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#httyd fandom
nightfurylover1112 · 2 years ago
The Complete HTTYD Franchise
How To Train Your Dragon
(Short) - Legend Of The Boneknapper Dragon
(Short) - Gift Of The Night Fury
(Short) - Book Of Dragons
(Sports) - Bobsled
(Sports) - Medal Ceremony
(Sports) - Ski Jump
(Sports) - Speed Skating
(Sports) - Snowboarding
(Training) - Deadly Nadder
(Training) - Gronckle
(Training) - Monstrous Nightmare
(Training) - Hideous Zippleback
(Training) - Night Fury
(Training) - Terrible Terror
Popcorn Ad
(Riders of Berk) - How To Start A Dragon Academy
(Riders of Berk) - Viking For Hire
(Riders of Berk) - Animal House
(Riders of Berk) - The Terrible Twos
(Riders of Berk) - In Dragons We Trust
(Riders of Berk) - Alvin And The Outcasts
(Riders of Berk) - How To Pick Your Dragon
(Riders of Berk) - Portrait Of Hiccup As A Buff Man
(Riders of Berk) - Dragon Flower
(Riders of Berk) - Heather Report Part 1
(Riders of Berk) - Heather Report Part 2
(Riders of Berk) - Thawfest
(Riders of Berk) - When Lightning Strikes
(Riders of Berk) - What Flies Beneath
(Riders of Berk) - Twinsanity
(Riders of Berk) - Defiant One
(Riders of Berk) - Breakneck Bog
(Riders of Berk) - Gem Of A Different Colour
(Riders of Berk) - We Are Family Part One
(Riders of Berk) - We Are Family Part Two
(Defenders of Berk) - Live And Let Fly
(Defenders of Berk) - The Iron Gronckle
(Defenders of Berk) - The Night And The Fury
(Defenders of Berk) - Tunnel Vision
(Defenders of Berk) - Race To Fireworm Island
(Defenders of Berk) - Fright Of Passage
(Defenders of Berk) - Worst In Show
(Defenders of Berk) - Appetite For Destruction
(Defenders of Berk) - Zippleback Down
(Defenders of Berk) - View To A Skrill Part 1
(Defenders of Berk) - View To A Skrill Part 2
(Defenders of Berk) - The Flight Stuff
(Defenders of Berk) - Free Scauldy
(Defenders of Berk) - Frozen
(Defenders of Berk) - A Tale Of Two Dragons
(Defenders of Berk) - The Eel Effect
(Defenders of Berk) - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
(Defenders of Berk) - Bing, Bam, Boom
(Defenders of Berk) - Cast Out Part 1
(Defenders of Berk) - Cast Out Part 2
(RTTE Season 1) - Dragon Eye Of The Beholder Part 1
(RTTE Season 1) - Dragon Eye Of The Beholder Part 2
(RTTE Season 1) - Imperfect Harmony
(RTTE Season 1) - When Darkness Falls
(RTTE Season 1) - Big Man On Berk
(RTTE Season 1) - Gone Gustav Gone
(RTTE Season 1) - Reign Of Fireworms
(RTTE Season 1) - Crushing It
(RTTE Season 1) - Quake, Rattle And Roll
(RTTE Season 1) - Have Dragon Will Travel Part 1
(RTTE Season 1) - Have Dragon Will Travel Part 2
(RTTE Season 1) - The Next Big Sting
(RTTE Season 1) - Total Nightmare
(RTTE Season 2) - Team Astrid
(RTTE Season 2) - Night Of The Hunters Part 1
(RTTE Season 2) - Night Of The Hunters Part 2
(RTTE Season 2) - Bad Moon Rising
(RTTE Season 2) - Snotlout Gets The Axe
(RTTE Season 2) - The Zippleback Experience
(RTTE Season 2) - Snow Way Out
(RTTE Season 2) - Edge Of Disaster Part 1
(RTTE Season 2) - Edge Of Disaster Part 2
(RTTE Season 2) - Shock And Awe
(RTTE Season 2) - A Time To Skrill
(RTTE Season 2) - Maces And Talons Part 1
(RTTE Season 2) - Maces And Talons Part 2
(RTTE Season 3) - Enemy Of My Enemy
(RTTE Season 3) - Crash Course
(RTTE Season 3) - Follow The Leader
(RTTE Season 3) - Turn And Burn
(RTTE Season 3) - Buffalord Soldier
(RTTE Season 3) - A Grim Retreat
(RTTE Season 3) - To Heather Or Not To Heather
(RTTE Season 3) - Stryke Out
(RTTE Season 3) - Tone Death
(RTTE Season 3) - Between A Rock And A Hard Place
(RTTE Season 3) - Family On The Edge
(RTTE Season 3) - Last Auction Heroes
(RTTE Season 3) - Defenders Of The Wing Part 1
(RTTE Season 4) - Defenders Of The Wing Part 2
(RTTE Season 4) - Gruff Around The Edges
(RTTE Season 4) - Midnight Scrum
(RTTE Season 4) - Not Lout
(RTTE Season 4) - Saving Shattermaster
RTTE Season 4) - Dire Straits
(RTTE Season 4) - The Longest Day
(RTTE Season 4) - Gold Rush
(RTTE Season 4) - Out of the Frying Pan
(RTTE Season 4) - Twintuition
(RTTE Season 4) - Blindsided
(RTTE Season 4) - Shell Shocked Part 1
(RTTE Season 4) - Shell Shocked Part 2
(RTTE Season 5) - Living on the Edge
(RTTE Season 5) - Sandbusted
(RTTE Season 5) - Something Rotten on Berserker Island
(RTTE Season 5) - Snotlout’s Angels
(RTTE Season 5) - A Matter of Perspective
(RTTE Season 5) - Return Of Thor Bonecrusher
