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#hq smut
minifuyu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
does the “oh fuck” moan when they cum
- ken , ran , baji , katsuki , izuku , kiri , sero , iwaizumi , daichi , kita , aran , suna , ushijima , shoyo , todou , getou , gojo , insouke , sanemi , rengoku , uzui , childe , kaeya , thoma ,
Tumblr media
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hajiholic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: perv!bokuto, female reader, slight voyeurism, pregnancy kink, breeding kink, mention of female and male receiving oral, overstimulation, age gap (reader is in her 20s and bokuto is in his late 40s), masturbation (male and female)
notes: @gumipawz thank you sm for sending this to me🥺 this is a re-upload from my old blog but i did edit it a little bit, but yeah. i hope you guys enjoy:)
Tumblr media
dilf!koutaro who moves into the apartment next to yours ‘n your breath hitches when you see him moving boxes around. his shirt hugging his biceps tightly and a pair of gray sweatpants hanging loosely around his hips, an outline around his cock that you’re so desperately trying not to stare at. hair with varying tones of gray, scruff along his jaw and beautiful golden eyes. you’re so flustered when he sees you staring at him and comes over to introduce himself.
dilf!koutaro, who towers over you, thinks you’re the cutest little thing when you sputter out your name. who smirks when you get all red because he went to shake your hand. who can’t help but look down your very low cut shirt to see that you’re not even wearing a bra. who wants to kiss your puffy pink lips. who feels his knees getting weak at your big, innocent eyes looking up at him as you shyly welcome him to the building. who knows that it’s completely inappropriate for him to look at a girl who’s half his age the way he looks at you but just can’t help it, not when you get so flustered every time you see him.
dilf!koutaro who melts when you come over to bring freshly baked cookies wearing the shortest skirt he’s ever seen. who invites you in for a cup of coffee and smiles when you let out a shaky okay. whose eyes drop down to the soft, supple skin of your thighs when you fiddle with the the hem of your skirt. who nearly combusts when you bend over to pick up the lip gloss that fell onto the ground and gives him a perfect view of your baby pink panties and your ass in the air. who has to use all of his will power not to shove your panties to the side and shove his tongue into your core.
dilf!koutaro who hears you touching yourself through the thin apartment walls. hears all your little moans, whines, and whimpers, even the little please that leaves your mouth. who can tell you’re trying to keep yourself quiet but you just can’t. who imagines what you look like with two fingers shoved inside your pretty pussy and thrusts your hips up to your hand, desperately trying to get off on your own. with tears forming at your lash line as you whine and thrash around on your bed. and when you finally do cum, boy, is it music to kou’s ears. the sounds that come out of your mouth are angelic, the prettiest things that kou has ever heard.
dilf!koutaro who finds himself stroking his cock to the thought of fucking you, of completely ruining with you. to the thought of having you on your knees with watery eyes as you gag on his cock. to the thought of having you sit on his face and your juices dripping down the sides of his chin as he makes you cum over and over again. to the thought of having you in a mating press and listening to you babble about how good he’s making you feel. of feeling your warm walls around him. who can’t help but overstimulate himself, rubbing his cock raw because the idea of cumming over and over again inside your pretty little cunt makes him feral.
dilf!koutaro who cums so much when he thinks about breeding you, of becoming a dad again. of seeing your cute figure all round and pregnant with his baby. of filling you full of his cum and then pulling out to see it spill out of you, only to push it back inside your slick because he doesn’t wanna waste it. who can’t get the idea of making you his pretty little housewife out of his head.
dilf!koutaro who knows he should feel guilty about thinking about you in this way, but he can’t bring himself to care when you show up on his doorstep with tears in your eyes and your bottom lip trembling at one in the morning because the guy who took you home couldn’t make you cum. who throws all logic out the window when you plead for his help and tell him you think about him when you touch yourself at night. who drags you into his apartment and throws you on his bed with the hungry eyes, absolutely ready to ravage you.
Tumblr media
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bratinc · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
+ scenario. 341 words.
+ warnings. crack, suggestive content.
+ contains. various.
+ various. re-upload ‘cause this is still hilarious to me.
Tumblr media
the real life version of 😐, just gives you a blank stare before throwing you over their shoulder and carrying you to their bedroom while grumbling, ‘not moanable name my ass’
— daichi, ukai, tanaka, futakuchi, yamamoto, iwaizumi, atsumu
grabs your chin and makes you look up at them and says, ‘not moanable, hm? guess i’ll have to make you scream it then’ like a smooth motherfucker
— kuroo, kyoutani, tendou, ushijima, aran, akaashi, daishou
cue the cocky grin as they slip their arms around your waist and pull you closer to whisper in your ear, ‘you can always call me other things in bed, sweetheart. master.. daddy?’
— oikawa, sugawara, terushima, kita (says it bluntly)
gets butt ass hurt and they literally have such an obvious pout on their face because why would you even say that to them??
— nishinoya, bokuto, hinata, kageyama, asahi, lev, yaku, goshiki, yahaba, yamaguchi, hoshiumi, aone, koganegawa
uno reverses the insult because they’re petty, probably says something like, ‘and you think you do?’
— suna, mattsun, kenma, tsukishima, shirabu, kunimi, konoha, sakusa, osamu
Tumblr media
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nozomiasl · 2 days ago
Haikyū!! men with piercings.
Tumblr media
With : Oikawa, Suna, Bokuto, Terushima, Asahi, Kuroo, Daichi, the Miya twins. (x fem! Reader).
Genre : Nsfw.
Warnings : Cunnilingus. Vaginal penetration. Mention of blowjob. Choking.
A/N : Here's my HQ's version of my BSD men with piercings. Thanks also to my dear babies who helped me guess who had what. (@semisgroupie / @kentimestwo / @angeldlust ). I enjoyed this thing maybe TOO much ♡♡. ALSO! Terushima was, without surprise, in all of them :')).
English isn't my first language and not proofread, I was too impatient to post it!
wc : ~1,300.
Tumblr media
• Tongue piercing :
He actually got it a while ago, before you two even met. He thought it matched his energy, and he definitely knew girls would like it. He almost forgets it sometimes, but the way you're in awe each time you see it is a funny way for him to remember how much you love it, and how obsessed you are whenever he eats you out.
"Oh god. Fuck!" Your thighs were trapping him, but none of you really cared. The way he was suffocating on your pussy would actually have been the perfect way to go, but not before he made you cum. His eyes flickered to your chest raising heavily with each pant you let out, and the way your mouth was parted, his name on your tongue on repeat like a broken record, it made him go feral. To see you so vulnerable only because of his tongue. 
"Hmm. Seems like you enjoy it more than I do, baby. Makes you feel good huh?" He rested his face on your inner thigh, his fingers dancing on your naked stomach as he licked your juices off his lips, his metallic piercing on display for a good second. 
He was driving you crazy, indeed. The way it felt against your clit was an amazing sensation, something you could never get tired of. You knew he was a good kisser already, his jewellery definitely adding something to your lewd make out sessions, but damn, this was always better than the last time. The way his tongue lapped at your arousal, the way the cold metal -now warm- was teasing your bundle of nerves. It brought you many times over the edge extremely quickly.
One of your hands was holding the headboard hard, knuckles turning white, while the other was tangled in his hair, tugging at it not so softly.
"More… please."
"Hm? Aren't you a needy lil thing. Guess I could give you that, though." Licking your inner thigh all the way to your cunt, the piercing bringing a foreign sensation to your core, he smirked against your skin before making out with your pussy, knowing full well how his tongue piercing was more that a plus to your sex sessions. He definitely didn't regret getting it, and he loved how weak you were for him and his little accessory. 
Moaning louder than before when he applied more pressure flattening his tongue on your clit, you could feel the coil ready to snap in your belly, and with your legs shaking, you came undone under him, his tongue now full of your juices, his chin glistening with your cum. 
As he crawled back to your face, licking you all the way from your belly button to your neck, he kissed you deeply afterwards, forcing his tongue in your mouth, the tip of yours teasing automatically the metal.
"I should try to find something bigger, maybe it'll make you cum faster next time, yeah?"
-> Rintarō Suna, YUUJI TERUSHIMA, Atsumu Miya.
• Dick piercings (Frenum and Lorum) :
He doesn't know why he got it. He was probably drunk when he got pierced, because he actually doesn't have any memories of it, or maybe because he fainted?
But now? One of the things he's the most proud of. Definitely loves to examine it, and he also knows how horny you get whenever he sends you videos of him jerking off, his thumb teasing the piercing(s). Yeah it has been painful, but it was so fucking worth it. Especially if he has both of them. The lorum one teases your clit each time he pulls you to him, while the frenum drags along your gummy walls. Double stimulation, something you and him seem to enjoy.
-without even talking about how you avenge yourself with your tongue each time you have him fuck your throat. He's obsessed with it.-
"Don't deny it. I know you're addicted to my dick, pretty. Who couldn't ? I am as well." His elbow was supporting his weight as he thrusted inside you. You were too fucked out to actually give him a proper answer, drool running down from the corner of your mouth. Your tits were pressed against his chest, and the way his cock was making you feel was indescribable. 
"F-fuck. Harder, please!"
He chuckled, surprised you could even speak. Kissing you softly on the lips while making your whole body bounces with each hard thrust of his hips, he hummed, his free hand wrapping around your throat, squeezing it softly.
"Whatever my sweet girl wants." 
Looking between the two of you, where you were connected, he bit his lip. His piercing was coated with your juices. 
You were delirious, definitely. The piercings were hitting everywhere they should, the frenum abusing your g-spot while the lorum bullied your clit. You never felt that good with anyone else before.
"Gonna cum- I'm!! Ngh!!"
He followed not too long after, and burying his head in your neck, his hand on your tit, he left a single kiss there before lifting himself off you.
"I wanna see if you can cum only by cockwarming me. I'm sure you can. I have trust in my sweet baby. You're such a good girl, of course you will."
-> TETSURO KUROO, Yuuji Terushima, Tooru Oikawa, Osamu Miya, Koutarou Bokuto, Sawamura Daichi, Rintarō Suna.
