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#hq tsukishima
tiarahoardera day ago
Tsukishima 脳 reader
When you were just thinking one night about life and drifted to how you saw tsukishima drift away from you when you were once the best of friends, now you write a letter to let feelings out.
Currently playing: Strange by Celeste
Warnings: angst 馃様
Note from the author: it's my first time posting one of my fics, reblogs, likes and comments are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
Dear tsukishima Kei,
Back when things were simpler, back in middle school, when all was good. It is strange, how people can change. Like how with the flick of a switch, the room goes dark. With the cold exterior that tsukishima had, you would think he only has one childhood friend.
You would be wrong. He had me. I was the one that brought him through his tough times along with yamaguchi.
It was in middle school when it happened, I don't expect you to remember if it was a one time thing. However, I thought, being your neighbour and all, since we were in contact basically way before and way past that incident, you would at least say hi to me now. I wonder tsukishima, do you remember that time we went to the park to get ice cream by the swing set?
Just between the two of us, the whispers of our past brush past me often. Now that I see you in school more, I wonder what happened to make you change. But now as I lie awake plagued by the possibilities for my loneliness, I realise something I did not before.
You didn't change, our relationship did.
It makes me sad to know that middle school y/n still waits for you by that swing set, holding money enough to buy two cones of ice cream, but only ever needing one.
I know you are happy now, playing volleyball with yamaguchi. I don't blame anyone for the way we turned out, because while you gained happiness, I lost a best friend. One of the only real things I had.
Until we meet again tsukishima, hopefully by then I would have mourned and felt my feelings long enough to move on.
From the depths of my despair, y/n
Tumblr media
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katsuchans25 days ago
"do you love me?"
tsukishima paused the video he was watching on his phone as he turned to look at you, who was sitting beside him on the couch, with an unamused face.
"there's a kid sleeping in the bedroom right next to us who looks exactly like the two of us," he responds, eyes meeting yours.
"that doesn't answer my question, kei."
he places down his phone on the coffee table in front of both of you, slightly turning his body to the side to face you.
"what did you do this time?" he asks, eyes fixed on you.
"what? i did nothing! why are you answering my question with another question?" you frowned, arms crossed in front of your chest.
"because the last time you tried pulling something like this, you 'accidentally' broke my glasses." his brow quirked up at you, air-quoting the word 'accident' for emphasis as he mirrors your action.
"it was really an accident! and no, i did not do anything nor broke any of your stuff," you gave him a slight glare, lips slightly jutting out into a small pout. "i just want to know if you love me."
"no, i don't," he says, corners of his lips tugging up into a small smirk.
you kept your eyes on him as he turns to lean his back against the couch, picking up his phone again.
as you were about to say something, he cuts you off.
"i don't love you that's why i married you and had a kid with you."
he says, eyes still fixed on the phone screen.
"i don't love you that's why i wake up earlier than what i'm used to so i could prepare your breakfast and pack your lunch for work."
even though he has his phone in his hand, you knew you have his full attention as he was just looking at the home screen instead of opening a random app.
"i really don't love you, that's why i use my free time at work to watch re-runs of your favorite shows so i could respond with something useful whenever you talk about them to me."
the smirk turns into a genuine smile that you know fully well as his eyes were fixed on your family photo that he had set as the home screen background of his phone.
"i don't love you that's why i sit with you here on the couch, at four in the morning even though we both have work in less than four hours, answering your dumb question," he says, finally turning to look back at you.
but it was your turn to look away.
"it was just a question, you don't have to be all serious," you mumbled quietly, "and do you really watch my dramas in your free time?"
kei lets out a small laugh, turning back on his phone again as he scoots closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder.
"i thought the plot would be cliche but it's more fun than what i had expected..." he replies, playing the video that he was watching earlier.
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sivlai2 months ago
tsukishima k. | scum
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
desc: tsukishima kei's not as stoic and snobby when it comes to you.
dyanmics: perverted!tsukishima kei x yamaguchi's cousin!reader // college au
warnings: dark content. tsukishima taking advantage of you, unsolicited pictures, groping, noncon, dubcon, beach sex, oral (f), blood, spit, bulging, slapping, dacryphilia, somnophilia & baby trapping.
word count: 2,528 words | silas' rules.
Tumblr media
everyone thinks tsukishima is vain and cocky. well, that's because he is and he's proud of it! but his calm nature disappears when it comes to you, how can he help it though when you're that cute?
tsukishima kei's so disgusting that he purposely walks into your room whenever he's in yamaguchi's house, hoping to catch you off guard. he even memorized what time you take showers, just so he can steal a little glance at your drenched body.
he adores your skirts too, always taking glances at your soft thighs when you sit down. god bless the yamaguchi's for having such a big house. kei even took a picture of your ass peeking under your skirt that one time you walked a few steps above him on the stairs. but, he'll never tell that to anyone.
he's grown to love using the "can you show me where the bathroom is?" line, and you're either stupid or a slut for showing him every time. even though, you both know he's familiar with your house. he's been there for years.
kei's so perverted that he can't see you licking popsicles without getting himself hard. it's not difficult for him to imagine that it's his thick cock between your plump lips, or that the squelches and pops was his doing. not when you seem so acquainted with the act, you're basically bottoming it all down your throat.
he does thinks you're a bit stupid for being too comfortable around him, didn't your parents teach you that boys will be boys. but you don't seem to complain when he's in your house, although tadashi or his parents aren't home.
you don't seem to complain either when he asks you to sit on his lap while you play a game with him. how perfect that you're like his little play thing.
you're not clueless, but kei is tadashi's best friend, you've known him since fifth grade! he wouldn't do anything to you. in fact, he's just doing all these because he's comfortable around you.
you ignore the tight coiling warmth between your legs whenever he rubs you down his lap, you know what the hard thing poking your ass is but you'll ignore that too. you ignore the warm hands gripping on your hips too, it's cold after all and kei is keeping you hot.
when tsukishima kei first knocks into your room when he's sleeping over, you thought of it as nothing. he was just getting lonely or bored as he does, so he wanted to hang out with you. but after a while, he's sat you on his lap yet again and told you he wanted to try something.
kei leaned down and kissed you. it was awkward and his back hurt from leaning down, even when you were sitting on his lap, you still weren't close to his height. he fell asleep with you atop him but neither of you talked about it again, it was just something that teens do. right?
and tsukishima kei loves summer, but only for one reason. you and your cousin has always invited him for roadtrips to the beach, now you three are finally old enough to go without tadashi's parents. why wouldn't he take advantage of that?
did you pick your swimsuit with kei in mind? of course not, but that's what he thinks. because you'd always have done anything for him, you're just like your cousin. stupid.
obviously it worked, kei could barely take his eyes (and hands) off of you. you'd believe anything he's day, wouldn't you? he'll tell you that your boobs are a little bit to heavy for your back, and you'll let him press your back plush against his chest as he gropes your tits. you could've said no, but you whined his name lovingly everytime his fingers ghosted over your stiff nipples. he'll tell you there's a fly on your ass and he'll just smack it off! the sound that came out of your mouth as you winced was a blessing to his ears. maybe his hand even stayed longer than needed.
he's never enjoyed his height as much as he does now (apart from when you wear such skimpy tops that he can look down on your cleavage), offering to put you on his shoulders was a good idea.
the only difference is, kei's not as scrawny as he was in highschool. he can easily lift you with one arm now. you struggled as he hid you both behind a questionably placed boulder, has the resort gone tired of complaints from people fucking in the beach?
your back aches against the hard, barnacle littered rock and your thighs ached around tsukishima's neck. you've tried pleading, bawling even. "wait, kei, i don't鈥 i'm not sure yet!" you screamed but he ignored it, opting to push your little bottoms to the side and peppering kisses to your thighs.
you must have been so stressed out from uni, he's going to help you. kei continues on instinct, doing what he thinks would make you feel good. curiosity plays with him and he brushes his fingers up your slit, stopping to your clit and ever so slightly pressing into small circles. he doesn't miss your body lurching over, or the the cries of his name that falls off your mouth. you wouldn't mind if he did a little more.
he delvs right in, sloppily licking between your folds. kei's fingers are too long for you, he just has to make you more of a mess before he fucks them into you. kei teases you a little bit more, tongue prodding into your hole that's clenching around nothing.
he thinks he's going crazy from your shaky moans, all he wants to do is make you gush all over his mouth. "i'll help you more." he mumbles over your pussy and the cold breath makes you shiver. kei pushes his middle finger in, curling it just at the right spot that makes your toes curl.
just a little more and you're almost forgetting that you begged him not to touch you. he's eating you all up, the lewd wet squelches that comes from his mouth make you more light-headed. you're clutching his wrist that's on your waist so tightly that it might break but it's worth it.
his eyes are glued to your face, entranced at how lewd your expressions are. wouldn't you make more cuter faces if it was his dick pumping you full? the heels of your feet are digging between his shoulder blades, thighs squeezing the air out of his throat and he's as faint as you are. it means he's doing a good job, right?
his scalp aches at your fingers digging in so roughly around his hair but he continues to jerk his fingers into you. kei's fingers reach places that yours haven't. he's abusing your insides, tongue swirling around your clit and with a trembling groan out of you, he laps all over your gushing mess.
kei lets you rest in his arms as he carries you back into shallow water, he's a nice guy after all. he'll take care of you.
jobs at museums certainly pay well enough that he's volunteered to pay for your rooms in the hotel, even booking one room each. not that he was planning anything apart from that, kei has just never been accustomed to sleep in a room with another person. or that he just wanted you alone! that's all.
you were still half asleep when you heard the rattle of your doorknob, but you were definitely almost woken up when you felt fingers ghosting over your body.
"kei?" you slurred but he only replied with a kiss on your neck. it wasn't supposed to hurt but your skin was too supple, then he had to have a bite. "kei!" you yelped but his hands were faster, shoving two fingers down your throat.
"shh, you don't want to disturb others, don't you?" your cousin's best friend shushes you while he rubs his hard cock all over your ass. you shouldn't have created the habit of wearing panties and just a shirt to bed.
"fuck, you're warm everywhere." he groaned as he slid his hard cock between your soft thighs, why were you crying when you're leaking all over your panties? his free hand was everywhere, squeezing on your thighs, playing with your pussy through your panties, everywhere.
what would your uncle think? he trusted you in the hands of tsukishima kei but here he was, making your pussy weep all over his bare cock. but you love it, don't you?
you're making a mess all over his cock, grinding down to get more of his warmth. and your thighs are rubbing in a vice around his cock, matching the rythmn of his thrusts, of course you like it. you've gone straight up blubbering in kei's arms, sticky stears and saliva making his hand a mess and he enjoyed that.
your spit drips down his fingers, almost choking you. your cheeks hollowed out around his fingers and swallows, he'd love to feel that around his cock. his dick twitches to his thoughts of defiling you. you'd love it if he fucked your throat dry, wouldn't you?
kei shifts you to your back, trapping you between his arms and that's the only time you realise how big he actually is. how naive of you to not be scared of him. now, you kind of are.
"please, kei." you plead again as he gently pulls the shirt that barely covered you, so contrast to the bruising gropes he give to your bdoy. he finds it cute that you think begging would make it stop, it only makes him harder. you're as weak as he thought you were. "god, keep crying, you look so pretty like that."
the confession that you're beginning to like his not-so-unwanted attention is what he's waiting for. he already knows that. otherwise, why would you be letting him split you open on his fat cock? but, you don't know that you like it. he wants to make you admit that you do.
kei pushes your head deeper into the pillows with a tight hand around your neck. it's an assault to your senses that he's doing all of this at once. kei's hot breath is tickling you, but he makes it a bit better by suckling on your nipples.
your back arches to the feeling of his teeth closing around your sensitive nipples, biting a bit too hard that makes you yell too loudly for his liking. although, he won't shut you up. it's part of the fun that someone could potentially hear him making you dirty.
"ow! kei, that stings!" you jolt forward when kei sends a slap to your clit. "aw? it stings, baby?" he mocks and that's when you realise he's just playing, he doesn't really care if you like what he's doing to you. in fact, he's enjoying that you're unsure if you like it.
you take a peek where kei is pressing his tip in, he's way too big for you. he'll fucking rip you. tsukishima shoves all of his dick in you before you could even protest. your eyebrows scrunch up in a frown, lip bitten raw between your teeth. "god, it's so cute. your fucking panicking." he hisses.
"hurts鈥 feels so good, it hurts鈥" you cry, hands flying to go grab onto something to anchor you to reality and it lands around his shoulders. "yeah? you're feeling so good?" he punctuates every word with a thrust so deep, his tip is brushing your womb.
"i'm making you feel so good?" kei almost bursts into laughs when you mindlessly nod. he pushes your thighs to your chest, putting you in such a position that he can see his cock bulge over your cute litte tummy.
for a minute, you think his cock really is in your insides. kei should really hold back, you're tiny compared to him. but you're already gushing all around his cock, lips agape and moaning his name accentuated with loud sobs. you can't expect him to stop can you?
the room is freezing cold, but your skin is on fire. kei's skin is so hot and almost scalding that you push yourself closer to him. your mewls ends in pathetic sobs when he pinches your tits harshly and pulls. kei watches your flinches as he slaps your hickey-covered tits and generously gives another to your snotty face.
"baby, aren't you so fucking good to me." he throws his head back and groans, feverishly fucking you open on his cock. kei's addicted to your pussy, slipping his dick out to the tip, just to shove it all back in to see your pained little face.
it doesn't help when the reflex of your body is to arch your back, kei just sits in you deeper. he's folded you over yourself so much that you feel his weight resting onto you. every move you make presses kei's throbbing cock into you deeper, you're not even sure if it actually feels good or if you just like how it hurts.
kei kisses you for the first time in a while as he fucks you so dumb and cock-drunk that you could barely keep up with his tongue slithering down yours. he drinks up all your sobs, flicking your tits repeatedly and groping, tugging mercilessly. your pussy's sputtering all over his cock and your tongue all over his and he just laps it all up to quench his thirst.
tsukishima's shudders over the feeling of your nails you're breaking the skin on his back. he almost cums from that. he repays you with the same, teeth biting on your lip. he's as much of a bloody messy as you are. "fucking鈥 you're going to make me cum, y/n." kei spits against your mouth.
"k-kei, 'm gonna cum!" you whimper into his neck, creaming all over his cock, but he pistons into you the same. his large hands are bruising the underside of your thighs, desperate to keep you spread for him. his head is hazy, too busy on feeling the clenching of your tiny little pussy all wet and messy just for him.
he replies with a cocky, "hmm?" almost laughing at how broken and hoarse your voice is. "cumming just for me?" he hisses.
tsukishima's such fucking scum that he's fucking you without a condom on, letting his precum coat your weeping pussy.
"gonna give you a fucking baby just so you're stuck with me." and when you shake your head no, begging him not to, he cums into you balls deep and twitches at the sight of the twisted cry of pleasure on your face.
tsukishima kei is such fucking scum that he chuckles while you weakly cry, although your arms are wrapped around him and his the same. he holds you close to him in such a loving embrace that you think you wanted what he did to you. he wouldn't do it if he did love you, kei loves you. now, he finally gets to keep you.
