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Genshin Impact CN: New Year 2022 Artwork From Official Paimon’s Personal Bilibili Page
Artist: 比彼
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Hey may I request reader coming home from work and seeing Ganyu, HuTao and Mona wearing reader's clothes? THANKS!!
You catching them wearing your clothes
Characters: Ganyu/Hu Tao/Mona x gn!reader (separate)
Warnings: none, just fluff
a/n: I love this request, thanks a lot for sending it in, especially since I imagine the three characters to have very different reactions
Originally planned to make a Bo Burnham reference for Mona's part, since the "prolonged eye-contact" meme got stuck in my head while writing it, but I eventually decided against it, because I would never do weird references *nervous laughter*.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
When work required you to travel for a couple of days, Ganyu once again found herself coming home to an empty apartment. And while she ought to have been used to it, having lived alone for a very long time, she quickly found herself getting lonely. Normally you’d be there to greet her whenever she returned from work, letting her instantly fall into your arms and relax while cuddling, but with you gone, all that remained were things that reminded her of you. Your mug, your side of the bed… and your clothes.
At first, Ganyu couldn’t help but feel embarrassed whenever she put on your shirt, but while it smelled nothing like you, having been recently washed, it still allowed her to relax and feel more at home, causing the days until your return to fly by.
When Ganyu heard the sound of your keys opening the door, she immediately got exited, dropping whatever she had been doing up until that point before rushing to the door like a dog that had been waiting for their owner to return. The moment you stepped foot into the apartment and your eyes landed on her, you opened your arms before embracing her in a hug, only realising what shirt she was wearing after you eventually pulled back.
“Isn’t that mine?”, you finally asked, your question confusing Ganyu until she followed your stare and noticed what you were talking about, causing her face to immediately heat up as a plethora of apologies started to come out of her mouth.
“I-I’m sorry, I m-missed you and so I borrowed your- I know I shouldn’t have done so without asking first, but you weren’t here, so I-”, she tried to stutter out a response, only to cut herself off and starting from scratch a couple of times.
“Don’t worry, it’s fine”, you eventually interrupted her panic induced ramble, causing you to immediately get her attention as she got silent. “It suits you”, you added with a smile, before you knew it, her cheeks got even redder, only for her to hug you once again, hiding her face in the process.
“I’m glad you’re back”, she eventually mumbled, causing your smile to get even wider as you put one of your hands on her head.
“Me too.”
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While Mona would honestly rather die than admit it, there were times when she liked to pick one of your shirts out of your closet and put it one while reading one of her books about astrology. Not because they reminded her of you or anything, they simply were more comfortable to wear, that’s all. And while she knew better than to use her astrology for something silly, she couldn’t help but feel tempted to check when you’d arrive home, not wanting to you to catch her in your clothes.
After finally finishing the new book about astrology she had bought recently, Mona sat it down on the coffee table before standing up and stretching her back. She couldn’t exactly remember when she began reading, but once she started, she found herself unable to stop, finishing it in a single session. But just as she grabbed it, intending to put it to the other books in her room, Mona was interrupted by the sound of the door opening, causing her eyes to immediately glance to the clock, realising in horror that she had focused on the book for a bit too long. Before she had the chance to move, your eyes had already landed on her, displaying confusion at first before quickly being filled with amusement.
“D-Don’t say a word!”, Mona immediately blurted out, her face immediately turning red, reminding you of that animal, that was able to change colours to camouflage itself, that you had recently read about. Deciding not to mention your thoughts, you remained silent. “Stop grinning like an idiot!”, she eventually demanded, causing you to playfully roll your eyes.
“You have to say ‘Simon says’ first”, you jokingly responded, only to shut up when Mona’s glare landed on you.
“My clothes were dirty, so I borrowed out a shirt of yours. I can’t run around the home half naked after all, I’m not a degenerate”, she explained, obviously making it up on the spot, but luckily for her, you didn’t feel like teasing her further about it, deciding that she had already done enough.
“Mhm, makes sense. Sorry for misunderstanding”, you stated, trying your best not to make your sarcasm too obvious, only for Mona to let out a sigh of relief before quickly changing back to her usual behaviour.
“You better be.”
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Hu Tao
Hu Tao was a thief with not shame. There wouldn't be a single day none of your shirts vanished out of your wardrobe, only to magically appear on the funeral director, and you hadn't even mentioned the socks yet. Sometimes you weren’t sure if she did it solely to annoy you, or because she actually liked them, but you had long learned not to question what was happening in that head of hers.