• Nipples piercing (one or both) :
He doesn't know why he did that. He regrets deeply, feels like it's ridiculous and extremely ugly. He hates how his jersey shows them each time he wears it -which is often since he plays a lot- but you were the one convincing him to keep them. Something about 'being hot and sexy'. He doesn't see how you could think that, but he doesn't mind keeping them if it's for you. However, it made him extremely sensitive there, which he distasted as well since you're always taking advantage of it by pinching it whenever he's being annoying to you, and it always works.
"I kinda like knowing you're too sensitive here. That way I know exactly what to do in order to tease you, baby."
His dick was deeply buried inside of you, and your mouth was latched to his nipples. His pretty nipples. Your tongue swirled around the jewellery, loving it so much it could make you cum on the spot. You were moaning loudly, but his low grunts sent waves of pleasure to your pussy, and bouncing on his cock harder than before, you let your thumb and index take care of his nipples as you tossed your head back. 
His hands were on your butt, helping you by bringing you down on his hard length, balls slapping your ass each time you went down, juices spilling everywhere on his abs and your thighs. You knew you were near your end, but so was he. Pushing him down, his back hitting the mattress, you slowed your hips and only rolled them softly in circular motions while you bent and caught a nipple in your mouth again. 
His fingers tangled in your hair as he let out a loud hiss. He hated how well you knew him and his body, and he hated how you could switch the tables so easily with those piercings of his. One of your hands found his jaw while the other moved to his balls. It felt so good for the both of you, and with one last move of your hips, you moaned in his chest, your tongue playing with the piercing while he groaned loudly, hot spurts of cum filling you up.
"I can't wait till you get yours pierced too, I'm sure we're gonna have fun then."
-> TOORU OIKAWA, YUUJI TERUSHIMA, Azumane Asahi, Koutarou Bokuto.
Tumblr media
Tagging : @hours-of-eros (YOU ASKED?) @mitsuxii (only because of Oikawa ehe).
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keijism · 2 days ago
written with semi, toru, suga, kuroo, akaashi, and omi in mind, but obvs you can apply this to whoever you want :]
your fav, who fucks you like this to loosen you up after a particularly long and stressful day... has you squirting all over his tongue and cock over, and over, and over. he knows he's pushing you past your limits with the way your body's trembling underneath him, with the way you're clawing at his biceps, with the way tears don't stop gushing over your lash line. your body's had enough, but you can't seem to stop begging him for more, more, more; to which he gladly obliges, coaxing your juices out of you with the slightest of movements.
"c'mon, i know you can give me another one... yeah, that's it- just like that,"
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inarizahki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[KITATOBER — 7 — somnophilia]
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, somnophilia, dubcon, blood
a/n: teef
Tumblr media
your body feels heavier than normal when you stir. 
it’s not just the usual feeling of exhaustion weighing down your limbs though. no, there’s something...more. you ache all over, a strange but familiar pain twinging in your neck, though not unpleasantly. there’s a throbbing between your thighs too, accompanied by something hot and thick and hard pistoning in and out of your...
your breathing, previously so deep and steady, stutters. your mind’s hazy—still not yet freed from the confines of your sleep—but you know that feeling. panic spikes through you at the realization that someone’s on top of you. a distressed noise bubbles up in your throat, and you clench down instinctively on the intrusion deep inside your cunt. 
“shhh,” a voice murmurs, low and pleasant in your ear, soothing you almost instantly because you recognize it. your brief struggle subsided, your eyes fluttering open to meet crimson irises, the shade in stark contrast to the normal, soft amber color you always find yourself getting lost in. it’s not the first time you’ve woken to this, to him taking what he needs. he knows he’s allowed, that he’s the only one who gets to have you like this, but something’s different this time. he seems so much...hungrier.
“S-Shin...ah...please,” you whisper hoarsely, unsure of what exactly you’re begging for. the sheets wrinkle where your fingers fist them into your hands. Kita silences you again, this time sealing his lips against yours to swallow your whimpers in a kiss that sears through you to your very core even though his skin is so much cooler than yours. the taste of something metallic meets your tongue when he coaxes your lips open with his. his hips slow, rocking into yours rhythmically, thumb stroking your hipbone.
“good girl...takin’ me so well...”
there’s a wetness between your legs, dripping out of your cunt and pooling onto the mattress. you wonder how long he’s been at it, how many times he found his pleasure in your wet heat, how much he had taken from you and how much he had given. when he pulls back from your lips, you can see the look in his eyes- it’s filled with lust and hunger. it’s a little wild. 
your thighs tremble around Kita’s hips, squeezing his sides and drawing out a smile from him. and when you take a shaky breath, tilting your head to the side, the smile turns into something much more...ravenous.
he ducks his head and the pain in your neck returns in full force, a soft moan slipping out of you when his teeth piercing your soft skin. the double set of fangs hurt, but only briefly because the sensation soon melts into pleasure. you can hear him sucking your blood into his mouth, swallowing. you clench around the cock inside you at the thought of being so helpless under him, just something for him to feed from even though you know he doesn’t see you as just a meal.
“you taste so sweet...almost...” Kita’s voice, normally so composed and serene, sounds hushed yet frenzied. heat rushes through your cheeks when you feel cool fingers slip down to press against your clit, “almost as good as down here.”
it’s all too much for you, the feeling of his hips grinding into yours, the pressure against your clit and folds, and teeth sinking into your neck once again. you fall over the edge with a broken cry, back arching and muscles spasming. you feel like you’re going to black out, and you don’t know if it’s because of how hard you came or if it’s because of how much blood you’ve lost. or both.
“close your eyes.” Kita must notice that you’re fading out of consciousness because he kisses your cheek, voice going a little unsteady as he continues thrusting into your twitching cunt. “go back to sleep, love...i’ll take care of you...”
you’re not sure how you’re supposed to do that when you feel his lips latch onto your neck again, his hips rolling into yours, his cum dripping down your thighs. you can’t fathom how he’s not sated yet; it feels like he’s been using your body for hours.
“...jus’ need a little bit more first.”
Tumblr media
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kissmeomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
he couldn’t get enough, so omi would just keep buying you pieces for your lingerie collection. he loved the way lace hugged your curves, so he’d sit there and admire you in it. he pulls you closer, lips settling between your breasts. he trailed soft kisses up to your neck, before pulling on the very thin black to release your tit. omi kisses and sucks as his other hand moves down to rub at your clit through your panties. he loves every noise you make for him and praises you constantly.
“always sound so pretty for me,” he mutters against your flushed skin. “always so good.”
and omi would play with you until you were soaked through, rutting against his hand, and whining til your voice cracks. so he’d sit back, watching you with a somewhat dazed expression as he watches you take all of him. he has to restrain himself from thrusting up into you, as you roll your hips into his. you just feel so good and he’s insatiable.
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
hq boys that casually ask "you okay baby? yeah?" with a smug smirk on their face as if their fingers aren't knuckles deep inside of you <3
Tumblr media
iwaizumi + oikawa + atsumu + osamu + suna + daichi + hinata + sugawara + tanaka + kuroo + sakusa + terushima + tendou
Tumblr media
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saintmanjiro · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, blow jobs, hand jobs, ball sucking
Tumblr media
bokuto just doesn’t know how pretty he is, you conclude. he parades around in gray sweats like that, shirtless with his hair down, and he has absolutely zero regard to your feelings, paying no mind to how your legs are squeezed together, how you just can’t pay attention to the movie he’s excitedly watching, nuzzling closer to your side as he plants a kiss to your head here and there.
no, he doesn’t know, and you’ve decided you have to change that.
“kou, let go,” you shuffle out of his grip, making a pout curl on his lips.
“why, baby—” he’s cut off by you planting yourself on his lap, hands laying on his bare chest as you attach your lips to his neck, right under his ear.
“you wore these sweatpants on purpose,” you pout against his ear, sucking on his neck as your clothed heat grinds against his, making him exhale shakily. his hands find your waist, helping you move to his liking.
“these are my comfy sweats,” he insists through groans, moving his hips in synch with yours. the movies long forgotten, and all you want to do is show bokuto just how pretty you really think he is. his dick hardens as you grind against him, yet the friction is too little for his taste. crawling off his lap and falling between his legs, you tug at his waistband, smiling when he lifts his hips up and lets you pull off his sweats and boxers in one go. his cock stands tall, pre cum oozing from the tip as he stares down at you through lust filled eyes. pressing hot kisses up his length, you suck lightly on his tip, making him let out a soft groan.
“you’re gonna need new comfy sweats, kou,” you murmur, latching onto a heavy ball, sucking on it as your hand pumps his thick length, making his head fall against the couch. his biceps flex as he grabs the edge of the cushion, knuckles white from his grip. you stroke him faster, swirling your tongue over the round of his ball, making his hips jerk as he groans out your name.
“y/n, fuck,” he curses, whimpering when your thumb rubs over his head in circles. “ngh—fuck, baby,” he whines, and your hand squeezes tighter around the base of his shaft, twisting around his length and gliding over his head.
“feels good, princess,” he moans, hair sticking to his forehead as it dampens in sweat, his hand moving to the back of your head, keeping you in place. his breath grows erratic at each suck of his swollen balls, chest heaving with each pant he lets out, shaky whines falling past his lips when you switch from one to the other, your free hand fondling the neglected one to keep him stimulated. his eyes are scrunched shut tightly, lips parted open as small whines of your name escape them with each flick of your wrist.
you can feel his orgasm approaching, the way his cock pulses in your hand, twitching slightly as his abs clench.
“princess,” he groans. “‘m gonna cum. f-fuck, keep doing that.” his thighs shake and before you know it, bokuto’s crying out your name as thick spurts of cum shoot from his tip. you gently release the heavy sacs from your mouth, moving to take in his length as he cums, hallowing your cheeks and sucking him through his orgasm. he whines, jerking his hips to thrust into your mouth.
“f-fuck, baby—shit, feels good,” he praises, whimpering when your tongue swirls over his tip. there’s too much cum to swallow at once, leaking past your lips and down your chin, but you suck his length anyway, trying to catch as much as you can. he whimpers as his peak ends, whining at the last few hallows of your cheeks before you pop off, looking up at him innocently.
reaching over, he collects a few drops of cum from your chin, pushing them back into your mouth. you swallow happily, and he grins, pulling you onto his lap.
