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farmlesbians · 21 hours ago
good fucking night im carrying this group project rn half the group is missing and its due in 1.5 hrs
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eowyntheavenger · a year ago
What have the protests accomplished?
5/26 4 officers fired for murdering George Floyd 5/27 Charges dropped for Kenneth Walker (Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, who police accused of killing her) 5/28 University of Minnesota cancels contract with police 5/28 3rd precinct police station neutralized by protesters 5/28 Minneapolis transit union refuses to bring police officers to protests or transport arrested protesters 5/29 Activists commandeer Minneapolis hotel to provide shelter to homeless 5/29 Former officer Chauvin arrested and charged with murder 5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants 5/30 US Embassies across Africa condemn police murder of George Floyd 5/30 Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison takes over prosecution of the murdering officer 5/30 Transport Workers Union refuses to help NYPD transport arrests protesters 5/30 Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, accountability 5/31 2 abusive officers fired for pulling a couple out of their car and tasing them - Atlanta, GA 6/1 Minneapolis public schools end contract with police 6/1 Confederate monument removed after being toppled by protesters - Birmingham, AL 6/1 CA prosecutors launch campaign to stop DAs from accepting police union money 6/1 Tulsa Mayor agrees to not renew Live PD contract 6/1 Louisville police chief fired after shooting of David Mcatee 6/1 Congress begins bipartisan push to cut off police access to military gear 6/1 Atlanta announces plans to create a task force and public database to track police brutality in metro Atlanta area 6/2 Minneapolis AFL-CIO calls for resignation of police union president Bob Kroll, a vocal white supremest 6/2 Pittsburgh transit union announces refusal to transport police officers or arrest protesters 6/2 Racist ex-mayor Frank Rizzo statue removed in Philadelphia 6/2 6 abusive officers charged for violence against residents and protesters - Atlanta, GA 6/2 Civil rights investigation of Minneapolis Police Dept launched 6/2 San Francisco resolution to prevent law enforcement from hiring officers with history of misconduct 6/2 Survey indicates that 64% of those polled are sympathetic to protesters, 47% disapprove of police handling of the protests, and 54% think the burning down of the Minneapolis police precinct was fully or partially justified 6/2 Trenton NJ announces policing reforms 6/2 Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police 6/2 Confederate statue removed from Alexandria, VA 6/3 Officer fired for tweets promoting violence against protesters - Denver, CO 6/3 Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art cut ties with the MPD 6/3 Chauvin charges upgraded to second degree murder, remaining 3 officers also charged and taken into custody 6/3 Richmond VA Mayor Stoney announces RPD reform measures: establish "Marcus" alert for folks experiencing mental health crises, establish independent Citizen Review Board, an ordinance to remove Confederate monuments, and implement racial equity study 6/3 County commissioners deny proposal for $23 million expansion of Fulton County jail 6/3 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board unanimously votes to sever ties with MPD 6/3 Seattle withdraws request to end federal oversight/consent decree of police department 6/3 Breonna Taylor’s case reopened 6/3 Louisville police department (Breonna Taylor’s murderers) will now be under review from an outside agency, which will include review on training, bias-free policing and accountability 6/3 Colorado lawmakers introduce a police reform bill that includes body cam laws, repealing the “fleeing felon” statute, and banning chokeholds 6/3 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announces plans to reduce funding to police department by $150M and instead invest in minority communities 6/4 Virginia governor announces plans to remove Robert E. Lee statue from Richmond 6/4 Portland schools superintendent discontinues presence of armed police officers in schools 6/4 MBTA (Metro Boston) board orders that buses wont transport police to protests, or protesters to police 6/4 King County Labor Federation issues ultimatum to police unions: admit to and address racism in Seattle PD, or be removed 6/5 City of Minneapolis bans all chokeholds by police 6/5 Racist ex-mayor Hubbard statue removed - Dearborn, MI 6/5 NFL condemns racism and admits it should have listened to players’ protests 6/5 California Governor Gavin Newsom calls for statewide use-of-force standard made along with community leaders and ban on carotid holds 6/5 2 Buffalo officers suspended within a day of pushing 75 year old protester to the ground, and lying about it 6/5 2 NYPD officers suspended after videos of violence to protesters 6/5 The US Marines bans display of the Confederate flag 6/5 Dallas adopts a "duty to intervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in excessive use of force 6/5 Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax releases an 11-point action plan for immediate police reforms 6/6 Statue of Confederate general Williams Carter Wickham torn down - Richmond, VA 6/6 2 Buffalo officers charged with second-degree assault for shoving elderly man 6/6 San Francisco Mayor London Breed announces effort to defund police and redirect funds to Black community 6/7 Frank Rizzo mural removed, to be replaced with new artwork - Philadelphia, PA 6/7 Minneapolis City Council members announce intent to disband the police department, invest in proven community-led public safety 6/7 Protesters in Bristol topple statue of slave trader Edward Colston, throw it in the river 6/7 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio vows for the first time to cut funding for NYPD, redirect to social services 6/7 A Virginia police officer faces charges after using a stun gun on a black man 6/8 NY State Assembly passes the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act 6/8 Democrats in Congress unveil a bill to rein in bias and excessive force in policing 6/8 Black lawmakers block a legislative session in Pennsylvania to demand action on police reform 6/8 France bans police use of chokeholds 6/8 Seattle council members join calls to defund police department 6/8 Boston reevaluates how it funds police department 6/8 Honolulu Police Commission nominees voice support for more transparency, reforms 6/8 Rights groups and Floyd’s family call for a UN inquiry into American policing and help with systemic police reform
No, it’s not enough, but this is only the beginning. Keep fighting!!!
(This list comes from Mara Ahmed’s blog post and was compiled by Fahd Ahmed; I added sources and new entries. Please reblog with further additions.)
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sidras-tak · 2 years ago
Me, for the whole 1 hr 45 minute runtime of Detective Pikachu
Tumblr media
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marvelsmostwanted · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In case you were wondering what Republicans have been up to since losing the 2020 election, it’s doubling down on voter suppression - a blatant attempt to lock in minority rule and ensure that they never lose again, even though their party and positions are getting less and less popular.
Experts predict that Republicans could take back the House in 2022 through gerrymandering alone. That has dire implications - with the House, they could unjustly impeach Joe Biden and prevent any progressive legislation from passing, among other things. In the nightmare scenario where they win back both the House and Senate, our democracy is effectively over. Not being dramatic. Republicans are openly opposed to majority rule and fair elections. They will not make the mistake of allowing everyone a free and fair election ever again if they regain power.
So what do we do?
First, support HR.1, the For the People Act, a bill that has already passed the House.
Tumblr media
- Fight like hell to keep the House and Senate in 2022,
- Support abolishing the filibuster so Democrats can pass bills to protect voting rights, and
- Organize and volunteer.
I’m all in on our current fights - passing the $15 minimum wage and ending the filibuster - but don’t lose sight of the fact that we can’t even have those fights if Republicans get their way.
Voting rights must be our top priority in 2022 and beyond.
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yourlocalwriterblog · 2 years ago
My Personal Character Files: The 6 Box Method
This is for my science fiction WIP, so some things may need to be added/modified depending on your genre. I will also include a screenshot of an example at the bottom so y’all can see how I set it up in my Doc.
1. The Quick Ref
I use this as the first page of my “Character FIles” Doc.
I put all my important characters in a list, then add their height, age, and the page their complete file can be found on. This is helpful when I need to know if a character would have to crane their neck upward to look another character in the eyes. Comes up more than I’d have guessed.
Tumblr media
2. The Individual Profile: 6 Box Method
I add and subtract stuff based on how important the character is. Without further ado...
Box One: Reference Photo
This is where I add in any actor, model, drawing, etc that I base the look on. When I don’t need one, sometimes I’ll put in a picture that represents the character’s style.
