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#humans are sort of special
faxxmachine · 25 days ago
no worries I thought you seemed concerned and I thought it might be because of the amygdalin thing but rest assured raccoons do eat wild cherries all the time in nature and they’re fine with the pits. btw that video was so cute 🍒🦝
that is a relief
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neptunem · a month ago
non-human animals do not exist to serve humans. cows do not produce milk for humans, that’s not for you. a mother cow’s nutrients is for her child, it does not belong to you. there is not a single thing that makes a human deserving of the bodily autonomy of a non-human animal. sure, go ahead and use it if you absolutely need to, but don’t think that you are deserving of it by virtue of being a human.
no amount of “respecting” or being nice and giving that cow a good living condition will somehow make you deserving of it either. the cow did not make it for you, did not want to give it to you, did not want you to take it from her. you cannot ask for her permission because you cannot communicate to her so there is no possible way for you to have that milk without you stealing it.
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starship-suggestion · 2 months ago
they really trained me like a fucking dog
#my post#suggestion#what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck#I didn't know hand signals was a thing they used for dog training#never seen it outside of special ed til the video I just watched#they rly did treat me like an animal huh. what the fuck.#hand signals for stop talking sit stay still point your body toward the person youre talking to#as if the watching me when I talked to people and then later telling me how much I fucked up wasn't enough#jfc i think im actually a bit angry about this#I can put up with a lot but being treated like an animal is smth I thought I'd never put up with. and now I'm realizing it *happened*.#how fucked up do you have to be to treat a kid like that and think it's okay. what the hell#wow#w o w#after all that shit i was always like 'well it could have been worse‚ at least they treated me like a human not a pet' HAH#this does make the thing I wrote a while ago make sense#the one where one of my ocs gets called a dog by their abuser and in response they threaten to rip his throat out#i dont have violent revenge fantasies i just project onto my ocs and give them trauma actually worth being violent about#occasionally do have revenge fantasies but they're more like. publicly yelling at her abt how terrible what she did was#and then it inevitably turns into a 'protecting a lil kid from having to go through the sort of shit that i went thru' fantasy#ngl i couldn't care less about the ppl who hurt me. I just want to make the things they did stop being done#protect other kids like me from jt
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witchesdual · 3 months ago
Ukulele wears glasses... sometimes. They’re slightly farsighted, and while they can still relatively see things up close, reading is difficult without them and the smaller something is, the harder it is for them to clearly see it without their glasses. They’re a bit stubborn about it, though. And may or may not try to do things without them even thought they CLEARLY need them.
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hprse · 5 months ago
Just watched what was essentially an hour long fusion of a video essay for the game SOMA called "the game that broke me" and i wasnt paying much attention until the middle to end area but when i say the last scene of the game lived up to the title because thats when it hit me what exactly had been occurring throughout the game and what had occurred to every. Single. Human. On. Earth. In the game and im currently kind of stewing on this because god damn.