When you came home from work, the first thing you noticed were Hu Tao’s shoes, meaning she had finished work first. The second thing you noticed was your favourite shirt… being worn by the prankster calling herself your girlfriend.
“Oh, welcome back. I hope you didn’t miss me too much while at work”, she jokingly greeted you with a small wave and a chuckle, only to give you a confused look when she noticed you had yet to respond.
“It seems to me like I didn’t miss you as much as you did me”, you eventually stated, causing Hu Tao to tilt her head in confusion for a split second before realising what you were talking about, her lips instantly forming a wide smile once she did, causing you to get more confident in your theory that at least a huge part of her motivation for stealing your clothes was to annoy you.
“Aya, are you talking about our shirt? I have to commend you for your taste in clothes, it’s really comfortable.”
“’Our shirt’?”, you repeated, hoping she’d explain a little further what exactly she meant with that, especially the part where your clothes became both of your property. Instead, the only reaction you got out of her, was an excited “exactly”, forcing you to think of another way to approach the subject.
“So I could just put on that hat you like to wear if I wanted to, since it’s ours?”, you asked, only for her smile to widen even more, making you wonder how that was even possible.
“Of course not, that’s my hat”, Hu Tao explained, causing you to let out a sigh before collapsing onto the couch, deciding that questioning her logic was pointless, eventually closing your eyes and trying your best to relax.
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# SPARKS FLY ! “ cuz i see sparks fly wnvr u smile “
— the car ride home with kazuha was…definitely something! let’s just say you’ll drink more responsibly next time.
Tumblr media
You didn’t know how many shots in you were, but you did know that tomorrow morning’s hangover was going to kick you in the ass. You had long adjusted to the overbearing bright lights and blasting base of a random partynextdoor song, but something in the back of your head was telling you it was time to hit the hay.
If you were sober, you probably would be freaking out about where your friends were. But the pink whitney in your system was great at convincing you that your missing friends were an issue for later. Glancing at your phone, the time said 12:46. Kazuha should be here any minute now.
You felt the couch sink as someone sat down next to you. You would have felt more alarmed by a stranger sitting so close if you hadn’t quickly registered who the blue hair of the ‘stranger’ belonged to.
“How exactly are you getting home tonight YN?” Kaeya questioned. He miraculously seemed sober, which was strange considering you could have swore you saw him downing drinks earlier.
“Kaz,” You answered, taking a drink of the water Kaeya had given you. “Oh, so he’ll pick you up in the middle of the night but refuses to do the same for his dear friends? Absurd,” Kaeya shook his head, but not without having a knowing smirk on his face that your drunken state could not figure out.
You were about to question Kaeya, bringing up the fact that you too, were Kazuha’s friend, but you were interrupted by Kazuha himself barging through Yoimiya’s front door.
He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, and honestly looked like he was about to fall asleep himself, but his slightly frantic eyes relaxed when he saw you sitting by Kaeya.
“Kazuha!” Kaeya exclaimed, “So great to see you, here to take our dear YN home I presume?” Rolling his eyes, Kazuha turned his attention to you.
“YN, cmon let’s go. It’s late and we have that meeting with Lumine tomorrow or uh, today I guess? I don’t even know anymore,” Kazuha told you, half expecting you to put up a fight, but was pleasantly surprised when you clumsily stood up and stood next to him.
“That was easier than I thought it would be,” Kazuha mumbled, keeping an arm around your waist to stabilize you. Kaeya raised his eyebrow, “‘We’re just friends’ my ass,”
Kazuha considered arguing back, but it was late and he honestly could care less about Kaeya’s antics at the moment. So he settled for just rolling his eyes at the latter and walking out of the house with you stumbling next to him.
The clean smell air freshener in Kazuha’s car felt comforting as you adjusted yourself in the seat. The car ride was a bit awkward on Kazuha’s end. An hour ago you had drunk confessed your feelings for him, now you were here, sitting in his car.
“Did you know Tomo didn’t know how swim until he was like 14,” you said randomly, hoping it would help get rid of the silence. Kazuha chuckled, “What exactly is the reason for telling me this right now?” “I dunno, just thought you could use it against him one day,” You replied, looking out the window at the silent streets.
“Well I greatly appreciate it, thanks YN,” Kazuha said. “He also thought he could make candles for our mom out of crayons and set the kitchen on fire once when we were little. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that but I think it’s funny,” you stifled a laugh. Drunk you was full of confessions it appeared.