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araragomennnn2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more than a crush
pairing: tsukishima x gn! reader
genre: FLUFF!!
warnings: swearing only
author's note: I needed to write something to get my gears turning before I start posting regularly again and for some reason I have not posted anything about this fine ass man yet??? I haven't seen many soft tsukki fics so writing this was a necessity.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima鈥檚 heart was racing, looking anywhere but in your direction when you sat at your desk, finding a white envelope.
Stupid, embarrassing almost.
Since when did tsukishima write romantic poetry? Or even poetry for that matter.
And since when did he go from being careful and calculated to writing sappy poems at 3 am
for you?
It could be worse, he told himself, he could have chosen a pink envelope instead of a white one taking this situation to a whole new level of disgusting.
Like the colour of the envelope changes the fact that he wrote a lovesick poem for you at 3 am in the morning.
He valiantly controlled the urge to turn on his heels and make a run for it when you picked up the envelope, eying it suspiciously like any normal person would.
He thinks his soul left his body when he watched you open the envelope from the corner of his eye.
鈥淥h my god is that a love letter?鈥 a friend of yours asked, chirping behind you.
鈥淵eah, but it鈥檚 not signed though鈥
Leave it to tsukishima to lose his shit over an unsigned love letter.
This was the perfect solution to the massive problem at hand.
The problem being his feelings towards you.
Being the rational person he was,
Every problem had a solution, right?
The love letter that was supposed to diffuse his feelings for you backfired completely when he saw the way you smiled reading the poem he put hours into.
When warmth blossomed in his chest instead of cold indifference,
He knew he was fucked.
Tsukishima had always been popular with girls, not that he cared though.
But he couldn鈥檛 help but wonder how you weren鈥檛 even the slightest bit swayed by him or when he received gifts and boxes of chocolates from all of the girls in his class on valentines day and yet not a single one from you.
So, of course, he came to the perfectly logical conclusion that what he was feeling wasn鈥檛 something ridiculous like a crush or unrealistic like love because god forbid something like that plagues him but was actually just plain old curiosity. idiot.
However, his heart skipping a beat every time you smiled and the giddy feeling he was encompassed with every time you spoke to him clearly said otherwise.
I鈥檓 not interested in dating he told Yamaguchi
I couldn鈥檛 really care less he said.
Oh if only he could have seen himself now.
Hands dusty with flour as he kneaded dough.
Why was he kneading dough you may ask?
He volunteered to partner with you for extra credit in home economics.
Extra credit that he didn鈥檛 need.
He has not the slightest clue as to what possessed him to do something like this because he absolutely detested unnecessary work
but he did
and now here he is kneading dough in your kitchen while you prepare the frosting for the strawberry shortcakes you were making.
But what perplexed him the most was not his sudden eagerness to work his Saturday away but the feeling of contentment and almost excitement replacing his standard irritation in a situation like this.
It was the fact that he didn't mind this, that he liked it which confused him the most.
Catching himself staring at you with doe eyes as you battled with your share of dough way too many times for it to be shrugged off as just curiosity.
鈥淗ere let me help鈥 you offered, glancing at his unattended blob of dough that he hadn鈥檛 made much progress with because he was too busy staring at you.
鈥淥h um it鈥檚 alright鈥
鈥渟hh move over鈥
鈥淩eally its fi-鈥
You didn鈥檛 give him time to finish as you ducked under his arms such that you were encased between them, your back resting his torso and head against his chest as you placed your hands on what was basically some wet flour.
Tsukishima swears he鈥檚 forgotten how to breathe,
A full-blown crimson blush erupted across his cheeks, his golden orbs blown wide.
鈥淲hat do you think you鈥檙e doing?鈥 he asked, mustering the power to not stutter.
You turned, looking at him like he asked the most blatant question ever, quirking a brow 鈥渒neading dough, obviously鈥 you said gesturing towards it.
He fiercely debated in his head whether he should stay like this with you or move away just in case he was making you uncomfortable and also because he was afraid that you may hear how loud his heart was beating.
Deciding against moving away, he joined in on the kneading.
Safe to say the dough got extremely over kneaded to the point you had to throw it away and make a fresh batch.
Sometimes, tsukishima thinks the sun was made just for you, with the way its rays fell ever so gently against your skin illuminating you as if you were a god.
But that was not the only thing he was focusing on, his chest felt fuzzy and his heartbeat raised as your hand took his, leading him to the infirmary when he hurt his hand during a practice match.
His skin was on fire where your hand met his as you tended to it, concern evident in your eyes, eyebrows furrowed.
鈥淵ou need to tape your fingers tsukishima, it鈥檚 really bad this time鈥 you said, a frown on your face.
He knows he shouldn鈥檛 be this hopelessly giddy considering you鈥檙e this upset with him, he knows his chest shouldn鈥檛 be feeling this warm and head this fuzzy but with your hand in his, in this quiet room away from everyone the penny finally drops.
His fingers curl into yours as a warm smile adorns his features 鈥渃all me kei鈥
Shit, this might just be more than a crush.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii
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mrskurono4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title: babysitting || Kei Tsukishima x MILF!Reader a/n: had this horny thot at the gym <3 word count: 6.7k+ tags: dark content, age gap (18 yr old Tsuki w/ mid 30s reader), no dom/sub dynamics, pervish Tsukishima, non con/accidental voyeurism, masturbation (female & male separate), oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, pining, porn with minor plot, smut w/fluffy ending, edited ish character(s): Kei Tsukishima (hq) synopsis: Third year Kei wanted a cushion of cash when he started college in the fall. But third year Kei really hated the idea of getting a mind numbing job he'd hate every second of. So when Takeda mentions a staff member has a kid needing babysat, well, third year Kei thought how hard could that be. Leading to the graduate doing more than watching a stressed mom's kiddo.
Tumblr media
"There's everything for dinner in the fridge. Um, emergency numbers on the counter. Bed by eight and honestly you can do anything else after he goes to sleep. And I'll try to be home quickly. Again, I'm so sorry to be asking this but thank you. I don't know what I'd do without your help."
For the 楼1500 an hour Kei got for feeding dinner to a quiet kid and then putting said quiet kid to bed. It was the best of both worlds for the fresh high school graduate. He'd prepared for the worst when agreeing to watch a kid for Takeda-senpai's coworker after graduation. Lucked out on a sweet boy who seemed to like him more than any of his teammates did. And a working mom who was all but accommodating to him. Kei agreed every time you'd asked if he could babysit.
Leading to Kei being more than comfortable coming to your house anytime you asked. He genuinely kind of liked it. The quiet time. Someone other than Yamaguchi following him around. And a place his mother or older brother wouldn't bother him if all he choose to do was sit and stare at his phone. Your babysitting gig was his own little paradise. One that he got paid by a pretty lady for.
House to himself most of the time, Kei still kept his nose out of most people's business. Yours included. Prying wasn't his mentality with adult affairs. Even if when he reflected on it he was indeed an adult now. Still he didn't try to think much of it after a few weeks of not seeing any family photos in the home. It bugged him though. You were kind, spoke intelligently and smiled a lot. Be it all but enjoyable every time he got to talk to you or you baked him something special as a thank you on top of what you paid him. It made him wonder what happened to the other half of your household. If there ever was one. Not once did he dare ask though. But what little snooping Kei did in the house only turned up nothing.
For some reason this bugged him. Unsure why it did. Were you a widow? Had something tragic happened? Did this sweet kid ever have a second parent to speak of? Each passing weekend Kei got noisier. Perhaps he could help around the house a little more if he knew exactly what it was that kept you as a single woman. After all he was being paid 楼1500 hourly for a job he really didn't have to do anything about. Thoughts like these engulfed him more evenings than not when he was supposed to be babysitting.
Standing in the doorway just out of sight, the adolescent boy let his presence be known with a soft voice, "Tsukishima-san what are you doing?"
Startled a little Kei inadvertently tucked his phone against his leg even though there was no way the kid could see what he was looking at, "Oh- Do you need something? And I told you, Tsukki was fine."
This was the first time the boy hadn't stayed asleep after he was tucked in for the night. Kei was a little surprised and unsure what to do. Though he didn't look distraught. Still he worried he'd get in trouble if you got home and your son wasn't asleep.
Seeming fine he shook his head and rubbed at his eyes clearly tired, "No...I was just wondering when mommy would get home."
Kei sighed with relief. Missing you wasn't too bad he couldn't handle it. He closed his phone so your social media profile wouldn't be glaringly obvious if the kid saw his phone. Getting up to come kneel before his mini friend Kei offered a small smile for comfort, "Same time she does every Saturday night. Your mom will probably be home in about an hour and a half and she won't be very happy with either of us if you're still awake."
Quiet for a second, he then nodded, "Yeah, you're right Tsukki-san. I just wanted to be awake when she was sad again."
"Sad?" This confused him for a second. Kei hadn't seen you without a smile since he first met you. Though he wasn't privy to your personal life, he still felt a little like if you were upset with something he did then any good employer would have told him. Against his morals Kei stopped for a second before asking a little more, "Do you...know why she was sad?"
No surprise his little charge had no insight, "I don't know, I just heard mommy crying the other night after you left. But she stopped I think."
After he left? So it was something he did perhaps? Kei looked at the kid in front of him. Thought of a bunch of questions that he could perhaps ask the kid to try and get more information out of. But as he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Kei knew the poor thing should have been in bed. Not grilled for a million questions he had about the family dynamics. Or you for that matter.
"How about we get you back to bed, and if you mom seems sad when she gets home, well, then I'll take care of it? Does that sound ok?" Kei offered in an attempt to get him back into bed sooner than later.
Clearly weighing the offer. A smart kid, Kei couldn't help but smile at the coy little sucker deciding if his offer was enough. He was at least glad when he agreed that it was acceptable terms. Back to bed in exchange for Kei helping his mom if anything was wrong when you got off work.
Back in bed and sound asleep just as easy as the first time. He was thankful when it still looked like there would be an hour before you got home. Shrinking his duties by letting one kid stay up made Kei feel like he didn't deserve the pay if he couldn't do such a simple thing. But also it gave him a chance to pop up on his phone once more what he was looking at.
A few days ago Kei had been gutsy enough to search high and low for your social media account. Even more guts before he finally sent you a follow request. Arguing with himself that well if his cell service was faulty then he could get a message through to you via social media. Luckily not once had you mentioned it. And only accepted his request without a second thought.
Giving the nosey man a chance to snoop through every post you ever had. Perhaps in an attempt to learn more about the smiling coworker Takeda-senpai introduced him too. Or as Kei scrolled further down your feed he was realizing how his eyes drifted to other places than just your smile. Lost in the scrolling and staring trap, when the door unlatched in the front of the house Kei nearly dropped his phone.
Hasty to clear his recent apps as though he was guilty. Nothing seemed out of place to him when he looked up at you from the couch. Like every time you came in he was greeted with a smile even if it was nearing nine thirty.
"I'm so sorry Tsukishima-kun," You looked more than frazzled even with a smile on your face, "I'm late. I hope things weren't too much of a hassle."
Kei stood up from the couch as you came in. A healthy bit taller than you but what else was to be expected of a volleyball player. He shifted his weight awkwardly on his feet trying to clear the fog of the last hour of staring at photos of you on his phone, "Things were smooth. He was excited for dinner and went to bed fairly easy. It was nothing don't worry L/N-san."
"Y/N," You smile as you put your things away with the blond man watching you, "My son adores you and you have a key to the place, you can just call me Y/N."
Mentally noted Kei had said your first name a million times in his head but not once thought about how it might sound coming off his tongue. Still though he watched with a dull expression as you settled back in your space, "Um, I was wondering-" He stopped when you looked up at him from your purse, "-do you need help with anything else? Cleaning, I can kind of cook if you don't want to prep meals. Um- Anything?"
"Oh?" You were surprised by the offer, "Do you need more cash? I can just give you a little more if that's what you need so you don't have to do more or stay later."
"I can stay later." Kei popped off right away.
"I'm sure you're family would like to-"
"My brother's home on summer break. My mom has plenty of help when he's home."
Your smile returned and Kei couldn't help the slight tightness in his chest when it was directed at him, "Your mom's lucky to have two sweet boys to help her." Awkwardly taking the compliment Kei didn't really have the right words to retort but was comforted when you spoke up again, "If you really don't mind helping though, I'll give you an extra two hours pay if you wouldn't mind helping prep some things for tomorrow morning. It was...a long day."
Without hesitation Kei agreed. Not even concerned what it was you might ask for help with. Second guessing himself that it might not be something he could do. Kei was relieved when you really only asked for him to wash and peel a bunch of vegetables so they were prepped for the following morning. Ones for a stew you'd made a few times before that he had to admit was one of your favorite dishes. Diligently Kei went about washing them when he noticed you were going to roll up your sleeves and help.
"I can get these done." He had no idea why he was offering something so mundane, "I prep for my mother all the time."
"Are you sure?" Clear on your face you weren't use to such an offer.
Kei nodded, "They're just vegetables."
"Thank you." You sighed with a little bow, "Thank you so much. If you don't mind, I need to shower. Your pay is on my wallet when you finish. I really appreciate it."
He nodded once more. Feeling an oddity for the praise as the tips of his ears heated up. Kei knew you had a second job as a server which he did not envy. But nice things too nice amounts of money so he didn't fault you for wanting to wash up after a second day. He obliged and said he'd get things cleaned up before he left. Once more feeling the tightness in his chest when nothing but praise left your lips and that big smile.
Certainly not two hours worth of more work. Kei finished washing and placing things back before it seemed you were even out of the washroom. Fine with him, he still couldn't take the extra 楼1500 so he figured he'd take that out of whatever you left him on your belongings.
Fairly use to your places layout, he knew your purse should be on the table as you walk in. To his surprise though he didn't see it. Actually he didn't see your shoes either. You must have accidentally brought them into the bedroom with you. Which meant that was probably where your purse and his pay was.
A room he'd been in before Kei weighed just waiting to get his compensation. Though a thorn in his side as he had planned to pick a few things up tomorrow. Just going in and snagging the money and he'd be out in no time.
Careful not to make a noise he saw your purse exactly where he'd suspected you'd leave it. On the corner of the bed with your shoes and other things. Among them were the dirty clothes clearly peeled off of you set neatly on the bed. Not one to dig through laundry Kei took a steady breath and just told himself you'd probably pick them up later after your bath so he shouldn't even look at them.
Looking wasn't the problem. What he heard was something entirely different.
Something of a muffled gasp. Kei didn't even take his payment without jumping a little at the sound. Head whipping around to the noise. When it came again before he registered the first one. He felt his entire body go flush.
A moan. Your moan.
Kei suddenly felt his heart in his throat. And an unfamiliar twinge below. All but frozen he stood there before he realized the door was partially open. Not really open, a crack perhaps. Enough so that a pool of light came out and if he stepped closer he could...
No! He needed to respect your boundaries and pretend he heard nothing. Nothing of the lewd noise coming from the bathroom. Knowing that your face would be painted in a different expression than just a smile. Perhaps on in the throws of pleasure. Something he'd thought about but didn't entertain the idea. Kei felt his mind picking up speed just as his heartbeat did.