#txt#im going to put a spoiler warning for those that dont want to watch it but are curious#so. SPOILER WARNING FOR THE TAGS AHEAD#AGAIN. WARNING.#so in the game you are a car crash survivor who had continuous brain issues#and for some reason nothing would work#so you undergo one last surgery and when you wake up? you are in a world post comet crash#which has destroyed all life.#HOWEVER. life had lived on in robots as all humans had their brainwaves scanned and copies and pasted into varying robotic forms#HOWEVER the pasted forms? not just robots. they are also in a capsule in some special base. where they are basically living in paradise#the goal? get this capsule into space. to ensure that when the earth enevitably is truly destroyed? humanity can live on among the stars#you decide to help catherine in her personal mission to send humanity to space to live on even if they wouldnt have a single clue. even#though she is just a copied sentient amount of data on a screen. you meet many robots with human minds. almost all of them are essentially#in some sort of trancelike or damaged or terrified state. one of which screams in pain despite... not being able to truly experience it.#his dead human body is found a few rooms away. you get to choose to kill some of these robots in varying forms including one stuck on the b#ottom of the sea who believes herself to Be in the capsule that will be sent to the stars. at a few points you yourself get copy and pasted#a few times its discussed afterwards when you wake up in a new place about what will happen to the old you and its kind of brushed off#until the very. very. end. the last scene. you are preparing to send the capsule to space. catherine has set up something in the computer#that will load both u and her brains into the capsule as long as it occurs fast enough before the 30 second launch#its a TERRIFYING 30 seconds as the upload bar hardly moves until the last seconds. the capsule launches and...#you are still in the chair. you arent in the utopia of the capsule like your pasted self. you are terrified. about to die#you scream for and at catherine until her face appears on the screen and she says 'we both failed the coin toss. now simon and catherine ge#t to live on the ark' (simon being you and ark being the capsule)#around you as you scream. both of you are shouting fuck yous. catherine at you for being ignorant to what had been happening this entire ti#me and you for feeling betrayed and lied to for not understanding nor realizing what was occurring#around you as this occurs the lights are flickering and shutting off with loud noises. finally the screen shuts off on catherine. and you S#SCREAM in your chair you are strapped to for catherine. pleading for her to return. and then the screen goes black with your last words beg#ging for her. and then the credits roll. just like that#this ENTIRE time every single time when you copy pasted your brain another YOU was left behind to die. just like it happened at the end#so yeah. ask for more details if u want bc damn. out of tags
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makotoisneat · 5 months ago
Since I've been treating human Chiaki and ai Chiaki as separate characters, I've spent some time thinking about the differences between them. I think that while they are both very similar, they have a few small differences that are only really noticeable if you've interacted with both of them a good amount. The biggest difference between the two is that if human Chiaki were in the simulation she would have told Nagito to shut the fuck up way sooner
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haml3t · 6 months ago
I hate human centric arguments about climate change because yes it’s upsetting that future generations will live on a dying planet yes it’s upsetting that poor people are affected the most but the reason I care about climate change ultimately is because I have respect for the Earth and fuck any species with enough of a god complex to kill a planet.
Like yes human life is important and talking about how climate change affects it is important but why do have to think about the effects on humans in order for you to care about climate change. Why isn’t a respect for nature enough.
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mxfotia · 8 months ago
*surprised pikachu face*
#is THIS why my therapist was trying to get me to draw humanized versions of my 'intense emotions'#im having realizations and its making me annoyed that she didnt at least explain it to me why she wanted me to do certain things#she was trying to get me to draw them and have them interact with each other bc i said most of my self art doesn't have#any kind of interactions. just stands there mostly#this is sorta upsetting tbh i wish she had just told me instead of act like im too stupid to know whats happening#delete later#im for realsies not going to draw it 💗 and even if i did i wouldnt show her bc i dont trust her#when i said humanized vers. of my emotions she was like. talking about 'do u see people in your head you talk to a lot' like ya what abt it#n she wants me to draw them but like no 💗 if i do and choose to show it it wont be w ppl who dont understand it#but i dont feel comfortable doing that i dont think.#i dont even know anything abt alters and stuff besides basics i dont even know if im like#Enough you know. theres only 1 i can vaguely get a grasp on so im probably just making it up idk othr ppl say they can talk n shit but i#dont feel like thats ever happened w me it doesnt feel real for me#i know osdd is different bc the amnesia isnt there i think but like i would assume id have some sort of idea of whats going on in there#a lot of it feels very off limits for me and confuses me#i mean shit who's to say she isnt lying to me or that this is actually happening i could already be dead and i wouldnt know it#my head stays empty idk what goes on in there#this shit sucks man what the hell#id talk about the vague person ? but idk if hes real or if my psychosis is making it up#i haven't talked to him in there for over a year now but i figured that was just bc i found a new special interest to keep me preoccupied#im realizing things as i type and its very tiring i dont want to think about this anymore#pack it up lads im officially self diagnosing myself as neurotypical if ur not paying rent then go away#it probably doesnt help that the only knowledge on this stuff i have is from a single youtuber like im p sure ppl experience it differently#but not me im not allowed <3#god. im just saying shit now i really dont know what any of this is#idk what the fuck i wrote down anyways ive already forgotten most of it#like i thought everybody has ppl in their heads they talk too sometimes???? in a house or smthn mines an apartment building#like dont other ppl do that too.. idk#this is why i hate therapy but only bc ive only ever had horrible experiences
