock inside you slowly, teasingly, until you were gasping for him to put it all the way in. His large hands grasped at your waist before his hips begin to drive forward to be met with the soft flesh of your butt. Your head buried into the pillow caging in your moans before Ushijima grabbed the pillow and tossed it. “I need my men to hear you while they’re cleaning up your mess.” He said firmly. 
His fingers buried into the flesh of your skin while the sound of skin slapping against each other could be heard. Ushijima was in a complete trace as he watched his cock disappear into your addicting cunt. “Go ahead, moan out how good Ushi is making you feel while they clean up your mess.” He said through gritted teeth. 
“What mess?” You hiccuped out through moans. Your eyesight grew blurry due to the tears that accumulated through Ushijima’s thrusts. 
You let out a yelp when Ushijima grabbed a hold of your head tugging you upward. His chest pressed against your sweat-coated back before he let go of your hand to use that hand to snake around to your neck. “Don’t act foolish Y/N.” He answered.
You could feel Ushijima’s cock twitch inside you as he stopped his thrusts abruptly. His hand wrapped around your neck and you could feel him give it a slight squeeze before his thrusting continued. “You know my doll. When you press your thumb in someone’s windpipe, index finger to their carotid artery, and your middle finger applies pressure to their jugular vein…they’ll lose consciousness.” Ushijima said.
The heat of the moment of your breath grasping away for a couple of seconds due to Ushijima mimicking the same thing he just told her, he let go of you and shoved your face further into the fluffiness of the mattress. “Even when I nearly took your breath away, you only clutched around my cock even tighter.” He said darkly. 
His words sent a bone chilling shiver down your spine as you moaned out helplessly. “Ushi!” You moaned out.
His thrusting only continued, ignoring your little whimpers before he leaned over placing wet kisses on the middle of your spine. “You know that only makes a person lose consciousness, but if you continue you can damage the cortex of your brain which leads to your death.” He uttered as he was thrusting.
His chest heaved upwards as he traced his name upon your skin. “It took less than 6 minutes for your little friend Lev to finally fuckin’ die when I wrapped my hands around his throat.” He said through groans. You could feel his thrusting grow sloppy, he was about to cum.
“I had to clean up your mess Y/N,” he said. 
You felt yourself orgasm immediately. The dangerous shiver that went though your body made your body go into complete shock. Your gasping out for Ushijima. The thought of him killing a man that talked to you pushed you to the edge. Perhaps you did flutter around his cock even more at the sound of those words coming out his mouth. Ushijima still fucked you through the explosive orgasm until he too was cumming mess, not bothering to pull out either. Filling you up to the brim with his cum just to trap you as his. 
He let your body collapse on the bed like a rag doll. You were completely out of breath with his cum leaking out of you and when you met his eyes, they were soft once again. 
“We’re starting a clean slate starting now. No more outside interferences when it comes to our marriage. We’re going to be happy together if we like it or not.” He said as he leaned down to place a kiss upon your temple. 
“Now get some rest, my doll, we have tea with my mother in about eight hours.” 
You really were still a sheep upon the family of wolves. 
Tumblr media
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To Have And To Hold
Ik I’m taking a break but I just finished this and it’s for my bbygorl so 🤫 | cw: hurt/comfort, smut, fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, cunnilingus, semi-public sex(?), little bit of body worship, creampie, lovemaking | wc: 4k
Tumblr media
“Why are we even here, Kiyoomi?”
Your husband remains silent, still meticulously brushing lint from the blazer he wore to a very quiet dinner with you.
“We were supposed to fix things.”
He sees a tiny white thread on the cuff of the right sleeve, and wrinkles his lip in distaste before swiping the roller over it to catch it.
“But you haven’t even tried. You’ve barely spoken two words to me.”
He moves across the room to finish hanging up his suit, carefully zipping up the protective bag once he’s done.
“Are you even fucking listening to me?”
When he picks up his dress shoes and begins to inspect them, you click your teeth loudly and growl in frustration, storming towards the glass doors of your hotel suite.
“Course not, why would you?” you scoff. “Fuck this.”
They slide open under your shaky fingers, cool air washing over your skin gently when you step into the night and shut the doors behind you. Tears are burning behind your eyes, but you squeeze them tight, refusing to let them fall. Refusing to let him win.
You stare out over the balcony, at the warm little pinpricks of light illuminating Rome, still pulsing gently with life. A beautiful city, a dream destination that’s been on your list for as long as you can remember, and you can’t even enjoy it. The entire trip has been tainted, tarnished by whatever the fuck is going on between you and your husband.
The trip had been a joint gift for your second anniversary, from your friends and his ‘teammates, we’re not friends’. All paid for, all planned out, and all the two of you had to do was pack your bags, board a plane and enjoy yourselves.
You managed to do 2 of those things.
The reason for this gift had partly been the tension evident between you and Sakusa as of late. Something was wrong, they weren’t sure what, but from your clipped tones and constant glares, it was clear that the two of you needed an intervention of sorts. It was embarrassing, how people outside of your marriage had taken it upon themselves to push you to fix it, before you could even attempt to set aside your own stubbornness.
And you’ve tried. Subtly, of course, you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re waving your white flag and surrendering to your husband. Though what the white flag is for, you’re not entirely sure.
Frankly, you’re sick of subtlety.
Hence tonight.
And you want to be blunt and honest, to take a leaf from his own book and spell everything out for him on the pages. If he would only fucking listen. Or talk. Or something.
You shiver as a breeze combs its fingers through your hair, gentle and sweet, kissing at your cheeks and exposed throat. The dress you wear is one of Sakusa’s favourites, modest yet alluring, and you were almost certain that the dark fabric hugging your frame would encourage him to say something. Instead, he gave you a cursory glance and harrumphed under his breath, continuing to knot his tie.
Perhaps there is no hope for your marriage. Perhaps the two of you are destined to crash and burn like a falling star, and this is the beginning of the end.
That thought alone terrifies you.
Those tears you were trying to hold back? The floodgates are open now and they forge paths down your cheeks, free and wild, silently stroking your skin as a lover would.
As a lover should.
Furiously, you dab your face dry with your fingertips when you hear the doors slide open and footsteps approach you. But the damage is already done, one look at your crumpled face and streaky makeup will tell him all he needs to know.
“It’s cold,” he says simply. “Come inside.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’ll get sick.”
“I said I’m fine, Kiyoomi!” Your voice is jagged and hard, like a crag on a cliff, and it silences him, but he stays put. “Leave me alone,” you mumble. “You’re good at that.”
Kiyoomi was in fact listening. To everything you said inside. To everything you’ve been saying since you got here and even before you took this trip. But it’s difficult sometimes, for him to formulate the correct response without coming off as abrasive. So he’s stayed quiet, taken it all in, in, in. But your last comment has lodged itself in his chest and is squeezing at his heart.
“I wanna talk,” he says quietly, carefully leaning against the railing of the balcony beside you. “I’m listening now.”
“Oh you are, are you?” you scoff. “Or are you just going to ignore me? Again?”
He doesn’t say anything, gazing upon the view before him instead. A change of scenery was supposed to work, help you relax, but nothing is ever that easy. Marriage requires work, no matter where in the world you are, and even after a couple of years of it, he’s still struggling with that.
“Why are you so mad?” His question is genuine.
“Why? Are you fucking serious?”
“I am.”
“Figure it out.” you snap.
Sakusa is about to open his mouth to retort when you turn to him, eyes watery and shining.
“Do you still love me?” you ask, desperation staining your voice. “Cos I don’t know what’s happening to us, Omi. You come home from practice and you barely say two words to me, you don’t even touch me anymore, hell, I don’t think you even fucking look at me anymore! I spent ages dressing up tonight, exactly how you like and you didn’t even bat a fucking eye!”
The tears have returned, dripping down your face in steady, unyielding streams and Sakusa’s heart squeezes tighter.
“Is there someone else? Or is it just me? Our marriage has barely begun and I feel like it’s already ending, Omi.” He’s quick to try and placate you this time.
“Don’t say that, my love, please. It’s not ending.”
“Then what’s going on?” You search his dark eyes, hoping to find the answers written in their depths somehow.
“It’s stupid.” He sucks in a shaky breath, taking your hands in his and raising them to his lips, brushing gentle kisses over your knuckles. “God, I’m so stupid.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s not you, it could never be you. It’s all me.” You look at him, bewildered.
“You?” He sighs heavily, turning his face to the heavens above, silver pock-marking velvety black.
“Remember that celebratory dinner we went to a couple of weeks ago? When we won against the Adlers?” You cast your mind back to the night in question, remembering all the loud, boisterous personalities clashing noisily in the private room the team had booked. It was fun, but your husband had worn a sour look throughout the night, and you’d put it down to the racket he’d been subjected to.
“What about it?”
“Meian sat with us that time, remember? I remember how much you were smiling. And he was telling you stories and jokes, and making you laugh so hard and I- I just-“ Frustration twists his features and suddenly, the clouds clear and it all makes sense.
“Got jealous,” you finish, shaking your head in disbelief. “Is that it? Is that why you’ve been ignoring me all this time? You’re insane, Kiyoomi.”
“Try to understand. I’m your husband. I should be the one to make you smile like that. Laugh like that.” You raise an eyebrow, thoroughly unconvinced.
“Bokuto and Miya make me laugh too. You’ve never said anything about that.” Sakusa’s face wrinkles in distaste.
“Oh please, as if you’d ever go for those two idiots.”
