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#humanity appreciation

This is a Tracy Spiridakos appreciation post because not only is she a ray of sunshine with the prettiest smile, her character of Hailey Upton has been a badass since season 4, not to mention the perfect partner for Jay Halstead 😃🥰

  • photos from Twitter @chiladiespics
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Also, it’s hard to GIF because she’s out of focus for part of it, but during the ‘98 version of Gus’s song, Victoria doesn’t just react to her name.  She starts getting jittery and anxious as soon as Gus says “They do not get trained as we did…”, and it’s almost like she’s internalizing what he’s saying and looking for reassurance--”I got trained!  I got trained a lot!  Did I do something wrong, does that mean Grandpa Gus doesn’t like me anymore–?”

And Misto reacts like she’s having a panic attack, grabbing her shoulder and gently pushing her upright before patting her as if to say, “It’s okay, he knows, everyone does, of course he still likes you…”

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Nice job for all of those who participated today. Now that we’ve almost reached what is practically the half-way point, tomorrow is going to be a free day. I’m not even leave any suggestions. Just do whatever you want.

You want to make an AU? Make an AU.

You want to rewrite a scene? Rewrite a scene.

You want to cut to a point in the future? Then cut to a point in the future.

Whatever you do, just remember the most important aspect: Luz has to be the main focus. Go nuts, but don’t forget who this week is about.

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With day two of Luz Appreciation Week coming to a successful end, it is time I remind you all of day three’s prompt: Something Adorable. Here are some suggestions if you’re struggling with what to make:

  • Luz being an otter :3…with a dark side >:3
  • Luz playing around with a dangerous creature as if it was a cute pet
  • Luz spending time with King (anytime these two are togther, it’s instantly adorable)
  • Luz having tea time with her friends while wearing animal onesies (BUT DO NOT INCLUDE AMITY INTO THE MIX! I DON’T CARE ADORABLE THAT IS (which is pretty adorable, to be fair). YOU’RE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE AMITY FOR SHIPPING DAY, AND EVEN THEN USING HER IS OPTIONAL)

Feel free to use any of these ideas if you’re struggling. And don’t forget to tag your post with Luz Appreciation Week.

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Luz Appreciation Week day 2: Magic training

You have to read books about magic to learn it. What an awesome feeling it must be to find out you were always right about those fantasy creatures.

(alternatively titled: Eda finally gives Luz a proper bed)

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Thank you to everyone who participated in Luz Appreciation Week with the prompt Human World. Tomorrow’s prompt is Magic Training, and here’s a couple of ideas in case anybody is struggling with inspiration:

  • Have Luz and Eda train together on how to do Luz’s version of magic
  • Have Lilith, the only inhabitant of the owl house who does magic, teach Luz a few spells
  • Maybe take a couple steps into the future and show Luz teaching young witches how to use the olden ways of magic

You don’t have to use these ideas, but they could be helpful in case you were struggling with this prompt. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, and I’m excited to see how the rest of the week will go.

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someone already pointed it out but in all of the trailers and promos for age of calamity link is always putting himself in front of zelda to protect her but it always looks super silly because their canon height difference is

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18th-Human World: And no, not a human AU. Instead, let’s see how well people do when focusing on Luz’s life before coming to the Boiling Isles. There’s some creative potential there. I know there is.


I know Luz loves the rain,

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this has been a shitty 24 hrs and my weekend is now over because i have class tomorrow (🙃) but everyone remaining in my house is doing better than yesterday. one of my roommates made beer bread, we all laid on someone’s bed and talked about our horrible feelings for an hour, and then we ordered 35 small color photo prints of robert pattinson to hide around our home

#it is really just finding joy in whatever weird shit we can these days, #the past two weeks have felt like my household is a reality tv show and we are just waiting to see whose mental health is going to vote them, #out next, #it feels like some cosmic force is sniping us, #we added it up today and genuinely the only week since sept 1 that something terrible hasn’t personally happened to someone in the house, #was the week rbg died, #it just feels UNFAIR!, #i lost 2 weeks of being a human bc my mom was in the hospital, #there was the 10 day span where everyone in any kind of relationship got dumped, #one of my roommates got TERRIBLY ill (not covid tg!! but she was incapacitated for a week), #we had a fight and one of our roommates broke quar to run home to her parents and still isnt back, #another roommate had a depression spiral and we didnt see her leave her rooom for a week, #i got on meds, #and then last night i had to drive a roommate to emergency psych, #it just feels like we have been in constant crisis on TOP of the ongoing crises of law school and. well. everything., #any one of these things are overwhelming but they have happened CONSECUTIVELY and it just feels unfair!! are we being punished?????? @god, #anyway i did Not mean to write this tag essay all things considered i am doing fine, #everything is suboptimal but i’m not in the hospital and i’m a functional person and i can still appreciate the comedic potential of, #35 small photos of robert pattinson hidden around our house, #text
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Luz Appreciation Week is tomorrow, so here is a reminder for tomorrow’s prompt: Human World.

Remember: The point of this prompt is to focus on Luz’s life in the human world. NOT to create an AU where everyone is human. Here are a few examples if your struggling with creativity:

  • Have Luz tell a story about something that happened to her in the human world
  • Focus on an ordinary day of what Luz’s life before coming to the isles
  • Maybe have Luz interact with others in her human high school and show how ‘well’ that could go

I’m not saying that you have to use these ideas, but you can feel free to use them if you’re having trouble. See you then, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with

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RIP the resentment borne from repression of love rly is a characteristic of a first crush for queer people isnt it? Omg. Its SO interesting to see examples of it pulled up from fiction to even that post going around in which the tags are full of people describing their first gay crush in hs on their best friend and how that friendship ended badly… it rly is a common theme in queer narratives.

It makes so much sense that het people might not connect to those stories as much because their italicized “oh” moment doesnt mean they change the way they see themselves with respect to the world because their love isnt seen as abnormal. Gays rly end up having to navigate through resenting and lashing out at the person we really care about because we have to rearrange our entire identity around those feelings and accept that we will always be a minority after that.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when putting names to those feelings wont terrify us so much

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I’m excited! Are you excited!

Because I’m excited to share my story!

I’m excited to see what everyone else has to share for the week!

But most of all: I’m excited to see how much people appreciate Luz Noceda as a character.

One last reminder for the prompts for the week:

18th: Human World (Not an AU)

19th: Magic Training

20th: Something Adorable

21st: Free Day

22nd: ANGST


24th: Mother/Daughter Time (Between Luz and Camilia)

Remember to tag with Luz Appreciation Week. See you then.

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