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queer-halo · 15 hours ago
The fact that when Harry helped a fan come out a few days ago, in this massive celebratory way, it got no media coverage at all but the moment he revealed the meaning of watermelon sugar could possible be about female orgasms, that was the headlines everywhere for days on end. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does.
It’s very clear to me the tactics they use and overuse have been in the traditional ways of glass closeting that the industry has been doing for many years. Everything minuscule that harry does which promotes his “Het womaniser fuck boy” image gets headlines and media coverage everywhere, but anything remotely queer he does, gets ignored and brushed aside. The few times it does get coverage it is brushed aside as “ally behaviour”. I’m sorry if you do not see the issue at this point, you’re very intentionally turning a blind eye to everything corrupt that the music industry has been encouraging and doing.
I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him to constantly put out all these signals screaming that he is not JUST an ally and for people, for his own fans to blatantly brush aside and focus on every wrong thing that further encourages his image as a sex symbol which he has stated multiple times, makes him uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that he ignores it and chooses not to think about it at all because that’s how actually disturbing it gets.
It just bothers me about how fickle the media is and how absolutely disgraceful his team is that they continue to push this horrible image of his and do nothing to actually help and promote him in the good ways. In fact they encourage this sort of horrifying behaviour.
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justalarryblog · 23 hours ago
Love On Tour - Boston
Tumblr media
thestylesshopco || avery.oneillkelleher || officialxarries || gretahill93 || isaabelluh || makaylasemiao
📣 The account hslotlives on twitter is always updating the active streams, so remember to check them if none of those above isn't working!
📌 Please, RB this post so it can reach more people!
Have fun tonight, guys! 😘✨💗
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harrytheehottie · 4 days ago
The band singing happy birthday to Sarah from Sarah’s Kitchen who has been Harry’s caterer since he was in 1D. 🥺
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mr-styles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
harrystyles LOVE ON TOUR will be going out across the USA this September and I could not be more excited for these shows. As always, the well-being of my fans, band, and crew, is my top priority. Safety guidelines will be available on the respective venue websites to ensure we can all be together as safely as possible. Please notice that some dates have changed, and new shows have been added.
To everyone in the UK, and across the world, I can’t wait to see you again, but for obvious reasons it is just not possible at this time. I will be sharing more news soon about shows across the globe, and new music. I love you all so much. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see you. H
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finelinevogue · a month ago
What if a security guard wouldn’t let you back in the arena if you went out to get something. And they didn’t believe that you were harrys gf and just thought you were a crazy fan
oooh it’s been done before but here’s my version!! ;
You were running late.
It was already 7pm and you were only getting out of your car in the car park. Harry was due to be on stage in an hour and you hadn’t even seen him yet. The traffic around Dallas today has been awful. Chocker block. You’d been with Harry all day, up until 3 hours ago when he had to leave the hotel to come to the stadium for rehearsals. Normally you’d go with him, but you were so tired that you wanted a little nap before coming. The problem here was you overslept.
There were no Ubers available and a taxi would be far too expensive at this time, so you drive in Harrys car instead. You’d been following Harry on tour in his car, so when you get to different destinations you can go out on ball day trips if you want to without the obscenity of a huge tour bus or paying for Ubers everywhere. It was the main reason you were so tired though, travelling across country and into different time zones. It would be so much easier if this was the UK.
You grabbed your purse and your jacket, locking the car as you got out and started running for the backstage entrance. It was easy to make it there and you noticed security guards already standing there.
“Hi!” You smiled, slightly short of breathe. You were about to move past them when one of them shoved your shoulder back, making you stumble back unbalanced. “Wha—”
“ID and backstage pass to get through here.” One of them said, looking you up and down as if you were nothing.
If anything, you were quite shocked on how they just treated and continued to treat you. Normally, Harry would show a picture of you to these backstage security guards to make sure you’d be able to get in no problem, but it seemed like today Harry might’ve forgotten to show that photo. This was going to be a problem for you, because you’d forgotten to bring your backstage pass.
“I normally just go through? I’m Harry’s girlfriend.” You tried talking your way around the situation, not appreciating behind held up so close to show-time.
“Oh you’re Harry’s girlfriend? You must be the 7th one we’ve met tonight.” The security guy laughed and so did his friend, making your blood boil with how annoying they were being. Harry would be so pissed if he heard the way they were treating you.
“No but I actually am.”
“Then, ID and backstage passes.” One of then held out his hand whilst the other crossed his arms over his chest to make him look intimidating. Dickheads.
