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#hunter cosplay tag
astriiformes · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First cosplay piece is officially done!
I love this little emotional support bird so much folks, you have no idea.
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just-another-npc · 2 months ago
Guess who's binging makeup scar tutorials bc none of them are quite what I'm looking for except the first one, which didn't specify if it could be used for wider scars and has risks of actually scarring my skin :)
But um, to my like 10 non-bot followers, does anybody by chance know of a good way to make larger (triangle-shaped) scars? Not looking for latex or anything of the sort, and if you know if rigid collodion would be safe for it, that would be ideal. It's meant to look like this:
Tumblr media
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cobwebcorner · a year ago
Tumblr media
Already threw this up on twitter, might as well post it here, too.
If you don’t get the joke then you haven’t been watching Nicole Tompkins (Jill Valentine’s VA) play RE 2 remake! You poor unfortunate soul, get over here and fix that:
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maybells · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
@allukananika-week hehe drew an extra thing for day 2 (twin au!) ^___^
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theminikite · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🥀"Who knew you cleaned up so well? You were always so shy when it came to people."🥀
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forte--exe · a year ago
Tumblr media
what do u do when u wanna do a toonme but dont like your face? do it in cosplay of course
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shiftedreality52 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In honor of Sky Factory dying today, here's some pictures of my SkyFac!Mogar design, cosplay edition! I've had this design sitting around for a while now because I knew I wanted to cosplay it, but just recently got everything together and decided I was okay with posting my face on tumblr for the sake of cosplay :P
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nahoney22 · 2 months ago
Evening Messages*** | Part (2/2)
Tech X Fem!Reader
word count: 4.6k
Tumblr media
Tensions between you and Tech are high after your explicit message exchange. Barely able to look at him, you thought it best to avoid him; you thought it was just a mistake but Tech wanted you more than before.
Warnings: NSFW, minors be gone. Smut, pinv, oral(both receiving), rough, dirty talk, praise, masturbation, slight awkwardness, sexual tension, swearing, dominant and slightly soft tech.
tags: @mustluvgd @mallr4ts @eyecandyeoz @by-the-primes @sw-ff @ladykatakuri @itsjml @justalittlecloud @captxin-rex @cwarssimp @kryptoknight123 @kriffclone @discofern @butch-medusae @penguin-effect-cosplay @lizzowinkyface @ladydiomede @sitherin-mxschief @taz-107 @radbatch @thisisthefanfic @cafeacademic @archisstically-done
Link to part one
To say the mission yourself, Crosshair and Echo had was a failure was putting it lightly. It was a disaster. That Separatist ally you had to spy on? Your cover was blown within the first five minutes due to your non-surprising lack of focus.
Echo had to drag you out of the hotel once the ally called upon back-up and it was safe to say you had an earful from Crosshair upon the walk back to the ship once you were out of harms way.
“What was that?! You just stared at him as if it was some old hook up you had at 79’s!” Crosshair snapped from beside you. The only time Crosshair was vocal was when a mission went south and as it was your fault, you couldn’t exactly say that you didn’t mess up when you did but your mind had been elsewhere.
“Crosshair that’s enough!” Echo barked, slinging an arm around your shoulders as a sign as support but once the Marauder was in sight and when he was in sight at the base of the ship, you brushed Echo’s arm away once Hunter marched up to the three of you, jaw clenched.
“What happened?” Hunter demanded and Crosshair wasted no time in nudging your shoulder roughly, making you stumble forward and almost into Hunter’s chest.
“Ask her.” Crosshair said lowly, removing his helmet and sticking a toothpick between his firm lips.
Hunter looked at Crosshair and then cast his gaze down to you as you said nothing. You were wearing your bucket and your head was tilted downwards and your hand came up, comfortingly placing it on your arm.
“Anything to say Y/N?”
His voice was a little softer when the blame was put on you, his head tilted as he waited for a response but you couldn’t find your voice. You had four pairs of eyes on you, it would’ve been five but Wrecker was still inside the ship, and your nerves were swallowing you up. Besides, what could you say? ‘Sorry Hunter, I got distracted as I was imagining Tech’s thick cock slamming in and out of my dripping cunt’ or it could even be ‘Sorry Hunter, I got distracted as Tech and I decided to exchange in some rather explicit messages last night only for him to play it off moments later like it was nothing.’
