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lollypopsx · a day ago
could you do one where hang harry and y/n have a miscarriage? never seen gang harry so sad
Drabble Request
Drabbles Masterlist
Warning: Mentions of guns, swearing, miscarriage
A/N: This can be a tough read, so please only read if you are comfortable. Everyone deals with this so differently, so please respect that. My heart is with anyone who has dealt with this. They will always be with us. Please know my inbox is always open to anyone who may need it. It’s so important to talk about it if you can, and if you can’t, please know you are strong and you are appreciated either way!❤️
The excitement rushing through you and Harry was unimaginable.
The man who only ever used to feel excitement when he was putting a bullet through someone's skull, was now driving in his black SUV with the love of his life, heading to the twelve week scan of your first child.
"I can't believe you're twelve weeks already..." Harry flashes a smile as his left hand rested on your thigh, his fingers hooking through yours and his right hand on the wheel, elbow casually resting on the window.
"Hmm anyone would think Harry Styles was excited for once" You tease softly, running your thumb over his knuckles.
It felt like everything was going so quickly, before you knew it, Harry pulled into the parking spot closest to the set of Hospital doors.
You signed in at reception and was patiently waiting in the seat with Harry. "Harry Styles. How many times have I told you to stop bringing your gun into the hospital?!" You whisper shout, scolding him when you feel a raise in the waistband of his jeans.
"Angel, I told you, I'm going no where with out it because now I have double the reason to keep you safe" He tuts, muttering with a sigh as he texts Niall about the details for today’s shipment and that he will meet him and the boys there when he was done.
"Miss Y/N Y/L/N?" A young smiley nurse calls. Harry frowns, standing up quickly and resting a hand on your lower back protectively.
"I specifically said we want the doctor in charge. I knew I should of taken you to the the private hospital" Harry growls angrily. He demanded over and over that you would be under private healthcare, but you refused, not seeing the point.
"Harry! Don't be so rude!" You mutter, slapping his wrist gently. "I'm so sorry about him" You apologise profusely.
"Harry. Let her do her job" You shake your head, chucking softly as you go into the wrong.
"Well everything sounds fine, sounds like the sickness is coming to an end hopefully. Let's get you on the bed, if you can just lift your shirt slightly. Let's have a look at this baby then shall we?" The young doctor smiles.
She was very shy and nervous at first with Harry's death glare baring into her soul. But as soon as the two of you began talking about the baby and the pregnancy, Harry's demeanor changed.
He was asking more questions than you and for once he was happily listening to someone who wasn't you.
You climb up onto the bed as Harry sat on the chair beside you, his heart rate had picked up, and you squeezed his hand tightly in excitement.
She switched on her monitor, but it was facing away from the two of you. Your top was lifted slightly as she applied the cold jelly to your belly, making you giggle softly.
You could feel the scanner press along your skin, moving slowly side to side. The doctor was silent. Uncomfortably silent. She scanned around a few more times, the cheery glint in her eyes from earlier had soon changed and her rosy cheeks fell pale.
Please don't say it. Please, please don't say it.
"I'm so sorry Miss Y/L/N..." She frowned softly
That was the last thing you remember hearing, everything else felt so silent after that. Her lips were moving but you couldn't hear a word she said.
You felt Harry tense instantly beside you " no there has to be some kind of fucking mistake" His voice was raised, but he wasn't shouting. You didn't realise you were holding your breath, or letting tears fall down your cheeks until Harry's warm thumbs swiped them away quickly.
The doctor had left the room to give you two some space before speaking to you both about the options you had.
"I-I'm sorry Harry" Your mouth chokes out a sob, you felt crushed. A part of you was taken away so soon. You hadn't managed to even look Harry in the eyes yet.
"Angel...Hey...Baby please look at me...please Angel" He whispers, begging. His hands stroking your cheek slowly. "None. And I mean...none of this is your fault" He pulled your face up so your gaze met his.
His eyes were red and few small tears were slipping down. Harry had never cried in front of you, and that riddled you with guilt. His arms instantly pulled you tight to him, his hand held your head against his shoulder as you cried into him. You could hear his gentle sniffles into your neck as he mumbled words of comfort that you couldn't even hear.
“I-I want to go home...” You sob into his chest. 
“I know, I-I know” He mutters into your neck, swaying you slowly and just holding you tightly.
Harry had spoken to the doctor, explaining that we would speak to someone tomorrow to discuss the next steps, but right now he needed the take you home. The doctor agreed, and apologised once again before Harry took your hand, wiping off the cold gel that was numbing your stomach and pulling you shirt down softly.
Everything went by so slow compared to the journey there. It felt like hours. Hours of the radio buzzing quietly. Hours of Harry squeezing a tight grip on your hand. Hours of endless thoughts. Hours of wanting to just cry. Hours of numbness. But in reality, it was a few minutes between leaving the hospital and pulling in to the security gates of your house.
Harry led you in and straight into the living room upstairs.
“Make sure not one fucking person enters this room unless I ask them to” Harry barked at the security in the hallway. His eyes were still red and all he wanted was to hold you. He felt so helpless, knowing nothing he could do or say would change the news you both received in the last hour.
He wanted to be angry. His whole life, he could never show sadness, so he masked it with anger. Then as he became a teenager, he realised that he was sad all the time, which meant he was angry all the time.
He wanted to scream, to hurt someone, to shout and to beat them to a pulp, but then he remembered the only one who really mattered. The one who mattered to him. The only one who had ever mattered.
You hadn’t said a word this whole time, since in the doctors office. Harry knelt in front of you, slipping off your shoes and jacket slowly before crawling onto the sofa beside you.
“Please don’t blame yourself my angel...” He whispers, sitting at your side and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. Your back slumped into his chest and your head lay silently on his shoulder.
“I-I can’t help it” You whisper. This was something neither of you had ever experienced before. The tears were still slipping down your cheeks, feeling a tight, nauseous pull in your stomach.
 “I-I just...I feel like the last few weeks, the rest of our lives were planned Harry...” You mutter, sniffling in a choked breath. “We’ve spent the last four months talking about everything...and i-it’’’s all gone so quickly Haz” It was one of the most emotionally painful cries that had ever escaped your throat.
“I-I’ve got you...”Harry whispers, holding you close to his body. He wanted to protect you over every sad emotion, every violent memory and very pained moment of your life. 
“What if I did something wrong...” You whined.
“Baby I told you, you did nothing wrong” He frowned, brushing the hair out of your face, quickly wiping his own tears. 
Silence hung in the air once again, the only sound was the two of you with rugged breaths from the tears.
“There’s so many what if’s isn’t there...” You whisper. “We always imagined they’d have your hair...your eyes...your dimples...go to strong...What if they had my hair...or my eyes...carried on our lifestyle...or became president...” 
“There’s so many what ifs.” He agreed quietly. “Let me get you some water...You’ll get dehydrated” He whispered. “I need to make a couple of phone calls quickly too. I won’t be a minute” He brushed your cheeks sweetly before pressing a loving kiss to your lips.
“I love you so much...we will get through it. Our time will come” He mumbles against your lips, his eyes gleaming with tears as he kisses your head and heads through the kitchen, out onto the balcony, over looking the sunset and pulling the cigarette between his lips, flicking his lighter and inhaling deeply and slowly. 
He was preparing himself to phone his mum with the news and to phone Niall to tell him to sort the shipment himself and that the two of you needed time to yourselves for a while.
But instead he watched at the sky, the pink and yellow glow surrounding the city, getting ready for the stars to begin to appear.
He tilted his head up, his eyes still gazing at the sky. “You’ll always be my favourite what if...” He whispers.
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hoesontour · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨Little Rock ✨
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fkinavocado · a day ago
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Lead Me Straight Back Home - Part 1
So, I had a go at writing a Love on Tour based fic. I love the idea of H having a grounded, non-famous best friend, with a sort of no-holds-barred, very-few-boundaries type friendship. I’ve also loved all the tour content (honestly, haven’t we all) so I wrote a little something. This is Part 1! It’s set before they get on tour, and is an introduction to Harry & Grace’s friendship. 
There was almost definitely a fight breaking out in my en-suite. In fact, if I couldn’t hear my best friend humming as he rifled through my toiletries
– ‘I’ll tidy them up later, Gracie, promise!’ –
I’d be calling the police right this second. Luckily for everyone involved, I was well aware that there wasn’t a problem – just Harry, and his complete inability to do anything quietly, including taking a shower.  
I was zoning out to the faint, tuneful singing coming from the other side of the door. “The only me I know has always loved you” I hadn’t heard the lyrics to this one before. Perhaps he’d started it after I’d fallen asleep in the studio the other night.
“What the shit is coconut oil?” I was quickly brought back to reality, but not for the most obvious reason. I was way too used to finding a half-naked, world-famous popstar in my house. I was much more interested in the water he was trailing through my en-suite and in to my bedroom.
“Harry! Dry your feet, you messy twat!” he huffed at my insult, launching a nearby pillow towards my spot on the bed in reply.
