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#huang renjun
amorajae · 56 minutes ago
May I request renjunie with a SHORTER but chubby gf. NSFW. whateva you want. Thanks bby
Of course! I'll write it in the form of an imagine as opposed to a drabble.
From what I've seen, I think that Renjun seems like the type of person who doesn't judge someone based on their body shape. He's already admitted to not being one of the stronger and more muscular members of the group, so he seems to be pretty happy with his own body as it is. That being said, I think it goes for all Dreamies when I say that they'd date someone based on their personalities as opposed to appearance. Sure, Korean culture places a massive emphasis on looks, but we have to be realistic and understand that not everyone is going to reach an unachievable beauty standard — it's just not healthy in the long run.
The first time that you and Renjun agree to have sex is an extremely nerve-wracking time for you because you have lots of doubts and self-conscious fears about your body.
Not only are you shorter than him, but you're also slightly heavier than him and being in public with a body shape like yours already makes you nervous.
He picks up on your worries when he kisses you, reassuring you several times as he cups your cheeks that he doesn't care what you look like on the outside — all that matters is what's inside.
He adores playing with your fingers, twisting the rings that fit snugly onto your digits as the two of you make out.
You hate how large your breasts are, but he gives them plenty of attention as he sucks on each nipple and leaves hickies on the fleshier sides.
Those rolls on your stomach that you keep complaining about? He loves squishing them with his hands because he knows that it tickles you and your laughter is precious to him.
When he eats you out, he loves the way that he can sink his hands into your thighs and squeeze, massaging your tired legs as his tongue laps away at your clit.
If he tells you to straddle his hips and ride him, he never gives you a chance to disagree because he just wants you to sit on his dick and whether you crush him into the bed or not, he won't care.
Sex with him is comfortable because in the end, he just wants you to be happy and anyone that makes you think otherwise will find themselves buried in a coffin six feet under the ground.
(Just a reminder to everyone to always love yourselves and be confident in your bodies! No one's meant to look the same, so embrace your differences and never let anyone judge you because if they have the guts to do so, they clearly have some sort of complex.)
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neonacity · an hour ago
Chapter 9: In Memoriam
“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
An NCT mafia AU with OT23. Summary: Working for the mafia comes with many layers. There’s excitement, violence, loss, and betrayals. Yet there’s also friendship, family, loyalty, and code. The last thing it needs? Love and all the complexities it brings.
TW: violence, death, mentions of sex, drugs, and other illegal activities. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, feel free to skip. Author’s note: This is purely a work of fiction. In no way am I supporting all the illegal activities and behaviors that might be mentioned in the story nor am I implying that any member of NCT acts whichever way I may write them here.
Chapter: 1/ First Stage
Chapter: 2/Overture
Chapter: 3/The Conductor
Chapter: 4/Crescendo
Chapter: 5/Canzona
Chapter: 6/Rapture
Chapter: 7/Proem
Chapter: 8/Ophelia
Tumblr media
10 Years Ago. 
Location: City of Seoul
It was dark, damp, and cold. Even with more than half of my face covered by cloth, I could tell from the stale air clinging on my cheeks that I'm currently somewhere with poor air circulation, most likely underground. The little skin exposed from my tightly bound arms was covered by a light sheen of sweat and what I can assume are bruises from the way my flesh throbbed. Above me, I could pick up the sounds of distant cars and the soft trickle of water from overhead pipes. 
I tried to give my shoulders a little wriggle but stopped at the sharp pain that flashed on the base of my neck. It was a harsh reminder of the blow that I received there from the butt of a gun, the last thing I could remember before I passed out.
It was supposed to be an ordinary day out with my mother. It was a routine visit to the family's private doctor—one of the few reasons I was allowed to leave the prison I call home. Everything started the way it usually does; my mom kissing my father’s cheek who, as usual, barely looked up from the papers he was reading, her holding my hand and telling me secretly how we will snuck into the mall after our appointment, and me smiling, squeezing her hand back to thank her. Thinking back, I should have noticed the small but telling signs that pointed to the abnormality of the situation. How my father's hands tightened when my mom kissed him or the fewer number of guards that were assigned to us for our little outing.  
It happened 20 minutes into our ride. Unfortunately for me, I only noticed something was off when our car spun out of control in the driveway after our  driver had to step on the brakes to keep ourselves from slamming against the two plateless vans that showed up around the corner. The next thing I know, there were gunshots ricocheting around us, and there was my mother pulling me back against her chest as she tried to unlock the door on her side. She was unfortunately too slow to do it though, her soft cry filling my ears as I watched her get grabbed by the hair before her head was slammed  against the window. That was the last I've seen of her before I blacked out myself. 
I was brought back into my current reality by the sound of my voice breaking. I didn't know how long I had been out, but the soreness on my hands and feet could tell that it's been a few hours since we had been ambushed. I have always been warned about this kind of situation, been trained for it even, but all those don't seem to make a difference when you're finally on the spot, cold and alone. 
My voice cracked as I tried to call out into the room. I could tell from the silence surrounding me that I was alone, but the confirmation that I got when no one answered me was enough to make tears prickle my eyes and mix with the sweat that has already collected behind my blindfold. I tried wriggling my hands again from behind me as desperation and panic started rising from my chest like bile. Before I even realized what was happening, I felt my chair crashing to the floor in my pointless panic and struggle. I grunted in pain and tried to roll over to no avail.
The sound of a door being unlocked caught my attention as I tried to control my quiet sobs. Whoever opened the door stopped on the threshold before finally making their way towards me. 
One. Two pairs of steps. One was dragging their other leg as if they were injured, the other was wearing cheap rubber soles. 
"Heh. The little princess is awake, I see."
I flinched from my spot on the floor as the man knelt in front of me. I could smell cigarette breath as well as the hint of alcohol in the air as he spoke. My legs tried to kick back to put more distance between us which caused him and the other person in the room to chuckle in amusement.