He should leave. He should turn around and leave. He should leave and act like this didn't happen. He shouldn't be edging closer to the door. He shouldn't be holding his breath as he leaned into the sliver of light just to see the cause of your noises.
He shouldn't. But he did.
Immediately he felt his cock twitch in his pants. The sight of you. Legs spread on either side of the soaking tub. Shower head clearly not in it's holder. Kei felt his heart racing as both your hands were under the water as well as the shower head. A clear beautiful picture of what was happening.
"F-Fuck- Mmm-"
Enchanted to watch you raise one hand to your lips. Fingers passing your lips as Kei watched you suck the water off them earnestly. Not hiding the fact you wished it was something else. Doing so to clearly muffle your moans. It didn't matter though as he saw everything first hand. In no time there was no way Kei could keep his trembling hands still.
Finding his palm pressed against the crotch of his pants. He knew what he was doing. With the crack of the door hiding his entire frame behind the rest of it. Kei didn't try to stop himself. Better yet, he didn't even think to stop himself.
Fumbling with his zipper like it was the first time he'd ever undone his slacks. Kei cursed himself for the second he had to take his eyes off you. Frantic like he'd miss anything. The second his long fingers curled around his cock though it took no time at all for his golden eyes to soak up the scene before him.
Strokes with no rhyme or reason. He could already feel the tightness in his stomach just the second his thumb swiped over his slit. Drooling precum that he only smeared back onto his cock as Kei focused around his swollen tip in an attempt to keep from cumming too quickly. The man leaned into the door frame with a catch in his breath.
Your eyes were closed. Head tipped back against the lip of the tub. Fingers no longer in your mouth. Instead groping at your own breast. Twisting and tugging on your nipple as your body shifted in the water. Kei wanted more than anything to see that shower head between your legs. Knowing the sweetness that must have been your poor oversensitive clit being treated so well with the massage setting of the shower head. Knowing your legs were spread and trembling with the vibration of water against you. Sparing the thought his tongue could do so much more. And when that thought crossed his mind. His blond head between your legs instead of the shower head-
"S-Shit! Kei-"
His name. Static swallowed him up. The buck in his hips as Kei clasped his hand over his own mouth. Biting down on the meat of his thumb just to muffle his moans as his body twitched. Warmth gushing into his hand there wasn't even a chance for the young man to register anything but the wave of pleasure as his cum dripped through his fingers. Suddenly light headed it took a second for him to register your call to his name meant. His high cumming in time with your own when he saw you shudder in the bath tub.
A huge sigh leaving you. Kei looked down to see the streaks of cum dripping off his fingers and the puddle he'd left on the ground. Suddenly aware of what just happened. He couldn't scuff the mark on your carpet fast enough as he tried to regain his composure. In the panicked dash to not get caught, Kei left without his pay completely. Dry cum sticky on his hand and the thud in his chest as his body still ached after that knee buckling orgasm. All he could think about was one thing.
His name. He heard his name from your lips.
Tumblr media
Replayed about five hundred more times in his head. No amount of banishing the thought or simply trying to force it to runs its course made the plaguing thought stop. The way you twitched and came in the tub calling his name in a muffled moan. Kei was flush with the image constantly. In an attempt to get rid of it he thought simply going home and jerking off again would help.
It didn't.
Once more. Twice more. Until he just had nothing left in him. Kei was stuck that night thinking of nothing but you even when he couldn't squeeze even a drop out of himself. Unsure he'd ever masturbated this much. He was even more unsure what to do when there was nothing he could but think about you in every compromising thought he'd ever had these past few weeks. Now with the knew knowledge of what you might look and sound like if they were to ever happen.
To happen? What was he even thinking? He would be lucky if you hadn't found the mess he left and never wanted to see him again. Accuse him of spying like some hard up perv. A four eyed freak. Suddenly Kei was worried about the trouble he might get into but even more worried that he might never see you again. All for a brief immature impulse he could have controlled if he really wanted to.
Then a simple text.
'You left your pay! I'm so sorry I didn't leave it out!'
You hadn't noticed then?
Kei spent a good four hours sitting on that text. Overthinking. Over analyzing. Feeling like a fool until he succumbed to the thought perhaps you just genuinely hadn't noticed. And if you hadn't noticed, then he was in the clear.
Your text was easily remedied. After profound apologies on your end. One's Kei just tried to play off as nothing. A solution was met with the fact that you needed to have him come watch your son at the beginning of the week. Pay for the missed day plus, the one you needed a babysitter for and extra as an apology for stiffing him the last time. Everything seemed normal. Kei could bury this down and pretend it didn't happen if you never noticed.
Like every other time he'd come to watch your son. Nothing seemed to change. You still smiled. Told them what was already prepped for him. How your son was doing that day and of course when you'd be back. Simple enough. Kei was quiet but you didn't seem to notice. Not like he wanted you to notice but something stuck in his craw as he watched your face with extra attention to detail. The image of you in the bath still etched in his head.
Thankfully when you left though things seemed normal.
Routine as all the other times had been. Kei sat at the table on his phone as his little charge colored quietly.
"....Tsukki-san, do you like my mom?" The question swooped onto him without warning. He nearly dropped his phone on the table to see the kid hadn't even looked up from his drawing with such a question.
"What? Why would you ask that?" Kei choked on his words a little harder than he meant to. An accident if they came out harsh but he struggled to clamor for a calm before his face lite up.
A little bit of a shrug from the kid who only kept shading his drawing, "I don't know....mommy smiles a lot when you're around and you listen nicely to her. My teacher said you listen to people important to you. So I figured mommy was important to you.
"Well, she pays me." He rubbed the back of his neck trying to chalk this up to kids being kids, "It would be rude to not listen."
"Mommy's boss doesn't listen to her."
"The Principle?" He was a little surprised considering the patient he and his team mates had been gifted for three whole years from the Karasuno principle.
"No." He shook his head and picked up a different colored pencil, "The food and drink boss. I think that's one of the reasons she cries."
So your other job sucked. Not surprised. And definitely a reason to come home after a shitty day and relax as such. He might have ruined a poor working woman's only way of unwinding. Still though Kei dwelled on the fact his name from your lips never once left his thoughts.
"...does your mom talk about me?"
The kid looked up from his artwork with a deadpan look. One Kei almost immediately regretted the question that came out of his mouth. If he could take it back he would. Before that though the kiddo opened his mouth, "She likes you. She says nice things about you when I tell her about our day together."
Close to the way his chest tightened when he heard you moan his name. There wasn't a lot more he wanted to hear. Even though he was feeling particularly chatty for the stoic man. Kei clung to the idea the rest of the day that you talked about him. Maybe it was just to your own kid who liked him. But still it made his heart race thinking you spared him more than one thought.
Engulfed in his thoughts all day. By the time the kid was yawning after dinner Kei didn't realize it was an hour before normal bed time. Offering him an earlier bed time. Kei was surprised hear him take the offer. Easy enough he thought. Meaning he'd have two hours of quiet before you would come in.
Tucked in. House picked up. Kei tried to guess if there was something to be prepped for the following days meal. But as he stared at the more than empty fridge he was startled when the front door clicked.
Quickly stealing a glance at the clock above the sink. He realized you were home over an hour early. About to walk around the divider wall and ask if you needed any help. Kei froze in his steps when he heard a sniffle. Startled Kei carefully came around the wall to see you wiping at your face still fully dressed and purse clutched to your chest.
"...are you ok L/N-san?" Kei's quiet question didn't go unnoticed.
Jumping at the suddenness. You clearly tried to gather yourself in front of him, "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't text or call I'd be early! I'm so sorry did I interrupt bath time I-"
"No no, he's already in bed," Kei's usual facade dipped into a frown as his blond brows pinched together, "Um, I'm sorry if this is too forward you need some help?"
"This?" You laugh a little defeat with a shrug, "No it's fine I'm sorry. Here I'm sure you wanna get going let me get your pay and-"
He immediately shut down the shuffling you were doing in your purse, "I can stay." A clear deer in the headlights look. Your hand stays stuffed in your purse for a second as Kei awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, "I'd be here another hour anyways. I can stay."
For as blotchy as your eyes looked. He felt that familiar flutter in his chest when your lips curled into a soft smile. One that only looked so much sweeter when you wiped the remnants of tears from your eyes and smiled at him, "That's very sweet of you."
Once more with the subtle praise Kei didn't understand the way his skin prickled and heart picked up it's pace. Looking at you smiling though suddenly he realized he didn't want to leave at all. An hour or not. He wanted to stay regardless of the pay.
Kindly you'd offered him a drink. Well aware of the things you had in your home Kei didn't really want anything but tea when you offered a plethora of drinks more geared to kids than adults. Tea it was though when you both sat down on the couch. A huge sigh leaving you and Kei feeling stiffer than he normally would. Unable to untrain his eyes from watching every movement you made.
"How was he today?"
Caught off guard Kei blinked a few times until he realized you meant your son, "Good. He was good. We went to the park to swing and he ran into some of his friends. I think that's why he was extra tired today."
"That's good." You smile softly with the lip of your mug against your lips, "...I know I say this a lot but thank you. My son really enjoys the days you come over."
"He's a good kid," Kei rubbed his thumb over his mug unable to take a drink yet. Knots in his stomach terrorizing as all he could think about was the few inches between him and you on the couch.
About ready to say something else. Kei opened his mouth just to be stuffed by the surprise of your sniffling. Panicked to see you wiping at your eyes but still smiling. He quickly tried to take the cup from your hands as you laughed through the tears.
"Heh- I'm glad. I'm glad he's so well-" It's obvious you can't stop them from coming, "I miss him. I miss him so much. Making ends meet all these years. I miss being home. With him- God you must think I'm a mess I'm so sorry let me-"
"No." His firmness in his voice catches you off guard. Kei swallows the lump in his throat when you look over at him. Something about your red eyes and dewy lashes becoming the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. You stare at him stunned for as long as it takes he can't think of anything else. Until finally it's too much.
Static in the room as everything stands still in the second his lips meet yours. Warm from the tea you sipped before hand. His own palms warm from holding the mug when he slips them against the tops of your hand. With his heart beating in his throat. The way Kei presses into the kiss lasts a million years while also being done in the blink of an eye.
Pulled away only when he realizes you didn' reject him. A swath of emotions all go like static in his head as Kei stares at you now closer to him on the couch. Unmoving even after the kiss. The seconds drifting between each last longer than the sudden kiss it seems.
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have-"
Met with your warm palms flush against the sides of his neck. Kei is pulled down into another kiss. One that's deeper than what he spared you. Under no complaints though he urges his body into the kiss when his hands quickly come up to cup your cheeks in his palms. Meeting your lips with all the excitement that had been building in him since that first day you smiled at him.
Broken for breath, Kei doesn't let it end. Peppering your lips with kisses even as they miss their mark a few times and end up on the corner of your lips and on the bow of your lips, "I- I wanna stay-"
Terrified of what you're words might be. Kei wasn't a gambling man. Or a nosey man. Or even a gutsy man. He didn't want to know your answer to his heat of the moment question.
"Stay-" Your breath against his lips as your eyes fluttered shut just as your forehead pressed to his, "Please- Stay."
A gamble paid off. Emotions still clouded in static all he cared about was kissing you more.
Pecks and peppers turning to lips parted and moans exchanged. It wasn't until his hands found their way up the hem of your shirt did it hit you.
"Not here-" You kissed him frantically like your lips would fall off if you didn't, "Bedroom-Please-"
Fine with him. The couch too small for all his limbs anyway. Unable to keep your bodies apart as Kei hastily tried to pull your shirt off with shaky hands. You doing the same as your hands pushed up his shirt. You both crashed down on your bed in nothing but your underwear before you knew it. Sure there was a trail of clothes. None of that mattered.
"Are you sure?" Baited breath as you looked up at the blond man above you, "I don't want you to think you have to I-"
"I've wanted to since the day we talked." Kei mumbled into your neck. Lips dancing over the sensitive part of your jawline, "I saw you- I just- I need you."
"Kei." Just like the other night when his name rolled off your lips it sent him into a frenzied state. Every which way he could think of having you. And suddenly he was having you.
Kisses moving down your collar bone. Following the strap of your bra. Kei felt his heart threatening to erupt from his chest. Not his first time. It was certain his first time being this intoxicated by his partner. When he hesitated above your bra Kei licked his lips impulsively when you tugged down your bra.
Breasts spilling over the top of your worn bra. Didn't matter to him what you were in as he looked at the stretch marks across the tops of your breasts and how soft they looked. Just as wonderful as they'd looked in the bath. His mouth watered until he couldn't stand it anymore.
Latching himself to the same breast he saw you playing with. His guess was right. A loud moan coming from your lips as his tongue danced around the hardening bud. Big middle blocker hand coming up to grope them both as his mouth could only pay attention to one at a time.
Buried in his work. Kei couldn't help the moan against your soft mounds as your leg came up to rub against his crotch. Clothed cock leaking into his boxer briefs. Your moans encouraging him to rub against your thigh as he couldn't tear himself away from your tits. Delighted to just have your breasts in his face. Kei didn't find it fair to not offer you a bit more.
Hand drifting down your soft stomach. It was the hitch in his breathing when his fingers grazed over the wetness of your panties. Pressing his fingers against the wettest part of them as he looked up at your with half lidded golden eyes. Seeing your reaction to the grinding of his fingers against your clothed cunt meant he needed more.
Kissing down your breasts. Each stretch mark and soft supple inch of skin. The broad shouldered man finally made it between your legs. All but a mess of blond waves as he kissed all over your thighs and ghosted his lips over the crotch of your panties.
"K-Kei-" You moaned, fists clenching the bedding under you as your body felt like it was on fire.
He needed no other go ahead. Long fingers peeling your panties down to reveal what he'd dreamt about since he saw you in the bath.
Cunt lips soaked and plump. Your poor swollen bud peaking out from your wetness. Kei licked his lips never having wanted to tasted something so bad in his life. And taste is exactly what he did.
Tongue diving between your folds. His tasting was relentless. Kei lapped at your core. Finding the most enjoyment as his tongue swirled around your clit. Harder with each passing second against his tongue. It was when your hands found his hair that he felt like everything was perfect.
Your fingers tight in his curls. Hips shuddering under him. A delicate touch peeling away your cunt lips so he could his undivided attention to your clit. Kei found himself lost with your juices coating his face before your moans choked in your throat.
"I- I can't! Kei- Kei I'm cumming!" Body shuddering and his tongue not stopping. He kept you pinned under him as you rode out orgasm on his tongue. Each buck and thrust of your hip only met with the fact Kei wouldn't let up on bringing you to nothing short of nirvana.
With the thump in your pussy. Feeling the waves of pleasure still washing over you. When his lips finally left your core and you saw with half lidded eyes how wet his face was and his poor cock straining against his briefs. You quickly try to offer going down on him in return.
"Please....I saw you in the bath the other night," Kei confessed from above you, "Please let me-"
"Fuck me." You beat him to it, "Absolutely fuck me Kei."
