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#hq sugawara

Procrastinating s/o

Sugawara x reader

prompt; “you look like you could use a hug” and “put me down”

a/n: thank you for the request <33

wc: 700


The semester had only just begun and yet you already felt like you were on edge, small tasks piling up into chores as you continued to stress over the work, without actually completing it. Every time you tried to start on a task it became too overwhelming, picking up your phone every few minutes, losing your place in the paragraph you were reading, deciding it was time to make a meal or have a snack. You were stuck in a cycle, getting nothing done and it only drained you even more. 

You sighed out for the nth time in the last twenty minutes, dropping your pen down as you tried to re-read whatever it was you were supposed to be working on. You had turned your phone on do not disturb, trying to focus on completing at least one task before bed. You could feel yourself growing more and more frustrated with yourself, running your hand through your hair hastily as tears of frustration and exhaustion welled up in your eyes. Breathing in deeply you closed your book and rested your head against the desk, missing the continuous texts popping up on your phone from Suga. 

A few tears spilled out as you turned your head to the side, relaxing into the desk. You were only asleep for a few minutes before you heard a knock on the door, followed by Sugawara entering your room, spare key in hand. “Woah, you doing okay?” you huffed out dramatically “I have soo much work and i just can’t do it” your lip quivered as you begun to grow frustrated at yourself again “heyy it’s okay, everyone feels burnt out sometimes, don’t force it take a quick break, i brought you some iced coffee.”

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not your average self care night | sugawara koushi


from anon - You should write something (if you want Ofc) where the reader is Asahi’s sibling and one day he brought the team over and the reader was blasting music (like my chemical romance, mitski,mindless self Indulgence) and they go into the readers room where they’re just laying on the bed singing their heart out and the first one to see them was sugawara (because I feel like he likes ppl with alt music taste but ofc it’s just my hc) and sugawara is just (//∇//) or like how he would be cause he has a crush Idk

a/n: the MINUTE i saw this request i swear the best idea popped into my head. while i don’t really listen to my chemical romance…i listen to mitski and artic monkeys, i hope that’s a good replacement. aaah ok ok i’m so excited about this one enjoy! <3

SONGS: they do be essential in this story haha a pearl by mitski and r u mine by artic monkeys


“ok who’s at the door?? they’ve been knocking for ages!!”

asahi passes by your room frantically brushing his hair out “it’s the team”

you sit up from your bed “huh?? you never told me they were coming over?”

“sorry sorry, i forgot to mention it!! keep it down for me tonight ok?”

you roll your eyes “ok fine” asahi turns from your doorway to the stairs “wait wait can you shut the door first?” he attempts to close it, leaving a gap before running down the stairs. “uh- i said close it!!” you groan as you get off your bed walking to close the door “it’s not that hard to close the door properly it only takes like two extra seconds and not the tiniest amount of force” you mumble angrily to yourself, getting up to close the door yourself “ugh” you hear the loud voices of the volleyball team downstairs as you flop back down on your bed. it was supposed to be your self care night which you usually spent blasting music. tonight was the perfect night for it. you had nothing to do, no plans, no school work, nothing. you could truly spend tonight relaxing.

yeah not anymore.

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haikyuu karasuno bbys doing online school

kageyama doing the zoom “prove you’re not a robot” security thing

CAPTCHA (for the fifteenth time): click on all the buses

kageyama: *clicks on boat*

CAPTCHA: try again you robot hoe


*breaks computer and is absent for rest of day*


takeda-sensei: i want everyone to go into their assigned breakout rooms and work on their homework together

room 1 participants: asahi, noya, tanaka

noya: so… we gonna sneak into other peoples rooms and scream noot noot every time someone tries to speak?

tanaka: i like the way you think!

asahi: wait what?

Noya has left room 1

Tanaka has left room 1

asahi: guys?


Suga: damnnnn daichi looking spicy today.

