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AN: Hi my lovely fellows!

I’m sorry for the delay! However this weekend I’ll be posting frequently! I’m working already in the next chapters and a request! Thank you so much for your patience and support! I love you all!

I wish you a pleasant read, and I hope you’ll enjoy the new chapter of my story.  (Chapter I) (Chapter II) (Chapter III) (Chapter IV ) (Chapter V) (Chapter VI) (Chapter VII) (Chapter IX coming soon!)

Paring: Kurapika Kurta x GN! Reader

Word count: 2 144

TW: None!


“They can’t die." 

(Y/n) heard a brittle voice from another room. It was late at night. Not knowing the exact hour. But they were supposed to be slipping a time ago. They could not. They felt especially exhausted and craved sleep. No, they needed to sleep. Normally they would simply hug their stuffed animal or pillow and sleep to the sound of one of their records. But their chest ached loads. And although they had already gotten accustomed to that sensation, that night the IV bothered them. Except that was not what disturbed them the most. 

(Y/n) knew that voice. It troubled them to hear the state of distress in which they were. What if something bad happened to them? What if they were in trouble?

Perhaps at that time, it was (Y/n) who was most scared.

They had to go check. They sounded afflicted; As if they were on the verge of crying, or maybe already crying. (Y/n) couldn’t just know they weren’t okay and remain stationary. Even if the uncertainty was enormous, the fear that loved ones were wrong was greater. It was not correct to do nothing. 

They moved the blankets that embraced them and got up. They fixed their pajama bottoms, and, as they took the first step forward, they felt a sting in their right arm.

-"Right…”-they muttered to themselves, to turn to the metal pole holding the serum and medicine. They slowly approached the big white door of their bedroom, opening it doubtfully and carefully. They could see a glow from under the door of the room at the edge of the long corridor. (Y/n) led towards it with feline-like gaits, quiet and attentive. The closer they got, the nervous. They didn’t want to get in trouble or disturb, but they didn’t want to wait still. What if they needed their help? How could they resist? How could they ignore it? They tightened their grip on the metallic pole, leaning on it. They stared at the poorly closed door for a moment, doubtful. The brittle voice was heard again.

“It’s not fear, they’re only 4, it’s not fear.”- Even more troubled that time.

Which prompted them to sneak through the door. They opened the door wider and carefully slinked their head in to observe. The room was large, the garden could be seen from the glass door of the balcony and the large window next to the bed. An older, rather large, and stocky man dressed in pajamas and a thick sweater sat in a single chair in front of a television. He was leaning forward, his elbows resting on his knees. He was covering his face to hide his tears and try to deafen his sobs. A woman, equally older, in a disordered aspect and a pajama nightgown was at his side, hugging him and rubbing his back to calm him. The woman had a frown and a depressed glower on her face, cheeks also stained in tears.

“They won’t, they can’t. I’m praying, I have faith, no god can be that cruel with such a lovely child.”-her kind and crumbled voice told, with a fusion of comfort and conviction in those words with a touch of fear and doubt as well.

If they were crying like this, it was because something serious had happened. 

“Papi, why are you crying?”- the kid muttered, clutching to the tip of their clear pajama shirt. They were scared. They had never seen their grandfather cry before, less so desperately. They felt that they were trembling and twitching their toes. Even with their serious expression, his eyes were saturated with concern. 

“(Y/n)…”-The man raised his head to see them. A tear leaking from his dilated reddish eyes.

They advanced slowly and vacillating, but its presence had already been announced, and could not, as much as they wanted to, plainly leave.

“Nothing… why are you awake?”-The man rubbed his eyes and quickly wiped his face.

(Y/n) was clutching and rubbing their clothes with both hands now. They looked away for a moment, slightly swaying side to side in uncertainty.

“Were you sad because I’m sick?”-they hinted, as they looked the old man in the eye. Which was not extremely frequent. Ignoring the question.

The man looked back at them, softening their gaze.-“Why-why are you saying that?”- he blinked a few times to disperse the tears and worry.

They looked away once more, rubbing the textile of their shirt in between their fingers.

“Because… if you were sick… I’ll cry too.”-the kid mumbled, but quickly looked back at the man in front of them with a soft smile.-“But don’t be sad! Because I’m fine now. Since the doctors let me come home, it means I’m healthier now!”- The man stared at them as not knowing that he could answer. 