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gentaroukisaragi · 9 months ago
Of course I believe in love! I have to believe in love! Thats all there is in the end
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communistkenobi · 10 months ago
thinking about the Jedi and how they seem to place very high value on taking care of one’s body and treating it like a sacred object because it’s a literal conduit for the Force, and how Kanan spent like ten years obsessively drinking and intentionally not taking care of himself as a way to close himself off from it. not just as a fuck you to the Force itself but also as a form of self-flaggellation because Depa died for him and all he’s done with his life is get in bar fights and work shit jobs and sleep on stranger’s floors
#sw.txt#i am sort of obsessed with the idea of him having a bunch of shitty tattoos for that reason#like modifying his body in meaningless ways specifically to break the idea that his body is something sacred and special#feel like kanan would have some very tortured conflicts about his body as a consequence#hrm perhaps i am projecting. ok i am but#the image of him intentionally looking ‘shady’ and smoking and drinking and doing ‘trashy’ things#and ultimately subverting that imposed social image by being a kind and selfless person#its very good#like taking up ‘low class’ symbols as a form of coping with just like. existing as a jedi#i know irl those things are tied up heavily with racism and classism ofc but just like#think about it u know#okay i am rambling but#really loving the idea of kanan being a but nihilistic when it comes to his body AS a symbol#and decorating it accordingly to assign meaning to that meaninglessness#and i know there are jedi with tattoos and stuff but like#most of the human jedi we see are overwhelmingly white#and the visual language SW uses to communicate their nobility and social stature#is bound up in very white ideas about inhibition and moderation and cleanliness#so him intentionally not following those strictures and looking very un-jedi like#both as a way to fit into the new social fabric he finds himself in and to distance himself from the order#is so fucking good#anyway god im talking so much. how is everyone doing#this is burning a hole in my brain today#sw meta
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oceanxveiined · 11 months ago
The resulting unusually strong connection to her element had been thanks to her mother. While her father's Quirk had been Hydrokinetic, her mother's had been a Possession-type Quirk that allowed her to slot her own consciousness in another's body for a certain period of time, depending on how long she had touched them. It's that connection that her mother can build between herself and the body of another that allowed Dani to have a deeper connection with her own Quirk and help it be something more than simply controlling the movements of water. It has allowed her ability to change its temperature/state and even have some level of consciousness/detection with it.
#//Based on the water has memory concept then spun out into something different#//She's got a remarkable Quirk; but hates to use it out of emergencies or special occasions#//And her cooperativeness is abysmal sometimes#//Bc she doesnt trust anyone else handling something better than she can#//Quite arrogantly so#hc#//The last part of the post proper#//With a touch; she can tell apart anything in a water-based fluid that isn't water itself#//In other words; a human poison detector#//Including sweat and any DNA components#//If completely immersed; she can sort of push her own consciousness out and drift a bit#//But she'd hardly ever do it unless she would feel her safest bc it leaves her WAY vulnerable#//Quirk singularity is no joke#//Of course it all still takes a toll and has its limitations#//But she's just trained up her Quirk a ridiculous amount without taking her body into consideration#//Amd doesn't actually know HOW to properly#//She just comes ip with something and slots it out to test later#//whether late means a proper scheduled time or when shes winging shit and desperate#//Considering her planning and the like; its no wonder a lot of her inventions support her and the Quirk#//It's like Izuku at the start of the series. strong Quirk; big toll; even if he'd trained his body to handle it#//The problem is she doesn't put hers to much practice save when she does use it#//aand even then half the time its to escape or add 'flourish' to get rid of someone she was sent to take out#//What wins out; her pride or her survival instinct? Only the situation may tell#//Which makes teamups on assignments she gets funny bc she'll aleays introduce herself as Quirkless#//Says that and claims her inventions and gear will carry the mission; busts out the Quirk if it means gettin out#of the mess alive; or if she otherwise sees there's really no other option. she's quite stubborn about it too#//Derrailed from the post's original matter but eh; a hc post is a hc post#//Her mother is too big of an influence on a great deal of things for her basically; tldr#//Both Quirk and habitual/personality wise#//There's a reason touching the water she uses always is best for optimal Quirk usage--and thats her mother
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ex-celsia · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
One thing I love about my brain is that it is both extremely good at deflecting important memories and thoughts and also extremely terrible at deflecting said thoughts.
