diarystudyblr · 22 hours ago
Improving my day at my fav place🤤☕📖🥪
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coralstudiies · 3 months ago
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i cant explain that little feeling of joy when you read a book you thought you wouldn't like but it turns out to be muuuuch better than you'd imagined
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myhoneststudyblr · 9 months ago
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my masterpost | my studygram | ask me anything 
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[transcript under the cut]
Other advice posts that may be of interest:
All About Procrastination
How To Study When You Really Don’t Want To
Common Study Mistakes
7 Strategies to Improve Concentration
How to make your notes aesthetic
7 Ways to Power Up Your Notetaking 
what to do before, during and after class
How should you be preparing your notes for classes or lectures?
Print out and review any lecture notes or slides if available so you can figure out the structure of the class and the main headings that will be covered
Identify main concepts and terms you expect to learn
Search up any unfamiliar terms, phrases or concepts and get definitions or one sentence explanations
Write questions you hope the class will answer 
Make note of any information that could be helpful from previous classes or readings, for example, key people, dates, formulae, definitions, etc. 
Read any set preparation material from textbooks or articles and notes down your immediate thoughts
What should you do while in class to get the best notes?
Take notes in your own words
Use consistent abbreviations and symbols 
Include notes for all aspects of the class (eg. discussions and visuals)
Answer any questions you wrote before class 
Add depth and detail to the notes you bring to class (eg. are there any specific examples that the teacher brings up for example?) 
Note new questions or areas of confusion from the lecture so you can review those concepts later
Capture main ideas and sufficient detail (definitions, examples, images)
Make connections between concepts both from within the class and from previous classes 
Now that you have notes, what should you do with them?
Make time to return to your notes after class, at the very least to read over them 
Add clarification and explanation to any areas where you were confused and look up any questions you had (you could also ask your teacher)
Compare notes with a friend or study partner to check for any missed information
Transform your notes into a new format (e.g. mind map, quiz questions, study guide)
Create short summaries with the most important information and keep for later revision (you could even challenge yourself to a certain word limit)
Use your notes to self-test on key concepts by creating your own practice questions and mark schemes
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venetianwindow · 3 months ago
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220424 • 2:14pm 📜
Home workspace snaps while working on my History essay. I love when the sun filters through my window just right.
☞ studygram
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huitingreads · 10 months ago
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bag o’ books
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tulip-studies · 7 months ago
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25th of december,
marry christmas to those who celebrate today! and for those who don’t I hope you have a great day overall :) I personally do not celebrate christmas on this date, but I love you the holidays and I can’t wait for new year’s!
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asteristudy · 9 months ago
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november - reading before class & fall vibes
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bulletnotestudies · 7 months ago
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Guess what! another reading challenge by yours truly, shocker, i know ...
i've gotten back into reading actual books in 2021, so i definitely want to continue it through this year; i decided to make this genre reading challenge to motivate myself to read a variety of different books this year and i'm of course sharing it with you :)
CHALLENGE RULES ❀ one book per prompt, meaning the challenge calls for 16 books in total ❀ it is a 2022 challenge, so it's gonna run january 1st - december 31st ❀ reblog this post to participate ❀ once you read a book, cross the prompt out on the above template, or add the book title and/or cover to the alternative template below :) and post your update! ❀ tag your updates (templates with crossed out prompts, text posts, etc.) with the tag #2022 genre bingo so i can see and reblog them
that's it, if you have any questions at all, of course send them my way, otherwise i hope this year treats u gently and brings u lots of fun reads!
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Alrighty, here are the genres this challenge calls for: ❀ fantasy ❀ new adult ❀ thriller ❀ contemporary fiction ❀ non fiction ❀ dystopia ❀ urban fantasy ❀ classics ❀ lgbtq+ literature ❀ graphic novel ❀ romance ❀ magical realism ❀ short story ❀ satire ❀ young adult ❀ science fiction
And the alternative template:
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Like the other reading challenges, this one is also on Storygraph - check the notes for the link xx
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rylie-studies · 8 months ago
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december 17, 2021 ♡
Hey lovelies!! It’s been a while, but wow, these past few months have been so busy! I also can’t believe it’ll be the new year soon. Here’s some old pics of my never-ending TBR that I haven’t updated in a while! I’ve finished some already and a few are rereads and I’m hoping to get through more of them soon! As for what I’ve been up to, I’ve been reading, watching more YouTube vids of topics I’m interested in, journaling, doing a little bit more planning for college, trying to find a routine I wanna stick with, and spending time with family. I’ve also started Hungarian on Duolingo and it has been super fun!! Tbh, I never thought the day would come when I’d learn it bcs I always thought it was one of the hardest languages, but one day, I just fell in love with it and, my gosh, it’s so beautiful. 
