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Rather tea parties!
Tumblr media
Dad!Suna x Mom!Reader
Requested by~ @sassycheesecake
I never write Suna with a daughter I always write him with a son so I tried something different!!(im also working on the Atsumu fic now!!)
Tumblr media
Yui was a daddy’s girl. Everyone knew that, the toddler looked just like Rintaro, every game the two of you went to she’d insist on wearing her mini jersey that you and Ron bought or her, than her daddy would run to meet her after the game and it looked like two mini Rintaros hugging. His mom even convinced you to take photos of her that recreated his baby photos which was very funny.
Everything Suna did you can garentee your daughter was right behind doing that as well. So when she turned four it wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone that she was telling you she wanted to learn how to play volleyball.
So of course on the next trip to the beach Suna had his volleyball in hand while you stood beside Yui showing her how to position her little arms and legs before telling Suna to just toss the ball to her because she was still little.
And he did but Yui missed and it almost hit her face and after a few more tries she was done and wanted nothing to do with volleyball after it whacked her in the knee.
“I rather have tea party with mama” she turns away from Suna as you hold her and he gasps.
Tumblr media
This was also going to originally be Suna with a reader who’s in labor but I relized I think I wrote that a few times yesterday so I stoped half way through but let me know if you guys would like to see that or like Suna with a newborn baby!!
Also to however requested that Bokuto angst fic, I promise I’m writing it it’s just going to be sort of long😭
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Meet Me Halfway
Pairing : Suna x Reader
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Tumblr media
You gave him a cup of tea. To be honest, you were the one who needed it the most. You still had not said a word to each other. You needed to talk to him but you didn't know how to. You sat down in front of him. He was purposefully avoiding your eyes, and you wondered if he was feeling the same as you. You took a deep breath and finally started.
"First of all, I would like to apologize for how I acted earlier."
He was still looking at his cup of tea.
"I shouldn't have said that. I regret it."
He shook his head.
"It's ok. You don't like me."
You wanted to tell him you did, but that would be misleading. Because you didn't like him. And he needed to know.
"I don't. Not like this."
You closed your eyes and added :
"But I can. I... could."
He finally looked up, seeing your scared expression. You had your eyes closed. He was the one who showed you this trick back then.
If you're scared, just close your eyes and imagine what you wish you had in front of you.
That's what he had told you. Today, he wondered who you wished you had in his place.
"You don't need to force yourself into that, Y/N."
You opened your eyes and they met his. It reminded you of everything you had with him. His warm arms that were always opened when you were there. His shy smiles when he thought you were not looking. Or his shirts that you were secretly wearing.
"It's not like that."
You couldn't say more.
"We can still be friends, Y/N. I promise."
He smiled at you. He wanted to reassure you.
"I know."
You looked away from him. You wanted to look everywhere but his face. You looked at the ceiling, at your cup of tea, then at his. You looked at how his fingers were restless, taping against the cup.
"I don't want to, Rin."
You heard him scoff.
"I'm sorry I put you in that position", he said with a shaking voice. "Whatever you choose, I'll be fine with it."
He took a deep breath.
"If you need space..."
"No !", you interrupted him, jumping off your chair.
You looked at him in the eyes. For a moment, nobody spoke.
"I don't need space. I need you."
You sat down, suddenly feeling embarrassed.
"I've been reminded that a relationship is a lot of work. It can only work if both people want it."
You could see it in his eyes. Hope.
“What are you trying to say ?”
You smiled at him. It was obviously a new chapter of both of your lives. You wanted to share your life with his, the only incertain parameter was how.
“I want to try.”
His eyes were almost sparkling.
“I think I want to be with you too.”
Finally, he raised the glass to his mouth. You could only see his playful eyes.
“You think ?”
You nodded.
“And how long do you think you’re gonna think that ?”
You cleared your throat.
“Let’s try for a month.”
You closed your eyes for a moment. You promised yourself that you would try the hardest to make it happen. He had a smile on his face when he put the cup down. He was staring at you. What he thought was a mystery, he didn’t agree or disagree. He just stared at you.
“Why ?” he finally asked.
You looked at your appartment. The feeling was back. This warm feeling. You could almost hear the knife cutting onions and the sputtering sound. You could almost smell what would be best meal until the next one, feel the slight burn from cooking. You could see him with you everyday. He already was.
He was home.
“I love you. I do. I just need to figure out how.”
“But you were pretty sure less than an hour ago.”
“I love that you are my home. I love the idea of waking up next to you. I love how close we are. That I’m sure.”
He finished his cup.
“I agree but on two conditions. First, let’s try for a month.”
A month. It would be enough. You quickly agreed.
“What’s the second condition ?”
“We can stop it at any moment. Both of us.”
He wanted a way out. In case it was failing. In case it was hurting him too much. In case the hope you was now feeding him would turn out to be false. You could understand that. You nodded.
“When does it start ?” you asked with a small voice.