(RTTE Season 5) - Dawn of Destruction
(RTTE Season 5) - The Wings of War Part 1
(RTTE Season 5) - The Wings of War Part 2
(RTTE Season 5) - No Dragon Left Behind
(RTTE Season 5) - Snuffnut
(RTTE Season 5) - Searching for Oswald… And Chicken
(RTTE Season 5) - Sins of the Past
(RTTE Season 6) - In Plain Sight
(RTTE Season 6) - No Bark All Bite
(RTTE Season 6) - Chain Of Command
(RTTE Season 6) - Loyal Order Of Ingerman
(RTTE Season 6) - A Gruff Seperation
(RTTE Season 6) - Mi Amore Wing
(RTTE Season 6) - Ruff Transition
(RTTE Season 6) - Triple Cross
(RTTE Season 6) - Family Matters
(RTTE Season 6) - Darkest Night
RTTE Season 6) - Guardians Of Vanaheim
(RTTE Season 6) - King of Dragons Part 1
(RTTE Season 6) - King of Dragons Part 2
(Short) - Dawn of The Dragon Racers
How To Train Your Dragon 2
How To Train Your Dragon: The hidden World (3)
To anyone who is thinking about watching HTTYD 3. You have some homework to catch up on.^^^ XD
I’ve made this exact post a couple of times but now it’s actually DONE. Like nothing more to add :’(  We should be so, so grateful that we have this much canon content and that everything was made with such care and attention to details. We are so lucky to have all of this <3 <3
Also, there are the books if anyone wants to add on to this list. 
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Hiccup proclaiming that Berk was really the people in it and not the place has the same energy as Thor learning that "Asgard is not a place, it's a people" in Ragnarok. Basically Hiccup is a Norse God now, no takebacks.
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generalhofferson · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
How To Train Your Dragon fan culture
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bambiswhitespots · 3 years ago
I'm legit so ready for the HTTYD 3 soundtrack. Like heck yes John Powell, give us everything you got. Break our hearts and souls right in two. Leave us bawling like babies. Do it. I'm ready.
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dark-eyed-panda · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I just watched The Hidden World. It was stunning. It was mindblowing. It was BEAUTIFUL. I just didn't want it to end even though it had the most beautiful ending one could imagine.
It's like the end of an era😭😭😭
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qu-aint · 2 years ago
After seeing these little guys and their patterns,,
Tumblr media
It's obvious that they're colourings mix together, meaning that the light fury isn't the female version of the night fury (this wasn't exactly made clear in the film for me anyway) so I'm guessing there's a whole species of fury dragons because the colourings really remind me of cats and how their litters turn out.
And also, when they were in the hidden word, you could see another light fury with a younger one, or just a smaller one, so there's probably male light furies too
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piplupcola · 2 years ago
If you love the adventures of Hiccup in HTTYD,
They are, despite being a children's book, one of the most amazing, well written, world building books I have ever read.
Tumblr media
They follow another and even more unlikely Viking Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, in a different, more harsher, more ferocious world than the Hiccup of the movies ever faced, learning to become a hero the hard way.
You can find the audio books online and even on YouTube. It's even read by none other than DAVID TENNANT, who is far more extraordinary with his voice acting skills than you think.
And then feel free to watch the next series by the author, the Wizard of Once, which is despite being new, another fantastic series about wizards and warriors and magic, about a time when there was once magic in the world. It is rumoured that it is the next series Cressida Cowell and Dean Deblois is making in the future with Dreamworks! So check it out while it's still fresh and new!
Tumblr media
Read them, share them, and support the author. Because if not for Cressida Cowell, we wouldn't have the beloved movies we hold dear to us today.
And after you do, feel free to let me know how you feel about my most treasure book series of all time.
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