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#hufflepuff and slytherin

My slytherin ass and my hufflepuff bestfriend.

I just thought about that today but every time I call on the phone my besfriend the first thing that she ALWAYS tell me is :

You’re on speaker right now.

Or :

You’re not on speaker right now.

And she with whom she was with, like its warming for me to BEHAVE. Like she think that im so unpredictable about what im going to say that she need to warn me before i even tell anything at all !

The worst is that im not stupid i know then she’s on speaker or not. Im like :

*frown eyebrows* I know !

Does she think im stupid or that i really dont care about people opinion that much ?

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his blank, brown eyes | B.Z

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Female!Hufflepuff

Summary: A Hufflepuff stumbles upon Blaise playing the piano one night on Christmas Break. Upon hearing the melodies, she won’t stop pestering him till he gives in and plays to her. He, being known as expressionless and blank, doesn’t give in. That is until he found her in quiet an awful state.

Authors Note: I’m sorry if this was posted a bit late, I was busy with, y’know, Christmas. But let me know if you’d like more Blaise content because I love this man ;)) And I’m sorry if it’s poorly put together, I tried as it was only written today and last thought.

P.S. Merry Christmas to all (etc. to other traditional names) and I hope you all ate a scrumptious meal that has filled your stomach and satisfied you completely, I hope you left your room at least once and that you’ve smiled even the smallest. Your all gorgeous, sleep well :) ✨


Originally posted by xaxtonx

Y/N loathed Christmas. Not due to the lights which beamed at her eyes without mercy, flickering themeful shades which illuminated entire rooms. Neither was it due to the Christmas songs which grew attached to her ears, pecking at her brain till it was there and stored for multiple, multiple weeks. It wasn’t because of all the glee and chaos which flew around Hogwarts, the childish grins and roars of laughter never leaving any room she entered. It wasn’t quiet the Holiday its self that bothered her, it was just how she’d never had that giddy experience that all the others had.

On Christmas her parents didn’t grant her a letter nor a gift, not even a plead for a visit (her father in fact spoke last year “your a lot of work, always worrying and I’m terrified your gonna give us a bloody heart attack one of these days. Dear, your just to much.”) She’d grown up sulking in her bedroom as she stared at the murky weather, slosh all over the roads and cars zooming past as unaware children became damp with the clutter of thick liquid. Until Hogwarts, she’d then began wandering the halls with large, snug socks yanked onto her feet and checkered sweats sagging down at her ankles.

Of course, Y/N tried to see the positive sides to it all. There was the fact she wouldn’t need to travel on the Hogwarts train, surrounded by many boisterous children and didn’t have to chance the many statics that were planted into her brain with travelling (which she supposed that some her mind could’ve conjured up on its own, but— eh.) Then, of course, there were the worries which surrounded the lonesome Hogwarts where anyone could do something horrid to her without the doubts of someone walking in.

Y/N swallowed, brows crunched fiercely as she attempted to focus on her book as the last few Hufflepuffs exited the room. The room growing cold and the sky growing a faint view of silver.

“Finally,” Y/N groaned, rocking her head back against the leather couch and scooping up her flashlight from beside her. “We seek the adventure!” Y/N wobbly grinned, padding her way out of the room with her black fur socks tapping softly the entire way.


Y/N had successfully snuck into the kitchen and managed to get an entire bag of toffees, many of them torching her tongue as they were still deliciously fresh. The transparent bag was gripped in her hand as she stalked through the halls, eyes uninterested as she ran her hand along the walls with gentle hums. Y/N cheeks burned as she grew anxious with every arriving thought of being caught, and the fact she’d done this countless times wasn’t any reassurance. Even if the professors never punished the kids on the Christmas breaks as, hey, it’s a holiday, the pondering remained and sizzled her brain.

Music” Y/N thought abruptly, keys of elegant melodies reaching her ears as they were shooed down the halls, reverberating off of the walls.

Y/N wasn’t unfamiliar with the piano (who was, really?), she’d managed to hear her father play it a couple of times when she was young and hadn’t yet been informed of the fact that she was in fact a witch. It hadn’t quiet enchanted her as a child, random blurts of ideas distracting her as she couldn’t focus on her fathers paceful music. Except, this time she found herself drifting towards the sound with her ears perked. You couldn’t blame Y/N with how graceful it was, perfectly soothing her ears.