Box Two: The Introduction
Full Name
Current home 
Situation: How do they enter this story?
Motivation: What do they want?
Favorite quote/saying
Biggest strength
Biggest issue 
Strongest trait 
Box Three: Behavior
Ambition/Short and Long Term Goals
Greatest fear(s)
Biggest secret(s) 
Social skills
Interior talents
Box Four: Background
Home moon/planet
Important history
Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances, and Colleagues
Phys. Health/Mental Health
Romantic/sexual preference
Box Five: Appearance & Physicality
Body type
Skin tone/Ethnicity/Species
Facial description
Prominent/distinguishing features
Physical talents
Box Six: Speech
Normal tone
Language & accent
Favorite phrases
3. The Example
Rey from The Force Awakens. Made in Google Docs.
Tumblr media
Boxes 1 and 2
Tumblr media
Boxes 3 and 4
Tumblr media
Boxes 5 and 6
Best of luck on your writing journey!
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myherowritings · 2 years ago
Animal Instincts
Overview: With your shapeshifting quirk, you take on the duty of becoming the resident undercover therapy cat for Class 1-A. One day, you see Todoroki restless in the middle of the night and try to comfort him in cat form. But what happens when he confides in you his feelings you weren’t meant to hear?
Pairing: Todoroki Shouto x Shapeshifter!Reader
Word Count: 3,129
Warning(s): None, just lots of fluff and cat mischief and cutely awkward moments.
Author’s Note: Hey, y’all! This is my first BNHA fic and I had tons of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy! P.S. A Tododeku fic will most likely come out next + requests are open. :)
Tumblr media
As Class 1-A’s self-proclaimed undercover therapy cat, you took it upon yourself to comfort your fellow classmates in need. And with the constant chaos that happened to surround U.A., you found that particular need to be quite substantial.
Not that you minded.
You were always willing to help a friend and if you were able to do so by taking advantage of humans’ natural boost in oxytocin when engaging with a dog or cat, so be it. Plus, you couldn’t deny the neck rubs and ear scratches you received while in animal form was a nice bonus.
As the sky darkened to a deep twilight, you took the cue to head back to the dorms after wandering around campus when you spotted a familiar head of polychromatic hair sitting atop his veranda.
What’s he doing up so late?
Curious, you shifted into the more discreet form of a cat and climbed the ledges of your classmates’ balconies until you reached the fifth level.
Todoroki was resting his elbows against the railing as he looked out into the campus with his head in his hands. To the untrained eye, one might see him and think nothing was wrong, but with your close proximity and heightened sight, the darkness under his eyes and the wrinkles along his normally ironed school shirt were as clear as day.
Todoroki looked tired.
You inched closer slowly, torn between letting him have his space and the overwhelming urge to smooth his worries away.
However, it turned out that wasn’t a decision you had to make for yourself.
In the split second you landed on the balcony next to him, he instantly straightened and turned his head toward the soft patter of your paws, eyes locking on your dilated pupils.
You froze.
“A cat?” Todoroki mused.
You made a move in retreat when a soft murmur came from his lips.
Slowly extending his hand, palm-down, he gestured you over and you cautiously obliged. “Don’t be scared, neko-chan.”
Now, although you liked to think you were in control of yourself when you transformed into an animal, there were times you had to admit the animal’s instincts were strong enough to test your resolve. And in cat form, the moment you felt the gentle rub of fingers underneath your chin, your resolve flew out the window, instead taken over by the urge to flutter your eyes shut and mewl.
When his hand shifted from under your chin to cupping your face and rubbing your ears, you couldn’t help it-- A purr of contentment left the back of your throat as you stretched. Peering up at him, you caught a small smile playing on Todoroki’s lips.
You hummed to yourself.
Your job as a therapy cat had never once failed and you were glad Todoroki was no exception.  
As he rubbed his knuckle against the tops of your ear, you felt yourself melt against the warmth of his left hand with all thoughts momentarily leaving you.
“I’ve never had a pet before,” said Todoroki, continuing his absent-minded attack against your senses. “My father said animals, especially those we grow an attachment to, are a mere a distraction.”
You made a noise of indignation, brows furrowing as you thought of giving Endeavor a piece of your mind.
He huffed in what you thought was a sound of amusement before smoothing out the wrinkle on your forehead. “Endeavor was tyrannical like that. He didn’t exactly care for what I wanted-- Only what he thought his optimal tool needed.”
With wide eyes, you blinked up at him. Todoroki had a hardened look on his face as he stared out the veranda.
Slowly, he moved you closer to his chest, cradling you with one arm while stroking your tail with the other. You expected his torso to feel warm despite his lack of proper clothing because of his quirk, but he felt surprisingly cold.
Todoroki’s quirk may be half-cold half-hot, but you could understand how regulating his body temperature when fatigued and distracted could be difficult.
Get some rest! you wanted to say while smothering him in blankets.
Instead, you wriggled your way out of his arms and leaped onto the floor, pulling at the leg of his pants with sharp teeth. When he glanced down at you, you tugged the fabric in the direction of his dorm, quickly releasing him and stalking over to the sliding doors.
“You want to go inside?” said Todoroki, picking you up and entering his room. “You’re a pushy kitten, you know?”
Cat-- Not kitten, you thought crossly. It took a lot of work for you to grow from a kitten to a cat. You bristled in his arms, mildly insulted.
He walked over to his futon and leaned against the wall, the whole time scratching the top of your head with small movements of his fingers. Your earlier irritation melted away as Todoroki gave you a pat.
For someone who had never had a pet, he was quite good with animals.
“I never knew how relaxing this could be,” he said as he toyed with the ends of your raised ears. “Midoriya told me this helped relieve stress, but I didn’t expect it to be this effective.”
Yes! The undercover therapy cat strikes again.
You sighed in contentment. His deep voice and constant stroking was almost enough to put you to sleep.
A few minutes of silence passed and you could feel Todoroki’s breathing slow into a steadier pace. You thought he dozed off when he remarked, “My father said he’s trying to be better.”
Your ears flattened. Todoroki had never confided in you--human you--about his family before. What if he found out the cat was you and resented you for it?
“Ever since All Might retired, Endeavor has been trying to be an actual dad to my siblings and I, and I can see he really is doing his best.” He leaned his head against the wall with a slow exhale. “But sometimes I wonder if I can ever really forgive him.”
Burrowing your cheek against his chest, you mewled.
You don’t ever have to forgive him, you were trying to say. But you knew, given time, he would. Despite his aloof exterior, Todoroki had a big heart. He was fierce and loyal and cared deeply for those he trusted. That was something you’ve always admired about him.
If only you had the courage to tell him that in person. And not as a cat.
“I know I should forgive him.” No, you don’t! “But part of me doesn’t want to. My older sister is optimistic about the change, but I can’t help but wonder if she really thinks Endeavor will change or if she’s holding on to the hope of finally being a family.”
Todoroki pushed his bangs out of his face, causing his hair to look slightly disheveled.
“I want to be a family, too,” he admitted. “It can be lonely without one.”
Your heart broke at his words. You couldn’t imagine life without your family, no matter how much they got on your nerves, you knew they would always love you.
You wanted Todoroki to know he deserved to feel worthy of that love himself.
He sent a look in your direction, as if he could sense your shift in thoughts. “Apologies, neko-chan. I hope I didn’t hurt your ears by talking too much.”
Todoroki ran your left ear between his middle and index finger as you leaned against him. From his sitting position, he slouched into his pillows on as he laid down. You snuggled against his arms.
“I don’t normally chatter off like this, you seem trustworthy,” he said, sounding sleepy as he scratched under your chin. “Thank you for listening.”
And as Todoroki dozed off, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for accidentally finding out all those things about him.
You expected a quick snuggle and pet and he’d feel better and soon let you go, which was the typical routine when your other classmates saw you--without knowing it was you--as a cat.