I’d met Harry almost three years before, when I’d been hired as Social Media Manager for Harry Styles and his associated brands. We’d since become firm friends, bonding over being young British people living and working in the US. It was commonplace for me to find Harry lounging in front my TV, helping himself to my fridge, or using up my favorite shower products.
“Earth to Gracie? Coconut oil?”
“Oil from coconuts, Harry. That’s what coconut oil is” I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to the work I was almost finished when he showed up, insisting he hadn’t got time to go all the way home for a shower
“S’made my hair all sticky” he pouted, unimpressed with my laughing, or the pillow I launched back at him. He sought revenge in the form of shaking his wet mane of hair in my direction, covering me in shampoo-scented droplets. I squealed as he edged closer, so that his hair was dripping directly over the screen of my laptop
“Harry! You gigantic, soggy, pain in the arse…” I protested, making sure to focus on the screen, instead of the towel hung low around his waist. Ok, we were friends, but I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that he was attractive. It didn’t help that he wasn’t big on personal space.
I was saved by his phone ringing from the other side of the room.
“To the man of the moment!” Jeff thrust his glass in the air, as we echoed his toast. Harry shook his head, bashful as ever
“To all of us! Everyone in this room helped do this. Thank you for putting up with me…and thank you for making Fine Line what is is” Harry added, his cheeks-tinged pink from a cocktail of humility and champagne. Cheers echoed through the crowded living room. We were celebrating the success of his second album and ticket sales for his upcoming tour.
As always, Harry had wanted to keep things low-key, so it was just the band, Jeff and Glenne, Tommy and his assistant Luis, and me. In the beginning, I’d felt out of place spending time with Harry and the band – after all, I just managed social media accounts, I had about as much musical talent as a goldfish. 
Harry didn’t let me feel that way for long, always extending invitations and insisting he wouldn’t have a good time without me there when I tried to refuse. I’d become close friends with Sarah, and had a weird, almost brotherly relationship with Mitch, almost exclusively based on sarcasm and beer.  I was really enjoying getting to know Ny, Elin, Niji and Pauli too, which made me all the more excited for tour.
Niall had been a last-minute guest, swinging by as he was recording in LA. I’d known Niall for almost as long as I’d known Harry – he was always flitting between London and LA, and he was a loyal friend and a complete wind up. 
Tonight, he had played a large part in getting Harry pretty drunk. It was when Harry decided to try pouring tequila in to Niall and Mitch’s mouths from an upstairs window to the garden that I decided to intervene – and immediately regretted doing so when I got soaked in the process. Admittedly, it was hard to stay angry when Harry was aiming that shit-eating grin at me from his vantage point.
“You owe me a shirt, you drunk menace!” I called, already halfway up the stairs. I was met at the top by my shirtless best friend, still smiling with a glint in his eye which only meant trouble. Before I could ask what he was up to, he’d grabbed the hem of my shirt, peeling the sticky material from me and pulling me flush to his chest. 
Without hesitation, he pressed the lightest of kisses to my collarbone, before slipping the silk shirt he’d been wearing that evening over my head. The way he’d worn it half-unbuttoned meant that it hung loose, skimming over one of my shoulders.
I was more focused on the way my whole body had erupted in goosebumps under his touch.
The harsh ringing of my doorbell brought me out of a deep sleep. I was trying really hard to be annoyed, but it was difficult when I could see Harry waving at the camera. Still, I managed a suitable frown when I got to the door
“H, what on earth are you doing? Where’s your key?”
“I know it’s late, sorry” he had the decency to at least look sheepish about disrupting my sleep “I wasn’t planning on driving here”
“You’re not drunk?”
“I’m not always drunk, Grace”
“You are when you wake me up at 3am” If I looked closely, I could see he was shifting from foot to foot, uncharacteristically on edge. He stepped towards me, close enough to see his adams apple bobbing as he swallowed. I hadn’t realised just how close until his hand was tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. His eyes flitted to my lips for just a second,
“Gracie?” He whispered, his voice all gravel and whiskey, just like when he first woke up. He pressed his lips to mine, just lightly, and just for a second.
I spent the next second wondering what had just happened. The one after that wanting to kiss him again.
We moved back together at the same time, our lips colliding as if we needed each other to breathe. He pushed me against the door, fingers brushing the skin under the old t-shirt I slept in. It was heat and energy and lust and an accumulation of every lingering touch between the two of us. 
Then, it was over. As quickly as he arrived, Harry was gone, leaving me leaning against my front door, wondering if I’d just had the world’s most confusing dream.
I didn’t hear from Harry for 3 weeks after that.
“So you’re telling me, you guys have never slept together?”
“Not even once” Our answers came at exactly the same time, causing Niall to burst out laughing
“Alright, I believe ya” he raised an eyebrow. Harry flipped him off. I sighed and I went back to scrolling aimlessly through Instagram. It had been a long day in the studio, and although I was technically needed to get some content for upcoming posts, I could have gone home a while ago. I’d been persuaded to stay behind with pizza and the offer of a lift home, although I was starting to regret my decision.
It had been two months since we’d kissed, and it was clear we weren’t going to talk about it. Harry had point blank refused to acknowledge the event, eventually turning up at my house after weeks of radio silence, armed with snacks and vague mumblings about ‘being busy’. I could only assume that it was a momentary lapse of judgement on his part, and a result of sleep deprivation on mine.
“What about Liam?” Niall interrupted my overthinking with a question
“What about Liam?”
“M’trying to think of people to set you up with. You’re a catch, Gracie” Harry snapped his headphones off his ears irritably. I recognised the tune I could just about hear coming from them, but I couldn’t place it.
“Will you two go and play matchmaker elsewhere?”
“Jealousy doesn’t look good on you mate”
I cringed at Niall’s retort. Harry’s cheeks tinged red
“You’re distracting me”
“Fine, fuck ya then, I’m taking my pizza and I’m leaving” he stood up dramatically, hands on his hips. I snatched a slice as he hugged me goodbye, bidding Harry farewell with his middle finger. I could hear his laugh echoing down the hall as he left.
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thebravecreature · 2 days ago
Listen to me, this is the smile of a person who has heard someone jokingly change the words of a song so many times that he ends up making mistakes himself in front of thousands of people and then he shakes his head thinking "This is all his fault" with a fond smile.
Tumblr media
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @vocalharry
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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hlkings · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Endless gifs of Harry smiling (10/∞)
Making fans call the hogs: Love on Tour Little Rock (24/11)
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lollypopsx · 7 hours ago
Boyfriend!Harry: Drabble Request
Tumblr media
Drabble Request
Drabbles Masterlist
“Harry can you stop with the clothes everywhere please” You groan softly, picking up his clothes from the sofa and taking them up into the bathroom to put them in the washing basket.
Harry was showering quickly before getting ready to go out with some friends for the evening while you were having friends your own friends round. “Harry!” You call from the bedroom.
“Yeah babe?” He calls from the shower.
“Can you clean the kitchen before you go please?” You sigh softly. “I cleaned it this morning and now it’s a shit tip” You say while going through your closet and skimming through your outfits to find something to wear.
“Babe, it’s just a few plates and stuff” He says, emerging from the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, water droplets falling from his hair onto his shoulders.
“And a saucepan, and 4 mugs of coffee...” You chuckle softly.
“Sweetheart, it’s no big deal” He chuckles, finding his black shirt and his tight jeans.
“It is when I have my friends coming round in half an hour and I’m still not ready!” You exclaim with a sigh. You had been held up at work so you were now rushing like crazy.
“And why was there clothes all around the living room? Is it really necessary to be getting changed in the living room when you can just get changed up here where the closet and washing basket is?” You half tease.
“Because I went for a run and I couldn’t be bothered to come upstairs to change” He shrugs, getting the hair dryer while you roll your eyes.
“So are we taking bets that you’ll be so drunk you’ll be dancing on the table again?” Harry laughs.
“Oh...I’m not drinking tonight...” 
“Oh?” He raises an eyebrow. “I thought you-”
“-I have work early tomorrow. And I don’t want to be hungover for that tour meeting tomorrow evening” 
“Like that’s ever stopped you before” He jokes, smiling over at you, quickly drying his hair and starting to get changed.
You had been dying to tell Harry all day, but you had the perfect way to surprise and tell him tomorrow that you were pregnant. You also knew that he was the worst secret keeper after he had a few drinks, and you wanted the two of you to keep it to yourselves first.
“Oh and can you make sure you take the bin out tonight please? The smell makes me want to gag” You groan, quickly straightening your hair.
“Christ, since when did you become high maintenance?” He rolls his eyes teasingly, but your face wasn’t laughing along with him.
“I am not” You grumble softly, feeling your eyes glaring at his through your mirror, but he didn’t notice. He was too busy getting changed.
Harry rushed himself to get ready and hurry downstairs, leaving you alone to your hormonal thoughts.
Am I really high maintenance?
Harry had just come back in from taking the bin out, typing up his leather shoes and pulling on his jacket, grabbing his wallet, phone and keys as you head downstairs.
