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#hunk voltron
kiraiushi · 16 days ago
Credits the person who made this idea yo🙏✨
Credits to: @justiceforallura BRO awesome idea yo 🙏🙏✨😩👌
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladykissingfish · 3 months ago
*Keith, Hunk and Pidge sitting and talking in the living room*
Hunk: So then I was like —
*Lance, coming into room in nothing but a towel*
Lance: Hey, Keith? Can you come to my bedroom?
Keith: Why?
Lance, blushing: Because … I really need you.
Pidge and Hunk:
Keith: Can’t it wait?
Lance: No; I need you now. You’re my boyfriend, buddy; this is part of your job.
Keith: *sighing and getting up* Fine, fine. Never knew you were so needy …
*the two leave, and Pidge and Hunk sit in an awkward silence*
Hunk: So … so I didn’t think that they’d already be having — I mean I didn’t —
Pidge: Hurry up and pick a game for us to play; I need to dull my mind as quick as possible.
Hunk, finding a video game: Same.
*in Lance’s room*
Lance: See?? I told you it was huge!
Keith: *rolls eyes* Stop exaggerating; it’s a decent size but it’s NOT “huge”.
Lance: Well, whatever; are you gonna take care of it for me or what?
Keith: *rolls up magazine and kills spider in the corner*
Keith: There, you big baby. Satisfied?
Lance: I’d be more satisfied if I could score a Goodnight kiss … *puckers*
Keith: *throws spider-killing magazine at Lance*
Lance: *unholy screeching*
Pidge and Hunk, in living room: 😳
Shiro, trying to sleep in his room: These kids will be the death of me I swear …
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paladudley · 3 months ago
Hunk: So Lance where did you get all these ice creams from?
Lance: I have a whole stash in the blue lion.
Pidge: How did you manage to keep them so cold?
Lance: Well you know that freeze ray thingy that Blue has?
Shiro: Lance you didn’t…
Coran: You’re using a 10,000 year old lion that changes into the most powerful protector of the universe as your own personal freezing device for your ‘ice cream’ things?
Lance: Yep. Pretty smart, right?
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fuckthisshitimin · 6 months ago
Lance: You are one in a million, Pidge.
Pidge: So it means there's like 7000 people like me. And that's just on Earth.
Keith: You're unique.
Pidge: Everyone's unique.
Shiro: I love you more than myself.
Pidge: That's because you don't love yourself.
Hunk: Pidge! Rude!
Pidge: Aw, thank you.
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sweetcherryart17 · 3 months ago
I was bored and I made these Voltron gamers icons, for those who like to use them :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladykissingfish · a month ago
*Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Lance hanging out and watching tv*
Pidge: So I was reading this study the other day and —
Lance: Boooooring!
Pidge: … and anyways it claims that one out of every four people is gay.
Hunk: So that means, theoretically, that one of us could be gay?
Pidge: Precisely.
Lance: I hope it’s Keith; he’s the cutest.
Lance: … wait I mean …
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paladudley · 4 months ago
Paladins playing ‘Never have I ever’
Hunk: Alright, Pidge it’s your turn.
Pidge: Hmm okay. Never have I ever kissed Lance McClain.
*Allura and Keith take a shot at the same time*
Pidge: No Keith you’re supposed to take a shot when you have done it.
Keith: Yeah, I know.
Lance: I can explain.
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sanderssideburns · 4 months ago
Keith: please... please, kill me :'0
Hunk: why?? what happened?
Keith: Lance... Lance told me he was in love with me..
Pidge: that's great-
Keith: and i said "that sounds like a you problem" :'(
Lance: *sobbing*
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iwonn-arts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Voltron commission for @just2protect  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ ——— ✦ commissions ✦                                                   Twitter: @iwonn_arts                                                       Redbubble: Iwonn        
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