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Strife: ARE YOU—

Human: Fucking


Human: Fucking

Strife: IDIOT!

War: What are you doing?

Human: Azrael banned Strife from swearing so I’ve been helping him out…

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i just think it’s mental that humans have the ability to create wonders in this world and yet we’ve managed to create a world that so many people want to leave before their time

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Our split soul, guides, & multi-dimensional creating..

Our split soul, guides, & multi-dimensional creating..

Here is a bit more on our soul, & creating reality.
Again as previously stated this is a extremely complex subject, that has been made even more complicated with the influx of new information ,that the new energy has brought with it… this is the simplest way I can explain this in may understand better if you clear your mind of any bias & perhaps should you wish re-read it…


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“Who are we if not the sum of our experiences, The things that we gather and collect in life? Once you strip those away we become just a mass of flesh, bone and blood vessels.”

- C.J. Tudor, The Chalk Man

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Signs of unusual symptoms spread on Twitter well before official COVID-19 reports


People in Europe were tweeting about a “dry cough” more than usual as early as January 2020, newly analysed data reveal.

While social media has played a key role in disseminating health information during the relentless COVID-19 pandemic, the new findings show it has the potential to be useful in other ways, too.

Authorities could be using such platforms to obtain real time, localised information about emerging viral hotspots before they’re detected by official means, statistician Milena Lopreite from the University of Calabria and colleagues suggest in their new study.

“Our study adds on to the existing evidence that social media can be a useful tool of epidemiological surveillance,” said economist Massimo Riccaboni from IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca.

“They can help intercept the first signs of a new disease, before it proliferates undetected, and also track its spread.”

Within a dataset of over 570,000 unique users and more than 890,000 tweets, Lopreite and team searched for tweets from seven European countries with keyword “pneumonia” (in seven European languages) from last winter, and compared them with previous winters as far back as 2014.

After excluding links to news to take out mass media coverage, they found a significant increase in their keyword in most of the countries during the 20190-2020 winter, compared to previous years.

They repeated this with other terms for common COVID-19 symptoms like “dry cough” and once again found similar patterns.

For Italy, the tweets showed signs of brewing virus hotspots in the first week of 2020 – weeks before the first case was officially announced on 20 February 2020. A similar pattern was seen in France. For Spain, Poland and the UK this social signal of COVID-19’s presence appeared two weeks before their official cases.

These findings show just how much of a delay there can be between the presence of a new disease and our detection of it. 

What’s more, “whistleblowing came primarily from the geographical regions that turned out to be the key breeding grounds for infections,” the researchers explained in their paper.

By integrating this information with data on environmental drivers like pollution, social media could prove a powerful tool for tracking new outbreaks, the team recommends.

Lopreite and colleagues note that this strategy is not a forecasting tool for unknown new diseases, because we do need to understand enough about the disease first – to know what to look for.

However, it could be a useful tool for tracking new waves of COVID-19 that are likely to arise once restrictions like social distancing are lifted around the world.

Between negative impacts on mental health to the spread of misguided or even fake news, relying on social media does have its risks. So it is clearly important that any new-found roles for these tools come with measures to keep them from being misused.

“Any integrated digital surveillance system set to monitor COVID-19 and beyond should be controlled by independent data protection and regulation authorities and adhere to a clear set of privacy-preserving and data-sharing principles that do not jeopardise civil rights and other fundamental liberties,” the team cautions.

But given the likes of Twitter and Facebook are not going away anytime soon, we should certainly be trying to squeeze as much good out of these platforms as we can, while also sharing awareness of and working out how to rein in their shadier elements.

“These findings point to the urgency of setting up an integrated digital surveillance system in which social media can help geo-localise chains of contagion that would otherwise proliferate almost completely undetected,” Lopreite and colleagues conclude.

So if (shudder to think) we do have to face another new pandemic, we now know: Once key symptoms have been identified, social media chatter could reliably reveal where outbreaks are occurring, ahead of other measures.

This study was published in Scientific Reports.


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okay i just wanted to make a tumblr post dedicated to Matt Donovon who i may have criticized in the early seasons but i deeply apologise to and am extremely grateful for existing. Hes that type of guy who you dont realise you love until you lose them, he hasn’t died yet so thats a heads up but idk by s3 he really started to warm my heart, hes lost so much: his sister (Vicki Donovan), His mum who left town, broke up with Caroline and Elena so there’s that little phase.. but my guy fought through it all, hes not that little depressed emo character, like even if he was i wouldn’t blame him because he has reasons too but hes such a ball of sunshine and a therapist to literally everyone. I think the moments where I actually went Aww was when he was having a little heart to heart with Elena talking about Damon n Stefan and how all of this is just a mess, hes such a good listener and I’d love a friend like him

also Rebekah being a “bad guy”, tbh she isn’t a horrible person, shes just a broken person who craves pure love and hates to be manipulated with. I think Matt really opens that side of her, the simple things like dropping her home or giving her his jacket because she was cold. she thought she was being “set up” because everyone uses her as a pawn to get to Klaus so she obviously has trust issues but Matt is just tryna be gentleman and i think she loves that innocent friendship/love

anyways i could do a personality analysis on Rebekah any day but this is Matty boys time to shine. like wtf i commend him surviving up until now, if i were in Mystic Falls, id die in under a second getting my blood sucked out dry at some vampire party.

anyways hes a handsome, kind and legible bachelor in mystic falls rn (s3-4) and someone fiery can balance his watery earthy calming aura.


