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#human rights

Our responsibility, as the honorable citizens of a free country, is to insist on justice, equity, and human rights.


Giving a ‘free pass’ for violent behavior to any person who hasn’t been hurtful to you shows a lack of empathy that is dangerous to the operation of a fair society based in justice and order. It’s a mindset based in privilege and power and does not acknowledge the reality of the experience of your peers. It’s so very easy to say, “Well, it would have worked if you had tried harder,” isn’t it? Unfortunately, that dismissive trope is not based in the real world. Life isn’t fair. It doesn’t “shake out” the same from one person to the next. So it’s our responsibility, if we are to be the honorable citizens of a free country, to make it as fair and just as possible, to base our society on the values of equity and human rights rather than self-service and exploitation.

Our very freedom and democracy are currently being emperiled by an overbearing, spy-police state. And people defend arming the police with military weapons against you, against your countrymen, because they feel threatened? After adjusting for inflation, the bottom 50% of the wage-earners in this country have not observed a significant rise in average wages since 1962, despite the overall reduction in purchasing power. Those who have been benefiting from our labor would do well to “feel threatened” by the working class. But this is the reason the police turn fire hoses on citizens and shoot autistic children in the street: as long as we fear the power of the rich, we will not demand our rights as workers.

Every media source overgeneralizes, and the bias of the people who pay their electric bill dictates what information they “coincidentally” leave out. There is always more to every story - even when you are speaking to an eyewitness, that eyewitness will summarize and leave things out to support their own beliefs and values. You’re smart enough to figure out the truth from that which is said, and that which is left unsaid, so if you don’t believe me, just ask a different search engine.

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Jorgito fija tu mirada en esa estrella y notarás cuán irrelevantes son los caprichos de la gente. Traza un generoso arco hacia nuestra Luna, cuanto más amplio lo dibujes más demorarán tus cobrizos ojos en reflejar su luz. Pero sabes amigo tanto como yo que esa tardanza tiene un sentido porque en cada punto de la negrura que escrutes avistarás una nueva estrella. Sólo si la ves, sólo si le dedicas un instante de tu atención, sólo así existe. Vamos Jorgito, todas las estrellas merecen hoy el ser vistas.

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that there’s been another victim of police brutality in Argentina. This time it was a 19 year old girl who was shot by the cops for circulating past “curfew”.

I’ve lost count of how many people have been killed by the police since quarantine started in March. I’ve lost count of how many people have died trying to go back home because the government wouldn’t let them. And don’t get me started on our economy, health and education.

Our human rights are violated EVERY FUCKING DAY and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT!

Fuck our government.

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