"Feisty. Just like her mother."
The mention of my mother made me freeze. It took a few seconds for the statement to sink in, before I was finally thrashing and screaming profanities in the air. 
"Ah shit. Shut your trap, little girl. You're not doing yourself any favors here."
"Back upstairs entertaining our boss. Don't worry you'll have your turn later," the other man who remained standing said in a sleazy voice that reminded me of maggots crawling on dead flesh. I thrashed harder, ignoring the pain shooting on my legs from the ropes binding me.
"You think the boss will let us have a turn on this bitch?"
The man asked his partner again, clearly unbothered by the fight I was trying to give. The other answered with a grunt before stretching up. "No idea. She'll be a good punching bag though. Probably will last longer than her mother. Mamba's getting pretty tired of the lady."
The mention of the name made me freeze. Though I haven't been fully exposed to the outer workings of the family yet, I am not entirely left out of the loop when it comes to the basics. "Mamba" is one of the names that is often dropped in the conversations of those in the higher circles, the sole competition of my father for full control over Korea's underworld. The two crime families have been toe-to-toe in the past decades, with one group always trying to do something to entirely wipe out the other. Things have calmed down in the past few years as the faction focused on overtaking parts of South Korea that my father didn't have much interest in, but it seems like the former has gotten tired of being handed scraps from the less powerful cities.
The realization made ice slowly creep through my veins. This isn't a normal kidnapping. This is the long overdue war between the two biggest groups operating Korea's criminal underbelly, the one people from my own family had been regarding with watchful caution for years.
My fear and shock must have been so obvious that it caught the eye of the two guards above me. To my horror, the one with the sleazy, hair-prickling voice shuffled closer to me again and bent over to get a closer look at my terrified state. 
"That's right. You realized it now too, doll?" he sneered in a tone that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I felt the back of my chair roughly lifted up from the ground before his hot breath fanned on my face. 
"You and your mother are never getting out of here again. So I suggest you start praying now before we—"
I reared my head back and slammed it blindly against him.
A loud shout ripped through the room. I couldn't see, but judging from the crack I heard, I must have made a good target on the asshole’s nose. I didn't get the chance to do anything else though as a backhanded slap made my cheek snap sideways. 
"You slut! I'll make you pay for that, you goddamn whore—"
I could hear the faint sound of a gun's metal being pulled from a holster. I couldn't care less though, even when blood started trickling from the corner of my lips that caught the ring of my attacker. There was only one thing going through my mind again and again, like a chant and a prayer to whoever god is listening. 
My mom. My mom. I need to get out of here with my mom. 
"What are you doing? Don't be stupid. The boss said not to touch her until he says so," I heard the other man say above the heavy breathing of the man in front of me.
"SHUT UP. Bitches like this one need to be taught a lesson. Put them in their place."
"You'll be the one put in your place if you kill her now."
"I won't kill her. I'm just going to put a hole in her leg."
The soft cocking of a gun screamed back at me in the split second of silence that followed his warning. 
My body froze at the sound of a bullet slicing the air. Another one tore through the room and for a moment I wondered where I was shot.
But there was no pain that assaulted my senses. Instead, I could hear hurried footsteps running towards me before my blindfold was pulled up from my eyes. 
"Noona! Are you okay?"
"Come on, we don't have time." 
I blinked back quickly to gather my senses as the boy of 16 dipped out of my vision to undo my binds. My eyes found the owners of the voices earlier sprawled on the floor with matching holes on their foreheads. 
"—go. We need to go."
My attention snapped back to Taeyong who was currently trying to haul me up from my seat. His face was pale even in the dim light of the room but there was a definite set on his brows that shook me back to attention. 
I tried to stand up and stumbled a little, my balance off after being tied to the chair for god knows how long. He lifted my arm pressed against him and draped it over his shoulders to steady me as we both wobbled to the door. The moment we got out of the room where I was being held, I was suddenly assaulted by the sound of shouts and gunfire echoing around us. An explosion from upstairs shook the whole building and rained dust over the two of us. 
"Shit. We don't have time. I'm sorry can you run? We really need to get out of here."
"Taeyong, my mom. Mom is still here. We need to get her."
"Jihoon is taking care of it—"
"Jihoon—but did he get her already? She was—I heard — she was with the boss," I pressed, my voice rising as the pair of us emerged from the basement and started making our way to what I can assume as the exit. Taeyong gritted his teeth and suddenly pushed my head down to shoot at someone behind me.
"Just a little bit more, you'll be safe outside," he said as he hauled me up again to my feet. 
"Give me a gun."
"You're injured—"
"I can still shoot, just give me one!"
He shot me a torn look before pulling a handgun from his holster. I quickly grabbed it and tried my best to steady myself on my feet as we both made our way to the exit. 
We were able to escape through one of the backdoors of the building which opens up to a clearing fringed by a dense area of trees. The first thing I noticed when I broke through was the number of cars parked outside and the crowd of people weaving between them. Men—my father’s men to be exact. Before I could take in everything though, Taeyong pulled me towards one of the vans, guided me inside, before slamming the door behind us.
Panic rose on me again when he started the engine. My hand shot to grab his arm, forcing him to look at me. 
"Wait! My mother—"
"Noona, Jihoon's assigned her. We can't go back even if I want to, your father said I need to get you back as soon as possible."
"I'm not leaving until I make sure she's safe!"
"Please. Your radio—just please let me make sure she’s safe first."
He hastily pulled his right earpiece and handed it to me. I pressed a small button to the side and quickly talked through it.
"Jihoon. Where's mom? Are you two out of the building?"
Nobody answered at the end of the other line.
"Jihoon? Jihoon!"
I looked up at Taeyong with eyes filled with fear. He turned the other piece that's still on his ear to echo my question, only to be met with the same silence 
"I don’t understand. He should have found Goomah by now," he said through gritted teeth as he grabbed for his gun again. 