Both were tempting, both were also very true. You couldn’t exactly remember what had distracted you but you knew it had something to do with Tech.
Your gaze behind your helmet drifted to the side, seeing Tech watch your every move intently but you didn’t give him the indication you were looking at him.
Hunter cleared his throat, bringing you back to the present. “Y/N?” He repeated.
“…. I’m sorry.” You mumble timidly, voice quiet but loud enough for them to hear. Hunter sensed your slightly hostility and sighed.
“Head up onto the ship, we will talk alone after. Alright?” Hunter places a hand on your shoulder, giving you a small shove towards the steps and you wasted no time in bounding up them and taking refuge in your bunk to collect your thoughts; Wrecker was already asleep in his own still.
“This is not like her.” Echo spoke up once you were out of hearing range, shaking his head. “She just completely froze up in front of the separatist. It was…odd.”
Tech cast a gaze to the ship, a small fragment in his mind telling him to go and see if you were alright but another part was telling to leave you well enough alone; he couldn’t help but think that this may have been his doing.
“Did something happen to her last night?” Hunter asked, folding his arms over his chest as he looked between Crosshair and Echo who both shrugged.
“Not that we are aware of.” Crosshair rolled his eyes and began making his way into the ship.“Tech?” Hunter then turned to him, eyebrow raised. “Did you message her at all last night? Did she seem ok?”
Tech’s heartbeat increased as Hunter stared at him, a curious look behind the hues of his eyes but Tech just nodded.
“She seemed fine, I was just debriefing her of the mission and it appeared that she understood the objective. No sign of worry.”
Hunter narrowed his eyes as if he didn’t believe what Tech was saying completely. Hunter had seen the interaction between the two of you, always secretly messaging one another under their noses but he didn’t address it as he did not want to intrude on whatever it was what was happening. For now, he was going to keep a closer eye on them.
It was now obvious to you about what happened with yourself and Tech – it was a mistake.
He had avoided you, he had not messaged you like he used to and whenever you would enter a certain part of the ship he would make an excuse to be elsewhere.
You felt like a fool, a fool who let your guard down. Sometimes, you would find yourself lying in your bunk just scrolling through your holopad when your finger would hover over the messages of that night and you would find yourself stealing a sneak peak at them again. You inwardly cringed at the last message you both sent one another but the images of his length burned on your screen and burned in your mind.
Finding yourself frowning, you wondered why the messages were still there. If messages were to be delete on one device then it would also delete on the other so you thought about why he had not. Maybe he didn’t regret it like you had thought but then you thought about him using the images of you to his own personal advantage.
This much was true. Tech could not look at you without the messages flashing in his already cluttered mind. When you were in his line of vision, he felt strain against his codpiece and his skin became painfully hot that he had to excuse himself and take himself somewhere private.
Just a few hours ago in fact he had seen you bend over to pick something up that Wrecker had knocked over and the sight made him crazy. He went to the fresher and removed the lower half of his blacks, one hand covering his mouth as he began to thrust into the palm of his hand. Your name was straining from his lips as he became a hot and whimpering mess, picturing you underneath him and clawing at his back as you begged him for more.
A day or two had passed, you could never tell since you were in space and you all touched down on a planet to complete a new job for Commander Cody. Hunter however pulled you to the side.
“Hey kid, you’re going to stay behind on this one. Alright?”
Your face fell and you already knew as to the reason why but you couldn’t help but ask. “Oh, how come?”
Hunter rubbed the back of his neck. “Crosshair is still annoyed about what happened the other day and we don’t want another incident like that to occur.”
“I-it won’t happen again.” You stared up at him, “I made a mistake I get that but you can’t just keep me off missions.”
This was probably the most vocal you had been with Hunter for a while, your voice pained with guilt.
“We aren’t keeping you off missions. This is a one-off so stay here… okay soldier?”
You begrudgingly nodded and watched as he left along with Wrecker, Echo and Crosshair as you figured Tech was already off the ship.
You sat back down on your bunk, head in your hands as your fingers tapped along your cheekbones in boredom. The ship was silent and the door was closed so you decided to get a quick shower since nobody was around d to disturb you or moan at you for playing the music from your holopad too loud.
