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My brother saw your most recent Ratchet with his beard, He wishes for you to never take it away.

Drift and his whisker burn might have something to say about that, but your brother’s request has been noted 😊 Thank you!

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Oh my days, okay, Ratchet is officially hardcore cowboy; I did not realize to what extent, but your phenomenal art making me remember the double guns made me recognize this fully. You ever think he gets carried away with target practice and starts talkin' with cowboy country-isms when he's alone?

Yes. Which is especially funny since he’s a city boy through and through.

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First, thank you for the shirtless pic of Ratchet in a bathtowel, we all love it. Second, I firmly believe the context for that pic is that Ratchet is 2 seconds away from smacking Drift's ass with the towel in his hands

;))) Why else would he be smiling?

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Human Female Kaon Cosplay

Fandom: Transformers

Character: Kaon

Cosplay: Mine

💔Of course the cosplay is mine, the characters and show don’t belong to me. Transformers and all of it’s characters belong to Hasbro.💔

Social Media’s:

💝Snapchat: rat_girl112💝

💕Instagram: rat_girl112💕

💘Deviant art: ratgirl112💘

💓Wattpad: Rat_girl112💓

💞YouTube: Rat_girl112💞

💟Twitter: Rat_girl112💟

💖Tik Tok: rat_girl112💖

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I did the “Understand my ship in 5 minutes” meme :D

It was fun and I’m planning to do another different one!✨

(Also yes I finally finished something! Sorry for small activity, but school sucks :’) )


Avian! Starscream @nightmareflame

Megatron (+help with the info 🙏) @pastelpaperplanes

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