“Alright babe, have fun. I’ll see you later” Harry leans down to kiss your lips, but your eyes glance into the kitchen.
“Harry! The kitchen!” You groan, rejecting his kiss. 
He furrowed his brows and huffed out. “Y/N I’m going to be late. It’s just a few bits. I’ll do them tomorrow.”
“For fuck sake Harry! Do you ever do anything I ask?!” You raise your voice in a sudden outburst in anger.
“Excuse me?!” He raised his brow, his head snapping to you. “Don’t speak to me like that! I always listen to you” He shouts in frustration.
“Evidently not!”
“God, Y/N stop being such a fucking control freak! Get a grip and chill out.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m going to be late” He spins on his heels before you had a chance to voice any more opinions. 
High maintenance...control freak...what else?
The anger was bubbling inside you as angrily scrubbed the dishes before your friends arrived. You couldn’t even have a drink to calm yourself down!
Hours had passed, you had enjoyed the night with your friends, who had all now left very very drunk. You were tidying up the glasses and bottles from the living room and sorting them in the kitchen. You were so exhausted that the sofa was suddenly calling your name...maybe if you just...shut your eyes for ten minutes on the sofa...
You groan as your eyes fluttered open at 7:30 am, your neck stiff and your back aching as you groan and sit up slowly. You couldn’t believe you had just slept on the sofa the whole night. It was super uncomfortable!
Your stomach was in knots as you felt the bubbling feeling you’d had for the last 4 weeks, “Fuck” You groan, running upstairs and into the bathroom, making it there just in time to deal with your morning sickness.
You hung your head low in the toilet as you emptied your stomach, feeling two large, warm hands on your shoulders, massaging gently.
“So much for not drinking huh?” He chuckles softly, his voice raspy, like he had just woken up.
You roll your eyes and tuck your fallen hair behind your ear, “I didn’t drink” You mutter sternly.
“Oh c’mon Y/N...I came home and you were passed out on the sofa, in last nights clothes...” He shakes his head softly. “You can’t lie to me...” He sighs, his hands still massaging at your shoulders.
“I said I didn’t drink Harry!” You yell, angrily flushing the toilet and standing up, your dizzy head causing yourself to stumble into his arms. 
“See, look at you! You can’t even stand straight! Stop fucking lying. Why are you being so indenial” He runs a hand through his hair in frustration
“I’m not being indenial for fuck sake! I’m pregnant Harry!”
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adore-laur · a month ago
silent treatment
might do a little blurb every time harry posts a behind the scenes picture…
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 🔒
word count: 1.4k
warnings: language, teeny tiny bit of angst
Tumblr media
“Where’s Harry?”
You swear he was in the room only a second ago. Furthermore, you swear he was just next to you playing a game of ping-pong in only his boxers.
He’s been ignoring you for the past hour, hitting the plastic ball back and forth with a member of the backstage crew in complete silence. You kept stealing glances at him, but he never gave you a single acknowledgment.
He’s mad at you. You think he’s being a bit dramatic.
“Not sure,” the crew member tells you with a shrug. “He left without saying anything.”
Where did he run off to so suddenly?
“Alright,” you sigh. “I’ll go look for him.”
You grab your sweatshirt from the chair in the corner and head out the door. He can’t be too far, but the unfamiliar venue with mazes of hallways lined with covert doors could make your search fairly difficult.
Thankfully, there’s plenty of workers with professional shirts and lanyards that roam backstage, pushing heavy carts or having conversations with someone through walkie talkies.
You hold you hand up to gain the attention of an older woman. “Excuse me, have you seen Harry anywhere?”
Her brown eyes widen. “Are you a fan? How did you get back here?”
“No, no, no,” you say with a nervous laugh, quickly taking your lanyard out from the pocket of your jeans. “I’m his girlfriend and I… well, I sort of lost him.”
She walks closer and narrows her eyes at the laminated card with your name and picture on it. “You lost him?”
Heat prickles up your neck. “Um, he’s quiet. Sneaks right by me all the time.”
The woman smiles. “I’m sure he does.”
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
“I think I saw him going towards the private bathrooms in the back,” she adds, pointing her thumb behind her shoulder. “Tell him to stop walking around in only his boxers, will ya?
“I will, thank you,” you distractedly reply with a nod, not fully listening to what she said.
There’s still an hour until showtime, so you wonder what Harry could be doing in the bathroom. Usually he waits until right before he goes on stage to get ready.
Wandering down the brightly lit hallway, you eventually reach the back where his private dressing room and catering area is. The smooth walls turn into white painted bricks as the opening of the bathroom comes into view.
You immediately spot him standing in front of the sink, a robe now wrapped around his sulking figure, brushing his teeth in the mirror with his lucky pink toothbrush.
One look at his face tells you that he’s not in a good mood.
Fights with Harry tend to be over small things that you easily forget about the next day. Joining him on tour has caused some lingering stress because what he does, as fun as it looks and sounds, is still difficult especially when unpredictable mishaps can occur at any moment.
You can’t quite remember what you said for him to so blatantly ignore you — maybe it has something to do with jet lag, or maybe he’s just simply being stubborn. Either option is highly possible.
“Hi,” you mutter as you stand next to him.
Harry continues brushing his teeth while avoiding eye contact with you completely. The air smells of mint and his cologne, but it doesn’t bring you the comfort it normally would due to the tension that’s also in the air.
“You’re mad at me,” you state, drumming your fingers on your arm.
He leans over the sink and spits out the green toothpaste, then inhales heavily, almost impatiently, as he picks up his mouthwash. He grants no response and opens the cap, taking a short swig and swishing it in his mouth.
You lean your hip against the counter and cross your arms. Since when has the silent treatment ever solved anything?
“If you’re not gonna speak to me, I think I’ll just head back to the tour bus for the night,” you say, swallowing down frustrated tears.
It doesn’t feel very nice when he hasn’t fucking talked to you when you’ve been in the same space for the past hour.
Harry just shrugs one shoulder.
It’s your self-proclaimed cue to leave.
You honestly don’t have the patience nor energy to start a one-sided argument right now, so with a disappointed hum, you begin walking the way you came from.
Your feet stop just before you turn the corner. “Have a good show,” you mumble with sarcasm.
Once you’re out of his sight, you curl your fists by your head and grit your teeth, almost letting out a crazed laugh at his ridiculousness. You want to scream. He acts like such a kid sometimes, too arrogant to admit when he’s sorry and too selfish to try and mend it before it builds into something bigger.
It’s also terrifying to think it could somehow become unfixable.
After about ten minutes of asking around, you’re led by someone to the back parking lot where the tour buses are lined up. The main one that you ride in with Harry is guarded by two security men, their sunglasses reflecting from the street lamps. You hold up your lanyard without a single word and they immediately open the door and step aside. You stomp up the stairs and throw your bags on the couch, trying to not let the simmering anger in your blood turn into an uncontrollable boil.
No one else is around, so you shut all the interior lights off and climb into the small bunk bed that you share with Harry, the sheets still crumpled and his dirty socks still sat at the edge. Everything smells like him, and for once, you wish it didn’t.
Eventually, exhaustion kicks in and you drift off to the sound of the distant crowd inside the arena.
Tumblr media
You jolt from the whisper next to your ear.
Your hazy brain catches up to consciousness as you grumble a noise of protest. There’s no need to open your eyes when you know whose body is causing the dip in the uncomfortable mattress.
A shake is then given to your elbow. You jerk it back and hope he takes the hint.
“Ow, bloody hell!” Harry harshly whispers.
“Mm, go away,” your muffled voice cracks out against the pillow.
That was a bad idea. Instant regret.
Harry rolls on top of you, borderline knocking the wind out of you. You tiredly groan and push him off, his body falling next to you in the cramped space of the bunk.
“Seriously, go away,” you say, putting a pillow between you and him. “Stop sucking up to me and acting like everything’s fine.”
He takes the pillow and flings it somewhere far. “Yeah, well, I don’t appreciate you just leaving and not texting me. That fuckin’ scared me.”
You roll your eyes. “I literally told you where I’d be but you decided to give me the silent treatment.”
He ironically goes silent at the truth.
“And,” you continue, kicking his leg under the covers, “I really don’t appreciate when you don’t speak to me. It hurts.”
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs. “I was being an idiot, genuinely. Can’t even remember what I was upset about.”
You slowly roll over so you can face him. “Me neither.”
He’s freshly showered, the hood from his sweatshirt thrown over his damp hair. His face is slightly rosy from the recent steam and his lips look extra soft in the low lighting.
“Hated not seeing you in the crowd,” Harry rasps, briefly looking down at your mouth. “It’s my fault, I know, but still… wasn’t quite the same without you.”
You lean in and kiss his forehead, making a content hum come from his throat. His legs intertwine with yours and he tiredly rubs under his eyes with a sweater paw.
“Please never stop talking to me,” you whisper with soft eyes. “Even when you’re annoying, I still like to listen to you.”