You stripped once inside, grabbing a set of clothes and a towel before you went in and stood with your holopad, the water splashing against your back as you skimmed through your playlist to find a suitable song. Mid scroll, you saw the messages between yourself and Tech again and you let out a short whine as the image of his cock came into view. Your mouth watered, his tip covered in delicious precum that at the time you had been so desperate to put your mouth around and taste. You crossed your legs as a heat hit between your legs and you let out a soft moan at the friction. You couldn’t think about Tech like this, not again, so you closed the holopad and resumed your shower trying to wash away any dirty thoughts you had.
You let out a sigh of contentment, your hands running through your damp hair as you squeezed out the remainder of the water and wrapped a towel around your torso.
The door to the refresher slid open, you stepped out as your hand cane up to your hair to brush it out of your face but your heart dropped as you glanced up to see Tech leaning against the cockpit door across the way, arms folded and watching you with a holopad loose in his hands.
You stared at him, suddenly conscious that you were just in a towel that barely reached your thigh, mouth dry.
“I will assume that you did not receive my message?” He spoke up, pushing himself away from the door and waved his holopad.
“N-no.” You stupidly stammered, your arms wrapping around yourself.
“Well that’s okay given your current…” his eyes trailed from your bare feet, all the way up your bare legs that still speckled with water droplets. The towel hugged your frame deliciously and he noticed the unsteady rise and fall of your damp chest, “circumstances. Get yourself ready and meet me in the cockpit as I require your assistance.” He looked away and took a seat in his pilots chair, the door shifting to give you your privacy.
You let out a breath you didn’t know you was holding, cheeks flushed painfully red as you scrambled for your holopad to see that he did in fact send you a message asking for your help. You had sworn they all had left but then again clearly not.
You dressed yourself up in your blacks quickly, pinning your wet am hair away from your face and calmed yourself before walking back to where Tech currently is.
The door slid open for you, you stepped into the small compartment and took a seat in the chair beside him. He was meddling with some type of device, you had no idea what it was but he had instructed for you to pass him some tools. As you passed them, you realised that he could’ve easily done all this without your help.
“I know what you are thinking about.” Tech said as a matter of fact, not daring to look at you however.
“What?” Your voice quiet, you snapped your head in his direction and your eyes must’ve burned into the side of his face as you inspected his sharp jaw and the firm yet soft looking lips.
“The evening messages we had the other day, I know that you are thinking of them.” Again, his tone was as if he was spitting facts. Although he is correct, you didn’t see why he had to bring it up now.
“Can we not talk about that? It was a mistake.” You looked away as you said it but Tech had stopped his tinkering and blinked in your direction, eyes narrowed behind his goggles.
He didn’t think it was a mistake but he also knew why you had thought it. He was less than courteous when it came to addressing you on the matter but he wanted to have this conversation with you to your face. Rather than on some holopad like most conversations have been. But, he couldn’t get a clear mind. His cock would twitch just at the sight of you, his breath became short and strangled in his throat.
“I apologise that you think it was a mistake Y/N. But for me? It was not a mistake and I very much enjoyed that evening and found you…” he trailed off, his cheeks were red but he wanted to make sure what he was saying was right. “And found you beautiful in that setting.”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing nor could you even attempt to sneak a peek at him as you were sure your face was hotter than the suns on Tattooine.
“I was waiting for the right time to discuss this with you as I felt as though this conversation needed to be had.”
“You were avoiding me, Tech.” You sighed softly, rubbing the back of your neck as if it would relieve you from the tension.
Tech stayed silent and sucked in a tense breath. “I avoided you as I, uh, became easily aroused from your presence… even now.” He grunted, tearing his eyes away from you and down at his lap as if he was ashamed.
Your eyes instantly fell to his lap upon hearing his words. You couldn’t tell if what he was saying was true as his codpiece was hiding his desirable bulge. “Really?” You exhaled, tongue coming out to wet your lower lip.
Tech glanced back at you, gaze fully focused on his crotch region that only made his erection grow, putting severe pressure against his piece. “Yes. I have not had a lot of experience in doing this aside from what I have researched upon… I figured my research paid off however. Dirty talk is new to me, also.” He blushed at his confession.