“If I’m being honest, Tomo is actually an idiot,” You started, “Like there’s something wrong in the head with him, or he’s just extremely clueless. Lumine even told me that people can tell we like each other so how come he’s always like confused whenever people make fun of us. It’s soooooo obvious. I mean it’s obvious that I like you. I don’t know about you though… oh my god please like me back that would be so bad if you didn’t!”
Kazuha could have sworn he would have gotten into an accident if there were actually other cars outside. He considered himself someone who was witty enough to not ever be left speechless. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.
“YN, what the actual fuck,” Kazuha finally replied after a few seconds of silence. “What?” You asked, “Did I hit a nerve or something, damn,”
“Yeah I think you actually did hit a fucking nerve jesus christ-“ Kazuha was interrupted by seeing Hu Tao’s car parked at your apartment complex. “Oh I’m gonna fucking kill her,” Kazuha said to himself.
“You’re gonna kill me?” You exclaimed, leaning away from Kazuha. “No, I meant Hu Tao oh my god,” He sighed. “You’re gonna kill Hu Tao? No no please don’t she’s my best friend please Kazu-“ Kazuha put his hand over your mouth to shut you up.
“I’m not going to kill you. I’m not going to kill Hu Tao. It was a figure of speech, okay? So please stop freaking out and yelling because it’s one in the morning and I really don’t want people thinking that I’m killing you in my car when I’m not. So can we just get inside your place without any more issues please,” Kazuha sighed in exhaustion.
You nodded, removing his hand from your mouth and mumbling an apology. Kazuha parked his car and helped you into your apartment complex. He knocked on the door and prayed that Hu Tao was still awake to answer. God was on his side today, because she miraculously was.
“Oh, hey Kazuha!” Hu Tao waved, slurring her words, “What are you doing here? It’s so late!” “I’m dropping off YN. You know, your best friend that you ditched at Yoimiya’s?” Kazuha deadpanned. Hu Tao’s smiling face turned into panic as she grabbed you out of his arms.
“Oh my god YN I am so so so so so sorry I thought that Venti was gonna drop you off here please forgive me,” Hu Tao hugged you. Kazuha turned around to go home, it was now 1:21am and he would really rather just be in bed instead of dealing with two drunk college girls.
“Kazuha, if you want you can stay over. It’s so so late and you’re probably exhausted! Besides don’t you and YN have a student council thing tomorrow anyways?” Hu Tao offered. “As much as I appreciate it, I don’t want to intrude. But thanks for the offer Hu Tao,” Kazuha declined.
“Eh, you wouldn’t be intruding. We also have a spare bedroom for you to use. And I don’t think you should drive back to your house if you literally look like you’re about to pass out right now,” Hu Tao reasoned. Sighing, Kazuha walked into your shared apartment and closed the door behind him. “Thank you so much. Goodnight Hu Tao. Goodnight YN. I’ll pay you guys back somehow tomorrow,” Kazuha said.
“Uh, it’s not like I gave you my kidney, it’s really not a big deal. Your room is down the hall first door to the right. Let me know if you need anything!” Hu Tao waved before making her way to your room to drop you off.
Kazuha closed the door behind him and fell onto the bed. Finally having time to process what the hell happened between you two tonight. Moments before getting the sleep he desperately needed, Kaeya texted him.
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— IM SO SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE basically my excuse is that i had tryouts all week and was so stressed that i felt like if i wrote it would have been a disaster but ITS OKAY bc tryoits are over and imadetheteam!!!!! Ok i should be updating regularlu but probably not as much bc i hage 2.5 hour practices everyday guys IM BUSY!!! Ok gn.
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I too love the smell of burning flesh.
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・01 senior’s prom experience
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DELICATE ! ⇒ previous ; masterlist ; next
summary who knew that the simplest of things would have a tedious outcome.. some things happen for a reason.
a childe x reader social media au
notes first part of delicate is out :heart: i hope it’ll live up to your expectations,, i kinda randomly thought of making a smau and then this happened
・☁︎ @miniaturecollectiveendermen @slvdsjjk @childe-wife . send an ask or comment to be added to the taglist <3
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By 雪街うれい
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Xiangling: Is stabbing someone immoral? Hu Tao: Not if they consent to it. Xinyan: Depends on who you’re stabbing. Yanfei, who was teaching them law basics: YES????
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its the funny instagram post again
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by 파파제이@jennygin2
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⋆ Genshin Impact ✩ Character Birthday Art 2021 ⋆
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★ 【Sakon04】 「 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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