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#human female
dalishiousmods · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nora and Nadine Hairs
Nora (left) is for DF, EF, EM, and HF
Nadine (right) is for DF, EF, and HF
As usual, it was a nightmare trying to get the transparency to work. The Nora hair still has a few minor bugs I just couldn’t fix, but they’re not super noticeable.
Nora model extracted by LuXn
Nadine model extracted by Crazy31139
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norkoartstuff · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ataraxia, former Magos Xenobiologis. 
Heretek savant, master of Transgenic Biomancy, student of The Execrated, Thrice-Damned by order of the Ordo Xenos. Ataraxia is obsessed with creating apex predators and supernatural horrors
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grandmoments · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Demetri is not used to a female voice saying his name.
Cobra Kai 03x01
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mysticallicat · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Introducing Wonders of the Woods!!! I'm excited to announce that I'll be creating a short G/t story about these two lovely blockheads, James and Cecilia!!! ^^ James is a lonesome knight (LOL) that usually enjoys carrying out his own business taking different jobs. Whereas, Cecilia is a unique human being born with telekinesis.
I pray that this story this out well giving me the chance to practice drawing comics and writing scripts. I hope everyone will enjoy this amazing journey with me! The release date is unknown so please stay tuned (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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kamaria-sweet-writes · 7 months ago
Laiken (A MerMay Prompt)
I hate having this dream. It always starts out the same with my mother coming home from Orkney. The divorce between my parents was still fresh with wounds still seeping fluid from their cutting words to one another.
She’d been gone for the better part of a month off reacquainting herself with family and the like where she was from. My father is African American while my mother was born and raised on the small island just off the coast of Scotland. She just referred to herself as black and honestly that made things easier when it came time to explain “what” my mother was.
I remember beaming up at her as she crossed the threshold into the house opening her arms to me. I’d never deny her a hug. Her hugs were just too good to pass up on. But I stopped in my tracks when a man stepped through door behind her. Who is he? He was Barnabus, ex lover to my mother and part of the reason this dream is actually a nightmare.
Tumblr media
**Laiken POV**
“Don’t leave me, Momma.” The sobs I’d cried into her skirt were big and ugly. “Please take me with you.” My tears had done nothing. My father was resolute in his decision to make things hard for my mother. “I-if I can’t go, please stay.”
The shake of her head was subtle and almost missed but she’d wrenched her skirt out of my hands taking my small ones into her larger ones. “You’ll come visit me soon enough, Muffin. I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.” I heard my father scoff behind me as she pulled away from me and joined the dark haired, quiet man that had been observing us from beside the front door. “Bye for now, Laiken. Behave yourself.” Those words cut through me like a hot knife through butter leaving me breathless and angry.
She’s leaving now? Like, right now? I lunged for the door attempting to stop her from effectively abandoning me. She can’t do this. She can’t leave me. My father gripped me from behind, stilling me immediately “Don’t worry, Laik, we’ll be fine without her.” I was made to watch my mother turn her back on me that day. My father called it a lesson but I called it, hell.
The nightmare ended with a sudden jostling of my body. I opened my eyes looking into those of the flight attendant. “Time to wake up, Ma’am. We will be landing shortly.” I still wasn’t coherent enough to understand what she’d needed me to do so she took matters into her own hands by taking my trash and adjusting my table so it was locked away. “I’ll grab you some coffee.” And with that she was gone.
Pieces of the dream stayed with me, especially the end where she’d walked out on me. It seemed so easy for her to do. Was I just yesterday’s news? Was she to have a new family with that man and there’s no room for me? My 11 year old mind reeled for weeks on end. I was a depressed mess until counseling started.
Sipping on the warm brown liquid the flight attendant brought over to me I thought back to the last conversation I’d had with good ol Dr. Z.
“Do you feel ready for this adventure, Laiken? This is a big step.” Dr. Zeale had seen me from my sweet prepubescent years up until now with me being twenty six. “It’s not too late to cancel the trip and avoid the potential regression.” Regression, I hated that word. Everyone was always afraid I would regress and turn inward on myself again. I was sixteen when that happened! Let it go already.
“Thank you for flying Air Sweets and we hope you enjoy your stay in beautiful Kirkway” The all too chipper voice of our pilot drilled through my recollection bringing me back to the present. I made it. Well, I’m closer than I’ve ever been before. Only a ferry stands between me and the island that stole my mother away.
The plane was emptying out slowly, when it came to my turn I grabbed my bags and made my way off the air craft. It wasn’t hard to spot the driver that was arranged for me. He was a small portly man that held a sign with “Laiken Murdock” scrawled on it.
I made my way to him and from there he took me to the pier to meet the ferry. I’d packed light bringing three outfits that could be rearranged again and again to make something new to wear. Two weeks I’d be here and I plan on making it count.
“This is as far as I go. Enjoy your stay.” I smiled curtly before exiting the vehicle to round it and grab my roll away luggage. I tucked a few bills into his hands and stepped aboard the vessel.
*No going back now, Laik.* I attempted to give myself a silent pep talk. My nerves were anything but steady. I wanted to turn tail and run. “Hey” his voice startled me, likely making me jump a good couple feet in the air.
I looked towards where the voice had come from noticing a tall mostly slender man holding a walkie. “Either you’re getting on or you’re staying off. Make a choice and stick to it.” He’d grumbled spurring me to move forward “Stupid tourists. I don’t get paid enough for this shit.” He’s whispered the last bit but just loud enough for only me to hear. Freshly off the plane and I’m already a disappointment to someone. Awesome.
I made my way to the back of the barge and sat amongst the other patrons. It stayed quiet the whole trip to Orkney. Neither of the other patrons spoke to me let alone glanced my way. I heard hints of accent amongst their whispers which only solidified my thoughts. They were locals. I wonder if any of them know my mother’s family. Maybe they’re friends with them? Ugh, my mind is drifting again.
We docked and the patrons started shuffling towards the gangway. I followed behind the last of them gathering my luggage as I moved about the vessel “Can you help me today, Eion? I’m not sure if I can carry all of this.” The man in front of me had stopped to speak to whoever Eion was so I pulled out my phone to see if my mother had messaged me. Sure enough she had.
5:26pm Ma: I’ll be off to the left of the exit doors waiting in the jeep, Muffin.
It was nearly 6:30pm so I hope she was patient enough to wait for me.