Harry gently smiles and places his palm against yours, admiring the size difference. “You’re my favorite person to talk to, you know that?”
You fake gag at his sappy statement and he nuzzles his face into your neck, tickling your sides. He eventually stops, wrapping his arms entirely around you and placing tender kisses to several places on your exposed skin.
His addicting scent fills your senses once again, and you find yourself drowning in it until sleep takes over both of you.
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meetmymouth · a month ago
love on tour: the groupie
you’re harry’s groupie 
warnings: oral (male recieving), degradation
a/n: i write for free so please reblog and leave feedback and if you’re up for it, buy me a cuppa-t on ko-fi <3 ta !!!!
groupie!reader universe
Tumblr media
He's yet to see her.
He's been running in circles, trying to spot her in backstage ever since closing the show. Even though he's sure he's seen her with his own eyes peeking from between the black curtains of backstage, he's now starting to think that tonight is playing him, and that she’s actually back in London. Or maybe she just didn't like the show and decided to leave, Harry thinks, laughing at himself and how pathetic he sounds.
He finds Jeff on the phone, and Anthony is with him, his camera still on his neck.
"Have you seen her?" He asks Jeff after greeting Anthony.
He doesn't look up from the stack of papers, though, and only shakes his head, continuing his conversation on the phone.
He itches his neck, rubs the sweat further into his skin nonchalantly, and turns to Anthony. "What about you," he says, hands shaking. "Have you seen... a girl?"
Anthony laughs at that.
"A girl? I've seen lots of girls!"
"No, ah... backstage? Someone? Looking for me or somethin'?"
"Nope, sorry, dude."
"Fuck sake," he murmurs under his breath and keeps walking, turning right towards the green room.
He finds everyone there, having drinks.
Everyone but her.
"Harry," he nods at Harry Lambert. "Have you seen her? I swear I saw you hiding behind the curtain– she's trying to fuck with my head again, I swear."
"I did."
"You did?"
Harry Lambert nods, grinning at him before he focuses on something behind Harry.
He turns there.
And there she is.
There she bloody is.
She's dressed in wide leg trousers, black– midnight black, and she's got a yellow long sleeve on top, tight and tucked in, and her cleavage... her cleavage looks divine. She's got hoop earrings on, they're huge, and her smile... God, Harry finds himself thinking, her smile makes him weak in the fucking knees.
"Looking for me?" She says, and Harry notices the red cup in her hand. She takes a sip, then itches the side of her face.
Harry sighs. "Bold of you to assume I was looking for you?"
"Ha," a smirk paints her features. "You're so full of shit– I heard you saying my name, asking people if they've seen me ever since you came backstage. I mean," she looks him up and down. "You haven't even changed."
"You're testing my patience," Harry says her name, then walks towards her, others in the room forgotten. "Let's go."
"As you wish."
He walks ahead of her, guiding her through the narrow path leading up to his changing room, and he knows she's looking at his ass. He knows, because she told him once or twice, how beautiful and sexy it is, his ass, and he remembers all those nights she took her time to play with it, bringing him to edge only to take it all away and throw it in his face. He remembers her touching him there, fingertips leaving fiery marks on his flesh as she played with him and did all the things Harry can't even say out loud yet.
She's out to get him, and he doesn't think he minds it one bit.
"Are we fucking?" She asks boldly when he closes the door behind her.
"Not enough time."
She puts the cup on the coffee table, and her hands find the zipper on her top. She drags it down, just a tiny bit, until her boobs look even more delicious to Harry, on display and juicy.
"Fuck me," he mutters. "Just– c'mere, let me fuck your mouth."
"Yeah? Are you hard?"
"You don't even know."
She smiles, a genuine one this time, and walks closer. Entering his space, she gets on her knees and her fingers start working the button and the zipper on his polka-dot trousers.
"God," she mumbles, though Harry thinks she wasn't supposed to let that out.
She shakes her head as she helps him slide all the fabric down and they watch it all pool around Harry's ankles.
"You're so fucking big."
Harry gulps at the sight, her on her knees, and places his hand on her chin, bringing her closer to his hard cock.
"Gonna fuck your mouth so hard you won't be able to speak for hours," he says, with one hand pumping his cock as the other thumbs at her bottom lip.
She opens, like the good girl she is, and he brings his cock to her mouth, letting her warm and slippery mouth welcome his hard cock. It's bliss, her mouth, all warm and wet, and so tight around him, and Harry thinks he might just pass out from all the sensation he's feeling at the tip of his cock.
He's so hard it hurts at the beginning, when she licks the tip, but it gets better once she starts humming around him and sliding his mouth up and down with her saliva now dripping down her chin. She looks dirty, private, and his.
She looks like she's his.
Harry takes his cock out of her mouth. She whines. He holds it from his base and slaps it against her warm cheek, smearing precum and her saliva all over her skin.
"Can't stay away from me, hm?" He says, the words sounding all hushed and low coming from his mouth. "Would follow me anywhere as long as you get my cock in you, right? Anywhere."
She nods, eyes finding his as she follows his cock and takes it into her mouth when he doesn't make a move. She swirls her tongue around the pink, wet muscle of his tip, and Harry groans. She tongues at the bottom, then at his slit before she starts taking him deeper and deeper.
"Look at you," Harry whispers, his free hand pulling her hair. "What are you," he asks in a practiced tone. She knows it.
She takes him out of her mouth, resting the tip on her tongue.
"A whore," she says, licking around the tip, then the underside of his cock, tonguing at the vein there. "I'm your whore."
"Yeah, you are. My fucking slut, aren't you?"
"Yes. Please– fuck me– fuck my throat."
"I want you to choke on it, take it all, take my cum."
He slaps his cock against her chin a few times, then fucks into her mouth, hands now on each side of her face as he rocks back and forth, cock coming in and out of her warm mouth. It looks dirty, nasty with her saliva running down her chin, all the way down to her top and chest, ruining everything, but Harry loves it. He knows she does too.
"I'm gonna cum," he grunts, pushing harder and deeper into her mouth and keeping his cock there as it touches the very back of her throat.
She makes a choking sound, gargles, but never once moves her head and takes what's being given.
Harry cums, his cum hitting the back of her throat as she chokes, only a little, and he sees the tears running down her face. It's divine, and she looks like she's from another universe. On her knees. At his mercy.
"Fuck– shit, oh my God," Harry curses, hands squeezing her head tighter as he comes undone.
Minutes pass as she ever so gently licks at his tip, all lazy and sloppy, and Harry knows they need to hurry up.
"Sorry," he says when they pull apart and he's pulling his underwear and trousers back on. "Got you all... dirty."
"You're all right."
"Come," he helps her up, and brings her to the ensuite. "Let's clean you up, lovely."
"You messed me up real bad," she looks in the mirror, a lazy smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "I love it."
He loves it, too.
He thinks he loves most things when it's with her.
part two | more groupie!reader
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loveontourlove · 2 months ago
Love on Tour ♡
Tumblr media
Having dinner and drinks in my famous popstar boss’s hotel room was definitely not in my job description.
Rule # 1 to survive being Harry Styles’s tour assistant: Don’t let the cheeky bastard intimidate you. 
A series about life on the road with one cheeky popstar.
Story Masterlist
Las Vegas
San Antonio
Houston pt. 1*
Saint Louis*
Washington DC*
Saint Paul*
Chicago pt. 1
Chicago pt. 2*
Nashville pt.1
Nashville pt. 2*
New York City pt. 1
New York City pt. 2*
Ft. Lauderdale
Tampa part 1 , part 2
New York City pt. 3
Connecticut Night 1 & Night 2
Boston (coming soon)
The three days off (Nashville Extra)
Opal (Pittsburgh Extra)
Fireworks (New York City pt. 3 Extra)
Baby it's cold outside (Tacoma Extra)
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erodasfishtacos · 2 months ago
In my head hslot YN now sleeps in the Dallas silk shirt
Tumblr media
It’s past one on the morning, the show ended a couple of hours ago and Harry was sat around with Mitch and a few other friends.
They were writing for album number three and his missus couldn’t hang after midnight - Harry had tucked her in and promised to be up at a reasonable time.
They’re in loungeroom, in the band’s hotel suite when Harry Lambert comes trudging in - bone tired and irritated.
His face is confused when he notices Harry is now in a pair of bode shorts and plain tee, asking curiously, “Where is your silk shirt?”
Harry furrows his brow, putting down his pen, “Should be on the hanger by the trousers and suspenders?”
“It’s not there,” Lambert confirms, arms crossed, “I need to get it packed up, stop fucking around.”
“S’not my fault it’s not where I put it,” Harry huffs back, not appreciating being accused of lying - out of everyone on tour, he definitely butt heads the most with his stylist.
“It doesn’t have legs. Unless I’m not aware of a thief who is out for custom gucci shirt-“
It hits him, he interrupts the stylist and stands up, “Give me a mo’. I think I know where it is.”
Then he’s striding out of the suite, taking the elevator to the penthouse, and scanning his card to open the door.