“Sugar, why are you still awake?”- the old lady asked this time. Leading towards them.

“I… eeh… woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.”-they promised, looking down.-“Are you mad?”

“No! Of course not, but it’s still late. Let’s go to bed, fine?”-The older woman took their hand and the metal pole and proceeded to accompany them back to their bedroom. Her hold was secure as if they were going to vanish at any given moment as if he were going to transform into sea foam and never see them again.  She did not stop holding their hand until (Y/n) tuck back into bed. The woman arranged the beddings and stared at them for a moment. (Y/n) wouldn’t forget that regard easily. The stares their grandmother gave her were usually happy and sweet, like when you receive your favorite candy. This time, it was charged with despair, like that of a helpless animal once cornered.

“Mami… don’t be sad. I’m getting better! So don’t worry, I’ll be fine! Okay?”-They declared with a smile. They were a touch fearful, but they preferred to know that their grandparents were fine. Of everything that was occurring to them at that time, seeing them desperate was the most damaging.

“I know you will be (Y/n), I’m sure of it.”- the elder gave her best effort to smile and gently petted their hair. 

At no poinT (Y/n) did believe that she was lying to them. Except, deep down, they knew they still needed comfort. They inclined forward, sat down, and hugged her. It was the best they could do at the moment. Most adults, who knew them superficially, though they were cold and formal children. Most adults, who knew them superficially, thought they were a cold child. It was not true, not at all. They did have certain emotional problems. Although, their grandparents knew how sweet they truly were. They may not be clingy in public or hug everyone, that was true. Simply once that person felt comfortable adequately, they would talk to you all day and follow you everywhere, like a puppy follows its owner. They were calm but loved with intensity and passion. The single problem was that only a few had that privilege.

The woman hugged them back, easing into the contact. She was not alone, and they were still with her.-“Goodnight (Y/n).”

For those who were once inhabitants of that house, it had been a difficult night. The couple continued to feel bad. The man commonly knew how to act wisely, thanks to his years of experience. Just he felt inexpert that time.

(Y/n) was sitting on a soft sofa, reading one of the many books they had in the library. They adored those books and would read as many as possible. There were all kinds: from fantastic fairy tales, to their personal history, to academic studies that they half understood. They were a little too small for the chair, and their legs dangled. Something characteristic of them from an early age was that they were more attentive than they might seem. In addition to high sensitivity to auditory stimuli. It was not strange they overheard a conversation.

“It’s outrageous, mum! Their only child is sick, and neither of them shows up to even get notice!”- it was his voice.-“I’m not sure what to do. The other doctors said it was better if he had a few last quiet moments at home … It’s cruel, mum… very cruel.”

They put the book on a small table next to the sofa and moved to the counter that was at the entrance, where the phone was.

“Papi, who are you talking to?”-They asked one they were right behind the man. Another thing about them was that they were imps. They liked to play, but they did not do things out of evil.

The sir jumped in surprise. The kid was good at sneaking around; you could tell they were a cat.

“You scared me, I’m on the phone with your Grand-mami.”- the elder turned around to them to reply, moving the phone a bit away from his face.

Oh! That sweet old wolf!

“Grand-mami?! Let me talk to them!”- They raised their hands, happily rocking from side to side. The man brought the phone closer to his face and spoke.

“They want to greet you, I’ll pass them to you.”-And he passed the device to the child in front of him. They crawled up to the long chair beside them to be at a good height and not stretch the strings too much.

A slightly raspy voice, but no less kind and diligent for that, spoke from the other line-“(Y/n), love! How are you?”

“Grand-mami! I’m much better, thank you! Do you know? I’m pretty sure I’ll be as good as new for the Solstitium! And I want a dress just like yours for the celebration, because you look so pretty in it! You always embroider the best flowers.”-they sang with plenty of enthusiasm and joy.

“So you want a dress this year?”-the voice asked them.

“Yes! Cute dresses are for everyone!”-they stated-“Plus, I plan to dance with ribbons along with the rest! You will see that this year, I will endure all the dance and be Spring’s Monark! Also, tell Julian I say hi, please.”

“It’s good to hear you’re happy. Anything else, sugar?”-The sweet voice chuckled a bit with the kid’s excitement and hopes.

-After a moment of reflection, they added-“Yes! I want us to eat Frangipane!”