“I have some work to take care of but if you leave the groceries behind I can certainly deliver them before nights end.” I had to look up and see where that voice had come from. He was tall. Tall and very handsome. “Yes Mr. Reilly, I’ll make sure I keep your milk cold. I wouldn’t want it spoilin’ on ya.” His thick baritone reverberated in my chest bringing an unexpected smile to my lips. I’ve never felt something like that but... I liked it.
“Such a good boy, Eion. I appreciate you.” The man stepped onto the gangway and continued his pace towards the quiet beyond. I kept my phone in front of me trying my best to conceal the fact that I was watching their interaction.
I righted myself and started towards the gangway myself fully expecting to speak to Eion as all the patrons before me did. I didn’t get to speak to him though. He’d disappeared on me. I guess no one around here really likes outsiders.
“Are you here to take the tour? We’ve been told this is the best time to book.” I looked at the women standing in front of me quizzically. Tour? What tour? Surely seeing the confusion in my eyes they looked between one another before speaking “The Selkie tour. Orkney is famous for being home to Selkies and we have a plan to take 2 of their men home with us.” They couldn’t be serious. They actually believe in the lore? Like, seriously think they will lure a Selkie male out with their 7 tears and take them as a husband? I couldn’t stop the chuckle that tumbled out of me.
“Laugh if you want but.” She sucked on her teeth before continuing “My best friend’s sister's cousin said she witnessed it happen right on Warebeth beach. That’s where our guide is taking us tonight.” She sounded so sure of herself. Smugness dripped off of her. Gross. “I’m sure he could take you too if we ask. Maybe he’ll even give us a price break since you’re going too?” When did I give them the slightest hint that I’d be into this?
My phone started ringing. A woman with hazel eyes and dark brown freckles graced my screen. Momma. “I’m sorry guys, I’m meeting my mom but I do wish you all the luck that you find you a Selkie of your own. I heard they were the best lovers.” That just made them beam brighter. With the way they were salivating at the thought of taking a Selkie home I cringed. Why? Why are people like this?
I answered my phone as I made my way onto shore. I heard the deep baritone again but I was too busy listening to my mother squeal about how excited she was that I was finally ‘home’.
Soon enough I was walking through the doors to the ferry house and out into the parking lot. Pink jeep, I’m looking for a pink jeep with eyelashes over the headlights. I spot her almost instantly as she runs towards me with her arms open. “I’m so happy you made it safe, Muffin. Come on, let’s get to the car. Barnabus made you his famous beef stew you love so much.”
Hearing that he wasn’t here to greet me stung. In the last few years we’d become close. Gone was the hurt I’d garnered against him from stealing away my mother replaced with immense respect for the man that he is. He’s my Da, or so he wants me to call him. No pressure though. Never did that man pressure me into anything.
“Don’t look sad, he’s getting the house ready for you.” She kissed my temple “He’s been telling any and everyone that his ‘Little Sparrow’ is coming home. I swear, that man is some kind of proud Papa after you graduated and got your fancy degree.” My ‘fancy’ degree was my ticket out of my fathers house. He couldn’t keep me tied down anymore.
Being a wildlife conservationist with a background in marine ecology could take me anywhere in the world. That meant I wouldn’t be dealing with his co-dependency or guilt trips anymore. Thank the stars above. “I’m just tired. Can we head to your house? Maybe I can grab a quick nap before dinner? I didn’t sleep well on the plane.” I even feigned a yawn to sell my story.
She took me by the hand and walked us to the waiting jeep. It only took a few minutes for us to get to her “house”. It was the epitome of beach bungalows. Painted blue with white shutters over the windows. It was adorable. “Welcome home” I hopped out of the jeep and took in all the property had to offer. Right off the beach, housed in by a thicket of trees I felt like I was in some kind of dream. She’d told me about it before but there’s no way I could’ve imagined it to be this gorgeous.
I watched as the front door opened and a rather built man stood in the doorway. “Da” I spoke just above a whisper and watched the smile spread across his face before he opened his arms to me. Welcoming me the way he always had.
“You’d swear you were his child the way you two act.” I ignored her and took refuge in Barnabus’ arms. He kissed my forehead before cuddling me into his massive chest. “Hello, I’m here too. You know, the woman that birthed you Laiken” the hug was too cozy to leave. He gave the best hugs. Always warm and full of love.
“Come inside, Sparrow. I’m sure you're exhausted from all that traveling.” I was. I really was all of a sudden. His warmth did that to me every time. His voice would vibrate in my chest as he sang to me and rocked me softly as we stood there. “Your room is the third door on the left. Call your Pop so he knows you to be safe.” And just why did my father hate this man so? It wasn’t his fault. It took forever to see that but when I had I felt like trash for resenting him for so long.
We moved inside the house with me still tucked into his side and my mother muttering behind us. Barnabus chuckled at her expense making her groan in annoyance. I’ve never seen my parents interact like this. It was kinda cute. “Alright, you’ve got two hours before supper is served. Get some rest while you can because the whole family is coming to greet ya. Your Ma’s and my family are comin’.” Well, now I’m anxious. “Don’t think about it, Love. I’ll send for ya before anyone gets here.”
Another wave of sleepiness hit me and I fought to keep my eyes open this time. Next thing I knew I was wrapped in blankets with my head on the most luxurious pillow. Darkness claimed me for a second time and boy did I enjoy it’s dreamless embrace. I will call my Pop later. He will just have to understand.
Tumblr media
**Eion POV**
I didn’t even notice her until my Da’ pointed her out “Is she one of those Selkie chasers of yours?” I had to look around to see who he was even referring to. “All these women are flocking here to get their chance with a Selkie male. It’s disgusting.” He’d grumbled. “Tainting our bloodlines like that” I’d heard this more than I care to admit.
“N-No. She’s not one of my fares. I have their pictures so I know who I’m looking for and she certainly isn’t Emma or Amber.” He sneered. If she wasn’t here for the tour then what would bring someone like her here?”
I found myself watching her from the cab of the boat. She kept to herself only looking around at the other passengers. They were all locals just going home after a long day at work or shopping on the mainland.
People here wouldn’t embrace her. They didn’t embrace outsiders in a place like Shapinsay. “Get out there and help the passengers disembark, Boy.” Boy. I am far from being a boy but that man will never see me as such else. Keeping me with him, under his control. I hate it. I did as he said and helped the patrons onto the gangway.
Mr. Reilly needed help like he always had. I wish his son would come back and take care of him but he’s the Chieftains right hand. He never had time for anyone else, family included.