That being said, with the new year coming up, I’ve found myself reflecting a lot and thinking abt how much I’ve grown as a person in these past two years away from academia. I’ve learned so much, not only about the world and life, but also about myself and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I don’t know what this new year will bring, but I know that as long as the sun continues to rise, there’s always hope! By the way, thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last month!! I’m so thankful to be a part of such a kind and lovely community!! I hope y’all are staying warm and embracing the cozy holiday vibes wherever you may be!! 🤍✨
🎧 : régi mese - follow the flow
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heather--moors · 6 months ago
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Hello! I’m moving forward on my new newsletter which will have a brand new Instagram😶 I’ve been thinking about my creative pursuits and sharing them in a space that’s set aside for original content. My first step was to private my personal Instagram so that I could keep some things to myself. But it also means starting new socials. I’m experimenting with a new tumblr for the newsletter content. I’ll likely reblog that content on this blog.
P.S. thank you for the messages about my sick loved ones 🤍 Covid ran through my family and I wasn’t able to post as much. Everyone has mostly healed and I hope to be more active 😅
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academiix · 9 months ago
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10.29.2020 -- halloweekend is coming up and my school just announced that we had a covid outbreak :/
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diarystudyblr · 8 months ago
a vintage book store in Versailles is always a good option💘
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coralstudiies · 4 months ago
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yeah im back after having nothing to post once exam season is over
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myhoneststudyblr · 6 months ago
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my masterpost | my studygram | ask me anything | how to stop procrastinating series
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[transcript under the cut]
Other advice posts that may be of interest:
How To Study When You Really Don’t Want To
Common Study Mistakes
7 Strategies to Improve Concentration
How to Make Your Notes Aesthetic
7 Ways to Power Up Your Notetaking Strategies
The Notetaking Process
Myth 1: All you need to do is take notes during class
Notes are only as good as what you do with them after class.
Learning happens when you put notes to use. Here are a few ways to commit notes to memory:
Transform your notes into a new format (summary, mindmap, etc.)
Explain your notes and main points aloud to someone else
Write possible test questions based on your notes 
Create a study guide that you add to each week with new information and connections you’ve made
Myth 2: You should write down everything you hear in a lecture
This is something you should absolutely avoid because it's easy to miss important information and you might end up simply transcribing instead of actually listening. Instead…
Listen for key points and signposting
Translate ideas into your own words
Listen 80% of the time and write 20% of the time
If you know you have a question about a concept, don’t stress - simply mark it in your notes for review after class
Myth 3: There is one “right” way to take notes
Everyone learns differently so you should find a system that works for you and what you are studying. The important elements to remember in any system are:
Take notes in your own words instead of transcribing 
Be brief and use phrases and abbreviations
Include enough detail to use (and transform) the notes later
Leave space to add information from other sources and answer any questions you may have
Myth 4: Quantity = Quality
Excessive notetaking may not be quality notetaking as you may be spending time writing up irrelevant information. Check your balance between listening, learning, and notetaking by asking…
Am I focused on comprehension during lectures (rather than on transcription)?
Can I recall and explain what I learned after lecture?
Do my notes have enough main points and detail for me to use them later in a new way? (e.g. writing a summary, drawing a mind map)
Thank you for reading!
I hope that this has helped to show you the truth behind common notetaking misconceptions so you can get the best out of your notes!
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venetianwindow · 5 months ago
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220307 • 3:14pm 🎨
A few gems I encountered while wandering through the National Gallery.
☞ studygram
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learnelle · 11 months ago
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It’s the 4th of September, also known as my birthday! I’ve officially entered my 20s and I am terrified but also super excited for the next decade of my life! I treated myself to a matching sailor moon earphone case and a journal annnnd I’m ready to start my degree! Woo! 🌟
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tulip-studies · 9 months ago
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22nd of october,
college has been kicking my butt not gonna lie, but i did get a bunch of books that i can use to ignore my responsibilities lol
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