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wiccsstuffs · 2 days ago
Have created chaos
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Just me and my great lil' fwippies having a chaos in our discord server xdd
.... Wanna join the cult? Xddd
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cryptic-coven-scout · a day ago
Beloctober #24 : Trick or Treat
I drew Hunter and Rascal with matching costumes (Hunters pilot outfit)
Tumblr media
(I messed up a bit and forgot that he was supposed to be wearing long sleeves underneath the short ones... whoops)
@sheltered-uno​ @breadlesticks​
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iliveunderarock · a day ago
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Tumblr media
so for the gf x toh au i decided go make hunter pacifica because he's already a brat, so why not make him a rich brat; also i wanted edric and hunter to be enemies to lovers heheheeee
so hunter decides he has problems with all three of the new kids in town - mostly amity, but he'll bother the twins if he has the chance. emira ignores it but edric tries to be genuinely nice and eventually hunter gives in and they become friends :)
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ahhjaydraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Luz would definitely be their wingman don't fight me on it cuz I'm right.
Decided to digitalize one of my sketches from my sketchbook.
Still on that Huntlow brainrot lmao manifesting an interaction between them in S2B.
— — — — —
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anguigenus · a day ago
Is Hunter Incomplete?
We've all seen this screenshot, right?
Tumblr media
It's a list of ingredients for a Grimwalker, right across from a set of diagrams that seem to resemble Hunter. The main consensus is that this implies Hunter is an artificial person Belos has made from those ingredients.
But what if Hunter's incomplete?
You see, from what we heard from the graveyard keeper, it doesn't sound like he's lost any of the Galderstones recently. Plus, the Looking Glass Graveyard is the only place we've seen the Galderstones.
And what is the Galderstone's function in the Grimwalker? Power. What does Hunter lack? Magic. So what if Belos made Hunter without one of the ingredients, and now he's looking for it?
Because of that, I think it's all too likely that Belos could find out about the graveyard in a future episode, and then we've got a battle on our hands.
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gotanywhiskey · 8 hours ago
Edric: I’ve only said "I love you" to three people: Hunter, Amity, and my dying sister Emira. And one of those I regret.
Hunter: Which one?
Edric: Emira. She survived the bullet so now I look like an idiot.
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spinaroos-47 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Did another Hunter whispers au edit
He's talking with Raine and he's feeling pretty undervalued and like in EL, he wants to prove that he's useful, but not that unhealthy degree
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gotanyvodka · 2 days ago
Edric: So... what would you do if you were in bed with me?
Hunter: Depends. Is your bed comfortable?
Edric: Yes.
Hunter: I'd sleep.
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nekojetto · 2 hours ago
Idk if you’re familiar with The Gold-Painted Child, but if you wanted to draw something from it, I’d really appreciate it. There are so many good scenes that if you’ve read it I’m sure you’ll have one in mind- I mean, I assume, maybe it’s trash and I’m biased, but anyway.
I’d absolutely love to see any images of Hunter post-op. There’s one scene where he wakes up with an IV in his hand and his lack-of eye wrapped up, and he’s lying in kings pile of stuffed animals.
If any of the medical stuff is too icky for you, or you just don’t wanna, it’s ok. I just figured I’d ask.
Tumblr media
Aaaaaaaaaaah !!! My son's gonna be so happy after his top surgery!!!! He can finally wearing a shirt without a binder !!! /;w;/
Hum... Sorry I don't know what you're talking about. I rarelly read fanfiction :/ But I really like this picture! :0 Hunter... post op, finally free, in peace, with a loving familly... AND A LOT OF PLUSHES !!!
It remember me I did that when I was kid for my sis' at the hospital x) I placed all her toys around her on her bed for when she get up !
Thank you for the request !!!
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coralchaser · a day ago
I did day 1 of @kai-strophics​ ‘s Goldric week!! This drawing is inspired by their recent fic :>
Tumblr media
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dreemchara · a day ago
The emperor coven need help, except Steve, he just need shoulder pat.
And wtf is that word?
And Cl3m0ntine is my username in tik tok!
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ani-action · a day ago
Tumblr media
Goldric week day 1:first meeting/magic
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gotanywhiskey · 2 days ago
Edric: Nice hair, Hunter!
Hanter: Shut it, Edric, your pretty boy face isn’t better!
Emira *throws popcorn in the background*: Boo! These aren’t even insults, just admit you’re in love with each other!
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spinaroos-47 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I missed drawing my old hk gijinkas, even if its not them, just Luz and Hunter as the Knight and thk mfmsnf
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