Suga: with that lighting mmmmmm

Takeda: suga… your mic is on

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C0MfORT… sugawara koushi

just some simple suga comforting you hcs for @itskoushi​ :3

  • sugawara koushi.
  • sugawara fucking koushi.
  • lemme tell u this guy will literally be ur #1 supporter and will def be with u if ur ever feeling even a little down
  • so when u text him telling him ur having a rough day
  • or if he sees u during school looking tired
  • fine maybe he wont literally drop everything
  • bUt he’ll definitely notice somethings off and find some time to talk to u bout it
  • ofc,,, if he asks and you dont feel like talking, he’ll respect ur wishes and not say anything
  • instead he’ll just ask if u want a hug
  • if u do,, he’ll wrap his arms around you and give you the literal softest, warmest, comfortablest hug e v e r
  • but if u do wanna talk bout it tho,, he’d stay with you and listen to whatever problems u have
  • whether ur feeling insecure abt sum things or just feeling like nothings going right today
  • you bet this man will sit and listen to everything
  • if its smth ur insecure abt, he’ll tell u what an amazing person he thinks u are
  • what ur insecure about? bby he thinks those parts of u are beautiful
  • he’ll tell you to not compare urself to others
  • cuz yk what,,, they literally cant compare
  • every part of you is just so fucking beautiful to him and he literally just loves you so much
  • if he could give you the confidence and love he had for you to you,,, youd be like,, the mOST confident bish ever
  • and if today was just a rough day, he’d let you vent it all out then say that it did seem rough
  • he’ll hold u and tell u yes today was rough but there’s no guarantee that tomorrow will be
  • so just wait and hope tomorrow brings smth beautiful
  • then he’ll flash this smile thats sunshine in the flesh and you just melt into him cos hes just so warm and comfortable to be around and
  • *sigh*
  • sugawara koushi.
  • sugawara fucking koushi.
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boyfriend texts with sugawara + yamaguchi


gn reader

characters: koushi sugawara, tadashi yamaguchi

warnings: whole lotta fluff

a/n: hello, thank you so much for your request!!! you seem like such a sweet person + people who use kaomojis make my heart go 💘💓💕💖💓💝. have a nice day too! 🥺🥺


— koushi sugawara


— tadashi yamaguchi

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i randomly made a compilation of haikyuu characters and tiktoks enjoy

i edited this on snapchat lmao dont come for me 🤠 hmu if you have tiktok suggestions lol

3 notes

𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 - a night with sugawara that leaves you with a sentimental memory.

𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲 - fluff fluff fluff

𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 - none!

𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 - sugawara x gn!reader

𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 - so uhm. this was originally meant for asahi but i dont want to write four things with him in a ROW so mr suga to spice things up! i love this song. pls listen. ( please never fall in love again by ollie mn :3c )

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Things I’d Like To Do With The Haikyuu Boys


Originally posted by haikyuuwriting

💕Terushima- Get dinner with

💕 Akaashi- Have a picnic

💕 Bokuto- Amusement Park

💕 Kindaichi- Whatever he wants to do (I’m low on ideas ;-;)

💕 Suna- Get jellies 🥺👉👈

💕 Samu- Cook and/or bake

💕 Tsumu- Maybe volleyball 🥺👉👈

💕 Lev- Practice those damn receives

💕 Yaku- Bully Lev 🤧

💕 Yamamoto- Be ✨simps✨

💕 Kuroo- Study date 🥺👉👈

💕 Kenma- Video games

💕 Tsuki- Visit a museum

💕 Yamaguchi- Picnic date with shopping for new clothes 🥺👉👈

💕 Kageyama- Rob the vending machines 😎

💕 Hinata- Volleyball date

💕 Ennoshita- Study date

💕 Tanaka- Be ✨simps✨

💕 Noya- Be ✨simps✨

💕 Asahi- Go shopping 🥺👉👈

💕 Suga- Go to an animal shelter to volunteer 🥺👉👈

💕 Daichi- Cuddles 🥺👉👈

💕 Iwaizumi- Cuddles 🥺👉👈

💕 Semi- Concert (or staying inside and doing a duet) 🥺👉👈

💕 Oikawa- Makeovers!!

💕 Tendou- Scream at 3AM (for funsies)

💕 Ushijima- Vibe together and cuddle 🥺👉👈

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ℌ𝔞𝔫𝔞𝔥𝔞𝔨𝔦 𝔇𝔦𝔰𝔢𝔞𝔰𝔢 𝔄𝔘

  • You didn’t realize it was love until your 3 am thoughts were filled with his smile.
  • You didn’t realize it was unrequited until you were throwing up bloody red petals in the middle of practice when that same smile was directed at Daichi.
  • As you leaned over the toilet, blood still dripping through your lips, you wondered why you never noticed his light didn’t shine on you.
  • Without ever noticing it, you began to think of Sugawara as the source of the energy in your life. The One that kept you going through your day.
  • What a fucking joke.