You thought for a moment, eyes trailing up his body until they land on his face, that adorable and sweet but extremely sexy face. “Let me help you.”
Tech didn’t process anything at first as you stood from your seat and took a tentative step towards him, hand resting on the headrest of his chair to turn him to face you as you slowly dropped into a squat in front of him, careful hands resting on his thighs. Breathless, he watched the look on your usual innocent face turn into nothing but lust; the same lust he witnessed on his holopad.
“Pretty girl.” He muttered out, both of his hands coming up and placing on either side of your face, thumbs tracing delicately along your cheeks.
“Should we do this, Tech?” You barely whispered. You were not sure who leaned forward first, him or you, but you could feel his breath fanning over your lips like a warm breeze.
“After this I don’t think I’ll be able to stop anyway mesh’la.” His lips were on yours the second the words left his mouth. Tongue hot as it already found itself into your mouth, drawing faint whimpers from you at his sudden eagerness. His hands move from your face down to your waist, holding you firmly between his legs. Biting his lip gently and earning an exciting moan from him, your hands made work at his belt, unfastening the straps so they fall off his body.
Teasingly, you trail your finger up and down his thighs, ghosting over his codpiece, making his hips jerk up.
“Oh.. Y/N..” Tech whined ever so softly into your mouth. “Show me what those pretty lips of yours can do, hm?”
Words hitting into your core, you sunk onto your knees before him, mouth salivating as you finally removed his codpiece and you almost gasp at the sight of his bulge; bigger than it showed on the image he sent.
“Wow.” You breathed, your hand gently palming his hardening cock over his blacks.
He looked down at you, hand falling to the back of your head as he massages your hair. “You said over our messages that you always wanted to know what it looked like and here we are now, in the flesh. Take a look darling.”
You nodded eagerly and your fingers gripped onto the band of his pants, pulling them away from his body and his cock springing free.
You almost melted at the sight, your legs coming together tightly as you felt your wetness for him start to drip down your thighs. You stared up at Tech, eyes on him as you take a grasp of him, your tongue licking against the base of his shaft and all the way to the tip. Your tongue swirled around his tip, slurping up his precum that had formed.
Tech leaned back in his seat, mouth slack as he watched you in pure ecstasy as you taste him. His eyes flooded close the sudden you took in his whole length, the corners of your mouth aching as you took in his thick size and ever so slightly gagging as you began to bop your head up and down on him, tip hitting the back of your throat.
“J-just like… that… Maker…” Tech breathed raggedly, his grip tightening on your hair as he pulled you away from his now dripping in saliva covered cock, watching you practically drool over him before slamming your mouth back down around him. “Mmm, perfect.”
Your hands rested on his thighs, nails digging into his toned skin until you broke free panting. “Tech…” you whined.
“I know.” Tech hummed as he pulled you closer to him, arms linking under you as he lifted you and moved you to sit upon the control panel. “Let me take a look at you.” His hands roamed your torso, fingers needing into your soft hips as he pressed against you. He asked if he could remove your blacks and you accepted by kissing his lips, Tech wasting zero time in removing your blacks from your shoulders. When your bare skin came into view, Tech felt his legs tremble and heart fluttering as you helped him all the way with your blacks, now in the nude (aside from your underwear) and propped perfectly against his control panel.
“You look incredible like this.” He stood back as his hands rest on your bare knees, spreading your legs open for him, the sight of your damp panties making him groan.
He took a hold of his cock, gently stroking it before he teasingly places it to your covered lips, tracing it up and down.
“Tech!” You squeaked at the sudden feeling, eyes blown wide with sexual craze as you watched him massage himself against you.
“Yes my darling? Or should I say my ‘whore’? You seemed to love it when I called you my whore didn’t you?” His free hand placed onto the back of your neck as his lips pressed to yours, moving perfectly against your own in a rushed kiss as his hips began jerking against you, cock pressing tight against your throbbing clothed nub.
“Tech… fuck-” You whimpered pathetically against his lips, your hips buckling to get as much friction as you can absorb.
“Mhm?” He grinned, pulling away from you as he pressed his cock even harder against you, this time taking your panties and pushing them to the side where he could lay his feasting eyes upon the glistening folds. “Look at how wet you are. And all for me.” Tech cooed as he released his cock away, this time using his fingers to gently trace along your blushing folds.
