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hogwartshousefriends · 2 days ago
Hufflepuff: Are you mad?
Slytherin: No.
Hufflepuff: So sharpening knives at 2am is just a hobby?
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Tumblr media
HUFFLEPUFF: "Having a daughter does not make a man decent. Having a wife does not make a decent man. Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man." –Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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incorrect-slytherin · 2 days ago
I Mint to do That
Hufflepuff: I keep my antidepressants in my altoids container
Ravenclaw: You know that's actually a really good idea
Slytherin: How do you tell them apart?
Hufflepuff: I don't.
Ravenclaw: oh...
Slytherin: That is a great idea. Your either happy or have fresh breath.
Hufflepuff: Or happy with fresh breath
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katrina130 · 2 days ago
if i started selling (cheap-ish) harry potter common room scented wax melts on etsy, would they be popular? like slytherin would be like peppermint, evergreen, pine, rain. and raven claw would be like old books, rainstorms, ocean breeze. and griffyndor would be like cinnamon, orange, cardamom, burning wood. hufflepuff would be like morning dew, rosemary, basil, like rich dirt sorta smell. do you think it would be popular and is there anything you would change about the smells and stuff?
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theseuscmander · 9 hours ago
Subtle Chase (Regulus Black)
masterlist // request are open
request: reader is determined to be regulus' friend, regulus is reluctant and wants to be left alone. so why does he despise it so much when he is? // click here to read request
author's note(s): i don't know how I feel about this one yet. but i hope anon enjoyed this! i tried my best and i do like it but i feel like it isn't what anon wanted??? idk im insecure LMAOOO, i just hope whoever requested this enjoys it as well! also i am shit at titles, sorry about it
disclaimer: jealous!regulus but it's cute lmao GIF ISN'T MINE
pairing: regulus black x reader
word count: 1,499
Tumblr media
You had no idea when this situation catapulted into where you were now. All you wanted was to make Regulus your friend, your comrade. And perhaps you did have a small crush, who wouldn’t? However it was easier said than done, way easier. To start off, he would not even give you the time of day. He’d ignore you, walk away from you, and even once told you that you’d never be friends.
To be fair, he said you couldn’t be friends, and in your very being you knew it was because of the pressures he had as a pureblood Slytherin. They rivaled every house in Hogwarts, even amongst themselves.
He didn’t have the support of anyone else and he couldn’t risk losing the few friends he did have, even if he did think you were really pretty.
So you made it your mission for the past school year to become friends with him, and since Slughorn’s party was coming up you thought it would be great to go together. Let him see just how intelligent and fun you are.
So as you walked through the large double doors of the great hall you scanned over the heads sporting silver and green until they spotted neat black curls, a smile instantly making its way to your face.
You walked happily, a small beat in your step at the prospect of finally making a break, you were very optimistic despite your track record with him, “Hello, Regulus! Do you mind if I sit here?”
You spoke to him as you placed your books on the open seat next to him. He looked up at you, with all the annoyance of the world on his face and ready to tell you no. But your big round eyes softened him up, made his heart feel mushy and warm, and he despised it. ”You already set your things down, didnt you?”
Your smile remained strong, unwavering as you sat beside him, “So, how has your day been so far?”
Regulus remained quiet, reading over his potions essay and trying his best to ignore you. He didn’t want to crack, he built walls, kept people like you away from him.
“My day was pretty uneventful, just studied for the exam we have for def-”
“Is there a reason you're here? I’m quite busy.”
He waved his parchment paper around in front of you,
“Oh-right. Yes, I was actually wondering if you’d like to accompany me to Slughorn’s party. As friends, obviously. But I figured since we’re the only two people he invited from our year it would be nice to show comradeship.”
Your smile was sincere, “Why would you think I would want to go with you?”
Your face fell, and something dropped in the pit of his stomach but he couldn’t stop the words tumbling out of his mouth, “Besides, I am already taking someone else, and you and I are not friends.”
You cleared your throat, before nodding quickly, “Right, sorry.”
You picked your things up swiftly and left without saying anything. Regulus was trying his hardest to push down the guilt he was feeling in the very center of chest. He kept telling himself that he didn't care for you, the two of you had no type of relationship or friendship. So why in Merlin’s name was he feeling like someone was pulling at his heart?
It had been several days since the last encounter with Regulus, and before this you were adamant on making him your friend. But no longer, the last time really stung. So you tried to forget and push him to the far back of your mind and pretend he never existed. He didn’t have to be so mean. And as a last stitch of effort to ease the disappointment you were feeling, you had now made it your mission to forget him.
Regulus knew it too, he was way too mean, and as the days went on and your random pop-ins stopped, he grew lonely. He’d never admit it, but it was true. He’d catch himself looking for you in the sea of people and make himself stop.
However tonight you caught his eye before he even realized he was looking for you. Your gown was a dark green and glittered off the reflection of the light. It complimented you so well and Regulus felt his throat tighten up. He felt warm all around, until he saw the 6ft something Ravenclaw smiling brightly at you, with your arm entangled around his.
It made his chest burn at the thought of you being here with anyone else. How did this even happen? You were asking him to attend with you just a few days ago, and now here you are.
He started making his way towards you, until Slughorn stopped in front of him, with three of his very influential friends and he had no way of escaping him. However his eyes followed you around the room, and the hand that lingered on your lower back.
He was fine with keeping a watchful eye on you, it made the simmering of his chest ease up when he knew where you were. That was until you had both been pulled into a conversation and you didn’t even bat an eye in his direction. Giggling quietly with whatever his name was as he whispered in your ear over the loud music. Regulus cleared his throat, trying to get your attention but you continued to ignore him.
You felt your heart begin to beat harder against your chest as Regulus reached out for you when he was close enough, “Can we please talk? Now?”
He looked insistent, and desperate so you excused yourself quickly and followed behind him as he held onto your wrist gently.
You made it to the most secluded part of the room and it was until then that he dropped your wrist. He paced back and forth in front of you “Is there a reason you took me away from Ph-”
“Why are you here with him?”
His arms crossed over his chest as he waited for you to answer, “I beg your pardon?”
“Why are you here with him? You had asked me a few days ago and now you're here with someone else.”
Regulus knew he was being irrational, but he couldn’t think straight, you just looked so pretty and you were ignoring him and he hated it. “That is none of your business.”
“I know.”
He didn’t know what to say, but you were finally acknowledging him, and he felt shy under your stare so he mumbled out quietly, “I don’t like you ignoring me.”
“You are so bloody confusing you know that? I wanted to be your friend, you didn’t want to be my friend. So I left you alone, but now you don’t want me to leave you alone? I don’t think that is fair to me.”