Pheasant’s Eye - His blood is said to produce the red flowers of this species.

  • You haven’t talked to Suga in a month
  • You may try to convince yourself it’s because there red on red with the flowers now, but the truth is obvious
  • Those nights you sat on your roof looking at the stars, imagining Suga beside you were corrupted
  • You’re glitched out, Daichi now wrapped resolutely around the grey-haired setter.
  • Daichi within his arms
  • Daichi pecking his lips
  • Daichi taking him away even in your dreams
  • So no
  • No matter what you try to tell yourself, this feeling bubbling from your stomach, keeping the air from your lungs….
  • It’s not bloody petals
  • It’s the thorns you keep at bay, tearing apart your inside, so you don’t spray others with the red of this flower

A̶̛̫̗̙̓Ṟ̵͎͂͊̋̈́̀͘Ḅ̸̭̰̱̭͔̏̊Ü̸̗̐͋̒̊T̴̳̳͛̿̾̔̃̎U̵̖̠̤̳͛̕͝S̴̯̆̍ ̵̪̓̍̈̿͌͜-̴̡̳͙͔͔̼͎̲͈͎̆ ̷̥͕͙͚̥̻̟̹́̔̿T̴̡̺̱͎̗̳̹̮͆̂͆́̐h̴̘̝͕̟̜̘̝̰̲̿͒̄̉̆̏̓̕ͅe̷̫̣̗͍̭̫̮͂̕͜è̴͇̣̎̋͝ ̷̧͚̻̖͖͖̖͍̜̞̈̇̈́̀̍̈̋̚O̸̟̓̆́ņ̴̪̺̙̄̑̉͝ḻ̷̘͙̦̩͝y̷̢̦̍̀͠ ̷̧̤̱̯̳̰̬͊D̵͖̪̬̊̐ó̴̢̩̳̟̥̏̈̊̈́̎͠ ̵̬͚͖̘̪͎͙̗̄̓̃̒͠Í̴͕̮̫̒̀̈̆ ̴̧̨̮̓́̄͗͝L̴̛̠̫̏ȯ̷̧̗̙̣͚͔̦̝̇͗̈́̂͑̄̈́͜v̸̧̖̯͙̈͐̓͑́̍̍ͅe̸͓͎͝

  • Of course
  • Of fucking course, it couldn’t be so simple….
  • Suga had finally confronted you after another two weeks of ignoring him. Luckily, you had just gotten back from puking your guts out, so at least there’s that.
  • On the downside, the panic you felt made you sprout the first thing that came to mind
  • The truth. About liking him, that is, not the flowers.
  • After an hour-long talk, you had promised you wouldn’t ignore him anymore and “run away from your problems”. You parted ways with him sending you a large smile, which made the thorns around your lungs constrict tighter still.
  • It was 3 am once again when you decided to leave your feelings be and let them rot away, hopefully to meet someone who could patch up your bloodied memories.
  • It was 5 am when you finally passed out from dehydration, pink and red surrounding your body like a halo.
  • Your lethal love wasn’t going anywhere

ᧁarᦔen꠸a - ꪗꪮꪊ'᥅ꫀ ꪶꪮꪜꫀꪶꪗ, ᦓꫀᥴ᥅ꫀꪻ ꪶꪮꪜꫀ

  • You’ve stopped paying attention to what flowers you got, and what they mean
  • You had just gotten home after going rollerblading with Suga to make up for the month and a half of ghosting him. It had been such a good day.
  • You flush away the evidence without giving your brain the chance to identify them. The only thing your thoughts can utter is how morbidly pretty your blood looked flecked on the white flowers.
  • You can only assume a new flower had come up because you had gone on (what had been perceived by people around you) a date with the person you were in love with.
  • The person you couldn’t have.
  • Shaking those thoughts away you slam face first onto your bed and are out in moments. However, in those moments the peaceful silence was broken by a thought you’d forget all too soon.
  • There was less blood than usual.
  • White….heather……meaning
  • Why bother
  • The moment Sugawara stood in front of you holding a soft pink flower, you realize you hadn’t thrown up any new flowers in over three weeks
  • You couldn’t say anything or move.
  • “Su…Suga, what…?”
  • He cupped your face after tucking the flower into your hair and held you so gently you thought you were going to cry.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Your breath caught in your throat
  • “What?”
  • His hands move to your waist and he clings to you
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you had Hanahaki disease?! You idiot! I’ve been in fucking love with you for months, damn it!”
  • You’re hand glide up his arms to reach around him and grip the back of his shirt.
  • “You… you have?”
  • Sugawara lets out a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sob.
  • “You know how they say distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well your distance from me made my heart shoot up like a magic beanstalk.”
  • Giggling, you tuck your face into his neck and you both just stand there in each other’s arms.
  • The silence doesn’t last too long because soon he’s pulling back and asking you what the flower means.
  • “I had just gone in and asked what flower I should give the girl I loved.”
  • Huffing in embarrassment, and pushing away his smug face, you reach up and pluck the flower out of your hair.
  • After a moment of studying it you smile softly, then reach up and peck him on the lips.