"How—maybe he couldn't. We need to go and help him."
"I checked and both of your trackers were intact before we broke in. She was on the top floor," Taeyong quickly explained as he unstrapped his seatbelt again. It took me a few seconds before his words sunk.
Why were we being tracked? everyone knew we were going to be taken?
I didn't have enough time to dwell on my question as the line cackled and came alive. Both Taeyong and I froze as we listened to it. 
"Sir, Mamba dragged Goomah with him into one of his safe holes. We can't break through it right now."
I froze at the sound of Jihoon's voice. He clearly wasn't speaking to us. I was about to jump in and bombard him with questions when another voice answered him. 
"How secure is the safe hole?"
"Level three resistance. But probably can be taken down when we blast the whole building."
"Does it have an escape route?"
There was a moment of silence.
"It leads to an underground road, sir. Goomah's tracker says they are headed there now," Jihoon answered, his tone emotionless.
My heart jumped to my throat. I looked at Taeyong who was staring ahead, eyes etched with foreboding. 
"You can't get her before they escape?"
"It will take a while...sir."
The line went quiet. It was only for a few seconds, but it was enough time to make my world start to crumble around me. When the voice spoke again, it decimated everything to ashes.
"Bomb the whole building before they leave."
This time, the line went quiet for good. 
A blinding flash and explosion knocked me back to my seat before I could fully haul myself out of the car. My ears rang from the explosion as the ground beneath me shook. 
I couldn't hear or see anything, but I knew; I was screaming.
Tumblr media
"Wake up!"
I almost jumped up from my covers at the sound of the voice above me. The light in my room was on but even its blinding glare didn't stop me from turning my head wildly, my hands grasping for something to hold. Something grabbed my arms and I hurriedly took purchase of it, my fingers closing in on a set of shoulders. 
"Hey, it's okay. It's okay. You're alright."
My eyes finally locked at the man in front of me. Taeyong sat on the edge of my bed, looking equally shaken. 
"Yes, it's me. It's just me. You're safe. You're here with me," he said softly as his eyes scoured over my face. I felt one of his hands move towards my back to gently rub circles on it. Before I could say anything else, he gently pulled me towards him and pressed my face against the crook of his neck.
"I'm sorry I barged in. I heard you screaming and I just had to check…" he explained quietly as he continued rubbing my back. I kept quiet as I tried to calm down my breathing, still shell-shocked from my nightmare. Before I could stop myself, I reached out a hand to grab onto his shirt. 
"What was it…?"
I kept quiet. It took me a while to notice how much I was shaking until Taeyong took my free hand and held it on his own. He didn't say anything but his silence was enough to tell me that he knew exactly what my nightmare was about. It's been years since he had to calm me down like this, but it has always been the same dream, the same memory.
"It's okay… You're safe… It's just a nightmare."
My face crumpled and I pressed my face closer to him. 
"It's happening again."
"What is?"
"I'll lose someone—you"
He stilled for a few seconds at my words. How long has it been since we found ourselves in this kind of situation? When was the last time I was this honest and vulnerable, and him this open? 
The past few years spent covering up everything seemed to fall away like paper blown away by a gust of wind. All those years that I spent trying to live my life differently as I left everything behind... All those moments he tried to keep up with my silent request for us to act nothing more than simple associates. All of them, gone. 
"You're not going to lose me. You've never lost me…" Taeyong answered quietly as he buried his nose into my hair.
"Then don't do it. Don't let him use you."
"We don't really have any other choice."
"We do. I can tell him—"
"You're not going to tell him anything you don't want to do… We both know that."
That made me stop. Tears started pooling in my eyes again and I felt him hold me just a little bit tighter. 
"I'm so sorry… I'm so selfish."
"No, you're not. You have your reasons," he stopped briefly before speaking again. "And I have mine too."
I slowly pushed myself from his hold so I could look at him. Taeyong spoke gently, as if he's trying his best to explain everything without adding to my doubts. 
"I want to do this for the people who mean a lot to me. Yes, I didn't want to at first but then I realized, if I win this, everyone will be happy, right? You, our friends, even me… So don't beat yourself up over it. Okay? And you’re not going to lose me. Because I’ll win. I know I will."
I didn't say anything. When Taeyong squeezed my hand that he was still holding though, I felt myself squeezing it back. 
"How can I help?"
The smile he gave me was enough to chase away some of the heaviness on my chest. 
"Just stay with us… with me. A mafia head needs a good wingwoman, right?"
I felt my lips twitch into a small smile despite myself. I will probably regret letting this honest moment happen between the two of us after trying to keep a distance for so long, but for now, this is enough. I nodded and gently moved my hand that he was holding between us. While he didn't pull me back, I felt his touch linger for a little while longer before letting me pull away. 
"Taeyong! Where are you?"
The two of us looked at each other one last time before turning to the door of my room. He must have left it slightly ajar when he barged in because we could hear voices from the first floor living room float to where we were.
I wiped my tears with the sleeve of my shirt and tried to fix myself before following him outside. We both stopped on the second floor to peer at the crowd of people that had collected downstairs, Taeil standing out from the crowd. He looked up to us and lifted a folded piece of paper. 
"We have a letter from Jihoon."
Taeyong and I exchanged glances briefly. 
"Let me see," he said, turning to  go down the stairs to join the rest. He hadn't made two steps before Taeil stopped him though, his voice quiet. 
"It's not for you," he said quietly before his gaze slowly landed on my unmoving form. "It's addressed to her." 
Tag list: @hen-marks99, @negincho, @nctisthecity <3
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jisungsmochi · 2 hours ago
somebody to you - hrj
Tumblr media
somebody to you - renjun
behold,, the FINAL part of my nct dream x the vamps songs series! leaving y’all with something really wholesome and fluffy bc i’m inlove with renjun 
word count: 2.8k 
summary: huang renjun didn’t like relationships. he thought they were messy, and honestly, a waste of time. he had his whole life ahead of him, so why would he need a significant other to be happy? that was all until he met you, and thought to himself, maybe it wouldn’t be all bad...
read the rest here! 