“I have ID just not the backstage passes.” You answered honestly, holding out your ID for them to check. They collected it and asked you questions on it, you answering them all perfectly.
“Well you definitely know you, but you have no proof you’re supposed to be where you claim to be.” They handed you back your ID and you huffed in stress.
“Well what can I show you? Photos of me and Harry together? Text messages?” You waved your arms around, getting really pissed off that this was actually happening. You’d probably miss Jenny’s whole set because of this and then 15 minutes before show-time Harry gets transported under the stage. So you only really would have half and hour with him, and that’s just not enough time. You wanted a safe and warm hug off him. You wanted a kiss. You just wanted him.
“Everyone knows they can be photoshopped.” One of the guys scoffs at your notion.
“Listen. You either show us your backstage pass or we’ll escort you off site.” The other one says a lot more firmer this time. It made you quite anxious for what you’d do if they did that - or maybe when they did that.
“Well I don’t have the backstage passes.” You sighed, rolling your eyes at the way this was going to end.
“Then let’s go.” One of them pointed to where you came from and to the car park, stepping forwards as he did so.
“I’m not leaving until you let me through those doors. My boyfriend is waiting for me.” You answered, taking a step back in stress of what they might do.
“Harry ain’t your boyfriend. Now let’s go!” They stepped forwards again and reached for you.
You swung your bag at one of them, hitting him in his side and he grunted because of the impact of your water bottle with his chest. The other one grabbed your arm and you couldn’t shake him, since you were not trained in any way for situations like this at all. His fingers dig into your skin and it made you scream out a cry, trying to kick him in any way to escape. The other one recovered ever ordered the guy holding you to escort you away whilst he stayed and guarded the door. The one holding you tugged your arms behind your body and held them tight there, it really fucking hurting. He didn’t care though and continued to walk you, asking you where your car was so he could get you out of here.
Once you reached your car he let you go and you wrapped your arms around you as he walked away again, not verbally saying anything but his eyes saying enough. Stay away. You shakily got your keys out of your bags and unlocked your door, climbing in and just sitting there. You could feel your hands really shaky and achy. Looking down with tear clouded eyes, you saw the red marks over your arms and slight bruising already. Your arms and shoulders hurt from being bent in an uncomfortable position.
You cared less about the pain though and how much of a disappointment of a girlfriend you were going to be to Harry. He was going to think either the worst for you or the worst of you. You reached in your bag on your lap for your phone, throwing your bag on the seat next to you afterwards. You wiped your eyes with the sleeve of your t-shirt and unlocked your phone to text messages, sending Harry a quick text.
To Harry: Are you free to call? x
No response. You sat there for a few minutes in silence, still shook up and teary. That had been a really awful situation to be in and you hated that you were nowhere near Harry to fix it. Your phone vibrated 3 minutes later, finding a text message from Harry. You sighed and felt safe when you saw his icon light up your notifications, knowing he was in contact with you.
From Harry: Of course, you okay? xx
You didn’t open your phone because you didn’t know how to respond. How do you tell him you’re not okay, only 20 minutes before he’s meant to be ready to go on stage? You didn’t want to worry him, but you also didn’t want him thinking you were a terrible girlfriend either.
Another vibration.
From Harry: Lovie? xx
Your eyes watered at that simple word, meaning so much more to you than five letters. It made you feel so much comfort, you only wished you could get that hug and a kiss now.
From Harry: Love, you’re worrying me now.
From Harry: Let me face-time you, hang on.
His icon lit up the screen; Incoming…
You shakily accepted, wiping your eyes quickly before. When he answered you could tell he was still in his dressing room, sat on the sofa that you wish you were also sat on with him. He looked so beautiful. His hair was perfectly styled and he was wearing a pearl coloured silk shirt and you knew he was wearing white silk pants to co-ordinate. You thought he looked ethereal. A glowing beacon of hope and beauty.
He didn’t say anything to you at first and you nothing to him. He just looked at you and instantly knew something bad was up. He kept eye contact with you and it was as if he was having a telepathic conversation with you, understanding that you needed him and just him.
“Hey, Mitch man?” Harry asked, turning his head to somewhere else in the room. “Could y’just give me a minute. Please.”
“Sure, sure.” Mitch answered and all you could hear was the sound of shuffling and the door shut. As soon as he was gone you started crying all over again. You cupped your hand over your eyes and your body shook as you just cried. Harrys heart broke that you were alone and he couldn’t hug you close to his chest.