“I have some work to take care of but if you leave the groceries behind I can certainly deliver them before nights end.” I needed to get these women set up in their lodging for the night. It’s part of my package. He muttered about his milk going sour. This was like a script we went through every week. “Yes Mr. Reilly, I’ll make sure I keep your milk cold. I wouldn’t want it spoilin’ on ya.” He seemed pleased as pie at that. Same as he did every other time I’d told him that. One day he will just trust me to get it done. Maybe.
“Such a good boy, Eion. I appreciate you.” I preened at his praise and just then I got to actually look at the tourist behind him.
My heart stuttered in my chest and I felt like my breath was stolen from me. She was beautiful. Her skin looked to be the prettiest shade of cocoa I’d ever seen. Mr. Reilly stepped onto the gangway signaling the inevitable. She was going to talk to me. She was gonna hear this stupid stutter that was triggered by my nerves. I took my chance and ducked away when she pulled out her phone. Someone must really be looking out for me tonight.
I felt a sting when I observed her looking around. Was she looking for me? Why would she be looking for me? “Are you here to take the tour? We’ve been told this is the best time to book.” and there with her stood my two fares for the tour.
I stood nearby but out of sight while they stood talking to her about Selkies and making one their husbands. Same as every other woman that came out this way.  I listened to her as she spoke, chuckling about the way she’d reacted to their Selkie husband search. If only she knew the captain and his full crew were Selkies. She’d probably faint or something.
Her phone rang again and off she went. Maybe her boyfriend is meeting her? There’s no way a woman like that is unmated. “Get your stuff done and get back here to help me close out the day.” Of course, there’s no way he’d close out the night without me being there. No one would dare try to overthrow him with me around.
I took the ladies to their hotel and got them settled in.Then i delivered Mr. Reilly’s groceries like I’d said I would. I’d hoped to run into that little tourist from before but no dice. I guess that was my penance for ducking out on her earlier. I really should’ve just sucked it up and spoken to her but I’m not brave enough for something like that. What if she denied me in front of my father? Ugh, that thought made me shiver.
I made my way back to the pier where my father was waiting with the rest of the boys. They were already pretty sloshed meaning this would be a night where all the jobs would fall to me. Not unusual but still, annoying as all get out.
The trip to our own port was slow. I had to make sure none of the men fell overboard. A drunk Selkie could drown easily if their herd isn’t around to help them. A group of drunk selkies is even worse. “So, I heard Barnabus’ daughter is here to visit. I wonder what she looks like.” One of my uncles slurred as he tried to converse with me. I didn’t even know Barnabus had a daughter. Why wasn’t she raised here? Certainly her people would’ve wanted to know her.
“G-go to sleep, Uncle Enoch. I’ll wake you when we get to the port.” He yawned and patted me on the back.
“Such a good boy you are, Eion. One of these days you’ll be rid of the lot of us and you’ll take your place as Chieftain.” I looked at the swaying man chuckling to myself. If my Da’ had his way he would never give up his position. Using me to stay in power. “Good night” he slurred again before disappearing below deck.
I was left to my own devices as the rest of the men stayed out on the deck with my Da’. No doubt pumping up his ego. My mind flitted back and forth between that tourist girl and my drunk herd mates until we pulled into our slip and disembarked.
Getting them all home safe I turned to make my own way home. My small cottage lay at the edge of our territory not too far away from the water. I stripped before grabbing my pelt and making my way to the water. Transformation was seamless like always. Bigger than everyone in human form, I was even bigger as a seal.
I swam through the dark waters just enough to clear my mind before dragging myself onto the shore and shedding my pelt. Naked as the day I was born I stood under the moon soaking up her rays.
I could hear the barking from far down the shore. Whole families would be out tonight enjoying the full moon and tide it brought along with it. Would I ever get the chance to do that? Perhaps. But who would have me? More people fear me than love me. Would she feel forced to be with me? My mind drifted once again to the tourist girl.
Tomorrow I’m going back to Shapinsay after I wrap up the Selkie tour. Maybe I’ll run into her? It’s not like the island is huge or anything. There’s bound to be someone gossiping about our new comer.
I made a quick meal of some fresh fish I’d caught in my traps. The world felt right for once in my life.
Climbing into bed and settling beneath the sheets, sleep came easy. Darkness wrapped around my consciousness lulling me deeper into dreamland where she was waiting for me.
Come Hell or high water I will find that woman tomorrow but for now I will relish in the fact that she’s invaded my psyche with me not even knowing her name.
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devilry-revelry · a year ago
Summoning - Male Demon x Female Human (Part 2/2)
My lemon writing is still a little rusty.  Warnings: Lemons; oral, penetration, knotting, dirty talk, mild dubcon
“Wanton thing,” it hissed. “Eager thing.”
Two feet. That was it. 
That was the approximate distance that Jessica was able to run before her pursuer captured her. She wasn’t sure if he teleported or jumped in front of her, but one second, she was diving headlong into the darkness and the next she was colliding into the demon’s lanky but exceptionally solid body. Upon impact, Jessica whirled around to run in another direction but he was already in front of her, a wide toothy smile in place. 
“Do not run, pretty. You will only frustrate yourself.” The voice wasn’t mocking, but his perpetually growing smile was insufferable. 
Jessica backpedaled, slapping at his too-big hands when he reached for her. The amusement on his face only grew. He slouched forward onto his claws and prowled after her. 
“Such a vision in such a delicate dress. We thought you would be more subdued...”
Wrestling up all of the courage she had, she snarled, “Well if you don’t like it—“
A cackling laugh cut her off. It sounded more like the sound of cracking, breaking tree limbs or… a tree trunk snapping in half. It was an abrasive, disquieting sound.
“You misunderstand us, sweet.” It took a slow step forward. “We enjoy your fire, very much.”
Jessica’s courage wavered and she wheezed out a weak, “Oh for fuck’s sake.”
She continued to backpedal, flinching when the demon vanished. Turning to find him, she swore again when she caught him hunched behind her, his featureless face far too close to her neck. She lurched back, then swiped at him again when he caught the hem of her dress in his claws. 
The demon’s tongue lapped at the air as he stooped low to the ground. It took little effort for the damn thing to reach forward and successfully capture the hem of her dress even as she made a hasty retreat. When she shrieked her indignation and lashed out at him, he didn’t even acknowledge her. He didn’t even budge. 
The demon’s tongue tested the air as he hoisted her skirt.
“Hey!” She tried again, her voice getting shrill. 