I used to wanna be
Living like there's only me
But now I spend my time
Thinking 'bout a way to get you off my mind
renjun scrolled through his endless instagram feed, swiping through threads of his friends with their girlfriends. he would be lying if he said it didn’t make him
borderline sick. he was always a realist, never really seeing the point of having a serious relationship at such a young age. in his life so far, he’d probably say he’s only had one girlfriend, and it was a random girl he asked to prom so he wouldn’t feel left out. renjun was never opposed to love, he just wasn’t actively seeking it.
“dude i reckon you’re gonna like her! she’s super cool from the sounds of it, and she goes to our university!” haechan insists as the four boys sat down for dinner in their shared apartment.
“i don’t need you to set me up on a blind date. i’m capable of finding someone on my own, thank you very much” renjun rolled his eyes, fed up with the continuous discussions of his single status.
“yeah, and how’s that going for you?” jaemin chimed in, causing jeno and haechan to chuckle in response. renjun just scoffed, shoving his mouth with more food to avoid speaking further.
“give it a chance. the worst that could happen is that you don’t vibe with her and you never talk to her again” jeno tries his best to convince the stubborn boy. renjun just shrugs, his mind contemplating the idea.
“okay fine, one date. if you guys really think she’s soo good for me, let’s see how accurate you guys are” renjun snickers. he was not confident in their matchmaking skills at all, but he loved seeing them fail.
“perfect, i’ll set it up for you. just sit back, relax and be your boring self” haechan grins, tapping away on his phone. renjun ignores the cheeky boy’s comments, finishing up his dinner. his first date in over two years, this should be good...
I used to be so tough
Never really gave enough
And then you caught my eye
Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike
renjun was regretting this date already. all he knew about you was your first name and your uni course, nothing else. the boys had refused to show him any photos of you, claiming that it would be more ‘romantic’ if he fell for you at first sight...what a cliche, he thought to himself.
“how will i even know it’s her, if i don’t know what she freaking looks like?” renjun groaned, nerves slowly building up as haechan pulled up to the date location.
“i’ll point her out, okay? just trust me” renjun let out a short sigh, hands slightly jittery. why the hell was he nervous? it wasn’t like he was going to see her after this one date.
as renjun stepped out of the car, his eyes scanned the scenery.
“jeez, you guys really went all out for this date” he was amazed by the view. it was a restaurant that was by the water, multiple little boats sailing across it and the sounds of birds humming.
“of course, you only deserve the best” haechan winked, eyes looking for renjun’s date.
“dude what if she doesn’t even show up. does she even know what i look like?” renjun was slightly panicking at this point, drifting from his tough exterior.
“haechan?” a soft voice interrupted his thoughts. renjun’s eyes diverted to the owner of the voice. he felt stunned by the sight of you, dressed neatly in some jeans and a flowery blouse. you had slightly curled your hair, hands clutching to your purse as you greeted the two boys infront of you.
“hey y/n, this is renjun, your date for tonight! see you kids later, don’t get up to anything crazy” haechan chuckled to himself, shoving renjun to meet you. renjun almost clashed into your smaller frame, catching you off guard. you gently held his arms, keeping a small distance between you both.
“o-oh my bad, i-i’m renjun” he stammered, eyes meeting yours. you were slightly blown away by his looks...he was really attractive. well done, haechan.
renjun would say the same about you. even though he didn’t have a particular type, (as he found it kind of dumb tbh) he believed you could fit it perfectly.
“i’m y/n! nice to meet you” you widely smiled, renjun returning your expression as he pulled out his hand for you to shake. maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.
Look at me now, I'm falling
I can't even talk, still stuttering
This ground I'm on, it keeps shaking
you were currently trying to hold back your laughter as renjun recounted the story of how he caught jaemin with his girlfriend...doing the nasty, during their first week of university.
“oh my goodness! were you scarred for life?” you slammed your fist on the table, causing others around you to glare. but renjun couldn’t even focus on them, attention solely on you.
“of course! it was the first week! like couldn’t they have just waited until midterms?” renjun chuckled at the memory, proud of himself that he made you laugh so much. he must be doing something right.
“you’re really funny, renjun. some of the other guys that haechan tried to set me up with were lowkey boring. i guess he sees me as boring too” you slightly frowned, watching as renjun piped up in his seat,
“y-you’re not boring at all! you’re funny! and pretty too” he muttered the last part, not wanting you to have heard. but you did. you decided not to linger on it much, afraid to make him too flustered.
“you’d be the first guy to say that” you shrugged, taking a small sip from your glass of water.
“have you had boyfriends in the past?” renjun suddenly asked, causing you to raise an eyebrow.
“i-uh i’ve had a few. nothing too serious though, how about you?” you curiously ask in return, watching as renjun looked down to his lap. he hesitated before answering,
“i’ve only had one girlfriend before. i’m not really an avid dater” renjun admits to you, hoping that you didn’t find him lame.
“oh neither am i! we have another thing in common! i feel like relationships can get really difficult to manage, especially if you aren’t in the right headspace, you know?” you started rambling, renjun stringing along to your every word. he found such beauty in the way you articulated your words. he was so entranced he almost forgot to respond.
“i totally understand how you feel, i’ve always thought that i should live my life to the fullest before i consider settling down” he commented, causing you to nod along. you really liked his answers, it seemed like you were both on the same page about relationships. you didn’t expect to enjoy his company this much, initially agreeing to go on the date so that haechan would stop teasing you for not having a boyfriend in uni yet.
you walked alongside renjun, waiting for your roommate to pick you up.
“i had a really good time tonight, renjun. thankyou” you kindly complimented, causing renjun to become more shy (if that was even possible).