“But I’d go for Meian?” Okay, maybe not that much sense. To say that this conversation is confusing you further about your predicament would be an understatement. He huffs in frustration, running his hands through his curls and sending them bouncing over his forehead.
“No! That’s not what I meant!”
“Then what do you mean?”
Something in Sakusa breaks. It fills him with what he can only describe as aggravation, like nails on a chalkboard, or silverware scraping at a plate. It hurts his ears, curdles his blood and it makes him want to run, and run, and run.
“How am I supposed to tell you that seeing that shit makes my stomach turn? That I feel like a mediocre husband because I can’t make you light up the way that another man did? That I’m so ashamed of feeling this way, when I know you fucking chose me, again and again,” he cries. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him so impassioned, so alight with fire. It’s fascinating.
“I don’t doubt your faithfulness and I don’t doubt your love. But I do doubt my ability to make you happy for the rest of your life. I can’t stand it.”
The air is still once he’s finished his little speech, as though the winds have paused to allow his whirlwind of emotions to take the stage for a few moments.
“Withdrawing from me isn’t the way to do that,” you murmur quietly.
“I know. But I didn’t know what I was supposed to say and training has been getting more rigorous, so it gave me an excuse to avoid everything since I’m hardly at home,” he says. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I let it get this bad. It’s all my fault.”
“You’re such an idiot.” Somehow, that makes him feel better. You say it so softly, tenderly, the gentle shake of your head that accompanies your words loosening his chest.
“I know,” he sighs. “I know.” Just like that, the anger drains from your taut limbs, shoulders sagging and features softening at the distress so clearly marking his face.
“Omi. Baby,” you say gently, cupping his cheeks in your hands. They’re cool on his skin, sobering. “I married you because you make me happy, and I know you’ll keep doing that. You’ve been doing it since we first met, and since then, I’ve only fallen more in love with you. No one else will ever make me feel the way that you do because when I’m with you, I’m home.”
“Are you quoting Finding Nemo?” he huffs and you giggle, pinching at his cheek.
“Thought you weren’t paying attention when we watched that?” you say teasingly.
“I wasn’t!”
“My point is,” you say, squishing his cheeks together to shut him up. “You need to talk to me about these things. Okay? I’m not going anywhere.”
He nods before removing his head from the clutches of your grasp. “How are you not mad at me anymore?”
“Oh, I’m still mad. You’ve got a lot of making up to do, Kiyoomi. I missed you, y’know.”
“Please stop saying my name like that,” he groans, hiding his face in your hair. “I hate it.”
“I thought you hated ‘Omi’?
“I only like it when you say it.” You hum thoughtfully, resting your head against his heart. “I missed you too.” Something soft presses against your scalp before his cheek makes its home there. He’s far touchier than usual, arms still tight around you as the soft whispers of wind pick up once more and wrap around you, pushing you closer together.
“Love?” he says, after a few long, comfortable moments.
“You look so dazzling tonight.” His words drip with sincerity as he pulls away, dark eyes large and glittering with honesty. He smooths his hands over your hips, squeezing gently. “I want to kiss you.”
Your fingers creep up over his shoulders and neck before threading into his silky curls, tugging him down to your level and whispering. “Kiss me then.”
Sakusa kisses you almost shyly when he bridges the gap between you, tentatively brushing his lips over yours. You push back, more firmly, more confidently than he is, and he inhales deeply, quickly settling into your familiar touch with a deep hum. Your head tilts as your mouth opens over his, kissing him long and deep before his tongue prods at your bottom lip until you give, letting it slip into your mouth to caress your own.
You taste like the dessert he couldn’t fully enjoy before, but now he’s taking the opportunity to savour the sweetness that lingers long after, intertwined with your own. He’s grasping you tighter, fingers pressing into your flesh where they rest, before he pulls back, breathing hard and flushed pink.
“Sorry,” he says hoarsely, lips shining with a mix of your spit. “I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“Can I show you?” He swallows thickly when you hum thoughtfully, batting your eyelashes up at him when your gazes meet and you finally nod. His chest loosens and his heart relaxes. The backs of his fingers brush against your cheek, petal-soft, before he surges in for another kiss.
This time, it’s fuelled by need. Desperate, hot, aching need that thrums in his veins, and it’s mussing your meticulous husband out of his usually ordered state. His lips slip against yours as he huffs shaky breaths through his nose that tickle over your cheeks. His hands are moving to slip under the flared skirt of your dress, skin warm and soft under his palms.
Sakusa’s lips draw away from your own reluctantly, choosing instead to trail hot paths over your jaw and down to your throat, mouthing at the skin and drawing a gentle sigh from between your parted lips. He’s searching, leaving no expanse of skin untouched, until he comes to the junction between your neck and shoulder and your breath stutters. There. He nips gently, sucking sweetly at the flesh and leaving it flushed when he pulls away after soothing it with a wet swipe of his tongue. Sakusa’s eyes are as dark as twilight, glittering with rapture when he pulls back to look at you with a soft smile.
All his.
Slowly, he drops to his knees, eyes never leaving yours as his hands glide higher under your skirt to grope your ass, kneading at the flesh before he ducks underneath the fabric.
“Not out here!” you gasp, squirming in his grip.
“No one will see us.” Of course, he’s right, but that doesn’t make you any less paranoid. Your balcony has been cleverly shrouded by the architecture of the hotel and the greenery that decorates it, creating a private little area for its occupants. It’s also too dim for anyone to actually see anything but a silhouette, so you could actually get away with it.
To ease your worries and to help convince you, Sakusa drags hot, wet kisses over the insides of your thighs. The sensation of his tongue and soft lips makes your body melt into his touch, and you sigh, resting one hand on his shoulder for support whilst the other grips the railing of the balcony.
“What if they do?”
“They won’t.” His nose nudges at your pussy through your lacy underwear, before he kisses you firmly, right over your clit.
“And if they hear me?” you mumble, breath hitching when he tugs the fabric to the side and licks through your slit.
“You’ll just have to be quiet then, won’t you?”
Before you can make a noise of protest, he readjusts his grip and pulls your cunt onto his face so that he can feast on you properly. He doesn’t tease, just laps at you languorously, humming contentedly into your wet flesh.
It numbs your mind, the way he savours your pussy, slowly tongue-fucking you with a deliberate precision that has you biting your lower lip in an attempt to keep quiet. But it’s difficult when his nose nuzzles against your clit, and your self control crumbles, pushing you to start grinding into his face. You’re whimpering and whining, so quietly, so desperately, that it makes Sakusa’s cock throb and strain against the zip of his trousers.
With a groan, he pulls away, breathing hard and licking absently at his lips, wet with your arousal. And then he’s surging back in, fastening his mouth over your clit this time and suckling softly, whilst two long, slender fingers slip into your hole with ease. It’s obscene, the way your hips rock so shamelessly into his mouth and fingers, the wet noises of your cunt muffled by your skirt.
“Omi,” you breathe. “More, please- fuck- more.” Impatiently, you lift your skirt where it hides him, revealing his mess of curls buried between your weakening legs. You shove your hand into the strands, tightening at the roots to try and ground yourself. You feel warm inside and out, skin prickling with pleasure that’s concentrating in your core, further and further, until you feel as if you’re going to implode.
“Omi- I’m gonna cum-“
“Cum whenever you like, I’ve got you,” he mumbles, still laser focused on your pussy. He’s insistent, pumping his fingers just a little faster, lapping at you just a little harder, until you suck in a gasp and moan long and loud as you let go. A rush of arousal dribbles out of you and coats his knuckles as he gently strokes you through your climax.
“So much for keeping quiet,” he quips, finally detaching himself from your fluttering cunt. You shiver, missing the warmth of his mouth as you lower your leg, the breeze quickly cooling your sweat-damp skin.
“Then let’s go inside,” you huff, feeling a hot flush creep up your cheeks at the thought of someone hearing you in the middle of the night. Sakusa smirks to himself before he sweeps your trembling legs out from under you, earning him a squeak of surprise.
“Let me,” he murmurs before you can protest, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as you return to the warmth and privacy of your hotel room where he lays you against the soft pillows on the bed. Clambering on after you, he hovers over you and kisses you slow and sweet. You can taste yourself on his tongue, his lips still a little sticky with your cum.
“Let me make love to you,” he whispers, fingers trailing over your shoulders before his hands slide under your body to toy with the zip of your dress. “Can I?”
You nod, raising yourself off the mattress so that he can slide your zip down and let your dress fall loose around your shoulders. You help him pull it off your frame and when he looks back up, his eyes soften with sorrow.
“You wore that for me too, didn’t you?” It’s less of a question and more of a statement, one that you nod at before taking his face into your hands and leaning up to kiss him soundly on his lips.
“I’m still wearing it for you,” you tell him quietly. Long fingers brush over the black lace that hugs your breasts, the underwear that matches still damp against your slick crotch. He sits back on his haunches, admiring you with a featherlight touch and reverent gaze.
“Can I take it off?” Your head cocks to the side, a soft sight slipping through your lips when he gives one of your tits a squeeze.
“Go ahead.” With practiced ease, he snaps open the hooks on your back, slipping the satin straps off your shoulders and discarding the garment. Just as he leans in to kiss at your chest, your hand stops him in his tracks.
“You’re a little overdressed, don’t you think?” He hums in confusion, before you tug gently on the knot of his silk tie, letting it slowly unravel in one smooth motion. He undo’s the buttons on his shirt, shrugging it off and adding it to the pile of clothes growing on the floor. His trousers and boxers are the last to go, and now he’s completely bare before you, cock still hard and weeping at the tip.
