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I'm not sure how many people saw this. There have been so many SCOTUS rulings lately, and each is enough to make it hard to focus on what else the SCOTUS is doing. But the SCOTUS just ruled that state law enforcement can prosecute non-Native Americans who commit crimes on tribal lands.
This is atrocious because historically this is a right given to tribal authorities. It limits Native American sovereignty. Brett Kavenaugh wrote, "Indian Country is part of a state, not separate from a state.”
This violates precedents and treaties.
Now, as terrifying as this is, it may not be the end of what the SCOTUS does. They are set to review the Indian Child Welfare Act.
This act protects Native American children and culture in that it gives Native Americans control over foster child placement for Native Americans. It was enacted to prevent Native American children from being basically kidnapped and forced to assimilate.
Do you trust that the SCOTUS who took away tribal sovereignty will uphold Native American's rights in this case? I don't.
And while the SCOTUS was targeting everyone with a uterus, the abortion ban will undoubtedly hurt Native Americans. The US used to forcibly sterilize them, and now it is forcing them to be pregnant.
I'll be honest, we're in serious trouble, and I am aware of how much of an understatement that is. I wish I had some quick advice to give on what to do, but I don't.
But we need to fight against this.
Boost the signal. The SCOTUS is counting on no one paying attention to their attacks on Native Americans. They are counting on people being distracted by abortion and not noticing their other decisions.
Donate to Native American tribes and organizations.
Reach out to your representatives to demand action.
When you're contacted by campaigns this year, demand to know what the candidates plan to do about Native American rights. Abortion will be their main focus. Remind them that Native American rights are just as important.
Vote for candidates who support BIPOC rights.
Write to companies asking them to support Native American rights. If they have a history of donating to people who oppose Civil Rights, make them tell you why.
Sign petitions for Native American rights.
And protest! While we should be doing everything we can, the usual things like donating and writing representatives aren't enough on their own any more. We need to take to the streets.
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profeminist · 12 hours ago
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“Everyone gets a plate before anyone gets seconds” but for housing."
- Garrett Reuscher
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decolonize-the-left · a day ago
Not to be alarmist but as a disabled, native, queer person of color with a uterus I'm in a unique position to see first hand that every single community's rights and protections are being eroded at once from all directions.
And if history can tell us anything it that something like this is a huge fucking red flag.
A huge fire alarm is going off.
The term Judicial Coup has been thrown around and I'm not entirely convinced it's not true.
For the love of God do not dismiss this. If you are reading this that means they are coming for you too. I don't know why they're coming all of us at once but we know they're coming for everyone. Natives. People of color. Disabled folk. Women. Trans Folk. Gay rights are on the chopping block too.
And I know I don't want to find out why they're so eager to legalize our mistreatment all of a sudden.
Don't wait to fucking vote.
Do some direct action. Disrupt traffic. Chain yourselves to buildings and cars. Protest. Spark up talk about rent and job strikes again. Protest.
Riot if non-violence doesn't suit you.
But we need to disrupt the systems that be. We need to tell them we are Not to be fucked with.
Something is coming and we need to make sure they know that it'll hurt if they try.
And we need to do it together. They are are attacking us together, after all. Because they know we are stronger unified.
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blondebrainpower · 2 days ago
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soberscientistlife · 2 days ago
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allthecanadianpolitics · a day ago
NBA star and human rights campaigner Enes Kanter Freedom says he is frustrated with what he calls a lacklustre response from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his calls for more action to help Uighur Muslims in China.
The basketball player, who is currently a free agent after being cut by the Houston Rockets earlier this year, said he wrote to Trudeau last month to encourage the Liberal government to take a harder line on China at a time when the country is allegedly committing a genocide against a Turkic minority in the country's Xinjiang province.
He said all he got in response was a form letter from someone in the correspondence unit and he's feeling snubbed.
In an interview with CBC News, Kanter Freedom said he doesn't think his letter actually made it into Trudeau's hands.
"The response I got didn't actually address any of the specific points I raised. I know if he had actually read it himself, I would've gotten a more thoughtful response," he said.
Continue Reading.
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pbscore · a day ago
This is probably gonna be a bit of a ‘controversial’ take for the reactionary folks on tumblr.com but frankly, I think this needs to be talked about more:
I’m genuinely tired of seeing both cis women and transmascs/trans men/nonbinary people squabbling over dumbass terminology regarding reproductive issues and again, seeing the whole damn forest for the trees. This whole situation can easily be solved by calling this a violation of human rights, instead of insisting it’s a ‘woman’s issue’ only or a ‘trans man/nonbinary issue’.
Like, I hate to make it sound like I’m dismissing people’s concerns but this kind of narrow ass thinking is only going to continue to distract us from getting our asses in gear to work towards a similar cause.
There’s already so much transphobia in cis feminist spaces AND misogyny in trans men/transmasc spaces that I literally hate being around any of y’all 😂 and that’s genuinely sad considering the reality that any of us with the ability to get pregnant will be effected by all anti-choice laws. It makes no sense to be arguing over terminology when the best and most realistic way to go about handling these issues would be to cite them for what they are: human rights issues. Women are human beings. Trans people are human beings. The right to any kind of bodily autonomy is inherently a human rights issue because it will effect human beings, y’all.
I understand why it’s important to break down specific social issues that may only effect a specific group of people (ex: talks about anti-blackness and how it effects black people should always be spearheaded by black people) and I agree that having that nuance and intersectional thinking will always be important. However, the issue of reproductive rights is expansive and effects millions of folks, in various communities, all capable of getting pregnant and in need of absolute autonomy over their own bodies.