Like today, I've been trying to get myself to look at my college class lineup and actually pick out my classes for the next semester, but instead I've been sitting at my workspace writing and tinkering with Discord all day. I didn't even mean to put anything off, but between my ADHD and my brain's eternal desire to reduce stress, I've managed to put it off until almost the last few days.
There are a lot of other things I also feel I should do before some date, but my brain is mean and when I think about it, I feel mental pain that just makes me want to not think about it? So instead I watch YouTube videos about the MacBook Pro because that's much softer on the brain.
I don't know what any of this is either; whenever I ask the questions to my therapist or psychologist, I always get these "well you seem fine and i've known you long enough, so i don't think so" which doesn't help me because I am: very good hiding things from people in my interactions with them.
I dunno, I want answers about myself, but every step of the way it's like someone else seems to have more of them than I do. I'm sure some people can be satisfied knowing that they are just...different, but as always, I want moreeeeeee.
The mind is definitely not the same as my discovery of my gender, despite me getting similar signals from similar people. It's been a bit tough trying not to conflate the two, because my hesitation is exactly that of the last time I tried to do some self-discovery, the eternal fear of judgement and being wrong, but this time, it's a lot more...serious? Or at least, trying to interpret the quirks of my mind is not something that can be done in a bubble.
I just hope I get answers soon enough.
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clockwork--comet · an hour ago
There’s something so depressing (at least to me) about how you can’t show all of the nuances of natural human speech and behavior in writing without it feeling clunky or unnecessary.
The way someone laughs in the middle of a word without stopping their sentence, letting the sound of their laughter corrupt the phonemes, so you get that signature laughy speech sound.
How someone sounds when they laugh, without just saying "hearty" or "deep" or something like that.
That special moment when someone says something and they find it so funny or like how it feels in their mouth, so they say it over and over and over again.
How someone will mess up a word or phrase over and over again but continue trying, sort of resetting their mouth by blowing a raspberry or something to that effect.
Mispronunciations and tongue-twisters in their entireties, really.
I am so sad and upset I can't quite convey these (and more) in writing.
