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#hq x gender neutral reader
sunarent · a month ago
when he throws his wedding ring
characters: iwaizumi. kuroo. sakusa. suna. yamaguchi.
genre: angst
part two + part three + part four
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI stares at you for a few seconds, his mouth opening and closing repeatedly. he watches in horror as you shake your head with an expression on your face that is more sad than angry. he wants you to yell at him, to slap him, hell, you could even throw your wedding ring at him and he probably wouldn’t say anything. yet you never did anything, only watching your supposed husband with a horrified expression. you could tell that he regretted it, but was it really enough?
KUROO furrows his brows slightly as he looks down at his hands, repeatedly flexing and relaxing them. had he really just done that? he swore to himself that you two would never go down the same path as his parents did, he swore that you would overcome everything together, he swore that he would love and cherish you till the end of his days and he swore to show you that. so he couldn’t exactly blame you for rushing past him, gently shutting - not slamming because he hated that - the door behind you as you left your shared home; leaving kuroo behind, his mind plaguing him with one question only: why?
SAKUSA turns around and leaves the room, heavy silence accompanying him. he’s shocked at himself, not fully understanding the gravity of the situation as he walks out the door, needing some fresh air. you would surely understand, right? you always did. you would get that he just acted on his emotions, frustrated and fed up with anything. you would understand that he needed a break, right? but why weren’t you home when he returned? and why was your wedding ring right next to his, neatly settled on the bedside table?
SUNA did it without even realizing what just happened. he didn’t even take a moment to reflect, instead immediately continuing to shout and criticize. it took him a while before he realized that you stopped responding, that you had gone quiet, that you had tears rolling down your cheeks. it was when he reached out to you that he stopped, finally noticing it as he stared at his naked ring finger. you didn’t hear the quiet apology that barely left his lips, instead asking yourself if you could really forgive him for throwing his ring away so nonchalantly; like it meant nothing to him.
YAMAGUCHI instantly regrets it. there’s no moment of silence, no shocked expression, no second in which he takes in the situation- the moment he throws his wedding ring at you is the moment he cries out the first apology. no matter how hard he choked all the tears back, he lets them roll freely over his face as he falls to his knees, grabbing your hand and begging for your forgiveness as you still try to take in the gravity of this situation.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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corpsekiller · a month ago
𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 — 𝐤.𝐬
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kiyoomi Sakusa x genderneutral!reader
Warnings: Fluff with some angst, kinda insecure!Kiyoomi
Summary: After you asked Kiyoomi to get your water bottle for you, he finds some interesting items in your bag.
A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for far too long and l decided to finish it for the sake of my sanity. I didn't to make this so soft and sweet, but my brain just did its own thing and I didn't have the nerve to change anything, so here it is. Reblogs and comments are appreciated as always, babes 🖤
Word count: 1.294 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kiyoomi didn’t expect to find this in your bag.
You had asked him to get your water bottle for you, the one that is decorated with various stickers in different colors and has a dent on one side because you accidentally dropped it once while you were climbing the stairs at home, told him to grab it while you buy something to eat for the two of you in the cramped school cafeteria that smells like overcooked vegetables and frying oil.
Surprisingly, it still catches him off guard when you’re so utterly mindful of his phobia and put so much effort into improving his day with small gestures and subtle actions here and there — purposely keeping him out of crowded places like you did today, picking spots for your already planned dates that don’t cause him as much anxiety as public places usually do and always reassuring him if his doubts cloud his mind and make it hard to grasp a clear thought.
Although he doesn’t say it often, he’s grateful for your kindness that enabled him to sit in an empty classroom instead of being stuck in a line of jostling students who are all impatiently waiting for their lunch. Still, practice starts in less than an hour and Kiyoomi knows he should hurry so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your food together without having to rush.
Yet, he can’t bring himself to move.
Honestly, Kiyoomi didn’t mean to snoop around in your things, really, but the small purse labeled with his name and a doodled heart caught his attention. For whatever reason, curiosity got the best of him and so, he dared to drag it out of its hiding spot between heavy books and messily scribbled notes you took absentmindedly in class, pull the zipper and sneak a careful glance at its mysterious contents. That’s why he’s now staring at a tube of clear hand sanitizer, two clean face masks, and a pack of disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces as seats and doors.
He hates doors. More than anything else. The thought of all these unclean hands grabbing the doorknob and smearing their germs over the cool metal makes his stomach churn uncomfortably and nausea crawl up his throat, though he is quickly pulled from the everlasting spiral of disgust when he finds a pair of latex gloves and a crumpled piece of paper listing a bunch of cleaning products in that strange purse as well.
The brand names are oddly familiar. In fact, most of them can be found in his bag, especially the one he uses for the gym because these products are essential for him and he carries them with him wherever he goes. How else is he supposed to survive in this hell? Though he can’t recall ever asking you to keep those items in your bag for him to use.
So why did he find them in your purse then?
“Omi, I was waiting for you! What’s taking you so long?” Your voice pulls him out of his thoughts and catches his attention. The smell of warm food makes his stomach growl hungrily as he looks over his shoulder to you. To his surprise, he finds a bag filled with take-out boxes dangling from your fingers and if he squints, he can faintly read the name of the Chinese restaurant down the street printed on the white plastic before you drop your lunch on one of the tables and take a step closer to study his expression with furrowed brows. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
“I found this in your bag,” Stoic eyes shift to the purse he’s been clutching tightly in his hands, thumb nervously running over the letters of his name and lingering over the scribbled heart for a second. The question he’s been meaning to ask hovers on his lips instead, engraved in a slight pout that is hidden behind his mask and impossible for you to see.
“What do you mean, babe?” You inquire as you shuffle even closer and peek over his shoulder, trying to figure out what he’s holding so tightly in his grasp. The lunch you bought is now abandoned and completely forgotten in your confusion. When your gaze falls upon the bottle of hand sanitizer that you circuitously stuffed into the smaller pouch with a pair of clean masks and hygienic wipes everything suddenly makes sense.
“Oh, I bought those a few weeks ago,” you explain casually. A soft smile grazes your features and Kiyoomi momentarily forgets how to breathe, struggles to get enough air into his lungs without getting distracted by the kindness in your eyes as you gaze at him and lean forward to slip the purse out of his tight grasp. In the process, your hand brushes over his and sends a jolt of warmth through his limbs and he swears, his heart takes a little jump at the touch of your soft skin.
“Why did you do that?”
“I wanted you to feel safe and comfortable with me, Omi.” Your fingers caress the seam of his face mask, gingerly follow the lines of the material until you reach the rubber band that keeps his protection in place, playfully snapping it against his jaw before pulling it over his ear to reveal his face.
The blush that has been decorating his cheeks only deepens under your loving stare. A hand comes up to his chin, thumb sweeping over the faint scar under his bottom lip he collected when he was younger. “I want you to feel safe with me, okay? It doesn’t matter if I have to buy one hand sanitizer, new face masks every week, or a thousand bottles of bleach as long as you are comfortable and at ease around me.”
And in that very minute, Kiyoomi thinks he might spontaneously combust right in front of you. Right here, in the middle of an empty classroom that smells like chalks and the sweaty desperation of failing students, a place that isn’t romantic in the slightest and still appears to be the most idyllic scenery he has ever seen in his entire life. Fuck, what is he supposed to say? Words can’t describe the feeling blooming in his chest and his body wants to do so many different things at the same time - pull you into a tight hug, pepper your beautiful face with endless kisses, hurl you up in his arms and never let you go.
You beat him to it.
“We should eat lunch now. I don’t want you to practice with an empty stomach, you know?” Reaching out to him, you grab his arm and graze your fingertips over the inside of his wrist. It’s enough to set off a swarm of butterflies in the pit of his stomach, skin tingling under your touch and before he’s able to react, you’re already fisting his shirt and pulling him down to meet your lips in a loving kiss. The room begins to spin and his knees grow weak, he can sense it, but then you’re already giggling at his lovestruck expression and guiding him outside without letting go of his hand.
Tumblr media
tagging: @hisvillainess (kisses for you)
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antisocia1-bean · 6 months ago
which hq and jjk boys would tell you to beg in order to cum but then gag/cover your mouth to edge you: makki, suna, tsukki, tendou, kuroo, yaku, toji, sukuna, gojou
you whine as he sinks his fingers back into your hole. your back is pressed against chest, thighs laying over his and his other hand pressing against your stomach making sure you don’t squirm too much. everything is hot and sticky. lube mixed with your own fluids covering your inner thighs. his fingers curl up to hit that one sensitive spot inside you that makes your eyes roll back and head fall back against his shoulder.
“mmm” he starts, putting his chin over your shoulder. looking down to where the two of you connect. “is my good little slut gonna cum?”. he speeds up, constantly hitting that one sensitive spot bringing you closer and closer to your climax.
“i-i’m gonna cum”, you breathily speak out. “you wanna cum?” “yes” “beg. beg and i’ll let you cum.” you open your mouth to get ready to beg, only to feel two of his fingers pressing down against your tongue. you let out a confused noise.