“baby, i don’t want new sweats,” he smirks, kissing your lips as his hands cup your tits, squeezing them gently. “these are my favorite now.”
Tumblr media
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meiansmistress · a day ago
day 3: rough sex | tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei x fem!reader, 1.1k, nsfw (18+, mdni) requested by @hisvillainess warnings: rough sex (obv), hair pulling, lack of prep, degradation (reader is called a whore twice)
Asellus' 2022 Follower's Event Masterpost
Tumblr media
Tsukishima knows it’s not your fault. His weekend work trip was absolute shit: the museum they visited was a disaster, a kid from a group threw up on the shoes you bought him for his birthday last year, and his boss kept him way later than promised because of his penchant for getting shitfaced at the worst times. The final straw is when he walks into the apartment to the smell of dinner, and you only pop your head out of the kitchen, smile and welcome him home, then disappear inside again.
Anger spikes in his gut at the dismissal. You can’t even come out and greet him? Can’t even give him a kiss or welcome him home with a hug? You know what a crappy weekend he had because he told you all about it over text messages, so where is his comfort?
He throws his bag down, not caring that it slams against the wall, jerking at the knot on his tie. The two drinks he had at dinner course through his veins, spiking a heat that can’t be quenched. He’ll show you that you should have paid attention to him, using the way he knows you both love.
“Kei! Here, try—”
The saucy spoon in your hand gets thrown into the sink, and you’re haphazardly pushed against it with barely a movement. You squeak, catching yourself before you can fall over, giving him the perfect opportunity to jerk your hips back until you’re perpendicular to the sink.
“H-hey, Kei!”
“Shut up,” he spits, clawing at your pants until you’re naked from the waist down and your breasts are pressed up against the side of the sink. “I know you fucking want it.”
“The sauce,” you try to breathe, but he won’t let you. His body presses tight against your side, spitting in his hand then wandering down your backside to your cunt to cup it from behind. You gasp when he massages then forces a finger inside. You aren’t very wet but that doesn’t stop him from thrusting anyway, another finger finding your clit to rub harsh circles.
“Slow down,” you whine, but your hips are already moving back against the quick thrusts of his hand as he adds another finger.
“That’s not what a whore like you wants,” he growls, cock already hard and pressing against his work slacks. God, he can’t wait to fuck you and remind you who you belong to, three days of aggression ready to be thrust into your tight pussy. “You’ll take anything I give you because you’re so fucking desperate.”
“No.” Your whiny whimper betrays you, just like your circling hips as you grind back into him and the feeling of his fingers all over your cunt.
“Liar,” he sneers, ripping his now wet fingers from you to move behind you. He quickly undoes his slacks and pulls his clothes down enough to pull out his cock, covering it with his spit before lining it up with your entrance. “I’ll show you what whores get when they lie.”
Usually he gives you time to adjust to his long length, but not this time. When you finally take all of him, he starts slamming into you, fingers gripping your hips hard enough to make you gasp. It’s rough—rougher than he normally is, that’s for sure, but by the way you scratch at the metal of the sink and moan, you like it. Tsukishima trails one hand up your back, fingers digging into the back of your hair and jerking until you’re arching off the counter. It allows him to hit deeper, and you cry out, one hand coming back to grope for his thigh.
“You’re so fucking needy,” he laughs, heavy and breathless as he pants. “I shouldn’t even let you cum. I don’t think you deserve it.”
“I do!” You immediately answer, practically sobbing with how hard and deep he’s hitting you, the sound of your nails on the sink and his skin slapping against yours ringing in the kitchen. “Please let me, I’ll be good, I promise.”
“Hm,” is all he answers, tugging your hair one more time to keep you upright. With the other he snakes down to your cunt again, finding your clit and pressing down. You jerk against him, thighs trembling with both the pleasure and effort to keep the position, and based on the way you clench around him, you’re about to blow. He’s right there with you, cock pulsing and balls tightening as he continues to fuck you into the counter, tugging your hair over and over until your moans are all he can hear.
There’s a sharp gasp of his name and you’re tumbling, crying out as your orgasm hits hard. You squeeze him so tightly that he grunts, fucking you through it until you’re boneless against the counter. He lets go of your hair then, grabbing onto your hips so he can chase his own orgasm. When it hits, the sound he makes is a mix of a grunt and groan, thrusting a few times until he stills completely, emptying himself into you.
You fight to catch your breath, whimpering when he pulls from you and some of his cum drips onto the tiled floor. His flaccid cock is covered in your mixed juices, and when you turn around, there’s a happy flush on your cheeks but a playful annoyed scowl on your lips.
“You could have kissed me first.”
“That’s what I should say to you,” he grumbles, grabbing a few paper towels to clean himself up when he realizes the stove is still on. “Oh, shit.”
“My sauce!” You cry indignantly, smacking his shoulder as the pan still bubbles even without the heat on. “If it’s burnt, you’re buying dinner.”
“Whatever. Just clean up.”
“Don’t you want a kiss first?” You grin, puckering your lips for him and shimmying closer. “Since you were so annoyed you didn’t get any attention earlier.”
“That’s not it,” he argues, but it’s half-hearted because he knows you saw right through him. After so long together, you always do. You always know how he’s feeling, even if his communication isn’t the best and he uses other means to get his feelings out.
“I missed you, Kei,” you giggle as you lean forward to kiss him. He kisses you once, twice, three times like your usual ritual, and then you’re pushing at his shoulders. “Now go clean up before you ruin the rest of dinner.”
He grumbles about unfair treatment on his way to the bathroom, pretending he isn’t trying to hide his smile the whole way there.
Tumblr media
tagging: @amarinthe, @erinoikawa, @betheydochaos, @lovelyunholyc, @miyarinrin, @quanyeon, @tehehebri, @meanshiggy, @bakarinnie, @theoriginaleclipse, @rinsangel, @jojowantstocry, @kellyyween, @sunaspillowprincess, @kittycatkrissa, @darth-papi, @scentedflower, @crystal-lilac, @inarizaki-manager, @TheHaplessFrog, @pazumane, @rosesandtoshi, @luna-vitae-suae, @ebiharachan, @crapimahuman, @savantsoulfinder, @Animehero666, @chaotic-fangirl-blog, @callmeraids
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lace-bun · a day ago
their kinks → multifandom
Tumblr media
including; haikyuu!! men, bnha men, jjk men
warnings; hair pulling, daddy kink, implied pussy eating
a/n; my hottie iwaizumi is included ♥︎
Tumblr media
→ hair pulling, simply tangling your fingers into their hair with his throaty groans echoing around the room. he was fucking you deliciously. watching your face contort to cry out in ecstasy. especially when he eats you out, hearing your bodies pretty sounds just for him.
— iwaizumi hajime, choso, kuroō tetsuro, osamu miya, toji fushiguro, atsumu miya, yamaguchi tadashi, asahi azumane, todoroki shoto, shigaraki tomura, kageyama tobio, hinata shoyou, hanamakki takihiro
→ calling his name, voice becoming hoarse from his name being repeated over and over. never enough because everything feels too good, too much. leaving you sobbing and drenched for more. whining and crying out with mixed moans. the filthy sound of skin slapping leaves you both breathless with lust.
— oikawa torū, gojo satorū, ushijima wakatoshi, nanami kentō, daichi sawamura, yuji terushima, nishinoya yuū, kirishima eijirou, kaminari denki, kita shinsuke, akaashi keiji, izuku midoriya, itadori yuji
→ daddy, just say that. beg for him, your daddy. the one that can please you all the time. anyday. words like “only i can make you feel this good.” the daddy that makes you look at him when you cum, just to watch you come undone before him. he knows you love it, don’t be a brat and let daddy please you.
— sero hanta, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro, bakugo katsuki, dabi, geto suguru, matsukawa issei
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solarchuu · a day ago
/slaps the table
gimme more pegging videos
/puts money in it
BAE SO SORRY,, i do not have peg vids anymore i kinda stopped watching porn of men in general </3
I DO HAVE SOME SUBBY VIDS THO i hope these r ok i really do not want to look anymore lol
link, link, link, link
i hope that is good hehe <3
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renaissansse · 2 days ago
spare us some spicy Sakusa hc please 🤲
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is low-key a heavy swearer in the bedroom. Every little thing you do, you hear a small “Fuck,” leaving his lips, him not even realising that he’s said it. And it’s strange, because Kiyoomi is not big on swearing, but whenever you are in steamy situations and you do something he just likes, yanking his hair, licking his earlobe, tracing your hands down his pecks and abs, cupping his cock and squeezing his ass - he cannot control himself and he releases a set of sounds, “Fucking Jesus”; “Goddamn”; “Holy Christ,” that make you go into a crazied frenzy, which in turn fuels Kiyoomi’s habits of dragging the sky down, on his knees in front of him, building him to be hard, big and leaking pre-cum, giving a twitch when you lick the roof of his mouth. He is also a very impatient man, and when he feels that he is entirely done with foreplay, he does not wait any second before making you full and on edge, while he huffs another “Damn princess, you’re so warm,” before sending you to walk a path of hell, your tits bouncing while he drills into your pussy and tries to forget that it is still a bit to early to go to paradise.
Tumblr media
send a character for a thirst / smut headcanon
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valentioz · a day ago
» 7:18 am | minors dni 18+ content
you let out a whimper into your pillow as your boyfriend pulls you in closer. your back against his as you lay on your sides. iwaizumi pushes deeper into you, trying to fit his whole length. "f-fuck," he stutters. his hand trails down your side to reach the underside of your thigh, lifting it up a bit to gain more access. his cock presses right against your sweet spot, making you squeal at the feeling. "there you go, pretty girl. taking me so well."
he began to slowly pump into you, pressing kisses all along your neck. you whine at the stretch of your cunt as he moved. your hands landing on the sheets in front of you, gripping tightly. "h-h-haji," you say sleepily. "m-more please."
"such a good girl, using your words," he praised. gradually he began to pick up his pace, reaching a decent speed. his thick cock rubbed against your velvety walls so nicely. your juices began to coat his member, making lewd noises. "gonna make you cum, make you feel good, pretty."
he lifts up your leg more, giving him more wiggle room to move inside you. pushing deeper, the tip of his cock just barely grazed your cervix. you let out another whine as he continued to fuck your tight hole.