Y/N snuck her head into an oak door, glancing from side to side before her eyes caught sight of him.

He was perched over a piano, hands running along the keys like silk. His godly olive skin was illuminated by the few candles atop the piano, a clear view of determined brown eyes and firm, biting lips coming visible to Y/N. The boy looked so small but content in the dark, minuscule room where only the sound of his euphony and trailing mumbled of lyrics were heard. His mute clothing fell into the dim room, only a gleam of his green tie appeared into Y/N’s cramped sight.

As Y/N stood there, eyes barely seen from behind the door way and her mouth gaping in awe, the boy slid his hand off of the piano with a calm exhale.

“You, anonymous one, are dreadful at hiding. The little ‘wow’ gave it all away, unfortunately” Blaise stated blankly, his eyes piercing into Y/N as she found herself beginning to earn a warmth to her cheeks.

She stumbled into the room, frowning “don’t insult my skills of sneaking, you simply have an extension of hearing. My comment had been said while you still were playing.” Y/N defended, hiding the bashful mood which was now biting at her, choking out every casual breath.

Blaise only glanced at her once more before turning away and looking down at the parchment that had the lyrics illustrated on it. He studied it, avoiding Y/N who was now gazing at him curiosity, scrutinzing every last bit of him with her mouth unknowingly still open (and, yes, maybe just a drop of drool.)

“Yes?” Blaise asked with just the smallest helping of impatience in his tone.

“Can you play another song?”

At her request, he looked back up at her, expressionless.

“Of course not.” He replied simply, ignoring the pleading look that flashed across her expression as her eyes began to turn sappy. Blaise couldnt help but think about a puppy with her begging stare, a fluffy lil’ dog whining for someone to grasp the fact they had a toy hanging out of their mouth.

Y/N frown extended “come on, please?”

Blaise, again, declined with a shake of his head.

She squinted at him, her eyes drooped slightly with the exhaustion which had began to ripple through her, dragging her every movement down. She was aware of his avoidance for her stare, urging her to pester it even more. Alas, she finally gave in with his deniance of her wishes and blew out an exasperated huff.

“Well, fine, but your going to play me a song.” She smiled hopefully as her lips tugged at her tiny dimples “you will, Zabini. I’m quiet good with my patience and I always win.” Y/N continued, a hint of smugness in her tone (only to irritate Blaise, of course) but nothing cocky shown.

Blaise only gave her a quick look as she began fading off towards the door, hand swinging in the air for a goodbye as he said in his dignified but soft-spoken voice, “and I’ve got a great skill for resistance, Y/L/N.”

She grinned at that.


And so, the challenge did go on.

Y/N leaned on the piano for the fifth time that week, a pout at her lips as she stared foolishly at the resistant boy. An enormous black shirt rode past her thighs, another pair of Holiday pants beneath. Her style unmatching to Blaise’s ornate nightwear, always remaining a handsome boy even in a fit like that.

“Zabini, come on. You always stop when I arrive, it’s unfair and not very generous of you.” Y/N stated firmly, watching Blaise’s reaction, or more of lack of reaction.

He only gave a shrug at her whining “I’m not known to be generous, I’m more of known to be quiet a invulnerable one, actually.” He said smoothly, hands floating across the keys but not pressing down at any.

Y/N moaned loudly “Zabini, I’m losing sleep for this. I’m sacrificing my life in a sense! Did you know that I’m meant to be getting about 9 hours of sleep? I’ve been getting like 6 or sometimes even 4.” She exclaimed, lazily resting her cheek in her hand as she threw a exaggeratedly somber look at Blaise.

Blaise replied “That’s your choice, I’ll be no suspect if you are to die with the lack of sleep you’ve been having yourself recieve.” A teaspoon of amusement in his sentence, like sweet honey dripping into his words, masking any sense of a stiff or vacant tone.

Y/N didn’t seem to notice, dragging her pointer across the top of the piano with a thoughtful look as her brows pinched together.

“Can your hand get stuck in a piano key, yknow’, if you tap to hard?” Y/N wondered.

Blaise was forced to allow a laugh erupt from his throat, a form of a bark morphing at his lips but the sound tingly like a soft touch of a feather.

“Well, I wouldn’t think I’d ever make such a baffling mistake as that, but if you were to get something heavy there is possibilities.” He said whistfully, a grin unable to fall from his plump lips.