His smile grew bigger.
“Right now. Do you wanna go on a date ?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hey ! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while ! I just got my first real writer’s block in 10 years of writing. Usually, I can still imagine things or write something else but this time it was totally blank. So I had to wait and that's why it took so long. Still I hope you enjoyed it ! I really can't wait to write the next chapter as we're gonna see their first real romantic interactions ! I'll try to do better next time... have a great day !
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He's so beautiful 🥹🤍
Tumblr media
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Belongs to my sister🗿. Wattpad id name: @uwu-chan0.
Tumblr media
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Summary: Suna’s found himself falling for his friend, and he’s struggling to keep it a secret
Suna Rintarō x gn!reader
WC: i’ll check later cause i’m on mobile
CW: Pining, this is a little angsty/fluffy? but more so angst, friends, feelings of anxiety and want
“What do you think is the most painful thing?”
Suna blinks twice, a restart to his mind, as he pauses, cautioned at your question. That long, monotonous face of his scrunches up at the nose, and he lets out a scoff.
“Couldn’t tell you.”
His response is short of reason, and inconspicuous, leaving little room for further discussion, head tilting to yours.
The corner of his lips curl at the end, while his teeth bare out from behind, and broadened shoulders melt further back into the planks of the bench. From where he sits, he stares out into the spacious, starry sky. He’s sure you’re planning a witty comeback, looking like a goldfish with the opening and closing of your mouth, as you stare in disbelief.
If there’s one thing Suna’s scared of—it’s you.
No other person makes his ears tinge pink the same way you do, and every time the two of you bump into one another walking along the streets, there’s an unexplainable urge to pull you in closer.
The one thing Suna’s scared of is how easily lost he feels when you smile, and that look you have when you draw towards sunbeams. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be accustomed to the way you glance over at him as if you’re nothing but the background, because to him, you’re everything.
You, in all your thoughts and beauties, the indescribable feeling of want, of need, that envelops every part of him.
To hold you, to kiss you, to look into your eyes and know everything will be alright.
“Come on, Rintarou. You and I know that’s a dumb answer.”
“Well, what kind of answer are you looking for?” There’s that playful lilt in Suna’s voice that weasels its way through his words. “That time you stole a piece of my chicken—or maybe when you broke my phone…”
To which Suna watches you turn to him in a scowl, as if regretting asking him the question altogether.
“That was an accident. I didn’t think it would fall!”
Except the scold of Suna’s name from your lips makes him grin a bit wider. The way you so speak so blissfully makes him choke, and he feels as though he’s gasping for air.
He can’t believe you agreed to stay a little longer. He’s asked so much of you, for you to even stay here with him is already too much—too much for his pounding heart, and his hand that fidgets with the other.
It’s as if you’re the one plotting against him in this grand scheme of chase, yet Suna knows he himself is the mastermind behind his own stupid, stupid feelings.
The most painful thing in the world, huh?
Being unable to love you.
Being unable to see your glossy eyes, or the way your hands fly up to your mouth when you can’t stop laughing. The little wave you do whenever you greet him.
Because if he told you the truth—could you still stand to be around him?
Every time Suna glances over at you, he tries so hard not to stare at your pretty features. Surely, you must have caught him once or twice, because there’s no way you don’t know how—
How entranced he is at the thought of you.
Shouldn’t it be enough to admire from afar? It should ease him to look at you through the copious amount of photos you’ve taken together, but it doesn’t stop the congested feeling searing his body .
The feeling that makes his stomach twist and turn, as if he were on a sailboat. The lulling of your steady fingertips as you just barely leave your touch upon him.
Everything from Suna’s limbs, to the wavering of his vocal chords feels compelled to indulge in you.
No other person in the world makes Suna wonder about the twinkling stars at night and their formations in the sky, looked upon by only those who choose.
So when will you choose him?
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Tumblr media
revenge tastes sweet - but you taste sweeter - a series
chapter one: project mission: involuntarily castrate akihito. - 1.1k words
a/n: chapter one!!! this is the only one i have written out so far but the ideas for the rest have been plotted :3 i hope u enjoy!!
tw: none - unless you’re afraid of pumpkins? or halloween?
“fucking hell, [First]. remind me why you dated him again?” suna is sprawled across your bed, the card in his hands reflecting the light coming in through your window. 
“rin. i’m friends with you, remember? i have bad taste in men.”
shifting up to lean against your headboard, suna glared at you. “very funny. you think you’re clever, don’t you?”
“i do, in fact. cleverer than you, at least.” you shot back as you got up out of your chair to grab the mini watering can sitting on your shelf- the basil plant you’d affectionately named oikawa seemed about ready to wither up and die at the slightest inconvenience. ironic.