He pulled her close, causing stitches to stretch and snap. Jessica felt the heat of his breath wash over her bare sex and immediately lashed out. She hurled her fist at his head, lifted one of her knees into his chin. The result was painful. The demon’s stupid skull was hard and while resonating pain echoed through her knee, she crumpled to the ground even as the pain receded— or she started to. Before she reached the dirt, the demon’s hands took hold of her, and dragged her in close.
“Hush, pretty. Hush.”
Jessica struggled, pushing and shoving at its chest. 
“No more. You will merely exhaust yourself.”
“Let go.”
It didn’t. 
In fact, it proceeded to use the new closeness to its advantage. While Jessica leaned away, and pushed at his chest, she neglected to realize how she was essentially reclining in his hand. Its palm nearly stretched the width of her back, the long fingers curling around her like he was a kid with a butterfly. During her struggles she didn’t notice the demon’s freehand, and the way it lifted the skirt of her dress; not until it was shucked up to her thighs.
“I said—” she wedged her knee up to her chest, shoving her foot against his torso. “Let. Go.”
Jessica pushed off of his hand, and she fell – and she was more than a million percent positive that the bastard let her. In her brief fall, she managed to twist her body to land on her hands and knees, but the demon also still had a grasp on her dress and the blasted thing was already ripped. The fabric shredded under his grasp and her weight, and while she was thankful to be free from his grasp, she was absolutely mortified when she felt the cool night air against her raised and still-heated sex. The demon was fast, using his long body to cage her in place. A fleeting thought of Delilah crossed Jessica’s mind, touching on how this whole thing was her fault and ending at acknowledging that she and her demon most definitely fucked—
The demon’s voice drifted through her wayward thoughts like a car careening into oncoming traffic. He snarled in her ear, “Such a pretty little wet cunt.”
Jessica’s breath left her lungs. Her body stilled. Her eyes widened. Her body warmed.
“We can’t wait to fuck you with our tongue.” To add a little heft to its statement, the end of its tongue curled around the shell of her ear. “Pretty little mate.”
With fingers curling into the soil, Jessica did her best to rally her thoughts, which had been derailed when the demon had demonstrated his penchant for dirty talk. Was she so hard up that she was going to just let this – whatever this was – happen? No. No, she wasn’t – She yelped as she was pushed from her knees, and onto her back. He was rough with her, but not in an aggressive manner that would result in her getting hurt. It was more reminiscent of an eager bed partner positioning their lover to their liking and the demon liked her on her back, legs spread wide—
Starting at her mons, the demon pushed its tongue down along her clit and tongued her pussy. He gave a deliberate thrust, mimicking sex.
“Oh—” Jessica sighed, lifting her hips. The demon released a throaty chortle, sounding pleased. It bore down on her, intent on doing as it said and fucking her with his tongue. She was still sensitive from the orgasm she had had only minutes prior. Jessica trembled, wanting to fight the demon off but also reveling in the mounting pleasure. He was precise, stroking her with the flat of his tongue, curling and flicking the tip as it delved deep inside of her. Its hands dragged along her thighs, administering feather-light touches by knife-sharp claws. “—fuck!”
In a flash it was all gone, all of it. Jessica was left feeling needy and bereft. She lifted her head from the soil, primed to beg for him to continue.
“We are going to fuck you now.”
“Yes,” she said before she even had a chance to think.
It snarled, crawling over her body to level its hips with hers. He was burning hot against her wet core. Without warning, he canted his hips, and thrust forward. Jessica wailed her surprise, her back arching up off the ground. Her smaller body stretched to accommodate as he started to fuck her with languid drives into her sex. Jessica’s indignant refusal was nowhere to be found. While she had started the encounter with the intention on fighting this thing off until it got bored of her, she ended up on her back not long after. 
Instead of mulling over the why and the how of it all, she blamed the whole thing on the demon.
She pushed her heels into the dirt, meeting his thrusts. 
It was the weird orgasm-magic that did this.
She reached up to palm her breasts, as a rough thrust made her moan and gasp.
It was the witches’ fault for giving her the spell.
She hooked one of her legs around the demon’s hips, yanking her body up against his. 
It was Delilah’s fault for catching the eye of a demon and making Jessica jealous.
Big hands grasped her hips, holding her steady as the demon fucked her in earnest. He doubled over, his body bent at a near impossible angle, to rasp into her ear. 
“Such a good fuck,” he said gratingly. “Pretty thing is so eager to cum on our dick...”
His tongue caressed her neck, it curled up along her chin. When she opened her mouth in a gasp, the tip of his tongue brushed against hers and she whined, humping into his thrusts. She flicked her tongue over his. The responding growl vibrated her skin, and tickled her senses. She tilted her head back into the dirt, feeling the mounting pressure in her sex.
“Wanton thing,” it hissed. “Eager thing.”
“Uhn— please—“
“Begging so pretty now. So pretty. So tight around your demon’s cock.”
“Yes,” she whimpered, the muscles in her body drawing tight. She stilled, afraid to move and lose the oncoming high. Her demon obliged wordlessly, fucking her fast and hard until she climaxed. He stilled quite suddenly, and she was able to bask in the feeling of her pussy throbbing around his length. Jessica practically purred, letting the tension ease from her muscles she let herself rest in the dirt. 
The demon’s tongue lashed at the air, a growing smile eating the majority of his face. He nuzzled down into her chest. 
“Good little mate. So good. Our sweet little wanton thing. Beautiful. So hot for us—“ he growled quietly against her chest, still hot and hard and buried inside of her. Jessica found herself smiling, strangely happy and relaxed. “—Our turn, pretty. We’re going to fill you up so good.”
God, yes, there was more. 
Jessica shifted, arching her body and grabbing at the ripped skirt of the dress. She yanked the thing off, chucking the thing off into the dirt. The demon’s smile was feral, it’s tongue dipping down to lap at her nipple. 
“I want to be on my knees,” Jessica said, her voice a lazy drawl in the wake of her orgasm. 
A grating chuckle. The demon withdrew from her body. Jessica did her best not to whine at the loss even as she rolled over and rose to her hands and knees. His hands immediately wrapped around her hips, and he impaled himself into her wet heat once again. They moaned in unison. 
“Our mate fits us so well,” he purred, rolling his hips gentle and slow. “Such a hot welcoming cunt.” 