You didn’t think he would actually make substantial conversation.
Worried with guilt gnawing at your stomach, you slipped out from his embrace and hopped off the futon. You would have to tell him the truth, you decided. Even if it meant your undercover gig would be up.
Right now, Todoroki looked peaceful-- And you knew he needed to rest.
Quickly switching back to your normal human form, you pulled the covers over a sleeping Todoroki and bade him a smile goodnight before slipping out of his room.
You would tell him the cat he poured his secrets to was you.
- - - - -
“Are you sure this apology gift is good enough?” you asked Uraraka, wringing your hands as she examined the freshly baked brownies in a decorated gift wrap.
Wiping away the crumbs from her face, she nodded feverishly. “Better than good enough! They taste amazing.”
You smiled in gratitude. After thinking all night about how to confront Todoroki, you decided an apology with a gift would be best. Plus, you did recall him taking a particular liking to your mom’s fudge brownies that you shared with your friends once during lunch. There was no way you could go wrong with a rich, chocolaty treat.
“You should really bake apology treats more often,” said Uraraka, eyes lighting up when you offered her another corner piece that didn’t fit in the gift bag.
“I’m glad you like them,” you said with a small laugh. “I hope Todoroki will think they’re okay.”
She responded with an enthusiastic affirmation you couldn’t quite decipher with the food in her mouth. When she finished the piece, she tried again. “He’ll love them! Whatever you’re apologizing to him for is sure to be forgiven with these brownies. I know it.”
Though Uraraka’s certainty brought a great deal of comfort to your endless worry, nerves still festered in your stomach.
Cleaning up the last of the mess from your baking escapade, you thanked Ochako once again for trying the brownies and gathered the courage to head up to the boy’s side of the fifth floor.
“Stop fretting, Y/N-chan!” she called as you two neared opposite elevators. “Todoroki values your friendship too much to let anything come between it. There’s no need to worry.”
“I hope you’re right.” You bit the inside of your lip as you carefully smoothed out the already pristine gift bag. “Thank you, Ochako.”
She waved you off as the elevator door began to shut. “Please-- All I did was try what you made. This was all you! Now go make up with Shouto-kun!”
You sent her a thumbs up and a grin before pressing the button to the fifth floor on the control panel, hoping the momentary confidence boost from Uraraka’s words would last.
Taking a deep breath as the elevator dinged open, you walked down the hall to the third room down and knocked on Todoroki’s door. You really hoped he liked the brownies.
You heard footsteps getting louder and you tried to ignore the way your stomach churned when the door cracked opened.
“Hi, Todoroki,” you said with a small smile. “Do you have a moment to talk?”
He tilted to his head to the side in confusion, but opened the door wider to allow you in. “Of course. Is something troubling you?”
Walking inside, he lead you to the mat on the side of the floor and sat down. When you stayed back near the doorway, Todoroki looked back with slightly furrowed eyebrows.
Shaking your head, you brought yourself out of your thoughts and followed behind him.
“Sorry! I just--” You fumbled with the gift bag in your hands before extending your arms to him, brownies resting in your palms as you bowed your head. “I made you something.”
You could have sworn you felt the temperature in the room rise, but you were too afraid to look up and check.
“You...made me something?” said Todoroki quietly.
You nodded.
Bracing a look at his face, your expression instantly softened. His gaze was locked on the baked goods with his hand raised slightly near his side, almost unsure of what to do.
“They’re brownies. I remember you liked the ones I brought from home, so I asked my mom for the recipe,” you said, fighting off the blush that was creeping up cheeks when you noticed Todoroki’s unwavering stare. “They might not taste that great and they might be a little--”
“Thank you.”
You blinked, startled at his firm tone.
“That-- It means a lot to me.”
“Oh!” This time, attempting to stop the heat from spreading was futile. “I’m glad.”
Slowly, he took the gift bag from your hands, the tip of his pinky brushing against the center of your palm. You both jolted at the spark.
With his face still tinged a shade of pink, Todoroki was the first to recover.
“You said you wanted to talk?” he asked with his voice raised an octave.
“Right! I wanted to apologize, actually.”
He set the brownies on his work desk with gentle care. When satisfied, he turned back to you.
“Apologize?” Todoroki repeated. “What for?”
You shuffled your feet, playing with a loose thread in your skirt. “I’ve been keeping something from you.”
His mouth opened.
Scratching the back of your neck, you continued. “Well, I suppose I’ve been keeping something from all of you guys.” Your eyes darted around the perimeter of his room. “I didn’t think it was a bad thing-- I was only trying to help, but then I heard some things I wasn’t meant to and I realized maybe I was overstepping on people’s boundaries and--”
You broke off at Todoroki’s confused looked, taking a deep breath to catch your thoughts.
“Remember that cat from last night?” you tried again, only this time hopefully much more coherent.
“Yes,” he said with a slow nod.
“Well, that cat was me.”
Todoroki blinked.
“I didn’t mean to trick you or anything! I was just walking around campus trying not to get caught and I saw you on your veranda and you looked so sad,” you blurted, staring at him with wide eyes. “I just wanted to help you feel better and what better way to do that than let you pet a cat? Everyone feels better after petting a cat! That’s what my mom tells me, at least. And our classmates seemed to agree--though none of them know it was me as a cat. But now you do! And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I hope you can forgive me.”
Sucking in a breath after your long-winded monologue, you waited tensely for his reply.
“I already know.”
“I know I should’ve told you before, and I’m--” You paused, your brain registering what he just said. “You know?”
Todoroki nodded.
“You know what exactly?”
“That you’ve been acting as Class 1-A’s therapy cat,” he said. “I had my suspicions, at least, but you confirmed them all just now.”
“But--” You were at a loss for words. He knew? “You knew?”
Todoroki paced over to his windows and leaned against them. “I had a feeling the cat wasn’t a real cat. Not fully, anyway. And since not many students here have quirks that allow them to shapeshift, you were the only one that made sense.”
You followed his movements with your gaze, looking away when he looked up.
“You knew the cat was me,” you murmured, peering at him through your lashes, “and you still chose to confide in it?”
“Of course.” Todoroki loosened the cuffed link of his uniform. “There was never a need to apologize. As I told you before, I think you’re trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re in cat form or not.” He paused. “I trust you, Y/N.”
A shy smile made its way onto your face as you met his gaze across the room. “I trust you, too, Shouto-kun.”
His expression matched yours. “Thank you.”
The two of you settled into a comfortable silence as you thought briefly about that night. He told you about his family and his worries--you you, not just cat you--because he trusted you. That thought sent an odd flutter to your stomach.
“Wait. When we...cuddled,” you said with heated cheeks, “you knew it was me?”
Todoroki’s level of flames on his face challenged your own, but his were just slightly more visible.
“I suppose I did,” he hesitated. “Is that...okay?”
You grinned. “More than okay.”
“That’s good.” There was a short beat. Then, “Would you like to share the brownies some time?”
Surprised, you glanced over at your apology gift on Todoroki’s table.
“Thank you, but I’m okay,” you said, waving him off. “I ate plenty of batter and extra pieces while preparing them for you. I won’t be able to eat another brownie for weeks!”
His face fell before giving you a shrug. “Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe we should get some food to eat, instead?”
Did he not want the brownies? you fretted.
You nodded adamantly, shaking off the thought. What mattered was the he accepted your apology. And that he was never mad in the first place. “Sure! Midoriya, Aoyama, and I were going to head to the dining halls around seven if you wanted to join.”
Todoroki blinked once. Then again, his hair falling to the front of his eyes.
“No, I meant…Eat somewhere else,” he queried. “Maybe not today, but perhaps this weekend? It could be just you and me, if that’s okay with you.”
You quirked your head to the side. Was he trying to…?