“I know that too, I don’t know. I just don’t think you need to be involved in all of this and I thought I was okay but then you show up here, with that oaf and-and I can’t stand it.”
“Philip is not an oaf!”
Regulus felt his eyes roll to the very back of his head at the mention of his name, “You know, even if we did become friends, I could still have other friends.”
“I don’t like him.”
“You don’t even know him!”
“No well after tonight I have seen enough.”
“This conversation is going nowhere, so I’m leaving.”
You began walking away from him but he reached out for you once more, “Okay-okay, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be telling you anything, and I regret telling you no, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I also think you didn’t need to parade him around and ignore me but that's something we can talk about another day.”
You laughed quietly as he continued to ramble, cheeks flushed up as he ran a hand through his hair. “Okay, I get it, you desperately want to be my friend, you can’t live without me.”
You pushed at his chest playfully to get him to ease up, and tried to stop the smile that was stuck on your face as Regulus flushed darker.
“I really want to get to know you, and hopefully have you stop thinking I’m such an asshole?”
“I never thought you were an asshole-”
He gave you a ‘seriously?’ look, “Okay, maybe the last time we talked I did think you were. But clearly I just made you nervous.”
His face cracked a smile, “Exactly.”
“You’re an idiot.”
You laughed quietly and moved yourself away from the wall as he spoke quietly, “So, friends?”
‘’More or less.”
You smiled as you made your way back towards the crowd, feeling a small flutter in the pit of your stomach as he laughed and followed behind you before stopping abruptly, “Wait a minute, where is your date?”
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harrypotterconfessions · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I realized that as much as I love Slytherin House and its Gothic aesthetic, I am much more of a Hufflepuff and I’m proud of that! I adore the aesthetic of Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff common room is so cosy and wonderful I just love it!! Ooh and I found out that my Patronus is a Bat, which is super awesome!!!
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➳headcanon: sleeping with fred
Tumblr media
he's the big spoon, for obvious reasons
you sleep in a position so that your head rests on his chest and your body curls into his
his arms are always around you
fred can't sleep well without you, you have to be close to him or he'll worry
you've always got a big heap of blankets and quilts on you like a burrito because he doesn't want you to catch a cold
sometimes he'll stay up just watching you sleep
he'll admire the way you look so adorable with the ever-so rare peaceful expression on your face
"yes, love?"
"go to sleep."
"i will. you just look so beautiful."
he loves it when you're drowsy, because if you're outside, you'll practically depend on him to move and he loves taking care of you
if you're inside you'll ask for the usual cuddles and how can he not say yes to those eyes?
many a time you'll play with his hair, and he'll try so hard not to fall asleep, but he'll just whisper 'i love you' in a sleepy voice and doze off
he looks as pretty as he always does. his eyelashes are as long as you wish yours were. his hair is messy and still bright even though it's dark out. his lips are parted, and cute breaths are puffing out of them
you trace over his face lightly, over each and every one of his freckles, smiling.
but he's a restless sleeper. it kinda seems like any second now, his eyes will snap open and he'll start laughing
he'll randomly wake up in the middle of the night and look over at you, and smile or sigh in relief that you're still here and you love him just as much as he loves you
when you wake before he does, which is rarely, and get up to make breakfast, he'll immediately wake up and pull you back into bed, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck
"freddie, i'm hungry!"
he chuckles half-asleep, "stay here, i'll be lonely."
his morning voice is rough and even deeper than it is usually
"i'll cook for you later. please?"
"nah. you stay though, you need more sleep!"
"'m not handsome enough, hey?"
"no, you're waking at an ungodly hour, freddie! and you always sleep so late! i love you and as part of loving you i order you to continue sleeping. you work too hard. i love you more for it, but still too hard."
it was true, he got a maximum of 5 hours of sleep a day. just because he was always up late working on something on the mahogany table that sat in your room for the shop, and always rose early to make breakfast for both of you.
" have a point. but i wanna be with you!"
"i'll slip into bed later, okay?"
"no! now!"
"i'll be quick!"
you gobble down some cereal, putting some fancy toast that fred likes out with a heating charm
you creep into the room, where, sure enough, he's sleeping
"you're back," he says drowsily, "come 'ere."
he cuddles you in his arms, sighing contentedly as your hands play with his hair
the man loves touching you, always, he's got to be close to you in some sort of way
if he comes home and you're sleeping on the couch, the forgotten television show you're watching blasting out music, he'll shut off the tv (duh) and wakes you up with kisses along your face just because he enjoys the way you react, which is:
"mmph, wha?"
and you blush and try to hide it and his heart goes absolutely crazy at the sight of it.
he likes having random conversations about anything and everything whilst you lie side to side with him, his hands tracing yours.
"what are your thoughts on tattoos?"
"i dunno, they're good if they're done well? why? you thinking 'bout getting one?"
"would you still like me if i got a tattoo?"
"depends on where and what."
"a hungarian horntail on my face."
"no. it'll ruin your features."
"oh? features?"
you absentmindedly nod, "yeah, your cute freckles and your nose and your eyelashes and your- what am i even doing? you know i think you're absolutely handsome, beautiful, whatever you like, you're awesome. you'd probably even look good with a stupid picture on your face, no fair."
you look over at him. he's blushing a very very bright red. when he see's that you've seen, he buries his face into your hair.
"aww, is lil freddie boy shy??" you mock him.
"no i'm not!"
"so what tattoo are you gonna get?"
"something with my siblings and something else too."
"i dunno, on my chest or my arm?"
"oooh okay, can i come and watch?"
"you sure you can handle shirtless me?"
"then i'll get both on my chest then."
sure enough, he gets an 'IV' and a 'G' on his torso
but i feel like he's the guy to want to go to the gym and make a habit out of it, because he was so lanky in his schoolboy years (fredlives!au) and he always goes late at night with a muggle friend.
and when he comes home from the gym after taking a shower there he just sees you singing in an off-tune voice to music as you wash the dishes, dinner prepared for him
even though you're absolutely horrible at cooking, you've got a few dishes mastered without burning the house down and you always decorate your dishes with the basil molly sends you
and he falls in love with you all over again
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pechoraflow · a day ago
I firmly believe that a Batfamily Hogwarts AU would see Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne as Slytherins, but Damian would be a Hufflepuff and NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.
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Hufflepuff: Is everything alright?
Ravenclaw: *grinning and flashing two thumbs up* Nope!