“see, anyone that’s actually clever knows that cleverer isn’t a word. i think someone needs to check their temperature, cause you just got burned.” he flopped back onto his side, watching you water oikawa.
you put the watering can down and moved to smack him upside the head. “real mature, rin. who the fuck still even says burned? it’s like everyone moved on and left you in 2010.” 
he dodged your attack- of course he did, he’s honed the skill over more than fifteen years of your attempted assaults- and grinned up at you. “at least i didn’t say roasted. would you have preferred baked? how about boiled?” 
“i’ll sous vide you. move over, you bed hog. it’s time to plan akihito’s downfall.” you flopped down next to him, a brand new notebook in hand.
he took one of the pens you offered and uncapped it, testing the ink on his hand. “you sound like he’s a king and you’re gonna stage a coup and kill him.”
“he’s sure as hell not a king but i wouldn’t be against killing him-“ you laughed, uncapping a pen and flipping open the notebook to reveal the crisp new sheets of paper sandwiched inside. “project mission: involuntarily castrate akihito. start date- what’s the date?” you asked, not looking up.
suna grabbed his phone from the end of the bed, turning it on and showing you. 
“friday, may 13th” was emblazoned over suna’s lock screen; a photo of you two as kids, sitting on a field with paint smeared all over your faces. 
“you still haven’t changed your lock screen? we have so many better photos..“ you wondered out loud- focused on highlighting all the words you wrote on the title page on the notebook in red ink. 
“i like this one- you have snot on your face, and i look like i’m about to cry. it’s charming, don’t you think? now, are you done making the cover page aesthetic, princess? can we move on to the good stuff?” 
“i do not have snot on my face. you’re hallucinating, dumbass. let me just.. and done!” you cheered. the dot on the ‘i’ in ‘involuntarily’ now had a knife going through it. “aesthetics are important, rin. if we get arrested or sued for this at least the evidence’ll look good as it’s being presented to the court.”
suna rolled his eyes. “like we’ll ever go to court. crimes aren’t illegal so long as we don’t get caught.”
“what movie did you steal that from? ‘my husband is a secret vampire werewolf mafia boss!’?” you laughed. 
 - you seemed to do that a lot more with him than you did with anyone else, suna mused. perks of being childhood friends, he decided. -
“yeah. we watched that one together, remember? you loved it.” he began speaking in a terrible falsetto- attempting (and failing miserably) to mimic your voice. “’oh my, mr vampire werewolf mafia boss adrian is soooo attractive!!! i would let him step on me..’” he couldn’t dodge fast enough- you managed to smack him this time. 
“don’t tell me that’s an actual movie-“ you wheezed out, arms flailing about and trying to land another hit on your best friend as he writhed around like a snake, successfully avoiding every single swing. 
“it’s not-”
you breathed a sigh of relief. “thank the lor-“
you shoved him off the bed. “you’re such an asshole. why are we best friends again?”
“you love me, don’t even. do i really need to tell the story about how our moms-“ he looked up at you from the floor, a grin slowly spreading across his face.
you cut him off. “NO! don’t you dare; i can’t go through that shit again- that was traumatizing.” you shuddered.
suna stuck his hand out from the floor and groaned. “oh no, [First], you broke my back.. now you gotta help me up and bake me cookies as compensation.” 
sighing, you grabbed his hand and moved to drag him upright. “when do i not bake you- woah!” with a swift yank, suna dragged you down onto the floor with him. you hit the floor with a loud thump and a shriek, and immediately sat up and attacked him as he laughed.
“you- suck- why- do- i- even-“ you punctuated each word with a smack.
“okay, okay, i’m sorry- i surrender!” he wheezed, still laughing his head off.
“i hate you. you’re exiled from the bed- you can sit on the floor.” you let out a resolute ‘hmph!’ and crossed your arms as you got up and flopped back onto your covers. 
“harsh.. you love me too much for that.” he stood up and lay on top of you. “you’re not a very good pillow, spooks. too bony.”
 - spooks. you still remembered why suna gave you that nickname. when you two were ten, you and suna had gone to one of those corn mazes on halloween. somehow, in the confusion, you’d gotten separated from him. 
that’s when a killer clown ran by you and plopped a hollowed-out pumpkin on your head. your poor ten-year-old self freaked out and ran, running into, around, and even through the walls of the corn maze. the rest of the children had just been minding their own business when a screaming black-robed figure with a pumpkin on their head charged out of the wall and past them, only to run and smack face- well, pumpkin-first into another. you’d kept running until you ran into someone and knocked them over. by some miracle, it was suna. he’d grabbed the pumpkin and yanked it off your head, laughing his head off. “didn’t know you were scared of pumpkins, [First].”
“shut up..” you’d mumbled. “i wasn’t expecting it- i got spooked, okay?”
“sure, sure. you’re okay? let’s go then, spooks.” - 
you were snapped out of your daze by a gentle flick on your forehead. “hey. hello? anyone home?” suna waved his hand around in front of your face. 
“sorry, did you say something? i zoned out.”