“what? i thought you wanted to cum, i guess not” you make a noise of refusal before begging but with his fingers in your mouth, it only sounds like of nonsense. “huh? say it again, i don’t understand” he says in amusement, almost mocking your struggle. at this point your orgasm was so close you can taste it, so you beg louder around his fingers in hopes that he will be generous enough to let you cum.
his fingers thrusting even faster inside of you. at this point all you can do is let out moans of pleasure as you have drool falling from your chin to your chest. “i don’t hear any begging so i guess you don’t have to cum”
he slows down the speed of his thrusts and you can feeling of your orgasm that was once there is now gone. you whine in frustration around his fingers. he takes his fingers out of both your mouth and your hole and letting you have a breather.
before he starts over again.
a/n: this was written and edited on the tumblr app so excuse any mistakes. also if there’s anyone else who you think fit this prompt let me know (has to be hq or jjk characters)
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sourstars · 24 days ago
→ 8:47PM : kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
When you’d first met Kuroo’s grandmother, you thought she’d hate you, but tonight as you stand in her kitchen while her grandson walks about his home, you help prepare the ingredients.
She’s chopping up the vegetables, knife slamming against the cutting board over and over with years of experience and when she pauses, putting it down against the wood, listening to it clatter, in the middle of your own meal prep, her eyes catch yours.
“I think before we even met I hated you,” she blurts out, and she turns, back against the kitchen counter, drying her hands against one of the rags, “And I hated the idea that you’d break his heart.”
“I could never do that,”
“Maybe,” her head tilts when she hears Kuroo’s laughter alongside his grandfather’s story telling, and a small smile takes over her face, loving and tired and nothing except honest, “But he’d always said you were a wild thing,”
“Did he?” your laugh is quiet and shy and you’re sure you can feel the skips in your heartbeat, but on a warm night like this, you can’t help but wonder, “What else did he say?”
“He said you were the first person to ever teach him how to breathe. He’s always been careless, that boy — falling head first into things he’s got no business jumping into like that, but it’s part of his charm. He loves and lives the same way he grows and fails.”
“Which way is that?”
“Truthfully.” And she pauses, only to once again pick up the knife and chop away at the vegetables, putting them into the pot with such care, and suddenly a lot of things make sense, “Which is why I’m happy you’re here, and full of as much love as he is,”
“He taught me that actually,” you mutter, putting the cover over the rice, “I didn’t let myself enjoy life until I met him, I thought I was fine all by myself, and then I actually grew with him... and realized I never wanted to be without him again. I still like my own company, but I like his, too.”
You’re sure she’ll do something — scoff at you, tell you you’re crazy, but when she does nothing but give a startled laugh, you watch as her eyes widen up with the biggest sense of joy you’ve ever seen.
And then it goes just as quick as it came; the wide grin melts into a smaller one but it’s just as lovely, and she doesn’t say anything else for the rest of the cooking, but it’s when you go to help out with the table that she stops you, fingers gentle as they tug on your wrist.
“Kuroo’s always had a knack for finding things — finding people like you. Love him with all you’ve got,”
“I will,” your lips pull into a soft smile, “I can’t help it, I don’t even have to try.”
Then sooner or later, the food is set across the table, appetizers and half eaten main courses strewn across the soft covering and it all smells delicious, filling your vision with endless possibilities of flavors as your stomach grumbles.
Kuroo is stuffing his face full of everything he can reach while his grandfather serves his wife, scooping up ladlefuls of soup but you notice she pays no mind, eyes too busy flickering from you to her grandson in a slow fashion.
“What’s wrong?” Kuroo asks, slurping his broth slowly, “Everything okay?”
“Yes, dear, I’m just... Let’s take a picture.”
“A picture?” you echo, “Right now?”
“Yes!” she urges, and shuffles out of her seat, tugging at her husband’s arm, nearly knocking over the plate in his hands, “Up, up! Where’s that camera?”
“It’s in our ro-”
“Get it, will you?”
Before you know it, you’re standing in front of the trio, fiddling with the settings on the camera screen before you begin to raise it to your face, only to be stopped, with Kuroo’s grandmother expectantly staring at you.
You blink, once, twice, “What?”
“We’re waiting for you, come along,”
“For me?” your eyes snap to Kuroo’s, discovering the sight of his excitement while time ticks on, eyes wide and a smile to put the sun to shame. He beckons you with a head nod, mouthing come on, and you’re rushing to set the timer, heart thumping as you scramble to find a good spot, nearly falling over when you feel hands pulling you to a body.
Kuroo’s grandmother is hugging you close, cheek squished up against hers and a second later the flash has gone off, leaving you dazed and shocked and elated, all at once.
So when the picture is printed and developed, there’s a feeling you can’t quite name that settles into your chest, curling into a corner of your memory’s pocket, and for a moment the world stops as all you do is look at the ink over and over.
In the photo, Kuroo stands off to the farthest left, a gleeful expression spread across his face while a hand reaches out past his grandfather, who’s frozen in laughter, towards you who’s being held tight to his grandmother, her eyes crinkled with affection while her hands pinch your cheeks and giving her best smile. Your mouth is dropped open, hands flailing out in surprise, but you can’t miss the look of happiness you’ve given, and when you stare at it like a whole, the picture feels complete, like nothing is out of place.
“Welcome,” you hear, and you look up to see the trio stand in a line before you, they grin wide, Kuroo’s hands outstretched toward you as they bounce on the balls of their feet excitedly, “To the family.”
You thought Kuroo’s grandmother would hate you, but turns out, she’s loved you like family long before you’ve met — and even after, as the photo ages in the frame on your bedroom wall and the time passes, and as your routine is now filled with weekend family dinners, you know everything you’ve ever needed, has, and will always find its way.
Because it’s hit you; Kuroo isn’t the only one good at finding things.
You are, too.
Tumblr media
navi + masterlist
→ written to: sisyphus by andrew bird + venus by sleeping at last.
→ a.n: this isn’t proof read lol / i’ve been thinking about this scenario a lot and literally couldn’t function if i didn’t finish it. thank you to @/tetsuphobia for the wonderful kuroo knowledge that helped me figure out how to write this <3 / am i gonna disappear and play animal crossing all day now? yes
→ i.n: bc i’m a big dummy, i’ve accidentally lost all the data for my tag list form so if you wish to remain on or join it, fill out the form!
→ link for tag list here! please read the entire form, thank you!
→ t.l: @sprytesukii @jupitersmiles @simpfortetsu @crapimahuman @tejxswini @tesoromia @miyarins​ @http-worm @lmaowif3swapbinge​ @sunkeiji @neoheros @kenmaslov3r
Tumblr media
reblogs are preferred!
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nishiannoya · 4 months ago
hii! omg i loved ur "2d vb bf writes fanfic abt u" fic! is it possible for u to write a pt 2 for that? (only if it's not too much trouble ofc) have a nice day [or night] ( ´ ω ` )
I do not have a squeal post planned, but hopefully this shall suffice 🤍
Tumblr media
𝗜𝗻 𝗔𝗻 𝗔𝗹𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲: 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝟮𝗗 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝘆𝗯𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗕𝗙 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘀 𝗙𝗮𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗬𝗼𝘂
18+ Only
gn!reader x haikyuu, humor, satire, masturbation
(part 1 found here)
Tumblr media
✷ Lurker. Clears his browsing and search history after every fic binge. Absolutely no one can know of his shame. Cringes at himself for being such a simp.
ASAHI, Kenma, Yamaguchi, IWAIZUMI, Kindaichi, Yaku
✷ Gets genuinely upset when he reads something he thinks mischaracterizes you. Vague-posts about it. Stews on it for days.
Ennoshita, Yamamoto, Yahaba, SAKUSA, Oikawa, Sugawara, Semi, Ukai, Atsumu, SHIRABU
✷ Will read anything with your name in it. Does not give a fuck if it's OOC. Is willing to imagine you any type of way. The brainrot is real.
TANAKA, Makki, Koganegawa, BOKUTO, Goshiki, Terushima
✷ Reblogs with a full on meltdown in the tags. Leaves paragraph comments on AO3. Keyboard mash king. Cries when he gets the "you've already left kudos here" message.
Atsumu, SUGAWARA, Lev, Oikawa
✷ Horny but doesn't touch himself. Squirms and maybe whimpers a little bit while reading. Face contorts when he reads a particularly juicy line.
KITA, Asahi, HINATA, Kenma, OSAMU, Yaku
✷ Horny and touches himself. Maybe just palming himself through his pants. Or full on hand pumping while imagining it's you as he reads.
Sugawara, Suna, Atsumu, TERUSHIMA, Tendou, OIKAWA, Noya, Makki
✷ Has to set the mood to read fanfiction. Puts on a reading playlist. Turns down the lights. Makes himself a cup of coffee. Lights a candle. Cozy clothes.
AKAASHI, Aone, Akiteru, Kai, Osamu, Daishou
✷ Will shamelessly read fanfiction anywhere. On public transport. In class. While hanging out with friends. At the dinner table. Zero fucks given.
MAKKI, MATTSUN, Suna, Bokuto, Terushima, Tendou, Kageyama, Kunimi
✷ Complains about the fanon version of you but won't write his own content. Has only a select few authors he'll read content from.
Kyoutani, DAISHOU, Osamu, Hoshiumi, Hirugami, Yahaba
✷ Can't or won't read anything over 500 words.
KAGEYAMA, NOYA, Hinata, Hoshiumi, Ushijima, Kenma, Kunimi
✷ Sets an entire night aside to read a 60k+ multi-chapter slowburn.