“no thankyou! there were times i felt kind of awkward, but you really know how to carry a conversation” he smiled, watching as you started to get shy.
“are you flirting with me, huang renjun?” you teased, nudging his arm gently.
“so what if i am?” he nudged you back,
“well i don’t think i’d want you to stop” you smirked. before renjun could say anything back, your heard the familiar voice of your roommate urging you to get in her car.
“oh that’s my ride. i have to get going. this was nice, i’ll see you around renjun!” you hurriedly embraced the boy, placing a gentle peck to his cheek before rushing to your roommate’s car.
renjun still didn’t say anything back to you, his body frozen from your touch.
‘no no no’ he thought to himself...he was falling for her.
All I wanna be, yeah, all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah
Is somebody to you
Everybody's tryna be a billionaire
But every time I look at you, I just don't care
“so are you gonna tell us about the date or do we have to call and ask her instead?” haechan teased as the rest of the boys sat in their living room. renjun has a book in his hands, wanting nothing more than peace and quiet after his long night.
“gosh, will you let me finish this chapter?” renjun huffed, causing jaemin and jeno to snicker. haechan pulled out his phone, holding it to renjun’s face,
“oh would you look at that? it would be a shame for my finger to slip and dial y/n” before he could continue, renjun hurriedly tossed his book to the side, tackling the pestering boy onto the ground, holding him down firmly.
“holy shit, did you get stronger?“ haechan could barely speak, still in shock from the sudden attack. renjun slowly leans back, letting out a tired sigh.
“you two are ridiculous, let’s cut to the chase, did you like her or not?” jaemin rolled his eyes, ready to hear all the tea.
renjun looked from side to side, not liking all the attention that was on him.
“i-she was really cool. honestly yeah, i did like her. but i don’t think she’s looking for anything too serious at the moment” renjun shook his head, thinking back to your heated discussion about relationships.
“okay that sounds like a cop out excuse. i think you’re just scared” jeno chimed in, the two other boys nodding along. renjun glared at them, trying his best to maintain his composure.
“yeah, i mean, did anything happen aside from good conversation?” jaemin continued to push, renjun now becoming more reserved. of course he trusted his friends, but they never really openly spoke about their feelings like this, it was quite new to all of them.
“she kissed me on the cheek before she left, does that mean something?” renjun muttered, watching as haechan tips himself over, now laying on the ground.
“you’re an idiot, must we spell it out for you? she’s totally into you as well” jeno groaned in frustration.
truth was, renjun wasn’t sure how to properly ask someone out, nonetheless be in a proper relationship with them. he was in desperate need of help...but all he had were his three idiot friends.
“i know i don’t know her well and all, but after she left, i couldn’t stop thinking about her. is this what it’s like to fall for someone? oh god...i’m falling” renjun started rambling to himself, jaemin and jeno now rested against him, shoulder touching either of his.
“the answer is pretty clear, man. go for a second date! make the move, she might be thinking the exact same thing” jeno shrugged, trying his best to advise his friend, the best he could. renjun bidded, actually agreeing with jeno for once.
suddenly, renjun felt his phone ringing. he immediately picked it up without looking at the caller ID.
as if you were listening in on their conversation, your voice rang through renjun’s ear.
“hello? is this renjun?” you nervously stammered, waiting for a response. renjun was completely frozen, his mouth hung wide as jeno pressed his own ear closer to the phone.
“y-yes this is him” renjun finally spat out, hands slightly shaking.
“oh great, this is probably coming as a surprise to you. but i uh, wanted to know if you’d be interested in going on another date” you were able to finish, heart racing as you held the phone tightly. renjun felt his heart stop after your words, jeno shaking him gently to snap out of his daze.
“o-oh yeah, i’d be really interested” renjun replies, mentally face palming himself for sounding a little too eager.
“amazing, i’ll keep in touch” you smiled to yourself, trying your best to contain your excitement. eventually you hung up, screaming into your pillow, kicking your feet up and down. was this how it felt to actually like someone?
“there’s your chance, don’t blow it!” haechan teased, throwing a cushion over to renjun who was still frozen well after the call had ended.
‘holy shit’ he mumbled.
the date you had planned for renjun, involved attending the local food markets they held once a month. you thought it would be a social enough setting for conversation to not get too awkward, as well as enjoy a variety of food. renjun met you at the bus stop, dressed in baggy jeans and a blue wind runner jacket. his hair was slightly styled, some strands gelled back. it really accentuated his facial features, making you admire him even more than you did before.
“you look really good today, i mean, not like you don’t look good everyday i’m sure you do..” you shook your head at your rambling, wanting nothing more but for him to laugh it off. renjun just smirked at you, planning another witty comment to respond,
“not as good as you though” he gently guided you to walk with him, his hand travelling to the small of your back. you slightly froze at the contact, but aimlessly followed him. he surely had his way with words.
as you both tasted some amazing food, renjun found him standing quite close to you. if you were trying a sample, he would stand behind you, his chest touching your back occasionally. it seemed really natural to him, and you didn’t mind it at all. he would often touch your shoulder gently to grab your attention, or pull you along by your waist. it gave you massive butterflies that you could shake off.
“did you want to start heading home? we can walk to the bus stop together” renjun offered kindly, his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you slowly made your way out of the large crowd. just as you were about to respond, rain started sprinkling from the sky. renjun quickly moved you to stand under some shelter as the rain came pouring.
“how the hell are we meant to walk in this?” you half shouted, clutching onto renjun’s side. he couldn’t bear moving you away from him,
“let’s just run, we can’t wait for it to pass” he suddenly took your hand, pulling you along as he bolted to the nearest bus stop.
“you’re so crazy, renjun!” you shout at the boy, giggling at the entire situation. before you knew it, renjun span you around, pulling you close to his chest.
“the only thing i’m crazy about is you” he confessed, catching you completely off guard. he had a habit of making such flirty comments, but this time you felt he wasn’t trying to joke around.