A throb to his cock. Fearing he might cum the second he touched you. Still he couldn't pass this up.
Pulling himself free of the confines of his underwear. Squeezing the base of his cock as he lingered above you. Precum dripped and drool onto your thigh. Immediately you spread your legs in the most inviting way possible. Even if he wanted to say no, there was nothing he could do to stop himself.
Swiping his cock head against your soaked lips. Electricity shoots through his body. Kei can feel how heavy his balls are. Nothing driving him more than the idea of fucking you full. Realizing now it's what he's wanted since the day he met you.
More than wet enough, Kei sinks himself into your cunt with a guttural sigh leaving him. Warm walls clenching and fluttering around him. Once he feels your plush lips swallow him all the way to the base. It's when he has to plant his arms on either side of you just to catch his breath.
You clearly had other ideas though. When he took in a steady breath is at the same moment you start moving your hips. Willingly fucking yourself on his cock as Kei stares down at you under him. There's nothing he can think to say. As you work yourself on him and moan under him. He's certain he could loose it just like this. But the desire to thrust into you is simply too much.
Laying most of his weight down onto you. Inadvertently scooping your hips up and pushing deeper inside you. Kei feels like he's going to melt as the curve of his cock certain kisses the back of your cervix. Breath ragged and forehead already dewy with sweat. His thrusts start slow until your lewd moans are too much to ignore.
"Kiss me- Kei kiss me-" Not needing to be told twice. His lips crash onto yours. Letting his thrusts get a little sloppy but neither of you seem to mind.
Tightness around his length just as each thrust feels like it might be his last. Kei gives up on being propped on his arms. Instead curling them around you as tight as he can as the man desperately thrusts into you. A first time for everything, he can't believe the little moans that leave his own lips as his high comes closer and closer to crashing down on him.
"In me-"
"In me! God fuck cum in me please-" You hips buck up best they can in this position. Finally leading to you just wrapping your legs around his waist and letting Kei fuck you at his own pace, "Please Kei- Fill me up-"
Swallowed up in the moment. Asked for his cum. Cunt swallowing him up and mind going fuzzy as his kisses turn sloppy. Kei can't keep it together anymore.
"S-Shit- y-y/n-" Groan leaving him in the seconds his hips stall out. The tall man ruts his hips into yours hard one last time as his high reaches an unreturnable point.
Swallowed up in his own pleasure. Shared with you as the warmth of his cum floods your aching walls. Even dripping down between your ass cheeks. It's in one big sigh that the both of you relax. But don't move from your embrace.
Kei's face still buried in your neck. As his cock still sunk deep in you with the cum he left you just like you asked. You exhale contentedly under him as your grip on his shoulders loosen. Instead ending up with fingers in the curls at the base of his neck as the two of you both catch your breath in the post glow warmth of your shared intimacy.
"...I could come more often, to help," Kei quickly clarified his mumble into your neck. The man stiffening a little bit above you but refusing to let go, "And don't have to pay me so you could quit that second job."
"Kei-" You voice rolls off his tongue in the same way he loves hearing it.
Something about it though he can't bring himself to let you go. Afraid of the look you might give him or answer. Inadvertently he hugs you tighter as his face stays tucked in your neck.
"Don't say it's because I feel bad or anything." He swallowed hard on the lump in his throat, but bit the bullet and lifted his head from your neck to look at you under him, "I want to. I want to be...around you more...both of you."
A quiver to your bottom lip. Eyes searching his face for a trace of doubt. Until finally your gaze falls on his golden eyes fixated on you. That tremble to your lip disappears when he doesn't waiver. Replaced with a big smile and a little giggle, "We'd both like that very much."
Nuzzling your nose against his. Kei steals another kiss. Unbelievably so feeling his lips curl into a smile against your own. Fingers tracing small circles against his neck as the kiss fades, Kei reburies his face in your neck and hugs you tight under him.
"Your son?" Kei mumbles worried about the one thing that might be an issue.
You giggle and lean your head against the side of his as you hug him tight against you even as none of you make a single motion to move away. Realizing this might be the first night in months that you don't cry yourself to sleep amidst the rest of everything else. You kiss the side of Kei's head and feel him do the same with a kiss on your shoulder, " Don't worry. He's always wanted to have breakfast with you."
Something about that made the tall man laugh and he had to add, "And you?"
You shut your eyes instead of staring at the ceiling. Just enjoying the warmth as the two of you lay together as Kei continues to pepper your shoulder his kisses, "I'll have a cup of coffee."
"How about a cup of coffee and a kiss?" Kei lifts his head to look at you.
That same smile spread of your lips and Kei fights everything in him not to kiss you right then and there, "Yeah. A kiss and coffee sounds perfect."
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ozetia2 months ago
What makes the haikyuu boys horny
Tumblr media
When he can鈥檛 tell what underwear you鈥檙e wearing, he can鈥檛 tell if you鈥檙e actually wearing underwear. The mystery behind why your thong lines ain鈥檛 showing leaves his imagination running wild. On another side he鈥檚 very turned on by seeing your thong lines, it鈥檚 subtle and sexy.
Terushima, Tanaka, Ky玫tani, Ukai
In general boobs, the way your boobs jiggle when you move are memorising. He can hold your boobs when you cuddle together, use your boobs as stress balls and he can play with them whenever he wants. He wants nothing more than to be submerged by your boobs, death by boobs sounds like heaven to him.
Lev, Nishinoya, Matsukawa, Aone
Walking around the house wearing his shirt which is way oversized for you. Even better if you鈥檙e wearing no panties, he can see your butt and cunt peeking as you move. You look so comfortable and sexy at the same time and can鈥檛 help but get a raging hard on.
Kuroo, Daichi, Konoha, Shirabu
When you rock the shit out of what you鈥檙e wearing. Your dress looks amazing on your body fitting along every curve, he simply can鈥檛 see any flaw. Your makeup and how it matches with your outfit for today, he wants you to do his makeup. He loves you being you and rocking your shit just how you wants. After all he can fight so he lets you wear what you want.
Bokuto, Washio, Tendou, Sugawara
Your moans instantly make his cock hard and hairs stand. Moans of pleasure from sex or just simple complaints about what went wrong with your day.
Ushijima, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Tsukishima
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ghxstwriter666a month ago
Tsukishima鈥檚 the kind of guy who鈥檇 steal your underwear and laugh when you cry about it to him before stuffing them in your mouth and fucking you.
鈥漰lease tsuki鈥ive them back..it鈥檚 dirty!鈥
You whispered agressively to tsukishima who had you pulled off to the side of the corridor, slender arm lent over your head to pin you against the wall. sadistic smile on his lips as your pathetic little face pouted up at him.
鈥漢u? No way, they鈥檙e mine for the day now鈥lthough鈥
he hummed, pulling the garment from his pocket and dangling it off his finger in full display.
鈥滻 guess if you beg hard enough I鈥檒l consider it鈥
your face heated up as you watched your soft pink panties dangle from his finger just metres away from the hallway where any class mate could see.
You scolded through your teeth as quiet as you could to not draw attention but he just smirked more, a soft low chuckle coming from his throat as you tried reaching for your underwear
鈥渁h ah ah鈥ut tut y/n鈥
he purred stepping closer to limit your movement, your heart began beating in your throat as he lingered closer to your face. 鈥渘aughty girls aren鈥檛 allowed panties鈥
He smiled and you fiddled with the hem of your skirt out of anxiety, almost as if if you didn鈥檛 hold it down it鈥檇 fly up and expose yourself to everyone. -
later you were waiting in the gym hall for Tsukishima and the rest to turn up for practice, still pantyless. your bare ass was pressing against the cold gym floor and you shifted uncomfortably at the feeling. The door slid open earlier than usual and a familiar blonde stepped inside 鈥測our early?鈥 You asked him as he came to stand in front of you. You checked the time on your phone before looking up to the towering boy, if he wasn鈥檛 tall enough when you were standing he was even taller when you were sat crossed legged.
鈥渉m that a problem brat?鈥
he smiled as he knelt down and you huffed, maybe any other day you鈥檇 be excited to see him but with the game he鈥檚 been playing today you weren鈥檛 so sure. 鈥漰ff yeah it is鈥
鈥渙h? Come on, you鈥檙e not still pissed at me are you?鈥
he faked a sad face and tone
鈥渙f course I am tsukishima! Anyone could have seen me..just for your sick little game鈥
you scolded him, punching his arm harder than your usual playful taps but he just laughed at you.
鈥測ou want them back?鈥 he teased, his tone was one you knew oh too well and despite knowing what he meant by that velvet tone you still quirked a brow
Without saying anything else he tightly griped your wrist and pulled you to your feet, dragging you behind him as he led you to the store cupboard. A place you鈥榙 been many times before. The heavy door slammed behind you and echoed loud before he pushed you with one hand on your chest making you fall back onto a thick gym mat.
鈥渢suk-HM!鈥 you got cut off by silky fabric shoved into your mouth, your panties.
鈥渟hut up鈥
Tsukishima spat, quickly undoing his belt and pulling you by the ankles with your legs spread.
鈥淭here you鈥檝e got them back, now quit crying about it and be a good girl for me鈥
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billiethepumpkin24 days ago
HQ Blowjobs: Part 1
Featuring: Shoyo Hinata. Tobio Kageyama. Kei Tsukishima. Tadashi Yamaguchi. GN!Reader
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact. NSFW Degredation in Tsukishima's.
Contains: Oral sex (reader giving). Foul language. Teasing.
A/N: This is written post-timeskip because I'm an old fuck :)
Shoyo Hinata
He鈥檚 honestly surprised you鈥檇 want to in the first place.
But he鈥檚 thought about it constantly.
He spends most of the experience squirming and speechless.
Hinata sat on the couch, the show you had been watching long forgotten as you rested between his knees. You had tugged his shorts to the floor. After not seeing him for several weeks, you were determined to show him some love. 鈥淲h-what are y-you--鈥 he stammered, watching your hands stroke his length. When your lips wrapped around the head, Shoyo could no longer keep his composure. He let out a loud moan as he watched your lead bob up and down.
You were fulfilling all of his fantasies. You listened to his staggered breaths as he squirmed underneath you, involuntarily rutting into your mouth. His eyes were trained on your mouth, the way your lips covered his dick in your saliva. And he couldn鈥檛 say any intelligible words--just moans that he tried and failed to keep quiet.
Tumblr media
Tobio Kageyama
He鈥檚 also surprised that you鈥檇 want to.
He鈥檚 not very whiny when you鈥檙e going down on him.
He鈥檚 mostly just quiet, trying to take in all the moments.
Kageyama had just gotten back from a long period of away games. And now that he was back, it was no surprise that you found yourselves snuggled up on the couch. But his mind began to wander, remembering how much he missed you in a different way while he was gone, leaving a tent pitched in his pajama pants. Without looking at him or hinting that you were going to, you tugged the waistband of his pajama pants just low enough to allow his cock to spring free.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 he asked, sounding angry, but truthfully just embarrassed. When he felt your lips and your tongue make contact with the head of his dick, you heard him let out a soft sigh as his hand held the back of your head with a steady hand. 鈥淔uck--鈥 Kageyama whispered, "Feels so good..." He held back any other sentiments for fear of missing out on something, instead opting to hold your hair out of your face and lightly thrust into you.
Tumblr media
Kei Tsukishima
He fucking loves blowjobs.
It鈥檚 very easy for him to take control this way.
He鈥檒l whisper the nastiest little praises, as well as the sweetest insults.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it,鈥 Tsukishima whispered above you, propped up against the headboard. 鈥淪o fucking good,鈥 he groaned, placing his hand on the back of your head as your head bobbed on his length. It was late at night, Friday, both of you struggling to get to sleep. You felt the bulge in Kei鈥檚 pants and decided you had to tend to him. So here you were, your lips wrapped around his cock and your hand stroking what you couldn鈥檛 reach.
鈥淪o slutty, taking all of me in your mouth like that,鈥 he whispered through his teeth, lightly grabbing a fistful of your hair and tugging. He thrusted up into you just to see you gag, watching the tears prick up in the corners of your eyes. Letting his head fall lightly against the headboard when he felt the back of your throat, he noted that he'd have to return the favor as a reward for making him feel so good.
Tumblr media
Tadashi Yamaguchi
So blushy.
He can鈥檛 even think of anything to say, worried he鈥檒l get it wrong.
He gets overstimulated very easily.
Yamaguchi was embarrassed. He had been sitting on the couch with you when you took it upon yourself to tease him, running your fingers along the waistband of his pajama pants. So, of course, he got all worked up. But now, your lips were wrapped around the head of his dick, his eyes wide and his hand over his mouth. His whole body felt shaky and weak, feeling your tongue slide up and down his length. 鈥淗ow does that feel, Yama?鈥 you asked, stroking him slowly for a moment.
鈥淪-so go-ood,鈥 he stammered, just barely uncovering his mouth. As you took him back into your mouth again, his breathing continued to be unsteady.
"Would you like me to stop?" you asked, worried you might have overstepped. You looked up at him earnestly, stopping your ministrations entirely, fully willing to put a stop to it all.
"N-no," he stammered, "p-ple-please don't stop." It was almost a whine, the way he said it. And so you obliged.
Tumblr media
These characters belong to the creators of Haikyuu!
The writing is a product of Abigail Rothenberger, also known as BillieThePumpkin. Please do not copy or alter this work on Tumblr or any other platform.
Donate to my Ko-Fi!
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duinoa month ago
"SAY IT WITH YOUR HANDS" for A Series of "I Love You's"
Pairing: Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen, this is SOFT BOY HOURS
Word Count: 2.9k
Summary: Some things feel impossible to say aloud, at first. Good thing words aren't always needed.
Note: Fluff. God, nothing gets me more than soft Tsukki.
Tumblr media
You hadn鈥檛 known what to expect when you and Tsukishima first started dating. He had asked you out so casually, without preamble or pretense. Just a short question, in between your college lectures, in between the spaces of friendship and the careful beginnings of something more. Part of you had half expected to wake up the next morning and realize you had dreamt it all. (The other part of you thought he had been teasing you in some cruel way. You had almost tripped on thin air when you realized he was being serious.)
In a lot of ways, it鈥檚 easy, because nothing has changed. He still competes with you for the higher grade, still has a parry ready for any of your smartass remarks. He still taps you on the forehead with his pencil when you start zoning out. He still walks you to your dorm room after classes.
In a lot of ways, you feel at a loss, because everything has changed. Of course it has. Because now he punctuates every quick comeback with a peck on your forehead. Now, he pulls you in by the loops of your pants, kissing you goodbye, with you shoulder blades pressed against your room door. Now, every moment is full of new meaning (a hand brushing your lower back, a glance that softens from across the room), and you鈥檇 be lying if you said you weren鈥檛 in slight disbelief sometimes.
It felt like he was in slight disbelief sometimes. You鈥檙e as surprised about receiving his affections as he seems to be giving them. Like he鈥檚 shocked to have tenderness pulled out of him like this, like it happens against all his better judgements. You happened, against all his better judgements.