Kuroo, UKAI, Asahi, Sugawara, AONE, Ennoshita, Shirabu
✷ Just freezes after he's done reading a fic. Stares at the screen while trying to process his feelings. Has to remind himself to breathe. Blinks blankly.
Tsukki, AKAASHI, Kita, Kenma, Daichi, Akiteru, Aran, Hirugami, Suna
✷ Makes audible noise if something he reads catches him by surprise and gives him any kind of strong feeling. Sometimes has to read with a hand over his mouth to keep himself quiet.
Aran, Asahi, Hinata, Yaku, LEV, Iwa, Semi, AKITERU, Komori, Kageyama, Kindaichi, Osamu
✷ Finds himself reading the reader's lines out loud. Maybe even acts out some of the scenes a little (especially angsty fight dialogue). Don't let the theatre majors know how good he is.
Akaashi, ATSUMU, Oikawa, YAMAMOTO, TANAKA, Tendou, Hoshiumi
✷ Blushes like mad. Screams into his hand. Bites fist. Makes vocalized keyboard mash sounds. Squeezes his phone to the point of shaking.
YAMAGUCHI, Kuroo, Atsumu, Goshiki, BOKUTO
✷ Can read with a completely straight face from start to finish. Maybe his brows will raise just a little bit for a second at the good parts. Otherwise anyone who saw would think he's reading some dull news article.
USHIJIMA, Daichi, TSUKKI, KUNIMI, Kita, Mattsun, Kyoutani, Ukai
✷ Sends smut to his friends. "Here, I read this porn and thought of you." He's everybody's favorite friend.
Tendou, Akaashi, MAKKI, Fukunaga, SUNA, Kuroo, Koganegawa
✷ Has actually woken up family members or roommates from screaming, choking, and wheezing with laughter at some headcanons.
Hinata, NOYA, FUTAKUCHI, Tendou, KUROO, ATSUMU, Osamu, Komori, Oikawa, Makki, Tanaka, Sugawara
Tumblr media
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keigravy · 3 months ago
falling asleep on face time
bokuto, kenma, kuroo & tsukishima
fluff + tiny drabbles / headcanons
Tumblr media
he knows right away. this man is a simp for you, meaning his eyes will be glued to his screen 90% of the time when on ft with you. though the one time he set his phone down and told you he'd be back in a sec—when in reality it's more like 30 mins. when he comes back with whatever he calls out your name and asks if you're still there; the gentle snores you let out tells him enough. "oh my god..." he whispers as he picks up his phone, quickly screenshotting and setting it as his lockscreen. even though you're asleep he doesn't have the nerves to hang up, instead he mutes himself and waits for you to wake up so he can tell you good morning even though it's not really.
he won't realize you've fallen asleep until hours after. a good majority of your calls and face times are often just comfortable silence with the exception of the soft clicks of his mouse and his keyboard, so most times he just thinks you're there, enjoying his presence. kenma sighs as he leans back in his chair, lips in a straight line as he watches the screen tell him his character has died. "hey babe, do you wanna..." he stops in his tracks as his golden eyes watch your sleeping form. your phone being propped up on a pillow was perfect, giving him a good view. he chuckles and takes a screenshot, and hangs up. he sends you the picture with a little note saying he hopes his sleeping beauty enjoys their nap.
he won't realize it till he looks at his phone. study dates on face time are his thing, especially when you won't be able to come to his house. the sound of kuroo reciting his notes for you to copy and the gentle music he has in the background to make things more "romantic" are just so nice?? "Oh, and if you look on the homework from yesterday, that's basically the same as this question, got that babe?" he asks, sliding his cursor down to said paragraph. the lack of response made him look back to his phone, "baby?" he shuts up real quick once he realizes you're sleeping. he stares at his phone in awe before placing a quick kiss on his two fingers and pressing it onto the device. "i guess i should be heading to bed too then."
tsukishima doesn't like to face time so when you do, you have to make it last hours. after some time he'll complain about wanting to sleep once it gets dark then soon it'll turn into him watching a movie with you on ft. even though you promised to not doze off, its a little hard to keep your eyes open. kei comments on the characters ideology while you hum in agreement, slowly your agreements stop and he's alone in silence. "why would he trip and just sit there? y/n, if that was you what would you do?" he side eyes the phone then back at the tv before fully looking at his phone. "did you really fall asleep on me?" he asks with a small chuckle following after; he knows he can't help but smile. "well, we'll have to finish the movie when you wake up...sweet dreams weirdo"
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, translating w/o permission or using my works for asmr related work.
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ara-mitsue · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; suna just wants you to stay
- pairing; s.rintarou x gn!reader
- genre; angst, hurt/no comfort
- w.c; 672
- warnings; swearing, all the pain
a/n; hello @ryoccoon <3 let me just say i forgot all about this song and was thrilled to see your request! also, this came out angstier than i intended lol i hope you like it anyway! suna rintarou + stay by kid laroi and justin bieber
*this fic is a part of my 500 follower milestone event. check out the other fics here!
Tumblr media
The steady drip of the faucet is the only sound in your apartment. You’re curled up on the couch, buried under a mountain of blankets and pillows while your eyes droop tiredly. Suna sits on the opposite end of the room, on the floor, next to the TV.
Drip, drip, drip.
You can feel his tired eyes on you, can feel the burn of their stare as you try to bury yourself deeper into the cocoon you’ve created. He tilts his head back until it hits the wall with a dull ‘thump.’
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, voice raspy from the extended period of silence. You shift, turning your back even more towards him. His jaw ticks, he clenches his fist. “I’ve apologized over and over again,” he says, the exhausted lilt morphing to something akin to anger. “What more can I give you? What more do you want?”
You don’t know. At this point, you really don’t know. All of these petty fights, little digs of annoyances have been piling up. You were so sure that you could overcome anything as a couple, as long as you were together. But the mountain of shit was piling higher and higher, every excuse thrown into the recycling bin for him to reuse. You peek at him but quickly look away when you realize his eyes are still trained on you.
“I don’t know,” you murmur, voice distorted by fatigue and the lack of energy to give a fuck. “I really don’t know.”
But Suna knows you, he knows you better than the back of his hand because he spends more time than he cares to admit studying you, watching you, memorizing all of your little quirks so he knows how to love you, to tease you, to push all the right buttons. But lately, all he’s been doing is throwing darts at a board in the dark. He runs his large hands through his hair.
“Stop thinking that,” he says and you wince. “We’re not breaking up over something as stupid as this.”
You whip around to scowl at him, the first time you’ve been able to meet his gaze in hours. “This is something stupid?” You hiss, finally feeling something more than defeat. “My feelings are stupid?”
He narrows his eyes, tightens his jaw. “I never said that.”
“You were basically implying that!” You yell, “Is that how you feel? Is that how you’ve been feeling?”
Suna cups his face into his hands and groans. “No,” he breathes. “No, I’m sorry, that was poor word choice on my end.”
You shift, the blankets falling off you. “Maybe I should go,” you mumble, standing up from the couch and leaving the mound of cotton and down feathers behind. “Maybe we just need time away from each other.”
You disappear into the bedroom before Suna can truly register your words. Panic seizes his chest as he scrambles to his feet and bounds after you. “Go?” He echoes, watching as you unzip an empty duffle bag. “Go where? It’s four in the morning.”
“I’ll crash at my friend’s place,” you say vaguely, knowing you’ll probably spend at least two hours crying in the car before you can even think about calling anyone. “I’ll figure it out.”
Suna wraps his arms around your middle and physically yanks you away from your bag.
“Don’t go,” he pleads, voice muffled against your neck. His long arms hold you tightly against him. “I’m sorry, but please, don’t go.”
“I’ll do better,” he says, the same words, strung together in the same line, an echo from his lips to your ears. “I promise I'll do better, just… stay.”
You sigh, curling your fingers around his. You gently push him off as you turn and look at him. He can see an array of emotions reflecting in your eyes, but the one that stands out the most, the one that has his breath stuttering is resignation. The word is so small yet it threatens to destroy his entire world.
Tumblr media
taglist: @rintah0e @justanawolf @beautifulblhell @amarinthe @akaashis-liquidluck @v4mpirinaa @hikkarins @ronnie-xiaoen @kodzucafe (if you would like to be tagged on future fics, fill out this form!)
reblogs appreciated <3
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melsun · 5 days ago
[ 10:56 a.m. ] - KAGEYAMA TOBIO
Tumblr media
+ in short. you hate him, he hates you. it’s totally normal to be holding hands, right? + part of my 1k event.
Tumblr media
“y/n! kageyama talks about you so much on call,” hinata jumps up excitedly, running up to the two of you—you’re walking with your faces turned away from each other. it’s a shame, really, that you got lost finding the venue for the much awaited karasuno reunion.
and even worse— you had to bump into kageyama fucking tobio.
kageyama’s and your head both whip back at the voice, brows furrowed and arms crossed— you look almost identical with the pouts on your face (if you didn’t look that intimidating, it’d qualify as cute)— you both yell simultaneously.
”i do not!,”
”excuse me?!,”
the redhead in front of you tilts his head to the side, blinking in confusion. his gaze turns to the taller male standing next to you, beckoning him downwards to whisper in his ear—”was i not supposed to tell y/n?,” hinata asks.