A slow and languid withdrawal was chased by a hard thrust forward. His hips slapped her ass, and she mewled, her back bowing just slightly. He gave pause for just a moment, then started to fuck her in earnest. It was no longer long strokes where he almost pulled completely free of her. He stayed rooted in place, thrusting in fast, small pumps. 
Jessica’s tits bounced and slapped at the soil. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her enjoyment injust how dirty this sex was. Outside by firelight, being fucked into the ground by a more than voracious lover. She was slick, and wet, with earth and stray pine needles in her hair. With a growing smile, she did her best to meet his rampant thrusts, and delighted when he snarled his appreciation. 
“Cum for me, demon,” she urged. “Come on—“
She became aware of the growing pressure at her opening. Though she was quietly curious, she bucked and rocked against him. A few seconds and numerous rampant thrusts later, the pressure was increasing steadily, and something of his was suddenly applying pressure to something of hers that was wildly sensitive. 
The pleasure zinged down to her toes. Her jaw dropped and she mewled a desperate, “Ooh — what is that—“
It was getting bigger with every second, swelling inside of her, rubbing and pressing at her sensitivities. Her arms suddenly crumbled, and the front half of her body deflated.
“You will take our root, pretty thing,” he hissed, eagerly. 
To punctuate the statement he withdrew all the way. Her opening stretched around something bulbous. When he pressed back into her, they were met with a moment's pause as her pussy was forced to accommodate the new girth. Jesus-fuck he was knotting her. He bottomed out inside of her with her walls wrapping down around the bulb that was locking him in place. With every urgent thrust it pressed against her g-spot. 
“Oh God...”
A cackle, his entire cock giving a delicious pulse that absolutely rocked her and pushed her over the edge. She came again, to her and the demon’s absolute delight. 
“Our mate is cumming for us again,” he praised, but his hard voice was drawn tight. “Such a good little mate. So good. So —“ a snarl “—tight—“
Another pulse, another braying snarl, and he stilled. His cock pulsed and it swelled, and heat flooded her. The demon’s thrusts calmed to gentle, rhythmic rocking that was punctuated by wet squelching. With every gentle movement, Jessica felt his knot press against her entrance. It felt bigger now, a little more solid and a little less forgiving. 
“Perfect,” her demon rasped, while he moved her. Her body gave no resistance as he twisted her around to face him, and she was more than thankful when he moved closer to the fire. He settled back to the ground, seating her securely on his length with her head tucked against his chest, her legs wrapped comfortably around his waist. 
“Rest, pretty,” the demon crooned, claws carding through her hair. “We have you, sweet.”
Jessica stared, her attention completely consumed by the computer screen. It had taken a handful of hours editing to get the introduction together. She spliced her interview with the woman at the motel, with footage of her drive to the trail, and her setting up the ritual. She created a decent time lapse that cycled through various angles of the ritual circle as the woods grew dark. She added some historical facts about the area, and the lore of the Jersey Devil and while she had decided to end the video with a shot of her forlorn expression as she realized the ritual was a wash.
But there were hours of footage, from multiple angles, of her getting well and thoroughly fucked into the dirt. She caught it. It was all on video, and the demon wasn’t a mere mass of shadow, but a living and breathing, tangible thing. 
The video was paused with Jessica buck ass naked, poised on her knees with her back arching and a far too pleased smile lighting her features. The demon behind her was grasping her hips, obviously in the throes of passion. Jessica had watched with bated breath as the thing fucked her — she hadn’t even realized how excited she was. The moment the demon had pressed its tongue to her sex video-Jessica had turned into a smiley little idiot and she stayed that way until she was knotted, exhausted, and resting by the fire in her demon’s embrace. 
“You put on such a lovely show, pretty.” The voice of the demon drifted into her ear as a harsh whisper, causing pleasant chills to tickle her skin. The video started playing again without any prompting from her. “Such a willing little wanton thing. Watch as she smiles from the pleasure she takes from her demon. Watch as she thrusts and begs, so pretty for us.”
A low, rolling chuckle surrounded Jessica as she shifted in her seat. Video-Jessica was a more than willing bed partner. She didn’t remember moaning so much. 
“You do not have to resign yourself to just watching, sweet. We are here. We are at your beck and call. You merely need to say when...” something ghosted along her mons, drawing a sigh from her as the demon appeared at her side. That too big, too smug smile was stretched across his face as he tasted the air. 
She reached for him eagerly. “When.”
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To All Female’s
i Want you to Know, i know you NOT Going to believe me, if you are even Reading this. 
BUT ! 
i Do not think  a female is Below a Man, its just Just about all of the women i ever saw and that’s a lot, are weak and worthless and Barely have a fucking Purpose ! 
i saw My People at a time i Saw, my fae aka Insectoid Woman, I SAW ! !!! GREATNESS ! I SAW ! BEING’S TREULY SUPREAM ! and i’m Talking Being that where not deity’s but where still Grand ! there soul’s where Magic and fabulous ..... i Know right from wrong becuz i got data on it i Was there want the Good Happened and now i’m Here on Earth where there is no Good, and very Little Quality. 
Listen female’s,  You Are not My enemy, But a Great Many of you are truly Asshole’s and can’t See it, No Matter the Wrong u Do, or the Evil, you will never let your self even see the Prick you are, ... At Least a Man Kno’s he’s being a Dick a Woman can Almost Never see it for her Mind Put’s up a Shield from reality to Save her fragile Sanity ! 
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aid-worker-sya · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“H-h-h-h-hey! I’ll have you know I’m a member of the Zaishen Order! I-I-I worship Balthazar, y-you know! D-don’t laugh at me! I grew up in the Desolation, w-we’re tough there! I’m from the Bonestrand! A-And i’m not ‘Zaishen,’ my name is Jo!”
“M-Me? Um... well... m-my friends were part of the Zaishen Order, and they said they were gonna fight J-Joko! And and and, um... sorry, one sec... s-sorry, lost my nerves for a sec- w-wait, no I didn’t! Zaishen don’t do that! A-And Engineers are always useful you know! I build stuff like catapults all the time for the Zaishens! ... E-even though they make fun of me, ‘cuz like... like like... I-I get nervous a lot, and I wear glasses... S-So I tried really hard to look tough! My armor looks like i-it’s got fangs all over it, like I’m some kind of Demon! I-I even put a skull on my shoulder, so I’d look like, really really cool and scary! T-they still laugh at me though...”