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chefclave9 · an hour ago
Hair Extensions Versatile For Hair Loss - Hair Loss
Tumblr media
Hair extensions add volume, cover small bald spots, thicken thinning patches, add highlights or change your look solely. Hair extensions are the one type of hair alternative that you don't should wear on your scalp, because the alternative hair is connected to wholesome hair you have got in your head, providing you could have enough. The one occasion you can not use extensions is for a bald spot on the top of your head, as a result of then there is nothing to attach the extensions to, says Baha Alwardi, owner of Image First Hair Salon and Day Spa in Boynton Seashore, Fla., who uses Ultratress hair extensions because of the variety of new expertise in the applying selections and the standard of the one hundred % human hair. The kind of hair extensions your stylist will choose for you depends on the appliance process and the explanation you are in search of extensions in the first place, but it is an informed customer who gets the most effective results, advises Alwardi. The sandwich approach with a "cool" utility is perfect for the medical neighborhood and the trend group. Shoppers of Alwardi's salon include all types of hair problems, from naturally tremendous hair and simple thinning to these regrowing hair, from those undergoing chemotherapy to those suffering other hair loss traumas where a scorching software technique would not be appropriate. Alwardi says, "because of the unique utility process and because I can place these extensions increased up on the temples and up to the back of the pinnacle, in places other extensions will not work." The applying method makes use of a sandwich methodology between current hairs with adhesive tape, he explains. As well as, these hair extensions drastically scale back software time. Primary a number of-strand extensions and a safer "scorching" adhesive are great for including size and styling choices. If you would like more size but less harm, using a multiple-strand software technique reduces the stress in your hair and provides a virtually seamless transition. Reusable strand-by-strand link extensions are customizable, cool and chemical free. These are the perfect answer to a chemical- and adhesive-free alternative for adding length, quantity, colour and styling choices with much less price and less maintenance. Alwardi, who makes use of UltraLinks for probably the most natural effect around the hairline. He explains that instead of dissolving adhesive, which makes different extensions unusable, these UltraLinks could be very quickly and merely loosened to wash out shedding, shifted up and tightened so the upkeep time and expense are drastically lowered for each the stylist and the client. 1.Use solely a loop brush in your extensions because it's specially designed with bristles which are looped so they won't pull on attachments. Haircut Vancouver may also use a small bristle brush to push any shedding hairs down towards the attachment so they do not itch, advises Alwardi. All the time brush from the underside first to loosen tangles, not from the bottom of the scalp, because prolonged hair has the propensity to tangle easily. 2.Use only the hair care products recommended by your stylist for your sort of extensions and attachment. To avoid tangling, sleep in a free braid, shampoo hair within the shower only and avoid scrubbing hair with a towel. Rely on sizzling instruments to model hair as a substitute of constant brushing and blow-drying, which could cause extensions to slide prematurely.
Tumblr media
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professor-peanut · 5 hours ago
Show and Tell - Gojo and Kakashi x Fem!Reader
Gojo is character from the anime Jujustu Kaisen. Jujustu Kaisen was made by Gege Akutami. Kakashi is character from the anime Naruto. Naruto was made by Masashi Kishimoto. I do not own rights to the characters or the animes.
The following content contains SMUT please proceed with caution.
CW: Overstimulation/ Edging/ Orgasm Denial/ Hair pulling/ Double Penetration
Today was career day at The Academy, and you knew all sorts of people were going to be walking about those same sliding doors talking about their boring professions. What was so interesting about a sushi chef anyway? You see them every day on the way to school, nothing special.
The ticks and tocks of the clock on the wall seemed to be getting louder the closer you got to the end of the day, just waiting for the moment you could gather your stuff and run out the door.
The last same old person walked out the classroom, waving a cocky farewell to the class as if they had just spent half an hour boasting about being first Hokage. He’s a tax collector. Big whoop.
“I think that was the last one...actually we have one more. He’s pretty late though, How unprofessional. ” Kakashi sensei squinted and looked at the list of checked off names.
The class went dead silent as the doors of the classroom opened once more for the millionth time today.
“Oh I don’t mean to intrude, this is Kakashi’s classroom, right?” said the masked man in the doorway.
“It’s Kakashi sensei, Mr…” He looked at the clipboard in his hand “Gojo, was it?”
“That’s me! And you can drop the formalities, I’m about as old as you are”
Kakashi sighed and faced the class, “Let’s get this over with shall we? The floor is yours”
“‘It’s an honor really. Good afternoon boys and girls, as you may already know, Im Gojo Satoru”
He waited for a reaction from the class like he was some celebrity. After about a minute of silence, he cleared his throat and continued.
“Tough crowd...Anyways,I'm Gojo-”
“You already said that.” Sasuke cut him off.
The class exploded in laughter.
Kakashi pinched the bridge of his nose and looked down trying to suppress his laughter.
Gojo cleared his throat once again, to draw the attention back to him.