“you know, i can still hear you,” you tut, turning your head away as you search for the restaurant you’re all supposed to be at— thanks to these two knuckleheads, you’re going to arrive even later than expected.
“let’s go, shoyo,” you say, completely disregarding the other man (who’s frown is deepening by the second as he watches you grab hinata’s hand— no, what do you mean it’s because he’s jealous? it’s merely the sort of annoyance any one would express when their designated rival shows up next to their somewhat tolerable best friend).
"oi!," kageyama yells, walking up to you angrily as he frees hinata's hands from yours- instead intertwining his fingers with his- "don't hold that idiot's hand."
you glance at your intertwined hands, hmphing yet not pulling apart (it’s to save time, of course, not that you like holding kageyama’s hand), “whatever,” you mutter, pulling out your phone, “i should’ve just called daichi-san and asked for directions by now.”
”well, i can call suga-san instead,“ kageyama says, yanking your phone out of your hands, “i assume you have his number.“
you glare at him, eyes red. how dare he touch your phone? he waves it above your head (c’mon, poor guy isn’t even trying to annoy you— all he wants is to call his senior).
”stop it!,” you yell, throwing up your nose in anger— only to be met with his (it‘s all scrunched up and painfully adorable- the little distance between you two is no good for the heat rushing up your cheeks).
“uh, you’re too close,” kageyama comments, cheeks red (although he isn’t making any effort to create any distance between you two either) and in what seems to be a moment of weakness, you merely sigh, patting his cheek.
“i am.“
don’t get it wrong— you still hate kageyama tobio. but you won’t lie- seeing him up close, acting all textbook-playful with you— your defense seems to be weakening.
why did you hate him in the first place?
”you are,” kageyama clears his throat, shaking you out of his thoughts as he hands you your phone, “you don’t have suga-san’s number,” pausing to consider, he steps back, placing his hands in his pockets, “we could just find the place on our own.“
”aight,” you shrug, swallowing— are your feet stuck to the ground? well they must be, because you don’t seem to want to move (and what other reason could there be for you to stand so close to kageyama?
but for some reason, some wild cause— your hands feel too cold without his wrapped around them).
and as you walk with them, an enthusiastic hinata jumping along with a grumpy kageyama (the contrast is comical)— his nose is red (he’s never been that good with the cold) and his figure’s huddled (he does that when he’s excited)- you realise the soft beating of your heart seems to have sped up.
you smile.
maybe bumping into kageyama tobio wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
Tumblr media
⇒ your song : dangerous by david hugo (@blvckrri)
Tumblr media
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realcube · 9 months ago
saying things they don’t mean during an argument
Tumblr media
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thank you to anon for this request <3
characters ♡ msby black jackals (hinata, sakusa, atsumu, bokuto)
content warning ♡ angst, hurt to comfort, fluff, swearing, crying, adoption  (sakusa’s) & suffocation (?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kōtarō bokuto 
♡ you sighed, crossing your arms over your chest - you knew he was a bit boyish sometimes but you never expected him to be so childish in regards to a simple request
♡ ‘bokuto, i have so much on my plate!’ you cried, tightly gripping the sheets underneath you, ‘planning the wedding, going to work, doing almost every chore in this damn house and filing all our fucking taxes!’
♡ you momentarily paused to look at him, expecting a look of sympathy but instead getting an eyeroll which prompted you to continue, ‘and all i am asking for is you to run a few errands! that’s it! why are you so opposed? i thought you enjoyed grocery shopping?!’
♡ bokuto pulled his night-shirt over his head as he stormed to his side of the bed, ‘it’s not fun without you!’  he whined childishly, plopping himself down next to you and gasping when you had the audacity to shuffle away from him
♡ ‘it’s not supposed to be fun, bokuto!’ you yelled, completely fed-up with him at this point, ‘a few errands, that’s all i ask of you!’
♡ bokuto notices how your voice shook and your lashline glistened; he didn’t want you to cry so he begrudgingly gave it, but with a strong comment to go along with it so you knew that he really didn’t want to 
♡ 'fine! i don't need you anyway!'
♡ then proceeded to dramatically pull the duvet over himself and pout, averting his gaze to the wall opposite 
♡ in this context, he hoped that you’d understand his comment and not take him too seriously but since you were already on the verge of tears, this simply pushed you over the edge
♡ you buried your face in your hands and hid under the blanket in hopes he didn’t realise you were crying but his senses are just different when it comes to you so try stifle that sob all you want, he’s still going to hear it and he’s still going to instantly pull you into his arms while frantically apologising 
♡ ‘please don’t cry, (y/n)! i really didn’t mean it- i do need you! i love you so much, my life wouldn’t be the same without you! you do so much for me and i am so sorry for not showing you how grateful i am! like you’re so pretty and kind and talented and smart - only geniuses can do taxes - so i’m just so lucky to be with you and i can’t wait until we’re married. please, don’t leave!’
♡ eventually his praise slowly became pleas as he begged for you not to leave/hate him
♡ he does not want to lose you bc of a silly comment he made-
♡ eventually his endless pleas started to become more than background noise to your sobs, so you finally hugged him back, whispering, ‘i can’t wait to marry you too, kō.’
♡ this action lifted a massive weight off his chest and he let out an audible sigh of relief, his grip on you loosening, ‘mhm, and of course, i’ll run the errands, babe. i suppose, it’s the least i could do.’
♡ you hummed in agreement, glad that a part of your mental stress had been relieved, allowing you to finally relax in his arms and perhaps doze off in his loving embrace 
♡ ...
♡ ‘mm, you smell like marshmallows, (y/n)- can i add marshmallows to the shopping list?’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kiyoomi sakusa
♡ he spoke as if you were making some crazy, otherworldly request but in reality, all you were asking was for him to take paternity leave to help you care for the baby 
♡ you’re not really a baby-expert so you thought that sakusa would be happy to stay home and learn how to care for the child with you - as a couple, as a team 
♡ but he was extremely opposed to the idea, spewing out a much of nonsense as to why he needs to go to work, but a part of believed that he just didn’t want to deal with his child - or maybe, he didn’t want to deal with you
♡ ‘sakusa, how do you expect me to raise a whole baby on my own! they need a lot of attention - i don’t think you understand how big of a commitment this is, you can’t treat it like a hobby!’ you cried, having long before burst into tears because your mind told you the worse - that he didn’t actually love you, he lied about wanting a kid, he lied when he said ‘i do’.
♡ usually during arguments when he notices that you’ve started to cry, he’ll drop everything he was doing to shuffle over to you and wrap you in arms, then whisper sweet-nothings into your ear until you feel better but today, he showed little consideration to your emotions as he continued pacing through the living room while you bawled your eyes out on the couch
♡ ‘i thought you loved (c/n)! you were so gentle around them but it turns out you’re not even willing to take a paternity leave to help take care of them!’
♡ ‘what happened to the man i married?’
♡ ‘kiyoomi, you need to revaluate yourse--’
♡ you wouldn’t allow him to get a word in, which was probably for the best considering he had nothing good to say 
♡ but you were forced to cut yourself off when heard the sound of shattering so you immediately search for the source of the noise and there stood sakusa, his hand resting on the decorative table in the place your framed wedding photo once was - now, it was laying smashed on the ground surrounded by it’s own glass shards
♡ he pushed it off like the petty bastard he was
♡ while you sat stunned, staring the mess he just voluntarily made, he quickly turned on his heel and strolled away at a leisurely pace, 'my life was a lot easier before you entered it.'
♡ that was the last you heard of it for the next three days - you were giving each other the silent treatment 
♡ you couldn’t have any sort of grain for three whole days bc they are all on the top shelf and you usually make him grab it for you but you refused to talk to him- 
♡ you were the first one to break it though as you noticed that he hadn’t went to work for the last three days and curiosity got the better of you 
♡ ‘kiyoomi.’ you called out to him from the kitchen but he didn’t even look up from his book - ‘parenting for dummies’ - causing you to scoff, ‘why aren’t you going to work? did something happen?’
♡ finally, he sighed and shifted his gaze off his book but only to shoot you demeaning look, as if you were stupid, ‘paternity leave, duh.’
♡ the corners of your lips twitched into a smile, which you quickly forced away when you recalled the events that occurred three days ago and the hurtful things he said, instinctively looking over at the decorative table to remind yourself of what he did 
♡ but to your surprise, the picture was no longer laying on the ground, pooling in shards of glass but rather, it sit on the table with a brand new frame - which had both of your initials engraved onto it along with the date of the ceremony
♡ you didn’t need to choke out an inquiry as sakusa noticed your stunned expression and answered on his own, ‘i bought a new frame. i hope you like it.’
♡ of course you liked it; this one was a chic black with silver decals which matched your living room aesthetic way better than the other, tacky blue one did - plus, this one was customised which made you love it even more
♡ ‘i do. i really do. but i don’t like your attitude lately.’ you muttered, shaking your head as you waddled over to the couch 
♡ sakusa was quick to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you down next to him, ‘i’m sorry, love.’ his voice cracked slightly as he whispered in your ear, ‘i cannot put into words how much harder my life would be without you. i just..hope you understand.’