“𝒜ℳℬℛ𝒪𝒮ℐ𝒜 - 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇 ℒ𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒾𝓈 ℛ𝑒𝒸𝒾𝓅𝓇𝑜𝒸𝒶𝓉𝑒𝒹.”

11 notes

got in full Suga cosplay for the first time in almost 4 years just to sit in my room, all for a crumb of serotonin

2 notes

Sugawara x black!actress!reader, Bokuto x black!actress!reader, Tsukishima x black!actress!reader, Kenma x black!actress!reader

TW: Swearing

Note: this is all post times skip

Taglist: @myhoodacademia @bnhainthewoo @iiminibattlehero @ecao @nnnoya @hawklmaoo @strawberry-ice @mixxfi @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @lilsparkyswife @mrs-nanami @mindofess @kqtsukisgf


  • Hes soooo supportive
  • Koshi is gonna let you do what ever you need to do to work
  • Travel, using method acting at home, and he won’t be up your ass if you have to kiss another actor for a role
  • But unfortunately, if you do have to travel, he won’t be able to come often, as he still has to teach his students
  • He makes up for it by taking time off for premieres, but he still feels bad that he cant come even though its not his fault
  • Koshis favorites that you star in are ALWAYS the black story films
  • He knows how important they are, and he thinks its amazing that his incredible girlfriend gets to play a part in them
  • When he shows his students movies in class, they’re probably yours
  • Especially if you play the lead role
  • He usually tells them on set stories about certain parts of the movie (but only with your permission of course)
  • PLEASE come and visit his students
  • They all adore you and your work
  • “You looked reallyyyyy pretty in that one scene in (insert a movie title)”
  • They’ll ask you questions about being on set, about talking with other famous actors/actresses, etc.
  • If and when you win an award, Koshi will NOT miss it for the world
  • It’ll be the proudest moment of his life and his not even him getting the award
  • Can and will cry if you give him a special thanks in your speech
  • “And of course, id like to thank my lil baby, Koshi.”
  • Koshi just loves you so much and hes so proud to have you as his girlfriend


  • Just the thought of you excites him, but when thinks of the fact that you’re a whole famous actress? He can’t even sit still
  • He gushes about you to the team constantly
  • They’d find it annoying but Bokutos so passionate about you that they just can’t
  • You guys really aren’t apart too much, even if you have to travel
  • 1. Because Koutaro is clingy and doesn’t like leaving you and 2. Because you guys somehow end up in the same place even when you’re traveling
  • So hes always there to support you
  • But he can’t help but get jealous when you have to kiss your co-stars
  • He usually gets all pouty when it happens, and if you have to redo the shot multiple times it only progresses
  • Its sucks seeing Ko sad, but you end up getting lots of kisses so thats definitely a plus
  • Koutaro is a fucking sap, so his favorite movies you start in are usually romance ones, or sad ones
  • He can and will double over and cry during them
  • “Ko, we’re only 20 minutes in, get off the damn floor!”
  • When you win an award he’ll cry even harder
  • If you mention him he’ll start running around and screaming like he’s in a black church
  • “And of course I can never for get my boo, Kotaro~”
  • Queue the cameras trying to follow him like he on Murray while he cries
  • He just loves you so much and hes so proud of you that he forgets how to act