Soft pink warms his pale skin from within when your fingers brush lovingly over his dark little beauty marks. One sits just over his heart, and another at the base of his throat where his collarbones rise and dip. There’s one more on his right shoulder, and two more that sit diagonally on his stomach, leading down towards his groin.
As you always do when you take your time with one another, you lean up to press kisses to each mark, only to be pushed down gently by his palm before your lips can make contact.
“This is all for you,” he says, a little sternly. “I need you to feel how sorry I am, my love.”
He hushes any protests with a kiss, dragging them slowly down your throat and over your collarbone, trailing soft and sweet to your chest, where his tongue snakes out to tease at your nipple. Sakusa peeks up at you, dark eyes locked onto yours as he takes the hardened bud between his lips and sucks, gently nibbling as he does so.
“You’re beautiful,” he murmurs in between lapping at your chest. “So, so beautiful. Can you really blame me for getting jealous?”
Within moments, you’re squirming in his grasp again, clenching in anticipation as he mouths over the expanse of your body, pressing love into your skin with his palms and lips.
“But I’m yours Omi,” you sigh softly. “Always have been. Always will be.”
“I know,” he murmurs, before sucking the flesh of your thigh into his mouth. “You’re mine.” He keeps going, leaving flushed patches of skin in his wake. “All mine.” His thumbs hook into your underwear and he tugs off the soiled piece of cloth, dropping it into the pile before drawing himself up.
Sakusa wraps his hand around his cock, pumping slowly before he nudges the head at your slit, gathering the fresh arousal drooling from your entrance.
“Mine,” he grunts, sliding into you, snug and warm. His forearms come to rest by your head when he kisses you, licking into your mouth as he slowly starts to move inside you. Your hands find purchase on his back, hugging him to you, softly panting as he finds an agonisingly sweet rhythm.
“Missed you- fuck,” you breathe, eyes rolling back at the way he fills you so completely, over and over. “Missed this.”
He doesn’t answer, instead releasing a shuddering breath as his forehead rests against yours and he pulls you closer. His hips grind perfectly into yours, cock dragging against your walls so deliciously that you can’t help the needy moans that fill the tiny space between you.
“Omi,” you whine, “please- fuck, touch me.”
Sakusa grunts, snaking a hand down between you to rub slow little circles into your clit. “That feel good?”
There’s no rush, no chasing of pleasure, no desperation to reach your peak. Instead, you steep yourselves in each other, letting love and adoration lap at your skin. The pleasure is an addictive ebb and flow that you lose yourself in, like waves washing upon the shore, and you don’t want it to end. You want to stay in this place, suspended in this honeyed warmth.
But your body aches for release, needs to let go of the heat steadily stacking in your belly, burning so wonderfully that you arch into your husband, grasping at him more tightly.
“Baby- I’m gonna-“ you warn him, voice strained and pitching into a moan. He seals his mouth over yours as you clench around him tightly, cumming with a whimper that he exchanges with his own groan of pleasure when he quickly follows. Heat spills into you, your cunt undulating from the sensation of his cum flooding your insides. All is quiet, save for your laboured breaths, hot against your lips as you tremble and slowly come down from the aftershocks of your orgasms.
WIth his arms still wrapped around you, Sakusa shifts so that you lay chest to chest, heart to heart, still beating heavily against your ribcages. Your legs immediately tangle with his, drawing him closer, though you are already as close as two people could physically be.
“The bath in there is too big to bathe alone in,” he says after a while, voice hushed and low. “Will you join me?” You hum contemplatively.
“Will you wash my hair for me?”
“Of course.” your hand finds his, twining your fingers together before you ghost your lips over his knuckles.
“Then yes.” His eyes soften, like dark pools of warm treacle, and he breathes in sweet relief.
Tumblr media
Feedback is always appreciated 🖤
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fortheharbingers · 2 days ago
his favorite look
♤ characters: suna rintaro/gn!reader (or so i tried...)
♤ notes: unprotected sex, creampie, sex at a semi-public space (if i have to tag anything else, please remind me) (minors dni)
Tumblr media
changing room of inarizaki is empty by now, the boys' volleyball team practice having ended a while ago– save for the muffled noises coming from the back, the volume increasing with time.
suna rintarou has you pinned against the wall, your legs lifted and wrapped around him, squeezing him inside and out.
when suna invited you over to drop by their practice, he knew the two of you would end like that. with the way you've been looking at him, the eyes you've been giving him lately, it was as clear as day.
yet when you do come, and sit by the benches, eyes glued onto his sweaty form, veins popping out on his muscles, enough to see from your position, all you can do is to stare at him, mouth fallen with an expression suna would've described as 'drooling'.
you'd probably lightly punch him for it, but not after right now, no. not when you have your mouth slack open again, drool coming from one side, incohorent mumblings leaving your lips every once in a while.
suna loves the way you look at him on a daily basis but perhaps this is his favorite one yet. the absolutely fucked out expression painted on your face, eyes blank and hazy from pleasure, from the pleasure he is providing you with how deep he is inside you. hips at a constant work, building you up at a pace not quite slow but has you begging 'faster' and 'more'.
the cold, hard surface of the wall is lost to your senses by now. everything is lost, except for the way rin has you hoisted up, pressing against you until there is not even the smallest of space left, his lenght dragging in and out of you– if it wasn't for snapping his hips back into you, he'd not pull out, not even in the slightest at all.
with each snap of his hips, you feel warmer, a fire in the pit of your stomach slowly growing, and rin managing to hit just the right spot every single time, all you can muster is him.
with what's left of a willpower inside of you, you try to lean into him for a kiss, only to miss his lips by an inch. smirking at your flushed form, not even able to kiss him right, he crashes his lips to yours. rin kisses you hard, biting at your lips again and again; yet you don't even have it in you to kiss him back with the same fervor anymore, too out of it to respond back.
noticing this, he lets out a chuckle. oh how lovely you look for him, so fucked out you cannot even match his kisses anymore, though it is you who wanted it in the first place.
tightening his hold on you, he picks up his pace.
to which you can only react with your face falling onto his shoulder, with all the energy left inside of you, you start nibbling at his his skin, gently biting with your teeth. the salty taste of sweat mixed with your saliva, soon your nibbling reaches its end as well.
soon suna can feel your breathing hitching, your nails digging into his skin and you tightening around him, as if you don't want him to leave just yet. he loves how even your body wants more and more of him, never satisfied, always begging for more, a little harder, a little faster, for a little longer.
your whimpers and moans, though muffled by his shoulder, still feel heavenly to his ears. and the way you say his name like a plea, like a prayer, like he is your everything, your god in that moment– he soon finds himself reaching his high.
slamming with his entire weight back into you, his movements start to get erratic. your body desperately clingling to his, his name still spilled out of your lips like honey: 'rin, rin, rin...' he can feel your body contracting and your muscles spasming. he loves how you start to shake from pleasure for him– at his hands, with his dick inside of you, his mouth all over you; so intoxicating, really, if it was up to him, he would fuck you all day long, over and over again, your whines and filthy pleas music to his ears, tasting you until you cannot cum anymore, filling you up until his cum leaking out of you...
his face finds itself by the crook of your neck, biting down at your flushed skin.
'rin... please...' your words come out barely.
with another thrust, he brings his lips to your ear, 'go on baby, come for me.'
gripping onto his form, you let go, feeling yourself reach your orgasm, squeezing your eyes shut and tightening your legs around him. a second or so later, you hear him let out a grunt by your ear, whispering a '...fuck' and feeling him come inside you; yet contunuing to thrust, though his movements have gotten sloppy by now, prolonging his orgasm.
as the two of you slowly catch your breath, he still has you held by the wall. raising his head to meet your eyes, he leans in for another kiss, his tongue quickly entering your mouth.
by the time you can feel your breath returning to normal, he rests his forehead against yours with a small smile tugging at his bruised lips.
'you should join our practices more often.'
you let out a laugh at his words. 'yeah and not be able to walk back home? no, thank you.'
eyeing on the hickeys he left on your body, he raises a brow at your words, humming as if considering his options. 'guess i'll just have to carry you starting from now.' 'rin, no!' you're quick to respond, but the grin on your face exposes you.
'well then, should we get going?' he offers after a moment and a pout appears on your face quickly. eyes cast low, you murmur a 'don't pull out just yet.'
and who is he to deny when you request so sweetly like that?
leaning once again to your neck and the spot right under your ear, he starts biting at your skin slowly: 'don't come crying and blaming me when you can't walk tomorrow.'