♡ it’s not that sakusa was bad with words; he was just too emotional and overwhelmed to produce a long, coherent sentiment for you so he just prayed that you recognized that everything he said on that day was meaningless
♡ ‘i love you, (y/n).’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
♡ you rolled your eyes, ignoring him and continuing to type your essay until atsumu slammed your laptop closed
♡ ‘please, (y/n)! you know how much this means to me! i’ve been waiting for this festival for years!’
♡ you scoffed, folding your arms and patiently waiting for him to move his filthy hand off your laptop, ‘i do and i’m proud of you. but i have a lecture that day and my exams are just around the corner - and you know how much my education means to me.’
♡ atsumu had to take a moment to suppress a gag at how sickening and condescending your tone was, ‘it’s just one lecture, (y/n)! you’re not going to fail your exams because you missed one lectu--’
♡ ‘you don’t know that.’
♡ atsumu blinked twice, a unimpressed expression painted on his face as he let out a sigh, realising there was no possible way he’s going to be able to get through to you - i mean, he’s been trying for the last 20 minutes to no avail
♡ he ran his hand through his hairs, turning on his heel, heading towards the door and left
♡ but not before peering over his shoulder to shoot you a nasty glare and spitting, ‘you’re so selfish. you can’t even do one thing that’d make me happy - you never can.’
♡ that was the final thing he said to you for the next....20 minutes 
♡ that’s actually a new record for him - usually he storms out of the room, sulks for a minute or two then renters to beg for your forgiveness 
♡ but not today. he was so mad that he needed 20 whole minutes to cool down and come to his senses
♡ but once he did, when he came back into the room, he expected to see you typing your essay or studying as usual since his words don’t usually effect you too much 
♡ so of course he was shocked when he slipped back into your shared bedroom to see you with the duvet tossed over your whole figure, faint sobs coming from underneath 
♡ his immediate reaction was to pull the blanket away and offer himself as your source of heat, so he wrapped you in his muscular embrace, ‘b-babe.’ he stuttered, eyes-wide as he never would’ve thought you’d take his words seriously, ‘are you okay?’
♡ he knew that was a stupid question but he simply asked it to determine how sad you were - and considering you weren’t able to babble out a reply, that wasn’t a good sign
♡ ‘you’re not selfish.’ he reassured you while rubbing circles on your back, ‘if anything, i was being selfish- and nothing makes me as happy as you do, (y/n). i- i really didn’t mean it.’
♡ he paused only to place a kiss on the top of your head, ‘i love you- and to show you how much i love you..i’ll drop you off at your lecture on that day, and take you to the festival afterwards; does that sound good?’
♡ you were finally able to choke out a response but only to explain how unachievable his idea was, ‘my lecture finishes at 5 and the festival ends at 7, and there is a 45 minute drive between the two- you’re only going to be able to spend a little over an hour there.’
♡ ‘and i’ll have a blast in that time!’
♡ you sighed, your lips twitching into a small smile as you buried your face into his chest as you really couldn’t look him in the eye, ‘and why can’t you just go without me again?’ 
♡ ‘who the fuck am i going to play dance dance revolution against if you don’t come?’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shōyo hinata 
♡ you crossed your arms over your chest, internally regretting ever opening your mouth to try calm down fiancé as now, not only is he even more angry, but also most of his anger with now directed at you rather than manager, like it was previously 
♡ eventually, you started to develop a headache from all his screaming and shouting so you politely asked him to calm down, to which he replied, ‘calm down?! you’re the one who made me mad with your rude-ass comment and now you’re telling me to calm down?!’
♡ you preferred it when he was demanding for you to say ‘butt’ instead of ‘ass’ because now that’s he spent more time with bokuto, he’s started swearing more often and to be honest, it’s scary when a 5″4 ginger sunshine is yelling at you, calling you a ‘rude-ass’
♡ ‘shōyō, if i’m completely honest, i have no idea why what i said was so mean and i have no idea what’s going on- why are you so mad at your manager?’
♡ suddenly, he twisted his neck to look at you as if you had just been possessed, ‘what?’ he inquired in a hushed tone, his voice hoarse and oddly sinister  
♡ you quirked a brow, too tired of his constant bitching to pay attention to his tone of voice, ‘yeah, you speak too fast, shōyō.’ you said with a shrug, checking your nails to ensure that he knew that you truly did not care about how he scowled at you, ‘plus, i just don’t understand why this gets you so worked up - i try, i really do, but i guess your volleyball problems just go over my head.’
♡ hinata clenched his fist, realising that he wasn’t going to make any progress by complaining to you. he whipped his head away before storming off, not even sparing you a final glance, ‘you just don’t get it; you don’t understand anything i say and you don’t even make a fucking effort! you just think you are so much better than everyone - well, you’re not! try coming back down to reality with the rest of us, and then we can talk.’
♡ followed by a slam of the door which rattled through the whole apartment
♡ you really had never seen hinata so angry before in your 6 years of being together 
♡ the words he said were far from pleasant and a part of you wondered in he genuinely meant them, perhaps he had been supressing those thoughts for ages and now that he was finally mad, he could let it all out
♡ though you tried to reassure yourself that everyone says things they don’t mean when they are angry, but the tears started flowing on their own
♡ hinata didn’t plan on seeing you for another few hours as he had the idea of heading over to bokuto’s, have a drink and cool down but when he hopped out the shower, he realised he had left his phone in the bedroom - where he left you. 
♡ begrudgingly, he slid into the room with the intention of grabbing his phone then leaving but that went to shit when he noticed that you were bundled up under the blankets, and he could hear distant sniffles coming from underneath
♡ and hinata only has four moods: mad asf, happy asf, loving you & volleyball...asf
♡ so upon seeing you in such a state, presumably because of what he said, elicited his mood to change from ‘mad asf’ to ‘loving you’ 
♡ he pounced on you, causing you to fall sideways and squeal but he simply did not give a fuck
♡ ‘baby! i am so sorry! i didn’t think what i said would make you cry!’ he blubbered, or at least, that’s what it sounded like since you couldn’t actually see him due to the fact he had trapped you under the blankets, ‘i don’t know why i even said that! you’re not like that at all- i don’t think of you like that!’
♡ he paid little regard for your pleas of mercy as you squirmed frantically under the blanket, trying to escape his grip and body weight. he simply continued babbling on about how sorry he was and how amazing you are, ‘you are down here with the rest of us - i just said for no reason. please don’t be mad! you are - what does bokuto call it again? - oh! a humble--’
♡ ‘shōyō! i’ll forgive you if you get off me right now - i can hardly breathe!’
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elektrosonix · 6 months ago
— they break down in front of you.
-> sugawara, iwaizumi, tendou, akaashi, kuroo, bokuto, daichi
[ angst, gn!reader, sad emotions ] [note: you’re not alone, whatever you’re going through. there will always be someone willing to listen. ]
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA KOUSHI — tells you he’s sorry he’s never good enough, pressing you into his embrace as if he’s afraid you’ll leave. he wishes that he could do better, and make you want to stay with him forever, but he’s afraid that no matter what, he won’t be able to get what he has been working for. he wishes you didn’t have to see him like this. as you assure him that he’s everything to you, you can hear him quietly sob and you know he’s trying his hardest to hide it.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME — finally explains that he’s tired of feeling underappreciated. he’s worked so hard to be where he is and do everything he’s done; he’s come so far, and yet it always always feels like there’s someone out there to outshine him. he turns away from you, but you see the tears escape his eyes and you pull him close. you remind him that no matter what, he’s the brightest star you see and he doesn’t have to be the best of the best to be perfect. he nods, and you can tell he wishes he knew what to say.
TENDOU SATORI — won’t say it, but it’s clear he’s tired of feeling like an abnormality. he quietly describes how lonely it is to feel misunderstood, that he just wants to be loved but feels like anything you’ve done for him has been out of pity. you embrace him and smile encouragingly, telling him that you love him for who he is, that he doesn’t have to fit in to have a place in your life. he kisses you because he’s afraid that he’ll say something more to disappoint you.
AKAASHI KEIJI — is exhausted. he’s tired of working every day, of waking up in the morning, of putting up with everything as life seems to go on endlessly. he wishes that he could say he wasn’t tired of you, but he explains that every moment with you is a reminder that he can’t do anything right anymore. he laughs quietly at how he sounds to himself; helpless, useless, as-good-as-dead. you say with trembling lips that he’s doing so well and that you’re sorry he feels this way. you assure him that he’ll get it back, that fervor he’s looking for. you tell him you’ll stand by his side and help him get through this. he thanks you from the bottom of his heart, and the next day you find a more in depth note from him with all the words he couldn’t say at the time.
KUROO TETSURO — wishes he knew how to process emotions better. he tells you that he knows he’s been feeling off, but he doesn’t know what to do with it or who to talk to or whether it will pass on its own. after a moment’s hesitation, he murmurs that he’s afraid of this unknown, afraid it will catch him off guard at the wrong moment and take over. you tell him that you’ve felt that way many times yourself and that that darkness inside him isn’t going to consume him if he confronts it like he is now. he admires you with tears forming in your eyes, unsure where’d he be without you.