And he wants to be good for you. He doesn鈥檛 say it, and you don鈥檛 mention it either, but you can tell. He鈥檚 more careful now. There are times you can see him struggle for the words, for the right action. And you want to be good for him, too. So you never push.
Even though there are times you really, really want to. Like now, kneeling on Tsukishima鈥檚 dorm room bed, waiting for you boyfriend 鈥揧our boyfriend. When will you get used to that?鈥 to meet your eyes.
鈥淥kay, what鈥檚 been going on? I feel like you鈥檝e been off all week.鈥
The blond鈥檚 eyes flicker up from his phone, the glint of his glasses concealing and reflecting. 鈥淣othing鈥檚 been going on.鈥
You narrow your eyes. 鈥淵our words say 鈥榥othing,鈥 but your tone and behaviour say 鈥榮omething.鈥欌
Tsukishima鈥檚 lips press together. You used to think, in the early days of knowing him, it meant his displeasure, but now you know it means he鈥檚 trying not to smile. 鈥淚 feel like you haven鈥檛 said a word to me in like, a week,鈥 you say.
His brows raise, just a touch. 鈥淲e were on the phone for an hour last night.鈥
鈥淣ot the point, mister.鈥
The corners of his mouth twitch, despite his flat voice. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing.鈥
鈥淪o there is something,鈥 you exclaim, pointing a finger at him.
He rolls his eyes, but the hidden beginnings of his smile break through. 鈥淚 just said it was nothing.鈥 He places his phone down, patting the slice of space beside him. 鈥淎re you going to come pick a movie, or what?鈥
You gnaw your lip, eyes roving over his face. 鈥淚s it me?鈥 You ask, instead of moving. 鈥淒id I make you mad?鈥
A brief flit of confusion and then a line between his brows. 鈥淣o,鈥 he says. And then, 鈥淥f course not. Why would you think that?鈥
You stare at him, the keen lines of his beauty, his face that is somehow simultaneously so familiar and so impossible to read. It鈥檚 a strange thing, to be so comforted by him and so hesitant of him in the same breath. You thought being friends first would make everything simple, but a relationship has sharpened certain emotions. Made you sensitive and intuitive to things you might have previously shrugged off.
Slowly, you lay yourself down next to him, hands stuffing into the pockets of your sweater. You鈥檙e immediately shuffled around, Tsukishima鈥檚 large hands grabbing onto you, tucking you underneath his chin in a loose spoon. His fingers slip beneath your top, tracing delicate circles over your skin. 鈥淚鈥檓 warning you now,鈥 you say, instead of answering his question. 鈥淚鈥檓 choosing a romance.鈥 His laptop is half-hidden under his bed and you bend over and grab it, his hand slipping from your body.
鈥淥f course you are.鈥 Tsukishima鈥檚 voice is on the edge of amused, though a line still sits between his brows. He waits until you鈥檝e clicked on a regency drama before placing his hand back on you. A soft pull of violin and piano burrs from the laptop speakers, and he blindly watches the camera pan over fogged greenery. You curl into yourself a little more, getting comfortable in his arms. 鈥淲hat is with you and period pieces?鈥 He asks. He can feel your starry eyes taking in the movie without even seeing them.
鈥淚鈥檓 sensing you鈥檙e about to tease me, and I reject it in advance.鈥
Tsukishima smirks into your hair. 鈥淚鈥檓 just saying this is the third time you鈥檝e watched this with me.鈥
鈥淚t must be because I like pretentious people.鈥 You reach behind to pat him on the arm. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why I鈥檓 with y鈥攐w!鈥 You give a laughing little yelp when he pinches your waist. He smooths it over with delicate touches immediately after.
A few minutes pass as you both settle into the familiar patterns of the movie. You try to let the thought of his strange, distant behaviour from the past week slide. It鈥檚 true, there have still been long phone conversations and moments of new wondering sweetness. But you know him, and know him well. You can tell when his mind is preoccupied or distant, when he withdraws from you. You can see when his eyes linger on you, face indiscernible. And despite being in his arms now, with the easy banter between the two of you, you can just feel something鈥檚 up. There鈥檚 something he鈥檚 not saying, something he鈥檚 hiding. You know it. You can鈥檛 be this close with someone and not know it.
鈥淗ey,鈥 he says, squeezing you slightly. 鈥淲hy would you think I was mad?鈥
鈥淚 dunno,鈥 you say. You can see the barest traces of his expression reflected off the screen of his laptop, just his eyes, concerned, looking at you.
He tsks, reaching over you to tap the lower volume button.
鈥淗ey,鈥 you protest playfully, 鈥渋t鈥檚 my favourite part.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 literally the beginning sequence. Nothing鈥檚 even happened yet鈥斺
鈥淪hhh, they鈥檙e about to meet.鈥
You鈥檙e avoiding his question. Tsukishima sighs but acquiesces, turning the volume up again. He can hear the whisper of you mouthing the lines of dialogue along with the actors and it makes him smile in earnest, from behind you. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a dork,鈥 he mumbles, affectionate.
鈥淚 might be a dork, but you鈥檙e a dork-lover, so whatever Kei.鈥 Your words are casual, distracted as you watch the movie. You鈥檙e only half-aware of what you鈥檙e even saying. Despite this, Tsukishima tenses behind you. You almost don鈥檛 catch it, the shift in his body language. You almost let it go. But then you hear him huff and he turns away from you to lie on his back.
You hesitate, and then click pause.
Rolling over, you see Tsukishima with a hand rubbing at his eyes, glasses perched on his chest. He's frowning, frustrated and annoyed. Your brows pull together at his expression, his sudden change in mood.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up?鈥 you ask, voice tentative. Tsukishima slings his arm over his eyes like a light is blinding him.
鈥淣othing. It鈥檚 fine.鈥
鈥淥kay,鈥 you sigh, sitting yourself up. That only seems to frustrate him further, which in turn frustrates you. You hate not being able to read him. 鈥淭his is why I thought you were mad at me. You鈥檝e been all over the place, Kei. One second you鈥檙e sweet, the next you鈥檙e clamming up. What鈥檚 going on?鈥
He lifts his arm from his face just enough to peer at you. 鈥淵ou think I鈥檓 mad right now?鈥 It鈥檚 a genuine question that forces a baffled laugh from you.
鈥淯h, yeah? Or annoyed.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not annoyed,鈥 he says, annoyed. You can鈥檛 tell if it鈥檚 directed at you or not. He sees your reaction and covers his eyes again, like he has a headache.
You鈥檙e skeptical. 鈥淩eally?鈥
His voice is a mumble. 鈥淎m I that difficult to read?鈥
鈥淎re you kidding me?鈥 You give another little helpless laugh. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e being damn near impossible right now.鈥 Your voice is equal parts exasperated and amused.
He drops his arm completely to his side, but before you can catch his eyes, he looks away. You watch his jaw flex as he grinds his teeth, his fingers absently grabbing at his shirt to wipe at his glasses. You give him a minute. You give him two. He doesn鈥檛 say anything, seems to be struggling for words which is so unlike him. You鈥檝e only ever known Tsukishima to be quick-minded, always ready with the last word. He flickers his eyes to your face only to see that your gaze is already trained on him. He blinks, arrested by you, caught in you regarding him. His lips part, as if to speak.
Then he looks away again. You almost groan in frustration at his refusal to communicate but then you see it 鈥搕he rare splotches of pink on the top of his cheekbones. He鈥檚 blushing. His hands are fidgeting, looking for something to do. He鈥檚 being shy, you think, in incredulous realization. He鈥檚 gone shy, looking at you. You stare at him with the beginnings of wonderment. You give him a slow smile.
鈥淪hut up,鈥 he murmurs. He鈥檚 struggling to look at you for more than a few seconds at a time. The tips of his ears are going red. Your frustration leaves you. Somewhere in your heart, you are beginning to understand.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 say anything,鈥 you counter softly. The more flustered he gets the wider your smile grows. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong, Kei?鈥 you ask. He shakes his head slightly, biting his bottom lip as though to keep words from spilling out.
鈥淣othing鈥檚 wrong.鈥 He鈥檚 trying to be resolute.
Your brows flick up gently. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e really going to make me dig this hard every time you鈥檙e scared to say something?鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 he says immediately and then frowns. 鈥淢aybe.鈥
You almost laugh. 鈥淕od, you鈥檙e a baby sometimes.鈥
He lets out a breath through his nose. 鈥淚鈥檓 bad at this.鈥 It鈥檚 hard for him to admit.
You鈥檙e gently amused. 鈥淎pparently. Who would鈥檝e thought? Mr. Cool Calm and Collected, brough low by a measly girl.鈥
Tsukishima snorts, rolling his eyes, blush deepening. You think he鈥檚 about to tease you back, but when he looks to you again, you鈥檙e stricken by his solemnity. 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e not, are you?鈥
You tilt your head. 鈥淣ot what?鈥
He gives you a tilted smile. 鈥淛ust any girl, I mean.鈥
It鈥檚 your turn to grow flustered, but you refuse to let him distract you. 鈥淥h, you鈥檝e got lines, do you?鈥
He shrugs slightly. 鈥淚鈥檝e got to have some, after all the romances you force me to watch.鈥
鈥淵ou know, sometimes I think you should be a regency romance hero.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 He鈥檚 dry. 鈥淚鈥檓 flattered.鈥
You match his tone. 鈥淏ecause you absolutely refuse to be straightforward about your feelings.鈥
He goes quiet again, which ten minutes ago you would鈥檝e thought was irritation but now you know to be shyness. He really does belong in Victorian England, you think to yourself, fighting a smile for your boyfriend鈥檚 sake. You can almost picture him as a surly bachelor, in a waistcoat and cravat, always with the clever quip 鈥搖ntil it鈥檚 time for some honest emotion, that is. Those have always been your favourite characters, though, you admit to yourself. And the scenes where they say everything but what they mean to are the scenes you always look forward to the most.
You purse your lips together and take one of his hands. Despite himself, Tsukishima laces his fingers with yours instantly. 鈥淵ou know why I actually like regency romances so much?鈥
The blond raises a brow at your tangent. 鈥淲hy鈥檚 that?鈥 he asks, wary.
You give him a patient smile. 鈥淎ll the best scenes, when they鈥檙e trying to say something important or romantic? And they don鈥檛 have the words?鈥 You squeeze his fingers. 鈥淭hey camera always zoom close to their hands, like their gestures explain everything they鈥檙e feeling. Everything they can鈥檛 say aloud, they say it with their hands.鈥
You watch his expression go from unimpressed, to wry, to hesitant. You bat your eyes expectantly, unlacing your hands to flip your palm up, resting it on his abdomen. His fingers circle around your wrist, keeping you close. 鈥淚 see,鈥 he says, trying to be indifferent.
You squint at him, unrelenting. 鈥淪o, are you mad at me?鈥 you ask again, with purpose.
Tsukishima sighs at the question, but you tap your knuckles against him, insistent. He shakes his head slightly, like he can鈥檛 believe himself, and then with his free hand, draws two letters from the English alphabet into your waiting palm. N-O.
鈥淥kay,鈥 you nod, thinking. 鈥淎re you upset about something?鈥
His mouth twists down. His index finger presses into you firmly. N-O.
Your brows furrow. You look at him, trying to discern his expression. 鈥淎re you scared?鈥
A pause. When he draws on you again, it鈥檚 slow and light. Y-E-S. His face is red again.
鈥淲hy are you scared?鈥 you murmur.
Tsukishima shakes his head. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 too many letters.鈥
鈥淥kay, fine.鈥 You turn thoughtful. You think of how strange he鈥檚 been acting the past little while, his new shyness. You look at him now and see the flicker of openness in his face, just a moment of it. Moment enough for another piece of understanding to enter you. 鈥淚s it something to do with me?鈥 You鈥檙e nervous, suddenly.
Tsukishima moves his finger. Y-E-S.
You fumble with your words for a moment, but you have to ask, 鈥淚s it鈥o you regret that we, uh鈥o you not want to鈥斺
Tsukishima squeezes your wrist lightly, silencing you. When you look at him, he eyes are firm. 鈥淚 could never regret anything between us,鈥 he says. He鈥檚 so serious he鈥檚 stern. 鈥淥kay? So don鈥檛 even let your mind go there.鈥 The look of relief in you softens him. He squeezes your wrist again. 鈥淎nd鈥︹ He breaks off, cursing lightly. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I鈥檓 shit at talking about my feelings sometimes. I don鈥檛 want you to think I鈥檓 mad at you, or hurt. I鈥檓鈥鈥檓 not mad. Not even close.鈥
Your words are quiet. 鈥淭hen what is it, Kei?鈥
His eyes shutter again. You see his instincts kicking in, his long-standing habit of hiding his feelings beneath a veneer of indifference. You know it well, and for a moment you think you鈥檙e about to resign yourself to those habits of his. Some things just needed more time, you suppose. But then he sees your imploring eyes, your sweetly parted lips. You care so much and he hates, hates that he can鈥檛 say some things easily to you. But he needs to make you understand that it鈥檚 not because he cares less, not at all. The complete opposite in fact. It鈥檚 because he cares so much more than he wants to let on.
The thing 鈥搕his feeling鈥攖hat he鈥檚 been grappling with for the past while (longer than he would ever care to admit) comes rushing in, a force he never thought he would feel, not like this. To his own surprise, he鈥檚 trembling, just a little. Little enough to hide. He lets you see it though, his nerves, as he moves to sit up, glasses thumping onto his mattress. He grabs your hand again in both of his, gentle as can be. You grow still as he raises your hand to his lips, pressing featherlight kisses onto the tips of your fingers. Your eyes are wide. He always shocks you with affection when you least expect it.
And then, with ceremony, he brings your hand down to his lap and turns it palm-side up. His breathing is shallow, you can hear it. His eyes are trained on your fate lines. You feel your heart knocking against your chest so hard you鈥檙e sure Tsukishima can pick up on it. He brushes his fingers over your palm so faintly you break out into goosebumps. You catch his faint smile at this. And then, slowly so that you don鈥檛 miss a single letter, he begins to draw on your skin.
It鈥檚 three words, eight letters. You close your eyes to try to stave off tears but that only makes them fall. Tsukishima takes a long while to look up at you again, but when he does, he鈥檚 a completely open book, no pretense, no metaphor, no armour. He looks younger, vulnerable. He looks helpless, almost, at the feeling that鈥檚 taken hold of him now.
You close your hand slowly into a fist, like his words are somehow a physical thing and you can hold onto them and keep them close. He鈥檚 written his heart into the palm of your hand. You want to protect his heart, forever.
Slowly, you reach down for one of his nervous hands and you bring it into your lap. Tsukishima closes his eyes when you start to trace letters onto his electric skin, like he wants to remember the feel of them. When you鈥檙e done, he pulls you into a kiss that melts the afternoon into the evening, and then into the night.
I L-O-V-E Y-O-U T-O-O.