It was pitch black in the massive space but he quietly makes his way to the bedroom, where his suspicions were confirmed.
Sprawled on the bed, all tangled up in the comforter was his wife - donned in the silk button up that he wore earlier and just a pair of soft cotton panties.
He has to just stop for a moment because he loves her so fucking much it doesn’t really make sense - she’s the reason for every love song he’s ever written in his life.
Harry feels guilt at having to wake her but he slowly crawls onto the bed, kissing her temple and murmuring quietly, “Flower, wake up f’me.”
“Uph,” She croaks out, making her husband chuckle as she blinks up blearily at him, “Want t’sleep.”
“I know, I know,” He hums with a pout, pushing her gently on her back, “Y’little thief, stole m’shirt from tonight.
“Mm, we’re married. What’s yours is mine,” YN mumbles drowsily, still managing a reproachful tone with him.
Harry laughs loudly, nose pushing into her untamed locks, “S’true. However, Lambert’s gonna have m’arse if he doesn’t get that shirt right now and I don’t feel like getting bitched at by Jeff.”
“Nooo,” She drawls, squinting at him, “I like it, want t’keep it.”
His mouth waters a bit when he sees her harden nipples pressed up against the delicate fabric. He begins to unbutton it slowly.
“Y’filthly. This shirts all sweaty and worn from the performance and here you are sleepin’ in it. You just love me that much, huh?” He means for it to be a rhetorical taunt.
But she stretches, sweetly replying, “Love you so much, bunny.”
And Harry’s breathe catches at the words, she’s told him a million times of the past ten years but it still feels the same, “Buy you as many of these shirts as y’want. Okay, petal?”
When it’s off, he can’t help but swipe his thumb at the soft, warm curve of her breast before he’s leaning back and tugging of his cotton tee.
He tugs it over her head until she’s covered before settling her back in the blankets, “Come to bed now.”
Her voice is gentle but he knows it’s not a request, it’s a demand, so he leans down - kissing her softly, “Let me drop this off and I’ll be back.”
When Harry arrives back in the suite, silk shirt in hand - he tosses it to the stylist and everybody gives him a funny look as he left with a shirt on and now his chest is bare.
“Alright, I’m headin’ t’bed,” Harry rasps, picking up his phone and journal as the band members protest as they were just getting started.
“No, the fuck? C’mon, H,” Tyler complains, looking up from his laptop.
“Nah, don’t bother. The missus definitely requested his presences and you know he doesn’t disobey,” NyOh jokes and motions to cracking a whip.
Harry just dimples boyishly and shrugs, on the way out, he says over his shoulder, “By the way, Lamby - order me ten of those silk shirts.”
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finelinevogue · 2 months ago
love on tour
Tumblr media
Description - you join harry for love on tour
A/N - in light of tour starting today i got really excited and decided to write a oneshot about love on tour! hope you enjoy!!
warnings : swearing, smut
[ masterlist ]
Tumblr media
Saturday 5th, or as you like to call it; chaos.
The sun had woken you up in your Las Vegas hotel room at 7am, the windows already open and letting out the hot air from the intense night before. The yellow glow of the happy sun projected a smile onto your face and you hummed peacefully as you took in the view of the megacity you towered above.
The day was starting with peace, but God would it not end this way. Today was full steam ahead and no power down until midnight tonight, for today was day 1 of Love on Tour and it was going to be huge. People have been waiting for this tour for a year, having heard the album over two years ago now, and the anticipation for Harry to be back performing in his element was the talk of the year. You were so proud of everything he’s achieved, is currently achieving and will go on to achieve, but especially this. Harry on tour is his happy place, maybe besides you, and you were just so glad that he was back.
Harry Styles was back.
“Wow.” Harry’s voice broke through the room and you looked from the scenery outside to a much more beautiful, and slightly nude, view of your gorgeous boyfriend who was making his way out of the bathroom with nothing but a low-hanging towel on.
“What?” You laughed lightly, and pulled the duvet up higher over yourself as you cowered under his intense stare.
“You.” Harry smiled, leaning against the frame of the door as he soaked you all in. The morning sun made you look even more ethereal than you regularly did and Harry was going hard for it. “Y’just so beautiful.”
“Ugh.” You groaned at how he could be so charming and slick so early in a morning, making you fully pull the covers over your head and bury yourself out of sight from him. You couldn’t see him, but you felt him get closer. His warmth strengthening as he approached you. Then you felt the dip of the bed and the rustling of bed sheets, before he was on top of you and the duvet had been ripped away from you.
“Hi.” He smiled at you so brightly he neatly matched the beam of the sun.
“Have a good sleep?” He asked, moving some of your hair off your face and away from your neck as you spoke.
“Yeah. You exhausted me pretty good.” You laughed, recalling back to last night. Harrys nerves had been really high and so you did your best to calm him down by submitting yourself to him and letting him be a little rough with you. You quite enjoyed yourself, what with him being rougher than usual, but this morning you were feeling the after effects.
“Hm I bet.” He laughed cockily, making you roll your eyes at him. “Wasn’t too hard was I?” He quickly followed himself up and furrowed his eyebrows worriedly as he awaited your response.
“No,” you leant up to give his lips a soft kiss, “no, you were perfect.” You lowered your body back down but Harry wasn’t having any of it.
“Come back.” He whined, cupping the back of your head to hold it up as he re-attached his lips back to yours.
You hummed in delight, relishing in the minty taste of his toothpaste breath. His lips were so soft and pretty against yours, moulding in ways that only he knew how to. The wet smacking noises of your lips tangling together filled the room and suddenly the open window didn’t feel like it was serving its’ purpose. He pushed you downwards, keeping his lips tightly pressed to yours. He begged for entrance and you let him slide his tongue in, tasting the sweet taste on your tongue from your cherry lipstick. His hands cupped your cheeks and he pressed himself into you, you being able to feel the hardness of his cock through both the towel and the duvet.
“H…” You sighed out, too captivated by him to word out anything else.
“Love you so much.” He broke away from your, now swollen and slightly bruised, lips to properly look over you and your beauty. You were such a work of art.
“I love you too.” You kissed him quickly again. Then again. And again. It took another few kisses like this before Harry took over control and guided the kiss to be something more intense and forceful. You moaned happily as you drank each other up in the sins of your love.
Harry sat up and pushed the duvet down, letting the sun kiss your bare body beneath it. “Fucking vision y’are.” Harry whispered under his breath, but you bit your lip to hide the fact that you heard him so clearly. He pulled his own towel away, his cock looking as if it wanted to burst from being strained. He looked at you exposed for him for a few seconds, before divulging himself in you.
He started with your neck, sucking kisses into your satin skin to make sure everyone knew you were his. He kissed over last nights bruises tenderly and checked with you to make sure they didn’t hurt too bad. He made his way down the valley of your chest, dedicating extra time to your swollen nipples that were so ready and sensitive for him. He left two wet kisses over your nipples, leaving them exposed to the cool air afterwards which made you shiver in pleasure. As his mouth began to tail south, you decided to stop him and pulled him back up to you.
“I was just getting to the best bit.” He teased you, kissing your lips so lovingly that you felt your heart would burst any moment.
“Wanna taste you instead.” You replied, giving him your shy eyes when you were a little embarrassed to ask for something during your intimate moments.
“Y’sure?” He asked, double checking by kissing your lips again.
“Mhm. Y’deserve it.”
“Thank you, m’love.” He kissed you once, twice and three times, “but i’m tasting this pussy afterwards.” He bit your lip, before you pushed him so he rolled over. He landed on his back and he took ahold of your hips so that you wouldn’t fall off him. You resumed tasting his lips as you rocked your wet centre of his thick cock, just teasing it before you could get your lips around it. “Bloody hell y’feel so good, lovie.” He moaned as you sat up straight and continued to give a few rocks of your hips.
“Y’cock feels so good.” You gave one final roll before shuffling down so you were straddling his legs and your head was in line with his hard shaft.
“Shut up and put that mouth t’work.” Harry ordered, sitting up slightly, propping the pillows up behind him, and placing one of his hands behind his head with his other hanging down over his chest. God, he looked the dream.
Taking his cock in your hand he let out a guttural hiss of enjoyment and you carefully started moving your hand up and down. You teased him slow, kissing the top of his leaking cock first with your swollen kissed lips and spitting slightly to lube him up slightly. He let out a large moan when you cupped his sensitive balls with your other hand, squeezing gently so to get a reaction out of him. “S’good?” You asked, stroking and squeezing him as teasingly as you could.
“So good,” Harry breathed out, making eye contact with you, “Need y’mouth though.”
So you gave him what he wanted, swallowing as much as you could. His girth was so wide that your mouth was barely big enough, but the feeling for him was second to none so you did the best you could. You used your tongue to rub along the pulsing veins on the side of his length, moving your head so he moved in and out of you mouth. Harry didn’t appreciate the teasingly slow pace, however, so used the free hand on his chest to cup behind your head and force you to take all of him. He pushed you so much that your nose was touching the bottom of his happy trail and you could feel him down the back of your throat. He tasted salty and warm - heaven. You tapped his thigh to let him know you couldn’t take anymore and he released his hand to let you back up.