BOKUTO KOTARO — finally divulges in you through many tears that he frequently hates himself, that he has so many regrets about the way he’s treated others that it makes everyday harder. he’s so filled with self-doubt that he doesn’t know what he’ll ever be able to do to rewrite his actions. he wish he could do things right the first time. you assure him that his mistakes make him human, that you wouldn’t love him just because he does everything right. you promise that you don’t hold anything against him and that many people love him for who he is, and that he can’t change the past. he pulls you into his arms, whispering his love for you into your shoulder.
SAWAMURA DAICHI — explains steadily that he feels so much weight and pressure that he’s afraid to let himself feel any more emotions than he’s supposed to. he smiles at you, saying that this just comes with his duties that he chose to take up, that it’s no one’s fault but his own. you shake your head at him and plead with him to let himself be human sometimes. he looks surprised that you don’t treat it the way he does, but as you continue to beg him to feel, he feels like his heart is shattering and he embraces you. you can feel his chest heaving, and you realize that he must have been holding this in for so long — too long.
Tumblr media
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monitsou · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: kuroo, atsumu, iwaizumi, osamu, suna
warnings: just fluff and cliché things
post note: repost bc tags weren’t working last time :( and reblogsare highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
TYPICAL ‘GOOD MORNING’ TEXTS ! kuroo would probably one of those guys who always greets you first in the morning. it’s an important thing to remember, a small one, but important. and when he doesn’t, he makes it up by texting you nonstop, not being able to stop the conversation to keep you entertained and never bored with him until you’re the one who finally needed a break. he’s the type to smile everytime your name pops up on his lockscreen, and gets all giddy when talking to you. if there’s a point that his phone is dead or the wifi isn’t working, he’ll be reading your past messages because he absolutely can’t go on the day without talking to you. it’s really just small lovely thing to do, but never gets tired of it.
HYPES YOU UP ON A DAILY BASIS ! another thing to add is kuroo would be a hype man, the typical man who has all notifications turned on when you post to always be the first one to see/like it. it’s too obvious tbh. he would never miss the chance to comment something either funny or to compliment you. never gets embarassed that he even shares it to other people to like it. goodness, he’s such a dork.
CASUALLY CHECKS HIS SURROUNDING TO LOOK FOR YOU ! atsumu would just casually look around and who gets all cheerful and satisfied when he sees you anywhere near him. if you weren’t present one day though, he’ll get all gloomy and doesn’t have the energy to talk during classes. and you’ll also just catch him staring at you, like, all the time, as he wore his usual playful smirk that made you feel butterflies every time. even winks at you if he feels very flirty because he loves it when he sees you trying to ignore him but ended up smiling instead. it’s something about him that makes him special, and not just a typical puppy crush.
LIFTS UP HIS SHIRT DURING GAMES/PRACTICE ! ya’ll saw that right. it’s been his habit ever since you started watching practice games. he would definitely be that kind who lifts up his shirt on purpose when you feels like you’re staring at him, even if it’s just a second, it’s going to be worth it just by seeing your flustered face who tries to act all normal. atsumu knows he has all the looks, and he’s definitely taking advantage of it, not to mention that you were also the one who caught his valuable attention after all.
WAITS FOR YOU OUTSIDE YOUR ROOM WHEN IT’S DISMISSAL TIME ! i can definitely see hajime always leaning at the wall, close enough to see you from the transparent door, not knowing how it was distracting to see him to look that good when he was doing literally nothing. grabs everything out of your hands when it was dismissal time and asks how your day was, listening to each word you say as he tries to keep his eye contact with you. it’s honestly so attractive that you’d end up screaming at your pillow at night whenever you’d imagine the scenario again.
BEING YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME IN WHATEVER YOU DO ! this could be unexpected for some people, but he’s simply as chaotic as his twin, and i can see him being your partner in crime whenever you feel like doing something risky. want to escape classes as you run across the hallways to get away from the teachers and guards? he’ll be there beside you, running and laughing with you that makes it even harder to breath, and when you get tired he’ll grab your hand or even carry you. and if you second guess your idea, he’ll ask you if you really wanted it and just say to do it because, yolo bros <3 young love never dies, and he’s really down for everything.
ALWAYS BUYS YOU LUNCH EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T ASK ! that one time when he figured out that you only eat snacks in school, he made sure to bring you another bento box or even buy something for you to eat properly. if he asks you what you want and you said you weren’t hungry, osamu pretends that he didn’t hear anything and buy a whole ass meal. so happy eating ig <3
TEASES YOU LIKE IT WAS HIS JOB TO DO SO ! you know your typical crushes who always catches your attention by teasing you daily? that you want to die already just for him to stop because it was so annoying, but enjoyed it at the same time? yeah, that’s suna. whenever you call his name at the classroom, he’ll go up to you and lean forward so both of you are in the same height. or when you say something embarassing, he’ll laugh at you for it and even mock you sometimes. but deep down, he just really loves grabbing your attention and seeing your irritated side. he doesn’t like it if someone teases you like him though, he’ll either defend you or change the topic so you’ll be talking to him again. sighs, such a lover boy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wynihu · a month ago
Tumblr media
atsumu was sick.
really, really, sick.
his nose was clogged, his throat felt like sandpaper every time he swallowed, and he felt somehow cold and hot at the same time.
atsumu has always kept this facade of being physically strong and fit. but at the end of the day, that was all it was. a facade. even as a kid, atsumu was always the one that got sick after a field trip, and the first person to miss school during flu season.
but, to be completely honest, atsumu didn’t necessarily mind being sick. he got to miss school, and could play all the video games he wanted. he had hot, homemade food, and got the loving affection of his mother. and best of all, he got to rub all this in osamu’s face.
although, there was one thing atsumu hated about being sick.
atsumu’s mom tried everything. mixing it in his favourite soup— atsumu dumped it all over her. hiding the pill in a block of cheese— atsumu ate around the cheese. crushing the pill and putting the thin powder on top of ice cream— atsumu could tell and refused to take a bite— even if it was his favourite chocolate ice cream.
it didn’t matter if it was a liquid or a pill, what flavour it was or how small. atsumu refused to eat medicine. the mere thought of the bitter taste he was so used to in his childhood was enough to make him gag.
so when you arrived at his door with a thermos in hand and a sinister smile, atsumu was positive he felt even more sick than before.
“miya atsumu.”
“why are you shirtless, not in bed, and making that weird face at me?”
atsumu sighed, dragging his feet to his room and plopping down in his bed. you followed him there, and set the thermos down on his nightstand. atsumu dove under the covers and turned his back to you.
“why are you here?” he mumbled through the thick blankets.
you set your coat on the ground, and dragged the chair that was beside his desk over to the bed.
“you’re our star player, and you’re sick. as the manager, of course i need to check up on you.”
atsumu turned around, body still emerged in his blankets but eyes now staring into your own.
“does that mean you care about me?”
your eyebrows softened, and you placed one hand on his shoulder.
“aw… of course…” you smiled at him. the corners of atsumu’s lip began to lift as well, and he sat up against his bed frame.
“…well, that and the fact that your coach will absolutely kill me if he knew the condition you’re in.”
atsumu’s smiled dropped, and he dove under the covers once more.
“jeez, miya, how old are you? anyways, sit up.”
“because you have a fever, and you need to have some medicine.”
“what? you need to-“
“absolutely not.”
you sighed. “it’s official. i am the manager of a team whose setter is a giant man baby.”
“wh- hey! wait, where’re you going?”
he started at the thermos that is now back in your hand, and the coat that’s slung over your shoulder.
“oh- well, i’m heading back to the team to let them know that miya atsumu from the black jackals is a big man baby who refuses to take medicine.”
you ended the sentence with a smile, while atsumu’s lips turned downwards.
“fine what?”
“i’ll take the medicine! now sit down.”
you chuckled, and sit back down with your coat on the ground and hands twisting open the thermos.
after much struggle, you could not get it open. you look up, and see atsumu smirking. you extended one hand to him, and his face falls, as if you had just accused him of something horrific.
“what? open it!” you commanded.
“are you kidding? i’m a sick person, and you’re asking me to open it? nu-uh, no way.”
you reach down to grab your coat, and with an exasperated sigh, atsumu grabs the thermos and begins to twist it.
as he’s doing so, you cock your head to the side with your arms crossed.
“jeez, miya, would it kill you to put on a shirt? you’re sick, and you could get even more sick.”
with one final twist, atsumu popped the lid open, and he replied with a smirk, “i know you like the view.”
you simply rolled your eyes as you handed him a spoon.
atsumu’s mouth fell open, and he clutched his right chest as if in pain.
“…what now?”
“my dear manager, are you trying to kill me?”
“uhm… no?”
“then why are you handing me a spoon?”
you squinted your eyes at him, and said, “so you can drink the medicine?”
now it was atsumu’s turn to roll his eyes, and he extended his arm back to you.
“i’m sick, and you want me to drink this by myself? i can barely hold up the thermos, for gods sake.”
“you’re doing it right n-“
“now come on. do you really want to make a sick person hold up his arm like this?”
you were left speechless, with no choice but to grab the thermos back, and shift closer to the bed.
extending a spoonful of the medicine towards him, atsumu let out a groan.
“are you trying to poison me?”
“stop being dramatic. it’s herbal medicine, so of course it’s going to smell bad.”
before he could respond, you gave him a threatening look, and he opened his mouth and accepted the spoon. suddenly, he stuck his tongue out and began reaching for the cup of water sitting on his nightstand.