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Tumblr media
HUFFLEPUFF: "Love is no game! It is no flowery softness! It is hard work - a quest that never ends. It demands everything from you - especially the truth. Only then does it yield rewards." –Rick Riordan (Cupid: The House of Hades)
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sunnysmilezz · 2 days ago
winter chill | c.d x reader short story
Tumblr media
pairings : cedric diggory x reader
prompt : “ive been excited to see you all day.”
summary : it’s another normal winter day at hogwarts, having cedric meet you after class to walk. you happened to forget a coat, but luckily your boyfriend was there.
word count :
warnings : none? fluff (slight language)
1, 2, 3, 4… you’d count as the minutes go by, letting the time tick away in your head countless minutes before restarting at 1. your charms class had seemed to go on for centuries, your eyes shifting as you tuned out the voices around you.
the window overlooked the courtyard, which was currently dusted with frost. with the morning sun peeking through the cover of clouds, it shimmered brightly; almost blindingly. the winter season had come quick this year to hogwarts, the weather dropping rapidly as the last fall days left. you gazed wistfully out the window, absentmindedly tracing the patterns the frost had etched into the glass.
“y/l/n!” you snapped back to attention as your name had been called, head whipping up as you looked in the direction of your teacher. your face was hot as you felt the gaze of your classmates burning into your back. “perhaps you should stop day dreaming and instead pay attention.” flitwick quipped, tapping the tip of his wand on a desk before resuming. embarrassed you bit the inside of your cheek, quill scratching across the paper in rapid motions. this was going to be a long class.
the end of class couldn’t come soon enough as you hurriedly picked up your things, rushing out the door through the pack of students. when you left the doors you immediately wanted to go back inside the warm charm classroom. the winter air bit at your cheeks, making a red tint across the bridge of your nose. you shivered, gathering your belongings closer to you. perhaps you should’ve dressed warmer today…
“I’ve been excited to see you all day.” the familiar voice was like music to your ears. a smile crept to your face as your turned around, meeting the most gorgeous grey eyes you’d ever seen. “hi.” you breathed, burying your face into his shoulder with a small smile. cedric, your boyfriend for many seasons. even now it still excites you to see him. “darling, your going to freeze in this weather.” he said in a lecturing tone, but there was concern in his gaze as he immediately removed his coat and dropped it on your shoulders. “Awh ced you don’t have to-“ you protested, but he gently pressed a finger to your lips. “no, i insist.” he gave a dazzling smile, one that still makes you swoon. you pouted your lip slightly, but still smiled back. “if you say so.” you spoke, drawing the jacket closer to yourself. it was warm; and smelled of honey and the fresh scent of spring. drawn from your thoughts as he put an arm around your shoulder, you two began to walk towards class. “so I was thinking we go to have a walk in the snow- don’t you think?” he suggested, and you happily complied. maybe winter days weren’t so bad after all.
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theroomofrefreshments · 12 hours ago
Slytherin hubby. *yells from the bedroom* You have to come here immediately, this is an emergency!
Hufflepuff me. *eye rolls* if you’re looking for your Tuesday shirt, you’ve left it at your friend’s house last week. You remember? The night you got drunk, lost a bet and came home wearing just wet socks and a cloak…?
Slytherin hubby. *comes out grinning madly* what a glorious night that was.
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jimblejamblewriting · 2 days ago
Princesse de Mort | Part 13.
[Posted 2021.09.25]
Summary: Y/N Riddle. Not much more has to be said. Life at Hogwarts when your dad is Lord Voldemort is an interesting experience. And four particular people at school make it even more interesting.
Warnings: This whole story is angsty, hurt/comfort, smut, will end in fluff but goes through all the other stuff first. this is like a mild dark fic? just shy of being dark?
Pairing: Marauders x black!reader, Remus Lupin x black!reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Previous Part | (Series Masterlist) 
Tumblr media
You stood on Platform 9 and ¾ waving goodbye to Harry. He enthusiastically waved back. Having you around was one of the best things. Everyone saw the way you doted on him as best as you could and how the boy ate it right up. Mrs. Weasley was a mother figure but she had seven other children that she had been focused on her entire life. Harry was yours as far as you both were concerned. You and Remus had time for him that he just didn’t get from others. Your two boys were tremendous aids in your recovery. Most memories were attached to them. Sirius, as your unofficial third boy, was also a tremendous help. You could genuinely say that you understood feelings. You still weren’t good at them but you understood the spectrum that you had been missing for so long. 
Sirius made the best hot chocolate you had ever tasted when you got home. He and Remus tried to be ahead of you in requests. You were still asking for permission to do everything so they had taken to being one step ahead of you. Food was given before you could ask. Sirius suggested showers and bathroom breaks once he figured out when you usually went— it was scary that it was almost the same time every day. Remus suggested going outside the moment he saw your mouth open. They figured that maybe if you couldn’t get a chance to ask questions, you would slowly stop. 
Grimmauld was a bit strange now that all the kids were gone. Order members showed up almost every day for meetings but then they went back to their respective homes. It was just three of you— Sirius, Remus, and you. The two of them were sent on less missions or shorter missions so one of them could always be with you. If they both had to leave, Remus fixed a small picnic basket and you sat in the park for hours with a book. You all ate dinner at a muggle restaurant after sending the kids off. Sirius opened his mouth before you could, the minute you three got home. 
“How about you take a shower first so then I can go?” 
You went upstairs to start your nightly routine. When Sirius left to go shower, Remus went upstairs to find you sitting on the bed in just a towel. He immediately moved to kneel in front of you when he saw a tear slip from your eyes. You shook your head. 
“Good tears,” you said. 
“Why are we crying good tears?”
“I feel a bit happy.”
Remus paused. That was the first time you had ever said that you felt happy. You had felt good, often you would say that you felt better than peaceful. But recognizing happiness had never really worked— it wasn’t as easy as figuring out calm and peaceful. You nodded your head and shark smiled. 
“We dropped off Harry today. It felt good, he likes Hogwarts. I’m happy he and his friends are going back to a place they like… it’s not a lot, just a bit of happy. This much.” You held up a pinky. 
Remus laughed and locked his pinky around yours. “That’s a good bit of happy. It’s a brilliant amount of happy.” 
Remus didn’t let you get dressed. He quickly stripped out of his own clothes and showered before going to bed with you. You two curled up on clean sheets and just held each other in naked embrace. He periodically kissed your shoulder until the two of you fell asleep. 
The next mission that the men were sent on came a whole month later and required them both to be gone for the entire weekend which made them nervous. It was the first time you’d be alone overnight since getting out. Sirius was prepping the second picnic basket for Sunday while Remus was doing the Saturday one. 
“Maybe it’ll be good for her,” Sirius said. “A weekend where she has to make all the decisions herself?”
“Or it could be another table incident… she’s been marking tallies on a wall in the empty room up front.”
“I didn’t notice it at first but almost two whole months goes by and the tallies are a bit hard to ignore.” 
They stopped talking when you walked in.
“Remmy, can we go to sleep?”
“Yeah, love, let me just finish.”