“w-what?” rain was washing over the both of you, your clothes completely soaked at this point.
“i really like you, y/n. i really freaking do. i didn’t want to admit it at first because i was scared of the idea of dating. but i want to be with you. i want to be somebody to you. everyone is out here trying to settle down and start their lives, but i feel like with you we can go at a steady pace. i don’t want to rush things, incase it gets messy, and difficult. but i just needed you to know that i really like you, and i hope it’s not all in my head that you like me back” renjun firmly confessed to you, eyes never leaving yours. you slowly raised your hand to wipe some rain drops off his face, watching as he smiled into your touch. he held you tightly in his arms, awaiting your response.
“renjun, i think i made it really clear that i like you back. i was also nervous about how you’d react, considering you weren’t really looking for anything serious at first. i think we should give it a shot, we can worry about all the stress and possible fights later on. all i know is that right now, you’re the only person i want to be standing in the rain with. now can you please kiss me?” you couldn’t contain your smile as renjun leaned into you. his lips pressing gently against yours. your fingers now running through his wet hair as he held your waist firmly. the kiss started getting deeper, the atmosphere really playing into the romantic nature of it all. eventually you both pulled away, foreheads presses against eachother, softly giggling.
that was the beginning of your relationship with renjun. despite having ups and downs (as expected) you both persevered and tried your absolute hardest to make things work. renjun finally admitted to himself: falling inlove wasn’t so bad...especially when it was with the right person.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nct dream icons | jisung + chenle + jaemin | headers
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ggukoid · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nct dream headers | jisung + chenle + jaemin | jeno + renjun
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neohaechans · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dangosung · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓏲   마 ﹕ 크 ⠀⊹ ♡゛🪁
𝖳𝗁𝖾 𝗆𝖾𝗇𝗎 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗐𝗈 PERFECT 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗌 𝗉𝗎𝗍 𝗍𝗈𝗀𝖾𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋. 𝖠 𝗋𝖺𝗌𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗋𝗒 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗋𝗍𝖼𝖺𝗄𝖾 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖺 𝖻𝗎𝗍𝗍𝖾𝗋𝖿𝗅𝗒 𝗉𝖾𝖺 𝖿𝗅𝗈𝗐𝖾𝗋 𝗅𝖺𝗍𝗍𝖾, 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝖺 𝗅𝗂𝗍𝗍𝗅𝖾 𝖼𝗈𝗅𝗈𝗋 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝗐𝗂𝗌𝗍!
𝗉𝗅𝗌 "♡" 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾
.      *     .       .           .       .   ・ · ✧  *       .   *       .    ⊹ ✦   ✵.   .    .       . .              ✩ .  ·        .    °          ・     .    ⊹ ✦         .   * ..    * ˚ ✧ · . *.˚   ✦       *   ✵* ✧       ○. *✹ ˚ ·∗                                           .•                    ✦°       ✧                         .✫                  •                °•           ·✲                             .              •·                    •                        ✩☆     •✦            ·     ✶
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𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 :: 𝐭𝐰𝐭 @𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝟐𝟑𝟐𝟑
❌ 𝗗𝗼 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗼𝘀𝘁 ❌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leetaeyonglover · a day ago
A Ray Of Sunshine| Huang Renjun
Tumblr media
Pairing: Huang Renjun x Reader
Themes: Angst, boyfriend!renjun
Warnings: angst, main character death, suicide, pain, loss, sorrow over all extremely angsty can be triggering.
A/N: So hi, this is a very impulsive drabble i have written and id really appreciate some feedback on it since i was trying something different!
Taglist: @stayctday , @bluejaem , @kiri-ah , @reidishh , @mrkcore , @jenossslut , @yangyangify , @heephoria , @radiorenjun because this is her loml
Networks: @kpopscape , @culture-cafe , @supermwritersnet
Word count: 0.7k
Tumblr media
You closed your eyes as you inhaled shakily, attempting to process what had happened. It had been two hours since you had gotten the news and yet you refused to believe it. It wasn't possible. Renjun couldn't be gone. He was the most resilient guy you knew. He wouldn't leave you. You knew he wouldn't.
You had been sitting on your couch, waiting for him to show up for movie night. He didn't. You had called him and when he didn't pick up you had called Mark. He was a mutual friend of yours. "Um, hi." You started, unsure of how to frame your question. "Is Renjun with you? He hasn't shown up yet." You said, frowning when the voice from the other end broke. "Y/N, could- could you come over?" He asked, his voice was fragile. You could tell he was on the verge of tears.
"Of course, I'll be right there." You replied, attempting to make your voice as soothing as possible before ending the call and grabbing your keys. Your mind raced as you drove, Mark wasn't the kind of guy to break down, contrary to what others thought. You reached his apartment, hesitantly knocking on the door.
The door was opened and you were greeted by a crying mark. Your eyes widened as you instinctively engulfed him in a hug, rubbing his back soothingly. The two of you pulled away and you entered inside, confusion could be seen on your face at the sight of all of Renjun’s twenty one friends, not including Mark, gathered at Renjun and Mark’s shared apartment.
They were all grouped together, some were crying whereas some were barely keeping it together. “Taeyong? Haechan? Jaemin? What's wrong? Where's Junnie?” You asked, looking at all of them expectantly. You felt a hand on your shoulder, it was Ten. He steered you towards the sofa, sitting down next to you.
“Ten, what's going on?” You asked him, concerned as to why they were grieving. He hung his head, his voice barely over a whisper as he explained, “Y/N, Renjun he isn't with us because he-” His voice broke as tears streamed down his face. “He committed s-suicide.” Ten was shaking as were you.
“No.” You said, standing up. “This is some- some sick practical joke isn't it?” You turned around, as if expecting to see Renjun peek over from behind the sofa. “Hyuck, tell me I'm right. You two planned this didn't you?” The desperation in your voice could be heard by everyone. You didn't get any response making you sink into the sofa as your legs gave up.