A crimson colour painted your cheeks as you watch him analyse you as if you were a piece of data, your toes curling instinctively as he brushed his thumb against your clit.
“I must warn you Y/N, I am not an exact expert in this field so can’t promise you good results.” He blushed at his words, his demeanour slightly faltering as he comes face to face with your sex.
“You’re doing fine so far Tech.” You breathed softly in comfort, watching as he gets on his knees, warm breath hitting against your already burning core.
“That’s good to hear, I want to make you feel so good.” He muttered against your folds, your body vibrating as he begins gentle and cautious licks over your lips before gently sucking on your clit.
You mewled in pleasure, head tilting back as he kept his hands on your thighs to pry your legs open that were threatening to shut on his head. His tongue worked furiously at your folds before poking his tongue in you, collecting juice on his tongue. “Just as I imagined,” he purred, “sweet just like you.”
Your hands clasped onto the back of his head, fingers holding onto the strap of his goggles over his hair as you began moving his head, his tongue sticking out as he allowed you to guide and apply pressure to your sensitive pussy. “Just like that sir, just like that.” You whimpered.
Just like over the exchange of messages when you had called him sir, he moaned in delight and began sucking on your clit like it was oxygen, his hands moving form your thighs and up to your breasts that he pulled out from your bra, squeezing and twisting your nipples at the same time.
“Tech! Please I’m going to cum.” You begged like the whore you was for him, body spasming against his tongue.
Soon, your body hit its climax and a wanton moan escaped your mouth, your body becoming so limp that you almost fall of the console you were perched on but Tech was quick to catch you.
“Woah, are you alright?” He asked, voice panicked at the reaction you gave him and you gave him a weak nod and smile, arms slinging around the back of his neck as you’re pulled into his chest.
“Y-yes, that felt amazing.” You mumbled into the crook of his neck, legs still trembling as you carefully placed your feet on the floor but he carried on supporting you.
“That’s good to know.” He said in relief, placing a delicate kiss to your temple as you settled from your orgasmic high.
He rubbed soothing circles into your back before you shocked him as you jumped a little, legs wrapping around his waist. His hands lands on your bum, hoisting you up. “Take me to my bunk, Tech… I want you to fuck me there.”
He nodded before peppering you with feverish kisses, not getting enough of your taste, touch or smell. The sight of you would be forever embedded into his mind and sounds of your desperate moans would ring in his ears at night.
He laid you flat on your bunk, you pulling him to climb on top of you with his length poking against your belly as you both indulge into a passionate kiss. This time it was slower, more tentative and more careful. The emotion of the kiss was like one you never had before, it spoke volumes of passion and more than just lust. It was transcending into something else that you had to pull away and look into his eyes.
Beads of sweat coated his face, hair messy and sticking to his forehead and goggles were slightly fogged. You lift his goggles from his eyes, a red band underneath his eyes from where they were embedded in. You gazed into his eyes as the words ‘you’re so beautiful Tech’ past your lips with no second thought.
He grinned and leaned down, brushing his nose affectionately against your own. “As are you.”
Your lips met again but this time there was a hard pressure of his cock now pressing against your folds, begging you for entrance. You nodded, humming into his articulate mouth as he finally pushed into you, a wanton cry springing from him as your walls tightened around you.
“S-so good, kriff.” He pants, hands resting on either side of your head as he adjusted to you, hips beginning to slowly thrust as his cock began to pump in and out of you.
“Don’t stop, p-please don’t stop.” You groan into his hot mouth that groaned into your own in return, his head shaking at confirmation that he won’t stop.
His eyes trailed over your face. That once so shy fighter they had recruited was now a quivering mess beneath him and Maker you looked incredible. “So pretty.” He cooed as he places one hand under your head, holding you close as he tends to you gently. He watched your face for reactions to different paces to determine what you like best to give you as much satisfaction as he could deliver to his favourite girl.
“Taking me so so well. Good girl.” He compliments, pulling away to look at how glistening his cock looked with all your juice and cum slathered all over it as he pumps in and out, eyes trailing to your stomach to see it slightly grow once he pushed in and deflated when it came out.