"haji~" you moaned. iwa presses kisses along your neck, just before sucking on your supple skin. pulling away to admire the new marks littered across your nape. "i l-love you~"
"i love you more," he huffs. his strokes were rough yet so precise despite it being early in the morning. "this pretty pussy of yours? it's- it's all mine. and this cock that's filling you up, it's all yours. n-no one can make you feel as good as i do." he stutters his words as he pounds into you.
"f-fuck!" you moan as he hits your spot. "ri-right there!"
"fuck- don't squeeze like that- i'll cum if you-" iwaizumi is cut off by your loud squeal in response to him pumping you full. your walls tighten up on him, making him groan into your ear.
your juices began to leak down your thigh and onto the sheets beneath you. the lewd noises filled the room, your cheeks glowing red from the sounds. his hand held up your leg, now pounding you as fast as he could. "haji, 'm gonna- gonna-" you babbled.
"cum for me pretty girl," he says, pressing a kiss into your shoulder. "that's it, cum baby."
"f-fuck~" you moaned as you reached your high. iwa's breath stuttered as he himself was reaching his orgasm. his strokes were sloppy, his hand tightened on your thigh as he pumped his final few hits. "a-ah~ fuck~" his cock fills your pussy full of his seed, carefully pulling out. he slowly brings down your leg, allowing your body to calm down.
you rolled over to look at iwaizumi, who was trying to catch his breath. you smiled at him softly, your hands move up to cup his cheeks. you littered his face with kisses as he settles into your touch. his hands trail down your curves to lay on your hips. "g'morning haji," you giggled.
"good morning, my beautiful girl," he smiled, placing his lips on yours.
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kabuukicho · a day ago
birthday smut for me and akaashi 🥰
Tumblr media
"enjoying your birthday so far?" akaashi asks against your neck, his hands skipping beneath your top and lacy bra—something he'd raised his eyebrows at when his fingers drifted over the tell-tale texture of lace—palming your breasts.
you laugh. "mmhmm," you respond, eyes drifting to the clock mounted on the far wall of your room. "almost your birthday, soon, too. twenty, twenty-one minutes."
"still your birthday," he murmurs affectionately. you're making out on his bed, back against the sheets as akaashi hovers over you. "wait, i'll—"
you nod, pushing up to sit so he can tug your shirt up and over your head. he's straddling your thighs, eyes taking in the lingerie you'd worn underneath. "is this my present?"
"one of," you answer cheekily, hand coming up to latch onto his nape and pull him in for a kiss.
"i like the sound of that," he groans, then kneels up to slip off his own shirt.
"you're so sexy," you whine, fingers drifting over his torso. leaning forward, you place a kiss on the spot right above his stomach. "akaashi, god. i can't stand you."
he laughs and pushes you back, fingers already undoing your jeans and tugging them away from your hips. "well, it's my birthday in a few minutes," he says, "so bear with me just for a little bit."
your push your legs up to the air to help him get your bottoms off, and once they're bare, you hook one knee against his shoulder. "still my birthday," you grin. "if you would please."
he smiles down at you, tossing your jeans to the side and bringing one hand to stroke the rapidly dampening fabric in between your legs. "want my mouth?"
"it'll do for now," you tease, and he darts down to kiss you.
"i love you," he whispers against your face, "happy birthday." you pull him down for another deep, searing kiss.
he kisses down your body, softly and deliberately, hunching over your hips and pressing a kiss to your panties. "so soaked," he remarks. "i turn you on, huh?"
you adjust your leg and brush against his own erection. "guess that makes two of us."
he smiles as he gets on his stomach, pushing your legs apart. "fuck," he groans, taking in the smell. "i always love the way you smell."
"i heard the way i taste is pretty good, too," you quip, and he laughs, tugging away your panties to reveal your shiny pink center. you squirm beneath his hold. "keiji, please. i want your mouth."
"can't deny the birthday girl," he says, before closing his eyes and pressing his tongue against your slit.
your back arches off the bed and you let out a full-bodied sigh, hips rocking against his face as he eats you out with fervor. your eyes slide shut, enjoying the sensation. he's so attentive to you, thumb brushing against your clit as his tongue slips into you, going so far as to lick your asshole to heighten the experience.
it strikes you as completely unfair that he's so, so good at this.
"keiji," you moan when he moves his tongue to your clit, and squeal when he slips one finger into you. "keiji!"
"you taste so good," he murmurs. "it's unfair."
you let out a breath and reach for his head. "babe," you exhale shakily. "babe."
"hmm?" he hums against your center.
"happy birthday," you greet, smiling to the ceiling.
his hand stills within you and his head turns. the clock reads 12:01.
"oh," he says. "thank you." after kissing the inside of one of your thighs, he pushes himself up off the bed and undoes his jeans.
you push yourself up to your elbows. "need help?"
"later," he tells you, cock bobbing in the air as he pushes his jeans off his legs. he crawls back on the bed and kisses you, warm and deep. "can i get my present now?"
you giggle and kiss him again. "anytime you want."
he smiles with ample affection and helps you tug off your panties, settling you so your legs rest over his thighs, completely exposed to him. "you look beautiful," he says with sincerity, pumping his cock with one hand.
you bite your lip and reach up to cup his face. "happy birthday, my love."
you feel the blunt head of his cock line up against your needy pussy, and he slowly pushes in. keiji isn't ridiculously huge, but he's sizeable for you. it also probably doesn't help that you are very tight—so much so that sex hurt sometimes, but it was something that your boyfriend and love of your life had taken great patient strides in understanding, and in adjusting.
"fuck," he groans, hands falling on either side of you to anchor himself as he pushes himself inside. "fuck."
"oh my god," you whimper, biting your lip. it's a little uncomfortable, still, despite the prep.
one of his hands comes to rub your arm. "does it hurt?"
you shake your head, but it looks pained. "don't stop, please."
he nods and powers through, and soon enough you're taking as much of him as you can. not all the way, but more than enough.
he falls so his forehead presses against yours. "you feel amazing," he breathes. "tell me—" he swallows, "tell me when i can move."
you nod shakily, taking a few deep breaths. "i'm—akaashi, i'm okay."
you nod again. "yeah. please, i want you to move."
he nods and takes in a breath, pushing himself up. his palms land on the bed, on either side of your shoulders, and his hips start to move.
slow, slow, slow, like the ocean against the shore on an easy early morning. it's keiji's way of helping you adjust to the movement, and your nerves and tension dissipates while your heart swells with affection.
your hand comes up to hold onto his arm. "i can take it, baby," you tell him earnestly. "please? i want you to fuck me."
he groans. "fuck, i—" he takes a shaky breath and readjusts, pushing his knees forward and pulling you flush against him. he kisses you and looks into your eyes. "i love you."
"i love you," you assure, and he takes that as his cue to thrust.
it's more forceful, more wanting, and so, so, so good. "ah, keiji," you whine, gripping the sheets as he pistons into your slick cunt. "fuck!"
"baby," he breathes, voice shaky from effort. "baby, touch your clit."
"what?" you ask, a little dazed, voice lilting at his thrusts.
"touch yourself for me," he almost begs, leaning back to pry one of your legs further open, giving him more access to push into you. "please, my love."
you follow dutifully, fingers drifting to your clit, nearly crying out in pleasure. "it feels so good," you whimper.
"good girl," he grunts, and the praise makes pleasure shoot through you. you unintentionally clench around your boyfriend's cock, and he nearly yells.
"fuck, it's so good," he bites out, thrusting harder into you. "you're so good, you're so good—"
"keiji," you gasp, nearly losing your mind.
"i'm gonna come," he grunts out in between thrusts, "i can't—"
"please," you beg, "inside, inside—"
grabbing both your ankles and pushing himself back to hold you wide open, he thrusts into you with screwed shut eyes. "yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, fuck yes—fuck—!"
his whole body shakes as he cums, hips thrusting jerkily as he pours his seed into you. the warmth that spills inside of you is enough to trigger your own orgasm, moaning loudly as your torso arches off the bed, eyes rolling back into your head.
heaving in exhaustion, keiji falls into bed next to you, adjusting so he doesn't have to pull out. "you okay, my love?" he asks, pulling you close.
you nod, tired, cuddled to his side. "yeah," you exhale, breathing deeply. you kiss his sweaty collar. "happy birthday."
he breathes out a laugh and hugs you, and you don't even care that you're both sweaty and gross. "happy birthday," he greets back earnestly, kissing your forehead.
Tumblr media
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minifuyu · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
- fucks his fist to the thought of you. feels kinda really bad about it, but inevitably ends up doing it again. can’t look you in the eye for a few days after. loves the way you say his name a little too much, always having to sneak off for quickies in the nearest bathroom each time he hears his name slip from your lips and sees your eyes looking up at him so sweetly. soft utters of your name leak out from his mouth as they paint their hand sticky white, the reality of their deed sinking in as their post orgasm bliss fizzles out. cleaning themselves up they vow to never do it again, until next time.
-. iwaizumi, daichi, asahi, tanaka, kyotani, goshiki, kuroo, semi, aran, kita, osamu, akaashi, matsukawa
- shamelessly fucks his fist to the thought of you. thinks about it each time he look at you. moans your name pathetically loud when they do. doesn’t feel bad at all. sometimes grinds down into his bedsheets as he’s texting/calling you. can’t wait till the day he can bury himself deep inside you instead of using his hand, is quite literally counting down the days. he won’t necessarily be explicit about his want for you but he definitely doesn’t try to hide it either. he doesn’t even try to hide his gaze as he stares at you either, eyes practically undressing you right there and then. it’s almost like he wants you to call him out on it, to finally give him a reason to come clean and get the chance to make his dreams come true.
-. atsumu, shoyo, kenma, sugawara, oikawa, terushima, yamaguchi, ushijima, tendou, suna, kageyama, koganegawa, hanamaki, bokuto
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malibusmoke · 2 days ago
Camboy Kenma × Male Reader
Tumblr media
note: If Kenma was going to act like a little slut, then you would just have to treat him like one
tw: vouyerism, exhibitionism, dub-con, throat fucking, slight dacryphilia, dirty talk, feminisation, sex toy, NSFW, pet names, Top!Male!Reader, Bottom!Kenma
You were tired, working hard for hours, your body covered in scrapes from practice. You walked towards your flat, stretching lightly. It was evening, just beginning to get dark, and you missed your boyfriend.