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taeyamayanga month ago
Tumblr media
鈫 ship: hq character x gen!reader
鈫 characters: Tsukishima Kei | Miya Atsumu | Kageyama Tobio | Kozume Kenma
鈫 genre: mutual pining
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
obvious, too obvious
but he isn't aware of it
he's giving you way more attention compared to anyone else
like this dude doesn't give a shit about anything but when you enter the room his whole focus shifts to you
but he isn't sweet
he won't help you with studies or sit next to you during breaks
instead he'd ask you for favors銋 shit ton of useless favors
like, "can you push your desk a bit further away from me?"
and so you do, you push your desk an inch away from him
but he'd pester you more by saying "not that much, maybe a few centimeters only."
you can't help but roll your eyes at him
narrowing your vision as you scoot closer next to him
and he had the nerve to put a smirk on his face, satisfied with what he did, and say,
or everytime he ask you, "can you get me a copy of the paper being distributed in class?"
i mean, why you? when he clearly can do it himself
for sure his long arms and atheletic figure can even carry the whole class' hardbound copies
some days are bareable but some days are a bit too much
which is most of the time ngl
so you end up snapping at him
complaining how his 'favors' feels like an 'abuse of kindness'
but he'd chuckle at your face with his head tilted back and his arms holding his stomach
like you're a comedian who dropped a punch line
and when he recovers from laughing
he begins to pull the corners of his lips into a charming smile with his eyes turning into a thin line as his cheeks pushes eyelids together
he leans nearer to you, his forearms supporting his weight as he alluringly says,
"please, y/n?"
and you knew, at that point, that you already lost the battle
and you are on your way to get that damned paper
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
okay, first of all there has to be an established relationship
like maybe a friendship to be begin with
i hc this man, even though he's popular with the crowd, he values close relationships more
and so
the moment he falls for you gets closer to you
he begins pulling stunts that questions the nature of your relationship with him
like he gets clingy and touchy
like that time when he tucked your hair behind your ear IN FRONT OF A CHEERING CROWD
just imagine the eyes that all went to you
i wouldn't even dare lmao
or that time when he stood in front of your classroom, loudly calling out for your name
and so you turn your head to him asking what he wants
but he kept his mouth shut and in turn pulls a knowing smile
you utter, "i bet that can wait after class. i'll come by the gym. you can go now."
but instead he chooses violence by testing your patience
he smirks and he says,
"i won't go until you hold my hand."
your cheeks instantly turn crimson and you feel whole body warming up
unable to stop your quick reflexes
you rush to the door where atsumu is standing and look for sane one out of the two, you scream for help in the hallways
"samu! come get your twin!"
and a distant "no." lets you down
atsumu is entirely the reason why no one believes you when you tell them that you and him are 'just friends'
i mean, for real, who would believe that lie when his actions tells otherwise
kageyama tobio
Tumblr media
his vocabulary is limited
don't hate me for this i love him too okay?
but his gestures aren't
y'all see me compensate for what i said ;)
i hc this boy to relay more on his instincts than his logic
and his instincts include protecting you
perhaps, protecting you way too much
to the point that you feel as though you are being treated like a princess
or a vulnerable porcelain doll that has to be held and cared for
but with his limited vocabulary, stern voice, and unfriendly face all mixed up
there are times when you start to question his purpose
like that time when you stood at the sidelines of the court as you watch his team play a match
and during the mid-game breaks he marches his way to you while saying,
"stupid, move back or the ball might hit you!"
you aren't sure if he's trying to show how much he cares about you by warning of you of the dangers of standing near the court or is he shaming you by calling you stupid?
and when the ball really hits you in the face making you fall to your knees
tobio isn't afraid of calling out the offender
even if it was just an accident
and after the game he would immediately come to you
with his lips curled up in dismay and his orbs pining down at you
you assume that he'd start scolding you but to your surprise he says,
"oi, are you hurt?"
and begins checking your body for bruises and graze
and when he sees one right on top of your knee
he swiftly kneels down, his lips forming an 'o' as he blows right on gash
"does it hurt?" he asks
his voice tasting like honey and lime
"no. im good, tobio." but he ignores you by insisting
"i'll bring you to the infirmary."
he takes your hand and loops your arm over his shoulder as he leads the way
kozume kenma
Tumblr media
*whispers* catboy
no but really he's legitimately the personification of a cat lmaoo
he won't be as pushy as tsukki, or as loud and clingy as atsumu, or maybe as overprotective as tobio
but instead he'd quietly sit next to you as you both watch the crowd
he could've chosen the other empty corner at the other side of the room but, no
he chooses to sit next to you
and for the next minutes or so none of you speaks until he breaks the silence by saying
"this is dumb. i want to go home."
the gates of heaven are open and scientists have found a cure to an inevitable disease銋ozume kenma is starting a small talk
insert *pikachu meme* :o
so, you continue the conversation by saying "i'd rather sleep than mingle."
you look at him as the words roll out of you lips but he'd only glance at you for a brief second before nodding
and when he hears your stomach loudly grumbling he catches you off guard by offering to visit the food section with him
you aren't newly friends with him so you are aware about his food choices
he's a picky eater
this information fuels your unpure intentions as you pick out all the food he doesn't like
you wriggle a piece of cucumber in the air making him cringe his nose in disgust
"you should eat this."
he shakes his head to a 'no'
"unless you do the same." he bargains making you raise an eyebrow in intrigue
"deal." you seal the deal
knowing you well, he immediately picks up a piece of carrot making you grunt loudly
a light chuckle escapes from his lips
the sound he made flutters your heart
you both take a bite and at the same time your faces mirror each other銋rinkles becoming more apparent as your facial expression crumples in disrelish
kuroo sees the two of you enjoying your mini conquest of food tasting
consequently, the boy shuffles his way to the two of you
"looks like you're having fun, kenma." he nudges the younger teasingly making the latter shoot him glares
kenma takes you by wrist, mumbling the words to himself as he takes you away from his friend,
"let's go back to our spot."
his use of 'our' wakens the butterflies in your stomach
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks for reading! i missed writing hcs :( but now it's back! i hope you enjoy this one, stay safe and be healthy! :D
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katsuchans23 days ago
"you could have been nicer to me today,"
you mumbled quietly, having not much thought in your words. you just saw this trend going around on tiktok and knowing how your boyfriend is rarely on his phone, much less on an app that is, in his own words, den for demon children, you know this is a prank you can get on board with.
tsukisihima paused on his tracks as he entered the shared apartment, looking at you in pure confusion. the only time of the day where he got to spend time with you was before he left for work, and even though he was on a call with you during his small breaks, he was sure that he didn't say anything too snarky, at least that's what he remembered.
"where's the 'welcome home'? hello to you too?" he asked, looking at you as you stood in front of the doorway, arms crossed in front of you.
"hello and welcome home," you say, trying your best to not break into a smile and run to him for a hug as you maintained the serious expression you have on. "it feels like you've become meaner. you have could have been nicer to me today."
"what are you going on about?" he asks again, making his way to you before pressing a small kiss just on top of your head before making his way to the kitchen. you swore that the simple act could have melted you but you were too deep into the act already.
"did you eat dinner already? should we just order something?" he asks, rummaging through the cupboards as he makes a mental note to do some grocery shopping tomorrow after work.
and when you did not reply, he turned to look at you, only to be met with the same serious expression that greeted him, now accompanied with a slight pout on your lips.
"how much nicer do you want me to be? i didn't even tell you how weird your hair looks like right now." he scoffed quietly, mirroring your act as he crossed his arms in front of him as well.
"wait, what! what do you mean by that!" you frowned, quickly turning to the oven next to you, checking your reflection on the tinted glass. "my hair does not look weird at all!"
you turned to him, not noticing that he was already standing right in front of you. he cups your cheeks and slightly tilts your head up to make you look at him, grinning cheekily at you.
"it's not, just wanted to stress you out," he says, eyes looking at you. "what? you can play a prank on me but i can't do it on you?" your eyes widened as you looked up to him, a new frown making its way to your lips.
"you knew!?"
"you send me at least 15 tiktok videos a day and you expect me to still not download the app?" he scoffs, but you could see the fond grin following afterward. "but okay, let me be nicer to you and cook you dinner, how's that?"
"my favorite?" you asked, and by the small squish of your cheeks, you know that you've got him wrapped around your finger once again.
"i was just really kidding, by the way. you're never mean to me, saltyshima." you added, following behind him after his every move as he proceeded to prepare your dinner.
and just as when you thought that he has long forgotten about the slightly failed prank, you woke up quite late the next day, frowning slightly as it seemed like he didn't wake you up before he left for work.
you were about to send him a message when you saw your favorite breakfast already prepared on the bedside table, accompanied by a bouquet of flowers and a small note.
"starting the day by being nicer to you so you can't pull any tiktok pranks on me again."
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sunkeiji3 months ago
# tsukki as the supportive college bf !
requested by: eris bby <3 @woahsamu
college bf master list !!
Tumblr media
鉁 doesn't let you feel bad about a low grade
fear and nervousness fills your mind as the rustling of papers becomes louder and louder. your professor is calling each student up for their graded exams, and the look on each face walking back amplifies your fear. playing with your hands, you look over to your boyfriend who looks as unbothered as ever. knowing him, he isn't nervous about receiving his grade. your row finally gets called up to the front.
with your graded exam in your hands, you can't help but tremble as your eyes blur. the red marks on your paper are alarming.
tsukki has already put his exam away, yet you're still standing there wondering where you went wrong. you studied, did every practice problem available.
"how'd you do, y/n?" he asks you, walking up to your still figure. you simply show him your paper, hands shaking and all. looking up at him, you notice that his expression remains neutral.
"i studied so hard for this. we studied together, too! where did i go wrong?"
he simply wraps his arm around your shoulder and tells you, "first of all, you didn't do as bad as you think you did. the kid next to me got the whole first page wrong. that's 30 points right there. second, maybe we just need to go over these types of questions again."
you look over to the student who usually sits next to tsukki. he's in tears, too.
"yeah, can we?" you ask him in a whispered voice, and he nods. as you two walk out of the lecture hall, he nonchalantly slips your exam out of your hand and into your backpack in an attempt to get it out of your view and mind.
鉁 plans study dates regularly so he can see you
"we're supposed to be studying, you know?" you look over to tsukki, who has his headphones on and is scrolling on his phone.
鈥渉m?鈥 he takes his headphones off and looks over to you. somehow, he still looks pretty after a long day of classes. his hair is tousled and his glasses are slightly slipping off his nose.
鈥渄idn鈥檛 you say we were having a study date? i don鈥檛 wanna study alone,鈥 you whine lightly, annoyed at the fact that you could be napping right now. he smirks at your expression, and then slides over next to you. placing one of his headphones in your ear, he puts his phone on the desk. a playlist called 鈥榮tudying w stupid鈥 is open. you roll your eyes at the title and he laughs 鈥 at least it鈥檚 catchy.
鈥渙kay, now we can study,鈥 he says, pulling your book closer to the two of you. with your favorite song playing in your ear and your favorite boy, despite his annoying antics, beside you, you鈥檙e content.
鉁 never allows you to pull an all-nighter before an exam
鈥渉ey dumbass, why are you still awake?鈥 is the first thing you hear when you pick up his call.
鈥渉ello to you, too, kei,鈥 you say with a yawn. 鈥渢o answer your question, i鈥檓 still studying for my exam tomorrow.鈥
you hear him sigh through the phone, one that shows that he鈥檚 just as tired as you are
鈥渏ust go to sleep. you鈥檒l mess up tomorrow if you don鈥檛 get enough sleep,鈥 he tells you. although his voice is stern, his words are threaded with sincerity.
鈥測eah, yeah. how鈥檇 you know i was awake anyway?鈥 you ask him. he called you out of nowhere amidst your draining study session.
鈥測our spotify listening activity, stupid. go to sleep, you鈥檙e gonna be loopier than you usually are,鈥 he says. he鈥檚 right 鈥 you aren鈥檛 retaining any information at this point, and mindlessly underlining words as you yawn isn鈥檛 going to help you pass the exam. you hum into the phone, packing your books up and tidying your desk. as you climb into bed, you say a soft 鈥榞oodnight鈥 and he says one back. you can tell he鈥檚 smiling, his voice gentle and laced with love.
and after he ends the call, tsukki reminds himself to pick up your favorite drink for you after your exam. you deserve it, he thinks.
Tumblr media
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araragomennnna month ago
Tumblr media
birds of a feather
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x f!reader
genre: FLUFF, tooth rotting fluff, friends to lovers??
warnings: swearing (like once).
a/n: this might be the sweetest tsukki fic i've written so far.
Tumblr media
To say you were beautiful would be an understatement.
Tsukishima knew that.
Everyone knew that.
But he wishes you knew that.
You were oblivious, to say the least of the way you turned heads in every room.
Or maybe you just didn鈥檛 care, he didn鈥檛 know.
He wishes though, that he knew more about you.
You were an enigma to him, to everybody almost.
The oddly quiet girl with an oddly loud presence.
But if he were to be honest, it wasn鈥檛 your pretty face or contrasting reserved personality that made him notice you.
It was a stupidly simple reason actually and as Yamaguchi had said, a very obvious one.
The oddly quiet girl was oddly like him.
He saw himself in glimpses, in your exasperated sighs and faint eye rolls.
He saw himself whole in your secret smiles and soft eyes.
And before he knew it, his heart devoid of anyone had found its very first tenant.
After many knowing nudges from his best friend, Tsukishima on his first day as a second year, finally spoke to you.
And continued to, every day after that.
And then, albeit slowly you weren鈥檛 such an enigma to him anymore.
He learned you liked the rain when you dashed out of the convenience store on hearing the patter of raindrops against the concrete.
He learned that sad movies make you cry when he heard sniffles from across the couch.
He learned (the hard way) that you had a childish side when you pounced on him, tickling him without mercy because you were bored.
He learned your go-to coffee order during your many sleepless nights spent cramming.
He learned that you liked the snow when you pulled him down alongside you when he stretched out a hand to pick you up off the ground.
The oddly quiet girl, not that quiet anymore and to be honest neither was he.
He loved you, irredeemably so. He loved you enough to let himself fall into the snow alongside you just because it鈥檇 give you a hearty laugh and he loved you enough to brush the cold flakes out of your hair later.
Living in these small and sweet moments where he鈥檇 pretend not to think much of your lingering touches and held glances.
Memories of your soft smiles and warm hands seeped in so much longing that it hurt.
He loved you, irredeemably so and he realised that you did too when your soft lips pressed against his for the first time.
Pulling back to meet your eyes, only to find longing identical to his.
He kissed you.
He kissed you like he was deprived of air and your lips were oxygen, hands in your hair, smiling so hard against your lips.
He had fallen in love and so had you.
So finally, the odd boy at the odd age of 18 where you're not a kid nor a real adult asked the odd girl to marry him.
Backs against the slight slope of the roof watching the stars twinkle with your hand encased in his, he turned to you, caressing your cheek.
Marry me he said and you smiled almost expectantly and though he didn鈥檛 have a ring nor any money of his own at the moment to buy you one you said yes.
The years that followed were not easy but as if the universe was always pulling the strings in your favour everything always worked out.
And at 21 as the freshly placed ring on your finger glinted so magnificently in the moonlight, he knew he wouldn鈥檛 have done it any other way.