Y/N nodded distractedly, moving just an inch away from the piano unknowingly. Her radiant eyes lingered on her finger as she continued to lug it on the black, shimmering piano.

“Can you at least tell me what the first song you were playing when I arrived was? The first time I ever saw you playing, I mean.” She asked, eyes expanding with a light as she looked up at him with a pure grin. It was a small request, but she was intrigued with his taste being so… mollified to hear, seeming even to play.

Blaise paused before he sighed lightly “The song was Clair de Lune“ he replied with a French accent that was entirely appeasable to her ears, a blessing Y/N would say later, pronounced unfairly flawless. It was shocking how he was quiet young, yet held a mature aroma to him. Blaise was pleasant and sarcastic, his humour likeable with a crude tinge to it — yet he still appeared to be sophisticated. Something that Y/N would, again, affirm as unfair.

Y/N nodded softly “who’s that by?”

“Debussy— do you know any pianists?” He questioned, continuing to calculate the keys with his hands levitating above, eyes never leaving.

Y/N scrunched her nose, cheeks scorching unintentionally “well, no. I do know Debussy and probably a few others, but I don’t know any songs or if I were to ever hear one I’d be clueless.” She said truthfully. Y/N wasn’t trained to know any songs of any musicians really, the subject she was more able to positively answer with an inquiring being either muggles true crime or the possibilities to any situation and how hazardous it may be. Even if she wasn’t ever someone to be embarrassed with her lack of education on classical music as it didn’t apply to her family or traits, she somehow grew flustered when a specific boy asked her.

As her words hung in the air and Y/N continued to grow anxious, a sudden smirk played at her lips, fat cheeks lifting with a rebounding ache.

“But you know what I do know?”

Blaise let out a low mumble, similar to a croon except off by a few pitches.

“I know that boys who play the piano are hot.”

Blaise’s hands paused.

Y/N let out a muffled chortle, spinning around on her immature pair of socks as she sped out of the door, adorable giggles blasting Blaise’s ears.

As Blaise regained composure he said in a slightly raised voice “your titling Debussy as hot?”

But she was already out of the door, laughs still present in the room and lingering in the mellow air.


She didn’t come tonight.” Had been Blaise’s first thought as he towed himself into his bed. His hands had been achy, eyes burning with his enormous amount of wandering, hoping— no, wishing that she’d return. Blaise knew it was ridiculous, he chanted it in his mind as he lost more and more sleep over the pestering girl. He’d even gave himself a small pinch, asking himself “are you dreaming?” and he’d somehow began to hope he was because these feelings would be the end of him. But, Blaise was awake and the conclusion had been drawn that, indeed, he was an absolute tosser.

He couldn’t help it, the blank boy had grown to enjoy (in truth, when had he not enjoyed it?) her company and how she spoke without a thought or a single blink to calculate it all, her rambles drawing out for a lengthy time as they were ludicrous ones that we all have built up in our minds.

Blaise missed her with the 2 days she’d now missed at arriving at the piano room, the nights growing a bit dull and with only him gazing out in bare halls for a sight of her flashy y/h/c.

But, Blaise decided, it’s time to sleep, we can worry about this tomorrow. He rolled onto his slim stomach, his forest green blanket draped over him as his corab brown eyes flew closed. As he faded into a dreamy sleep of the girl who leaned onto the piano and wore checkered sweats, his guessable last thoughts had been of only one thing.

Y/N … … .

Y/N … . .

Y … .

y . .


December 25th, 1995

“Your here.” Blaise stated without conviction, watching as Y/N wandered into the room and wiggled herself beside him, hands resting in her lap as she attempted to get comfortable in the chair that was absence of warmth.

Her eyes raced across the keys, thick strands of hair obscuring her face from Blaise who just stared at her, appreciatively yet without any signs of the thought.

His thoughts were bizarre and uncompromoised as the sight of her became imprinted to his mind, her hand resting above the piano hesitantly. He noted the socks which were slipped on her feet today, yellow like a highlighter and scratchy with stringy fuzz. Cute, he remarked senselessly.

Mentally clearing his throat as he avoided to let the improper motion give away an entire list of his thoughts, in accords to psychology. He spoke at last “where’ve you been?” As the sentence blew from his lips and his minty breathe of toothpaste graced the air, he choked up with a purse of his lips. Blaise didn’t know he could be this anxious, but the missed opportunities to speak and the eariness which bounded the room had him gagging on dust.