  • This nigga SWEARS he doesn’t care
  • But he do💖
  • Because he still comes to as much as your stuff as he can
  • That means filming, traveling, premieres, and other things
  • Unfortunately, the two of you are apart pretty often if you travel a lot
  • But the two of you manage by talking as much as you can, and if you come back for short periods of time you hang out as much as possible
  • Hes one of the most jealous bitches idc idc
  • If you kiss a co-star, hes wiping your mouth down w a wet rag, and then giving you the best kiss of your life (it literally gets better everytime)
  • You really be tempted to beat his ass when he tried to wipe your mouth but its all worth it
  • “Boy you not bouta wipe my mouth for the tenth time today, I ‘ought beat yo’ a-”
  • Then Kei wipes your mouth
  • “Nigga what did I just say–”
  • And then kisses you
  • You can’t even be mad at that point
  • Kei is a fucking nerd so his favorite movies are sci-fi
  • You did a movie involving dinosaurs once and he swears he fell in love w you all over again
  • Is he ever gonna let you know that though?
  • Absolutely not.
  • When you win an award, hes gonna be so proud of you
  • He honestly might tear up
  • Will 100% shed a tear or two if you mention him
  • “And the biggest thanks goes to my irritating but lovable boyfriend, Kei.”
  • Kei is kind of a bitch about it like he is about everything, but he really is proud of you


  • You were probably just starting out when you guys got together
  • So he doesn’t think much of it because he’s so use to it
  • Don’t get me wrong, hes proud of you, but hes just so used to being around you that he hardly ever acknowledges that hes dating a famous actress
  • But when he does it definitely puts a smile on his face
  • Kozume fully supports you, he comes with you to filming, traveling, premieres, and other events
  • He pre-records game plays just so he can go
  • Kozu probably gets insecure if you have to kiss other co-stars on set
  • Hes just insecure about your relationships in general sometimes because its like you’re this beautiful and amazing actress, and hes a gameplay youtuber
  • So he’ll probably ask for a lil reassuring kiss after you do a scene like that
  • “Baby, can I have a kiss? Please?”
  • When you come on his livestreams, even for a second, his chay goes crazy
  • His favorite movies are sci-fi and action
  • They remind him of video games, which means he can mix his two favorite things in the world together (you and video games, to clarify💖)
  • When you win an award, he won’t miss it for the world
  • Kozume will be so proud, he might actually cry
  • Especially if you mention him
  • “I dont think I could’ve done this without my incredible boyfriend though.”
  • Hes so in love with you he won’t be able to function properly
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God and Guardian of the Forest, Sugawara watched as you danced through the trees, humming a gentle tune to yourself. It was a lively beat and his eyes followed your feet as they skipped across the rocks and the moss, entirely lost in your song. Beside him, Hinata, an air spirit watched just as closely.

“What’s the mortal doing here?” He whispered to Sugawara. “And why haven’t you scared them off? What if they cause trouble? They nearly kicked some mushrooms a few seconds ago!”

Sugawara hushed Hinata, still focused on your dancing and the blissful expression on your face. “They’re not causing any trouble,” he whispered back, moving silently behind tree to tree to keep up with you. “I’ve seen them before, they mean no harm.”

Hinata let out a nervous noise, all too wary of humans. “You’ve seen them before? And you haven’t banished them yet? Do you not realize the trouble they could cause? You can’t trust humans!”

“Hush Hinata,” Suga scolded. “The humans that have visited before have always had good intentions although they can cause foul. But whenever they do they make sure to repair any damage. The Forest is a welcoming place for all, even the humans. If they wish to wander they may wander.”

“You didn’t say that about that boy some months ago,” another voice spoke from beside them and both Hinata and Sugawara jumped, only to see that Kageyama, a rock spirit, had appeared. “That loud and boastful one that had kicked my rock—Oikawa.” The rock spirit scowled at the thought and Sugawara sighed.

“Yes, well Oikawa was trouble, this one is different, I can tell.”

“And how can you?” Kageyama pressed. Sugawara couldn’t answer, himself unsure why his heart sped at the sight of your gayish delight, or why something deep inside him knew that he could trust you.

“I just can,” he told the two spirits as he continued to follow you, peering from behind the tree currently in front of him. And at that moment you turned and your gaze widened in surprise at the sight of him. Sugawara felt his stomach drop in surprise as you registered the sight of him. That was impossible, all three of them are hidden, there was no way you could see them.

“Oh, hello,” you said genially. “It’s you again.”