“yeah. we should get started on the wedding plans. t-minus 5 weeks until akihito attaches himself to some poor woman like a leech, remember?”
you snorted. “let’s get this party started, then, shall we?”
thank you for reading !! reblogs are appreciated <3 next chapter est. release date: check back later!
all works by @neon-crucifix. please do not steal my writing or my banners.
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Suna icon 💜
Feel free to use it
Tumblr media
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bully ; suna rintarou
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: suna x f!reader
just a week before the events in the locker room, the miya’s accompanied by suna decide to crash at your place this saturday. when suna decides to pay you a visit upstairs, unexpected things begin to unfold before the two of you.
warnings: fluffy! one more part to go! this is the confession that was hinted at in the first chapter
i advise reading the first part if you haven’t already. linked down below! ⬇️
both part one and two on my ao3! @chrxllx
<- previous part | next part ->
Tumblr media
his hands held onto your waist, pulling you in closer to his body as those sweet lips of his kissed yours. his body melded with yours as you stood between his legs, your back pressed against the cold steel of the locker behind you. you were already fully aware of how this would end, the tension had already built itself up to a point of no return, once you both started you found it was near impossible to stop. as you were both just crammed against each other in that locker, his second confession was what really set it off.
although, something was different about him. the way he moved, the way he held you and kissed you, he was treating you so delicately but still held onto you so tightly. his touch felt firm, his resolve being stronger than ever, it was almost like he believed you'd slip from his hands if he even thought about letting go.
as if that wasn't enough, you couldn't stop your hands that tracked around his neck to tug gently at the brown tufts of hair on his head. he groaned into your mouth, his eyebrows furrowing as he kissed you harder. but instead, he backed away and stared into your eyes as the both of you caught your breath. his eyes were clouded with a haze, his pupils dilated and his cheeks flushed pink. the look in his eyes filled with a desire to simply have you in his arms.
taking one more breath, he ducked into your neck, sucking along your tender skin. he knew he was leaving marks along your skin, but he could care less. but even if he didn't care, you sure did. just thinking about the conversation you'd have to have with your parents when you come home with what looks to be a hickey, it sends a weight down to the pit of your stomach. you'd rather to never have a conversation like that with your parents, and especially not now.
you pushed on his shoulders, gently, "rin, not-…not there..." although you protested, you couldn't help but whimper as he hiked your leg up over his hip, his hand squeezing your thigh, grabbing whatever part of skin he could hold onto. "rin, we have to stop..." you whispered, your voice coming off so delicate to suna's ears. so slowly, he backed away, eyes meeting yours one more time.
your hands rested on his shoulders, slowly sliding down to hold onto his jacket. he let go of your leg, his hand retreating to meet your waist once more. that's when you realized just how fast his heart was beating, it practically was beating out of his chest. you observed how red his cheeks were and how his gaze slowly drifted away from yours, almost like he was avoiding your eyes.
"does that answer your question?" he turned back to you, the answer so clear in his eyes. his hand caressed the side of your face, delicately grazing his fingers along your skin. he wanted to say it, he wanted to blurt it out, shout a million times until everyone in the world knew how much he wanted to be with you. but with a sigh, he shook his head and backed away.
Tumblr media
you were a spy for the time being. watchful eyes preying down at the three boys that lounged about on the couch, manspreading and drinking you out of house and home. their eyes were glued to the tv screen, a rerun of some college volleyball game played by some team you wouldn't be able to name. it amazes you how comfy they made themselves in your own home, they practically did it better than you.
this wasn't the first time those two insufferable twins had trudged their stinky bodies to your house to "relieve stress." you knew it was a lie, they just wanted to help themselves to your vast selection of snacks. it was already enough to have the two of them, but let alone a third, and him being none other than suna rintarou, the boy who just thrived off picking on you.
stealing your things, flicking your forehead, and calling you names, the list can go on. your childish habits dating all the way back to the first year of middle school to the present. he loved to see the angry look on your face, you could tell. the way his eyes glowed and his lips curled into that arrogant smile when the two of you argued, he enjoyed making you angry. you thought he'd grow up, you thought he'd at least mature from middle school, but he hopped back into his old ways these past two years of high school. from day one, he was intent on becoming your worst enemy. and here he was lounging about on your couch, pretending like he doesn't bully you at every second of every school day.
"enjoying the view, (y/n)?" upon atsumu spotting you looking down at them from the railing, the rest of them craned their necks up to look at you. you could see that familiar glint in suna's eyes again like he found his target to mess with.
but today you were not in the mood for suna's incessant teasing, neither were you in the mood to listen to osamu and atsumu agree with each other on everything the other said. "you three need to get out of my house, i didn't ask for your company," you narrowed your eyes down at them, your hands gripping at the wooden rail. "clean up your mess and leave."
"so not fair," he whined, dragging his words out as he threw his head back to lean on the couch, his eyes still trained on you. "we just got here?"
"your house has all the good food, we're just helping ya' clean your pantry out," osamu chipped in, tone sounding just as teasing as his brothers.
