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Finding a Bunk

2 page comic entry on AO3 for the Marvel Scramble - @marvelfandomscramble

Rated G, Hulk and Loki (can be read as relationship or not), Humor, Thor Ragnarok Compliant

What is the Marvel Scramble?

When signing up, I was asked (like everyone else) to offer up 2 favorite marvel characters and a trope (or more? i don’t remember). Then the mods scrambled it all together (hence the name) and doled out random name pairings and tropes.

I got:

  • Loki
  • Hulk
  • Only one Bed.

This, then, is my humble offering :D Please enjoy 

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May Mash-up Challenge ((PART 1))

So the artist Tovhidayat on Instagram created the May Mash-up Challenge which consisted of merging two different characters together to create something new. Honestly had a lot of fun with this. Not only was I doing something I haven’t before, I was also drawing character I haven’t either. Super fun. Would definitely do it again.

Darth Vader x Venom

Baby Yoda x Predator

Saitama x The Hulk

Pikachu x Demogorgon

Batman x Oni

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Can we all, as the MCU Fandom, agree that Endgame is not canon? They killed Tony who just had a daughter, killed Natasha who died because she would be saving so many people because of the things she did in the past (1. she was manipulated/brainwashed and seemed to redeem herself in the Black widow movie trailer), and sent Steve back in time but what about Bucky?? Like Cap spent multiple movies trying to get back Bucky and at the end of endgame he’s like “oh i guess i’ll go abandon him now”??? like what?? They also didn’t even give Nat a funeral or something to remember by. Everyone kneeled first Tony but when Nat died: Hulk threw a bench, Thor got angry, Clint cried, Steve SHED ONE TEAR, and Tony was like “do we know if she had family?” WHAT??

In my mind, everyone’s living peacefully. Steve and Bucky are bros and are reunited. They make an awesome trio with Nat. Romanogers happen. Clint reunited with his family. Everyone’s happy. Whooo.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Marvel Fandom Scramble and helped to make it a smashing success! Throughout the final week of May, we will be posting three works everyday from creators throughout the Marvel fandom who took on the task of writing a fanfiction or creating a piece of art for randomly selected characters and tropes. Please enjoy what they have worked so hard on and make sure to leave lots of comments and kudos. They make all creators happy (whether they like to admit it or not!).

Check in every day this week at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for new works from our creators!


- Mod Mags


Originally posted by mystery--box

Title: If I Could Turn Back Time (I’d Stab Thanos For You)

Author: Blizzard_Fire

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Characters: Loki & Peter Parker

Prompt: Time Travel AU



Originally posted by sunshinelokii

Title: Broken Promises

Author: SilentSunPlays (Am)

Rating: Not Rated

Characters: Bruce Banner/Steve Rogers

Prompt: Angsty Angst



Originally posted by geekyyears9

Make sure to signal boost and follow @marvelfandomscramble​ for the daily master list! We will be posting new fics for two more days and we hope you enjoy them all as much as we did creating them!

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Thor: There’s a man over there that doesn’t like the perfume, the big one. Don’t look, don’t look! We’re in danger, we’ve got to get out.

Loki: What are you talking about?

Thor: I’ve been called a ponce.

Loki: [cockily] What fucker said that?

Hulk: I called him a ponce. And now I’m calling you one. PONCE!

Loki: [smiling] Would you like a drink?

Hulk: [Tearing off the helmet with the horns] What’s your name?

Loki: I have a heart condition. I have a heart condition, if you hit me it’s murder.

Hulk: I’ll murder the pair of yers!

Loki: [eyes filling with tears] My wife is having a baby. Listen, I don’t know what my f… acquaintance did to upset you but it’s nothing to do with me. I suggest you both go outside and discuss it sensibly, in the street.

[Loki suddenly runs out of the pub, so does Thor]


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