“B-But that doesn’t matter, ‘cuz we, we, we’re still gonna totally kill that Elder Dragon and then take on Joko! A-And to prove I’m willing to fight, y-you see, I heard that in the lands outside of Elonas there’s Engineers that use hammers, so I like, so I like, so I like, you know, so I like totally learned how to fight with a hammer too! B-but, um... I kind of... ehehe... Y-You see, another Zaishen needed a hammer really badly f-for an assault on the Temple of Kormir! So he... kind of took mine... b-but he said he’d give it back later... like a month ago... l-longer actually...”
“But that’s alright! ‘Cuz I found this little guy who loves to fight! H-His name is Li’l Jo! H-he’s really scrappy! So I kind of... I kind of, um, I kind of, I kind of, I k-k-kind of improvised! He’s my hammer until that guy returns my hammer! Which’ll be... um... probably a-any day now... I-I bet he just got busy... I tried t-talking to him the other day and he pushed me, b-but I’m sure he just needs it a little bit longer, you know?”
“... Umm... d-do you really think I’m maybe not cut out for this...? A-are those, are those Pact guys hiring maybe...? J-j-j-j-j-just hypothetically speaking! They’ll probably kill me if they think I’m leaving, so I’m just asking hypothetically! For my friend! I-I’m asking a hypothetical question for a friend!”
Human Scrapper Engineer from the Desolation, and member of the Zaishen Order, Inept Zaishen Jo
(And her hammer, Li’l Jo)
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babycryptidart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Expression practice with my worgen OC, Vivenda! (human form, ofc!) Poor thing is going through it ; o ;
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dalishiousmods · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AH00B Hairs
As per aharris00britney's FAQ, they are chill with conversions of their lovely sims hair mods to other games. Here is a small collection of some of my favourites that I also saw as being lore-friendly.
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billblok · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tundra Alpoc
In the northernmost regions of the alpoc home-world with mounds of snow and sparse vegetation two resources are more important than any other: food and warmth. Warmth is needed when the temperatures drop below freezing even in the summer periods, and food provides energy to keep warmth, as well as fat to insulate from the cold.
While alpocs are better suited for the more temperate environments, they do have the necessary components to live in those colder areas, and for tundrae it is a way of life.
Tundrae are larger than other alpoc races and tend to have shorter limbs relative to their sizes. They take on fat easily, which makes it difficult for a tundrae to keep the weight off in a more prosperous location. Tundrae also sport the thickest coats of wool in the entire species which further aid in retaining heat. A tundrae is comfortable in temperatures down to thirty degrees Fahrenheit, but can survive without additional protection at temperatures even lower. In comparison a plains alpoc starts shivering at forty degrees. Tundrae do not migrate at all, rather they find a patch of evergreens, harvest the cones and needles during the spring and use the wood for fire and to make permanent shelters. They’re widely regarded as the least primitive of natives for their understanding of how to make the shelters, and therefore the first which humans made contact with before the founding of the Syndicate. Tundrae live in groups of ten to fifteen in communal homes, keeping the children warm while the heartier adults do work outdoors. However the traditional lifestyle of tundrae has been lived less and less over the years due to general societal progress.
While all alpocs in the Syndicate are to some degree physically affectionate, tundrae are the most touchy-feely one can ever meet; driven by a compulsion to keep anyone even remotely uncomfortable in cold weather close to them simply because it let their people survive the very cold nights. This has led to some of them making a career out of doing just that; their favorite marketing target are members of humanity, a mostly bare skinned species especially susceptible to cold. They typically offer the service free of charge to first-time customers waiting at bus stops, storefronts, train stations and shuttle centers. There are also individuals who make house visits for lonely folks, or sign up in various establishments as therapists, and are even better suited than maroth attendants for the jobs.
But the biggest money maker for tundrae is within the box slums; many people end up in box shelters because of an unfortunate monetary decision or being cheated out of their hard-earned wealth, so depression because of poverty is not uncommon. Therapies like talking or dining with these poor folk counts as emergency services for the suicidal people, so LifeCorp™ pays a lot to make sure that their clientele don’t suffer an incident of loss of life. It’s estimated that the simple act of keeping company or cuddling with such poor people prevents over four million suicides every ship-day. Tundrae do not sell their wool; it is better for insulation rather than fabric.
If you meet a tundrae on a cold day, they may lend themselves unprompted to you as a cuddling partner— for hours if you let them. Just remember that this is completely natural and basic alpoc decency— say thank you and be on your way after whatever you have been waiting for is finished; and if you must refuse a tundrae’s generosity, you had better have a very good reason to do so prepared in advance because a tundrae can be very insistent on matters of warmth and comfort.
A bit of a continuation of Alpoc Lore; here's one for Tundra Alpocs-- Tundrae for short-- with a bit of a 4-page comic too, because why not?
Now why the was lady wearing very thin clothing in the middle of a snowy roadside? I have no idea, I just wanted to set up something cute and cuddly. ;)
Also I’m way too fond of giving my alien creatures strange alien accents that you can read out.
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hurlespoir-amelie · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Captain Kleanta Dulgah of the Wild Rose troop, an armed force that served the noble Esterharck family of Espoli before an incident made them decide to break their agreement with the nobility.
I wanted to draw her in armor before she decided to take the innkeeper's apron ^^
Clip Studio Paint
Character © hurlespoir-amelie
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astrythestar · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ink Sans
that's a redraw of an old thingy
Tumblr media
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isyld · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trying Lineless art out with a few mages
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lunar-ribbon-mmx · 2 years ago
Wanting a really sweet, wholesome story about Megaman X cuddling with a human female he cares about~
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dalishiousmods · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anto Curls
Happy (early) Summer Solstice!
As per antosims's TOU,  he is chill with conversions of his lovely sims hair mods to other games. Here is a collection of some of his free curly hairstyles that I was finally able to get to work for DA:O!
(NOTE: The craig hair was the worst problem child, and try as I might, there is still one bit of alpha/transparent piece in the bottom back of the head. It’s not extremely noticeable, but it’s there.)
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youaresimplycomplex · 2 years ago
Lady of the Orc [part 2]
It was dark for a long time, Ashlynn didn't even dream. The darkness seeped into her, like depression. She felt like shit, like the inky blackness had a hold of her heart. She felt poised on the edge of the void, all she had to do is let go and be gone. She couldn't though she was determined not to die like this. She wasn't going to be the victim of her family's schemes.