“Shouto-kun,” you said, trying to hide the mixture of amusement and happiness bubbling in your chest. “Are you asking me to go on a date with you?”
Todoroki exhaled a small cloud of frost, sounding almost relieved at your words. “I’m trying to, yes.” Within a split second, he appeared in front of you, leaning down so he was level with your gaze. “Will you go on a date with me, Y/N?”
“Yes!” You beamed, having the sudden urge to jump around the room. “Of course. I would love to.”
His eyes fluttered shut before giving you a dimpled grin of his own.
“We can even go to a cat cafe!” you teased, shifting into a cat and running between his legs while you slipped between his fingers. Laughing at the look on his face, you turned back into a human. “But only as long as you don’t get tempted by any other felines.”
Todoroki shook his head, traces of a smile lighting up his face as his hand finally found yours. “Don’t worry, neko-chan. The only one I can be tempted by is you.”
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Underrated Anime Movies (Take One)
Okay, this is just my take on “underrated” anime movies. Technically, this can be taken on perspective. It’s just that I haven’t met a whole lot of people who’ve watched these following anime despite my enjoyment of it.
No TV series (I will make an “Underrated Anime Series” list at another date)
No movies that are dependently attached to a series (examples: Anohana, Assassination Classroom, etc.)
No Studio Ghibli movies (those already have a very large following)
No Kimi no Na wa / Your Name or Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice (those are quite mainstream)
Besides that, things will be explained as we go.
Honourable Mentions: 
The movies that I didn’t enjoy as much as others but think that people will still have a certain amount of enjoyment for: 
Garden of Words
The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Five Centimetres Per Second
Asagao to Kase-san
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 7.9/10
Genre: Romance, Shoujo-Ai, School Duration: 58 min
If you like: K-On!, Yuru Yuri, Bloom Into You, Doukyuusei
Asagao to Kase-san is a manga preview kind of movie. It’s technically an OVA because of that, but it stands well on its own too. That doesn’t mean I don’t want another one though because that would be a lie. The art style and the characters along with their interactions and the overall atmosphere and dynamics are all very sweet.
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8/10
Genre: Romance, Shounen-Ai, School Duration: 1 hr 
If you like: Yuri On Ice, Asagao to Kase-san
From one gay romance to another, this movie was a simple romance between two guys who are your nerd and musician. Its art is well-presented, and just like the last entry, it’s very fluffy. This one is far more like a stand-alone movie comparing to Asagao to Kase-san though.
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.3/10
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama Duration: 1 hr 
If you like: Chobits, Plastic Memories
This movie does have a death mention and plane crash (kind of clear if you read the synopsis). This one was fast-tracked on my “Watch Later” list by Akaskira! I would say that this was Yoshimasa Hosoya’s best performance, but I don’t recall him ever giving a bad performance. But this one will definitely stick out if you watch it to the end. Same with Yoko Hikasa. She sings an amazing ED, and I have it saved on Spotify. I was a bit perplexed by this movie at first, but I rewatched it a little and found myself really respecting it as a whole. As expected from a really strong cast, a good studio (Production I.G. and Wit Studio), the legendary score composer Michiru Oshima, and an overall stacked production team.
Hotarubi no Mori e
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 9.2/10
Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural Duration: 45 min
If you like: Natsume’s Book of Friends, Anohana
As expected from the creator of Natsume’s Book of Friends, she knows how to write an emotional storyline. The casting for this was unexpectedly perfect. I’m not used to hearing Kouki Uchiyama go outside of the usual edgy villain type of character, but this was a nice surprise. Ayane Sakura did an amazing job too. You have the studio Brain’s Base and Makoto Yoshimori (who’s known for Baccano, Durarara, and Natsume’s Book of Friends) on score composition. This movie is a solid 45 minutes of bliss and sorrow all wrapped into one.
The Boy and The Beast
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.9/10
Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural Duration: 1 hr 58 min
If you like: Sword of the Stranger, Spirited Away, Wolf Children
This movie was an action-packed wonderful masterpiece. I watched this one in dub oddly enough. I was watching it with other people and figured that kicking off anime with subtitles would make for the wrong first impression. But this movie is awesome either way. We have sword fights, growing up, and a brilliantly done between a boy and his mentor. I can’t even say much because it’s one of my first recommendations for people who want to get into anime.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.1/10
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama Duration: 1 hr 38 min
If you like: Your Name, Steins;Gate, Hotarubi no Mori e
While the recommendations I made were really all over the place, I stand by it. It has a similar kind of dynamic to Your Name, it has the time travel elements of Steins;Gate, and it has similar vibes to Hotarubi no Mori e. And this movie’s protagonist is relatable. If I received time travel abilities, you know I would use it to prevent socially cringe-inducing situations. 
Wolf Children
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.3/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama Duration: 1 hr 57 min
If you like: Hotarubi no Mori e, The Boy and The Beast
While this movie is really boring to some, this movie actually made me like children... for at least the duration of the movie. Children or Doggos? What about children who can turn into doggos? Exactly. This movie is a sweet movie about growing up in a not-so-common environment under different circumstances. It’s about a mom’s quest to give her children the best life she can while seeking normalcy for them. Growing up different can affect your view on the world, and we get to see that interpreted in a surreal yet human way in this movie. Definitely one of the best stories to be made about a furry’s bad life decision.
Perfect Blue
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 7.8/10
Genre: Horror, Psychological, Drama Duration: 1 hr 57 min
If you can’t tell, this movie is very explicit and contains violence, trauma, and the whole works.
If you like: Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain
Well, one of these things is not like the other.
Satoshi Kon is known for making cult-classic, “weirds or scares the viewer out of their mind” kind of movies. I watched this one thinking, “What can go wrong?” The idol world is not what it seems. While I found myself more confused than scared, I also found myself intrigued by the graphic interpretation for how show business can affect a person’s mental state. Again, there’s a lot of heavy stuff in this movie. I finally found out where that dude getting stabbed in the eye socket with a screwdriver is from.
Sakasama no Patema
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.4/10
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure Duration: 1 hr 39 min
If you like: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Secret World of Arrietty
First off, if you’re going to say how this movie makes no sense scientifically, you can step outside. We don’t watch anime for logic like that. Second, this movie has a few really awesome shots, but it’s not Your Name or A Silent Voice kind of level. It’s definitely still solid. This movie doesn’t require a lot of thought, and after covering Perfect Blue, it’s kind of nice to come back to a pleasantly enjoyable film about acceptance and adventure.
Tamako Love Story
Tumblr media
MY SCORE: 8.1/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy Duration: 1 hr 23 min
If you like: Hotarubi no Mori e, The Boy and The Beast
Okay, we’re gonna end on the purist note possible. You do not need to watch Tamako Market to watch this. I didn’t. You might want to skip any parts with some fatass bird in it though. He’s not needed. Kyoto Animation is known for making cute things, and this is no exception. This movie isn’t really unique. It’s just a simple love story about mochi, high school, and cup phones.
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fabnaza · 2 years ago
Miraculous Season 3 Episode 1
My favourite Adrien moments~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the Chamaleon is making me question Adrien’s intentions and feelings hmmmmmmm
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mirshroom · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1 hr ink drawing with Hawks!
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daisystudies · 2 years ago
my favorite random study tools
1. quizlet games. the gravity game on quizlet literally saved my german grade lol
2. white boards. i do all my math practice on these and it makes it not only easier to do the practice but way more fun!
3. youtube. youtube really pulls through when you don’t fully understand a concept based on how your teacher explained it. there are probably thousands of videos explaining any topic you can think of- odds are one of them will help you out!
4. ted talks. this isn’t exactly a study tool, but there are tons of ted talks that explain ways you can study/retain information. i highly recommend them!
5. act like you already have your dream job. do you want to be a journalist? act like you’re reporting on a major story when you’re writing an english essay. apply the same logic to any class/job. it makes studying more fun!!