You nodded and went upstairs. The men finished the baskets and charmed everything to stay nice and fresh until they were opened. Remus didn’t wake you up in the morning, letting you sleep as long as you wanted. You woke up to a sweet note in his place. The broken hums of the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ lullaby echoed through the emptiness of Grimmauld Place as you got ready. You plucked a book off of the bookshelf and grabbed the picnic basket and began to leave the house. Walburga always said good morning to you, forever pissing Sirius off that his mother’s portrait found the one person in life that didn’t upset her. 
The park was nice even though it was a cloudy day. You frowned at the thought of potential rain. Rain was pretty but rain meant you had to be inside. You laid out your blanket and opened the basket to pull out the little bowl of fruit and the first drink of water. There were a few different types of drinks in the basket. Your favorite was the one drink of butterbeer that Remus always wrote a note on. You saved it for last every time. This bowl of fruit contained different cut up melons in the shape of stars— Sirius’ idea. You carefully ate the fruit, trying not to get juice on your book, and started to read. The park added beautiful sounds and ambience to your reading. 
“Oh, no, don't bother the lovely woman. Harvey, Mary come b—” 
You looked over when two small lumps ran into your shoulder, making you jump to the high heavens. The small lumps were toddlers that were now sitting on your blanket as if surprised that running into someone would make them fall down. You gave a small wave that was returned enthusiastically. A very stressed young woman came running over. 
“I’m sorry. It’s the first time their parents have been gone on a business trip and they're really struggling with the adjustment.”
“It’s not a problem,” you said. “I can share my blanket. You seem like you need a break.”
“Thank you.” The woman sat down on the bench next to your blanket. “I’ve just been upgraded from day time nanny to full-time and, wow, am I not handling it too well— Oh, Mary, you can’t just touch strangers’ things.”
You didn’t try to smile in case the awkward look frightened the toddlers but shook your head and handed Mary a piece of fruit. Harvey began to whine until he was handed a piece as well. 
“I have a godson named Harry, almost Harvey.”
The woman chuckled. “Harry sounds like a much calmer name than Harvey. Would you like to switch?”
“He’s fifteen.”
“Even better, he can cut his own sandwiches.”
You were grateful she turned to look at a jogger go by. You weren’t exactly sure how well your “ha ha” would go over with someone that didn’t understand. Mary had no concept of personal space. She crawled into your lap and began looking at the book you were reading much to her poor nanny’s horror. You said it was fine. Truly, it was all fine. She got a break and you felt even happier. A little bit more than when you dropped off Harry because neither baby shied away when you gave them a shark smile before thinking better of it. They just mimicked you like it was normal before digging into your fruit because giving them one piece somehow said they had free reign over the bowl. It was a pinky and half your ring finger of happiness. 
You would have to tell Sirius and Remus when they got home. Maybe that could be your new job. Children don’t judge— babies. Babies don’t judge. And their emotions are simple. Your shark smiles and ‘ha ha’s would be fine in a daycare. You wouldn’t need complicated magic to take care of them— you were still struggling to keep your hand from shaking long enough to cast a spell. They said you’d eventually get the magic back. They said end of the year but you didn’t believe them. It felt like it would take a lot longer. 
And you hadn’t really been determined to try and practice. You were still just trying to enjoy everything before they took you back to prison. Because you didn’t believe them about that either. If they threw you in so easily, why wouldn’t they take you back? Remus could make all the promises in the world but he can’t stop the Ministry. If they think you’re still responsible somehow, you’ll be thrown back. Your father was still out there. Your spy cover hadn’t been revealed aside from the few who knew about it. You were still associated with Lord Voldemort and that was enough to get you your cell back you were sure of it. 
Mary and Harvey waved their little fingers goodbye and gave you the same shark smile that you gave them. You chuckled, eyes going wide at the action. It was a genuine one. More of a snort through your nose but genuine. You understood what Remus meant by people had their own things they found funny. You didn’t realize what your smile looked like until the toddlers showed you and it was funny because you realized that you looked ridiculous. And your husband still thought it was cute somehow. Today was a good day. You had a lot to tell Sirius and Remus about when they got home on Monday. In the meantime, you would go shopping until they came home. You were shown where the public Floo Network closest to the house was and decided to take a chance and use it on Sunday. Your boys would be so proud of all the little steps you made over the weekend. If you made little steps every weekend then maybe you’d be better by the end of the year. Not healed completely, and not your best but better. And then by next year, even better. 
You thought of that the entire time as you walked into Gringotts and asked to exchange some of your money for muggle money as well as more galleons. You wanted another blanket and more sweaters for Remus for you to steal… and chocolate. He told you where his mother— who passed while you were in prison— used to buy the chocolate that she would send to both of you. That chocolate was always your favorite. You bought Sirius a blanket as well when you got to the store. Remus had already warned the entire Order behind your back that you had a thing about buying people gifts now. 
He told them to accept it, it made you feel better to see everyone warm and comfortable. He was sure that it calmed you to make sure no one could feel an ounce of what you did in Azkaban. So people accepted the blankets you sent them, the books with notes, and the drinks you made Remus or Sirius charm to keep warm. It got to the point where the entirety of Gryffindor was shocked the first time they all got owl deliveries with blankets because you remembered that Gryffindor dorms started getting cold after the first month of school. And then you had to send blankets to your House, especially after hearing a boy from Hufflepuff died. And then you felt bad so you sent blankets to all the students… and the faculty. And then because Harry was your godson, before Halloween, a second set of blankets and chocolate was sent to his House. Everyone thought his godmother was awesome. 
The Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione were crying from laughing at the fact that this was how you were spending your compensation from the Ministry. Remus and Sirius were the same way when Harry wrote to them about it and then they picked up a bunch of letters at the post-office from students that they didn’t even know saying thank you. When your husband said to spend the money you were owed as frivolously as you wanted, Remus expected the house to be overflowing with stuff not you adopting every child in Hogwarts. Both men only stopped teasing when it occurred to them that you were taking care of everyone to make sure no one went through what you went through, at least not completely alone. 
The teasing did resume, however, when they found out you sent a personalized blanket to Cho Chang with a stuffed toy pumpkin and candy. You looked confused because Harry said he liked her. Were you not supposed to do that? Sirius was a mess on the floor because both he and Remus knew that Harry wasn’t that smooth to ever think of anything like that and you wrote in the note that he picked out everything. Harry, on the other hand, wrote back that Cho was wrapped in the blanket when coming down from the owlery and gave him a smile as she held up the candy box.  