"come down here! it's the weekend, shouldn't we spend it together as second years," atsumu called, the cheesy and taunting sound in his voice coming forth. you refused to go down, especially with suna there, you'd rather have a non-irritable saturday.
you huffed at them, giving them all a shared amount of the stink eye. you were close to going off at them, but knowing them it was only going to go in one ear and out the other. "it's bad enough that i have to deal with you two, and you brought that thing along with you, he's contaminating my couch," you spat, harsh words aiming straight for the lazy face that smirked at you.
"aww, i'm your thing now? that's a new one," he fake gushed, staring at you with that deadpan that made your stomach churn.
you began to retreat to your room, "get out." shooting one more glare his way you headed back into your room, and away from the freeloading pricks that resided on your couch.
yeah, it was the weekend, but today you wanted to spend your time alone, just to give yourself some space from hanging around the miya's for weeks on end. your parents weren’t home, away for their day shifts, but if they were home, three boys wouldn’t be lounging about on their couch.
as busy as the twins were in the afternoons, they always made time to pester you during the day so you could get your daily dose of the miya twins. and quite frankly you were exhausted.
but most of all, you were tired of suna. it was bad enough that he was always teasing you during school, and it's even worse that you have to see him after school hours. you figured his teasing methods were getting worse seeing as he always seemed to know where you were and where to find you. and in your mind, he was just a childish nuisance that had no grasp on the concept of personal space.
you continued to tap away at your phone, maybe then you'd get that stupid image of suna's smile out of your head. but as you heard someone knocking at your door, you were quick to groan. "i swear to god 'tsumu if that's you!" you yelled, watching as the door crept open to reveal something even worse than atsumu.
"you're in luck cause it's just me, sweetheart," suna's voice filled the room as he walked inside your room. "you call him ‘tsumu? wonder what nickname you have for me…” he commented, taunting you as he looked around your room and basically invited himself inside.
your heart felt like it was going to stop as he began to snoop around your dresser, quickly making himself acquainted with the little trinkets you kept laying around. quickly, you stumbled off your bed just in time to grab something he was going to pick up. "no, no, no, why are you in here?" you asked coldly, eyes trained on him. "leave right now while i'm still asking nicely,"
but even if your glare burned holes through his face and your tone was something far from chipper, “that already doesn’t sound too nice, you know?” he snickered, eyes meeting yours before he pointed towards the comb in your hands. "and is this your way of saying you want to do my hair?" he snorted before moving onto the next thing that resided in your room. "i'll pass." you couldn't help but blush, your face heating up significantly as you placed the comb back in its original spot. he had this innate talent of making you feel embarrassed about things you shouldn't be. and honestly you wished he’d just put a sock in his big, fat mouth(your words, not mine).
shaking off the minor setback, you tried to keep your composure as he stared at your collection of souvenirs. instead of taking them—the first try proving to embarrass to no end—, you crossed your arms and huffed. "can you just leave? those twins might follow you in here," you glanced to the wide-open door, “it’s already bad enough that you’re in here,” the sounds of an intense volleyball game coming from downstairs.
he scoffed, looking at you through your vanity's mirror but still messing about your souvenirs. "pfft where's the fun in leaving?" he snickered once more, flipping a manual lava lamp you got from florida. "those two down there are gonna be glued to the couch, the game just started picking up. and besides," he looked at you head-on, wagging your american souvenir keychain in your face, "exploring your room sounds more fun."
you snatched the chain from his hands to which he snorted, whispering something underneath his breath. although, it sounded like he wasn't quiet enough. your attentive ears picked up on something and you could've sworn your heart skipped a beat at the thought. if you weren't mistaken, you swore suna had called you cute underneath his breath. the mere sound falling from his lips, mind you it was none other than suna rintarou's lips, had your stomach churning, heart flittering, and mind wandering for the clouds. but he just simply spun around, whirring throughout your room while probing and fiddling with things with a nosy finger. he had glossed over the entire thing like he hadn't said a thing.
"wait...say that again?" you asked, feet anxiously following him. he shrugged, picking up a bottle of perfume and examining it for a little before putting it back down.
"say what? i say a lot of things, (y/n)…what's this?" he twisted around, not once sparing you a glance as he studied an old jewelry box of yours. he then opened the top of it, revealing a ballerina spinning slowly in a circle, a soft melody playing as it spun. "would you look at that...(l/n) can be cute," he sarcastically gasped, snickering to himself before closing the pink box, and whirring off to another corner of your room.
there it was again. you were sure he was just teasing, another one of his incessant games. he often played a game of goose with you, he wanted you to catch him in the act before he stopped, but the trick is, he never does. "don't act like i didn't hear you that time," and frankly you didn't quite favor the game. "you should be leaving now, come on. out the door." you pointed behind you.
he turned to you, a hand over his chest, feigning hurt as he leaned on a clothing rack you had set up. "you want me to leave that bad? but i want to stay," he stared down at you with those piercing hazel eyes of his, looking straight through your gaze as the pout on his lips faded. "i meant the jewelry box was cute, don't get too excited now little (y/n)," he looked away, leaning his back on the thick metal bar behind him.
you rolled your eyes, "you can leave now, i don't need you taking up any more space now," you turned to walk away, your arms crossing over your chest. but before you could leave in front of him, his hands met your waist. pulling you in swiftly, he spun you around to face him once again. the look on your face was picture perfect in suna's eyes, eyes wide and lips slightly parted as you gaped at him. if only he had his phone to capture the moment. you were frozen in his hold, as still as a statue, but you couldn't help but like the warmth that emanated from his hands.