Tumblr media
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savoryscribbles · a day ago
**✿❀face sitting headcanons with my fav shiraatorizawa and nekoma boys!!❀✿**
Tumblr media
request: “can i please request some face sitting headcanons for shiratorizawa and nekoma bois with a fem so? thank you!”
pairings: kenma x afab!gn!reader, kuroo x afab!gn!reader, ushijima x afab!gn!reader
tags: pussy eating, face sitting, thighs :D
warnings: fem language but no use of she/her or fem pet names
word count: 393
a/n: m'sorry, i don't really write fem!reader, but i did do afab!reader, the only difference being i didn't mention pronouns! also, sorry these are short! its really all i could come up with haha.
haikyuu masterlist | general masterlist
Tumblr media
loves it!!! he can be a bit lazy, and sometimes he just wants you close to him... so the solution? face sitting!!! loves the feeling of your thighs squishing the sides of his face, literally cant get over it
loves it so much but so shy about it too lmao
he'll walk up to you in an oversized hoodie and puppy dog eyes and be like "sit on my face pwease"
to him, face sitting = morning sex, is actually confused if you ask for anything else in the morning
also,,, wont hold you? like his hands are either at his side, behind his head, or stroking his dick. you have do to all the work, smh...
another one who loves it(tbh all three of these boys do)
much more handsy, will pull you down on him... so don't try going anywhere mk?
this is just a general pussy eating headcanon but eh, eats it like he's starving. always.
very messy too, especially when you're on top. spit everywhere, your juices all over his face, etc.
not sloppy though, very meticulous about his messiness.
askes in the weirdest times too. you both will be grocery shopping and he’ll whisper in your ear “babe wanna sit on my face?” while your literally just comparing prices of two brands.
he says he eats pussy for his pleasure, but he actually taught himself how to please you best.
but how he learned how to please you?
he made you sit there for hours!
anything that got any sort of positive reaction he keeps in the back of his head for future use
while he isn’t very vocal about how much he enjoys it, but he does, just as much as the other boys
but isn't shy about it either, like he isn't afraid to ask, cause sometimes when he comes home all tired from training, you sitting on his face is just what he needs
sometimes he holds you, sometimes he doesn't. if he is he’ll be running his hands along your sides.
to me he doesn't seem like he’d enjoy you sucking/jerking him off, i think he gets a surprisingly large amount of pleasure from pleasing you
he was a natural too, as much as i love awkward ushi not knowing how to touch you, he was just good at it from the start.
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ugh-tsumu · a day ago
[ 8:34 P.M ]
WARNING. A little bit suggestive. Read at your own risk. TIME-SKIP OIKAWA.
Tumblr media
Oikawa can only imagine the things that'd greet him the moment he sets foot in your shared space after months of being away for a match.
He's thinking of the aroma of pancakes filling the air, the stereo at the living room booming your favorite song. Depending on the day and time of that day, he'd either be greeted by a messy or tidy bedroom (it's usually messy at Fridays. the anticipation for the weekend makes you two too lazy to clean the room).
He's thinking of you jumping in glee as you run towards him for a tight hug. Or maybe you'd dramatically drop the spatula you're holding, with bits of batter all over your hands and face as you run towards him with tears pooling at the corny of your eyes.
Oikawa shakes his head. All this imagination is making him want to go home more...which won't take that long now that he's at the door, the key twisting on the hole.
"I'm home—" Oikawa was cut off by your body suddenly clashing on his.
He bursts in to laughter. He drops his luggage on the floor as your arms expertly snaked around his torso. He was about to call your name when your lips kissed his.
Oikawa's eyes widened but he did not pull away. He closes is eyes, expecting for a soft kiss. But to his surprise, your lips are fast, in haste, unable to hold still. You're hungry.
You bit his lower lip which made him part his lips for a groan. That little opening was all you needed to plunge your tongue.
Oikawa groans as he breaks the kiss, gasping for air, "Sweetheart, slow down..." He said in a mixture of gasping and chuckling.
He raises his brows as you pull him closer by the band of his jeans. You only give him a lustrous smile before hopping. As if this was all planned, Oikawa was quick to scoop your ass as your legs encircled on his waist.
You kiss Oikawa passionately, which made him close his eyes once more. Lucky for you two, he knew the way to the room as if it were the back of his hand.
"Fuck," he groaned when his toe hit the legs of the dining table. You chuckle on his ear before planting wet kisses on his jaw.
It didn't take long for Oikawa to reach the bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed, with you on his lap. The way you grind on top of him makes heat flush on his cheek and somewhere else.
Oikawa groans as he tries to stop you down by gripping your waist but this was futile. You pushed him towards the bed in which made him collapse. Oikawa's brows raised as he looks at you crawling towards his chest.
"No," you whisper on to his ear as he tried to help you unzip his letterman jacket.
He chuckles at your reprimanding. He tries to help you again which upset you. You gripped both of his hand with one hand. You guide them back to where they originally where; on top of his head.
"I said no, pretty boy," you hissed while your other hand cupped his cheeks with pressure. He can feel his gums numbing.
When you knew Oikawa wouldn't dare misbehave again, you let go of his hand and true enough, Oikawa didn't try to help you. His hands are on his head as he looks down on you, gasping in a bothered manner as you unzip him in an almost teasing way.
"Jesus Christ, sweetheart, what have you been consuming while I was away?" He said in a breathy manner in between his strained chuckles.
You eyed him and God forbid, the angle just made you a hundred times hotter.
"Fifty Shades," you said with pride as your hands expertly unbuckled his belt. You eyed him maliciously before pulling the belt away, "The trilogy."
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tonaken · 2 days ago
18+ headcanons_ HAIBA LEV
Tumblr media
FIA'S NOTE_ sooo this was requested by my beloved @highlev for her one and only Lev 😌 I tried to keep it as realistic as possible but if it’s not, feel free to consider him an ooc!Lev. Please forgive me if it took ages, life and tumblr were trying to have my head on a platter 😭, but I hope that you all enjoy I went a bit overboard hehehe
WARNINGS_ LEV HAIBA x fem!reader, smut, needless to say that he is aged up, male masturbation, porn viewing, descriptions of porn, graphic descriptions of male genitalia, mentions of light impact play (spanking, nipple slapping, cock slapping), dom/sub dynamics, switch!Lev, graphic description of male receiving oral sex, mentions of fem receiving oral sex, size kink go brrr, praise kink, a dash of toxic masculinity that melts off when he meets you
W_C_ 1.6k words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
★soooo….LEV HAIBA, the model
★Tall, fine and playful
★Very playful, but more on that later 😉
★He’s a very successful model though, always on the road: walking down a runway, posing for some fashion magazine cover or going to castings 
★And when he’s not working, he’s traveling or he’s working out 
★His life gets hectic very easily, so I imagine he has limited time for himself, relationships or sex
★When he’s stranded alone in some hotel room he likes to destress by whipping out his twitter bookmarks iykyk 👀
★He takes a warm shower and throws himself on the bed, slipping a hand under his bathrobe as he scrolls and looks for something that appeals him
★Sooo Lev is tall, meaning that it’s only obvious that he has a heavy size kink, which means that you can bet that most of his bookmarks are girls being split in half on big dicks, pussy dripping and eyes watering my clit jumped 🫣
★His big hand palms at his cock, fingers dragging along his warm shaft
★I see Lev having a really pretty dick. Long and smooth, with one greenish vein that twists to the top on the underside
★I feel like it’s also on the thinner side, but it curvessss so you know he will be hitting that sweet spot 🥴
★His thumb toys with the pink head, smearing the clear droplet of precum that buds when the girl in the video starts sucking on that huge cock she’s presented with, lips slippery and stretched out
★He starts stroking himself properly when she starts riding the lucky man, hips flicking and dropping as she moans and whines
★I feel like he wouldn't wear earphones, probably out of laziness, mostly because he doesn’t care; the volume is not that high anyways
★I also think he likes videos where the woman is rather noisy; not porn level screaming, but audible. He likes sex to sound like…sex he’s noisy too, but I will speak on that later
★But the thing he loves the most are those POV videos, where it looks like he’s doing the fucking
★He likes the ones where there’s some light manhandling, like a bit of tit or ass grabbing, a bit of hair pulling, maybe a few spanks my twin fr 🤞🏾
★And you bet that he cums instantly when she scrambles on her knees, tongue sticking out to drink all the cum she’s given
★She looks so little compared to him, and he loves the submission of the act yes he’s a dom …kinda
★He cums in his hand, a few spurts ending on his washboard abs; but if he gets too carried away, he cums on his phone screen, too lost in the moment to realize that that hot, wet mouth isn’t real, but just a bunch of pixels :(
★I see him as one of those guys who suffers from post-nut clarity, like, as soon as he wipes his screen and himself, it hits him and he feels a bit silly that he came all over himself like that
★He’s still a horndog, though, so you know he’ll be looking for another video to bust a nut to if one is not enough
★He’s generally kinda satisfied with jacking off, even if feeling some good pussy grip on him more often would probably solve all his problems that pussy got power
★Now, when he meets you, pretty little thing, he’s bricked up 🧱
★He acts like a player, trying to flirt with you with stupid pickup lines and dumb shit that just makes you giggle 
★mans thinks he’s a jokester, but you laugh just because he looks more silly than anything 🤭
★He has this little boyish smile that wins your heart over
★And he is a tree, a fine one of that bro’s gorgeous ong 😳
★It doesn’t take much for you to hit it off, and I assure you that this man’s mind is a damn swamp the whoooooole time you’re together
★You lick your lips and now he’s thinking about you sucking him off
★You touch your hair and he’s thinking about pulling on it
★You bend over and he imagines smacking that ass
★Brotha’s starving 😬
★But you’re pretty af 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾
★And when you do drop the coochie on him (whether immediately or a bit later it doesn’t matter, you do you 🥰) man’s in heaven
★Pussy tight, pussy clean, pussy fresh 💁🏾‍♀️
★I’m sure he’s a cheeky pleasure dom
★Like, he’ll make you cum nonstop, but he teases you at the same time for it he’s doing his best to not fall into a pussy-induced coma cause that pussy’s life changing 
★He’ll talk your ear off, just to stop himself from making the cutest noises ever
★He’s an ALpHa mALe 🙄  yes he listens to those podcasts, but he stops once he meets you
★He has a sweet side to him too
★You can tell when he sucks on your nipples, or when he kisses you, and even when he eats you out
★He’s so gentle with his mouth, you’d never guess that he taunts you during the whole thing 😳
★But that is usually quick-lived, because then he’s back with his usual self
★He’ll have you ride his abs, to hen tease about how desperate you are or he'll finger you with those looong digits of his before having you lose your shit on his cock <3
★He loves pushing your legs up to your ears, unable to stop plunging into you
★He didn’t know he went swimming 🤔 under the sea 🎶🧜🏻‍♀️🦞🐠🐙
★You just keep taking him in and smearing him with your cream, the same cream he will have you lick off him later 🫣
★And when you do, his knees risk to give out
★Your pink tongue looks delicious as it collects your own essence from the milky skin of his cock
★The way you suckle on the tip has his head spin
★And when you line up the seam of his ball sack he’s borderline shouting i told you he was loud
★He groans deeply when you pop one testicle in your mouth, swishing it around and drooling all over it, as your hand tugs on his dick
★His balls are a bit small, round and tucked right under the base of his cock, whether it's hot or cold wrinkly ballz 4L 🤪
★Needless to say, but you’re slobbering all over that shit 😌
★And that’s where the power dynamics switch and he’s all putty in your hands 
★There, I said it, Lev Haiba is a switch and I'LL DIE ON THIS HILL 😤
★He tries to fight it off in the beginning and I assure you that he looks so pathetic while doing so
★His face is all scrunched up and red, like if he were fighting for his LIFE
★Like broooo RELAXXXX 😂😂😂
★Tomato lookin ass 😒
★God FORBID this man makes any sus sounding noise, or else he’ll be stripped of his aLpHA status 🙄
★But once he gets comfortable, the whines that flow out of his mouth???