“Y/N, baby. Look at me.” He asked urgently and you just shook your head, embarrassed that this was happening to you. “You’ll be alright lovie, I promise. Just look at me, beautiful.” You moved your hand away from your face and wiped your eyes and nose to try and make you look slightly better - not that it helped. “There’s my pretty girl.”
You smiled. He smiled.
“I-i’m so-rry H.” You whispered, sniffling in between words because of how shaky you felt.
“Hey, no. None of that. It’ll be okay.” He reassured you, keeping eye contact with you to try and decipher what was wrong. “Where are you, lovie? You’re in the car, yeah?” Harry asked, recognising your surroundings but you could get anywhere. You could have been in an accident for all he knew, but he was remaining calm so he didn’t send you into a panic.
“Yeah. In the stadium car park.” You saw Harrys eyes momentarily light up at that, before he remembered that you weren’t okay.
“Okay. Tell me why you’re upset, love. Help me understand.” He sounded urgent, just wanting to know so he could help you out. He wanted you to be okay. He wanted you with him.
“The security guards wouldn’t let me in, backstage I mean. I didn’t have my backstage pass. But..” You choked on a sob and Harry told you to just breathe. You were okay. “One of them g-grabbed me and escorted m-me of sight.”
“Baby, are you hurt? Is that why you’re upset?” Harry asked, standing up now in panic. His face looked angry, but you could tell he was trying his best to be a comfort for you. “Y/N?”
“Y-yes. Yes Harry, yes.” You voice wobbled out and you let out an exasperated sob. “I’m s-sor—”
“No don’t you dare. Don’t apologise for this. Not ever. You understand me?” He made very clear he wasn’t messing around.
“Yes.” You nodded.
“Alright. Now, you gotta be strong for me okay?” He asked, before asking, still checking that you were okay. He knew you would be though, because you were his bravest girl ever - stronger than you knew.
“You’re going to make your way back to the backstage entrance, alright? I am going to be there, before you get there. Those security guards won’t be there I promise. You’ll be okay. Can you do that for me?” He asked, moving around the room and then out of the door. He was walking down the corridors, ignoring the people shouting his name. He was only focused on you.
“Yes. Okay.” You nodded, wiping under your nose again.
“I love you.” He kissed the camera of his phone, looking like he was kissing you instead.
You returned the gesture, kissing him virtually back. “I love you.”
He told you that it’d be alright and then ended the call, explaining how you didn’t need to hear him get angry when he found these security guards. They would be fired even if they weren’t on his tour crew, he’d make sure of it. You made your way back to the backstage entrance again, slowing down before you rounded the corner. Taking a deep breathe you walked around and were met with exactly what Harry promised; him.
You smiled and broke out into a run to get to him, your bag weighing on your shoulder. Once you reached him your bag was thrown on the floor in front of him and you jumped into his arms. He lifted you up to sit you around his waist, keeping his arms tight around your waist and squeezing the biggest hug out of you. Your arms tightened around your boyfriends neck and you buried your face into his neck, and god he smelt like everything homely and sweet. He felt just like home.
“See, you’re alright now lovie.” He assured you, kissing your cheek that wasn’t quite buried into his neck.
“Th-ank you.” You muttered, kissing his neck in appreciation which made him hum in delight. He tasted so hot and lush. He was insatiable. You then felt him start kissing your arms, where the harsh red and purple marks were.
“Sorry y’had to go through this.” He kept kissing your arms, until you moved your head up and looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.
“If I can’t say sorry, then neither can you.” You shook your head, kissing his nose softly. You watched his eyes flutter close and felt so special that only you could do that to him.
“You’re so amazing Y/N. Truly.”
“You’re pretty special too, my love.”
He didn’t need to hear anything else from you, those words were enough, so he pressed his lips to yours softly, filling you with the love you’d been waiting to feel all day. You smiled into the kiss and he just felt so amazing. He was so soft and gentle with you - as smooth as the silk that dressed his body. He was so pretty to watch melt away under your spell and delicious tasting. Strawberries, was that?
He was everywhere. He was everything. He always would be.
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larrylimericks · 8 hours ago
In floral headdress, H danced around, Shortly thereafter, donning a crown. Hail the Sunflower King! Bow down, kiss the ring! We would, except none could be found??
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erodaa · a month ago
So whilst Harry was singing Falling- he looked up to a specific part of the stadium with *that* look he does for only one person, and started crying seconds after🥲 (fullvid is on @louhaz_1d insta story)
Tumblr media
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justalarryblog · a month ago
Love on Tour - Denver
does anyone know if any account will stream tonight's show?