6. podcasts. find a podcast on a topic for your class and give it a listen. they’re great because you can listen to them any time- when you’re walking to class, in the shower, while you’re doing other studying... just having it on will help you subconsciously absorb the information!
7. diy study guides. did your teacher not make a study guide for a test? make your own! go through all your notes for the unit and put all the important information into one document. this way you’ll have a one stop shop when you go to study for the test!
thanks for reading! x
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filibusterfrog · a month ago
Tumblr media
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delicately-written · 2 years ago
35 Things I’m Convinced Tom Holland does:
Summary: A list of 35 things I’m convinced Tom Holland does.
Paring: Tom Holland x Reader
A/n: a short little thing I wrote...
Tumblr media
1. He’ll constantly use your shampoo, but always denies using it whenever you ask.
2. In the morning he always seems to hold onto you tighter because he knows as soon as you wake up you’ll try to leave his embrace, and he just can’t stand not having you next to him when he wakes up.
3. He’ll purposely walk around the house shirtless with his sweatpants hanging low on his hips just so he could see your reaction.
4. Sometimes he’d ask for you to put one of your face masks on him, and when you’d ask why he’d probably respond with, “because I want my face to be as soft as yours”.
5. Whenever you guys go shopping, you end up bringing home bags of Spider-man merchandise because Tom just can’t help his addiction.
6. He always has to have exactly two kisses before he heads off to work.
7. He has a big soft spot for any dog, and whenever he sees one hurt he has to walk away because it reminds him of his baby Tessa.
8. If you haven’t paid attention to him for more than an hour he starts to get really clingy because “you ain’t showin’ me any love”.
9. Whenever you’re cooking he secretly comes into the kitchen to pinch some food and always yelps whenever you slap his hands away.
10. Him blushing every time someone tells him how whipped he is for you.
11. He likes to lay his head in your lap whenever you're watching a movie because you always seem to run your fingers through his hair, sending him into a soft haze.
12. The words “darling” or “love” are basically the only words in his vocabulary.
13. He always gives you his hoodies even when you’re not cold, just because he likes to see you wear his clothes.
14. He’s probably a really clingy drunk where he just won't leave your side and constantly has to be touching you.
15. Whenever you guys go out to a restaurant he always seems to eat most of your food instead of eating his own because “yours tastes better than mine does”
16. He always asks for a good luck kiss before he does a scene.
17. Whenever he's away on set he always sends you a good morning text saying something adorable like “I miss you darling” or “I can’t wait to see that beautiful face again”.
18. Whenever he gets yelled at, he responds with “but I’m spider-man?”
19. He’d always carry hair ties around his wrist because he knows you’re a forgetful person who always forgets to bring hair ties, and so whenever you need one he always has one ready for you.
20. He calls your parents Mr. and Mrs, no matter how many times they’ve told him to just call them by their names.
21. He’ll sometimes hum whenever his enjoying his food without even realizing he's doing it. 
22. He places a hand on your thigh every time your driving, his fingers drumming in small beats as he slightly bops his head to the song playing on the radio.
23. He likes to take candid photos of you without you knowing and put them as his wallpaper. Loving every time you blush whenever you see yourself on his lock screen.
24. Acting like a big tough guy around his friends, but whenever he's at home and it’s just you two he’s a huge teddy bear who constantly strives for attention and kisses.
25. Sometimes, he likes when you sit on his lap and play with his hair whenever his reading his script.
26. He’d never yell or maybe even talk during a fight because he doesn’t want to say anything he doesn’t mean because he knows it will break your heart. He just cares too much about you to do that.
27. His ego deflating whenever someone calls him short.
28. When he gets home, he probably kicks of his shoes and falls face flat onto the bed whilst his arm reaches to grab you because he can’t sleep without you there.
29. Him calling you from his phone when you’re right across the room because he wants you to bring him a packet of doritos.
30. He never lets you open the car door or pull out your own chair because he insists that’s what his there for. 
31. He’ll sometimes get you to read him your favorite book before you go to bed because your voice alone has the power to soothe him to sleep.
32. Whenever you’re watching a movie that stars him in it, he always gets so giddy whenever he sees himself on the screen that he can’t stop the “ooo! that’s me” or the “did you see that babe? did you see that!” that falls from his lips.
33. Sometimes, he’ll try and plan a romantic afternoon or dinner, but it never usually turns out the way he wants it to because he just can’t keep his mouth shut.
34. He ends up shopping online for hoodies with you sitting next to him reading a book, whilst he constantly asks for your preference. And when you ask why he says “well, love, I know you use my hoodies, so it has to be something you would wear as well”. 
35. His ringtone is the spider-man theme song (of course)
Can someone find me a Tom Holland?
Tom Holland Tags: @embrace-themagic / @itschunky / @missymariee / @tohollandback / @one-who-christmases-too-much / @valeriae2903 / @greenarrowhead / @mysticalmaximoff / @wonderbyers / @castellandiangelo / @11mb0 / @jadedjules / @riverdalereligion / @dont-go-on-my-blog-lol / @ofserien / @its-a-me-eva / @bloodylolipopkid / @mega-bi / @defenestrate-yourself-please / @hollandxvoid / @tessabearholland / @tokyodriift / @smexylemony / @victhunder / @thethiathang / @jcc04220 / @Comfortableinourcrowns  / @thatpersonwithissues / @s0cial-retard / @eazyhood / @neerdyreedhead / @goldenariana / @sleepybesson / @smexylemony / @gummyhoneybees / @saturn-aka-six / @goalexis123 / @peterhollandd / @sick--boy--soldier / @massivewolfengineer / @Jordynanderson9 / @ughhhxjazzy / @parkeroffline / @starlightfound / @evelyn120700 / @whatthefrook /
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can’t keep my (hands to myself) | sp
Title: can’t keep my (hands to myself)
Rated: T? (suggestive themes at the end)
Words: 3658
Pairing: Sweet Pea x reader
Summary: Prompt: You’re afraid you’ll lose me in big crowds so you hold my hand but now you hold my hand around like 5 people and I’m getting suspicious. AKA: five times Sweet Pea holds your hand and the one time you hold his first.
I don’t know what this is. It got angsty. I’m confused and have a fever. Let me know if you want a more coherent second part that would be more adult. Or if you want a series about characters being unable to keep their hands to themselves.
The first time it happens you don’t think anything of it.
It’s the Serpents’ first day at Riverdale High and everything is tense, more so than usual. Fangs is abnormally jumpy and Sweet Pea is angrier than normal, restless and ready to pick a fight with anyone who so much as breathes in his direction, much to your chagrin. And things only get worse as the day goes on.
The hallways of Riverdale High are already crowded by the time the Serpents get there, swelling with a mixture of hostility and restless energy at the arrival of the Southside students. More than one fight breaks out before classes even begin, the Bulldogs taunting and the Serpents quick to strike back. Sweet Pea is the worst of them, easy to rile up and loyal to a fault. He’s right there, anytime someone even looks at one of the Serpents the wrong way, and you would roll your eyes if you weren’t mildly overwhelmed by the aggressive stares from the Northside students.
It’s worse than Southside High, if you’re being honest, because while Serpents and Ghoulies were always at each others’ throats there was always a kind of understanding between the groups. The Ghoulies had a space and the Serpents had there’s and most of the time everyone respected that. It would only cause bigger problems if people didn’t.
But the Serpents don’t have a place at Riverdale High, not yet, and that becomes apparent very early on between the hostile looks and whispered comments too loud to be unintentional. Everyone is a little on edge because of it, and that causes everyone to start forming smaller groups in some strange kind of buddy system.
Because your schedules are nearly identical, you end up with Sweet Pea. It should be fine. The two of you have been friends for a while now, you get along perfectly well, and while Sweet Pea is a hothead, he always means well.