The apartment was a bit rundown but it was perfect according to him. After all, he was sharing it with you.
Spending weeks on a teeny mattress surrounded by unopened cardboard boxes in your new apartment that smelled of fresh paint he was so happy he could cry.
At 24 Tsukishima鈥檚 holding in tears, that were brimming dangerously at his lash line.
Yamaguchi and Akiteru weren鈥檛 doing much to control their hysterical sobbing, mumbling something about being so happy.
He inhaled sharply when you finally came into view, looking just as bad as him.
Your cheeks were flushed red and lips quivering.
Glossy eyes meeting his, you let out a stupidly giddy laugh and so did he.
And as you began to walk towards him, all the research he did beforehand on how to control tears seemed to be for nought as his cheeks were now stained with hot tears that kept spilling.
鈥淵ou look like shit鈥 you said between giggles whilst tears of your own stained your cheeks.
鈥淵ou look beautiful鈥.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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kissyomi3 months ago
Texting with Tsukishima Pt.2
A/n: I love my brain for this thank you very much. Timeskip Tsukishima btw! I just know he would be in the volleball team group chat later on. He would insist he doesn't want to be in it,,,, butttt we all know saltyshima 馃檮
Pairing: Tsukishima x Gn!reader
Warning: none//Except the use of word fuck// (well you already read fuck twice now so)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kenmei6 months ago
鈾 gn!reader x various
Tumblr media
characters:聽suna rintarou, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, tsukishima kei
cw:聽fluff fluff fluff, domestic fluff!!, comfort. timeskip!au
synopsis:聽big and bad until they鈥檙e with you<3
wc:聽650+ (189, 138, 155, 200)
notes from mei!
only bc my brain is so fried i cant write a proper fic</3
Tumblr media
suna rintarou
he knows you don鈥檛 really want to be here. even if it鈥檚 a party with everyone you鈥檙e familiar with, rin knows you鈥檇 much rather be at home.
it鈥檚 not like you鈥檙e uninterested or anything like that; you鈥檙e just way too tired鈥攖oo drained to keep a conversation going, simply sitting at the end of the couch with a dazed look in your eyes.
suna knows he also should鈥檝e just made you stay at home. even when you said you鈥檇 go anyway, because maybe seeing your friends would lift the fatigue sitting heavy on your shoulders, but he of all people should鈥檝e known that you just don鈥檛 want to let anyone down by not showing up.
(he wishes you鈥檇 be a little more selfish).
he sinks into the spot next to you, attentive to your every move.
you smile.聽鈥渉i.鈥
鈥渓et鈥檚 go home.鈥 he says, eyes loosing their usual sharpness as he gazes at you.
you furrow your brows, eyes darting between him and the others scattered across the room. 鈥渘ow? we just got here.鈥
rin shrugs, he doesn鈥檛 care about these people. he cares about you.
鈥渋鈥檒l make somethin鈥 up.鈥
miya atsumu
he always reminds you how lovesick you make him. without fail, every morning, atsumu is waking you up by leaving kisses all over your face, telling you how much he adores you because he just really wants to drill it into your head.
鈥測er so cute with yer crusty eyes and drool on ya chin.鈥 he teases, cooing at your tired complaints.聽鈥渕akes me happy that ya sleep so nice with me.鈥
鈥渟hut up,聽鈥榯sumu,鈥 you mumble, half asleep and cheeks heating up from embarrassment. you opt to turn around, but he has other plans.
arms circling around your waist, he pulls you into his chest, brushing the hair from your forehead away as his eyes become hearts.
he mutters something you don鈥檛 catch, so you crack one eye open.聽鈥渉m?鈥
he kisses your nose, cheeks red.聽鈥渘othin鈥.鈥
iwaizumi hajime
hajime鈥檚 eyes soften when he comes home to you curled up on the couch, mouth ajar as soft snores fill the room.
really, he wonders why you still do this even if when he鈥檚 told you so many times to not. he鈥檇 much rather see you asleep in a bed, rather than you obscurely curled up on the couch, waiting for him.
he sits on the floor, in front of you.
鈥渨hy are you so stubborn?鈥 he mumbles, eyes drooping with fatigue but still holding the tenderness his gaze harbours only for you.
hand caressing your cheek, you subconsciously lean into it and he quite literally feels his heart melt.
for a man with many edges, you really do soften him聽up. he鈥檚 uncharacteristically gentle when it comes to you, but you argue that he鈥檚 just a secret softie.
鈥渉aji?鈥 you murmur, stirring awake.
鈥渉ey,鈥 he whispers, thumb caressing your cheek,聽鈥渓et鈥檚 go to bed, baby.鈥
tsukishima kei
his lips brush over your forehead, arms keeping you pressed against him as he silently reminds you that you鈥檒l always be his main priority, no matter how late he comes home or how early he leaves, he wants you to remember that his mind really is only filled with you.
鈥渋 love you.鈥 he mumbles, hand pressing your head into the crook of his neck to hide the blush adorning his cheeks and nose.
鈥渒ei,鈥 you whine, trying to wiggle out of his hold,聽鈥渋t鈥檚 hot, take the blanket off.鈥
he rolls his eyes, untangling his arms from you as he turns around, pulling the blanket to his chin,聽鈥渂rat.鈥 he mutters.
he feels you wrap your arms around his middle, pressing yourself against his back.聽鈥渋 love you too, kei, even when you hog the blanket in the middle of the night.鈥
you tease him and he knows it鈥檚 because you鈥檙e not so good with words either, so he turns around (not without complaining, of course) and he rolls his eyes again, but you don鈥檛 miss the pinkish hues on the tips of his ears. and the way he averts his gaze.
鈥測ou鈥檙e annoying.鈥
you grin. 鈥測ou love it.鈥
Tumblr media
xtra notes from mei!
this was proofread by a half-dead mei (read: not proofread at all oopsies)
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pies-writes-and-more2 months ago
how to make a guy jealous
Tumblr media
word count: 4,205
pairing: tsukishima kei x fem!reader
warnings: maybe some swearing and some funny writing lol sorry in advance
a/n: hello everyone! i鈥檝e missed yall so much - sorry for not writing as much as i did before. i鈥檝e been having a hard time managing all my hobbies and responsibilities! but i hope you like this because i enjoyed the concept so much! thank you to everyone who sent in requests - i promise im trying to go through them! sending you all some love :) enjoy!
haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
鈥淚 love you, Y/N.鈥
Those words seemed to hit the air with such force, it sucked all the oxygen from your lungs. It took away all of the thoughts in your brain, and had all of your limbs tingling in nervousness.
He hadn鈥檛鈥 he hadn鈥檛 actually just said that had he?
鈥淚 love you more than I ever thought possible to love someone,鈥 he continued and you just continued to stare.
After all this time, a confession was all you wanted. The problem was, that even though the scenario was perfect: you and Tsukishima having snuck away from volleyball camp, standing there with newly bought books in your arms, the smell of pastries from the bakery nearby floating by, the sun shining brilliantly on you like a spotlight, the confession that you so desperately wanted wasn鈥檛 from Tsukishima at all.
You wanted to look up at the blond boy, see what kind of expression was on his face because you weren鈥檛 even sure what expression you should have on yours. But your eyes were fixated on the eager face in front of you, a loving gaze looking straight at you so directly you couldn鈥檛 pull your own look away.
鈥淜uroo, what鈥檙e you-鈥 Tsukishima started, an annoyed huff in his voice.
鈥淎re you going to accept, Y/N?鈥 Bokuto asked with widened eyes, his jaw open slightly.
鈥淚-鈥 you started before Kuroo interrupted.
鈥淥i, frosted tips, you鈥檙e kinda ruining my moment here,鈥 the darker haired boy hissed, waving at him dismissively.
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e holding up the line!鈥 Bokuto huffed, pulling his hands up to his hips. 鈥淵ou think you鈥檙e the only one here to confess to Y/N?鈥
Your eyebrows pushed together as you tried to understand what was going on, the two boys glaring at each other.
鈥淚 told you I was going to ask her!鈥 Kuroo grumbled, shaking his head.
鈥淣o way! I told you I was going to! Didn鈥檛 I, Akaashi?鈥
鈥淗onestly I thought I was doing it first,鈥 Akaashi admitted, giving you a smile from behind the two bickering boys.
鈥淲ait a minute,鈥 you insisted, still reeling from the initial confession. You and Tsukishima had thought everyone else would be way too busy at practice to realize the two of you had disappeared. So what were these three boys doing here鈥 and why were they鈥 fighting for your affection? This had to be a dream right?
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 even get to finish my confession! So butt out!鈥 Kuroo was saying, trying to force Bokuto off of him, who was currently trying to push past him to be closer to you. 鈥淵/N, I-鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e had your few seconds, now bug off and let me talk to her!鈥 Bokuto insisted, his hand on Kuroo鈥檚 face now. 鈥淵/N! You鈥檙e one helluva girl! Wanna go out sometime?鈥 He beamed, that huge innocent smile on his face remaining even after Kuroo kicked him in the shin.
鈥淚gnore them, Y/N,鈥 Akaashi shrugged, smoothly avoiding the two dimwits who were struggling to push the other away, and swiftly taking your hand in his. 鈥淲hat do you say to a quick coffee date while we鈥檙e here? Or if you鈥檇 like, I hear there鈥檚 a nice little tea shop nearby.鈥
Akaashi鈥檚 eyes were so soft yet so demanding, you weren鈥檛 quite sure you could turn yourself away, 鈥淚-I,鈥 you stammered, pulled in for a moment by Akaashi鈥檚 overall romantic gaze.
鈥淥i! Stop with the looking all lovey-dovey at her alright?鈥 Kuroo yelped at him, finally managing to get Bokuto鈥檚 grip off of his shirt. 鈥淚 was here first!鈥
鈥淲ho cares? It鈥檚 not like Y/N cares about who鈥檚 first! It鈥檚 her choice, remember?鈥 Bokuto grinned, hands on his hips as he looked at you with a cheeky wink. 鈥淐ome on, Y/N, we can check out the sunset together! I can show you this awesome trail around here!鈥
鈥淩ight, cause that鈥檚 what girls want, to be led into a forest with some dude she just met,鈥 Kuroo scoffed, running his hand through his hand before looking you up and down playfully, 鈥淛ust look at her, Bo, she鈥檚 special - you gotta treat her that way.鈥
鈥淲oah woah woah woah, can鈥 can you guys stop talking for like 5 seconds!鈥 You interrupted quickly as they all started talking again, holding your hand up as you attempted to balance your books with the other. Your eyes drifted to the spot where Tsukishima had been before, whirling around to look for him when you realized he was no longer there. 鈥淭sukki?鈥 You blinked, seeing a blur of a tall blond boy disappearing back to the school where you all were staying.
鈥淎w shit, see I told you you were going too hard, pea-brain!鈥 Kuroo groaned, shaking his head as he watched Tsukishima walk away.
鈥淢e? Akaashi鈥檚 the one grabbing her hand and shit!鈥 Bokuto whined, snapping his head around to glare at his setter, before bursting into laughter. 鈥淵ou really are a ladies man deep down inside huh? I knew it!鈥
鈥淚 have no clue what you mean,鈥 Akaashi shrugged, his eyes back to normal now instead of that hypnotizing gaze. 鈥淒o you want some help with those, Y/N?鈥 He asked, taking your books from your arms as if all of this was just a normal Wednesday.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry can鈥 what just happened?鈥 You asked, the confused look on your face making the boys laugh.
鈥淪orry, little crow, but we were just messing with you. Well, with Skinny Jeans, really,鈥 Kuroo gave you a smirk, reaching up to pat you on the head gently.
鈥淚t was well intentioned,鈥 Bokuto insisted with a thumbs up. 鈥淲e鈥檙e just trying to get him to admit some feelings.鈥
鈥淪o this was all a joke?鈥 You asked quickly, blinking in surprise. Your heart was starting to return back to a normal pace, your breathing less shallow and rushed now.
鈥淒on鈥檛 look at me, it was their idea,鈥 Akaashi shrugged, his hands now sheepishly shoved into his pockets. 鈥淭hey did mean well though.鈥
鈥淵ou said it was a good plan!鈥 Bokuto accused him quickly, just earning a dismissive wave from his best friend.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not disappointed it was all fake, are you?鈥 Kuroo teased in a somewhat sultry voice.
鈥淗onestly? I鈥檓 relieved,鈥 you admitted with a laugh, rubbing the back of your neck. 鈥淟etting down one guy is already hard. But all three of you? Especially when you鈥檙e all friends with Tsukishima?鈥 You let out a sigh of relief as you thought about how awkward that might鈥檝e been, rejecting confessions while the one person you had thought about confessing to just stood nearby.
鈥淚 knew it!鈥 Bokuto yelled suddenly, his finger in your face as he pointed at your expression with a huge grin.
鈥淚t鈥檚 rude to point, Bokuto!鈥 Kuroo shook his head in disapproval, trying to tug the other captain鈥檚 finger away from you.
鈥淏ut I was right! I told you! See? I told you she liked him back!鈥 Bokuto insisted eagerly, catching you off guard for a moment. You stared at him for what felt like forever, swallowing dry as you attempted to catch your thoughts.
鈥淚t seems our captain is right,鈥 Akaashi smiled, nudging you playfully. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a good thing our confessions were all fake. I don鈥檛 think I could stand seeing that 鈥榝allen in love鈥 look on someone I liked.鈥
鈥淣-No, wait you got it all wrong,鈥 you tried to explain, your whole face flushing nervously. 鈥淚t鈥檚.. it鈥檚 not like that with me and Tsukishima. We鈥檙e just-鈥 you glanced back down the way your Karasuno boy had disappeared down, as if he would鈥檝e magically appeared. 鈥-just friends,鈥 you murmured sadly.
鈥淩ight, and Owl Boy here is some ultra genius with a high IQ,鈥 Kuroo said sarcastically.
鈥淗ey!鈥 Bokuto hugged, folding his arms across his chest as he pouted.
鈥淗ow did you know?鈥 You asked them as the four of you started to walk back, staring at the dirt kicking up from your feet.
鈥淥h it was way obvious,鈥 Kuroo laughed.
鈥淵ea I think nearly everyone who practices with us knows,鈥 Akaashi agreed, thinking about it some more before nodding.
鈥淓xcept you evidently,鈥 Boktuo chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. 鈥淏ut don鈥檛 worry that鈥檚 not your fault. He only really stares at you when you鈥檙e not looking. And talks about you all the time when you鈥檙e not around.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 You stared at Bokuto, looking at the other two for confirmation. 鈥淲ait鈥 Tsukishima? No way, I meant how you guys knew I liked him!鈥
The boys all shared a look before shrugging together, 鈥淲e didn鈥檛 know really. Well we weren鈥檛 as sure as we were about how he feels about you - but we figured Tsukishima probably wouldn't say anything to you unless we gave him a little shrug,鈥 Akaashi explained with a smile. 鈥淲e heard Yamaguchi talk to him one night about going to confess or whatever but Tsukishima鈥檚 pretty stubborn.鈥
鈥淏oktuo, you said you knew didn鈥檛 you? How did you know?鈥 You asked, trying to think back to your past actions - had you been so obvious that everyone else knew? Here you were thinking you weren鈥檛 being obvious enough.