“No, no, n-no of course not. I’m being silly, they're just joking, it's a joke.” You murmured feverishly to yourself, you couldn’t believe it, although a part of you knew it was true. You felt numb, your mind kept repeating the same sentence of ten telling you what happened over in your head but your heart countered it, giving you a small light of hope which made it all the more worse.
You sat there, your knees pressed against your chest, your hands clutched them tightly as you rocked back and forth as if ridding yourself of a bad dream. Shotaro watched you from a distance, he didn’t know what to feel.
Before this, although he had heard of things like this happening to people, it didn’t quite feel real until it happened to someone he knew. He hadn't known Renjun hyung long, he hadn’t interacted with him a lot either and yet the pain he felt was immense, more than anything he had ever felt before and that scared him, because he couldn’t imagine what the others were going through.
You sat there along with the others the whole night, your mind empty, but when dawn came, reality crashed back on you and a wave of sorrow passed through you. You didn’t know how you'd survive. Now you knew what pain was, it wasn’t physical or mental, the most excruciating pain was internal. It was when you fought a battle against yourself, when you felt so much grief that it was beyond tears.
You didn't eat, didn't sleep, you just sat unable to process what had happened. The others were worried about you but you didn't care. The only person you had ever truly cared about was no longer with you and that recurring thought slowly ate you up inside.
Renjun had been your ray of sunshine and now that he was gone, you didn’t know how you'd come out of the darkness ever again.
Tumblr media
@ leetaeyonglover, 2021
Tumblr media
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a-bts-world · a day ago
Chapter 8
Tumblr media
After a short flight, Johnny and Shotaro have arrived in Osaka around the middle of the day. ‘Okay, so where do we start?’ Shotaro curiously asks Johnny. The older member knows Yuta better and might also know where he would be.
‘That is a good question, I have about three options where he could be. Let’s start with the home of his parents and then maybe continue on to his second home. if he is not at those places I have one last option, but I don’t think he would be there. Let’s go!’ Johnny answers the silver haired boy and signals a taxi. The duo enters the backseat, Johnny tells Shotaro the address and then asks him to tell the driver where to go in Japanese. The two sit in silence for the rest of the ride. Johnny remembers the last time he was here, for the wedding. Everyone was so excited for Yuta and Angel, however, now everything has changed.
‘we have arrived,’ the taxi driver tells the boys as he parks the car. Johnny hands the man cash and then helps Shotaro getting the luggage out of the trunk. Once they have gathered all their luggage, Johnny shows Shotaro to the house of Yuta his parents.
In front of the gate, Shotaro pushes the doorbell, a ringing sound goes off. ‘Did you expect someone?’ Johnny hears a woman’s voice ask. He recognizes her as Yuta’s mom. Hearing the footsteps near, both boys think they are about to see Yuta again. The door slowly opens, an elder woman peeking through. ‘Johnny! Dear! How are you? What nice of you, to come and visit us! Where is Yuta?’ She asks and his face falls. Not being able to hide his surprise the woman looks at him concerned. ‘what is going on my dear?’ She asks, then she suddenly notices Shotaro. ‘and who are you?’ she says focusing her attention on the younger boy for a bit.
‘I am Shotaro. I work with Johnny and Yuta. However Yuta is on a leave here in Japan and since we are on a business trip we thought it would be nice to visit him. However, we see he isn’t here.’ Shotaro answers the elder lady nicely. She nods.
‘Oh we didn’t know he was back in Japan. He told us, he couldn’t be here because of Angel. However you two may stay here for a while, if you want?’ She asks, looking at Johnny.
Tumblr media
That same morning in South-Korea, Kun woke up next to his girlfriend, Heavenly. As he gets out of the bed, he realizes he has the morning off and decides to cook breakfast for the two of them. It has been a while since he has eaten at home, because of everything that has been happening at the base. Walking towards the kitchen in just his pajama pants, he brushes through his hair and wipes the last bit sleep from his eyes. At the kitchen Kun starts cooking breakfast, after turning on the tv on a low volume.
‘Kun?’ He hears Haevenly ask from the bedroom.
‘Yeah? I am in the kitchen,’ He answers, not leaving the breakfast. He then hears footsteps approaching him. He turns to the hall and sees Heavenly enter the kitchen. She is just wearing a shirt from him, which she uses to sleep in all the time. ‘Good morning, did you sleep well?’ he greets her, giving Heavenly a small kiss.
‘Good morning, I slept great. You?’
‘I also slept great. Now just sit down, I am making breakfast,’ Kun answers and point towards the barstool on his left side, on the outside of the L-shaped kitchen. Heavenly moves towards the barstools and does sit down. Facing the tv in the living room so she can follow the news a bit.
‘Wow I can’t believe stuff like this still happens in Seoul,’ Heavenly suddenly mentions, looking at the news. Kun wasn’t really paying attention to the tv, so he has no clue what she is talking about. ‘Some innocent woman was attacked by a gang and then got raped and tortured. She escaped yesterday evening, the police are still looking for the gang members,’ Heavenly explains to Kun after he gave her a confused look.
‘oh wow! I didn’t expected that to happen in Seoul,’ Kun continues the conversation, trying to not look suspicious about the gang part. He knows it isn’t NCT’s work, however they are still a gang, which would surprise Heavenly. ‘What time do you need to leave for work?’ Kun tries changing the subject.
‘I have to leave in a hour. But I will finish around four. So if you have time, maybe we can eat dinner together or go to a park or something nice. It has been a while since we had a real date,’ Heavenly proposes.
‘That sounds like an amazing idea! With everything going on, I will drop you of at work and also pick you back up around 4, so we can have a nice evening. Enough time for us to enjoy dinner and a walk in the park,’ Kun tells Heavenly and she just nods. Agreeing with the suggestion he gave.
Tumblr media
In Japan Johnny and Shotaro left their belongs with Yuta’s parents and are now making their way to the second location. ‘This was their second home right? Like a vacation home or what can I expect?’ Shotaro asks Johnny.