“okay miya, i know it’s bitter and doesn’t taste the best, but you don’t have to act like it’s the worst thing you’ve ever encountered.”
“no- it’s not that! it’s too hot. almost burned my tongue off.”
your mouth formed an “o”, and you mumbled an apology.
atsumu watches the way your nose scrunches up at the smell, and the way you’re gently blowing on the medicine. he watches the way you bring the spoon up to your lips, testing them temperature to make sure it won’t burn his tongue of off again.
he stares into your eyes as you hold out the spoon for him, and as atsumu drank another spoonful of the god awful liquid, his lips turned up to a smile.
maybe medicine just wasn’t as bad as he remembers, or maybe he got some horrible disease that caused his tastebuds to be weird, but when he continued to drink the liquid you prepared, the medicine you blew on and carefully handed each spoonful of to him, the medicine tasted sweet.
sweet like his favourite chocolate ice cream.
sweet like a hug from his mom.
sweet like the frown on osamu’s face when he came home to a spoiled atsumu.
sweet like the warm, bubbling feeling he got in his stomach whenever you smiled.
it was sweet, just like the massive crush atsumu had on you.
Tumblr media
a/n: is this based on an experience i had a week ago? yes. except there was no one with me and i had to drink the absolutely disgusting medicine all by myself.
stay safe everyone !!
likes, reblogs, and shares are highly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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rinniekawa · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing: suna, atsumu, oikawa, tanaka, kenma, kuroo, iwaizumi warnings: my english none
He already knew the lines and was dying for you to ask him to record it. He was the dedicated one, forcing you to film it more than once, just to make sure everything was perfect. After sharing it, he couldn’t stop watching the video, babbling about how you two were the perfect couple.  ↳ oikawa, atsumu, tanaka
You just gave up after losing count. Sometimes he decided to pretend he forgot the lines and other times he just couldn’t hold his laugh with your effort on making those expressions with your eyes closed. When you decided to accept your defeat, he pulled you closer to his body and hugged you tightly.
“Tomorrow I’ll ask again, you know that right?” You whispered while watching tv.  “I know.” He mumbled against your hair before kissing your temples lightly, holding a wide smile on his lips. Maybe tomorrow, he thought.  
↳ kenma, kuroo
It was pointless trying one more time; he already memorized everything but he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself watching you all pretty and excited about something so silly. Every time your head tilted in his direction, your lips were instantly kissed by him and a pair of hands circled your waist, pulling you closer.
↳  atsumu, iwaizumi, suna
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antisocia1-bean · 4 months ago
fucks you while wearing maid dress: iwaizumi, osamu, suna, kuroo, tsukishima, hinata, nanami, geto, erwin, eren, zeke, reiner, gojo, sukuna, sugawara, daichi, ushijima, kiyoko, bokuto, megumi, nobara, maki, toge, toji, levi, hange, ymir, sakusa
gets fucked BY you while wearing maid dress: hinata, atsumu, oikawa, suna, kenma, gojo, eren, itadori, sukuna, lev, terushima, tanaka, sugawara, yachi, bokuto, toge, yuta, mikasa, ymir
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sourstars · 2 months ago
— 10:43PM
Tumblr media
“Go away, Hajime.”
Curse Iwaizumi Hajime for being the most stubborn man you’ve ever met, but you suppose that’s part of his charm; he’s never quite given up when one is expected to, has he?
But tonight, things are different.
You sit with your back against your door, hands perched atop your knees as your head hangs low, and he is on the other side. you’re sure you could feel his skin through the wood if you focused any harder, but tonight all you can think of is the pressure that rests on your shoulders.
“I don’t want to see you today,” you mutter, hands softly wiping away at your tears as you sniffle, “I don’t want to see anyone today.”
And you mean it because the weight of expectation has crushed you; left you in tears and a broken heart, and it’s too much of an ask to pick yourself up from the floor.
“That’s okay, because you’re not seeing me—” you hear him shuffle, a deep thud resounding against the door, “—you’re hearing me, there’s a difference,”
“Jerk, you know what I mean—”
“I know, but I’m not leavin’. Not when you’re crying like that, not when you need me here.”
For a moment it’s just silence, and you don’t know how long it’s been but sooner or later, there’s a soft knock, then two more.
There’s this thing with Iwaizumi; he’s always got some secret code for you and Oikawa. For Oikawa, it’s in code words, a little signal for whatever reason, but for you, he’s always used that little knock, and you’ve never quite known what it means.
“...If you don’t let me in, the ice cream is gonna melt.”
At this, you glance over your shoulder, staring at the door as if you could see through it and catch his eye like he’s staring back at you, “You brought ice cream?”
“And potato chips,”
Somewhere down the line, your stomach wins over your heart, so now you sit here with Iwaizumi, face to face as you both lean against your bed frame, mouths stuffed full with both the sweet and salty flavors.
“I can’t believe you,” you grumble, stabbing your spoon into the pint of ice cream, eyes flickering back and forth from the frozen treat to the big bag of snacks, “You went all the way back home just to get me this?”
“And what’s wrong with that?” He asks, narrowing his eyes, “Am I supposed to sit here and let you starve? I can take it all back right now if that’s what you want, I’ll-”
Your eyes widen as you watch Iwaizumi stand, grabbing the big plastic bag and ice cream with him, a teasing smile on his lips as you scramble to reach for the items, “Hajime, no!”
“What? I thought you wanted me to return them?”
You hear Iwaizumi laugh as you struggle to get your palm high enough, fingers grazing the plastic as he smacks your hand away, and soon you stop, merely staring at him with your arms crossed, foot tapping on the floor.
“Iwaizumi,” you coo softly, beckoning him with your finger, “Hand them over,”
And he freezes, hands frozen in mid air, mouth dropped open, and you’re sure you could hear his heart speeding up from where you stood, “Don’t tell me you’re gonna-”
You raise your brows, smile wider... and lunge.
“For the snacks!”
You’re left in a heap of limbs, Iwaizumi laying flat on the ground while you lay on top, snacks rescued and safely put to the side as you lean over him. He’s warm, and broad, and in his arms you feel like you’re back at home; full of nostalgia and safety, with just a pinch of good memory, and it lets a fluttering feeling settle into your heart.
“Have you learned your lesson?” you muse, looking down at him, fiddling with the hem of his t-shirt.
He merely returns your expression, huffing out a deep, belly-aching laugh that you’re sure will echo through you for times to come, “Do you feel better?”
And you blink, confusion falling over your features until you realize; you do feel better, but that’s always been Iwaizumi’s magic, hasn’t it, to crawl his way into your heart and make it love again?
He’s always made you feel better even when you least expect it, and you’re lucky, because he’s also always been your best friend, and what are they for if not to light up your life?
“Yeah,” you sigh softly, “Yeah, I do.”
And he smiles, your favorite grin in the whole world, taking two of his knuckles and bringing them up to your forehead, knock, knock, knock.
And suddenly it makes sense.
I love you.
So you take your own hand to his heart, and like always, you knock back.
Tumblr media
navi / masterlist
author’s note: wrote this for @sunkeiji like i promised <33 it was actually good practice considering i’ve been having writers block?? // thank you to @jupitersmiles for being my beta <33
tag list: @sprytesukii @miyarins @http-worm @aiiwa @mitsuyasmistress @tesoromia @tejxswini @crapimahuman @simpfortetsu @yutari (felt like you’d like this too fjdjfk) please click here to join the tag list! (and fully read the form)
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!
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heartchikara · a month ago
%% ⠀⠀seijoh hcs ♡ (ᯅ̈ )
• hii <3 my acc is a mess rn im gonna have to sort it out sooner or later but bare w me for now and take this bc ive been gone for a little bit! i’ll have to make like a navigation thingy as well soon ew its too much lol. manager!reader, prns not specified.
hanamaki probably calls you his sneaky link 😟 or any other remotely embarrassing nickname tbh, you name it he’s said it.
don’t play monopoly with them Please. yahaba is rich, matsukawa is debating tax evasion, kunimi enjoys being the banker far too much, oikawa is trying to stack all of the pieces on top of one another, and Someone is crying.
or just. any card games in general. iwaizumi had to restrain shigeru from punching kindaichi in the face while you, the third player in their game, just watched it happen. uno is now banned.
you do kareoke with issei and takahiro. your milkshakes bring everyone to the yard, makki wants a man (after midnight), and mattsun just can’t get enough.
you tried going to the gym with hajime and kyoutani once, and it’s safe to say that will never be happening again. how they manage to go on for that long, you’ll never know.
iwaizumi lets you win whenever you arm wrestle with him, but if anyone points that out they receive a death glare and retract any previous accusations immediately.
tooru takes you like. Everywhere. space museum? been three times over. new café? already asking if you’re free. fancy restaurant that makes your favourite food? reservations = booked.
you like to initiate random staring contests with yuutaro without telling him at completely spontaneous intervals. it scares the shit out of the first year omg he has no idea what’s going on and akira is choking on his laughter while simultaneously pretending he has no idea what you’re trying to do.
pokémon marathons with watari every saturday ft impromptu battles (pokéballs always at the ready) in the middle of practice. what do you Mean he does’t own every single one of those cards??