“As I was saying, I am the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer known to man, and I teach students my ways, much like your teacher here. I exercise curses that terrorize the citizens of my town and put them to rest so they can do no more harm. I'm sure some of you have heard of Sukuna, the most powerful special grade curse?”
A few hands shot up.
“Good!” Gojo reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out what looked to be a mangled human finger.
“This, boys and girls, is the finger of that beast. And it is the most dangerous cursed object out there.”
“Yeah, then why do you have it? Aren’t you putting everybody else here at risk?” Sakura pointed at the finger.
“Relax little girl. It’s harmless….unless you eat it…”
“Ewww why would anyone want to eat that? I'm sure NARUTO is gross enough to do it”
“Settle down, you two, he’s not done yet.” Kakashi looked at them both.
Gojo droned on and on about what he did for another 30 minutes, and the class was all ears. This guy is not half bad. Finally, something entertaining. But I started to notice something off about this guy...the more I looked at him. The more he looked at me. At least it felt like he was. That mask covered 50 percent of his face.
It was 1:00 in the afternoon and the bell had finally rung. You quickly grabbed your bag and was about to make a straight shot to the door and then-
“Stay after class y/n. I need to talk to you.”
“Damn it. I was so close, I guess the half off mega bento box could wait.”
“Did I do something wrong?”
“No not at all. Why? Do you want to turn yourself in?”
“No, Kakashi sensei. Just wondering why. That’s all”
“You’ll find out later. For right now. Just stay here.”
Kakashi went out in the hall to go speak with Gojo, their silhouettes casting a shadow on the thin bamboo curtains.
After a few minutes, Kakashi walked off in the direction of the main offices, looking as though he was going to go get something. Once he had gone, Gojo popped his head back into the classroom and looked at you with a wide shit eating grin on face.
“I saw the way you were looking at me during my little presentation.”
“Oh so it’s wrong to look at someone while they are speaking?”
“No it’s not, but you were looking me in my eyes.”
“How- Correct me if I am wrong Mr. Gojo sir, but you are wearing a mask.”
“Is that so?” He took off the mask, “How about now?”
The moment he took off his mask, you were captured by the sight of his gorgeous bright blue eyes that seemed to shine brighter than the sky on a Tuesday morning.
“Wow…” Not one word could escape your lips. He had you mesmerized by his beauty.
“Like what you see? Why not get a closer look?”
In the blink of an eye, Gojo picked you up and shoved you against the wall, hiking up your skirt with his knee, grinding against your sensitive bits down below.
“I- um..” your body started to overheat, you thought you might pass out.
“What? Does my grinding against your tight little cunt, get you even more hot and bothered?”
Before anything could continue, the door of the classroom slides open.
“Alright Gojo, I got those papers-”
He cleared his throat, “Excuse me, this is MY student.”
“Oh yeah? I don’t see your name on them.” he holds your chin to make you face him. “Therefore I took the liberty of having a little fun with them.”
“Yeah I see that , now I'm going to have to ask you to leave.”
“And if I don’t?”
The look on Kakashi’s sensei’s face said it all, you knew exactly what was about to happen next.
“Last chance” He said, his fingers in a ready position.
“Woah woah, calm down. No need to use your- what is it, multi shadow clone jutsu?” He mocked him. “I guess I'll leave now.” He started towards the door, only to pause and lock it.”
A bead of sweat rolled down your face.
“Did you actually think I was leaving? I don’t give up that easily.”
“I thought I told you to leave,” Kakashi said, clenching his fists.
“Relax, we could work this out..You want them too. Don’t try and hide it.”
What Gojo said must have really hit a nerve, because even though his mask covered up to his eyes, you could still see the subtle pink blush spreading across his face. It all started to make sense. The little gifts he left on your desk, the extra lessons after class, passing you the answers during the tests, which he should have been fired for, it was all starting to make sense.
“Now Mr. Kakashi, now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you say we share them?”
“But we can’t both-”
“Don’t worry I got this, I know a little thing or two about handling little souls like this one.”