You got your stuff and headed to the muggle pharmacy to get the chocolate. The lady out the counter observed you as you grabbed the chocolate. You were painfully aware of what you looked like still. You tried to push Azkaban to the back of your mind as much as you could but moments when people watched you made it hard. It was also during moments like now, as you reached for the chocolates which you found in the aisle with feminine products. Apparently, the three chocolates that were most popular with women on their periods were put near the aisle so their panicked partners could easily get it for them along with whatever feminine products they needed. You haven't had a period for a while. Dementors and not the best food tended to do that. More people had entered the store so you went to the pharmacy counter in the back where the older lady with the lab coat who was watching earlier gave you a smile, trying to seem as non-judgemental as possible.
“Um, about the…” You pointed to the feminine products behind. “When does it come back?”
“Are you in recovery, dear?”
You just nodded. How do you explain to a muggle that it was recovery from dementors not an eating disorder. 
“It really depends, some people see it in literally a few weeks, others take a whole year. You’re best off buying a pack of what you like so it doesn’t surprise you and then just wait. You might also want this, a bunch of these.”
You looked at the boxes she dropped onto the counter and then back up at her. 
“I couldn’t help but notice the wedding ring.”
You were still wearing Remus’. 
“You won’t exactly be able to confirm on your own, not a regular cycle.” 
She chuckled as you paid and quickly shoved the boxes into your bag along with a set of pads, tampons, and your chocolate. You went back to Grimmauld and didn’t look at the products until it was early in the morning. There were a few hours before your boys came home. Timidly, you opened the box. If Lily was still here, you would just have her perform the charm that checks. Or even Marlene. You supposed you could always ask Molly or Sirius’ cousin, Tonks, who you’ve come to like a lot. But then what if it was true? They’d tell. The muggle style kept everything quiet and to yourself. So you peed on the stick and just waited.               
When they got home, both men went straight to the couch that they knew they would find you on. Sirius thanked you for the blanket that was waiting for him in his armchair. Remus noticed how you immediately pulled away from his touch. He let you go upstairs without protest although he was a bit confused. You never seemed to be overwhelmed before by his presence. Azkaban left you so touch-starved that you didn’t like to go more than an hour without holding him or Sirius in some fashion. It was when you didn’t come down for breakfast that Lupin suspected a problem. He took the stairs two at a time to get to the room. The look of concern melted into a small smile as he saw you asleep. Remus crouched down in front of you, gently shaking your shoulder. Your eyes opened and instead of giving him your shark smile, you frowned. Remus rubbed up and down your arm.
“What’s wrong, Sunshine?”
“I’m sorry,” you whispered before trying to turn over.
Remus just stayed in his crouching position, confused. He craned his body over yours so he could see your face again.
“(Y/N), what’s the problem?” He asked gently.
You wouldn’t look him in the eye. Remus wasn’t going to let it go. The tiniest voice escaped you.
“You didn’t want kids.”
The man paused as your words sunk in. 
“Are you sure?” Remus asked. “You’re really pregnant?”
You looked up, confused at the joy in voice. You remembered the conversations before Azkaban, the long talks about why bringing children into the world wasn’t something Remus was sure he could do. The lycanthropy that made its presence known every full moon, like clockwork, and was the reason that the far left cupboard in the kitchen was dedicated to little bottles of silvery blue liquid. It wasn’t that he didn’t want children. He just didn’t want children with his condition. 
Adoption, that was another conversation. You two were planning for it. When the war was over and you both were stable, you were going to adopt a sibling pair and be the best parents ever. But then you got taken. When you were younger, this was important to you. Remus remembered the days of you holding baby Harry— he can see the faded semblance of the same look when you do anything for teenage Harry. He’d get over the lycanthropy. If his kid has his condition, so what? This was something you had wanted for so long and after everything you had been through, Remus felt like you deserved it. He wasn’t leaving you or the new addition to his family.
“You want to keep it?” you asked in the smallest voice.
You tried to wiggle away so you could run. To where? You didn’t know but anywhere that you wouldn’t have to look at the disappointment and maybe anger on Remus’ face. But he didn’t give you a chance to do any of that. You suddenly felt yourself pulled off the bed and wrapped in an embrace as your husband swayed the both of you back and forth. The two of you were content in each other’s arms as you thought about different things. You felt relief and that pinky measurement of happiness as you thought about raising a baby with Remus and hopefully being able to help finish raising Harry if the Ministry forms went through. 
Remus was thinking about moving. There were going to be four of you— five if Sirius wanted to come along, which meant maybe six if he started dating again. Which meant seven because Sirius might not want kids but he’s a pushover for his partner and if they do then they’ll have one. Grimmauld wasn’t built for that and Remus wanted all the kids comfortable. Plus Harry liked to bring over his friends so he needed a good space for himself. Maybe his dad would want to stay as well? With his lycanthrophy under better control, Remus no longer felt like a burden to his father’s life. So he needed a house that could accommodate at least nine people comfortably. He kissed the top of your head. Yeah, he definitely needed his Hogwarts’ job back.
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➳braids & nail polish ♡
in which ginny and molly weasley bump into ginny's best friend with the prettiest french braids and her sister, who braided them. a year after the war. fred lives. through the eyes of the youngest weasley, both fred and y/n l/n's old childhood crushes on each other resurface.
fred weasley x fem!reader
reader is not a gryffindor. sorry to my gryffindor kin out there:)
word count: ±4.2k
tw: braiding hair, nail polish, nothing too out there, little bits of swearing, teasing, so much flusteredness and sarcasm
Tumblr media
ft. molly weasley's matchmaking skills
i do my hair toss
check my nails
baby how you feelin'?
feeling good as hell
braids & nail polish
"hello, you have pretty hair today!" grace, one of my best friends, also 17, states bluntly, "look at mine!" she changes her hair colour. we giggle together and she catches the attention of mum.
mum and i are shopping in the muggle mall, they call it. it has lots of things i never thought existed, like stores filled with clothes. we didn't used to be able to afford it, but ever since the twin's business went crazy and mum and dad invested in it, we've got so much more money to go around.
the twins sent mum and i shopping here, and george suggested with advice from angelina that we get some things to treat ourselves with.
"grace, have you seen the basket? i think i lost it!" a voice pops out around grace l/n and i see the familiar face of the head girl from a few years ago, "oh, hey! ginny weasley, mrs weasley, fancy seeing you two here!"
mum is smiling. "i told you to call me molly, y/n."
y/n l/n. she's still extremely famous for getting the top marks in all of defence against the dark arts history.
"what are you guys doing here? other than shopping, i mean," y/n laughs.
she was always like a big sister to all the girls in hogwarts. she gave out the best advice. i can back that. she gave me advice on how to deal with boys ('it's normal to like different boys, but never ever forget yourself ginny. what do you want to do?'). i've never forgotten it. it helped me through the stuff with harry and dean and michael.
