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#hunter the golden guard
cryptic-coven-scout · a day ago
Beloctober #24 : Trick or Treat
I drew Hunter and Rascal with matching costumes (Hunters pilot outfit)
Tumblr media
(I messed up a bit and forgot that he was supposed to be wearing long sleeves underneath the short ones... whoops)
@sheltered-uno​ @breadlesticks​
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samael-i-am · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
yes i finished this in four hours. no i will not elaborate. a dtiys entry from instagram!
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ahhjaydraws · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Luz would definitely be their wingman don't fight me on it cuz I'm right.
Decided to digitalize one of my sketches from my sketchbook.
Still on that Huntlow brainrot lmao manifesting an interaction between them in S2B.
— — — — —
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owl-cereal · 2 days ago
Luz, King and Hunter come home to discover the bat beast and owl beast are both out and are immediately taken into the nest and snuggled. Hunter finally feeling loved just cries happy tears.
I loved this ask so sorry if it's too long, I got carried away. Lol
Also it's fun to write the Owl beast and Bat beast again!
I hope you enjoy! 💖💖💖
Luz, Hunter, and King were walking home from a slumber party. This week's host for the party was Gus, so of course they watched human movies and anime. Luz enjoyed the marathon and so did King but Hunter seemed to be bored of the pirate anime they watched. But it still seemed Hunter had fun nonetheless, especially when they started to play some human bored games.
Luz remembered Hunter smiling and laughing. It was nice to see the blond haired boy relax for once.
After everything with Belos, Hunter was always on edge. Even after he moved into the Owl house he never really talked or did anything really. He was depressed. So when Luz was invited to a slumber party, she invited King and Hunter to come. She wanted Hunter to relax and have fun like a teenager should. Eda and Raine seemed to love the idea! Encouraging Hunter to go much to the boy's dismay. But then again....they both probably just wanted all the kids out so they could have some 'adult alone' time.
Whatever that means.
As they walked, a low rumble was heard. Then a childish groan.
"Titan, I'm starving!" King whined, slumping on Hunters sholder. Hunter rolled his eyes as he walked. Finding King a little to dramatic.
"Don't worry King!" Luz reassured, giving the little demon a smile. "Once we get home we can have some of Eda's rodent eye stew! I know she has some left."
King's eyes shot open at the mention of the stew, giggling and waving his paws in glee. It seemed to be a big deal if King was so excited to eat some broth and meat.
Hunter however didn't understand the big deal or appeal.
"What's so great about some weird stew?" Hunter asked, walking beside Luz.
Luz gasped dramatically, looking at Hunter as if he committed a crime.
"It's not just some 'weird' stew!" Luz exclaimed, waving her arms in the air. "It's a master piece!"
The boy scoffed at Luz's response.
"Look once you try'll love it!" The human said happily skipping closer to the Owl house.
"Whatever you say..." Hunter mumbled, smiling slightly as he did.
"We are Hooome!" Luz shouted, ignoring Hooty's ramblings as she entered the house. King and Hunter following behind the human.
No response.
Luz quirked an eyebrow. A little confused at the lack of response. Usually when anyone came home Raine or Eda would meet them or at least answer back.
"They might be out Luz." Hunter said, plopping on the couch as he did. King following behind him, wiggling his way up the fabric onto the cushion.
Luz still looked hesitant, looking around the house as she called out their names. She entered the kitchen to find broken glass and bits and piecesof fruit and bones. A bottle with golden liquid pulling out from the fridge, half full.
Luz's eyes widened at the scene.
"Did they forget again..." Luz mumbled to herself, inspecting the scene before her. As she was inspecting the kitchen a loud girlish screech came from the living room.
Luz instantly bolted into the room to find Hunter standing on the couch with a wooden chair as a weapon.
"Monster!" Hunter screeched, ignoring King's pleads to calm down. But the boy couldn't. Not when a giant minty haired Bat was right in front of him, it's wings were expanded as its ears twitched from the loud noises the boy was producing.
It reminded him of his uncle and his curse. He turned into a monster and hurt him....he wouldnt get hurt like that AGAIN! He raised the chair up as he readied for a blow for the Bat's head but a loud voice stopped him.
"Hunter!" Luz shouted bolting over to the boy. "Stop! They won't hurt you!" She got in front of the bat creature, her arms stretched out so to protect the bat.
Hunter put his chair down at the comment. Tilting his head as he let out a confused, "Huh?"
Luz nodded, turning towards the bat creature and looking back at Hunter.
"It's just Raine." Luz stated softly, petting the Bat behind their ears. The Bat let out a long coo, purring slightly.
Hunter instantly dropped the chair, mouth agape.
"WHAT!?" Hunter shouted in shock.
King jumped off the couch and went to Luz's side.
"Yeah! They're Cursed just like Eda!" The little demon exclaimed before whispering, "But their cooler because they bring me fruits."
Luz gave King a slight kick for the comment.
Hunter just continued to stare at the bat as the bat stared back. It was like a long awkward staring contest.
Then like a flash of light, Hunter was wrapped in the Bat's wings. His screams were muffled as he was taken upstairs to the nest.
"HUNTER!" Luz and King Yelled in unison, running upstairs in a frantic pace.
They burst down the bedroom door, light spells ready for attack.