"well, what if i don't want to leave?" he muttered, eyes staring into yours a little too deeply.
you couldn't say anything snarky in response, nothing cared to roll from your lips but a shaken, "...huh?"
there was that smile that for some odd reason made your heart leap at this moment. that smirk that made your insides melt and your brains turn to mush. maybe it was the circumstances you two were in, but with his hands at your hips, his thumbs absentmindedly drawing circles on your bones, you could've sworn you felt your heart skip a beat. you thought you caught a glance of him looking at your lips, a look of absolute desire in his eyes. he couldn't possibly want to kiss you, right? people who bully you wouldn't want to kiss you. but when you felt something soft reach your lips, the touch going just as fast as it came, your suspicions became a reality.
looking at him, he simply stared into your eyes, just as shocked as you were, maybe even less. you were never good at guessing what he was thinking but seeing that look on his face, you had an idea what was going on in his mind. and when he leaned back in again, this time you found yourself leaning in too.
you never thought you'd be in this predicament, making out with suna rintarou in your bedroom. but here you were, fingers laced through his hair, the two of you sharing the same breath as you pressed into his body. if your parents were home to see a sight like this, suna would be running home.
he was surprisingly warm against your lips, the sensation flowing throughout your body like fireworks. his hands held your waist as he tilted his head up, leaning farther into you, then ultimately making the two of you stumble back as he stood up straight.
leading him farther, you found your bed as he dipped you onto the soft sheets. his lips trailed down your chin towards your neck, leaving kisses all over your skin. you were beginning to become tipsy off of him, your eyes shut and small hums coming from your throat as you whispered his name. something you never realized fell off your tongue so velvety, the feeling of it making your entire being sick with desire.
you gasped as he bent your legs, leaving them at his sides as you absentmindedly closed in on him. he cursed to himself as he came back up to meet your lips, his kisses much more hungry, a fiend for more of you.
he mumbled something in between kisses, lowly murmuring your name as he tightened his grip on your waist, his fingers accidentally slipping underneath your shirt. it didn't take him long to figure out you'd frozen in your spot, eyes glued to him. he backed away, his eyes finding your shocked ones, the look on your face being purely still.
"what did you say?" your fingers that once were so tightly wrapped in his hair now found the sides of his face. he found himself leaning towards your touch, relishing in the calming sensation a little too much like a second home. but while you stared at him waiting for an answer, he just returned the stare, his eyes blank and searching for an answer of his own.
truly, he had no idea what to say. you weren't supposed to hear that, and he wasn't supposed to say it, not now at least. none of this was supposed to happen but he just couldn't help himself, you'd never been this close to him before. your plush lips talking to him in that terse tone he loved so much. that cute scowl on your lips even as you tried to look intimidating, but really you looked as gentle as a mouse.
so instead, with memories of your cute angry look on his mind, he shrugged your way. "i say a lot of things, (y/n)," he teased as he leaned to one side of the bed, eyes trained on you. and just like he hoped you would, you exploded on him.
you narrowed your eyes at him as he stood up off of you, "how are you going to kiss me and then act like that?" you chided, as he helped you up. but he didn't say anything as he walked towards your vanity once again. he fixed his clothes and fixed his hair, his hands lingering for a second as he took the time to recall what just happened. "can't you just say something? at least explain what you mean,” you sighed, your arms crossing as you stared at him through the mirror.
you didn't expect him to meet your gaze, but seeing those hazel eyes look back at you made your heart flutter. as he took his hands out of his hair, he turned to gaze at you again. he was awfully quiet as he walked towards you, his hands reaching for your waist once again.
his hands scrunched the material on your shorts in his first, pulling you in with the fabric. "if you heard me, will you let me kiss you again?" he leaned in close, yourself moving in tune with him, just this time you were fully aware of it. once again, soft lips met yours, your hands tugging at his shirt for him to be closer, but he was moving away just as quick as he came.
you could feel the smile on his face as he pulled back, his eyes almost immediately looking down at your hands and back up at you with a taunting smile on his face. embarrassed, you let go of his shirt, your hands retreating to your sides. he snickered, making that frown he loved so much reappear on your lips. "yeah, i like you, (y/n), probably even more than before," he confessed, hands loosening from your shorts. his fixed your hair and clothes, the back of your head smooshed and your clothes tousled about.