Sugawara blinked, convinced he had heard you wrong, that he was being delusional. He looked left and right to Hinata and Kageyama only to see that the both of them had disappeared, no doubt spooked. He pointed to himself in disbelief. “Me again?”

You nodded, the friendly smile still on your face. “Is there anyone else I would be talking to? I’ve seen you in here before but I didn’t want to bother you before. Do you like to spend time in the woods as well?”

Sugawara was dumbfounded. How could a mortal see him? “I…” his voice trailed off before nodding. “One could say that, yes. My name is Sugawara and you are…?”

“Y/n,” you told him and gave a slight bow. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise. I’ve seen you here before if I’m being honest, you come here often, no? To dance. Do you enjoy the forest too?”

You nodded, a dreamy look on your face. “Yes,” you said. “It’s peaceful, where I can relax and let myself be free for a bit of time. I’m sorry if I e disturbed you however.”

“You haven’t,” Sugawara said quickly. “Really I admire your dancing. Are there certain moves you must follow?” You nodded and gave him a bring smile, holding your hand out to him.

“Some. I can teach you if you want?”

Sugawara nodded after a moment and reached out to clasp your hand. He didn’t know why he was letting you, a human do this, but as you began to lead him into the first steps of the dance he forgot about his worries, the sound of laughter from the two of you echoing through the trees.

29 notes
  • pairing: Satori Tendou x fem. reader x Sugawara Koushi
  • words: 2 k.
  • warnings: smut, orgasm denial, creampie, recreative use of alcohol?

tam’s notes: haha yes i did this. i hope you like it because i can’t stop thinking about these two. they live in my mind rent free. also please accept my somewhat edit as a banner.


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55 notes

Pairing: Sugawara Koushi x ex!reader x drunk friend atsumu
word count: 1,8k words
Synopsis: When everyone passed out after the wild celebration of New Year in Kenma’s apartment, you and your tipsy ex boyfriend, Sugawara, along with Daichi, Kenma, and Akaashi stayed up to take care of a broken hearted and drunk Atsumu, who just have broken up with his longtime girlfriend. As the night goes deeper, your conversations go deeper too and all of you start reminiscing about the past.

this is my first post after going on hiatus and my first for the year, this was inspired by the official art of greetings for 2021, where they they celebrated new in Kenma’s and they were watching Lev in a game show. Sorry if I’m posting vv slow, school is actually killing me but yeah I’ll try my best to post more uwu. I hope you will enjoy this imagine :3 Have a great day my loves~~ take care and stay safe sunshines <33

The new year’s eve mini celebration has come to an end, everyone is drunk and sleeping on the cushion placed in the living room besides you, Akaashi, Kenma, Daichi and your ex-boyfriend Sugawara. The five of you cleaned up the mess that your drunk friends made then you guys decided to have your chill drinking session. You guys are gathered around beside the cushion where your drunk friends are sleeping and talking about how your life has been. 

“It’s been a while since I last saw Y/N” Your tipsy ex-boyfriend said which you agreed by nodding your head. 

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How i Think Haikyuu Characters would dress:

1. Yamaguchi Tadashi


He’s a softie, and we know it, so i think this stile like cute and comfy would fit on him. He would use some dark colors like blue or yk black, but his principal colors are mostly light colors or pastel colors.

2. Kenma Kozume.


Pls idek why this stile but i think Kenma would POP OFF with it. Like creamy colors with that vintage touch is just awesome.

3. Nishinoya Yuu.


He’s my bitch asf. I though this stile sportive and comfy would be HIS stile. Like, we know him, and i think he would dominate an outfit like this.

4. Kageyama Tobio.


Don’t attack me 😭😭 I think kags would wear something like this yk; he’s a baby softie but he could hide it using this stile to appear more confident or stronger idk.

5. Tsukishima Kei


HE WOULD KILL IT WITH THIS STILE. he’s a bad bitch but we know how much he cares abt his friends (*coaf coaf* YAMS *coaf*). Idk i just can imagine him with this stile.

6. Hinata Shōyō


Ik is so random but i thought he would be the cutest shit with this outfit. Like oversize hoodies and shirts (or kageyama’s *still coAfinG*) are his religion (and mine too).

6. Sugawara Koshi.


YALL KNOWS THAT THIS WOULD FIT SO GOOD ON SUGA-SAN. Pls he’s so cute and adorable so i think this stile would be the best for our qt :).

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