“Y’so good for me.” Harry brushed your hair out of your face as he watched your mouth drip with saliva.
“I’m not done yet.” You smiled and bobbed your head back down, letting Harry’s hand guide you softly, yet rapidly, this time. You breathed him in and tasted the beginnings of the release that only you get to starve from.
“Fuck me.” Harry groaned and started bucking his lips lightly, making sure he didn’t hurt you in the process.
“Mm.” You smiled around his cock, hollowing your cheeks and Harry’s moaned when he felt the insides of your cheeks stroke his cock. It was fucking bliss.
“No seriously, fuck me.” Harry repeated, you obviously not quite understanding what he had meant before. You sat up, your lips making a popping noise as you moved off his cock. You had pre-cum mixed with saliva around your mouth and Harry swore he had never seen someone look so intoxicating. He was on his knees for you. “C’mere.” He asked, unwrapping his hand from the back of his head to steady you as you climbed up his body. You licked around your mouth, tasting him everywhere and swallowing until satisfied.
“Taste so good.” You hummed in appreciation, climbing up his body until your pussy met his still throbbing length. You sat down over it and you both sighed at the contact.
“Fuck.” Harry grunted sliding his hands down your thighs smoothly and gripping them slightly when you started to roll your hips over him. “Baby, need to be inside of y’now.”
“Okay.” You whispered and took his cock in your hand, lining it up with yourself and began to sink down on it when you were both ready. You went slow, but it didn’t feel any less uncomfortable as Harry’s girth and length stretched you out in unexplainable ways. “Shit.” You shouted as Harry finally settled in the deepest place he could.
“My God, lovie.” Harry groaned, tipping his head back.
Whilst Harry was in his daze you decided to start moving yourself up and then back down, pulling him back to focus on you. One of his large hands went to sit on your hip, guiding you through your movements, whilst the other went up to your mouth and he dropped his fingers in your mouth for you to wet. You sucked on his fingers as you bounced in a rhythmic pace, letting him stretch fully into you before pulling away. He then moved his fingers downwards and towards to your nipples, tugging and tweaking them until he could see he was tormenting you. You sighed and tilted your head back as you kept riding him exactly the way he wanted you to.
“Love you, Harry.” You groaned, loving the feeling of him inside of you whilst having your breasts groped and played with.
“Love you too, baby.”
You opened your eyes fast when your felt his cock change angles, watching as Harry sat up so his chest was flush against yours. He stilled as he looked into your eyes, so deep inside of you he could be in your stomach. Your breasts touched his sizeable pecks and your arms went up and around his neck to play with the little curls on the back of his neck, whilst his remained glued to your waist sides.
“What?” You asked shyly, as he remained looking at you.
“Y’just so pretty. Can’t believe y’mine.” He smiled, making you do so too.
“I’m all yours.”
“I know.” He kissed your lips softly, before hurriedly pushing you backwards so that he was now on top, and inside, of you, “And let me remind you of that.”
Before you could comprehend his words, he was rapidly thrusting inside of you. The sounds of his skin slapping against yours, along with both your animalistic moans, filled the room, completely juxtaposing the calming wake of the morning sun. You arched your back as he moved one hand to play with your breasts and the other went to rub your clit forcefully. You legs shook, but Harry did a good job of keeping you still and at mercy for him. He pistoned into you with no stopping, rocking the bed back into the wall as he did so.
“Harry…” You moaned out, just for him.
“Such a good girl f’me.” He praised you, keeping his pace and ruining your cunt with his cock and fingers. Your body was under his spell and he was completely in control of you. “Take me so well.”
“I’m gonna cum.” You whined, jostling around a bit more as your climax began to build skyscraper high.
“Yeah? Gonna cum f’me?”
“Yes. Please.” You begged, making Harry’s thrusts become harder and more primal. His fingers on your clit moved faster and he enjoyed the way your body was so receptive of his touch.
“Cum with me then, darling.” He ordered and as if you two were connected, you came at the same time. Your release coating his cock as he pumped ropes of white cum inside of you. You both groaned and were a mess of hot, sweaty, tangled bodies as you rehearsed around each other. It was the ultimate euphoria getting to cum at the same time as him. Harrys body collapsed onto yours, not making the effort to move off of you let alone out of you. You could feel his cum slightly trickling out of you, but his cock was acting as a plug for the rest of it. His head was buried into the side of your neck and you safely wrapped your arms around his back, as if you were hugging him, and stroked your fingers up and down his back as you tried to regain your breathe.
“You okay?” You asked, short of breathe but worried because Harry hadn’t said anything yet.
“Swear sex shouldn’t feel that good.” He whispered into your neck, his hot breathe tickling your skin as you spoke quietly. You laughed at his response, keeping quiet for the next five minutes as you remained in your exhausted positions.
A knock on the door ruined it.
“Harry?” You heard Jeff’s voice through the door. Harry didn’t respond though, still bathing in you and your homely scents. “Harry!” He shouted louder, yet still Harry didn’t respond.
“If we stay quiet he’ll just go away.” Harry mumbled into your ear, which made you giggle.
“What if it’s something important?” You asked.
“It’s always something important.”
“Harry?!” Jeff’s tone of voice grew more aggravated and you were worried he would just go get a spare key and open the door in a minute if no one responded. “Y/N?” He then called because he knew you wouldn’t ignore him.
“Don’t you—”
“Y’wanker.” Harry grumbled, pushing himself down onto you more so he could reach a new part of your neck and bite his love into you.
“Well, will you tell Harry the tour buses are leaving in 15?” Jeff shouted, making Harry groan and you laugh at how ignorant he was being. Arrogant son of a bitch.
“Sure!” You called back, squealing a little when Harry’s teeth bit your skin and then his warm tongue swirled over the same spot.
“Okay thanks!” Jeff was gone, but Harry wasn’t moving.
“Harry, get y’dick out of me and put on some pants.” You tried to push him away, but he protested by bear-hugging you so you couldn’t escape each other.
“Wow you’re so romantic, y’know that?” Harry popped his head up as he spoke sarcastically.
“Harry, babe, you need to go. Your fans are waiting for you.”
“Don’t talk about my fans when i’m buried stomach-deep inside of you.” He groaned, landing his hand on your chest between your breasts.
“The quicker you get a move on now, the sooner the post-concert sex will be.” You taunted him, which made his head shoot up, a quick kiss to your lips and pulled himself out of you before you could even groan out his name.
Clearly this man was in need of some well-deprived post-concert sex.
You watched as Harry was stood on stage, posing the infamous Fine Line pose as the trumpets for the end of the song faded.
Harry was currently just running through the songs and making sure he knew where to position himself a when. His choreographer was on the stage with him, pointing to perhaps a better position for him to end at so the fans got a better view of him. You were sat down in the audience, watching because Harry wanted you to critique every movement. He wanted it to be perfect and he knew your standards of performance would allow it to be just that. If not, better.
“So?” Harry called to you, as the lights in the arena returned to full brightness, after being a mirage of pinks and blues for the end of the show. You couldn’t get anything out though, instead just a heavy sob and a smile so wide that you probably looked crazy. “Woah, woah. Hey?” Harry ran off stage, jumping off the last bit quite dangerously just so he could rush to you. When he was down beside you, you shook your head feeling like an idiot. “Was is that bad?” Harry joked, knowing that it wasn’t.
“No, no. Not at all. It was inspiring.” You laughed, still crying as Harry crouched down in front of you and held your hands tightly inside of his.
“Then why’re you crying, lovie?” He chuckled, reaching one of his hands up to cup your cheek which you melted into. His skin on yours always calmed you in unexplainable ways.
“Just so proud of you. And really happy for y’too.”
“Oh c’mere, y’softie.” Harry laughed and pulled you off the chair to stand with him so he could give you a hug. He squeezed you so tight and rocked you the way he knew would calm you down.
“Really, H. I’m glad you’re back.” You nodded against his chest where your head was buried, sniffing in the warm and musky scents of your golden boy.
“Glad to be back.” He kissed the top of your head as he continued to sway you.
“Oi! Styles! Need to check the mic!” Someone called from on the stage, making you both look up and over to them.
“Alright, i’ll be over now!” Harry called back, still cling to you. He cupped your cheeks to see you better, wiping some stray tears away from your face. “Will y’be alright?” He looked concerned, you knowing just how much he hated leaving you alone whenever you were of have been crying.
“I’ll be fine! I’m just being daft!” You laughed it off, but you, and he did too, that as soon as he got back up on the stage to do his mic checks and sing again you were going to be crying. God help you for tonight.
“Y’not daft. Just overly emotional.”
“Go, before y’get in trouble… again.”
Harry left you with a kiss to the lips and then ran back on stage to continue with routine checks. You were about to sit back on the seat, but Harry Lambert, or Lambo as you call him, beat you to it.