“(Y/n)! Here you are!”-A voice naming them drew their attention. Pulling them out of their daydreaming.

They adored that voice and the person it came from. It had been so long since just hearing a voice made them so joyful.

“Kurapika, do you need something?”- they drawled with their soft smile.

“I know this is your recess, but Neon is looking for you with a tantrum.”-he alleged with a sigh.

Outside of the fatigue that Neon’s childishness sometimes caused him, he was a tad troubled. (Y/n) was spending their rest alone on a bench in the immense gardens of the Mansion Nostrade. He had been looking for them throughout the interior of the house for some time. And when he found them, they resembled so immersed in their dreams he couldn’t avoid worrying a little for his lover’s wellbeing.

“Are you all right?”-Kurapika inquired.

“Yes, yes! I was just remembering something!”-they assured with a smile and tilting their head. They got up and headed back inside the mansion.

“Kurapika.”- they called him after some seconds.

“Yes?”- he questioned, glancing at them.

“Would you wish to accompany me tonight? It’s a… special date for me.”-inviting him at their house was not unusual, except that desiring to share with him some variety of particular holiday had something very personal and loving on it. 

Kurapika felt special and privileged to receive that offer.-“It would be lovely. I will gladly be with you.”-his voice was soft and had a warm smile on his face.

(Y/n)’s face lit up with pure joy and bubbled-“Fantastic! I will do my best to make it pleasant!”- he sensed a hint of nervousness. They probably were unsure if he would like the celebration.

“I’m sure it will be.”-he encouraged.

Their shoulders lessened and sheepishly added-“Would you like to stay overnight along with that?”

“I’ll willingly stay.”- it was a grace for him to be so loved. He was able to see a warmhearted intimate side of someone like (Y/n) and receive so much appreciation and love.

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And here’s the last one of my three fav hxh’s boys.

God knows how much I’ve struggled to find an appropriate Moon for him.

Do not worry about not understanding, I’ll try to explain as much as I can and if you have any curiosity, just comment under the post and I’ll be more than happy to answer! <3

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a professional astrologer, since I began studying this subject a few months ago. I do this just for fun. I’d also like to say that I’m still a bit skeptical but hey, since when is it forbidden to experiment and just be curious?

Here we go!



Sun, Ascendant and Moon (the big three)

Sun: the Aquarius sign is the one related the most to anticonformism, ribellion and evanescence. You can easily spot an Aquarius Sun just because they somehow stand out from other people, may it be in clothes, hobbies or things like that (and I think it applies to Feitan, he really stands out among the Spiders even thought he’s silent). The evanescence, as I said before, found its place right in the Aquarius’ moods, sometimes he’s there willing to talk, while the other time he disappears for weeks or months. Usually natives of this signs are fond of unusual media like manga, graphic novels and similar things ( his Trevor Brown fixation enters in this category). The Aquarius is logical, like every Air sign, and thinks about the collective when in a group and proceeds to work for its benefits, despite its independant nature.

The Sun in Aquarius often grants pale skin tone and eyes with a percing and ice-cold gaze.

Ascendant: oh the Scorpio ascendant, one of my favourites. The Scorpio is most mysterious out of the Water sign, the one nearest to the “dark side of the things”. This sign analyzes and goes into the depht of things for fun, and the chill of the risk is pure bliss to whomever has a strong or well developed Scorpio presence in their chart. It’s a revengeful sign that can, and will, elaborate a sarcastic and at the worst hurtful comeback. As expected, the Scorpio sign has a thing for whatever is considered taboo (magic, sex, blood etc) and this recalls the already named interst for Feitan towards Trevor Brown’s books.

But don’t let all the things above trick you, the Scorpio has a really caring, emotional and empathetic side, the cruel and heartless façade is often a self-defense technique, because when a Scorpio placements, especially in one or more of the big three, cares for someone and loves them, it truly gives it all and shows, directly or not, it’s most fragile side. Such a thing in Feitan is clearly well-hidden and seeing his Venus (planet of love) retrogade confirmed his actual struggle with the human side of his soul. This rising is probably part of the most complex ones.

Having a Scorpio rising brings the native to have dark eyes, not necessarly brown or black, they can be even light colored but the hue is dark, and a magnetic aura tipycal of the Scorpio placements.