Your legs wrapped around him, your nails began scratching at his back as his pace began to quicken, the sound of his balls slapping against your skin being the only noise within the marauder, followed by your pleasure-filled moans.
He grunted, thrusts slowly becoming more sloppy after some time. By then he had flipped you so you were straddling him, his arms wrapping around yours to hold you down as he began to thrust violently up against you. You scream out in pleasure, the feeling of his length slamming in and out of you was like no feeling you had felt before than you were certain you could cum if he just said the word.
“Your little squeaks are adorable mesh’la,” he grunts into your ear, “but you’re going to make me cum. Is that what you want?”
You nodded vigorously, eyes tightly shut as your head laid against his chest as his thrusts became slower at your request. “Please. Please cum.”
Tech nodded, moving one hand down his body to take a hold of his cock when the time was right to pull out.
He felt it in his stomach before he came, his grunts became louder and heavier as he slammed a couple more desperate thrusts into you and die to your shaking form and sudden warmth, he could only guess that you had came all over his cock just before he pulled out, releasing his own white hot strips of his seed onto your back.
You lay on top of him for a small while, chest heaving as you both came down from your highs before he gently lifted you so he could move out from under you and left you for a moment before returning in his blacks, having grabbed yous in the cockpit as well and a damp cloth.
“Here, let me.” He suggested for you to turn around before he slowly started to clean you up.
Once done, you pushed yourself to the edge of your bunk and slipped on your clothes. You chewed on your lip as you watched Tech move around the ship, tidying up so there was no indication that you two just fucked in there before settling down beside you.
His fingers twitched towards yours, unsure wether or not he should but you laid out your palm and he hummed happily as he rested his hand in your own followed by him kissing your cheek.
“I hope that was up to your expectations?” He pushed the goggles up his nose, cheeks pink.
“You’re kidding right? That was amazing.” You said almost breathlessly and that was enough to satisfy Tech who leaned back, allowing you to wrap his arms around you.
“The others will not be back for a few hours. I suggest we relax. I heard aftercare is very beneficial when it comes to having sex with someone you have feelings for.”
Your eyes widened and you sat back up and looked at him. “You have feelings for me?” Your voice was a little high-pitched in surprise.
He tilted his head, a playful smirk on his lips. “I thought it was obvious?”
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system-threat-detected · a month ago
Horizontober is kinda like Inktober but it’s exclusively Horizon themed!
I’m putting the list out a month in advance in case anyone wants to do a larger piece at the beginning of the month, or just want time to mull over the prompts before the day of!
Prompts for 2021:
Favorite Machine
Bear (in honor of fat bear week)
Favorite Tribe
Favorite Outfit
Favorite Weapon
For anyone wanting to participate, the tag I’ll be using for this year is #horizontober2021
I’ll try to take a peek at the tag every day in October, and I’ll absolutely be reblogging everything I find :)
All art forms are welcome in Horizontober! Fic, poetry, gifsets/gifs, digital/traditional, animation, music, photomode, videos, nail art, Horizon flavored memes, cosplay, jewelry, mood boards, tattoos you wanna show off…. Uhhhhh, scrapbooking?? Horizon themed meals! Staged scenes of any figurines or Funkos you have?? Flower arrangements! And other things I can’t think of right now! As long as it’s something you created or captured and relates to the prompt and the Horizon world somehow!
All participation levels are also welcome! You wanna try for every single day? Awesome! You just wanna do one or two prompts that speak to you? Fantastic!! You discover this event halfway through October and wanna catch up on all the ones you missed and post 3 a day for a week? I actively encourage it! I made one of my best internet friends that way! :)
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platypanthewriter · 3 months ago
AUgust prompts!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Image text under the cut! 
1. Superpower AU (Marvel/DC/power rangers/Sailor Moon/secret identities)
2. Darkside AU (murder boyfriends/villainy/monsters/possession)
3. Kink AU Sub/dom stuff, sex clubs, kink discovery
4. Profession AU (mechanic/lifeguard/tattoo artist/flowershop/doctor/chef/fireman/musicians/band/fashion--go wild)
5. Historic or Fantasy AU (Pirates/Princess Bride/Lord of the Rings/Avatar the Last Airbender)
6. Fairytale AU (princes/dragons/curses/good fairies, retellings of traditional tales/traditional themes)
7. Detective/Crime AU (mystery/buddy cops/investigation/Film Noir/Mafia)
8. Asian Drama/Martial Arts Drama AU (Untamed/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon/Rookie Historian/Word of Honor, anything goes!)