★They’re so soft and needy 😩
★And when he’s about to cum, he’ll be all breathy and he’ll be choking on his moans, unable to finish his sentences whewww 🫦
★And when you ride him, titties all in his face, he’s so gone that maybe a small “ma’am” could slip out BUT IDK, you didn’t hear that from me 🤷🏾‍♀️🤫🤐
★He also develops a sort of inverted size kink??
★He likes that you’re smaller than him and that he lets you have control over him 😏
★He likes it when your smaller hands grab onto his arms and pin them against his chest while you ride him
★He could push you off, but he wouldn’t dare challenge you, not with that look in your eyes 
★A good boy indeed 😌
★And remember how I said he likes a lil spank here and there?? Watch him go CRAZY over a little slap on his nipples or the head of his hard cock 🤭
★Maybe as a punishment hehe BUT WHO AM I TO SPEAK these are just SPECULATIONS, your honor 😅
★And DO NOT be afraid to tease him back 
★Sometimes Lev likes to take back his control, by being all high and mighty
★But say that you’re not having it this one time, do not hesitate to put him back in his place by giving him a taste of his medicine 😏
★And even if he looks bitter that you’re trolling him, he loves the back and forth, and, besides, he’ll forget this whole power play thing when he’ll be drooling all over your pussy, hips humping the mattress in desperation 😌
★I see him having a praise kink too
★According to canon, he proclaimed himself as Nekoma’s ace
★And then he becomes a model, getting literally PAID for looking good
★So it’s not far fetched to consider him a bit full of himself 🤷🏾‍♀️
★So why wouldn’t he want you to tell him how amazing he is when he’s balls deep inside you? 🤔
★Bonus points if you’re babying him and rewarding him for following your instructions 
★You have him cum on your tongue, but instead of being all submissive, you are giving him permission to do so, eyes low and mischievous
★You look sinful with your tongue painted in white, looking up at him as if he were the one using you
★Truth is, whether he’s in control or not, he loves how you’re always his little cumdump <3
★And best believe that you do too
Tumblr media
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!
✵Tags → @nanaminshousewife @gunnedrobin @kazutivity @butterfliesroses @berranurates @ochakoakabane @mykuronekome @cirigiri @sftbunnyy @yooniluvbot444
Tumblr media
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h-shibas · a day ago
Osamu fucking someone over the counter when closing for lunch makes me flutter, and thinking about him inviting 'Tsumu round specifically so they can both fuck them makes my brain go brr
i’m not even a ‘samu simp but the idea of pervy!boss osamu makes me feral
warnings: pervy boss!osamu, boss x employee, afab!reader, size kink, feat. pervy!atsumu
Tumblr media
well it’s no secret that osamu hired you for your tits an ass. almost everyone he had working as a cashier was solely employed for their looks. not only did good eye candy attract customers but you were there to entertain osamu when the restaurant closed.
as soon as he’s done cleaning up the kitchen and counting money, osamu’s bending you over the front counter. he needs to take out all his pent up frustration after a day of hard work. who were you to deny your boss who generously gave you this job when you needed it.
even if you didn’t feel indebted to him, as soon as osamu’s fat cock bullied it’s way into your pussy you were at his mercy. the stretch felt so good. all you could do was moan and grip on to the counter for leverage.
usually these after hour fuck sessions were just between you and osamu but occasionally you’d have a guest. after a long day of practicing, your bosses twin brother would stop by in search of snacks. atsumu wouldn’t find food but you being ducked stupid on his brother’s dick. this may have faxed him if osamu didn’t offer for him to have sloppy seconds with you when he was finished <33
Tumblr media
ask box -> thirsts
Tumblr media
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kagejima · a day ago
MA'AM i saw in your rules you don't take requests but you said you write in asks and im dyingggg to know what happened the morning after with shugo and atsumu 😫❤️
heheuhuehehue you wanna know??
you wanna know what happened after that night?
Tumblr media
you wanna know how shugo grunted deep as he came all over his stomach while he stood there in the bathroom? you wanna know how atsumu wiggled and whined after he came because his hand was all sticky and so were the sheets and he tried to quickly get himself cleaned up before shugo came back out??
you wanna know how after shugo came out of the bathroom, they both laid there in their separate beds in the hotel room, wide fucking awake bc you were still whimpering and crying and moaning in the other room bc of bo fucking you so good? you wanna know how they didn't say a single word to each other about it, they just laid there for the next hour or so with their cocks aching and weepy?
you wanna know how the next morning you were all getting your stuff in the car and bokuto had his arms wrapped around your waist from behind and was kissing your neck and the top of your head and making you giggle?? and atsumu and shugo voluntarily sat in the very back of suv because you and bo were up front and being all cute while bo was driving and held your hand with his other hand and his lips brushed across your knuckles every few minutes? and atsumu and shugo were just sitting there in the back looking out the windows and wanted to fling themselves out of the car bc all they can hear is you moaning so sweetly from last night and picturing you sweaty and naked and beautiful bouncing around and clouding their thoughts, wishing it was their huge fat fucking cocks pounding into your sweet little pussy and making you cry??
is that what you wanna know, Anon? 😘
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goldenkirstein · 4 hours ago
Ok but what about overstimulated Osamu who can’t hold his pretty moans back when you suck his balls?😊❤️ you work is amazing :)
u sent this so long ago but I haven't stopped thinking about I literally- yeah....omg
cw: smut (18+, minors dni), reader is female is called girlfriend, oral (m!receiving), exhibitionism, ball sucking, spit mention. talk of power dynamics
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is wrong.
miya osamu is a franchise owner. A respected individual in the restaurant business.
This is precisely why the scene unfolding in the bathroom of his flagship Onigiri Miya location is so, so wrong.
This is the behaviour that people expect from his brother, not from him, never from him.
So why is it then that he's standing, work shirt tucked between his teeth, doing nothing to stop you from slobbering around his cock.
Tiny grunts are slipping from between his teeth, and he knows that if he lets go of his shirt, there'll be nothing stopping the onslaught of moans he's desperately trying to hold back.
Moans which you are working so diligently to make fall from the pretty lips of your boyfriend.
You're doing everything in your might, staring up at him as if you're some innocent angel, despite your tongue gliding over the underside of his shaft.
And it's working; you're watching Osamu’s resolve crumble away slowly as he watches the mixture of spit and pre cum drip down your chin and dampen parts of the pretty sundress you wore today.
His brows furrow, and another clipped moan slip from his throat when he hears you gag around the base of his dick, sounds of slurping and sucking reverberating in the closed space.
If anyone walked by, he would be done for. So why isn't he stopping you?
He could make a pathetic attempt to end this, pull you off of him, try to disguise his hardened cock in his tight pants the best he could, and manage to close for the night without attracting too much attention.
But there is a dirty part of him that secretly loves this. Loves that nothing is stopping anyone from stumbling into the bathroom to see him standing there, cock down your throat.
And the thing is, he knows you love it too.
Osamu sees it when you pull off his dick, smiling and laughing gently before kissing the leaking tip. He also sees it when you bat your lashes up at him while your fingers slip under the dress's straps to pull it under your tits.
Every part of you was made for him.
When you stick out your tongue again and kitten lick his tip, he lets out another muffled groan, but his eyes practically roll back into their sockets when he sees you working your way down his to his heavy balls.
The shirt tucked between his teeth is doing little to conceal his moans, not that the obscene noises from the bathroom were ever discrete.
His shirt finally falls when he feels your hot tongue swipe at the seam of his balls, and he lets out a pitchy moan.
This is what you were waiting for, what you had been building up to. You take one of his balls into your mouth and suck ever so gently and watch as Osamu lets out another pretty noise while his lashes flutter shut.
He’s leaning on the bathroom door while you switch between laving the underside of his cock and his sensitive balls. He looks so pretty, lips parted, as his whimpers fill the room. His hips jerk ever so lightly cock twitching as his orgasm builds.
It’s so messy, his balls being covered with your drool, all slippery and slick as your tongue and lips take the time to worship every inch of Osamu's sensitive skin. You can’t help but moan around one of them, tongue swirling around his balls.