Moon: the Virgo Moon is picky and a great hard worker when it wants to. It means Feitan is both practical and systematic, the Virgo is a sign that wants structures and organizes its reality in structurs, in fact this sign is a great control freak, everything must go according to the plans.

As it grants a strong view on the physical side of reality, the Moon in Virgo is judgemental and reasoning towards the world of emotions, it takes long to warm up, maybe even more time that takes the Scorpio to trust someone. This Moon can be an enigma for whoever is around a person with strong Virgo placements, since they can be a lot perfectionist in a said job, following instructions and not allowing anything to interfer with their goals.

So if you add Aquarius’ detatchment and Scorpio’s trust issues with Virgo’s apparent coldness, you basically obtain an individual that creates a true bond rarely and with lot of time (says Feitan to me lol).

Other important placements:

The elements that caught my eye in particular.

Mercury in Pisces: in this sign, Mercury reaches its pick of intuition and creativity, being in the Water sign that is creativity itself by definition. Mercury in Pisces has its eyes out for art and enjoys both admiring and doing it, what type of art it produces in the specific can be deducted by certain alignements and placements. A con (or pro, depends on point of vies) is that here Mercury can create a master in emotional manipulation if well supported, and in this case, Feitan’s Mercury is more than supported by the Scorpio ascendant.

Usually the voice of someone who has Mercury in Pisces is low-toned and a bit melodic, almost serene. Here again comes the Scorpio ascendant, that adds enigma to the voice itself.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius: this aspect brings pride and self-confidence, and a luck too, so it brings Feitan to have great success in a certain area of his life and since the conjunction is in the 3rd house, it will favour his intellectual and reasoning abilities, and if you had the logic of the Aquarius too… it’s an absolute win.

There could be enthusiastic and optimism if it wasn’t for the trine (blue line) with Saturn. Lemme explain, Saturn is considered a “malefic” so its intervents can bring a lot of harsh aspect, such as in this case, where Saturn is trine to both Sun and Jupiter, it drags down the optimism.

Mars opposite Ascendant: this harsh aspect it’s what can explain Feitan’s competitive and provocative nature (see the challenge on who kills the most enemies between him and Phinks or the fight against Zazan).

Here a Mars in Taurus, so already hot-headed and short-tempered, it’s even more willing to fight since it is opposed to the introspection and emotions (Ascendant), giving tension into personality… someone always on guard, that’s it.

Moon opposite Mercury: here we have a conflict between heart and mind (Mercury’s placement in Pisces makes it a little softer tho). Still, sometimes Feitan’s mind will tell a thing and the heart the other, difficult with a Moon in Virgo but it can still happen. To make rationality and emotionality go well together it’s the final goal of this aspect. It’s not an easy route, moodiness and humor instability are some of the obstacles the native will have to face.

Some bonus things are: people with this aspect seem to appreciate sarcasm and satire a lot, and some of them have talent in writing (specially if Mercury is in a Water or Air sign).


So I did my fave boys natal charts. What can you understand? That Aly has a clear kink for whoever has Virgo, Scorpio or Air signs (specially Geminis mlmlml) energies? YES PROBABLY.

What do you guys think of this format? Are you liking it? If you have any suggestion, question etc just drop in my asks. <3

Thanks for reading this post, I wish you a good day, wherever you are!

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man, hxh discord servers are wild

joined one, had a killua pfp and his name in my nickname, and some guy came up to me saying “well, you know you’re gonna be lynched for that, right?” ???

and when i asked why this mf says that the server has a past with killua simps.

and then he proceeded to tell me how a 12 year old was really crushing on killua like i am, and then told me me that a 12 year old is a pedophile.

and then proceeded to tell me a person doesn’t have to be 16 and over to be a pedophile.

and then i proceeded by leaving because woah man, wtf. imagine calling a minor under the age of 16 a bad person for really liking a fictional character smh

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remember, requests are open!! i’m in a big jjk and hxh mood (but more jjk) so don’t be shy! hcs and fics are welcome:)

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Damn the phantom troupe is something else. They steal valuable shit and sell em off so obviously they are loaded.

But they are so committed to their whole “we don’t buy we steal” shtick that they will camp out in a rundown building with gaping holes in the walls and ceilings and as far as I can tell no electricity or running water and have the audacity to call that shithole their “hideout”

those mother fuckers are just too cheap to rent an airbnb which would be almost nothing if they split the price between the what 11 of em?? