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Oh boy. Warning Spoiler for CoM:

“I mean, pfft! What’s she gonna do? Jump over the zoo wall in the middle of the night?”

OwO hope you like it

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If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog!

Oh my, well okay then

 1. I’m in a lot of fandoms actually. Some I’m not so big into but when I see content of it I enjoy it (so mostly the art), or there are some fandoms I’m really into but I haven’t showed any doodles or content for it here. I’m also a major shipper…but I’m more of a multi-shipper now. I do have certain rules to certain ships or there are some I flat out dislike, but overall (compared how I used to act) I’m a lot more chill with it

 2. I have the mentality of a 20 year old, meaning I can which back and forth between being dumb and childish to serious and mature. It’s both a blessing and a curse

 3. I want to be either a screen-writer, storyboard artist, or a director when I get older. Animated movies is something I’ve always had a passion for, so I’m hoping I can get into the movie business. Or maybe not. I guess we’ll see

Thanks for the random hit up uwu 

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[TW: Unsympathetic Patton Mention; This is fluff for the most part, don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt the children for now.]

It took a few days before Logan was able to stand up and walk around without his head feeling like he had just been shoved to the bottom of the ocean. In the meantime, Sham had been taking care of him, talking to him about the gods they followed, teaching him about gender and sexuality, and telling him about the meaning of different flowers and plants.

Logan had also met Sham’s housemates. Of course, there was Patton, but he had been kicked out within a day. Remus and Roman lived with Sham, which was interesting. They helped as best as they could. And then there was another person, Virgil. They had only spoken twice as Virgil slept for most of the day and worked through the middle of the night, but as far as Logan could tell, he was kind.

Sham was still his favorite, though. He might be biased due to emotions, (Ugh, feelings… disgusting, Logan thought) but surely only he would know that.

Logan wasn’t allowed back in his room. He didn’t know why, though. He didn’t want to keep sleeping in Sham’s room. Not that he didn’t enjoy Sham’s company, he did, he really did! But it was Sham’s room, Sham’s bed. He didn’t want to keep them from sleeping in it. They had been sleeping on the couch in the living room or in a chair next to the bed which was not healthy.

Sham was currently in the room with Logan. Logan looked up at them.

“Sham…?” Logan asked quietly, still unsure of if this was allowed.

Damn, Patton really had made an impact on him.

“Yeah, what is it?” They asked, looking at him. This was one thing he enjoyed; the casualness of their conversations, the easiness. There wasn’t much hostility. It relieved Logan as much as it scared him. What if it all changed? What if Sham was just playing with him?

“Why can’t I go in my room?” He asked. “This is your room. Your bed. I would prefer you sleeping in it than causing your back harm,” he said. “Even if you won’t let me in my room, I would hope you’d at least sleep on the bed. I can sleep on the couch.”

Sham hesitated, tensing slightly. “I… we aren’t letting you in your room because we want to make sure you’ll be okay,” it said slowly. Logan got the feeling that it wasn’t the full story. However, he decided not to push.

“… Okay,” he said quietly. “I trust you.”

He watched as Sham slowly seemed to relax, a small smile forming at the final three words.

But did Sham trust him?

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would you sleep with deidara?

Send me a Character and I’ll tell you if my Muse would sleep with them

Not Enough Alcohol in the World || No || Maybe if I were wasted || Maybe || Eh…Sure || Yes || TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF NOW!

“Hm… you know, if he wasn’t trying to hunt down jinchuriki, and blowing stuff up all the time he’d be quite cute, ne?”

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❛ is that a threat or are you flirting with me. ❜ // From either Sae or Leone, you pick :>

various starters || [ open ]

The dagger dances playfully in his hand, the blade flipping back and forth as he rolls it between his fingers. Each flick is dangerously close to her chest but the smile on both their faces makes it clear that there’s no violence in the behavior. At least not yet. Who knows where it could go between them. After all, they both had a lot of similar interests. Though, Wylan was more for cards and gambling than the lioness.


“Hmmmm. Maybe it’s both? It depends on how you’re feeling. Aroused? Then I’m totally flirting. Intimidated? I’m definitely threatening you. And it’s so so serious. Neither? Well, I’m just joking around. Can’t you take a joke, Catseye?”

Whatever she’s feeling, Wylan is still keeping close to her and the knife continues to dance and play as it reflects the waning light of the sun. “So the choice is yours.”

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