The vibrations have him panting; he’s not like this usually, not this lewd or noisy; no, you’re the one who is at his mercy most of the time, but with the way he’s groaning, your name might have him reconsidering that dynamic.
Osamu’s hands make their way to his cock, fisting his shaft while watching you work his balls. He’s so close, his hips are fucking into his hands, and your hands have to hold onto his thighs to steady him against the bathroom floor.
You remove yourself from his scrotum, just as Osamu cums. Broken sobs of pleasure fall from his lips as he rides through his orgasm, body shuddering as thick spurts of his cum drip out the pretty tip of his dick. His load lands on your chin and exposed tits, slowly dribbling down your neck and chest.
When the last of it shoots out his cock, Osamu lets out a shaky breath and swipes his thumb across your chin, collecting his seed, before pushing it inside your lips to clean.
He laughs then, a little from the rush of endorphins flooding his senses but mostly from disbelief of what he just did.
“I wasn’t too loud, right?”
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pupkou · 5 hours ago
“double trouble!”
Tumblr media
description: dominant sakusa + submissive atsumu miya + submissive, gender neutral, brat reader. implied petplay elements (reader is called puppy but the dynamic does not go further than this unless you’d like to imagine it). sakusa is called “sir”. threesome. oral (reader receiving). humiliation. atsumu teases you and is a menace /affectionate. orgasm denial and control (edging). slightly mean, but soft sakusa. mean, competitive sub atsumu. mentions of punishment and rewards. word count: 1.4k. based on: this ask from @henry-espionage​. thank you for the thoughts <3 reposted!
Tumblr media
“can you get the lube out of the drawer please, atsumu?” kiyoomi asks, but atsumu knows it’s to be taken as a command. atsumu knows this (and everything else) because kiyoomi has taught him exactly how he expects him to behave, and atsumu knows exactly what good or bad behavior will bring him in the end. kiyoomi is always clear with his pets; that way no one can claim that he’s ever been anything but perfectly fair.
be sure to read warnings thoroughly. minors, do not interact.
your head lies on a pillow that’s set on kiyoomi’s lightly clothed lap while the rest of you lies on your back naked in front of him, needing desperately to be touched. he’s only wearing a pair of tight black boxers and a gray t shirt to keep him warm, and the pillow is set both for your comfort and to prevent you from teasing him by moving your head back against his cock.
“yes, sir,” atsumu replies thoughtlessly, his obedience earned through the years they’ve spent together. he gets up off of the bed-- where he was lying on his tummy between your thighs and makes his way to the bedside table, rifling through kiyoomi’s previously organized drawer to find the lube. he does so quickly and places it in kiyoomi’s hand delicately, smiling shyly as he waits for the praise he’s learned to anticipate.
“thank you, sweetheart,” kiyoomi praises, and atsumu melts a little before collecting himself and making his way back to the bed where he was instructed to stay. kiyoomi continues, “once you’re comfortable, you can start what we discussed earlier, okay atsumu?”
“atsumu?” atsumu whines.
“i'm sorry, my love,” kiyoomi reaches over you to pet atsumu’s head before correcting himself, “you can start what we discussed earlier, okay?”
“hmm,” atsumu smiles, pleased. “yes, sir. thank you.”
atsumu wiggles a little against the bed to make himself comfortable (or is it to make you wait longer for whatever they’d discussed?), and eventually settles in his place between your thighs, which are bare and covered in goosebumps from the cool air. atsumu soothes his hands up and down your thighs, petting at your hips and lower tummy as he presses kisses in his hand’s path, double loving on you-- and youre not sure if you hate it or love it.
knowing that they’re both watching you like hawks to gauge every twitch and clench of a muscle and every catch and break of a breath is a lot of pressure, and of course, kiyoomi notices and breaks in.
“relax, puppy,” he murmurs against your hairline, kissing it gently. atsumu continues his work of petting, rubbing, and kissing your body but never going exactly where you want him. kiyoomi hums, “don’t worry so much, i'll make sure atsumu gives you everything you asked for when we talked about this earlier, and then if things go well and you want to continue, i'll reward you.”
“okay,” you manage, flinching a little when atsumu gets particularly close to your sex.
“start now, ‘tsumu,” kiyoomi instructs. atsumu lies one more kiss on your hip before moving his mouth finally to your sex, kissing it soft where it’s sensitive before taking you into his mouth, lapping at you with his tongue and sucking as much of you into his mouth as he can take. kiyoomi traces his long, thin fingers across your shoulders and chest, but does not give any attention to your nipples, instead allowing atsumu to give you every ounce of pleasure you’re being given.
“good boy, atsumu,” kiyoomi praises. “see how their thigh is twitching? that means you’re doing well.”
you whimper at how kiyoomi talks about you like you can’t hear him, staring up at him with eyes that beg him to make you feel good too, to give you some more friction since you’re sitting so still and not being so fussy that he needs to intervene to discipline you. he doesn’t make eye contact with you, instead focusing on where atsumu’s mouth meets your sex as his fingers brush against your skin so lightly you can barely feel their cold drag.
“pl-please,” you whimper. “omi, please.”
“yes?” he answers, letting atsumu continue servicing you sloppily and eagerly, letting his spit run down your thighs.
“need to cum, please. m’not gonna be able to hold it, tsumu’s too much,” you shudder with every flick of atsumu’s tongue against your sensitivity, and kiyoomi chuckles as he watches.
“well he’s not supposed to go easy on you, i told him to try and make you cum even though you’re not supposed to.”
atsumu nods and hums an mhm against your sex, not relenting a bit.
you feel your eyes start to well up with tears, but you swallow before speaking again, “so tsumu’s supposed to be making me feel good enough to cum like normal, but m’not allowed to cum?”
“that’s right.”
“well how am i supposed to know when to stop?”
kiyoomi laughs a little, “you don’t have to worry about knowing anything, puppy. you don’t have a choice, really, so it’s not your concern when to not cum as long as you don’t cum.”
“but that’s.. that’s so mean, sir,” you cry, both legs twitching thanks to atsumu’s devilish mouth against you.
atsumu takes his mouth off of you with a wet pop to say, “s mean? s that why you’re twitchin’ on my tongue every he says somethin’ to ya?”
“shut up, atsumu!” you cry out. “at least m’not cryin’ like you do!”
kiyoomi gasps at your outburst, halting the hand that pet your cheek to grab your chin steadily, but not so hard as to hurt you.
“that’s no way to speak to someone who’s doing his best to make you cum. apologize, now,” he commands, a dark look in his eyes. atsumu just stares at you smugly from between your legs, batting his eyelashes as he basks in your humiliating misbehavior that you now have to apologize for.
“i'm sorry, atsumu.” you say monotonously.
kiyoomi asks, “do you accept their apology, atsumu?”
“not even a little,” he fakes offense. “didn’t sound genuine ta me.”
you sigh in frustration, pushing yourself off of kiyoomi’s lap so you’re sitting up and you can make eye contact with atsumu properly.
“i'm sorry, atsumu. i shouldn’t have talked to you like that, especially when youre making me feel so good,” you brat sarcastically.
“how was that?” kiyoomi asks again.
“s’better, but i think i'll just take out my pain on this right here,” atsumu says, putting his mouth back on you and not waiting a moment to get right back into the momentum he had before, pushing you rapidly toward the edge of the orgasm you aren’t allowed to have.
and it’s close, it’s so close, but atsumu’s mouth is skilled and mean and spiteful as he pleasures you, and he keeps you right on that edge with every push and pull of pleasure. you hold your breath and shut your eyes tight, legs shaking in atsumu’s grip, and right as you start to clench up to stop yourself from cumming, kiyoomi speaks.
“stop, atsumu.”
you keep shaking and twitching in atsumu’s arms, and you roll your head in kiyoomi’s lap in disbelief that he’d just taken that from you--that he was really serious about not letting you cum so soon.
“what’re you sayin’ no to?” atsumu says brashly. “ya think that was the only time yer gonna hafta hold back today? shows how much you know,”
“what?” you say, teary eyes searching kiyoomi’s face for an answer to what atsumu could possibly mean by that because atsumu couldn’t be serious, surely he’s just teasing you to make you cry.
kiyoomi nods, “that was just the first of three, angel. you have two more to go.”
“and if ya can last that long, omi told me what we’re gonna do to ya and it--”
“enough,” kiyoomi hushes, raising a hand to silence him. “they’ll find out what their reward is if they earn it. don’t spoil the surprise, atsumu.”
“m’sorry, sir,” atsumu blushes, looking at his lap. “just got too excited.”
“no, you were trying to show off that you know more than them,” kiyoomi corrects him. “and i can’t have you getting too cocky, so be good and quiet, please.”
atsumu just nods in response, shifting against the mattress to relieve the pressure that had built up thanks to kiyoomi’s instruction, and kiyoomi smiles at him knowingly, pleased at his obedience and eagerness to let himself fall under kiyoomi’s spell.
“now,” kiyoomi murmurs, addressing you finally, “are you ready for number two?”
Tumblr media
please reblog if you enjoyed this </3
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bykii · 2 hours ago
➴ 7:18 am | minors dni 18+ content
you let out a whimper into your pillow as your boyfriend pulls you in closer. your back against his chest as you lay on your sides. iwaizumi pushes deeper into you, trying to fit his whole length. "f-fuck," he stutters. his hand trails down your side to reach the underside of your thigh, lifting it up a bit to gain more access. his cock presses right against your sweet spot, making you squeal at the feeling. "there you go, pretty girl. taking me so well."
he began to slowly pump into you, pressing kisses all along your neck. you whine at the stretch of your cunt as he moved. your hands landing on the sheets in front of you, gripping tightly. "h-h-haji," you say sleepily. "m-more please."