You stepped into your apartment and shut the door behind you, opting to phone Kenma straight away. The phone buzzed, once, twice, three times. Strange, you thought to yourself. Kenma always picks up quickly, especially if it’s from you.
You sigh and place it down as it goes to voicemail, walking to your bedroom. You were pent up, and if Kenma wasn’t going to help you, then you’d have to sort it out yourself.
Opening the laptop from your discarded school bag, you flick open to a new tab. Needing to find something quickly you opened up the first website on the search page. Scrolling through the streams you noticed that they were all pretty amatuer; your eyes settled on one in particular, “BBb0y”.
A man, seated on the edge of a bed. A too-large sweatshirt was hanging off his slim frame, showing off both of his collar bones. It wasn't long enough to cover his underwear, lacy pink things that were so small they didn't even bother with a pattern. His legs were completely nude, apart from a pair of thigh highs, leaving a couple inches of his pale, soft-looking legs bare. 
He was pretty, and the viewer count at the bottom of the screen showed he was popular, too. You joined the stream.
His head was cut off from view of the camera, and you couldn’t tell if he was speaking or not. Your eyes flickered to the chat screen. New messages were rolling in every few seconds, most of them were thirsty, some were donating money, some were in languages you couldn't read. You turned up the volume and turned your eyes to the video again.
A thin choker sat around the boy's exposed neck, a small bell sitting between his collar bones. His Adams apple bobbes with every teasing word, “Hmmm, make it a little more. 50 and I'll take off the sweater.” The chat exploded with rushed donations, but there was something about his soft voice that seemed familiar…
The boy hummed in appreciation, and lifted the jumper to expose a soft but toned stomach, and dusty pink nipples. The boy in question had turned his back to the camera, legs spread wide apart to properly show off his ass, bulge barely covered. Your dick twitched in appreciation, It looked so round and firm. Almost like Kenma’s.  
The boy arched his back, rocking down towards the bed with small rolls of his hips. You bit down on your lip, fuck, how good he would look bouncing on your cock right now. The chat exploded as he hooked his thumbs into the top of his panties, slowly pulling them down. 
Lonely_boy69: 100 if you moan my name when you cum🥛
4er0sm1th: I’ll make it 200! (;
ПапаДом: О, черт возьми, повернись и сожги этот член для меня.
His half-hard cock sprung free, bobbing cutely as his pink tip leaked pre-cum. You palm your hardening dick as he let out low, breathy moans, his back arching in pleasure as he began to finger himself.
He paused slightly, wiggling his ass at the camera before slapping one of his cheeks harshly, fuck, you wished it was your handprint there. The boy leaned back and you caught a glimpse of his hair- shoulder length and blonde. Your eyes narrow. No. It couldn’t be. 
“BBb0y” spread his legs wider, bringing a pink dildo to rest against his stretched hole. You’d seen that before somewhere... The head slowly pressed inside without too much resistance, a loud, drawn-out moan falling from his lips at the stretch.
 “Ah, g-give me a minute to adjust,” He whispered, panting loudly. One arm hooked under his knee, bringing it towards his chest, while his other hand slowly worked the toy in deeper. His toes curled as he bottomed out, only the base of the toy sticking out of him now. His lips were open in a silent cry as he brought his legs closer to his chest, showing his ass off properly to the camera. 
Something was off about him, you thought, stroking your dick softly. You hummed and picked up your phone again, and phoned Kenma as you spread pre around your throbbing head. A minute passed as it dialed, and what happened next caused a sick grin to come to your face.
“BBb0y” froze in place, dildo half out of his ass as his phone vibrated in his discarded jumper. He let out a weak chuckle and lent over to turn it off. Your call ended.
Fucking. Slut. If he wanted to be treated like a whore, all he had to do was ask you. But instead, here he was, getting payed to moan *other people's names* as he fucked himself. Did he really think that piece of plastic was better than your dick?
You buttoned up your pants and grabbed your keys. Kenma’s apartment was only a few blocks from here. He needed to be taught a lesson.
You had a spare key, and as you pushed his creaky door open, you were met with the sounds of quiet moans. They flowed from his room and as you approached his room, squelching and slick sounds filled your ears.
He hadn’t closed his door and you watched him from the crack- fucking himself with the same pink dildo and fisting his little cock.
“M-make it th-three hundred, hnnng, and i’ll d-do it,” He moaned, and the chat pinged eagerly in response.
You watched in anger as he moaned someone elses name, and pushed open the door. “Heya kenma~!” You say. Your voice was sickly sweet, and Kenma shot up, shocked.
You walked over to him and pushed him back down onto the bed. “So, this is why you weren’t answering my calls, huh?” you tilted the camera angle up to show Kenma’s face, and he turned pale.
“I- i’m sorry, should have told y-” he started
“Yeah. you should have. Too bad all you are is just a. pathetic. little. slut.” You gripped the base of the dildo and pushed it harshly into his puckered ass. He whined at your words. The chat was going haywire, but you ignored it for the time being. “And pathetic little sluts like you  get treated like one.” You pulled the dildo out of his puckered entrance.
“So, get on your knees and suck me slut.” 
Kenma looked up with wide watery eyes, knowing wiser than to argue back. He slowly lowered himself between your legs and turned red as you angled the camera downwards. Making quick work of your belt and trousers, he pulled out your half hard cock.
“Please…” he whispered, staring at his lap. You tutted, pinching his nose. When he opened his mouth to gasp for air you pried his jaw open and thrusted into his hot, wet mouth.
“Oh fuck,” You groaned, bottoming out as Kenma gagged and drooled over your cock, “Youre such a good hole, use that toungue.” Kenma felt your length rising and growing in his throat to hard and leaking and groaned lightly. 
Kenma did as he was told, quivering under your hungry stare as the hand fisted in his hair pushed him back to your base. His efforts to breathe only served as more stimulation for you, and his tongue began to swirl quickly. Teasers pricked his eyes with humiliation with the camera right above.
Slowly you began to thrust, pulling out just enough to chase your orgasm, but never enough to allow Kenma a full breath of air. “That’s it - fuck- little slut,” you grinned, tossing your head back with a sigh. 
Kenma’s mind swirled as you reveled in the heat of his hot mouth, swirling meaningless shapes against your throbbing flesh. The feel of him against your wet muscle set a pulse between your thighs, and you grunted. “Look at the camera, whore. I think they deserve a good show.”
Kenma looked up with tears trailing his soft red cheeks, his own erection throbbing harshly. When you finally pulled out of his throat, he foolishly went to suck in a sharp breath of air, only to have that interrupted by your cock wedging itself there once more and forcing him to audibly choke.
You glanced at the chat screen. They must have thought this was planned. Oh how wrong they were.
MasterGator1: Oh fuck he’s hot! is that his boyfriend?
donaldduckdick: I don’t know who I want to be more….
Lonely_boy69: Yeah fuck that little whore’s throat!
You chuckled and pulled Kenma off your length. “All fours, on the bed.” You trailed his movements with the camera, still talking, “This little slut didn’t tell his daddy what he was doing. Been moaning your guys names with his slutty mouth, pretending this fake piece of shit plastic is better than me.”
You crawled onto the bed and placed the camera facing Kenma before sitting behind him.
“And he’s been making you all pay for it.” The watching count on the video was now in the thousands, “I’ll make sure you get your money for it, won’t I Kenma”
He shivered at your words and nodded weakly. You ground your erection on his plump ass, thrusting it slickly between his lubed cheeks.
“Use your words, bitch.” You growled and teased your flushed tip at his entrance.
“Y-yes!” He sputtered out. “I’m sorry daddy! I’m sorry sir! Y/N!”
You thrusted into his slick entrance feeding him inch after inch as his hole fluttered. You set up a punishing pace, the clap of your hips on his round ass taking up the room.
“I bet you all wish you could stuff his tight little holes.” You grinned, leaning forwards and licking a trip up Kenma’s neck. He mewled, bucking back against you. “How d’ya feel about that Kenma?”
You matched your words with brutal thrusts and your thick cock snapped against his prostate with every movement. Kenma felt his knees go weak at your words and movements, collapsing onto his elbows.
“N-no cock is as -AH!- good as yours sir!” He sobbed at the stimulation.
Your hand fisted his hair and pulled his head up to stare at the camera. His face was flushed and eyes lidded and blown, drool and your precum dripped down his chin and his hair was a mess. You nearly cummed right there as he clenched *hard* around your cock.
“That’s fucking right you slut. Shit- you're so good. My perfect little cocksleeve, baby girl.” 
He looked so beautiful like that, all spread out and moaning your name. Your breathing sped up and you lifted his legs over your shoulders, reaching even deeper into his tight heat.
“I-i’m close Y/N,” Kenma whimpered and reached down to his neglected cock. 
“No way girlie,” you snarled and batted his hand away, thrust knocking the wind out of him. “Cum from my cock, or don’t cum at all.” You knew Kenma hadn’t been able to do that yet so he;d just have to work for it.
朝陽: いっちゃう!
Slutfuck3r: Gonna cum just from his voice!
Kenma whimpered and thrusted himself back against your cock desperate to cum on your long thick cock. You were both brutal, chasing after your orgasm. The bubble of white hot pleasure in your groin was so close to popping. Fuck. 
You thrusted directly into his abused prostate.
Kenma’s eyes rolled back into his head, tongue lolling out and moaning loud, “Hnng ah, ah ah! Y/N!” Kenma painted his stomach and bedsheets white as he came, whole body twitching with overstimulation and clenched tight around you. 
It was almost enough to send you over the edge. You shut your eyes tightly and gave a few hard, shallow thrusts before you came. “Oh Fuck!” You grunted out, your hot sticky seed painting Kenma’s insides. You rode out your orgasm as kenma let out loud moans at each tiny movement. 
You pulled out and let him flop onto the mattress, and picked up the camera once more. You checked the screen and saw the donations number was in the thousands, the people watching doubled since you last checked. You pointed the lense to Kenma’s fluttering hole.
Your pearly cum leaked out and down his pale thighs, staining the garters and stockings. “Look at this little cumslut. What are you Kenma, babygirl?” You grinned, lifting his head up and turning him to face the camera.