With all the theories flickered in Blaise’s mind the last thing he expected was a snotty inhale to be it, now becoming aware of the tears which began to stain her pants.

“Cah-Can you seh-seh-sing please?” She stumbled, throat clogged with a frog as it sounded strangely guttural. Y/N’s stutter had been from the loss of comprehending her mind was doing, stress and the thought of death plummeting on her, slowing her routine and had been fucking it up entirely only the previous night. The speculation of death having Y/N in a fearful state full of fidgeting and preposterous cogitation.

With the request, Blaise listened — He listened. His hands began to maneuver their way against the gleaming white keys, eyes pressing closed as he warbled softly. He found himself playing a romantic song, intention found if you looked beneath the covers at every flash he got of Y/N’s satisfied smile between the lyrics.

As Blaise played without any thought arose in his mind, he found a weight being dropped onto his shoulder and he just couldnt help but think about how comfort it was. The movement intimate enough for a giddy and goofy smile to appear on his lips, not smearing off even as he felt Y/N’s eyes dreamily squinting at his expression. It stayed, as did the quiet words he muttered that night, them being so easy and poor but lighting up every dim area in that sadly decorated room.

“Merry Christmas, love.”

“Merry Christmas, Blaise.”

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Every hufflepuff needs a slytherin, like really.

Friendships? Omg THE BEST. Slytherins be like watch out that’s my hufflepuff and they’d save them from being bullied and take so much care of them, introduce them to famous people and bring them to the BEST slytherin parties evrrrrr, while hufflepuffs would shower them with tiny gifts and plants and be their emotional support WHICH THEY NEED!

Relationships? YAS. Hufflepuffs being soft and cuddelly. So so so much goofiness it would almost scare the slytherins but make them relaxed and less guarded. And the feeling of safety when dating a slytherin - THAT WOULD BE EVERYTHING - they would encourage the tiny hufflepuffs in everything and make sure they have so so so much self confidence and their own confidence would melt the hufflepuffs coz it’s SO HOT.

I’m thinking about this waaaay to much ahhh

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hufflepuff: you know, it’s sort of funny how we became friends.

slytherin: what? you mean how you kicked my chair in class because you were hyped up on coffee and I was so annoyed I yelled at you to stop and then felt bad so passed you a note but you forgave me and now we’re inseparable?

hufflepuff: yeah, that’s pretty funny :-)

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Hufflepuff: Here’s a dating tip– hold the door for your date, and rip the door off the hinges. Then, use the door as a weapon to fight off other people so that you can establish your dominance. 

Ravenclaw: I’m beginning to see why you’re still single. 

Slytherin: Don’t listen to him, please continue. 

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Hufflepuff: We judge a person by what is inside and not by what they wear. 

Slytherin: Lucky for you, huh? 

Hufflepuff: *wrapping their multi-colored scarf around their neck* 

Hufflepuff: I have no idea what you mean. 

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Hufflepuff: That wasn’t funny. 

Slytherin: Well I thought it was pretty funny.

Hufflepuff: You don’t count. Once, you started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you thought of a meme you saw on facebook. 

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Hufflepuff: Do you ever get that feeling where you look at someone and your heart skips a beat? 

Slytherin: That’s called arrhythmia. 

Hufflepuff: I get that feeling every time I look at y– 

Slytherin: That’s serious, Hufflepuff. You can die from it. 

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Im apparently a “sarcastic bitch” !

I never thought I was sarcastic I always thought that people think that I was nice. But I apparently wasnt.

So one day I was talking with my bestfriend aka hufflepuff and her sister aka ravenclaw. We were siting in the room me on the floor my bestfriend on the sofa and her sister on the bed. And from newhere her sister told me “stop being sarcastic” and I was so shocked I just looked at her and said “I’m sarcastic ?”.

And she just answer “are you kidding ? I never saw someone more sarcastic than you. Did you see the way you frown your eyesbrows, the way you roll your eyes or just the way your ans answer us ?”.

I just looked at my bestfriend who didnt even look up of her phone and told me “you’re a sarcastic bitch not me dont look at me for confort”.

I was just to shocked that was the first time they told me this !

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