But attack wasn't needed. As it seemed Hunter was being pampered by the one and only Owl Beast as the bat beast sat next to the owl, making happy cooing noises.
"Stop!" Hunter yelled at the Owl beast, pushing them away. But the push didn't seem to work as the Owl beast continued to groom the boy's hair.
Hunter made a disgusted noise.
"Ew! Stooooop!" Hunter groaned.
Luz put the light spell away, a huge grin on her face as King started to laugh. Hunter gave King a death look, making the little demon yelp.
The Bat beast instantly went to Luz side, pushing her towards the nest. Making encouraging squeaks and barks.
Luz was gently pushed into the nest of twigs and blankets. Landing onto a pillow as King was placed beside the human girl.
After everyone was taken cared of by the Owl beast, warmth of fur and feathers flooded the 3. They were all in a cuddle pile, with the Owl beast on top as to keep the nestlings warm.
The Bat beast held the 3 owlets close, their eyes closed as they nuzzled against the Owlbeast.
Luz let out a content sigh at the scene, "This is going to be so awkward in the morning. But right now I'm to comfy."
King just nodded in agreement.
Luz looked over to Hunter and surprisingly she noticed tears streaming down the boy's face.
"Hey...Hunter you alright?" Luz asked worryingly, her voice uncharacteristically soft.
Hunter took a few moments to respond, sniffling slightly as he faced the girl.
"W-What is this?" Hunter asked, genuinely confused.
Luz smiled slightly. "It's a weird family cuddle pile!"
Hunters eyes widened at the mention of family.
Thats right...he was part of the family now.
He didn't expect it to be so comforting and warm. For the first time in so long he felt loved, he didn't care that they were beasts, he knew that they were still Eda and Raine.
The hugs, the caring eyes, even the weird hair grooming, it was the beasts way of showing affection.
But even before....
Eda and Raine showed him love. But he was too blinded by sadness and anger to even notice or care...
They cared about him and love him and he finally noticed it.
Before Hunter knew it more tears streamed as he smiled, nuzzling into the two beasts. Laughing and giggling as he did.
Luz stayed quiet but had a huge smile on her face, happy to see Hunter happy.
He finally felt loved.
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dysaniadisorder · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a redraw of a meme comic with Hunter and Amity from the Owl House, in the episode Eclipse Lake. In the first frame Amity is texting Luz, and Luz sends the word gay in emojis. Hunter is tied up and is looking over Amitys shoulder while she glares at them, Hunter is saying "What is that - is that your fucking girlfriend? - thats cringe." Then amity turns to them and yells "You're cringe!!!!!". The next frame is just Hunter, looking contemplative and sad. The last frame is Hunter later at home, crying violently while looking in a mirror and gripping the table in front of it. end ID]
WLW / MLM hostility.
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nekojetto · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
This is the first time I draw Amity and Luz and it’s for stupid joke about “Hunter isn’t a morning person”!!!
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frigidfries · a month ago
He deserves a beach episode to chill tf out tbh (maybe on earth, though, so they can all swim without melting their skin off...)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taking a break... he'll join them in a minute.
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cyanocitta-cristata-au · 22 hours ago
Cyanocitta cristata au - Timeline C...
(Time travel stuff)
Philip's brother, in an attempt to cure the curse that was weighing on his brother, tried to travel to the past to prevent the casting of the spell...
Unfortunately, he made a mistake, causing him to end four centuries in the future.
Tumblr media
Philip's brother ended up in the future, he was found wounded by Luz, and Eda allowed him to stay with them; none of them could find out why the mysterious man was in such a terrible state.
(He was unconscious for a few days while he was healing...)
Tumblr media
The damage caused by the process of time travel was terrible; it is proportional to the amount of time that has been traveled.
He's aware of the destruction of the portal.
(He's in doubt about being angry or thanking her...)
He doesn't eat much, he's more sensitive to food since it came from the past.
(The humans of the future like Luz are more resistant...)
He's capable of performing magic thanks to his gloves, without the need to use glyphs.
(They were created by his brother Philip...)
Luz is quite surprised by this, as no human should be able to perform magic.
The way the gloves work is impossible to deduce, it only works with the original owner.
(Luz tried to use them, but it didn't work...)
Philip's brother realized his mistake a few days later, when Eda let him know the date; he panicked, wanting to deny the information.
Tumblr media
That explained why he was so hurt, traveling four centuries into the future, according to the calculations made, would be devastating for anyone.
(He was quite surprised to be alive after this...)
Amity doesn't trust him because of the similarities he has to the golden guard.
(He won't admit it, but he's scary of the purple-haired girl...)
Luz is trying to find out about Philip and the portal from a reliable source.
He doesn't know much about the portal and its construction process.
(He wasn't present for much of its creation...)
Philip was happy with the portal, as it was physical evidence of the appreciation of his friends and acquaintances.
(Certain enemies assisted in the construction of the portal...)
Philip kept the portal until he couldn't take it anymore.
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manic-pixie-dream-dude · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Breaking News: Local human teen attempts to chug a drink that will surely disagree w her stomach only to be saved by another, angstier teen.
(Inspired by this post)
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nerves-nebula · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
fixated on the idea that Belos sends Hunter on personal errands with the same level of importance as he does with actually important suff, It’s always the “WILL of the TITAN” and never “Hunter I’m out of booze” fsdfsdf
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