He could barely form a sentence in his fucked out state, “a-ah a c-cumslut. Y-your c-cumslut Y/N…” He murmured happily.
You stroked his cheek softly, running a thumb over his bitten lips. “That’s right. Mine.” You reached down and lifted the pink dildo from earlier. You collected the spilt cum on the tip and pushed it back inside with the dildo. 
“Mine, all mine. You’re gonna keep my cum inside of your slutty little fuckhole, you little whore. Oh- and don’t think your punishment is done yet sweetie, we still have plenty more time to entertain your viewers~”
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hajiholic · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
your eyes widen, a whimper leaving your lips as shoyo starts to push inside of you. he leans his forward into you, humming as your eyes open to meet his. your hands jolt forward to grip on his hips tightly, stopping his movements.
“what’s the matter, baby?” shoyo fakes confusion, mirroring the pout on your face as you look up at him with glossy eyes and tilt your head.
“t-too big, sho. you’re too big,” you whine.
“i know baby, but you can take it, right?” he reaches down to rub small circles on your clit. “you’re gonna make it all fit because you’re my good girl, hm?”
you whimper, nodding your head. shoyo smiles, he loves how eager you are to please him. when he slides more of his cock inside you, you gasp at the stretch. he’s not even halfway inside you and you already feel filled to the brim with his cock.
a knot in your stomach starts to form as he continues filling you up, groaning when he finally bottoms out. you can feel the tip of his cock kissing your service and you already feel like passing out.
“doing so well for me,” he muses, pushing the hair out of your face so he could take a good look at how fucked out you are for him. “always so good for me, huh sweetheart?”
“sho, i think-i’m sorry, i-”
but shoyo just shushes you, his fingers moving faster in your clit as you moan.
“why’re you apologizing, baby? c’mon cum for me,” he moves his hips slightly, a satisfied hum coming from his lips when he feels you tighten around him and sees your eyes rolling to the back of your head. your body jolts forward, your thighs shaking as shoyo continues rubbing on your clit.
“cum as many times as many times as you want, doll. i wanna see you all fucked out and pretty for me.”
Tumblr media
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kkyaka · 18 hours ago
A Secret No More
Tumblr media
Summary: Resisting someone is a lot easier said than done
Pairing: Suna Rintarou x black!fem!reader
Warnings: sexual tension, suna's a tease, a little bit of second-hand embarrassment (if you see it that way), wet dreams, oral (f), fingering (f), protected sex and then unprotected sex, creampie, creampie kink? (if that's a thing), brat taming sort of, one (1) clit slap, handjob, face-sitting, multiple orgasms, reader and suna get caught, brother's best friend trope, p0rn with trash plot
Word Count: 5759
A/N: Me? Posting a fic? And it's trash? Tbh, I've had this fic in the drafts for a long time, and the suna brainrot was too strong, so I wrote it, and it took me like two months 🙃. I don't hate this fic, but I definitely have some reservations about it lmfao, and this fic might seem kind of rushed and that's bc I was just focused on getting fucked stupid by Suna 😌
Tumblr media
The first time you met Suna Rintarou, it wasn't the normal or best first encounter for two strangers to meet. You were peacefully sleeping, actually very much enjoying your sleep when someone bursts into your room, the door slamming against the wall.
"What the fuck?!" you yell, lifting your head up quickly as you can, anger and tiredness written all over your features as you turn your head to look at the door.
"Oh, shit, this is not Aran's room," the voice says, a light chuckle following after, and you can barely make out the figure standing in your doorway, sleep still blinding your eyes.
"Suna, I told you, second door on the left." You recognize the voice as your brother's, and Aran is pushing Suna away by his shoulders before leaning in your room to close the door. "Sorry, y/n. Sleep tight."
You give him a grumpy look before laying your head back down, and luckily sleep comes back to you pretty easily.
And you were stupid to think that that would be the only run-in with him.
You were back from college for the summer, but that meant Aran was back too. What you didn't expect was him to attract someone that loved to get on your last nerve. You've known Suna for as long as Aran has, but you didn't know him.
You saw him around the halls in high school, and it wasn't until his third year that he really started talking to you. And it's not like you wanted that to happen, more like he was doing it because he knew it would piss you off. The more you responded to him in one-word answers, the more he pressed you.
It even got to the point where he would throw an arm around your shoulders, and the more you tried to shake him off, the tighter he would hold on. At the time, your face showed that you hated it, but a (very small) part of you couldn't help but feel proud when you had envious eyes on you from some of the girls when he did have his arm around you.
Aran didn't even blink, actually pretty okay with whatever your relationship was, not seeming the least bit worried. Honestly, it's not like you'd try to have a relationship with Suna, and he seemed to feel the same, so it was just left at whatever you'd call it.
Until he came back.
You thought you were okay, you thought you were in the clear, but he somehow managed to get hotter over the couple of years where you didn't see him. But that's not a big deal, you've seen plenty of hot guys in your life, so it doesn't phase you. At least you thought it didn't. But the fact that he's been at your house like he lives here is making it harder for you to ignore him. And it's hard to tell if he's doing it to annoy you or because he just wants to spend time with Aran.
The first option starts to look like the actual reason when you find yourself looking through the fridge late at night. You couldn't sleep, and you were hungry, so you're looking through the pantry, now the fridge trying to figure out what you could eat, and you bend down further, moving stuff around.
"Nice panties."
You practically fly off the floor, smacking your head on the doorway of the fridge. You groan as you stand fully, turning around to see Suna in nothing but grey sweatpants, chain glowing under the hue of the fridge light, standing by the other side of the counter. You're rubbing your head, but then it dawns on you what he said, realizing you're wearing granny panties at that, and your eyes widen as you tug on the hem of your sweatshirt. "What the fuck are you doing here?" you hiss, mostly in anger but partly embarrassment.
"I think the more important question is why you're trying to seduce me with granny panties."
You roll your eyes as you close the fridge. "Fuck off, Suna, I don't have to explain myself to you." He starts walking around the island, but you don't falter. "And I am not trying to seduce you," you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest but soon dropping them in fear that he might be seeing too much, even though he's basically seen all of it.
Your face is still hard, but it softens when he rest his hand against the fridge next to your head, essentially causing you to back into it. "Is that your final answer?"
"Yes, Suna that is my final answer," you lament, and you shrink a little when he leans down towards your face.
"You sure?" You huff as you relax against the fridge.
"Yes, Suna. I'm sure," you press, but he doesn't budge when you answer.
"I think you're lying." You raise an eyebrow, a confused slash annoyed look on your face, and you see him glance down, and you look down, seeing how tense your thighs are. You roll your eyes, relaxing them even though you thought you were already in that state.
He smirks at you, moving his hand from the fridge, but he stays close to you. You jolt when he lightly runs his fingers over the area on your head that you hit. "Your head okay?"
You roll your eyes, knocking his hand away before brushing past him. "Yeah, no thanks to you." You don't let him respond, walking away and picking up your pace slightly knowing his eyes are drilling into you as you disappear upstairs and into your room. You close the door before throwing yourself on the bed, groaning loudly into your pillow.
How was he able to point out something that you were trying not to focus on? So much for not being phased by him. You slam your fist down on the bed a couple of times in frustration, turning your head to the side. You hate how your body is still reacting to him even after you've left, and you don't dare to do anything about it.
You try to think about ex-boyfriends, anything but Suna, but your subconscious only moves back to him. You groan again as you get more comfortable. It's going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
You're surprised that you got a decent amount of sleep, and you don't actually remember being awake for that long before you actually went to sleep. You trudge down the stairs, yawning softly, and you stop in your tracks when you see Suna sitting on the couch.
You groan internally, attempting to make your way to the kitchen without saying a word to him, and he stops you once you get to it. "Wanna play?"
You turn around, seeing him holding another controller in his hand, and you rest a hand on your hip. "What's in it for me?"
"Winner picks the punishment for the loser." Now that piques your interest. You glance at the screen, seeing the MarioKart starting screen, and you smile softly, a game that Aran could never beat you at. You give him your answer by walking over to him, taking the controller from him, and you're about to step in front of him to sit down on the couch, but your eyes widen when you feel his hand pulling you down by your arm.
You grunt softly as you land on his lap, and he tightens his grip on your waist when you try to move. "What the hell?"
"My thighs are cold," he says off-handedly, starting the game, and you glare down at him, but he only responds with a small huff, his eyes staying glued to the screen.
He picks the track, one of the harder ones, and you try not to shift so much as you get comfortable, finding yourself perched on him more on the awkward side, and he sits back against the couch, adjusting his hips, eventually putting you flush against him. You clear your throat as the countdown starts, trying to focus on the controller in your hands and not the rippling muscles under you.
The game starts, and you're flying through the track, playing this game so much as a kid paying off, but you notice Suna not doing as well. You don't say anything, but you can't help but notice on his screen how he seems to purposefully run into things that he could've easily avoided, and you frown when he blatantly goes flying off the track.
You win with flying colors, and you turn to flick him in the forehead. "What was that? You obviously threw the game."
He shrugs as he sets the controller aside, a smirk moving back on his face. "Oops." You scoff, setting your controller on the couch next to him, and he grabs your hips when you try to move. "You have to pick the punishment," he reminds you.
"That game wasn't fair," you respond. "We play another one and then I'll pick." You really don't have one in mind, but you're more annoyed at the fact that he threw the game.
"How about I just eat you out?"
Your eyes widen, feeling him squeeze at your thigh, and you try not to shift on top of him, easily feeling him through your...
Where are your shorts? Why are you still not wearing anything but underwear? You feel heat rush to your face as you press your thighs together, your heart starting to race. "Does that sound like a punishment to you?" you ask softly.
"Far from it."
"Then why do you want to do it?" You can barely hear your voice, the only thing you're paying attention to is his fingers sliding further and further up your leg, playing with the hem of your sweatshirt, but not going under.
He shrugs. "Why not?" he counters back, and even though he's giving you vague responses, you're still having a hard time running the words through your head, and you gasp quickly when two of his fingers are suddenly rubbing at the crotch of your panties, and you can see him smirk when he feels the fabric already becoming soaked.
"What about Aran?"