"well the twins told us to get out of the house. not in that way, but- oh gosh! your hair, it's so marvellously braided, i never noticed it!" mum cries.
indeed grace's hair is pretty. it's done up in two french braids, with a braid somehow embedded into the braid that's done into her colour-changing locks. it's hard to explain, i dunno.
"people do seem to notice the colour of your hair more than the style," y/n smiles.
"who did it?" mum asks.
"i did, actually," y/n laughs, "but her hair pulled it off."
"nonsense, that's a marvellous piece of wand work!"
y/n smiles, "not wand work, molly, these chubby things," she does jazz hands, "did that."
mum gasps, "wow!"
"it's barely an achievement."
"it isn't actually, she hurts me when she pulls my hair too hard," gracie pipes up.
y/n glares at grace, "we will not fight in public, graceful," we all laugh at the nickname, "but if you do it cautiously, it won't hurt. i've seen some of the jumpers you've knitten! they're brilliant! your hands must be so deft."
mum loves y/n. i can tell. y/n's polite and nice. she's also pretty. mum's eyes glisten with merriment.
"you must teach me!"
"of course! but i must warn you, i am terrible at teaching."
i frowned, "that isn't true! harry told me you were awesome at tutoring him!"
she smiles, "harry potter, harry potter. he was a good student, what can i say? and i was taught in dada by the finest teachers."
"well darling y/n, you must come with us back to the burrow, if your parents are okay with it."
"our parents are in a cruise in malta, i'm sure they won't mind," grace chuckles and y/n laughs.
"yup, that's right. anniversary."
i notice the colours on grace's hand.
"what's that?" i point at the shiny blue colouring over her nails.
"nail polish. it paints your nails," grace explains.
"do you think you could bring some nail polish?" i ask her.
"of course! look, y/n and your mother are talking! let's go pick out some colours! my treat!"
she grabs my hand and we reach shelves with all sorts of colours.
"hot pink, right?" she asks me and i nod.
"well you can choose any!"
i end up choosing a few bottles and some little stickers, as she dumps them into the now found shopping basket that y/n is carrying.
"-and there's the twins. i dare say george is taken, but you were in fred's year, he's a good one. well i must say that, he is my boy, but he's got the weasley charm, you have to meet him!"
y/n looks at mum with an amused smile. "i would be glad to, molly. in fact, i'm pretty sure i've met him before."
"she's tryna set one of my brothers up with her. yuck!" i whisper to grace.
"yuck!" grace fake gags.
we both giggle. "why do you think it's yuck?" she asks.
"because my brothers are disgusting."
she giggles again. "i think it's yuck because she told me that fred once pranked her by putting glue in her shoes! she said that he wasn't very smart."
we both giggle again.
"do you think he liked her?" i ask her.
"she says that no boys have liked her before!"
"i think that's a lie!"
"no i don't, she's weird!"
we giggle again.
"grace, are you gonna go with ginny back to the burrow and i can go get the stuff for later and head to the burrow or do you wanna come with me?" y/n asks, "maybe isn't an answer by the way."
"what do you think?"
"bye!" y/n picks up her basket to pay and grace links arms with me.
mum says goodbye to y/n who hugs her first. that's always something that molly weasley absolutely loves.
mum finishes up buying things and we apparate with her to the burrow, where she sends a patronus to george, telling him, 'get your twin in my house now! it's urgent. oh and tell him we have guests. also tell him to bring an impressive attitude! do take a break, my dear, you and fred are working far too hard. send my love to angelina.'
a patronus comes back promptly, in true george form, 'told him that you're mad at him. his fangirls always told me they liked when he was all worried, thought it was cute. and he'll change into clothes that make him look more vulnerable too to trigger your empathy. will take a break. will send love to angie. love you too.'
"ahh george takes after me, always knows what's going on," mum says and i roll my eyes.
grace giggles.
"when's y/n coming?" i ask her.
"i dunno, she's pretty quick. she'll probably change her clothes, call mum and dad and chat with them and then gather all the stuff."
"wanna play quidditch?"
"yup. bags keeper."
"bags chaser."
"race ya!"
she hops on the spare broom and rides into the distance.
i follow her as we play for a little bit. it's already getting dark outside when i hear the light laugh of y/n. she's sitting on her broomstick, legs swinging as she uses the broomstick like a pro.
"dinna!" she laughs.
just like grace said, she's changed her clothes. they're more comfy looking. a neon green sweater is clad to black sweatpants.
"i brought pjs too because molly said we could stay for the night, graceless!"
i shook my head, mounting my broom as i whisper to grace 'mum's up to something'. she shrugs, 'i dunno your mum that well but yeah probably'.
we sit for dinner. it's delicious as always and a fluffy conversation over potions ingredients starts as mum asks y/n about her opinion on gillyweed and its properties.
"they said you were excellent at potions, y/n," mum praises and y/n laughs.
"nah, i really wasn't."
"yeah you were, you're more of a nerd," grace says.
we all laugh. "that is not true! i simply enjoy the art that is education," y/n has a gentle smile on her face.
"then you would not enjoy the company of fred," mum teases her.
"oh no, no, no, that's not at all what i meant! i'm sure i would love his company. and i'm sure he's very very well-educated."
mum laughs heartily, "i'm just joking with you, darling."
"oh thank goodness, i'm sure i'll be very, er, fond of him."
she's hiding some secret.
but her head immediately turns to the direction of the door. she probably heard the pop of apparition, whilst the rest of our eyes look at the ding! the clock which tells mum and dad where each of us are. fred's home, it says.
mum winks at me and i nod, going to open the door for him, knowing he's probably lost the key mum gave him.
fred's in his stupid red sweater with stupid grey trackpants, his hair messy and he looks freshly showered. instead of his natural grin, a worried and scared look is on his face.
i quickly hug him and he whispers in my ear, "what shit have i done now, ey, ginevra?"
"i dunno, and it's ginny to you."
"fuck, what the shit have i done?" he anxiously taps his foot and i stomp on it.
"ow, fuck! ginny!"
"it's annoying. be polite."
he sighs, heading in.
"hello mum!" he says, pecking her cheek cautiously.
"freddie! meet y/n!" his shoulders relax in relief as he turns his attention onto y/n, who's smiling politely.
his cheeks turn red, "hey," he says. grace and i share glances. mum looks amused. she knows he's always got flirting in him.
"hi! fred weasley, right? gryffindor?" she asks.
"yep. you're y/n, pretty head girl?"
and he's back. he smirks bravely but y/n doesn't react.
"now, fred, now's not the time," mum ushers him to some food.
"i've already eaten-"
"nonsense, you're very skinn- hang on, fred, what's all this muscle?"
fred goodnaturely rolls his eyes, "muscle, dear mother, is a-"
"yes but where did it come from?"