“Y/N!” He spoke excitedly, considering you haven’t seen each in months - since the Grammy’s actually.
“Lambo!” You threw your arms around him happily and he gave you a quick squeeze before letting you go.
“Hand.” He spoke and you knew exactly what he meant. You handed him your left hand and saw his face drop with disappointment. Yours too. “Seriously? You’ve spent the last year quarantining together and he’s still not put a ring on you? What have you been doing?” He laughed frustratingly, after manifesting that you would be getting engaged sometime over lockdown.
“Having non-marital sex?” You responded, making him laugh.
“I would rather not know, actually..” He rolled his eyes and let you have your ringless hand back. “Anyways, I need you to pick Harry’s outfit for tonight.”
This was your favourite part of the job. Lambo pieced all the outfits together and Harry confirmed whether he would like to wear them or not, but you were the one who held the power of which one he got to wear each night. On the HS1 tour you’d done so well with the order of choosing which suit to where and when, so Harry had faith that this year you’d do even better. You’d gone through the outfits with Harry and talked about which ones were your favourite and such, but never gave away which ones he’d be wearing when. His first night had to be something dramatic and special though, that you knew.
“Please! I think I know though.” You smirked your cheeky grin and nodded your head, Lambo catching your grin and mirroring it himself.
“Oh bloody hell, Y/N!” Lambo said as if he just got a wavelength from you of what you wanted Harry to wear. He knew you too well now not to know. “You’re gonna kill the fans, y’know?” He laughed and so did you.
“And me!”
“And then H will kill me.”
“So…” You spoke hopefully, knowing he wouldn’t say no to you but might be slightly concerned at the choice of it for opening night.
“See you in heaven!” He laughed and walked off, you following close behind him. You looked to the stage to see Harry far too in depth with his work to notice you sneaking off to prepare tonight’s outfit.
Boy, this was going to be a night.
It was a few hours later when Harry found you getting ready in his dressing room.
“Fuck, y’so hot.” He whistled, looking at your outfit and imagining the ungodly things he could do to you right now. You had chosen your outfit to fit in the rock’n’roll aesthetic Harry was going for with HS3. Your black dress clung to all your curves, making your figure look beautiful the way it was, with you tall boots making you look taller than you actually are. The leather jacket was to add a little something and match your boots, making you look like a badass hot biker-woman.
“Just f’you.” You smiled smugly, standing up from the chair at the vanity to greet him.
“Well aren’t I just one lucky man.” He asked rhetorically, you already knowing the answer was yes because you do believe that you are worthy of Harry and his love.
“Sure are, Mr Harry Styles.” You wrapped your arms around his neck as his arms slunk around your waist, underneath your jacket. You saw the cheeky glint in his eyes when his fingers ran over the back of your dress to find your open back was completely exposed.
“Just for me?” He repeated your previous words as his fingers drew intimate patterns on your back, his lips dangerously close to yours.
“You know it is. I am.” You hovered your lips over his, before Harry got impatient and crushed you onto him. His body fit perfectly against yours and his lips carved out the letters of love into your skin. You tasted sweet, like honey, and he tasted minty. It was fresh and passionate and so full of love. You truly did love him.
“Mm,” Harry hummed in appreciation of you as he left your lips with a quiet smacking noise, “As much as i’d love to continue, we have a dinner reservation in 30 minutes.” He spoke as his forehead rested upon yours. You loved how close and intimate he was.
“Can we just skip dinner?”
“Tempting, but no. Want to know y’fully fed whilst i’m prancing around on stage.” He smiled, kissing your forehead before walking to his suitcase to find a jacket. He wasn’t wearing his tour suit yet, but he was wearing nice trousers and a shirt that he’d come in this morning. He looked so effortlessly perfect it was frustrating.
After he grabbed his jacket and you styled your hair the way you liked it, he took ahold of his hand and you both walked out of the arena to an uber that he’d ordered, taking you to your dinner before the big show.
The driver made the way through the busy roads of Vegas, to a quieter part of the city where you had your reservation at a restaurant. It was a little Greek place, which you and Harry had been once before when you both woke up, unexpectedly, in Vegas. You had both been very hungover and none the wiser as to how you even got there, but regardless you went to a Greek restaurant and the food was so good you remember wanting to genuinely marry it.
The car pulled up on the curb and you and Harry thanked him as you climbed out. Harry took off his jacket, it being far too warm to wear one, and took your hand to lead you to into the restaurant.
“Y’got a mask?” Harry asked, pulling his own out of his jacket pocket. He put his own on as you rummaged through your bag to try and find the one that you knew you’d packed.
“Hang on.” You stuck your tongue out in concentration, rooting around everywhere to find it.
“Love, I can run across the road to buy a packet if—”
“A-ha.” You grinned, pulling it out and Harry shook his head when he realised why you were so adamant on wearing yours. It was a silk black mask, but on the side of it, embroidered in silver, it said ‘Harry is my boyfriend’. It was a play on the new merch that he was about to release for HS3.
“Y’trouble y’are.” Harry laughed, taking your hand back in his and walking you both through the door.
"Evening Mr Styles. Reservation for two I presume?" A man with a lush Greek accent, much like everyone else who worked in this restaurant did, greeted you at the door. A woman politely took both of your jackets to hand them up and then a man explained how he’d be your server and handed you menus.
“This way please.” The server, who introduced himself as Carlos, began to walk through the tables of people dining. Some people spotted Harry, but no one made the move to go crazy over him which he heavily appreciated.
"Thank you, Carlos." Harry responded, as Carlos led you both deeper into the restaurant. Harry often liked to address waiting staff by their first names to make the atmosphere less formal. The restaurant itself was beautifully decorated. Little fairy lights danced along the ceiling, whilst an impressive wine collection stood tall behind glass cabinets along the wall. The whole vibe of the restaurant was very warm and inviting and it made you forget you were in Vegas for a moment.
"Is this window seat okay for you both?" He asked, both of you nodding yes, and shortly left you two be. Harry thanked him again whilst pulling out your chair for your to sit in. You thanked Harry as he pushed your chair in, giving him a quick kiss to the lips as extra gratitude.
You and Harry sat in silence as you both scanned the menu. You already knew what you wanted but you were so damn nervous, about this evenings show, that you couldn't concentrate. You hadn't even realised that Carlos was back at your table until Harry tapped you. "Baby. " You looked up at Harry and then suddenly saw Carlos standing next to your table.
"Oh sorry. I'll just have water please." The waiter jotted it down on his pad before turning to take Harry's order.
"Are you sure that's all you want?" Harry asked curiously, looking at you with his creased furrowed eyebrows. Obviously, he knew something was up with you since you normally like to have a glass of wine with your dinner. You just nodded your head so to not stress him out anymore than he already probably was. Tonight was big for him and he didn’t need your stress on top of his own. "Um, i’ll have a vodka tonic please." The waiter took Harry’s order and left you two to decide on your mains.
“So what do you—” You began, getting cut off by your boyfriend.
“Baby, y’alright?”
"Me? I'm fine." You laughed, but were aware that Harry was making a face which suggested that he knew otherwise. He reached across the table to hold your hand, and caressed the back of it softly with his thumb.
“Hey, it’s just me.” Harry tried to comfort you the best way he could and that was by reminding that it was just you and him in this moment. You and Harry, Harry and you.
You sighed, as you knew that you'd have to explain how you were feeling to Harry now. "I guess I'm just nervous for this evening. Excited, definitely, but nervous all the same." You smiled shyly at him, worried that he’d find you were being silly.
"Baby, listen. I know that you're nervous, hell i'm scared, but I also know there's no reason to be. Rehearsals went so well, so what are you afraid of hm?”
“Just you’re going to be so busy now and I don’t want you to forget about me. It’s selfish I know.” You shook your head and tried to pull your hand away, but he wouldn’t let you and only gripped on to you tighter. He wasn’t letting you go anywhere.
“Y/N, lovie, y’the least selfish person I know. I get your fear, I do. I feel the same when you go to work, but I know that you’re coming back to me at the end of the day - the same way i’ll be coming home to you every day. You’re it for me, baby. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you or forgetting you.” He promised, pulling your hand over to his side of the table so he could lean in to kiss it softly. The stain of his love imprinting into your skin from his lips.
“Glad we both feel the same way.” You smiled and that was all it took for Harry to know that you’d both be okay.
The rest of the dinner constituted of papoutsakia, pastitsio and prosecco. Harry had encouraged you to have a drink with him as you both enjoyed the key-lime pie for dessert. It was just what you needed to take the edge off both your nerves. It had come to the end of your dinner and you told Harry you were just going to go to the toilet before you had to leave. Instead, you went to the bar and asked for the bill.
You were proud of Harry with everything he's accomplished recently, but you were so much more grateful for him being so warm and kind to you this evening. He deserved a proper thank you and so you were more than willing to pay for dinner. Harry did so much for you and you believed it was time to give a little back. You paid for dinner and thanked Carlos, walking back over to your table. Harry was on his phone and his wallet was on the table - waiting for the card to be used. You pushed your chair under the table, causing him to look up at you and smile. "You ready to go love?" You asked.
