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#hunter x hunter
artaudmatic · 2 days ago
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oooo that 90′s color palette ;))
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toshiiushijima · 2 days ago
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must read: ✾ personal fav: ⚘
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the idol @babydaddyleorio
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Tumblr media
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burrowingdweller · 2 days ago
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Redraw of my first full-coloured hxh-pic! Also the first time I draw blue-haired Hisoka :0
2021 vs 2020
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fayefayevalentine · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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Captured by the Phantom Troupe
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tialeopika · a day ago
two Leorio simps staring at each other
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myheroanimeblog · a day ago
So I just recently got back into anime and have little to zero on my dash so if you post any of the following please like and reblog so I can follow!
My Hero Acadamia
Demon slayer
Attack on titan
Yuri on ice
Hunter x Hunter
Death note
Any anime really? Looking for new ones to watch anyway
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softmafia · a day ago
Hisoka with split tongue S/O headcannons?
Tumblr media
Hisoka with a s/o who has a Split Tongue
Warnings: nsfw, blowjobs, ball kink(? I still don’t know what to call that lmao)
A/n: I was actually thinking about getting my tongue split I moment before I got this inbox😭 Are you guys reading my mind or what lol/j
“Open your mouth, little one~” Hisoka coos, he could’ve sworn he saw two tongues in their mouth.. or was it gum? No, it couldn’t be, gum doesn’t move that.. fluidly, but whatever it was, Hisoka was curious.
Y/n raised a brow, but opened their mouth for him, their breath hitched and they trembled when they felt a cold hand press down on the middle of their tongue, right where the split started.
The magician was intrigued, was they born like that? Or did they get a procedure done? Whatever, he loved it; it was sexy. “Ooh~ I would never have expected a sweet little thing like you to have such thing done to your cute little tongue~” he purred, moaning perversely.
Grossed out, Y/n chuckled anyway, looking up at Hisoka and moving their face away from him, but flicked their tongue playfully.
Fuck, Hisoka thought that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, they were like a serpentine demon trying to seduce him, and he was definitely falling for that charm.
Hisoka was sitting in his lounge, his legs spread out, and an unbearable boner itching in his trousers, he sat, hunched over with a hand over his face, shivering and moaning with great arousal. The only light in the room was the one coming from the fireplace, making the dark shadows on his face more prominent; he looked like something from nightmares. He needed them, he couldn’t stop thinking about them. Their scent still lingered in his nose, and their taste. Hisoka leaned back in the chair, throwing his head back and groaning out.
“Y/nnnnn~!! Y/n~!!”
Y/n was down stairs, trying to make themselves some food when they heard their insufferable boyfriend moaning upstairs. “Hisoka?!” They yelled, slamming open the door to the lounge. The magician smiled evilly and turned around, looking back at them from his place on the couch, the light from the fire still enhancing his terrifying features, “Hello Y/n~” his voice was sexy and raspy, and god the boner in his pants was tight. “Come over here my little serpent~ show daddy what that tongue can do~” They stood there with a blank, shocked expression, but honestly what more could they expect from Hisoka Morrow.
They must’ve been standing there in silence for a while, because Hisoka then growled, “I didn’t ask twice, little one.” He grumbled, glaring at them and snarling like a ravage beast, his canines showing. Y/n gulped as they walked over, Hisoka smiled maliciously and leaned back against the chair, pointing down; instructing them to obediently sit between his legs. Y/n did as they were told, sitting down in front of the couch, Hisoka’s crotch in their face, the outline of his dick looked like it was about to tear through his pants, they gulped, looking up at Hisoka both nervously and excitedly.
“You know what to do~”
As soon as the words left Hisoka’s mouth, they were undoing his belt, and zipper, getting it to where his cock sprung out, surprising Y/n with how big, hard and long it was. He must’ve been pent up like this for a while.. they thought to themself as they grabbed the base of Hisoka’s shaft, nervously looking up at Hisoka as they caught his red, throbbing tip in their mouth. They watched as he craned his head back slowly and moaned into the air, growling and rubbing his hand up his body, panting like an animal. Aroused tingles were sent up Y/n’s body, their tongue swirled around his tip, one part of it licking at his slit, and the other part of it licking all around the head, alternating every second.
“Yes..~ Yes..~ good~ so good~” Hisoka growled, grabbing the back of Y/n’s head and pushing them down lower on his cock, making them gag, their eyes rolling back as they tried desperately to relax their throat for him; just how he trained themed to. “Come on, be a good little one~” Hisoka growled, forcing Y/n’s head down harder until it reached the base, earning a strained gag out of them. “Now suck.” Hisoka ordered, resting his hands behind his head, looking down as he watched Y/n bob their head up and down, his dark, golden evil eyes locked with their teary e/c ones.
Hisoka felt their tongue swirling and licking around, both sides of it licking on either side of his cock, it was utterly amazing, and the way his tip was hitting the back of their throat just hit the spot so good. He moaned, his thighs and abdomen twitched, he craned his head back again and grunted into the air, very, very close to cumming. But he couldn’t, not yet; at least. He grabbed the back of their head again, pulling them upwards, relishing in how they choked and caught there breath for a mere second before he shoved their nose into his ballsack, “Suck them~” Hisoka ordered, sternly. Y/n nodded and eagerly did as they were told, both sides of their split tongue licking and swirling around his testicles, the salty, sweaty scent of his balls filled their nose and took control of their senses; all that was on their mind was his sack, and pleasing their man. Y/n cupped their lips on his balls, sucking and licking hard. “Are you ready honey~? For your prize~ I’m going to cum in your mouth~ don’t be wasteful~” he growled, his pleasured grunts and groans Hisoka would make was enough of a reward for them, but they loved cum even more.
Hisoka pulled them up again, shoving their face down on his cock, pumping their head up and down onto them until thick spurts of his warm, sticky cum squirted into their mouth. Y/n’s cheeks filled up, tears of pleasure prickled in their eyes, looking up at Hisoka gratefully. “Open your mouth~” Hisoka said when he pulled his softening cock away from them, prying their lips open with his thumb. He smiled pervertedly, seeing how his white, sticky goodness coated the insides of their mouth, and how a string of his cum connected the parts of their tongue together. It made him shiver in arousal.
“My little serpent~”
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fayefayevalentine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but what made me happiest wasn’t when i finally saw the truth behind the tomb, it was when i looked at my colleagues’ faces, and we shook each other’s hands. compared to the people I met, the information i got from the tomb was just a bonus. the most important thing, by a long shot, i already had
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tialeopika · a day ago
Two leopika fans staring at each other
Tumblr media
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