That’s what this issue is about. So, I would highly suggest checking your own biases and the way you talk about this issue, as well as the people who are literally in the same boat as you before you claim which terminology is ‘better’ or ‘more inclusive’. Because frankly, it doesn’t make a difference to a bunch of anti-choice people in powerful positions. They don’t give a shit about our terminology and who’s getting effected by what.
They only care about controlling other human beings as they see fit and the moment we can realize that this is literally a grave human rights violation, while seeing each other as actual people first before our genders, that’s when tangible structural change can happen and be permanent.
Reproductive rights are human rights. The right to a safe abortion is a human right. The right to make your own decisions, be them medical or not, about your own body is a human right. Stop losing sight of that just because something isn’t ‘worded’ in a way that makes you 100% comfy. This isn’t a time to get tripped up over words, it’s a time to reinstate your autonomy as a human being and start working together to make shit happen.
NOTE: TERFs/transphobes/misogynists/anti-choice creeps will all be blocked on sight.
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punklibertarian · 10 hours ago
I don't need to justify why I should be allowed to exercise my rights. The state needs to explain why those rights should be regulated and controlled in the first place.
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gramarobin · a day ago
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pinkieloveheartpastel · 18 hours ago
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neurocurse · 15 hours ago
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[ID: a tweet from user @NailsNCrowns (miguel gomez stan account.) that reads “someone put together a google doc of 150 gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking if you have kids, your marital status and no matter your age. It’s sorted by alphabetical order by state.” They include the link. Below is another tweet that reads “if your city isn’t on the list, please check back in a few hours because the list is updated hourly.” /end ID]
Here is the link to the Google doc.
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wolves-willow · 2 days ago
Made a post about spaying/neutering your animals because I was sick of seeing Facebook posts about kittens dumped on the side of the road. And a family member comments,
“My cat has a strict my body my choice rule so she likes her kittens 🤷🏼‍♀️”
Let me FUCKING tell you. That bitch was cut quicker than a rampant toddler’s hair once they grab a pair of scissors for the first time.
I’ve made it abundantly clear that I stand with Roe v. Wade. I am pro-choice. I am pro-abortion. I am pro-women’s rights are human rights.
So I made a giant post urging those that disagree with me, even family members, to get fucked.
Remember: blood does not equal family. Cut those fascist bigots OFF.
Here it is, if you’d like to repost for yourself on other social media platforms.
Because it obviously needs said again: agree to disagree doesn’t apply here! I’m not discussing whether chocolate or vanilla is better! I’m talking about HUMAN RIGHTS. If you don’t think abortion is okay, that’s your right to choose not to have one. It does not give you permission to force that choice on someone else.
But if we’re just going to throw bodily autonomy out the window, here’s a few laws we should enstate:
1. If someone needs an organ and you have a match, you HAVE to give it to them. You don’t have a choice. The government says so.
2. If you want to get a piercing or tattoo, you’re not allowed. You can’t alter your body without express government permission.
3. Women must stay home. Women can’t vote. Women can’t work. Women can’t own property. Any woman without a husband is a harlot. Since the government says we’re just baby factories.
4. Children out of wedlock? Whore. You’ve just been defaced in the eyes of society. It doesn’t matter if he’s your boyfriend and you’re in love. You’re not married, so it’s automatically wrong. Get married and MAYBE you’ll earn your place back with the Lord.
5. Any and all surguries must be government approved. You can’t decide for yourself, even if it’s lifesaving. No exceptions. Y’know… since they own our bodies.
Want me to go on?
I will not, under any circumstances, agree to disagree on this. By approving the overturning of Roe. v. Wade, you are actively engaging in my oppression as a woman and a fellow human. Once again, if you do, fuck you.
I did not grow up watching heroes in movies, tv shows, and books stand up for what was right only to be silent now that there’s something I believe in. I will be as loud as I want because being silent for the sake of avoiding conflict is what created some of histories greatest atrocities. And allowing the government to control my body will not become one of them.
There is no room for jokes or snide remarks. This is MY page, and I will post as I please. I don’t need fascist input and bigotry.
Roll your eyes, mutter under your breath… and hit the unfriend button while you’re at it. 👋🏻
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the50-person · a day ago
The handover anniversary has traditionally seen thousands march to voice grievances over everything from sky-high property prices to Beijing's grip over the city, including during Xi's last trip to Hong Kong. On Jul 1, 2019, during the anti-government protests, demonstrators stormed and ransacked the city's legislature.
No protests are taking place this time, with the most outspoken opposition politicians and democracy activists either in jail or self-exile.
"It is the end of an era, it is the end of One Country, Two Systems," exiled Hong Kong activist Samuel Chu told Reuters from Oslo, Norway. "This is a city that is no longer recognisable."
Read more:
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blondebrainpower · a day ago
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nicostiel · 8 days ago
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mywitchcultblr · a month ago
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handicams · 8 days ago
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a dark day... the onion went off
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mysharona1987 · 5 months ago
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Know a distraction when you see one.
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chuutoro · 7 days ago
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the onion going hard in its landing page layout again...
i felt this in my soul:
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angstalottle · 8 days ago
Something really shitty has just been passed by the UK goverment.
A new bill that is stripping out human rights has been passed and we need to fight it before it costs lives. The new Human Rights Bill has made nazi Germans esc changes that will effect you or somone you love.
The most notiable parts being:
-If you are admitted to hospital with a disability or chronic condition a doctor can put a DNR do not ressusatate on you and you can’t appeal it.
-They are stopping woman from being able to move fowards with assault charges
- They are making it impossible for victims of terrorism to get justice. They won’t let people like the victims of  the hillsborough disaster hold the people responsible
Please do your own research if you must but we can’t let this happen!
There a petition to sign that’s already half way there so please share it around and tell ppl in the UK what is happening.
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