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taurusxhoney · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Harry ft the curl at MSG Oct 3, 2021
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harrytheehottie · a month ago
Tumblr media
the stickers on pauli’s instruments 😭🥺 love
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finelinevogue · a month ago
What if as an HSLOT blurb it could be something like the reader entertaining Sarah and Mitch’s baby in the bus and the whole band teasing H when they’re going to have one of their own
Have an amazing day!
THIS CONCEPT ACTUALLY MAKES ME WANT TO CRY😭😭😭 (also let’s pretend their baby is called Benjamin) ;
The tour bus was filled with happiness.
Everyone was sat around in the main living room area on the main bus, half-way between Denver and Texas. Jeff, Harry, you, Glenne, Lambert, Sarah, Mitch and their baby, Ben, were spread out across the wrap around sofa, a table in the middle to hold coffee cups and fashion magazines.
Currently you were sat next to Sarah with Ben in your lap, who was looking at his mum with such awe. He was around 4 months now and was the sweetest most happiest boy ever. You were laughing to the conversation around the room when Ben let out a tiny sneeze.
“Oh bless you, lil man.” You cooed down at him, making him smile up at you with the largest grin he could. Everything about him was so small and delicate, from his hands to his feet and even his little button nose. His eyes were just like Mitch’s but he definitely got Sarah’s face shape. He was an absolute treasure and it made you so excited to have your own baby someday.
Little did you know, Harry was thinking the exact same thing.
“Here.” Sarah handed you a blue handkerchief and you used it to wipe Ben’s nose, making sure he was clean again. He was wearing the most cutest green, corduroy, dungarees, that Harry had gifted him from Gucci, with pink stars all over it. He had a white t-shirt on underneath and white socks, no shoes because he didn’t like the feel of them on his feet at the moment.
“You all clean, hey? You had a sneeze?” You smiled at Ben, keeping ahold of him under his armpits as he sat on your lap facing you. He smiled back at you giggling at the funny faces you were making at him.
“You’re so good with him.” Sarah nudged your arm, making you look away from her baby - your Godson - and up at her. Sarah had such a kind face and her smile always made you feel loved as a friend. You could tell her words were definitely true by the way her eyes were looking at you.
“Really?” You asked, hoping that that was true but still doubting yourself.
“Motherhood is going to treat you well.” She replies, nodding her head like it was the most definitive thing she’d ever say.
“That’s if Harry quits messing around and puts a ring on you, Y/N.” Jeff spoke up, making the room laugh and Harry just flame up with a pigmented pink blush.
Harry was sat opposite you across the table and was leaning back, man-spreading as he always does. He shook his head as everyone laughed, most likely thinking to himself about how Jeff was right - you thought. Harry and you had often spoken about marriage and children, but that was still something for quite in the future because Harry was still touring and making a new album. The future was coming though and you and Harry were more than excited for it to come. You just wanted a little more time together before anything changed.
“Oi leave him alone!” You laughed, sticking up for your boyfriend.
“So you’re not waiting on him to do that?” Glenne asked you, sitting next to Jeff with her head on his shoulder. You missed Harry just looking at them two, from where he was sat across from you.
“O’course i’d love to marry him, just happy just being with him for the moment.” Harry smiled at your words and then Ben started smiling too, flapping his little arms as if he was happy about your words too.
“So no kids on the horizon?” Mitch asked the question that everyone was now thinking.
“Let us get married first, bro!” Harry responded, sitting forwards to look at you better. He smiled at you and then down at Ben, thinking the same thing as you - probably. At how good parents you’d both be.
“And I for one can’t wait for that day.” You smiled at him, passing Ben over to Sarah so you could focus more on Harry. Once he was passed back to Sarah he settled instantly in the crook of her neck and closed his eyes, probably extremely tired from all the chattering and playing around today. You sat forwards at the table too, reaching your hands forwards to cup Harrys and resting your chin on your arm so you could look up at him. He’s so beautiful.
“You’re going to be such a great mum.” Harry told you confidently, kissing your hands.
“And you’re going to be such a great dad.” You replied, pursing your lips to hide the shit-eating grin you would wear otherwise.
“And i’m going to bed so I don’t have to hear these two lovebirds love each other.” Harry Lambert stood up, saluting as he walked out of the room. Everyone laughed, but you and your Harry just stayed looking at each other for a long time after thinking about the future and the life you were only just beginning.
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