"you don’t have to answer me now or tomorrow, but i’ll wait,” he flashing that heartthrob of grin your way, “i’ll wait for what you have to say, yeah? see you monday?" he cooed as he slowly pedaled back slowly to the door. his own body felt it was pushing against him to stay, to stay with you and hold you even longer. the closer he got to the closer the more he wanted to stay.
you on the other hand couldn't think of anything snarky or anything sarcastic to say, your brain being complete mush. so instead you just nodded sheepishly. no matter how hard you tried, this dorky grin made it on your lips as you stared back at him. and the moment his entire body slinked out of the doorway, your knees gave out on you, flopping you back onto the bed behind you.
your body was tingling all over, especially your lips and waist. you placed your hands on your cheeks, feeling the hot flesh underneath your fingers, realizing that you just kissed suna rintarou three times!
his athletic build felt more firm than you thought it would, and his soft lips felt so plush against yours. his strong hands that pulled you in so close had also felt so warm and gentle against your skin. his hair—that was most definitely still disheveled when he left your room—felt so silky between your fingers, leaving your fingertips tingling.
a good question right about now would be, how are you going to face him on monday? no matter how good it felt, you were completely and utterly embarrassed. there's no way you could show your face on monday, he'd tease the living hell out of you. even if you did see him again, what are the chances that he'll pull you off somewhere to have a repeat of today, good enough for someone to catch the two of you? but even with these pressing questions, you figures you wouldn’t mind if he did all those things.
the mere thought of it made your heart race, and he wasn't even here to witness it. this can’t be happening, he was supposed to be your enemy, your bully. usually the victim wasn’t supposed to feel this way towards their bully. but mark your words, suna rintarou won't even get the chance to tease you about this. not now, and not ever.
then it finally hit you. did he just confess to you?
Tumblr media
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couldntbemestaysafeyall · 26 days ago
Kuroo finding out that Suna is dating his sister.
Fluffy humor
✧ 。 pairing: Suna x fem!reader
✧ 。 genre: fluff humor
✧ 。 warnings: cursing, mentions of food
word count: 1,000
Hope you enjoy❤️
“Rin shhh you have to be quiet” currently you’re trying to sneak your 6’1 boyfriend into your bedroom. “I am trying to be quiet but it’s kinda hard when you’re pushing me” he silently yells at you. Its not like you and Suna are doing anything bad and you’re not sneaking him in because its late. In fact, its 4pm a time no one necessarily needs to hide someone. But there is a MINOR… ok MAJOR dilemma. Your brother. Yup the star athlete of Nekoma high being about 6’2 and having the strength of a sumo wrestler. Though Suna would never, I mean NEVER admit it he was intimidated by your brother. But he put that fear aside to be with you, he never expected such a guy to have such a sweet, loving, funny sister. But he does see the intimidation when your food is stolen, or someone tries to hit on him so maybe the scary genes do kick in occasionally. You guys make it up on top of the stairs until you hear a sudden “Y/NNNN” coming from downstairs. Shittttt its him you rush Suna inside your room making him hide in your closet. “Yes, my dear loving brother” you shout and in the span of 30 seconds he’s already up stairs in your room. “Why are you being nice what are you hiding” he asks in a jokingly questioning manner your eyes shift to closet “Nothing I can’t say I miss my brother” you laugh awkwardly he sees your eye shift to the closet “Oh no don’t tell me my baby sister is hiding-” he dramatically gasp “A BOY” he says and giggles afterward he then tries to walk towards the closet, but you quickly intercept him. “I’m not hiding a boy now get out or I’ll make you” you try to sound intimidating your brother laughs “Oh really?” he says mockingly “If there’s no one in there let me check?” “No” “yes” “NO” “Y/n I’m not gonna keep doing this” he looks at you with a smirk on his face. God, you wish you could just throw him out of your room physically but you both know you don’t have the strength to carry his heavy ass. “Then leave there isn’t anything here for you” you say in a snarky attitude. Your brother obviously finds this humorous and he looks you up in down before picking you up and throwing you across the room (he makes sure you land safely on the bed don’t worry). “TESTU” you scream in shock trying to get up to save your boyfriend but its way too late as he opens the door, he sees the 6’1 middle blocker hiding behind your clothes “Hi” the shocked boy squeaks out the captain looks at the boy “Hi”.