"eating your food, i suppose," he winks at y/n who smiles back. his face could not get more redder.
mum beams happily.
"now, mum, why are you looking so thin? you tell me and george we work far too much, but what about you?" he suddenly looks concerned.
i see y/n's eyes soften, as she looks down at her plate, which is empty.
she quickly gathers grace and i's plates and washes them, hanging them on the rack.
"y/n, you are staying for the night, aren't you?"
"if it's okay with you."
"right and i do believe that ginny's room is far too small for the three of you-"
she gives me a look.
i sigh.
"right, so fred's staying over tonight."
"i am?" he asks.
"you are."
"i thought i was going back to my apartmen-"
he's silenced by a look.
"you can stay with him in his room, which is right next to george's, if it's fine with you!" she suggests.
y/n thinks for a moment, "there are no other rooms available?" she asks carefully.
"nope, they're all rather dirty."
lies. mum's a neat freak.
"he's okay with it?"
"it's not a big deal for me, sweetheart," he flirts. she ignores him, her cheeks going red all the same.
"that would be okay then. i'm very grateful for you, molly."
"i'm very grateful for having such a nice girl like you around! ginny's told me a lot about you."
y/n smiles.
"now, let's get to what we are really here for!" y/n says enthusiastically.
y/n dumps a hot pink bag down with a thud, winking at me.
"this is all for ginny to keep."
"oh, we couldn't possibly take all this."
"you'll take it," she says rather ominously, "i insist."
she gets out a smaller bag in a light purple and pulls out a brush, beginning to teach my mum how to do it. i watch fred silently as mum braids my hair.
his eyes are on y/n. his lips are in a half-smile as he watches her concentrate.
"ouch!" grace yells out.
"i'm being gentle, disgrace," y/n says, "and you hurt me! how dare you suggest i hurt you?"
i see fred laugh. his humour is rather like hers, i think.
now, y/n is applying polish to my nails, as mum watches, deliberately looking at fred every few seconds.
"this is a base coat, it makes your nails nice to paint on."
one of things i like about y/n is she always explains things so they make more sense. she's also terribly patient.
"and this is a kind of actual coat." a hot pink paint is applied. it's pretty.
"this is a top coat. it seals everything and makes it nice."
a clear coat is topped off.
"hmm," she hums, "what decos do you want?"
"hearts, please. and glitter."
"good choice."
soon my nails look very beautiful. as i'm admiring them, y/n cleans up with a nonverbal spell.
"can we paint your nails?" i put my puppy eyes on.
she laughs, "why?"
"why not?" grace adds.
mum nudges fred. the movement doesn't go unnoticed by y/n as her eyes flicker ever so slightly to them in confusion.
she offers her hands to us.
i try very hard to make them look pretty, but they end up sloppy and messy.
grace's are neat and elegant, like a true slytherin.
i embarrassedly glance up at her as she examines them.
"i love 'em!"
"you'll wear them to work?" i asked her.
"the patients won't mind," she assures me.
"patients?" fred is curious.
"i work at st mungo's," she explains, "the surgical department. they need muggle strategies to combat diseases sometimes. i conduct specifically plastic surgery for burn victims."
if he wasn't impressed already, he is now.
"well i need a treatment for excessive," i groan as he smirks at her, "hotness."
"that can be arranged. what procedure do you want done?" she jokes back.
"hmm, i think i'll get my hair dyed."
"that's not a procedure but i do have blonde hair dye. blonde's a beautiful hair colour. want?" she asks.
"want you? definitely."
she rolls her eyes, "want to be a blondie?"
"nah, don't you think i look cute in ginger hair?"
mum is chuckling to herself, oblivious to the conversation, as she sorts out the hair products y/n's given her.
"grace, do you think freddie here looks cute in ginger hair?"
grace gags, "no."
"that is my answer. nothing talks like blood."
her head turns again to the door as we hear another pop. dad's home. he kisses mum on the cheek and ruffles my hair, before looking deadpan at fred.
"who are you?"
"i'm hannah. hannah montana," he mimics.
we all burst out laughing but i'm sure his eyes are on y/n.
"mr weasl- arthur! how nice to see you again."
they shake hands and soon conversations about jobs and things are continued as dad wolfs down his soup.
soon, they go to bed, leaving the four of us.
"well, i'm tired," i fake a yawn, directing a meaningful look to grace who follows.
"we're going to bed!" grace takes the pyjamas and we gently shut the door.
i grab two extendable ears and give one to grace, as we listen.
"long time no see, weasley."
"you did give me detention, so yes."
"i gave you detention because i was so tired because you switched ALL the clocks in the dorms to a different timezone. jet lag, but worse."
"i only switched yours."
"should've also taken 50 points."
"biased thing."
"house pride. gryffindor's got plenty of that, doesn't it? now i don't particularly fancy sharing a bed with you, let's work out living arrangements. i will take the floor-"
"nup. you're not taking any hard surface, unless it's my abs."
she laughs, "you can't tell me what to do."
"then i'll take the floor."
"are you sure i can't just sleep in george's room or something? i'd hate to make you sleep on the floor."
"george is a private man."
"he is an enigma. another reason why angie loves him so much."
"oh don't tell him. angie's gonna ask him out tomorrow. she already knows he likes her back. he's pretty obvious for a private man, isn't he?"
"he is."
"she's gonna ask him at the place, the place where they sell the- the! ugh, what's it called? the cups. no, that doesn't sound right. the mug! yes the cafe. it's absolutely gorgeous."
i peek an eye around the door. he's staring at her with heart eyes.
"i guess."
grace whispers into my ear, "she thinks he's dry. the convo will end in 3...2...1..."
sure enough, y/n gets up and cleans up the kitchen.
"i think i'll turn in for the night. you can go back to your apartment if you want, i wouldn't wanna force you to stay. i'll clean your sheets tomorrow for you, so no stranger danger at all. sweetest dreams."
as she approaches the door, i hear her mutter something under her breath.
we quickly dive into my room.
"she hates people who won't continue the conversation. says it sucks the life out of her," grace says.
i agree with y/n. "that's true. but he looks quite smitten."
i watch as she enters my room, towel in hand, pyjamas clutched by her side.
"mind if i take a shower?"
"not at all!" i answer, "do you like my brother?"
she shakes her head, "nah. not in that way."
she pauses, satisfied with her answer, "he is a bit dry, but i've heard from alicia he's supposed to be really upbeat. i can get to know him, i guess."
"he likes you."
she thinks for a second, "nah."
she disappears into the bathroom, reappearing with her towel wrapped around her hair and pyjamas with little elephants on them.
"my mum bought me them, aren't they adorable?"
i nod, "very cute."
she grins, "well, g'night, have a lovely evening, both of you!"