Originally posted by elijahs-wife

my cutie may you live another few seasons because sometimes i like to see a few humans walking around a Vampire ridden adds a little bit of a balance when stuff gets chaotic so dont turn into a vampire i beg


keep smiling bby we all love you <3

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Slowly the Autumn Court made their way along the shores of the Sea with Black Waves. They could not stop moving for fear that their pursuers would catch up and they would be overtaken.

And those they feared were coming closer with each moment, faster than ever. The very trees cried out warnings to the Court to hurry, to flee as fast as they could. But there were too many. Too many Folk to keep safe that they could not move everyone fast enough.

Through the trees came the armies that pursued them, and at their head a Faerie man who was wreathed in Dark Fire that pulsed and spun as he stepped forward.

“Where is the boy? The one who seeks the old way?” His voice was low and smooth, almost beautiful. Yet in his eyes glinted malice, and no one answered him.

Through the crowds came the Lord of Autumn. They parted for him, and for the one at his side, Nod the Satyr, who stood at the side of his Lord with pride despite the great danger they were in.

From beneath his cloak he pulled a sword, and none had known he wore such a thing. This he drove into the earth before him, between the crowds and the armies who threatened them. Then, looking straight into the eyes of the one who faced him, he spoke.

“He is long gone from here, as you know. You will not find him even if you search there. Their world is vast, and there are many Folk there who will aid him from the shadows and hide him from you.”

A moment before the man had been grinning, his lips twisted into a cruel smirk, but as the Lord of Autumn spoke his smile twisted into a snarl.

“Then I shall take you instead. You might resist the fire for a time, but eventually you will turn and I will make you my general.” Suddenly his smile was back, cruel, taunting. “I remember once you fought so well under my tutelage, a young page who sought his King’s approval. Do you not still wish for it?”

Before the Lord of Autumn could even begin to answer, the figure in the Dark Fire had leapt forward, intending to drive his blade straight down into the heart of his victim. Yet he did not reach the ruler of the Autumnlands, for another was already waiting for him when he moved to strike.

From the trees she had come, from the very oldest and darkest depths of the Deep Woods. Her fur silvery white and her tail swished like that of a lion. So swift was she that her cloven hooves did not make a sound upon the earth as she came to the call of the sword who had drawn no blood save its bearer’s. Long ago she had sworn an oath to protect him if he called upon her, as she had called out to him in the battle long ago when she was wounded and could not find the strength to move.

He had been young then, only a scant hundred or so years old, and so frightened. He had ridden into battle with his King, but when it came time to draw his sword, he had found he couldn’t bear it and fled. Yet he returned at her call, and helped her.

Now, she would help him.

The Unicorn stood between them, her horn a spiral of purest alicorn and sharper than any thorn and pointed at the man in the midst of the Dark Fire. He withdrew, furious.

Gasps of wonder sprang up among the crowd as they beheld the beautiful creature who stood before them. Unicorns were a rare sight even in Faerie, hardly more than a whispered legend from those who remembered having seen one eons ago when the world was new.

She advanced, her horn before her, and the monstrous army retreated step by step, not daring to be near her, but refusing to flee and lose their quarry.

“Go,” her voice was not quite spoken. Instead it was more a way of knowing, her desire was clear.

So the Lord of Autumn turned and raised his hand towards the water of the sea of black waves. With a rush the waters parted, rising high into the sky on either side and making a path down down into the darkness, a road through the sea itself.

And they went, the Unicorn preventing the armies from following them, they descended down between the waters in a long winding train. Down, down, down….

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been the longest time since giving one of my oldest sons any love, so. an Aidan! ft. real/two/full wings with grackle flair as i let his plot be more self-indulgent.

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“Hello!! Just wondering and I mean this to be in no way personal, is your anthro art reposted? Because I noticed the anthro art style was quite different from your humanoid art style and I just wondered if you were reposting another artist’s work without crediting them. I just wanted to ask just to be sure because I’m sure you know how big of a problem art theft is in the furry community and I would never intentionally reblog work that is stolen. I do love your blog, and I hope you don’t take offense to this as I am just making sure! :D “


Ive been experimenting a lot with my humanoid style because it wasn’t making me happy, and the weird curvey faces I’m currently doing is making me much happier. I do understand the concern, and I don’t have any problem saying its all me!

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