9. Spies or heist AU (secret identities again if you like!  James Bond, Leverage, Oceans 8, gadgets and plots)
10. Classic play/novel AU (Shakespeare/Jane Austen and modernizations like 10 Things I Hate About You/Clueless/don’t forget Pride and Prejudice/Dickens/whatever)
11. Monster/Huge Robot AU (Pacific Rim/Jurassic Park/Godzilla/Transformers)
12. Magic/Witches/Wizards AU (Harry Potter/Hocus Pocus/familiars/curses/daemons/body changes or swaps/hanahaki disease)
13. Natural disaster/Nature survival AU (volcanos/earthquakes/lost/Tarzan/living in the wilderness/dogsledding/mountain climbers)
14. Modern horror AU (Supernatural/Teen Wolf/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/weres/demons/hunters/zombies)
15. Queer Subculture AU (Gay/straight alliance clubs at school, drag, gender-non-conforming characters as the focus/Stonewall/protests)
16. Athlete AU (skaters/baseball players/skiiers/roller derby Robin/coaches for kids or each other)
17. Future/sci-fi AU (Terminator/5th Element/Blade Runner/Matrix/Jupiter Ascending etc.)
18. Stripper/pole dancer/burlesque/sex worker AU
19. Creatures AU (Fairies/mermaids/creatures not in a horror setting)
20. School AU (college/university/pranks/gradeschool/middleschool/drama class/school sports teams)
21. Classic Movie AU (Victor/Victoria, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Some Like It Hot, Miyazaki movies, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas,  comedies/musicals/anything)
22. Soulmates/ABO/Destiny/Red Strings AU
23. Animals AU (zoo workers/trainers/pet owners/characters as animals/horseback riding)
24. Historical AU (cowboys/musketeers/Babylonian royals/politics/soldiers/anything you like)
25. Kidfic AU Childhood friends or sweethearts/parents/babysitting/adoption
26. Mythology/gods/cryptids/urban legends AU (Also includes Lara Croft/Indiana Jones/American Gods/Percy Jackson)
27. Stranded together/forced proximity AU (paired up for work/ stranded/blind dates/project together/fake dating/arranged marriage/handcuffed/deserted island/in the Upside-Down/roommates)
28. Injury/disability/illness/dreamscape AU (Amnesia/injury aftereffects/barely survived/coma/hallucination/questioning reality)
29. Canon-adjacent AU (change one thing from canon, like gender/soulmates exist/an event/a death)
30. Internet/fandom AU (chat rooms/catfishing/texting/social media/Twitch/Onlyfans/early fansites/cons/cosplay)
31. TV Show AU (Star Trek/Baywatch/anime/Doctor Who/anything you like)
Apocalypse AU (zombies/bombs/post-natural disaster/aliens/Annihilation)
80’s movies AU (Gremlins/Lost Boys/Stand By Me/Goonies/Ghostbusters, Spielberg/Stephen King, Karate Kid/Cobra Kai, anything with an 80’s vibe=fair game!  Google “movies released in the 80’s” and blow your mind)
Anything goes, use these however you like to make whatever you’d like!  Do some, do all, or just enjoy the stuff other people make!  Tag your work HarringroveAUgust  and reblog what you like!  We’ll make a HarringroveAUgust collection on Ao3, I’ll make a link later.  Add whatever you want!  This is generally a Stranger Things fandom thing, but everybody’s welcome!
Have fun!
tagging @ihni​ and @cherrydreamer​, my enablers (fixed at Ihni’s excellent tag suggestion!)
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astriiformes · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You all know it would be hard for me to be even more pleased with this prop, but I realized that I'm going to be wearing gloves for both Hunter's Golden Guard outfit and his Hunting Palismen one, allowing for yet another secret magnet perch, and I am delighted to announced the effect works even better than I was hoping. (These are the same gloves I'll be wearing for the costume, I just haven't dyed the leather yet)
Genuinely cannot wait to wander around conventions feeling like a cool falconer. Living the dream.
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