"such a good girl, using your words," he praised. gradually he began to pick up his pace, reaching a decent speed. his thick cock rubbed against your velvety walls so nicely. your juices began to coat his member, making lewd noises. "gonna make you cum, make you feel good, pretty."
he lifts up your leg more, giving him more wiggle room to move inside you. pushing deeper, the tip of his cock just barely grazed your cervix. you let out another whine as he continued to fuck your tight hole.
"haji~" you moaned. iwa presses kisses along your neck, just before sucking on your supple skin. pulling away to admire the new marks littered across your nape. "i l-love you~"
"i love you more," he huffs. his strokes were rough yet so precise despite it being early in the morning. "this pretty pussy of yours? it's- it's all mine. and this cock that's filling you up, it's all yours. n-no one can make you feel as good as i do." he stutters his words as he pounds into you.
"f-fuck!" you moan as he hits your spot. "ri-right there!"
"fuck- don't squeeze like that- i'll cum if you-" iwaizumi is cut off by your loud squeal in response to him pumping you full. your walls tighten up on him, making him groan into your ear.
your juices began to leak down your thigh and onto the sheets beneath you. the lewd noises filled the room, your cheeks glowing red from the sounds. his hand held up your leg, now pounding you as fast as he could. "haji, 'm gonna- gonna-" you babbled.
"cum for me pretty girl," he says, pressing a kiss into your shoulder. "that's it, cum baby."
"f-fuck~" you moaned as you reached your high. iwa's breath stuttered as he himself was reaching his orgasm. his strokes were sloppy, his hand tightened on your thigh as he pumped his final few hits. "a-ah~ fuck~" his cock fills your pussy full of his seed, carefully pulling out. he slowly brings down your leg, allowing your body to calm down.
you rolled over to look at iwaizumi, who was trying to catch his breath. you smiled at him softly, your hands move up to cup his cheeks. you littered his face with kisses as he settles into your touch. his hands trail down your curves to lay on your hips. "g'morning haji," you giggled.
"good morning, my beautiful girl," he smiled, placing his lips on yours.
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hyeque · 2 months ago
crush me like a butterfly [nsfw]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: beefy men using their weight to their advantage during sex
Notes: I learned that wonho is less beefy than bokuto, atsumu and others and I haven’t been the same since. Just eagerly horny to be crushed, like please sit on me.
Featuring: bokuto, atsumu, ushijima, daichi, osamu, suna
warnings: fem body parts, public sex, handcuffing, MAJOR breeding kink, manhandling, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
suna who fucks you up against the wall of the janitor’s closet. you’re the manager for his team and have been in a secret relationship for the past few weeks. it’s safe to say that the sexual tension between you two had increased overtime. most of the time it was the cause of you doing innocent things like bending over, chewing on your bottom lip, laughing at something someone said or the worst, touching another player as you help them. suna is notorious for getting jealous and in result fucking the shit out of you. you have your legs around his waist, his hips are doing most of the grunt work out of anger. not only are they holding you up but their movement causes rin’s fat tip to hit up against your gspot every time. your eyes roll back in your head and before you can let out a moan, the middle blocker shoves two of his fingers in your mouth. “look at you, acting like a bitch in heat around my cock right now. if you can’t shut the fuck up ill give you a reason to be loud.” he hissed, pressing more of his weight into you. but it doesn’t matter how quiet you are, not when anyone within a 20 foot radius could hear his fat balls clapping against your ass and the ‘thump thump’ of the door…
atsumu who drags you both to the rooms at the victory village to test out the beds durability…and your flexibility. you’re there for gymnastics, he’s there for volleyball. the minute he got alone time in the room without any of his roommates, he didn’t hesitate to tear off your clothes and his. next thing you know you’re folded over in a mating press, your boyfriend pounding your cunt. you’re a bawling mess as his pace doesn’t let up and your breathing is restricted because of his weight. if atsumu is one thing, he is thick. his muscular thighs hug your sides, caging your body. the place where both of your bodies meet is obscenely messy. there’s a loud squelch from every time the faux blond pulls out and he can’t help but crave more of it. he wants you be entirely ruined for him. and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. he’s going to go for as long as it takes to break you. “you can take more can’t ya angel? gotta see just how good these beds are…and how far i can spread these pretty legs.”
ushijima who batters your pussy with his absolute fat rod of a cock. the ace hadn’t used his full strength in the past but when you begged him to, saying that you could ‘handle’ it, you really didn’t know what you were signing up for. currently he has you laid out for him pretty on the bed, hips pounding your ass and causing your whole body to move up the bed each time. “t-toshi, slow down…” you whine, trying to grab his forearm but failing. he only takes your hands and pins them down to the bed, his hulking figure smothering yours as he readjusts his hips to move at a faster pace. a shrill cry escapes you as you lay there, unable to do anything but take it all. the ace tsks at your whining and shakes his head. “you asked for this love. you said you could handle it so that’s what you’re going to do. you’re going to be a good girl for me and take it all. got it?”
bokuto who absolutely lost it when he saw you holding your friend’s baby at a party you two went to. he can’t help but imagine you pregnant with his child and how cute you would look. that night when you both got home, he pushed you both into the bedroom and shut the door. bokuto pulls off your bottoms before removing his own. he strokes himself and whines when his hands come in contact with his sensitive balls. the man is just about ready to burst. he hooks your legs around his waist, instructing you to lock your legs together. the first time he pumps his load into you, there’s an animalistic look in his golden eyes as he feels your cunt milk him so well. he has you laying on your stomach, his weight basically on top of you as he drills into your pussy again and again. the best you can do is hold onto his arms and listen to his grunts. the poor baby has overstimulated himself for so long that he has both of you shaking. “i’m sorry baby, can’t help it…need to make sure that i fuck a baby into you by tonight. i can’t wait any longer-ha, you’re going to look so beautiful carrying our babies…my babies. you’ll give me a whole volleyball team, right? they’re going to look so cute…”
hate fucking with osamu. you’re business rivals and your relationship has never been the best. there is constant bickering and criticism of food ideas and recipes, often getting the better of you two. but one thing neither one of you two could admit was the underlying sexual tension that’s there. so one day when he sees you flirting chatting with another restaurant owner, one that you happen to be on way better terms with than him, he snaps. osamu marches over to your restaurant and drags you into his own, not caring that he interrupted your conversation. you sputter and complain the entire time, calling him an ‘asshole’ and a ‘human with no decent respect’. but as soon as he’s in his office he shreds your clothes before he fucks you over a chair near the window. he presses your bare body against the glass. “not so talkative now, are ya?” he breathes into your ear. “yer such a slut, anyone could walk by and see ya like this and you’d like it, wouldn’t ya?” he pushes your tits against the transparent surface, groaning when your plush ass grinds back on his cock. you whimper in response, the pressure too much but he only pins your hands above so they can’t move. “aht aht baby, you take what i give ya.”osamu really hopes that the man can see how well he fucks you and that he’s the only one who can make you feel this good.
daichi who handcuffs your wrists so you can’t move or touch him as part of your ‘punishment’. currently he fucks you from behind, his strokes slow and deep. each time he fully thrusts back in you feel yourself coming close to release but then daichi deprives you of it by pulling away. you whine, your hand itching to grab ahold of his thick thighs to bounce yourself back on him. “what’s wrong, baby?” he asks, thrusting into you for the umpteenth time. “want more, dai. want your cock.” “but that’s what i’m giving you right now, right? i’m being a lot nicer than i should be aren’t i? maybe if you ask politely i’ll let up on your punishment.” he doesn’t have to tell you twice. “please fuck me harder, i’ve been good m’deserve it! i promise i’ll be on my best behavior!” you plea, trying to back into his touch. he chuckles before he yanks back your tied up wrists so you’re pressed flush to his chest. he swiftly grabs ahold of your thighs before pinning you under him. police training has really paid off, huh? next thing you know daichi is bullying your cunt, his pace unruly. there’s nowhere for you to go or budge. instead of begging for more you’re now begging him to slow down. your thighs cramp from where he holds you in place and you hear him snicker. “but this is what you wanted, right? this is what you were begging for? my cock? i don’t think criminals get to decide what they don’t or do get and when.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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loveazumane · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hq smut visuals (msby edition)
featuring: hinata, atsumu, sakusa, and bokuto
warning! nsft twitter links , fem!bodied reader
Tumblr media
— hinata
[ link ] moans when he fucks you bc he wants you to know how good ur pussy is
[ link ] he fucks you between ur thighs for the first time when u want to try something new
— bokuto
[ link ] he tries to be as gentle as possible with u when making love but he can’t help it when u feel so fucking good and loses control from time to time
[ link ] fucks you with his big breeder balls
[ link ] watching u play with ur clit while he fucks u makes him cum fast :(
— atsumu
[ link ] eats ur pussy like a starving man before he starts fucking you
[ link ] he still intends to fuck u after he cums
— sakusa
[ link ] strictly licks ur clit because he loves the noises u make
[ link ] doesn’t mind letting u ride him even tho he’s already cum. he’s strong enough to take it
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wakatshi · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wakatoshi who’s so pussy drunk and unable to control himself anymore…… a man like him using all that raw strength to fuck your precious little pussy because you got him hypnotized. he gets a better view when your legs are pinned back and you look gorgeous under the weight of his muscular body. he’s obsessed. embarrassingly enough. bewitched— to previously unknown, yet curious extents. whatever spell you put on him, it’s working. he doesn’t say a word but is he vocal.. wakatoshi doesn’t shy away anymore, several grunts escape his mouth. he’s been trying. and trying. and trying too hard, poor baby. keeping his mouth shut, lips sealed tightly, breathing heavily—god knows why he’s been hiding his voice and muffled moans, they echoed inside of him for too long.
his very own reactions shock wakatoshi. something’s happening. it’s you. your pussy taking his dick so well, the warmth, it’s melting him. you look at your boyfriend and see a disorientated man. frenzied, balls deep inside your cunt, too immersed to be aware of how messy his thrusts are and how terribly chaotic he’s behaving. holding onto your legs for dear life, they’re both on his shoulders now, he’s kissed them a few times. you smell so sweet when he’s about to make you climax, the scent of sex and the perfume you always wear. you’re not better at containing yourself either. it’s evidently what gets him turned on even more. your moans, the slow arch of your back, your fingers rubbing against your clit when your hand is shaking. your eyes roll awaiting orgasm, sex with a man as strong as wakatoshi is overwhelmingly good. you’re gone too, you got lost as much as wakatoshi while he’s fucking your cunt.