"good night!"
i wait to hear the sound of a door echo through the house, before lightly padding up the stairs to a pair of identical white doors. one is half ajar and the other is closed.
y/n is sitting patiently on the floor of the room of which the door is slightly open, her legs crossed, and her eyes focused on the wall.
suddenly her mouth hangs open and her cheeks turn a bright pink as she covers her eyes with her hands.
"i didn't see anything, i promise!" she squeaks.
grace laughs, "she totes saw him shirtless."
fred's laughs can be heard through the house.
"it's 'kay, lovely. i don't mind. mind if i sleep without a shirt?"
the tips of her ears went a shade darker.
"if-if you feel comfortable that way, i don't see why that should be a problem," she smiles.
"well are you comfortable with it? you seem very flustered as of now. your face is bright red, princess."
he's never been one to be tactful, i think, rolling my eyes.
"uh, it's just very warm in here! some heater your parents have!"
"mhm, and if you'll allow me," fred puts a bare arm around her waist.
he's gotten muscly, i think. yuck.
she's trying to calm down. not in that way my ass.
her ears are still a light pink colour. but she looks composed and cool.
"nervous, y/n?" he asks.
"i think not."
her cheeks are heating up again as he scoops her up and gently places her down on the bed with crimson red sheets and gold embellishments.
"this is hard to watch," grace says, "she's blushing so much."
i laugh silently.
he decides that it isn't good enough. instead he sits on the bed casually and lifts her into his lap.
she looks so flustered that it isn't even exaggerated anymore.
"ah hah!" fred lightly taps her nose, "and that, love, is proof if i ever saw it!"
he grins.
y/n looks confused, "wha?"
"that is proof that you do have feelings for me!" he laughs ever so lazily.
"blushing, being flustered, your voice is an octave higher," he lists it out, always the tell-it-as-it-is sort of person.
"okay, fine, you got me."
"have you been trying to hide it from me?"
"did you fall for the weasley charm?"
"your dad is quite a nice person, but i wouldn't say that," she smiles cheekily.
"did you fall for the fred weasley charm?" he smiles down at her.
"i-i think i fell for it a long time ago. even when it didn't exist. maybe back in fourth year when i saw you laughing," she admits, studying her hands.
he's madly grinning, looking down at her the same way i'd say ron looks at hermione, just a bit crazier.
there's a silence.
"are the-" y/n pauses, "are the feelings, perhaps, mutual?"
"nope," he jokes sarcastically.
it's short, disappointed and defeated.
"well!" y/n says a little too brightly, "i was hoping for a different answer, but i guess this is fine too." she smiles sadly.
"for a highly smart person, sweetheart, you are quite daft."
"i am not! i'm well-educated and proper!" she defends.
grace rolls her eyes, "the only thing in the world that matters to her is being well-educated and proper."
"let's try this again. ask the question again."
"a-are the feelings perhaps mutual?"
"nope," the heavily sarcastic tone is so obvious, "deFinitelY not."
y/n's eyebrows are furrowed, as if trying to decode a hard puzzle. her eyebrows relax in realisation.
this time it's forgiving and relaxed.
"finally," i mutter.
"you mean to tell me you've got a girlfriend! i'm really sorry. that's completely my problem."
she tries to move off of his lap but his grip around her waist doesn't loosen.
instead he looks at her more patiently than i've ever seen him look at anyone.
"again, please," he repeats in a pleasant tone.
"are the feelings perhaps mutual?"
"noPe, dEfiNitElY nOt, i cAll yOu all tHesE peTnAmEs bEcAuSe i sO obVioUsLy hAve a gIrlfRieNd," he exaggerates.
a small smile makes way onto y/n's face.
"you're being sarcastic?"
grace is rolling her eyes beside me, "stupid."
"nO i'M nOt, sillY."
"you're being sarcastic."
he laughs, "finally you got it. took about three minutes, is that a world record?"
"wait, so if you said nO in a sarcastic way to the question which was..." she rambles on, "that means... the feelings are mutual?"
"ever since you tripped on the stairs to divination-"
"that was not my best moment."
"-i've loved you. it was adorable."
grace and i both gag.
"it was embarrassing. hang on, you laughed at me! the class did too!" her eyes were narrowed with accusation.
"i laughed because i found it funny and cute. he laughed because i laughed. the whole class laughed because our nature is contagious," he says with a smirk.
"s-so, do you wanna be together?" y/n asks, "or are you not the commitment type of guy?"
"well, nO, i JuSt cOnfEsSeD mY fEeLinGs tO a gIrL i'Ve lOveD sInCe fOreVeR, i dOn'T waNna dAtE yOu."
his mischief is replaced by an expression of gentle adoration.
"just kidding, of course i wanna be yours. and you'll be mine?"
y/n nods, "and you're not being sarcastic?"
"i'm not," his voice is genuine and quiet.
"okay then. are you, are you my boyfriend now? can i call you that?"
he grins and laughs, "i am in fact your boyfriend, love. and you can call me whatever you want," he plants a kiss on the top of her head, "but preferably you can call me mine," he winks at her.
she buries her face in his chest, "you're cheesy," her voice comes out muffled.
fred laughs, he looks whipped. ew. but good for him.
"awww," i say to grace, who's pretending to be snoring.
"this is gonna be hell when i third wheel you and harry james potter, his scar is so cute!" she mocks me and i blush.
"oh shut it."
after a few minutes of silence, i'm pretty sure y/n's asleep. fred looks at her with so much love in his eyes he might burst from it all.
he fetches a blanket and covers her with it, stroking her hair softly.
suddenly he grins. to no one in particular he says:
"she loves me back."
"GINNY!!! Y/N'S GOING TO BE HERE ANY MINUTE NOW! COME DOWN IMMEDIATELY! WE'RE STILL TRYING TO GET THEM TOGETHER RIGHT?" mum's voice booms and i laugh. it's been three or four months since that fateful day.
"they're already together," grace says, reading a witch weekly magazine casually.
"no they can't be. fred might be my child, but she is far too pretty for him. but nonetheless, the matchmaking must go ON!"
a knock sounds on the door. i open the door, hugging y/n and then my brother.
"y/n!" mum bustles her into a hug and she hugs fred too.
fred draws a sharp breath in.
"this is y/n, mum," he says proudly, "she's my girlfriend."
a shrill shriek rings out as mum screams.
"what? oh since when?"
"the night following the day we bumped into you at the supermarket," y/n says, playing with fred's hands.
"oh all my matchmaking worked!" mum cries out, sobbing tears of joy as she flings herself at y/n.
y/n giggles, "so that's what it was!"
"we brought two people home too," fred winks at me and then at grace.
out steps harry potter and jacob franz. both me and grace go red.
all was well in the burrow.
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