And it wouldn’t be a problem except Sweet Pea somehow gets it in his head that he’s going to lose you in the crowded hallways. Sweet Pea is tall, at least a foot taller than you, and because of this, you spend the short walk to your first period English class with him glancing over his shoulder every five seconds to make sure you’re still there. It causes several near accidents and a brief altercation with some football jock before you manage to pull him away.
It continues like that for most of the day, you trailing slightly behind him and Sweet Pea constantly checking to make sure you hadn’t suddenly disappeared on him. The only difference is that by then people have learned to move around him.
It’s not until the two of you are headed for your history class in the afternoon that Sweet Pea becomes fed up with this arraignment. He huffs and reaches back to grab you by the hand, yanking you up against his side. “Keep up, Short Stuff. We don’t have all day.” While he sounds annoyed, you know him well enough to hear the teasing edge to his words.
You roll your eyes. “We can’t all be giraffes, Sweet Pea,” you snap back. You may be short, but that doesn’t make you incapable of taking care of yourself.
“Am I going to have to buy one of those child leashes for you?” He laces your fingers together, cocking his head to the side as he glances down at you, quirking a brow.
“Only if you want to lose your hand.”
Sweet Pea grins, fingers squeezing around yours. “Come on, Feisty.”
The second time it happens, you still don’t think anything of it.
The Wyrm is as crowded as ever on a Friday night, packed to capacity with Serpents both young and old. The music is loud and some of the younger Serpents are already way beyond tipsy, much to your amusement. Usually, you’d be working the bar tonight with Toni, but somehow you both scored the night off, Hog Eye being unusually generous.
More likely is that Fangs and Sweet Pea bribed him, but if they did they haven’t said a word about it. Regardless, you plan to enjoy the night off. Everyone has been stressed in the weeks since the schools merged, and things have become more and more tense on the Southside, so it’s nice to see everyone finally relaxing for once.
You peer around the packed room, squinting to see a flash of bubble-gum pink against all the leather and dark hair, but the room is too dark to see much of anything at all. Huffing, you press up on your toes, looking instead for Sweet Pea’s towering frame, knowing that he’s infinitely easier to find than Toni.
At least hypothetically he should be. Your frown only deepens when you don’t see your mountain of a friend anywhere in the room, a frustrated groan building in your throat. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to spot Sweet Pea. He’s over six feet and is one of the tallest Serpents in the room. He shouldn’t be able to hide like this.
“Boo,” a low voice whispers in your ear, a pair of hands grabbing you by the shoulders. You yelp, about to swing at whoever’s grabbed you but a familiar, rough baritone chuckle reaches your ears first, his laughter vibrating through you both, and you roll your eyes in annoyance. Somehow, he always manages to find you first.
Sweet Pea squeezes your shoulders, big hands running down your arms to your elbows, palms warm against your bare skin. His touch is light and it tickles and if you lean into him it’s only because of the two shots you’ve already taken tonight.
You consider punching him anyway for scaring you, but the smile on his face when you turn around whisks the thought away.
He peers down at you, eyes crinkled at the corners from how wide his grin is, a lightness to his features that you don’t often get to see anymore. He looks absolutely elated, comfortable in his skin, and there’s no trace of the deep-set anger in his eyes that just won’t seem to wash away most days. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen him this open and happy. The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone, but especially for Sweet Pea.
He’s always been protective of the Serpents, of his family, and he’s done everything to put a target on his own back at Riverdale High in order to keep it off everyone else. You aren’t sure if he’s brave or reckless because of it, but you’ve always thought he was a little bit of both.
You think that that smile on his face might be the epitome of joy and chalk it up to the alcohol.
“Asshole,” you call him, rolling your eyes as his hands drop from your arms, “don’t scare me like that!”
His grin only widens at your irritated expression, expression impish, and a smile tugs at your own lips before you can stop it. “Come on.” His reaches for you easily, fingers tangling with yours as he gives you a little tug in the opposite direction you were previously looking. “Toni and Fangs are waiting.”
The third time it really happens, you don’t notice. But Toni Does.
You’re used to Sweet Pea grabbing your hand and pulling you along behind him at this point. It’s just become second nature. Anytime you’re in a crowd, Sweet Pea will lace his fingers through yours, keeping you close to his side so you don’t get swept away. At Riverdale High. At the Whyte Wyrm. Down at the Quarry with the other Serpents milling around you. It’s nothing unusual at this point. It’s just how the two of you are.
So really, you just don’t notice when his fingers slip through yours when you’re at the Drive-In with Toni and Fangs.
The Drive-In is playing some eighties-night marathon that Fangs had begged you all to watch with him, something you were suckered into with his puppy-dog eyes. Toni fell for the eyes too, and either Sweet Pea was bribed or just decided he didn’t want to be alone on a Saturday night. Regardless, somehow you all ended up curled up in the bed of his pickup with a multitude of blankets and pillows for everyone to use.
When he reaches down and hoists you onto the truck with one hand, he doesn’t let go.
And that’s the end of it. Your hands should slip away from each other, but they don’t. And you don’t notice. You end up squeezed between Toni and Sweet Pea with your laced fingers resting on your lap, his thumb sweeping across the back of your hand. You lean into his side a little more than usual, the early March air still chilly, and his grip around you tightens just a fraction.
They stay linked like that until the credits of the first film begin to roll and Fangs gets restless, badgering Sweet Pea until the other by agrees to go on a quick snack run with him. Sweet Pea rolls his eyes and makes a snarky remark about Fangs eating his candy too quickly, and you and Toni both snicker, knowing how Sweet Pea has just as big of a sweet tooth as Fangs.
His hands slips from yours and your fingers go cold.
Toni smirks as soon as the boys disappear from sight, one brow quirked at you expectantly, expression mischievous. “So,” she drawls, playing with a piece of popcorn and trying to appear casual, “what’s going on between you and Sweet Pea?”
Rolling your eyes, you level her with a pointed look, but her smile only widens. “As I’ve told you, there’s nothing going on between me and Sweet Pea.” It’s a conversation you’ve had with her a million times before. No matter how much you deny that there’s anything between you and Sweet Pea, Toni just won’t seem to believe it.
Her smirk widens like she’s won. “Then why exactly were you two holding hands just now?”
Automatically, you go to respond, brows furrowing because you know exactly why Sweet Pea would hold your hand. Then you stop. Because you weren’t in a crowd of people this time. It was just Fangs and Toni and there was no reason for him to be keeping you close like that. There’s no way he could have lost you in a crowd.
You purse your lips, trying not to blush, and Toni snickers. The boys come back before you can say anything else and Sweet Pea settles down beside you once more, a bag of gummy worms in one hand. His side is pressed flush against yours and the heat of his body is something you’re suddenly all too aware of.
The next movie starts to play and Sweet Pea’s hand curls around yours.
After that, you don’t stop noticing it.
Sweet Pea holds your hand more than you initially realized. It’s no longer just at school in between classes when the hallways are packed with students or just at the Wyrm on a crowded Friday night. No, somehow it’s extended to when he walks you home after your shift at the bar and movie nights on Fangs’ couch and under the booth while you’re at Pop’s with friends, all without you even realizing it.
It’s strange, how perfectly his hand fits into yours, how without realizing it you’ve begun to relax into his touch completely, unaware that you were searching for it until his hand was completely enveloping yours.
Toni and Fangs have both noticed it at this point, but neither have said anything since that night at the Drive-In and you aren’t sure quite what to make of that. They keep giving you these sly looks each time they catch you and Sweet Pea holding hands, and each time your face flushes, like you’re getting caught doing something wrong.
It’s gotten to the point where the two of you hold hands more often than not, and at this point you’re almost painfully aware of that fact. Sweet Pea will just grab your hand at times and it’s like you can’t breathe, or his thumb will brush against your thigh as you hold your clasped hands in your lap and it’ll leave a burning trail of heat along your skin, a shiver running down your spine. Every little touch makes you ache for something that you aren’t sure you want to put a name to.
