artyeen · 8 months ago
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the guide of souls
(plus alternative monochrome version)
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roguetoo · a year ago
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allyekatdraws · 6 months ago
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Slowly working through huevember!
Specifically, Magical Girl Huevember!
Here’s days 1-4!
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agctea · 11 days ago
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This was intentionally suppose to be Alucard but eh, things didn’t go as planned along the way!?!
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peoplee-suck · 9 months ago
Lake Huron 💗
i wanna live on the water 🥺
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figplants · a year ago
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via instagram (@_nerize)
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fyeafall · a month ago
Take a Hike.
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stellar-digital · 6 months ago
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Tainted and torn apart
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carolinegifs · 11 months ago
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hailey upton in every scene — (1/?)
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of-two-lands · 6 months ago
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65°11'52.9"S 63°46'47.3"W
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mustardyellowy · 10 months ago
What is the story behind your yellow obsession ?
hiya! i realized how nice of a colour it was one day and just….based my personality on it heh
i really enjoy the mustard, dandelion, and goldenrod hues of yellow. it’s just a colour that makes me happy when i look at it and i thought it would be nice to just have a blog specific to that.
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it’s just so bright and bold, yet soft and comforting :) what do you think?
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nomadbuzz · 4 months ago
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Oil Spill. Lisbon, Portugal.
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kayandthegoldendays · 2 months ago
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the sweetest tiny block in NYC, I realized two things 1) I need a new plant and 2) this is possibly a future home even though I love my current neighborhood so so so much.
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explorearound · 8 months ago
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The Rebuilding by Ryan Dyar
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her-penetrating-soul · 7 months ago
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"It's the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!"
~Winnie The Pooh
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peoplee-suck · 2 months ago
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I hope I can find the strength
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charlidekoning · 3 months ago
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"The story of torment itself is a very beautiful one. Because loving is wanting and being able to eat up and yet to stop at the boundary...There is no greater love than the love the wolf feels for the lamb it doesn't eat.”
Visual graphic for a quote by Hélène Cixous in Stigmata: Escaping Texts, 1998.
More colours here
°• 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦 •°
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gaysinanime · 3 months ago
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She was looking beautiful last night. 🌙✨
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i-draw-and-do · 5 months ago
(A little poor in lightning and patterning.)
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The assets for gradients are under this cut:
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secret-diary-of-an-fa · 5 months ago
Secret-Diary’s Colour Wheel... OF DOOOOOOM!
So, I started writing this for my own personal reference, but then it was funny, so now it’s a blog. There, that’s your origin story: now here’s me attempting to describe obscure colours in way that will make you see them in your head, when I could just show you a swatch and have done with it.
Incarnadine Dark, lustrous red- almost like blood. The deep kind I mean, not the fresh, red kind that happens when you cut yourself. If you cut yourself lightly and your blood is Incarnadine, you might want to seek medical attention.
Sarcoline Light, almost fleshy pink. Like a newborn homunculus, or Boris Johnson’s terrifyingly baby-like face during a press conference.
Gingerline Orangey-yellow, sometimes held to be darker than regular ginger, but also sometimes also thought to be lighter. The word is super flexible about the exact colour it refers to, but the hue reminds me of the Spice Melange before it goes all blue and an Atreides shoves it up their hooter.
Skobeloff Dark teal. A bit peacock-y. Yeah, it’s not super exciting or unique or hard to describe, but ‘skobeloff’ is a transcendently brilliant word.
Aureolin Golden yellow with maybe a teeny tiny snip of orange in the mix. It’s actually a really nice colour, but not quite as nice as…
Gamboge Browny, orangey, reddy, and yellowy all at once. If autumn could be summed up in one colour, it’d be this bad boy.
Coquelicot A really nice word for ‘poppy red’. Also it has the word ‘coq’ in it, so it’s funny.
Chartreuse Bright green with a dash of yellow. A really extra type of lime.
Celadon You know that ace Art Deco Green that teapots and lamps sometimes are? Yeah- this is the name for that.
Phlox A highly saturated violet that’s slightly more blue than red. Sounds like a deep-space phenomenon in a sci-fi show from the nineties, but it’s actually named after a flower.
Glaucous Icy blue, but slightly darker than what you initially pictured when I said ‘icy blue’. Think ‘deep permafrost’ rather than ‘ice cube’.
Cerulean Now think ‘ice cube’. Or think ‘bluebird with frostbite’.
Viridian Bluish-green; a bit dark; more green than blue. Very useful if you’ve already used ‘verdigris’, ‘emerald’ and ‘teal’ when describing an alien forest. Also comes in handy if you need to explain the colour of rusted copper to an idiot.
Verdigris A nice, rusty sort of green-blue. Very coppery. Even more so than Viridian. Fuck you, Viridian!
Jaundice Similar to gamboge, but a lot less fun.
Periwinkle Light, greyish purple. Purple for people who can’t fucking commit.
Heliotrope A nice, light purple. A bit lilacesque. Use it in a sentence to sound posh and impress the gullible.
Calamine Light, not-super-saturated pink. A bit of a ‘romance colour’, if you catch my drift.
Cerise A dark, broody magenta. A man’s man’s magenta. Magenta for people who would shoot actual magenta and mount it in their pool hall.
Tyrian Not to be confused with the dwarf of the same but differently-spelled name. A really dark mauve. Mauve for Goths.
Azure The blue you thought the sky would be in Italy before you went there and spent half the time dying of heat-stroke and the other half getting rained on because Italy’s weather is in a permanent state of emotional meltdown.
Persimmon You know those dark, orangey-red lines that pattern the surface of still-warm coals? That’s basically persimmon. Alternatively, it’s the colour that the sky went that time I had the flu and I thought the fucking world might be ending because nobody had told me it was just a random dust-storm from the African plains somehow reaching England.
Vermilion Darkish red, but a really nice darkish red. The kind of darkish red that you might want an armchair in a private library to be, or that a Lannister would wear when going on a date with a close blood-relation.
Obsidian Black, but not in a racist way.
Sable A more racy version of obsidian. Note I said ‘racy’, still not ‘racist’.
Onyx Can’t decide between black and grey? Onyx has got your back, dawg.
Laurel A greyish, olive-green. Pairs well with Hardy.
Citrine Have ever wished there was a word for ‘golden yellow, but not in a healthy way’? Well, here it is. Citrine is a lovely word, but the colour to which it refers is the colour of your urine after a night of terrible, terrible decisions, or of a lemon that’s seen better days.
And that’s it- my favourite colours… SO FAR!
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