“mine.. this. i want you to be mine.”
you are at fault for this.
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babietopia · a month ago
❝ post match celebration ❞ — bokuto kōtarō x f!reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
contains ; semi-public sex , needy / rough sex , cunnilingus , lots of praise + dirty talk , multiple orgasms , very light degradation , breeding / creampie .
wc ; 1379 .
note ; completely and utterly self-indulgent …. basically wintarō canon made into an x reader fic hehe <333 rb’s + comments greatly appreciated !!
Tumblr media
the locker room is eerily quiet as you enter, the rest of the athletes already heading out for the post match celebration while you tip-toe around in search of your boyfriend. “kou? where are–”
bokuto cuts you off with heated kiss, cupping your face with his massive hands and shoving his tongue into your mouth. he smells faintly of sweat and his skin is damp and cold, the remnants of a cold shower lingering.
his hands quickly wander from your cheeks to your neck, down to your chest where he yanks down the flimsy fabric of your top to expose your tits. rough fingers pinch and pull at your nipples, rolling the bud between them, making you moan into bokuto’s mouth.
he pulls away for a moment, allowing you both to catch your breath before he’s attacking your neck, littering it with tiny little bite marks and hickies.
“what-what’s wrong?” you choke out, head spinning as his hot mouth gets closer to your tits. he refuses to answer, wrapping his lips around your nipple and swirling his tongue around the hard bud.
“nothing's wrong,” bokuto mumbles on your skin, dragging his lips from one nipple to the other. “‘m jus’ really horny.”
his rough hands trail down your sides, slipping under your skirt and slowly pulling your panties down your shaky legs. he gets about halfway down your calves before ripping them straight in half.
you whine in protest, mumbling about how those were one of your favorites! but bokuto doesn’t seem to care in the slightest, pressing you up against the cold lockers and settling between your legs, keeping them apart with his broad shoulders.
“i’ll buy you new ones.”
he spreads your slick folds with his thumbs, exposing your messy cunt to his hungry gaze. your face burns in embarrasment– despite the countless times he’s done this, it’s still such a shock.
“prettiest fuckin’ pussy,” bokuto mumbles in a daze, pressing his nose to your pubic bone and inhaling deeply. “‘s sweet, too.”
“kōtarō!” you squeak, covering your face with your trembling hands.
bokuto presses the pad of his thumb right on your swollen clit, rubbing slow circles and watching in awe as your pussy drools before his eyes. he leans in, sticking his tongue out and licks a stripe from your quivering hole up to his thumb and then back down again.
he continues teasing you for what feels like hours, keeping the same pace with his thumb as he slowly licks your folds, dipping his tongue into your wet heat every so often and flicking the muscle upwards, catching your sweet spot with the tip before pulling it out again.
“kōta– ah! kou, please!” you beg, lacing your fingers through his hair and pulling his face closer, grinding your hips down at the same time, covering his chin in your slick.
bokuto wraps his lips around your clit and hums, amused by your adorable display of desperation. he knows what you want, to be filled, but he’s too wrapped up in your sweet taste to do anything but continue lapping at your messy cunt.
he feels your legs begin to shake, threatening to give out at any second so he wraps your thighs around his head, supporting your weight on his shoulders and reaches up to hold your waist to keep you steady.
the familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching washes over you, like a rubber band threatening to snap while bokuto keeps his relentless pace. “i’m– ‘m gonna-”
“mmmhm” he hums again, sliding his hands up from your waist to your tits, squeezing the soft flesh in his hands before pinching your nipples, tugging at the sensitive buds. the additional sensation is enough to send you over the edge, throwing your head back against the lockers and crying out a mess of profanities and whines as bokuto guides you through your high.
he pulls away from your sensitive cunt, chin glistening with your cum. he smiles dumbly at you, turning his head to place wet kisses along your inner thighs. strong arms wrap around your waist as he stands up, pressing his body against yours.
“‘m not done with you yet.”
and then he’s flipping you around, your front pressed up against the lockers. just as you turn your head, you see your boyfriend spit into his palm and reach down to spread his saliva over the head of his throbbing cock.
“please, please, please,” you beg shamelessly, arching your back to present yourself to him and bokuto lets out an animalistic groan at the sight of you begging for his cock like this.
he doesn’t make you wait long, lining up his cock with your dripping hole and pressing into you gently, letting your tight heat get used to his fat length.
“fuuuuuuuuck,” bokuto moans as your pussy quivers around him. “there’s my fuckin’ girl.”
he lands a firm spank on your ass, loud enough to echo in the empty locker room and you whine at the prospect of someone finding you like this– bent over, ass bare, pussy stuffed.. you’d be lying if you said it didn’t turn you on even more.
“feels good baby?” bokuto hums, leaning down to whisper directly into your ear. he’s gauging your comfort, if you’re enjoying this, if it hurts, if you want him to stop.
“y-yeah,” you breathe out in response as bokuto bottoms out, his damp skin pressed against your heated back making you shiver. “move p-please..”
bokuto grins and grips your hips tighter, pulling out halfway before slamming his hips back into yours with so much force your head spins. he sets a brutally quick pace, pounding into you while he mumbles nonsensical filth into your ear.
“pussy’s so fuckin good”
“squeezin’ my cock just right baby”
“gonna fill you up, gonna cum deep in this fuckin pussy, just how you like it”
that last one sends you flying into your second orgasm, every muscle in your body clenching but bokuto keeps his same pace, fucking you through it.
“there you go, there’s my good girl.” bokuto praises, moving his hands from your hips to your tits, squeezing the flesh in his palms before pinching your nipples.
“so good, so good kou!” your whine is pathetic, a high pitched mockery of your voice.
“i know you’re not done yet, greedy little thing.”
and he’s right, you aren’t. but neither is he.
bokuto leans back and grabs your hips, keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground while he starts elongating his strokes, angling his hips upwards with each one, all while pulling your hips back to meet his quick, brutal thrusts.
each one feels like it’s knocking the wind out of you, in the best way possible. another orgasm starts building in your tummy, getting closer and closer with every bump of your sensitive spots.
“close again baby?” bokuto beams, “my dirty girl.” his ability to talk normally while keeping his same pace never fails to amaze you (or turn you on), because you’re barely able to form coherent sentences the second his cock touches your pussy.
bokuto bends his knees slightly and starts thrusting harder as you pathetically cling to the cold metal of the lockers. the new angle allows his heavy balls to slap against your clit from the sheer force of his thrusts, and you’re not even able to form words as a warning, not that you really need to. he can feel the way your pussy clenches so hard it’s like you’re trying to milk him dry, the way your breathing stills and your head tilts back to expose your neck.
“good girl, good girl, that’s it baby- keep cumming for me,”
bokuto follows shortly after, thrusting as deep as he can, hot ropes of cum filling your womb with his seed. the two of you stay like that for a while, his arm wrapped around your middle to keep you upright while the other holds the top of the locker to keep himself standing on wobbly feet, cock still buried inside of your poor battered pussy.
“i love you, kou.” you whisper between breaths.
“i love you too-“
the sound of the locker room door opening makes both of you freeze.
“locker rooms close in 5 minutes!”
Tumblr media
@loisuke , @kovjiro , @erosology , @tomotoa , @strawb3rry-gal , @lambro , @blueburr (couldn’t tag you !! ☹︎)
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kaedehcrying · a month ago
+ dumbification (ish), gn reader
Big, snarky men who lie comfortably on their back and watch as you struggle to take their cock, who feed you disingenuous words of encouragement, "c'mon, you can do it, pretty thing, you were so confident a moment ago!" He doesn't pull his gaze away from yours, "or are you so cock stupid that you need me to make you feel good?"
Big, snarky men who watch you move — licking their lips at the way they stretch your hole, listening to the moans you're trying to hide, watching you slowly gain confidence as you ride them before they suddenly decide they're done being passive,
Big, snarky men who snap their hips and catch you by surprise, who pull you down on their cock and revel in the way your eyes widen, who wait patiently for you to find your words while they fuck you stupid, "ah, doesn't that feel better?" He gasps when your hips give out, "just relax, you're clearly too dumb to do this yourself."
Daichi, KUROO, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Osamu, Ukai, Sugawara, Kita (in my mind), MATSUKAWA‼️
Kaeya, Tartaglia, Kazuha (listen), Ayato, Thoma <33
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