You're speechless when you're suddenly being flipped, the ceiling in view before Suna rises above you. "You know he's not here right now." His fingers are running through your folds now, and you can't even think at this point, already becoming sensitive, wanting him to touch you more, but you'll die before you admit that to him.
Your face is burning, your body starting to heat up as well, and you set your arm over your eyes, wondering when the fuck this took the turn it did. "I take that as a yes?" You barely hear him, but you know there's a smug grin on his face as you nod.
You're quick to lift your hips when he pulls at the fabric, letting them fall off his fingers and to the floor. You can hear him shift before his hands throw your legs onto his shoulders. His fingers run over your skin so lightly, like they're barely there, and it seems to make you even more aroused, and you can feel his breath against you when he speaks. "You didn't answer the question."
Is he really going to make you say it?
You can barely register that his finger is running up and down your folds. "Hm, such a pretty pussy. Shame I can't taste it," he drawls, his lips brushing against you.
"Yes, Suna, it's a yes." You're nearly screaming in frustration, and you hear a faint chuckle come from him, and he wraps his arms around your legs, licking up through your folds, swirling his tongue at your clit. You whine softly, keeping your arm thrown over your eyes, but the first taste of you only makes him eat you out with more enthusiasm.
He pulls you into his face, his tongue everywhere at once before sucking your puffy bud into his mouth. You don't really worry about holding anything back because it is just the two of you in the house, and you don't even think you could if you tried.
"S-Suna." You can't even recognize your voice, breathless as you feel yourself getting closer to your high, your legs starting to shake, but they can't go anywhere, Suna's fingers digging into your thighs so hard, you think it'll leave marks.
He groans against you in response, and your legs squeeze around his head when you feel his fingers sliding into you, the sound of your wetness loud to your ears as it easily helps him move in. He stretches you out, spreading his fingers as he looks at you. "You gonna cum?" He presses the pads of his fingers on that sensitive spot inside you, making your answer delayed.
"Look at me," he orders softly, but you don't move your arm, too focused on the increasing pleasure. You groan when he slows his fingers down, completely taking his mouth off of you. "Look at me, and I'll let you cum."
You feel his fingers start to stop completely, and you let your arm fall to the side, your face ridiculously warm as your eyes meet his. He smirks, your eyes fluttering closed and then back open when he lets his fingers pick up the pace they were going. He moves to hover over you, his thumb pressing at your clit as he keeps his fingers moving.
You grab onto his wrist, trying to keep your legs from thrashing wildly, and your eyes close as your orgasm runs through you, your back arching as you moan, Suna holding your arm down so you can't put it back over your face. He fucks you through your high, sucking on his fingers when he pulls them out of you.
He leans down over you, his face inches from yours. "I kinda cheated using my fingers, no?" he asks, and you're still trying to catch your breath, your brain still jelly from your orgasm. "Let me make it up to you by making you cum on my dick."
You gasp loudly as you jolt awake, sitting up quickly in your bed. Your hands land on your face as you look around your room in horror. A fucking dream about Suna? How hard did you hit your fucking head? You groan loudly as you throw the covers off of you, yanking your sweatshirt off next, and chucking it in the direction of your hamper.
It doesn't make it in, slamming against the wall next to it before it falls to the floor. You punch your pillow before grabbing it and screaming into it. You don't really care about waking Aran; not even a train horn could wake him up. In the midst of your anger, you can still feel your core throbbing, and you slide out of bed, deciding at a cold shower might help your head get a fucking grip.
You open your door, nearly jumping out of your skin when your eyes meet Suna's chest. You sigh heavily in annoyance before realizing that now you don't have anything covering your upper body, and you don't even know how to hide yourself with your arms. "What the fuck are you doing?"
"I was checking to see if Aran was still snoring like a freight train," he says and then points towards the living room. "The couch is killing my back."
"Well, you could always just go home," you bite back, resting a hand on your hip, and he huffs fully turning to you.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he mocks you softly, his eyes running down your body, and you shrug to try and ignore what you're bodies screaming.
"Minding my business," you reply quickly, raising an eyebrow, and he tilts his head to the side.
"Really?" The last thing you want to do is stand here--nearly naked--and go back and forth with him. Your eyes widen when he pulls you into him by your waist, your hands bracing on his chest. "You sure you weren't thinking about me?"
His finger starts from your neck, trailing down your skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake, before circling your nipple over the fabric of your sports bra. "Why would I be thinking about you?" Your voice is quiet and slow, your focus mostly on his finger running down your stomach and to the waistband of your panties.
"Why're you always denying yourself something you want so bad?" He leans down, and you part your lips softly, and you want to groan when he pulls away from you, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Just admit it, princess."
"Admit what?" You don't know why you're playing stupid, you know exactly what he wants you to say, but there's a part of you that doesn't want to give in yet. He just hums to himself, and he starts to remove his arm from you, and you tense, at a war with yourself whether or not to move to stop him.
Right as his fingers are about to leave you, you grab his wrist. Damn it, you want him so bad, your body feeling like it might be aching at this point for his touch. You want to see if he's better than the dream version of himself. He nearly laughs at your action, and you seem to sigh in relief when he finally kisses you, both of his hands resting at your waist.
He moves the both of you into your room, closing the door behind him with his foot before you both blindly step towards the bed. He lets you fall back into your bed, not wasting any time to climb onto it and rest his legs on either side of you. He kisses over your jaw then your neck as he pulls the fabric over your chest, rolling your hardening nipples between his fingers.
"You were dreaming about me, weren't you?" You bite your lip, trying to stifle the moan that threatens to slip out as you shake your head.
"No." You never told such an awful lie, and you know he doesn't believe you, raising an eyebrow at you before closing his mouth around one of your nipples as his hands ghost down your sides.
"You're telling me that I didn't make you this wet?" You go to shake your head again, but he's suddenly sliding two fingers into you with no problem due to how soaked you are. "Stop being a fuckin' brat. It's annoying."
You smile but it's quickly replaced by a soft gasp when his fingers seem to reach further than yours ever could. His fingers feel so much better than your dream, so real, you can't help but sink further into the bed. "Or what?" you taunt, and you almost scream when he speeds his fingers up, and he knocks your hand away when you try to grab his wrist.
"You won't get to cum," he says easily with a shrug. "Simple as that." Your eyes slip closed as you fall apart on his fingers, his thumb rubbing over your clit, and when you start moving your hips, he stops you with a firm press of his hand on your stomach. "Suna," you breathe in protest, barely looking at him as you try to move but to no avail.
"You gonna stop being a brat?" You can't give in that easily, and you're able to manage a smirk when you look at him, only for it to fall as you start to feel yourself about to fall over that crest. But then he's yanking his fingers from out of you, and you hear a disappointed tsk over your whine of dissatisfaction.
You look up in enough time to see him getting rid of his clothes, your eyes becoming lidded when they land on his dick bobbing up and down as he moves to kneel back on the bed. You feel drawn to it, your hand gripping him softly, watching the pink tip disappear underneath your fingers as you stroke him. He groans quietly, and you look up at him, giving him a quick squeeze to see how he reacts.
His eyes flutter closed, and you go to do it again, but he stops you, pulling your hand away. You want to ask how and why he just so has a condom in the pocket of his sweats, but you save it for another time. You watch him slip it over his length, and he replaces your hand, stroking himself as he lines up with your dripping hole. "You want it?" he prompts, looking up at you as he places the tip at your entrance, and you give him a challenging look.
"What? Do I have to earn it?" He returns your smirk with an evil one, not waiting for another second to slide into your awaiting cunt, and you both moan as he stretches his way inside, your nails digging into his arm while your body is going limp at the same time.
"I'm still gonna fuck you," he states when he bottoms out. "But you won't get to cum." He doesn't let you respond, the quick change of being full to completely empty to full again, rendering you speechless. He has your wrists in one hand, keeping them above your head as he fucks you so deep, it feels like shock waves run through your body every time his hips meet yours.
"You trynna wake up your brother?" he asks you suddenly, and you hadn't realized how loud you were being, immediately silencing yourself the best you can with the amazing stimulations. He keeps a hand on your thigh, lifting it up to rest around his waist before he leans down, swallowing your attempted muffled noises with his mouth. "Don't cum, princess."
How he knows your body when this is your first time together baffles you, but that's something to worry about later. You whine softly, wanting to touch him at least, find something to ground yourself, but his hands don't move from your wrists. You try to say a stuttered version of his name multiple times, but he stops you. "Say my name when I'm fucking you this good," he whispers, and your eyes roll as your back arches before you let it slip out.
"Rin--please," you choke out against your will, and you bite your lip as you keen when you feel him rubbing at your clit again.
"Hm? What're you asking for?" he teases, and you feel like you might cry in frustration, not wanting to give him any more satisfaction of having the upper hand, but your body is starting to take over for you.
Your toes curl as you feel your high approaching fast, and you know that the moment you feel yourself about to cum, he'll take it away from you. "Wanna cum," you plead softly, and he huffs before he groans, your walls pulsing around him signaling how close you are.
"Yeah? You think you deserve to?" He slides out of you almost entirely, the tip only inside of you, and you wrap your legs around him, trying to keep him inside of you, but he's stronger, holding his place.
"Suna." Your chest exhales in annoyance, and he brings a hand down to slap at your sensitive clit, the stinging sensation making you yelp.
"What'd I tell you?"
"Rin, just let me cum, please," you beg, correcting yourself instantly. "Let me cum."
You're shaking with need, and if he didn't have your wrists, you would be pulling his shoulders into you, and in the middle of your incoherent begging, he slams back into you, filling you up to the hilt before he starts his brutal pace again. He crashes his lips down on yours to stop the scream that nearly gives the two of you away, and he finally lets go of your wrist, and you wrap your arms around his shoulders.
Your nails dig into his shoulders, moaning with every press of his tip to your cervix, his hips slapping against you so loud, and if you were even the slightest coherent you would worry about the volume, but the only thing you're focused on right now is reaching your high. He grabs your legs, pushing them further up his waist, and it seems to allow him to go even deeper.
You can't even keep up with the kiss anymore, and he sucks on your tongue as your cunt sucks him in with every thrust, your juices making a mess of both of you. You don't even get to warn him, but you don't think you need to, your orgasm hitting you out of nowhere. Your body goes hard, your back arching as your mouth opens in a silent scream.