‘Angel really wanted Yuta to comeback to Japan as much as possible, so Yuta bought this house as a promise. As long as the house would be here he would come to Japan at least once a year. It is also the place where they were married, the house has a beautiful garden, which was their wedding location. So I think Yuta is there, it has a special place in his heart.’ Johnny explains to Shotaro. The boy has recently been added to group, so he doesn’t know every little detail just yet. Probably one of the reasons Taeyong allowed him to join Johnny, at least that is what Johnny suspects. He doesn’t know that Taeyong thinks, Shotaro has a good chance of bringing home Yuta, because of their shared heritage. When the taxi stops on the end of a road, Johnny gets out and pays for the ride. Shotaro just leaves the cab confused.
‘There is no house here, why did we stop here?’ He questions.
‘We need to walk the last bit, but it is not that far,’ Johnny answers and they started climbing a small hill. On the top of the hill, Shotaro looks down and sees a house in between all the fields full of flowers. The duo continues their walk to the house, coming closer each step they take.
‘What do we do if Yuta isn’t here?’ Shotaro shares his worries.
‘He is here,’ is all Johnny answers and he quickens his pace. Almost worried that Yuta might not be in the house. But as the two come closer they see a figure sitting in the garden. The duo starts running towards the house, happy to have found Yuta. That is, until Johnny suddenly stops and Shotaro doesn’t notice in time, collapsing in to Johnny’s back.
‘What is it?’ Shotaro asks, rubbing his forehead.
‘a kid,’ Johnny stammers. Shotaro looks besides Johnny and sees Yuta sitting in a rocking chair, looking after a kid, that is playing in the garden. ‘he has a kid,’ Johnny stutters again, completely in shock. Shotaro also doesn’t know what to do, this wasn’t the plan.
‘Hello!’ Yuta suddenly notices the duo and waves to them. Johnny is still in shock from the kid, so Shotaro decides to answer.
‘Hello! is it okay if we come in?’ He asks nervously, afraid that Yuta will reject them.
‘yeah no problem. How are you guys doing?’ Yuta calmly answers. He seems a bit to calm, if you ask Shotaro. Maybe Mark was right and he just wanted them to give him reasons to stay with the group. Shotaro thanks him and enters the garden.
The little girl that has been running around the garden, following the butterflies, stops and hides behind Yuta’s leg. ‘Emiko introduce yourself,’ Yuta tells the little girl in Japanese. She just shakes her head, scared of the two strangers.
Johnny seems to recovered from the shock and answers Yuta’s question. ‘we are doing not so bad, however would be better if you didn’t suddenly call us that you were quitting,’ Johnny honestly answers.
‘Well I am sure you can handle yourselfs,’ Yuta smiles back and Johnny just scoffs.
‘You know better than anyone else, what a mess Taeyong becomes if one of us leaves. How could you even think about stopping?’ Johnny wonders. While the older two talk to eachother, Shotaro has gotten down to eye-level of the little girl. He starts introducing himself in Japanese, guessing that Yuta wouldn’t have thought her Korean just yet. She suddenly seems to relax a bit, hearing the familiar sounds. Shotaro slowly comes a bit closer, until the little girl walks the last bit towards him, he grabs her hands and pulls her in a hug.
‘What is your name?’ he then asks the little girl. She answers, telling him her name is Emiko. He puts her on his hip. ‘my name is Shotaro,’ The Japanese boy tells her again. The little girl nods, making grabbing motions towards Yuta. ‘Ehm, Yuta I think she wants you to hold her, or something,’ Shotaro interrupts the two older men.
‘Oh yeah, sure. Hello Emiko, did you make a new friend?’ he asks her in Japanese and the girl nods. Johnny seems to not be completely recovered from seeing his friend with a kid.
‘What, how, when?’ is all the Oldest can get out. Yuta just shrugs.
‘She was born when I went here to visit Angel before she was supposed to comeback from the so-called work thing she had here. We didn’t want you all to be stressed out because of a baby, so she decided to be pregnant here and we would eventually comeback home,’ Yuta answers with tears in his eyes. Johnny stays still for a bit and then suddenly embraces his best friend.
‘I didn’t know, this must have all been so hard on you. Taking care of her all alone,’ Johnny mumbles as he pats his friend on the back. That is the moment Yuta really breaks and starts to let go of his tears. He sobs into the shoulder of his friend.
‘I just miss her, so much,’ he whails, Shotaro somehow managed to get a hold of Emiko. Making sure the little girl doesn’t notice the pain of her father. ‘I feel like giving up, without her. But I can’t, I can’t leave Emiko.’
‘I know. I know. What if we bring Emiko to your parents and the three of us talk a bit more?’ Johnny proposes as he sees Shotaro playing with the little girl. Yuta agrees, saying that it is okay, but they have to bring her, he hasn’t seen his parents since everything happened. ‘I will bring her, but I won’t leave you here alone. Shotaro will stay. He also has a gift for you,’ Johnny mentions and makes his way towards Emiko. So as Johnny makes his way towards the Nakamota family home, Shotaro takes place on the couch inside Yuta’s home, ready to listen to Yuta’s story.
Tumblr media
a/n: I guess some of you have caught on to some clues about Yuta’s storyline, but next update you will get the full story! I hope you like this somewhat shorter update.
taglist: @yutahoes​ @skrtbabe​
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amorajae · a day ago
Great. Now I can’t stop thinking about renjun sucking on my tiddies. Tbh mine would def be too big for his hands but god do I want them on me
Smaller hands can be great for bigger breasts, since there's a lot of men out there that enjoy seeing more boob spill out of their hand. Mine are a decent size, but my hands are fairly big, so I always think that they look small in comparison when they're actually not. Besides, boob massages can be nice and I'm sure that Renjun would definitely enjoy giving you them if you asked.
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