But Sweet Pea doesn’t talk about it and neither do you and Toni and Fangs keep on grinning like they know something you don’t.
You’re inclined to think that maybe they do.
Sweet Pea sighs. “Why are we here so early again?” he complains, glancing down at you, an annoyed expression on his face. Despite his protests, his grip only tightens around your hand as he allows you to tug him through the school towards the auditorium, the musical bound to start in less than twenty minutes. He frowns at a group of parents who send the two of you disapproving looks. “Actually, why are we here at all?” he rephrases, keeping close to your side as the two of you step in line.
“To support Toni and Fangs,” you remind him breezily, trying not to smile. Despite his griping, Sweet Pea is nothing but talk. He can complain all he wants, but you both know he would be here with or without you. Sweet Pea cares about Toni and Fangs way too much to miss out on something so important to them.
He groans low in the back of his throat, way too close you your ear, and you try not to shiver. “I don’t like musicals.”
You roll your eyes. “Oh come on, Sweets.” You tug at his hand, absentmindedly playing with the rings on his fingers, ones you’ve become well-acquainted with since the two of you started doing whatever this is. Please, for me? is almost what you say next, but you swallow it back, not willing to go there. “It’ll be fun,” you say instead.
For a moment he simply stares down at you as you pause just outside of the theater, dark eyes locking with yours as you twist one of the rings around his finger, trying to ignore the way he inhales sharply at the small action.
His shoulders slacken and he shakes his head, grinning as you pull him into the dark auditorium.
Things build and build until they don’t.
Midge Klump dies and Fangs is accused of murder and then Fangs is shot and all of Riverdale goes to hell. It all happens so quickly and yet not fast enough, everything in excruciating detail, yet you’re powerless to stop it. Everything is chaos. People are screaming. A gunshot rings in your ears. You’re lost in the shuffle of bodies swarming the streets.
An unfamiliar ache of fear erupts in your chest when you realize you’re alone. Your heart lurches, throat constricting in panic, and with wild eyes you look around the streets, hoping to catch a glimpse of another Serpent, a familiar face.
A familiar voice shouts your name and you whip around, the panic uncoiling in your chest as you see him. “Sweets,” you breathe back.
His wild gaze meets yours, eyes searching your own for something you’re not quite sure of, his hands hovering over your shoulders, clenching and unclenching like he doesn’t know where to touch you. Finally, he seems to find what he’s looking for. His arms snake around your frame, pulling you tight to his chest.
You grip him back just as tightly, hands fisting in his leather jacket as he buries his face against your hair. “I’ve got you, Baby,” he murmurs, voice almost swallowed by the screaming all around you. “I’ve got you.”
Somehow you end up back at the Wyrm in one of the bathrooms. You’re on the counter with Sweet Pea standing between your spread legs and there’s something electric between the two of you, but you’re shaking and he’s shaking and his fingers slip through yours like it’s natural, and at this point you think it must be. At this point you hold hands more often than you don’t. At this point you’ve realized you don’t want to let go. There’s blood on his hands and they stain yours as his fingers lace through them, anchoring the two of you together, and it’s enough.
You clean the blood off his hands with a wet cloth, fighting to keep your hands steady. You’re safe. He’s safe. But Fangs was shot and half of the Serpents are still missing and it feels like everything in this whole damn town is crumbling around you.
Releasing one of his hands as you wipe the blood clean, his fingers find yours in the dim light of the bathroom, gripping you so tight it almost hurts, but he needs this and you need it too. “Why do you do that?” you ask before you can stop yourself, but you can’t bring yourself to regret it.
His eyes snap from your connected hands to your face, his brows furrowing. “Do what?” he asks, low and deep and rough, more fragile than you’ve ever heard him before.
Silently, you wipe more blood off his hands. He releases you, every so often, allowing you to shift his hands in your grip to wipe the blood from his palm, from under his nails. Neither of you can stay away for long, something about the skin on skin contact making your chest settle.
“Hold my hand,” is what you finally say.
Sweet Pea opens his mouth but doesn’t answer for a long time, just watches as you dab at a split in his knuckles that reopened sometime during the night. His hands are still trembling, but neither of you mention it. There’s a lot you don’t talk about. Finally, he exhales, a quivering little thing, and leans forward to rest his forehead against yours. “I don’t wanna lose you,” he murmurs, fingers tightening around yours.
And somehow that’s enough.
Things have changed since Riot Night.
It’s been nearly three weeks and but it feels like several lifetimes apart. Fangs is alive. Jughead is alive. But you lost the Wyrm and you lost Sunnyside. And you think you lost a part of yourself that night too, while you and Sweet Pea were in that bathroom. And you know he lost pieces of himself too. Things changed. Maybe you got scared or maybe he did, or maybe it was both of you, but things changed.
You never realized how cold you were without him, how empty your hand feels without his fingers tangled up with yours, his rings cold against your skin. You’ve been reaching for him lately, without even noticing, hand searching for his, only he isn’t there.
He said he was afraid of losing you, but you think maybe you should’ve been the one who was scared. Sweet Pea has always been detached, brave and reckless and too proud to think he needs anyone until he’s already begun to lose them. And you? You’ve always just been too blind to see what’s right there until it’s gone.
But you and the rest of the Serpents build a new home by Sweetwater River, one made up of cheap tents and scavenged materials and a type of raw anger that makes the Serpents strong even though the Southside is gone. Only it doesn’t feel like home with Sweet Pea so close but still so far away.
He’s with Fangs and Jughead, the three of them smiling, big wide grins that make your heart squeeze in your chest. One of them was shot. One of them was beaten. And the third a broken boy barely put back together. You can still feel the blood on your skin and the ghost of his breath on your neck from that night, a whispered word of I’vegotyouI’vegotyouI’vegotyou and your chest aches. Sweet Pea’s eyes meet yours over Fangs’ head and something in his expression changes. There’s fear there, and loss, and something you don’t want to put a name too.
Something in you snaps and comes back together, a tide washing in.
Jughead becomes Serpent King. They lost the Southside, but not their spirits, and Sweet Pea slides up beside you, arm pressing flush against yours and leaving a pleasant warmth rushing through you. You lean into him and it’s enough.
That night he hovers over you, breathing your name against your skin, mouth on your neck, your cheek, your chin, anywhere he can reach. Sweet Pea lets out a sound halfway between a gasp and a laugh against your throat, something soft and shaky—nervous—and you can’t help it when you keen, fingers quivering against his shoulders as his breath fans over your neck, warm against your skin. His hand curls around your bare hip and squeezes.
He doesn’t say it and neither do you, but your hand finds his for the first time in weeks, fingers knotting with his as he presses his weight against you, bare chest meeting yours. He whispers your name again, and it sends a chill through you, enough to make you shiver, but he only pulls you closer, until there’s no space left between you. His thumb bushes against you hip as you rocks against him, holding you steady, and his hand squeezes around yours.
Your bones hum.
You whisper his name back to him and he twitches above you, shuddering and groaning low in his throat before sighing as his forehead drops onto your shoulder. His one arm slips around your back as he pulls you into a soft embrace, breathing heavily. He hovers over you, letting you wrap herself around him, curling into his chest and burying yourself inside.