Ashlynn awoke with the midday sun assaulting her face. She blinked and sluggishly brought a hand up to shield herself. She tried to look around at her surroundings. She was inside a small wooden bedroom room. She was lain on a bed a bit smaller than her one back home. A window shined light in casting the room in a warm glow. She tried to get up and every part of her moaned with soreness. Her arms struggled to move, but she managed to get up right. Then she found that she wasn't alone. Near the end of the bed, snoozing on the floor was a huge dog. It took up almost the whole space of the cozy room.
She was frightened by the beast for a second and they must have sensed it. The dog looked over at her then yawned before going over to her. They rested their head in the bed side and began to wag their tail happily. She was scared to move at first  This dog was bigger than any she had ever seen. She stared at it waiting for it to make a move. It didn't though, it just stared back at her, happy as  any other dog.
She slow moved her hand to try and pet the dog. The dog merely sniffed at her hand before letting it land on their brow. The dog rewarded her boldness with happy noises and doggie kisses. Ashlynn was surprised by the friendliness in this pony sized dog. They were quite a fluffy dog with dark brown coat and blue eyes.
Ashlynn had to figure out what happened, so she got up the rest of the way, hard as it was. Her previous green dress had been replaced with a plain white sleeping gown. And when her bare feet touched the floor she noticed bandages covering her left foot. She grimaced at the cut that had caused so much trouble. She then noticed the bear totem still around her neck.
“Varbuk!” she said remembering,
“Where is he? And where am I?” Ashlynn found the feather cloak, a shirt and some pants laid on a chair. She changed into them including the cloak and set off to find the answers she needed. Problems started immediately as her body greatly protested on having to move. She willed herself to move and willed her body to shut up. The dog was following her and staying close to her side. She made it out into the hallway but then came across a greater challenge, stairs.
Ashlynn gritted her teeth and began to make her way down. On every step she cursed but pushed on. Her limbs felt like lead, the wood a procession of creaks and moans. The dog stayed with her patiently, wagging his tail and giving barks of encouragement. The house had a very cozy living room, but everything built for people lager then herself. She looked around but there was not a soul in sight.
Ashlynn hobbled to the kitchen but still no one. Then the front door opened. She immediately turned to see if it was Valbuk. She was disappointed to find only his father, Varungad, making his way through the threshold. He had a very different reaction seeing her. Upon his discovery of her, shock overtook him.
“You're out of bed!?” he said almost scared.
“Yes where is Varbuk? Where am I and what happened?”
“Slow down, here, lie down. You're still not well.”
“I'll sit if it's alright. It feels like I've been sleeping for forever.”
“Five days to be precise,” he said flatly.
“Come, sit down and I'll tell you everything.”
Varungad relied to her the events that lead to this. Varbuk had carried her to the stables and put her on the horse with Varungad and rode with his mother. They meet little resistance on the way out, the alarm not reaching out of the palace walls. Varungad explained that he was a druid and was able to cast a spell to mask their trail. He also tried to use his magic to heal her of her poison. It did not work though. She got better but was far from cured.
“There was more than just ordinary poison on those assassin's blades. Some dark, powerful, magic.” He said and then pause uncomfortably. “I wasn't sure how long you'd last. Varbuk is taking it the hardest.”
“He feels guilty that you ended up taking the dagger meant for him. To save his life but to have yours taken.”
“But I'm alright now. I'm going to get better and he won't have to feel bad, right!?” Ashlynn said trying to convince herself. She still felt pretty awful but sickness like this will fade. The druid's face though didn't say yes though.
“The magic that's affecting you is still there. A curse of some sort. You're up and awake though so I don't know.” he said trailing off, his gaze wandering away. His head shook away his thoughts though and his eyes returned to her.
“Let's get you something to eat,” He said in higher spirits.
He went to the kitchen and began to prep some food. It was simple bread and cooked meat. It was plain but good. Maybe it was just her high upbringing though. They ate quietly while Ashlynn pondered her situation. She wondered about that dark feelings in her chest and wondered if that was the curse. She tried to focus on it, and closed her eyes. She put a hand to her chest. She could barely feel her heartbeat but it was there, muffled by something. She tried to feel further as if she could just reach it.
Ashlynn was snapped back to reality by the screeching cry of the teapot. Varungad pulled off the the stove and poured them both cups.
“Drink up it should help,” he said as warm as a fireplace. So she sipped from the cup, the sweet and bitter liquid running down her throat. The tea's heat radiating out into her body. This was good tea, not some simple tea with a little sugar she drank at court. This tea had a depth of flavor. She savored every sip.
As she sat there a familiar face found her lap. She looked down at the dog looking back up at her. Another round of pets was given to the pooch. Her orc host noticed the attention shift and commented,
“Seems you've taken a liking to Fluffy.”
Ashlynn almost choked.
“His name is Fluffy!?” this dog while yes fluffy and friendly, he was also huge! Varungad chuckled at her surprise,
“Yeah, Varbuk loved that name. I swear he just got taller but never really grew up.” Varungad's smile was warm, his eyes lost in the nostalgia. His mind must of been swimming with the happy memories. His comment made Ashlyn think and she voiced her thoughts aloud,
“I can't imagine Orcs as children. You and Varbuk are just so large.” The orc turn to her with a slight smirk.
“Oh really?” He asked playfully, “How are you feeling? Think you could walk?” The food and tea was doing wonders for her. The soreness was still there but she was feeling a lot better than before.
“Yeah I can walk. Where are we heading?”
“You'll see shortly,” They both stood, and with Fluffy providing support they went outside.
The house they had just occupied was nestled in with others like it in a small farm village. The streets littered with orcs, mulling about their lives. The whole thing was surprisingly normal. The houses were a bit larger and the residents along with them but other then that it was just a farming town. She had seen plenty like it. There were even a few shops a tavern, smith's and trading post.
As they walked her escort was waved to or greeted like a good friend by almost everyone. He returned the kindness with his own. They would ask about some problem and he would only need a moment to conjure a solution. With it all came stares at Ashlynn. They made it through to Varungad's mysterious designation at a slow pace. He led her and Fluffy into another house. A orcish woman was working in the kitchen and smiled at the group.
“Good evening chief your kid is out back with the rest of them. That the human girl? Isn't she supposed to be dying?” Asking what seemed to be on everyone's mind.
“Please Gafia, she has a name. This is Ashlynn the lady who saved my family's lives. So be nice, ok?” the druid said coming to her defense.
“Sorry, just last I heard that gi- Ashlynn, was being visited by Talona.”