鈥淥h I just thought it would be a good happy ending!鈥 Bokuto beamed. 鈥淏esides, you and Tsukishima seem like good friends. I figured if he developed feelings, maybe you did too.鈥
You let the boys change the conversation as the four of you walked, playing with your fingers nervously as you tried to think about everything that had just been revealed. Were they just exaggerating? Did Tsukishima actually like you back?
Only one way to find out I guess, you thought to yourself, finding some hidden determination somewhere. If these boys came all the way to the shopping district from the school to come tease Tsukishima about his feelings for you, they must鈥檝e had a good reason right? And what if they were right? What if Tsukishima really did like you? Maybe that鈥檚 why he walked away?
You thought back to the moment when Tsukishima turned on his heels, silently walking away from the whole encounter. You had been pretty hurt by it, you couldn鈥檛 lie - but if the boys were right, if he did like you back, wasn鈥檛 that such a Tsukishima thing to do? Walk away from the thing that he didn鈥檛 want to see and not say anything?
You thanked the boys for walking you back to the school and thanked Akaashi for carrying your books (he insisted on taking them to wherever Yachi and Kiyoko were. 鈥淵ou look like you鈥檝e got something you wanna do,鈥 he smiled, waving you away) watching them disappear into one of the buildings before starting to walk the school grounds to look for any sign of the tall blond boy. The two gyms you had peeked into first both had boys practicing, some playing mini games and some just going over drills. You finally made your way to the third gym, expecting for it to be empty based on the silence.
But there was Tsukishima, leaning against one of the walls in the corner with a volleyball in his hand, headphones on and blasting music loud enough you could hear it as you walked over to him. You watched as his eyes flickered over to you quickly, clearing noting your presence, but still avoiding looking directly at you as if pretending you didn鈥檛 exist.
You watched him for a moment, a ball of nerves feeling like it was stuck in your throat. What were you supposed to say? Or do? Did he want to be left alone? Should you just walk away? Or should you say something? Would he hear you even if you did?
鈥淎re you just going to stand there and stare at me?鈥 Tsukishima asked as you contemplated all your choices, tugging his headphones off with an annoyed glare in your direction. 鈥淲hat do you want?鈥
鈥淚 just鈥︹ You hesitated, seeing that frustrated look in his eyes. Maybe he wanted to be left alone after all. 鈥淛ust wanted to make sure you got back okay,鈥 you finished with a small smile, taking a few steps backwards before turning to head out.
鈥淪o?鈥 Tsukishima called out again, making you turn your head to find him just staring at the wall and refusing to look at you once more. 鈥淲ho did you pick?鈥
You couldn鈥檛 help but smile a little because there was something different in his voice this time. He wanted you to stay - he called you back because he was curious. Whether he liked you or not, Tsukishima wanted to know.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you guess?鈥 You teased him, making him glare towards you again, which just made you laugh. 鈥淲hat? I thought you were pretty smart - I think you could figure it out.鈥
Tsukishima thought for a moment before sitting up straighter against his wall, clearing his throat a little. 鈥淏okuto鈥檚 too dumb for you. He鈥檇 drive you crazy.鈥
鈥淥h ya?鈥
鈥淵a. You always said you didn鈥檛 want to date a little boy and honestly, he鈥檚 basically like a toddler,鈥 Tsukishima rolled his eyes, exaggerating a little as he thought about the Fukurodani couple. 鈥淗e鈥檚 a great player though. Really strong. Good hearted or whatever,鈥 he grumbled, annoyed that he knew Bokuto probably had some really good traits you鈥檇 find attractive.
鈥淎nd he鈥檚 cute,鈥 you added, just for good measure. You smiled as you watched the inner turmoil grow in your friend - were you a bad person? Enjoying this so much? He looked so annoyed just thinking about you with one of his friends. Could it be that the boys were right? Was he actually jealous? Over you of all people?
鈥淜uroo鈥檚 smart. Smarter than you maybe,鈥 Tsukishima pointed out, clearly needing to add a quick insult to your own intelligence. 鈥淗e鈥檇 probably be able to help you with all that chemistry homework you always leave to the last minute.鈥
鈥淚 always get it done though,鈥 you shot back, slowly starting to approach him again. 鈥淜uroo鈥檚 cute too. Got some sass in him, kinda like you,鈥 you teased as you sat down next to him.
Tsukishima glanced at you before staring at his hands in his lap, giving a little shrug, 鈥淵a I guess.鈥
鈥淲hat about Akaashi then?鈥 You asked, poking at his shoulder. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e going to give me advice on who I should date, you should be thorough in your judgments.鈥
Tsukishima wished silently you hadn鈥檛 brought Akaashi up because it was Akaashi that had made him angry before. Sure, Kuroo and Bokuto were a lot. But it was all fluff in the end. But Akaashi? Akaashi had held your hand longer than Tsukishima had ever even thought about it. He had held your gaze, stared into your eyes and you鈥 you had stared right back at him. You hadn鈥檛 pulled your hand away, you hadn鈥檛 stepped back, you just looked at him.
鈥淗e鈥檚 smart too,鈥 Tsukishima finally spoke up, trying to erase the image of the two of you out of his head. 鈥淕uess he鈥檚 probably more your type,鈥 he mumbled.
鈥淵ou think so?鈥 You smirked, thinking back to the second year. 鈥淗e鈥檚 sweet, I鈥檒l give ya that. He carried my books the whole way here.鈥
The books that Tsukishima had helped you pick - the ones he had taken off of top shelves for you. The ones that he tried to pay for but you had been too quick to whip out your credit card for. Tsukishima tried not to roll his eyes so obviously as he thought about you fawning over Akaashi carrying your books here.
鈥淪o Akaashi then? You picked the Fukurodani setter? Interesting. Can鈥檛 wait to hear what the team says about that,鈥 Tsukishima mumbled as he shifted his weight around.
鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥
鈥淒o you really think that you could go out with the setter of one of the top teams around here without Tanaka and Noya, not to mention the Tangerine, saying something? They鈥檒l be all up in your business,鈥 he shrugged, annoyed that he was even having to explain this to you. 鈥淭hey鈥檒l ask you why not someone from our team. What鈥檚 wrong with our team, Y/N?鈥 He asked mockingly, but dropped his gaze even further from you.
鈥淣othing鈥檚 wrong with our team,鈥 you answered softly. 鈥淏ut I guess it鈥檚 a good thing I didn鈥檛 go pick any of them then hm? Wouldn't want to upset our team,鈥 you stated pointedly, waiting for him to look up at you.
And he did, a confused look in his eyes as he waited for you to say something else but you just smiled at him, 鈥淲hat do you mean you didn鈥檛?鈥
鈥淲ell, asshole, when you left me alone in an area I鈥檝e never been before with three boys that I only just met,鈥 you teased, leaning back with your hands pressed against the gym floor behind you. 鈥淭hey told me they were just joking. Trying to get you all riled up.鈥
鈥淒id they now?鈥 Tsukishima sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Why were these boys so determined to make his life hell? First making him practice volleyball and now messing with you?
鈥淢hm. Ya wanna know what they said when I asked why?鈥 You laughed, watching him grow more and more annoyed.
鈥淲hat did they say?鈥
鈥淭hey said they wanted to make you jeallouuuusss,鈥 you sang, giggles bubbling up in your throat.
Tsukishima鈥檚 cheeks were burning as he heard you laugh, trying to determine what about the whole situation was funny, 鈥淛ealous over what?鈥
鈥淥ver me,鈥 you smirked, poking his very red cheek to get him to look at you. 鈥淎nd ya know what, Tsukishima? I think it worked.鈥
Tsukishima turned to look at you, wanting nothing more than to make you recoil with an angry glare. But when his eyes caught yours, that smile on your face, the angelic look of you holding back laughter as you teased him, all he could think of was Why did it have to work?
鈥淪hut up,鈥 was all he said, rolling his eyes as he started to stand.
鈥淭sukishima鈥檚 jealoussss, Tsukishima鈥檚 jealoussss,鈥 you sang like a 3 year old, giggling to yourself as you stood up next to him, poking at his arms and sides.
鈥淪top poking me you dimwit. Y/N, stop-鈥 he was saying, trying to swat your hands away from him, glaring at you.
鈥淭sukki鈥檚 jealoussss. Tsukishima likessss meee, Tsukishima likes meeee!鈥 You laughed some more, still poking at him anywhere you could reach.
鈥淥i!鈥 Tsukishima finally grabbed your wrists, glaring down at you as he finally stopped your incessant poking.
Your smile froze for a second, just looking at him and suddenly doubting if he was really jealous at all. Tsukishima watched as a hint of hurt flashed in your eyes, his grip on your wrists loosening slightly, 鈥淪orry, I didn鈥檛鈥 didn鈥檛 mean to yell at you or anything,鈥 he mumbled quietly, knowing even if he didn鈥檛 mean to be all that loud, that the noise would echo in the large empty gym.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, sorry for poking at you and teasing you so much,鈥 you gave him a small smile, starting to pull your hands away from him but he kept you firmly in front of him. 鈥淭sukishima?鈥
鈥淲ould it be so bad?鈥 he asked softly, eyes darting away from yours. 鈥淚f I was?鈥
鈥淚f you were鈥 what?鈥
Jealous, he wanted to say, the word getting caught up in the relay from his brain to his lips. 鈥淵a know. The thing you were just saying.鈥
A small smirk tugged at your lips as you noticed how flustered he was getting again. 鈥淎bout鈥 me poking you? And teasing you?鈥 You asked stupidly.
鈥淣o, idiot!鈥 Tsukishima groaned, rolling his eyes. 鈥淭he other thing.鈥
鈥淲hat other thing?鈥
鈥淛ealous! God, are you going to make me do all the thinking in this relationship?鈥 He looked at you to glare at you once again, only to find you holding back some more giggles. 鈥淎sshole,鈥 he grumbled, noticing how easy it was for you to tease him.
鈥淥h so we鈥檙e in a relationship now?鈥 You giggled, looking up at him with a smile that just made him want to leave. But.. he didn鈥檛 want to leave.
Tsukishima sighed, letting himself relax just a little. If you weren鈥檛 running away at the idea of it, laughing at him for having feelings at all, or insisting that the two of you wouldn鈥檛 work鈥 maybe you鈥 could it be that you felt the same way? Come on, Tsukishima, he thought to himself. If she didn鈥檛, why would she still be here? Why confront you if she thought you liked her and she didn鈥檛 feel the same way?
鈥淵ea, we are. If you want.鈥 Tsukishima decided quickly, giving you a firm look as he towered over you. 鈥淏etter go tell your other suitors that you鈥檙e taken. No more hearing confessions from other dudes, okay?鈥
You blinked in surprise, watching Tsukishima鈥檚 demeanour change, 鈥淥h. Okay,鈥 you squeaked out, your face turning warm.
Tsukishima smiled a little, watching at how nervous you got, tugging you closer to him, 鈥淚鈥檝e liked you for forever, Y/N鈥 This isn鈥檛 how I wanted to tell you. Well, I didn鈥檛 ever want to tell you. Cause it seemed like you were never interested. But I like you and your stupid weird jokes and your nice laugh and that lotion you use and how you try to make me use it too. I like your awful taste in music-鈥
鈥-and that you鈥檒l listen to my music for me. I like you, Y/N,鈥 Tsukishima whispered to you softly. 鈥淪o yea, if you鈥檇 like to鈥 let鈥檚 be more than friends.鈥
You stared up at the blond as he nervously made his confession, clearly having never practiced before because it was awful but in the most wonderful way. 鈥淥-Okay,鈥 you smiled up at him, the two of you sharing a moment as he held you close.
鈥淪eriously though, this is your last confession ever. Got it?鈥 Tsukishima huffed, clearing his throat as if turning back to his normal annoyed demeanour.
鈥淵ea yea, whatever. But like I said, they were just joking. It鈥檚 not like they actually liked me or anything.鈥
鈥淵a well that鈥檚 just those three. Now you gotta tell every other guy here that you鈥檙e taken,鈥 Tsukishima pointed out, stiffening a bit as he thought back to all those times the boys would talk about how cute you were.
鈥淚 think they already know, String Bean!鈥 Kuroo suddenly called into the gym, grinning from the doorway.
鈥淟iterally everyone knows how you feel about Y/N, dude,鈥 Bokuto snickered. 鈥淚 knew this plan would work! What a great happy ending!鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檙e you guys doing here?鈥 You smiled, watching as the three boys piled in.
鈥淛ust wanted to make sure you were doing the thing we knew you wanted to do,鈥 Akaashi smiled. 鈥淏etter take good care of her, Tsukishima. Some of the guys around here would snatch her away if they could.鈥
Tsukishima鈥檚 grips on your wrists tightened at the thought of this, making you look up at him and smile, 鈥淭hey couldn鈥檛, even if they tried their hardest. This boy might be an asshole, but apparently that鈥檚 my type.鈥
鈥淎wwwww!鈥 The boys chorused, much to Tsukishima鈥檚 embarrassment, Bokuto grabbing Tsukishima around the neck and lovingly messing up his hair.
鈥淐an鈥檛 you guys just leave us alone?鈥 Tsukishima groaned, pushing Bokuto away and fixing his hair.
鈥淣o way, you鈥檙e in a gym during volleyball camp, dumbass. You鈥檙e gonna come block for us for a little while,鈥 Kuroo smirked, waiting for Tsukishima to start protesting before going, 鈥淗ey, we got you with your girl didn鈥檛 we? You owe us.鈥
Tsukishima鈥檚 lips turned up a little hearing you being referred to as his girl and secretly deciding that he liked that a lot. He turned to look at you and you just waved him towards them, 鈥淕o on, I鈥檒l help too!鈥 You nodded happily, not minding at all that this oddly romantic confession had been interrupted.
鈥淵ou totally owe us, Tsukki dude!鈥 Bokuto was laughing, jumping up and down as Akaashi and Kuroo started to fix the net. 鈥淟ike your first kid together has to be named after one of us. Or like a mash-up of all of our names! Like Akakurto! Or Bokaroo. Or Kurakabo or something,鈥 Bokuto continued, attempting to think of a good sounding name, making you laugh while you got the balls ready to be used.
Tsukishima tugged you towards him as Bokuto went on, ignoring the boys for a moment to just press a kiss to your forehead, 鈥淚f you make me jealous again, I鈥檓 going to kick your ass,鈥 he told you in the sweetest voice he could manage, making you smirk.
鈥淪ureeee. I鈥檇 do it anyways though, you鈥檙e cute when you鈥檙e jealous,鈥 you teased, poking his chest and pushing him towards the others, hoping he didn鈥檛 notice how almost immediately flushed you got, feeling his lips on your skin.
So in the end, you got four confessions that day. Three of them were just for fun, but it didn鈥檛 matter. Because the one confession you had been longing for the whole time happened - and that鈥檚 all you could ever ask for.
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