The following content contains SMUT please proceed with caution
Overstimulation/ Edging/ Orgasm Denial/ Hair pulling/ Double Penetration
Gojo approached you and trailed his hands up and down your inner thigh going tantalizingly slow making sure not to hit the wet spot forming in your underwear.
“I know you want me, so just say that and we can get out of here..and maybe I can give a bit more than some thigh rubs.” “I thought we were supposed to be sharing them.”
“Now I never said I would play by the rules now did I?” He began to pepper kisses along your collarbone leading up to your neck making sure to leave a mark as he went along.
“Well I’m not just going to sit here and let you have all the fun. Spread your legs lotus.”
You didn’t think Kakashi could have this much control over you, I mean yes he read those adult romance books in the middle of class, but you didn’t think he would get anything from it.
“You’re already so wet down here.”
You can feel Gojo smirk against your neck sending shivers down your spine, “You can thank me for that.”
All of this stimulation, from his fingers and his tongue, was causing your body to overheat and form a knot at the pit of your stomach, you had never felt anything like this before.
“K-Kakashi I-I think I’m going to-”
“Not on my watch.” Kakashi picked you up and bent you over his desk, shoving everything that was on it, onto the ground below.”
“If you’re going to cum, you might as well do it on my cock.”
“Hey I wasn’t done with them.”
“That’s too bad, I'm not gonna let you have the satisfaction of filling them up. Get out of here.”
“Aww Kakashi-san you’re gonna make me cry…. cry all over their dripping wet cunt down there. Might as well make some room because I’m not going anywhere any time soon.”
“It doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere, so I’m going to help stretch you out.” Kakashi sighed.
Before you could even muster the syllables of any answer, three fingers entered you without any warning going in an ungodly amount of speed. At this point you could not hold it in any longer. 3 fingers was all it took for release.
“Did that feel good lotus? I hope so, because we’re not done yet..”
Gojo was more than ready, he was stroking his cock in the corner through the entire thing.
Hard as rocks, they positioned their hard cocks at your entrances, waiting for you to give the ok. As soon as you did, Gojo shoved his cock all the way in causing a loud moan to escape your lips. Kakashi followed suit.
“Sorry, but I had to show him that you’re mine somehow.” Kakashi leaned towards your ear only to grab a fist full of your hair and whisper. “Now take it.”
It was like clockwork, the both of the pounding into you simultaneously, hitting your G-spot with every single thrust. You were not sure how much more of this you take.
“I told’re not going to win.” said Gojo, gradually increasing his speed.
“And I told you there is no winning or losing in something like this, so go cry me river and sail back to wherever you came from.”
“I won’t be here for too much longer, I’m almost at my limit, gotta make it count” he said through heavy breaths.
They both began thrusting into you like there was no tomorrow. At this point,the sound of skin slapping and moans filled the room, nobody seemed to care that the janitors had to deal with this later.
“Im think Im gonna-”
“Oh no you dont.”
They both came to a halt.
“Why’d we both decide to stop?” asked Gojo with a puzzled look on his face.
“You know exactly why. Get out of them.”
“But if I were to leave now….I would miss them crying out my name at the end.”
“So c'mon y/n, you know who your master is..say it.”
“Pay him no mind lotus, say my name instead. You know you want to…”
In a another attempt to compete with each other they both started mercilessly pounding both of your holes to get an answer from you, but there was no point in trying to talk because the only thing that could come out of your mouth was loud, voice cracked moans and the drool rolling down your chin.
They both finished at the same time. Neither wanted to admit it was a tie. Heavy breathing and low grunting echoed throughout the room.
“Well that was fun, but uh-” He looks at his watch-less wrist. Would you look at the time, I have a class to teach in the next hour. Gojo said as he hurried on his clothes and walked out.
Kakashi soon realized why he walked out so fast, Sarutobi, the third hokage….was standing right outside those same old sliding classroom doors the entire time. Word Count: 2049
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