"I will be once the waiter comes back over with the bill. I just asked that man over there to bring it over for me." He pointed over to a man who had a very confused look on his face whilst messing around with the till. Harry looked back at his phone, continuing to text someone.
"Okay, I'll just go get out coats?" Harry looked up at you. He stood up and gave you a quick kiss on the lips, not being able to leave you for so long without one.
"I'll be as quick as possible." Harry replied, watching you walk to the front of the restaurant as he made sure you got to the front desk okay and nobody started chatting you up. He turned around to look over at the waiter, seeing that Carlos was calling him over to the till. So he wandered over.
"Hi Sir. It seems like the bill has already been payed for?" The waiter raised an eyebrow, as confused as Harry. Harry thought about it for a second and then it clicked that you'd never actually gone to the toilet.
"Oh, well thank you very much for a pleasant evening Carlos.” He shook the waiter’s hand and walked to the exit of the restaurant, finding you putting on your jacket. Harry noticed you smirking at him and he just shook his head, chuckling at how sneaky you’d been. You handed him his jacket as he approached you, a smile still stuck to your face.
"You didn't have to do that, y’know?" He kept shaking his head at you, with a grin. You turned to look at him with a sarcastic expression.
"I have no idea what you could be talking about." You shrugged your shoulders at his remark, thanking the waiter’s again before walking hand-in-hand out of the restaurant. You didn’t even get to the curb-side before Harry cupped your cheeks and brought your face closer to his. He looked between your eyes and your lips and then closed his eyes once your lips made contact. You cherished the moment and slowly moved away from him. "But, you're welcome.”
"I would love to continue this, but I have to do some singing in like an hour." He laughed, both of you still centimetres away from each other. Neither of you wanted to move apart from each other, both just too happy with one another to distance yourselves.
“Let’s go sing then.” You smirked, walking over to where your new Uber was pulling up.
“Y’make me so happy, Y/N.”
“Feelings mutual.”
“10 minutes ‘till go time!”
Your hands were shaking as you were standing in the corner of the room. Everyone was rushing around everywhere and the adrenaline of the room was ridiculously intense.
Unfortunately you hadn’t seen Harry since you got back because he got whisked away into his dressing room and was getting his hair, makeup and outfit sorted. You felt a bit out of place and like a burden waiting for him there, so you went off to go to the toilet and fill your water bottle up, whilst chatting to Sarah for a bit. Now it was ten minutes until showtime and you had no idea where Harry was or even if you’d see him again before he went on stage.
The noise from the fans was deafening but so amazing. It felt so good to be back, you couldn’t imagine how it must feel for Harry. You weren’t envious of him having to run on stage in front of thousands of people and sell his heart to them all. You loved that you could watch him be in his element from behind stage.
You pushed yourself further into the corner, trying to keep out of the way. Only that didn’t seem to come easily. Before you could help yourself you tripped over a wire and tumbled down to the floor, pulling out a few wires from a master-box of wires. Despite being slightly winded from falling over, stupid high-heels, you were more concerned that you’d just broken something really important.
“What the fuck have you done?” A man came running over after he’d seen you fall, a heavily angry expression on his face.
“I’m sorry I didn’t—”
“What? You didn’t mean to?” He asked patronisingly. “Just move out of the way.” He huffed and offered no help to get you up. Your hands were shaking slightly more now and you felt a heavy lump in your chest as if you were about to cry. You didn’t want to cry, at least not without Harry.
“I’m sor—”
“Just move out of the fucking way.” He shouted angrily, pushing you slightly so you toppled away. You clutched your bag and tried your best to make amends, but instead you, accidentally, pulled another wire out as you moved away.
“Oh god I—” You became really flustered and the man trying to fix everything became really red with anger.
“Stupid woman!” He shouted. “Just leave, you’re messing everything up. Leave!” He shouted and it made your heart race with panic. People had been watching the scene go down, but you’d been too apologetic to really notice. You’d wanted to help but all you’d done was make it so much worse.
You ran off the best you could in your heels, down a corridor as you tried to find the women’s toilets to break down in. Your turned a left and then a right, sniffling as your eyes burned with tears and your nose became runny. You’d broken something clearly important right before tour and you couldn’t even do anything to make it better. You were working yourself up with stress over not being able to find the toilets. This place was a maze. Just as you turned a corner you ran into a hard chest, whose arms held you firmly to keep you from toppling over.
“Watch where you’re go—” You looked up to see Mitch, a smile in his eyes until he saw the familiar you and your distressed face. “Woah, Y/N are you alri—”
“Excuse me Mitch, sorry.” You ran past him and into the toilets, shutting the door behind you and finally breaking down. Fuck. Just fuck.
You cried as you looked at yourself in the mirror, thinking of some pretty derogatory things about yourself as you stared at the crying clumsy idiot in front of you. Your makeup was running slightly, but you knew it would do anyway when you see Harry on stage. You hiccupped and moved into a stall to get some tissue to blow your nose and dry your tears away. You weren’t even sure you’d be able to find your way back to the main arena now, worried you’d be stuck back here unless you called someone. Just as you were blowing your nose, the door to the bathroom swung open and you moved quickly to shut the cubicle door to prevent anyone seeing you like this.
“No, no. Baby, stop.” Harry’s voice came through the room and you stopped trying to close the door, Harry pushing it open to let himself get as close to you as possible. You just cried when he took you in his arms. “Y’alright love.” He shushed you, stroking your back comfortingly.
“I-i’m sorry.” You choked out, thinking he’d be so disappointed with you.
“Ssh. Calm down f’me first, lovie.”
He kept you in his arms for as long as it took for you to completely calm down. You cries turned to sobs turned to quiet hiccups. Once you were calmer, Harry pulled your face away from the warmth of his bare chest and up so he could see you properly.
“I got makeup on y’jacket.” You furrowed your eyebrows, wiping your hand to try and get it out. Harry leaned down to kiss the crease away between your eyebrows and make you more at ease. He was so calm and collected for a man about to go on stage in 5 minutes.
“Don’t care about that. Just care about you, so tell me what’s wrong.” He didn’t ask, he ordered you to do so because he knew you’d say it didn’t matter otherwise.
“Well. I-I missed you so I was just waiting around f’you,” Harry smiled at that and kept you close so he could caress your cheek, “But then I fell over and accidentally pulled some wires with me and this man was really angry at me.” Harry’s expression was much sterner now.
“What did they say?” Harry asked firmly, not taking any bullshit.
“It doesn’t matter—”
“Fuck that, Y/N. It does matter. It matters to me.” You were taken aback that he was so protective over you right now, thinking he’d have a million and one other things he should be better thinking about than you and your problems.
“Just that i’m a stupid woman and i was messing everything up.”
“That fucker.” Harry snarled, pulling you into him so he could hug you tight. It was exactly what you needed from him in that moment. You loved the feeling of his chest against yours and the smell of his expensive cologne. He was delicious.
“I’m okay now.” You pointed out that being here in Harry’s arms made everything so much easier. It was as if the last 5 minutes never existed.
“Still going to fire a man today.”
“Harry—” Pulling away from his you gave him a stern look, like you didn’t want him to do that for you.
“No. No one says shit like that to my girlfriend and gets away with it.” Harry made it clear he wasn’t budging on this topic and so you nodded your head in acceptance. “How about you, are y’alright physically?” He asked, moving away slightly to assess you top to toe.
“I’m good. Just was a bit shaken up.” You smiled at him to try and reassure him you were all good.
“Y’alright now though.” He brought you in for another hug and you stayed like that until Jeff had to physically drag him out of the room as he was due on stage in 40 seconds.
You all ran through the building, Harry keeping your hand held tight the whole time. You kept up good with his pace. You got to have a good look at him from where he was running slightly ahead. He was wearing a chalky red suit with no suit and this choker harness over his torso. You wanted something epic for opening night and he was about to serve better than that. He looked a dream and you couldn’t believe he was genuinely yours. You squeezed his hand and he squeezed yours back, turning the last corner before having to get on stage.
The sound of golden was playing and you looked around to see if you could spot that man. Harry’s lips on yours brought you away from your paranoia of whether that man was still here or not. You kissed him hungrily, completely soaking up every part of him before he shouted he loved you and ran up on stage. You shouted you loved him back and you knew he’d heard you when he placed his hand over his heart as he ran up on stage.
“Las Vegas! Make some noise!” Harry shouted before he began instantly singing Golden. You were so happy to see him in his element again, looking so happy himself. If you could keep him like this forever, you would.
You moved with Jeff to stand off the side of the stage, behind curtains so no one could see you. You danced around a little bit but couldn’t help but cry also. It was so overwhelming to see him back here again, performing the songs he’s been wanting to for almost two years now. The fans were all screaming and crying and singing and it was just the most magical sight. Jeff was smiling beside you, obviously feeling a similar way to you.
Yeah, love on tour was going to be something special.
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