kyoutani headbutts you. but with affection <3 he comes up to you and just *headbutt* on your shoulder really soft, and you smile and pat his head. pat his head Now, or i will do it for you.
you’ve become yahaba’s therapist, best friend, favourite person ever, punching bag (affectionate) and to you he is a creampuff (derogatory).
kunimi. i think you’d watch anime together. like he shows up at your house at any time any day and half an hour later you’re comparing koro—sensei to a lemon and a multitude of things are said about karasuma.
makki watches spy movies with you. like, ocean’s eleven and stuff (i love that film So Much). and then you try and replicate all the moves and fits etc. hiro bursts into the room. you yell (dramatically, of course) “i’m gonna drop you like third period french!” and everyone goes on with their day.
mattsun and roblox are not a good combination. my dear apologies to the small children peacefully playing adopt me, because suddenly there’s an eighteen year old telling them they should give up on their dreams and accept the fact they’re going to be working a low—paid job at the nearest conveince store while still paying off college loans.
yknow you sometimes see those pianos left out for public use? i think maybe oikawa would drag you there and then force you to sit next to him before the two of you went to town on the keys, completely disregarding the fact neither of you can play for shit and acting like you’re celebrities.
sometimes you, as their esteemed manager, make them come with you to a shitty fast food restaurant for some Team Bonding and then suddenly it’s 1:30 in the morning and watari is standing on matsukawa’s shoulders trying to get atop one of the really high shelves in a store you’ve forgotten the name of while yahaba and makki are eagerly encouraging them. kentarou can feel his life span slowly depleting.
hajime and you swap playlists every other week, and he bullies the shit out of you for your “weird—ass taste in music.” like he doesn’t listen to them to fall asleep.
somehow managed to get kindaichi to agree to you putting streaks in his hair, but didn’t tell him what colour. spoiler: it was a bright pink that he For Some Reason pulled off. it didn’t stop the relentless snickers as soon as he walked into a room though, and for that he’s determined to get you back.
akira just comes and attaches himself to your arm when he wants you to stop talking to someone or speak to him instead. it’s Very Effective.
mario kart is a whole ass mess. oikawa is rosalina and slowly slipping into ninth place, iwazumi is dry bones? and somehow staying steadily in third, makki & mattsun are waluigi and wario respectively, constantly bickering in fourth + fifth place, yahaba is inkling boy?? (idk i can just See It) and getting gained on by hajime, kyoutani is one of the koopalings — iggy or roy — and doing his best to stay in front of tooru, kindaichi is king boo and nearing eleventh, and finally kunimi is shy guy and miles ahead in first. both watari and you are Afraid and tooru is begging you take over for him. you do not.
you love them n they love you <3 sweet boys, i wanna kiss them all on the nose :(
• thank u for reading! sorry if it’s a bit on the short side. im open to requests if theres an off chance anyone has any lmfao, i hope u have a good day or night or whatever shawty <3
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keigravy · 10 days ago
5:30 — banana bread
requests are open — hq masterlist !
Tumblr media
thinking about making banana bread with your lover, tetsuro, early in the morning. the little yawns he lets out as he slowly mashes the bananas. his tired eyes lingering at your figure; watching you mumble the ingredients out to yourself as you point to them, like your checking them off. of course, he looks back to the fruit, not wanting you to catch him off duty.
"and...that should be it," he hears you say, setting the cook book to the side before you run off to grab more things. rattles of metal pans fill the room alongside soft "no that's too big" and "mmm to small." he can only imagine the proud look on your face when you finally find the right container. so cute.
"hey, tetsu, you okay?" he hums at the question with a slight nod, finally looking at you. "yeah, why wouldn't i be?"
you lean against the cold stove and shrug, "cause youve been staring into that bowl of banana mush like you're in love."
tetsuro smiles and lets out a small chuckle, "well, maybe i am...just not with the mush."
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, translating and using for asmr purposes. reblogs are always appreciated <3
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devikyuu · 2 months ago
Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime x GN!Reader Tags: Fluff, Drabble Summary: Everything is okay between you and Hajime. Word Count: 367 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Ugh. My back hurts." You only complain to the air but your boyfriend decides that it's a good time to lecture you.
"That's cause you've been slouching the whole time. Straighten your back." Iwa says. "Idiot." This one was mumbled. Probably so you wouldn't hear.
"I heard that you meanie." You pout a little but continue to do your work.
A few seconds pass and you feel the calloused and rough hands of Iwa on your neck. Lightly massaging that spot. Followed by a kiss on your head.
"Why don't you take a break for a bit? I'll massage your back for you if you want."
The offer was tempting. Way too tempting for just a back massage. But you really needed to finish your work.
You pout a little, wanting to give in. "I really would take you up on that offer, Haji, but I need to finish this first."
He only hums and decides to rub soothing circles on your neck. Placing his chin at the top of your head, watching you do your work.
"Don't you want to head to bed first, Haji?"
"Nah. Not really. I'll wait for you."
You smile a little at this. Feeling content and happy in the arms of your boyfriend.
"Okay, then. I'll finish this as soon as I can so we can both head to bed early."
It's quiet for a few moments, save for the scribbling of notes with your pen or the tapping of keys from your laptop.
"Are you almost done?"
Trying to look up at your lover, he stops resting his chin on your head so that you're both staring at each other.
Finding the situation a little funny, a giggle escapes your mouth and this makes Iwa smile like a lovesick fool (which, by the way, he is a lovesick fool).
Taking advantage of the position that is presented to him, he gives you a peck on your lips.
"I'm almost done. Just a few more minutes, okay?"
You go back to your work and Iwa resumes the position he was last in. With his chin on your head.
To him, and to you, everything about this situation was definitely okay.
Tumblr media
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melsun · 2 months ago
soft (ft. tsukishima kei)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
; for @tsukkiangel - happy birthday eris!!!
; just a tiny fluffy scenario off the top of my head
Tumblr media
today was a long day. you had classes early in the morning, immediately after which you had work too. and to make it worse, your teacher had just pushed up the deadline of a project you were stuck on. all you wanted to do was to get in a blanket, cuddle your boyfriend kei, and sleep. alas, work was work and you had to do it. yet you couldn’t stop your eyes from shutting frequently, fighting to be awake.
you winced as your neck dropped again, shaking your head to feel more awake. just two more minutes, you told yourself, two minutes and then i'll sleep. repeating these words again and again, you went back to your laptop screen, stopping and turning your eyes to the door when you heard your beloved's voice.
"y/n?," tsukishima entered the bedroom, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his slightly crumpled shirt. "why haven't you slept yet?," he asked, letting out a sharp breath when you stumbled into his arms quickly, burying your face in his shoulder.
"what is it idiot?," he whispered, a slight gentle tone contradicting the nature of his words. he was stroking your hair with one hand as the other went around you. "work?"
you nodded, groaning. "m just so tired, kei. it doesn't seem to end," you complained, slightly sniffling. although you didn’t cry often, you sure felt like right now.
"oi, look at me," he said, lifting your chin to peek into your eyes, full of sleep. "we can deal with the assignment later.” he ordered. “ you need some sleep, c'mon,"he dragged you to the bed, setting your laptop aside.
you giggled, grasping his hand. “you’re so soft for me, aren’t you kei,” you teased, yawning and settling into bed. he slipped in beside you, automatically reaching under your hoodie to hold you. you were already asleep, your chest heaving up and down slowly.
and as he saw the small smile on your face, feeling one creeping up on his own, tsukishima knew. yeah. he was soft. for you.
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citifilms · 2 months ago
hi bestie if ur reqs r open do you think you can do favorite part of your body but with haikyuu!! boys plis ? preferable with kuroo, akaashi, iwa, oiks & bokuto too maybe 😄😄 your acc is very pretty take care ! <3
their favourite part of your body
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
─── characters: kuroo , keiji , tooru , hajime , bokuto . genre: fluff
─── a/n: thank you for requesting ! here's your order!!
─── check masterlist for more works.
Tumblr media
your lips, he's obsessed with the thought of them on his lips make him feel euphoric. he always looks at your lips while you talk , the way they move and look so soft , the fact that you don't wear lipstick and whenever you kiss him , the taste of your vanilla chapstick always stay on his own.
your hips , the way they sway always keep him in entranced and how the fit right into hands when he holds them. he loves your hips — if they have hip dips or not , he always has his hands on your hips wherever you go and whenever he's next to you.
he's the man who loves ass , yes he is obsessed with your ass , smacks it almost all the time in a day , gropes it a lot and tell you how they fit right into his big beefy hands. he uses them as a pillow at times to which you have to push him away with your feet — but you're used to his antics now.
your collarbone and shoulders , he loves kissing around that area , leave love bites all the times , if exposed he would pounce on you and start peppering kisses onto your skin , whenever you cuddle he already has his face nuzzled in your shoulder and his head resting there.
your face , he just loves your face , even if he loses concentration at times , he would always focus on your face whenever you talk , he observes the way you scrunch your nose , the way your cheeks have a different glow whenever he compliments you , the way your eyes hold so much affection for him. he loves to hold your face in his hands and tells you he is holding the world in his hands.
Tumblr media
© CITIFILMS 2021 ! all rights reserved , do not plagarize. reblogs are appreciated.
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