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mfaizs · a year ago
Mencuri Mimpimu
“Jika seorang wanita selalu menjaga shalat lima waktu, juga berpuasa sebulan (di bulan Ramadhan), serta betul-betul menjaga kemaluannya (dari perbuatan zina) dan benar-benar taat pada suaminya, maka dikatakan pada wanita yang memiliki sifat mulia ini, “Masuklah dalam surga melalui pintu mana saja yang engkau suka.” (HR. Ahmad 1: 191 dan Ibnu Hibban 9: 471. Syaikh Syu’aib Al Arnauth mengatakan bahwa hadits ini shahih)
Sudah lama ingin menuliskan ini, pada akhirnya malam ini memberanikan diri untuk menulis setelah perenungan ini berputar-putar dalam angan selama beberapa hari terakhir. Terlebih dengan kejadian terakhir, membuat hati ini kembali terngiang pesan salah seorang teman yang sudah menikah:
“Kalau kamu sudah memutuskan untuk menikahi seseorang, berarti kamu harus siap pula untuk menikahi mimpi-mimpinya”
Bagi saya hadis di atas sudah seyogianya menjadi alarm yang kuat untuk para lelaki kelak jika menjadi seorang suami agar benar-benar memuliakan istrinya. Saya menjadi teringat akan novel Love Sparks in Korea tulisan Bunda Asma Nadia yang pernah saya baca beberapa tahun silam
“Kau mencuri mimpi-mimpiku dan aku suka” - Hyun Geun pada Rania Timur Samudra
Bayangkan saja, seorang wanita yang mungkin baru mengenalmu, masih menganggapmu sebagai orang asing dan orang lain dalam kehidupan, memberanikan diri menerima tawaranmu untuk hidup bersama, setelah sudah tentu melalui istikharah panjang. Dia yang selama ini hidup bersama mimpi-mimpinya, dia yang selama ini memiliki kebebasan untuk beraktivitas layaknya manusia lainnya pada akhirnya harus mengabdikan diri dalam kehidupan rumah tangga. Dia yang selama ini hidup nyaman bersama keluarganya, memilih keluar untuk berjuang bersamamu. 
Pada praktiknya memang sering demikian, pun ketika diskusi dengan ayah beberapa hari terakhir. Beliau berkata, dari pengalaman teman-temannya, kebanyakan adalah seorang istri yang nanti akan mengikuti suaminya. Jika nanti suaminya bekerja terlebih dahulu, maka setelah ritme kehidupan stabil dan menyesuiakan, istri baru bisa mengikutinya. Jika nanti suaminya melanjutkan pendidikan terlebih dahulu, dan menuntaskan semuanya, maka di situlah nanti istri menyusulnya mungkin baru beberapa tahun silam. Hal inilah yang cukup lumrah di kalangan teman-teman beliau, dan mungkin juga di kehidupan rumah tangga yang sudah terjadi pada umumnya. 
Dalam Buku Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus, John Gray menuliskan bahwa memang salah satu karakter penduduk venus adalah nantinya ia akan banyak memberi selama hidupnya. Hingga bisa jadi sampailah nanti pada suatu fase bahwa penduduk venus sadar bahwa ia sudah terlalu banyak berkorban dalam hidup. Demikian pula penduduk mars akan sampai pada fase sadar bahwa ia selama hidupnya sudah banyak menerima, kebalikan dari penduduk venus. 
Barangkali sempat merasakan hidup di Swedia yang menjunjung tinggi equality, sedikit mengubah pola pikir saya tentang kesetaraan, bahwa kelak seorang istri pun berhak untuk berkarya bersama di masyarakat, mereguk pendidikan setinggi-tingginya, bertumbuh bersama-sama suaminya agar sama-sama menjadi orang yang bermanfaat. Bahkan Sayyidah Khadijah r.a. pun setelah menikah dengan Rasulullah tetap menjalankan semua bisnisnya yang kesemuanya dipergunakan untuk perjuangan dakwah Rasulullah. Namun sudah tentu tidak melupakan perannya sebagai istri dan ibu dari anak-anaknya. 
Hal inilah yang barangkali menjadi perenungan, sekaligus mungkin sempat menjadi ketakutan jika kelak kita menikah, apakah kita hanya sekedar menjadi pencuri mimpi-mimpinya, ataukah kita justru membantu melangitkan mimpi-mimpinya? 
Pertanyaan ini terus terngiang mengingat betapa besarnya pengrobanan istri kita kelak di awal pernikahan, terlebih nanti saat sudah memilki anak, bagaimana ia harus menjalankan perannya sebagai madrasah pertama bagi anak-anaknya, membagi waktu dengan urusan rumah tangga, melayani suaminya, juga jika ia beraktivitas di luar harus mampu menyeimbangkannya. Barangkali sebab inilah Allah menciptakan wanita sebagai makhluk yang multi-tasking, yang terkadang saya sendiri masih dibikin takjub melihatnya, tidak usah jauh-jauh yaitu ibu saya sendiri. 
Semoga tulisan ini senantiasa menjadi pengingat bagi para lelaki khususnya, agar kelak jika terbersit keinginanmu untuk menyakiti istrimu, jika kelak ternyata ada konflik antara dirimu dan pasanganmu, ingatlah tentang bagaimana saat kamu mengajaknya keluar dari istana nyamannya utnuk membersamaimu. Ingatlah bagaimana ketulusan dan keikhlasannya menunda mimpi-mimpinya untuk mewujudkan mimpi-mimpi baru bersamamu. Ingatlah, bahwa bilamana ketaatan istri adalah surga baginya, namun itu bukan menjadi alasanmu untuk bertindak semena-mena. 
Jika dalam kitab Raudhatul Muhibbin, Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jauziyah menulskan bahwa:
Hanya dengan cinta yang dapat menjadikan setiap permulaan menuju pada penyelesaian.
Maka semoga kelak dalam pernikahan:
Hanya dengan cinta yang dapat menjadikan apa-apa yang telah terlihat selesai, kembali menjadi awal untuk memperjuangkan dalam mahligai ikatan
Selamat berkontemplasi, Selamat berefleksi. Semoga kita semua tidak henti dan lelah-lelahnya untuk selalu mengukir sabar. Untuk selalu mengukir prasangka yang baik kepadaNya. 
Malang, 25 April 2020 02.20
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nochocolate · 2 years ago
Pirouette: It’s Not Random
(deltarune spoilers) Pirouette is an ACT that can be used against the hidden boss Jevil, causing him to become tired. In addition, it comes with a not-so-random secondary effect.
There are 9 different effects for Piroutte that cycle in order. Every 9 turns, the cycle resets back to 1. 
✅ = Using Pirouette this turn will have no negative side effects ❌ = Using Pirouette this turn will have consequences
✅ Turn 1: 
Tumblr media
* What! * It was just foley!
The game chooses a random number between 0 and 2 and plays a noise. Unable to use this on the very first turn of the battle as TP gauge is empty.
✅ Turn 2: 
Tumblr media
* JEVIL felt at ease! * JEVIL's defense dropped!
Jevil’s defense decreases. Attacks deal more damage against Jevil this turn.
❌ Turn 3: 
Tumblr media
* Awkward! Upcoming attack will hurt rapidly!
Jevil’s bullets fire at the same speed, but period of time you are invincible after being hit decreases, making you vulnerable to being hit more frequently. (Fewer i-frames.)
✅ Turn 4: 
Tumblr media
* Tranquil! * The dance defended the party!
Reduces Jevil’s attack damage. This is equal to the attack reduction received from Hypnotize. 
✅ Turn 5: 
Tumblr media
* What! * It's nothing but a useless bird!
The game creates a bird and makes a noise.
✅ Turn 6: 
Tumblr media
* It felt comforting!
Heals a random party member a random amount between 25 and 55.
✅ Turn 7: 
Tumblr media
* Everyone's HP got jumbled up!
HP switches randomly between party members. Ralsei can be given 110 HP total (from Susie) this way. Additionally, it can revive party members.
❌ Turn 8: 
Tumblr media
* JEVIL's upcoming move got powered up!
Jevil’s attack damage is increased by 1.25 (125%).
✅ Turn 9: 
Tumblr media
* A perfect 10!
All party members are healed a random amount between 20 and 40.
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