Suna moans as his hips falter slightly at your walls clamping around him, and he looks down at where he's disappearing in and out of you just in time to see you squirt all over him. "Oh, fuck," he groans, his eyes rolling as he cums, his rhythm slowing down, and his thrusts become more languid as he rides out your highs.
Your legs fall on the bed next to him, and he catches his breath, his chest heaving before he grabs your jaw softly, your eyes peeling open, bliss the only thing blown in your pupils. "No more being a brat, yeah?" You give him a lazy nod, a relaxed smile coming over your face, and he grins as he meets your lips again for a sloppy kiss.
Tumblr media
And that was the start of your fling, or whatever people would call it. You both had fallen asleep after a couple more rounds, and you woke up with a blooming soreness in between your legs and to the other side of the bed empty. You freeze momentarily when you realize that you slept with Aran's best friend. And you liked it. It was probably--no, definitely--the best sex of your life.
You don't even want to think about how Aran would react, but you and Suna don't make it obvious that you're seeing each other. Suna's still constantly over your house, but now he has more than one reason to be. During the day and while Aran's home, you and him keep your distance from each other, keeping the bickering up to sell the act.
Aran doesn't seem to suspect anything, but Suna eventually gets tired of sneaking around at your house. He doesn't want Aran to find out just as much as you do, but that doesn't mean you can't just come to his place more often.
He practically got you in his bed the second you walked through the door, and now you're both lying naked, tangling in his sheets, with his face buried in between your tits. You're scrolling through your phone as your nails run through his scalp softly, and you think he's asleep when you feel him say something against you.
"What?" you say, pulling away so that you can look at him, and he looks up at you.
"I said I want you to sit on my face." You can only blink at him, not really knowing what to expect, but it definitely wasn't that.
"Why?" you question, your face growing warm, and he shrugs. Of course, he'd be so nonchalant about asking you something like that. It takes you some convincing, mostly because you don't want to suffocate him, and he just responds with, "If that's how I go out, so be it."
You try to tell him that that's not a good way to sway you, but he's not listening, moving to lay flat on his back, looking at you expectantly. You hesitate, setting your phone on his nightstand, but you slowly start to move, and he nearly yanks you on top of him. You straddle him, and you can hear him breathing you in, his hands rubbing over your thighs and your ass. You feel your face growing even warmer when you hear that he's smelling you, and you're about to tell him to stop that when he licks a big stripe through your folds.
You gasp in surprise, your hands falling down on the bed next to his head as he continues to lift his head to suck at your clit, his tongue prodding at your hole. "I thought," he starts, moving his hands to your waist. "I told you that I want you to sit on my face."
You can't really hear him, but you yelp when he pulls you down, your pussy directly on his face, and you know that he can't breathe, but he doesn't let you move. You moan loudly as he makes out with your sex, his nose bumping against your clit as he eats you out like there's no tomorrow.
Your hands card through his hair as you start to ride his face with the best of your ability since he basically has you in a death grip. Seeing and hearing you fall apart because of him never fails to make Suna hot, and he loosens his grip on your hips to make sure you don't lift yourself up, and he brings one hand down to his throbbing dick.
He moans against you as he strokes himself quickly, his thighs tensing at the feeling. "Fuck, Rin." You let your head fall forward as you grind against his face, your body ridiculously warm as you feel your orgasm building.
Suna can feel himself starting to get light-headed, and he doesn't know if it's because he might actually be suffocating or because the weight of you on his face is making him dizzy with lust. He moves his head up, finding your clit and circling it with his tongue before pulling it into his mouth, and he moans loud when he feels you cum on his face, and he cums immediately after, his hips bucking up into his palm as he strokes himself until the sensitivity makes his body tingle.
You tap on his hand to get him to relent, and you move off of him, falling down on the bed next to him, and you see him take a huge breath in, his face coated in your cum, some of it dripping onto the sheets under him. "You could've fucking died, Rintarou," you breathe, catching your breath as well, and he just smiles at you.
"Considered what would've killed me, I don't mind," he responds, and you roll your eyes.
Tumblr media
There've been too many times where both of you have almost gotten caught, both of you having to be careful even at Suna's house because Aran started to come over every now and then. But Suna can't resist you, knowing that Aran wouldn't be home for a short period of time, not even time to really fuck and dip, but he pulled you into your room, shutting the door, saying that "he'll make it quick."
He teased you the entire time Aran was still here, so it didn't really take him that long to make you cum the first time, and after your second one, he finally fucks you.
Your arms are wrapped around his shoulders as he bounces you on his dick, his face smashed in your chest as both of you moan in tandem. One of his hands grabs your ass, keeping one hand on your hip to keep you moving. "Fuck, you feel so good, damn it," Suna moans, panting into your chest.
This is the first time he's been inside you raw, all of the other times he's conveniently had a condom, but in his rush this one time, he didn't have one. That didn't stop him though, but it definitely made it harder to hold out. Every time he closes his eyes, he hyper focuses on your warm, velvety walls pulsing around him, and it makes him feral, causing him to drive himself into you even faster.
You throw your head back, your moans echoing loudly across the room, and the constant clench of your walls around him means you're close. "Fuck--I'm gonna cum," he announces softly, and he tries to distract himself by leaving marks over your skin.
You let your head fall forward, your mouth hovering over his ear, and he can feel the smirk on your lips. "Want you to cum inside, Rin," you purr, and he shakes his head quickly.
"Stop it," he orders weakly, but he's practically drooling on your chest, his eyes rolling back into his head.
You're moaning in his ear, but you don't stop, finding enough strength to keep speaking. "Cum inside me, Sunarin."
He whines and his fingers dig into your arms as he thrusts one, two, three more times before shooting into you, painting your walls white. You cum soon after, and he lifts his head up to watch your orgasm wash over, your back arching, pushing you into him.
He rubs his hands up and down your back, one hand pushing you down to meet his lips by the back of your neck, and you both exchange loud wet kisses. "Fuck you," he breathes with no heat behind it, a smile on his face, and you laugh softly.
He doesn't let you move, keeping you close to him as the sweat on your bodies starts to cool you off, and then your door opens. "Hey, I just wanted to ask--"
You both freeze, your eyes widening as Aran stands in the doorway, and Suna falls over, and you have to bite your fist at the impact when you hit the bed because he's still inside of you. "y/n," Aran starts with a confused chuckle as Suna throws the blanket over the two of you.
"It's not what it looks like," Suna says quickly, and you slap him lightly on the back of the head.
"It looks like your dick is in my sister." You and Suna visibly cringe, and you can't even bring yourself to look at him. You pictured him finding out by maybe one of you finally caving and telling him, not in such a compromising position.
"I can explain," Rintarou starts, and Aran puts his hand up.
"There's no need." You frown in confusion, and Suna squints at him.
"You knew the whole time, didn't you?"
You hear a heavy sigh. "Yeah, I did."
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saintmanjiro · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, cunnilingus, orgasm denial, overstimulation
Tumblr media
bokuto’s absolutely bubbling on the inside, he’s been trying to keep himself calm the whole car ride home. but to his dismay, his hard on is as stiff and throbbing as ever, and somehow, he manages to score every red light possible. he should’ve known better than to open a message from you after he knows you went shopping, after he knows you were gonna show him an all too flattering outfit (and all too revealing too) but he couldn’t help himself.
you’re lucky you’ve sent it once he was already in the comforts of his car, but he’s still made it his mission to drill a lesson into you.
“k-kou,” you whimper, back arching off the bed, legs forced apart by two muscular arms, thrown over broad shoulders. “kou, please,” you whine, gasping when his tongue flicks over your clit, his fingers hitting the spot that makes you see stars.
“please what, baby?” he’s so sweet, always so soft, but you can see the glint in his eyes, and it makes the heat in between your legs grow more present.
“please let me cum this time,” you sob. and bokuto’s not exactly a sadist, but he likes his ego inflated, he’s one for the praise and the attention. so if he’s got to turn you into a mess so he knows you’re losing your mind for his cock, he’ll turn you into a mess.
“but i want you to cum on my cock,” he faux pouts. you writhe as he sucks harshly on your clit, feeling yourself approach your orgasm. you’re so close, just one more precise thrust of his fingers is all it would take, but he pulls away, grinning as you sob at the loss of his appendages. he smirks at the way your eyes are wet and your lips are wobbly. maybe he’s a little bit of a sadist. but he takes care of his needy girlfriend, he always does. “say you need it.”
“i need it,” you all but scream.
“need what?” he knows it’s a bit excessive, but he can’t help himself.
“y-your cock, kou! i need it.” and that’s all it takes. truth be told, bokuto wasn’t sure if he could wait another second, he wasn’t sure if the throbbing in his cock was going to be anymore tolerable. his head was leaking and his balls were heavy, and he just needed release. he slides past your folds with ease, groaning loudly at the way your walls clench around him, at the way you were so warm in contrast to the cool air.
“f-fuck,” he moans, clasping his hands with yours, fingers lacing as he pulls them to lay over your head. “baby, been—hah— been waiting for th-this since the drive home.” and bokuto can hardly pace himself, thrusting into you wildly, tip hitting your spot with accuracy each time, harsh and rough as he tries to relieve the ache in his member.
he’s groaning into your ear, each one broken off at the end by small whines every time you clamp down on him, voice so pretty as it cracks every now and then. he’s letting out broken strings of curses, balls slapping against your ass as his skin forms a small sheen from the sweat. the way you’d been denied so many times, the way one of his hands lets go of yours to move to your tits, thumb swiping over your nipple has you cumming in no time with a broken wail, spasming around his cock, making him whimper at the feeling.
“k-kou, kou!” you chant his name, tears streaming down your face as he relentlessly slams his hips down, fucking you through your orgasm and chasing his. his name is the only thing that rolls off your tongue.
“fuck, fuck, that’s it baby,” he cries. it’s almost too much, the way he keeps slamming into your spot, the way he’s moved his hand to rub over your clit, the way he’s sucking harshly into the skin of your collarbone. “fuck give me more, baby—hah—n-need more.”
bokuto’s not gonna stop anytime soon. you both know this. he’s gonna need a lot more to ease the ache of his throbbing cock, and you’ve only just begun.
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