See Kuroo didn’t actually think you were hiding a boy especially not a boy from a rivaling school he thought you were just hiding an animal or a present he didn’t expect you to have an entire human being stuffed in your closet. “y/n do you have anything to say?” your brother dragged both you and your boyfriend downstairs to question you two (Yup he has that amount of strength) “I plead the 5th” you say looking down at your lap your brother lets out a hyena laugh and then suddenly turns serious “Oh did I forget to tell you this court goes by MY rules meaning there is not pleading the 5th” he looks you dead in the eyes “now I’ll repeat. y/n do you have anything to say to your dear older brother?” Suna is trying to look everywhere but you and your brother. “I- so- basically” you try to make up a story that could get you out of this but it’s not coming to you “I love your sister” Suna finally speaks up causing you and your brother to look at him. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone and I want to spend the rest of my life with her” he blurts out “I’m sorry for the sneaking around we should have just told you it’s just…” he pauses “No offense but your kinda intimidating” Tetsurō looks at the middle blocker surprised “I promise we wont try to sneak around and I promise to treat her how she deserves to be treated” he looks directly into your brothers eyes “Just please let me be with her and make her as happy as she makes me” you scoot over to him and hug him tightly as your brother begins to clap. “Who would’ve thought my sister could get herself such a boyfriend who still stands up for her even when he’s intimidated.” He smiles at the boy he just basically dragged downstairs “In all honesty I could care less who she dates as long it’s not a psycho killer or druggie” he pauses “I am hoping you are neither” he raises his eyebrow while Suna shakes his head “Good so I’ll allow it just” he makes another long pause “no more hiding in closets contrary to popular belief y/n isn’t that easy to throw” this statement causes both your brother and boyfriend to laugh while you stand up punching him in the arm “OW! Ok ok I’ll leave you two love birds alone go on” he shoos you both away and you quickly get up grabbing your boyfriend and running up the stairs but then you two hear your brother scream “NO KISSING AND KEEP THAT DOOR OPEN” you and Suna laugh at each other and get into your room, but you don’t forget to slam the door loudly for your brother to hear. He sighs “kids” and gets back to what he was doing before the whole fiasco and you and Suna cuddle “I love you too Rin and you make me sooooo happy” you whisper into his ear as he kisses your forehead.
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undobutton · a month ago
warnings: none? attention starved Suna?
genre: fluff! slice of life
style: drabble? mini fic? it's pretty short
characters: Suna Rintaro, my beloved
synopsis: Suna gets jealous of your plusie
a/n: mmm on a suna buzz. and i got a new stuffed animal! (his name is Peanut The Bear.) enjoy!✨
Tumblr media
"mwah! mwah! mwah! mmmwwah!"
suna swears he's gonna lose it. for the past three minutes he's had to listen to you kiss that silly little plushie over and over. while he lays next to you in bed.
"mwah! aww rin isn't it cute!" you ask, shoving the stuffed animal in his face, oblivious to his internal monologue.
"yeah, i guess." he sighs, pulling the toy from your line of vision. "but you've got a pretty good boyfriend right here you know."
"that's right!" you beam, "can you grab me something from the kitchen?"
Suna's face falls as he gets up silently and heads for the door.
"thank you!" you call. he grunts half heatedly in response.
soon enough he returns. holding your favorite snack before placing it on the bedside table.
"here," he says. but before you can reply he pushes his cheek to your face tapping it twice with his finger. "now give me double the amount of kisses you gave that toy. for payment."
Tumblr media
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iwaijimes · a month ago
hq boys with an ambitious partner
feat! oikawa t. + iwaizumi h. + miya o. + suna r.
content: fluff, a little bit of angst, just supportive boyfriends in general
Tumblr media
OIKAWA toruu know how you feel, he was like that, well, he’s still like that, he knows how magnificent is to achieve something that you have been longing for so long. toruu know that not everything comes from an easy path and sometimes in order to gain something you have to lose something — he know that failing is part of the process, but everytime he has seen you cry because of stress or because something didn’t turn out the way you wanted, his heart always breaks into a million of pieces. It doesn’t matter how rough your path is, because having someone so understanding as oikawa as your partner you know that everything is worth it.
IWAIZUMI he’s your fan N°1, since you were college students till now, ha jume has always looked up to you — your perseverance, determination, strength and confidence at first took him aback, or more precisely, it was intimidating for him. but after months of knowing you he took you as a role model and inspiration not only to pursue his dreams but to improve himself to be a better person too. he also knows that sometimes it gets rough but before it even turns out like that he’s always by your side, sometimes he scolds you because he doesn’t want you to overwork yourself.
OSAMU is like a mom. he will make sure to have eaten and at least have slept eight hours. he knows how ambition can affect people, like him when he wanted to start his business. there were countless nights in which he would stay awake just to have everything perfect sithoit any error margin. however, he doesn’t want you to go through that too, but since he can’t control what you do 24/7 he makes sure you’re taking care of your health so in this way everything goes smoothly in your way.
SUNA he’s a simp. but like, even if his face doesn’t show it at all, you can see it on his eyes how much he admires and loves you. rin has always been there, he isn’t the best with words, but he knows that sometimes his presence is the only thing that you need. he makes sure you rest and take naps from time to time, he would bring you snacks and give you back massages when your body starts aching.
Tumblr media
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toorusplant · a month ago
lead guitarist and singer! suna x college literature major! reader and they both have such different interests but bond over both being artists in their own way
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