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#huion h610 pro

Hey guys I need some help.

I own a Huion h610 pro drawing tablet for digital drawing on my Lenovo YOGA 510-14AST and I’m currently having difficulty accessing the Huion Tablet app to calibrate my pen. (my tablet is at least 3 years old now but it still works fine!)

I’ve had a very on and off issue with the calibration being at least a second delayed whenever I draw a line on any brush I use. However just yesterday I was using the same pen on Firealpaca and it was working fine with no delay whilst today, it has started to act up again.

I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall drivers, restart my computer, everything. I am aware that I can calibrate my pen via the Huion Tablet app however in the bottom left it comes up with ‘Device disconnected’ despite it working and my pen having no issue connecting to it.

If anyone has any advice, please help me. I’m very close to just emailing Huion but I’m gonna be fair in saying that I’m not a very techy person at all and there’s a chance that I might lose my mind if they try to offer advice I can’t understand.

Below is a screenshot of the application when I open it, with the only button which I am able to click being the ‘Close’ button.

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So, I use Krita, and only just updated it after a long time (and only just started using my drawing tablet again). I don’t quite understand layers on Krita all that much but I think I looked some today (I think being the key term). I’ve done most of my art on a sketchbook or on a phone app, only using the tablet a handful of times.

It still seems extremely touchy and the lines seem…idk scratchy, not smooth if that makes any sense. I’m not sure if I just need to adjust some things or what. This is still all new to me despite having the art program + tablet for a while…

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my drawing tablet broke so im trying to fix up my aunt’s old huion tablet

i thought it was the tablet itself but it turns out to be medibang paint pro

it delays the pen for a few seconds then it appears

and its really freaking frustrating because it works anywhere else

does anyone know why it does this and can help me out?

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I got a Huion H610PRO V2!

So far so good, still getting used to it! But look how big it is!


Its about the size of my 15″ laptop screen

Here’s a little test doodle!


After adjusting the settings and re-calibrating the area I’m already sketching away!

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