Talona the goddess of poison and disease, Ashlyn knew the name from some of her readings. She wondered for a moment if the curse inside her was of that dark god's design. Probably just a turn of phrase but this was no common cold for sure.
“I'm doing a lot better, still a bit sore here and there, but I think I'll live.” She unfortunately wasn't as confident as she wanted to be in that. The orc lady shrugged and showed them out back.
There on the grass in front of the fields of crops was a whole bushel of orc children. They varied in age, from what look like 3 to maybe 14. She didn't know what she expected but their they were no bigger than human children. Only two of the older kids had tusks. They all were staring up, enraptured by Varbuk. With his back to his father and Ashlynn, he was telling the story that she had heard just this morning. Varbuk was a much better storyteller though. There wasn't a still moment with his limbs. They were always acting out what was happening.
They had walked in on the part about the dinner party. His voice for the Duke was downright insulting, and the funniest thing she had ever heard.
“Then I while I kicked my feet wanting for this night to be over she walked into the room. The Duke's daughter, Lady Ashlynn. I knew it was her from the moment I saw the feathers of an owlbear on her. She was beautiful, wearing a deep green dress to match her eyes. Her bright red hair pouring out from underneath the hood.”
“You mean like her” one of the younger orc children said pointing at Ashlynn. Not letting her even process all the compliments Varbuk had just said. The orc swung around and about fell to the ground.
“Ashlynn! Your out of bed!?” He wasn't in his dinner outfit. He now was wearing some sparse pieces of leather armor. Which covered his shoulders and four arms but left most of his hairy chest open. A large axe was strapped across his back. He looked liked quite the fighter.
She suddenly felt a surge of confidence at his shock.
“Yes I'm feeling a little better now but you can't leave the children hanging. Why don't you finish up telling them how beautiful I am and then tell them the rest of the story.” A large round of Ooohhhs rose up from the small audience. All the eyes landed on Varbuk as he tried to pull himself together.
“Yes the show must go on,” He said shakely.
She had seen Varbuk throw someone like a rag doll. So there was something morbidly funny about him being nervous around her, a little human. As she sat and listened again to the story she started to feel bad. This guy had been worried about her ever since the first letter. She had almost died saving his life which had made him even more worried and guilty. Now she comes back to him alive and she just had embarrassed him.
Varbuk finished the story and gave the children a farewell. They giggled as he left, in that knowing way that children do. He came to talk with his dad and her.
“I'm sorry I made a bit of a fool of you by interrupting,” Ashlynn started.
“No. Please it's fine, I'm just glad you're alright. Were you able to heal her?” Varbuk said turning to his dad.
“No she fought that curse on her own. She is still ill but she's better then before.” Varbuk wasn't super pleased with that answer, but before he could say anything Varungad continued.
“Remember, I've sent word to Rachthar and his cleric companion will have better healing magic then I.”
It seemed a small comfort to him. Ashlynn laid a hand on his arm.
“I'm going to be fine. Alright? Who's Rachthar and this healer?”
“Rachthar is known as the Peacemaker, he is a orc that help is broker the first truce between us and your father.” Varungad explained, “He travels with a powerful cleric of Ilmater. He might be able to lift the curse on you.”
“That sounds like a plan, how long until they get here?” she asked.
“It should only be a couple of days,” The elder orc said “Until then you should try and rest.”
“I can carry you back to the house,” Varbuk offered.
“Please let me have the dignity to walk, I've been carried enough. Besides I've got Fluffy to lean on.”
Fluffy looked happy to be included. Varbuk looked awkward all the way back to the house.
Once they made it to the door Varbuk's mother came up to meet them.
“We're coming up with defense strategies at the wall and we need you,” She said to her husband.
“Well duty calls, make sure Ashlynn can make it back up the stairs. I have to figure out how to repel the Duke again.”
“Spears and trenches would work best against my father's calvary.”
“FINALLY! Someone with their head of the right way,” Varbuk's mother exclaimed, “Good perception and tactical ideas, she's the real deal this one."
Ashlynn shrunk a bit under the large warrior's praise.
“I don't think we've been properly introduced little one I'm Gurrock,” she said extending her hand.
Ashlynn put her hand into the orc's firm grip.
“Pleasure to meet you,” Ashlynn said a bit intimidated by her. She was taller than both her husband and son by a head and built like a castle.
The huge orc released her iron grasp and starting to lead Varungad away.
“Take good care of her Varbuk, I wanna pick her brain later,” she said on her way to the outer wall.
Ashlynn took lead into the house and began the trip up the stairs. Fluffy went straight beside her again to help.
“You sure you'll be alright heading up,” Varbuk said rocking nervously on his heels.
“I’ll be fine, it's just som-,” she got out before her legs gave out underneath her. That moment lingered in the air for a bit. She hung by her hands glued to the railing. She made an attempt to regain some footing but the orc was just a second quicker. Ashlynn was in his arms before she had a breath to protest. Varbuk carried her silently up to room they had for her. Ashlynn responded in kind with her own stunned silence. It was honestly nice not having to suffer up those stairs but she couldn't help but feel a little helpless.
Ashlynn's orcish escort laid her down in the bed gently. They both just sat in the following quiet, loss for words.
“I'll head out, let you get some rest.” Varbuk eventually said, turning to the door.
“No!” She said grabbing his arm, “I wanted to talk to you still” He turned back to her. The was another moment as Ashlynn pulled her thoughts together.
“Thank you… for everything. You have been just so kind to me, even though we barely know each other.”
“It's nothing I'm sorry you almost died trying to save me.”
“No don't be. I'm sorry my father is the Duke of being a short sighted idiot.” Varbuk at least smiled at that.
“Yeah guess that didn't work out to well for him.” He said chuckling, “We still breathe, and he lost his most precious child.”
“Oh I'm certainly his least favorite. Did you hear that crap from him? He would try to play me up like some kind of great prize.”
“Well would he be wrong to? You seem like a pretty amazing person to me.” Ashlynn was taken aback but Varbuk continued.
“I know we barely know each other, but since you'll be here a while longer, I'd like that to change.” His eyes with wonder when looking at her. It was almost more than she could handle.
“Well so far that sounds a bit unfair to me,” Ashlynn came back with after a minute.
“I just tell you about me and my life while you remain a stranger?” Varbuk stubbled to retort, but she wasn't done yet.
“How about we each take turn asking questions and getting answers, sound fair?” Her face gave away her more jovial nature to these comments. The orc gave a wide grin.
“Alright, yeah, that sounds fair.”
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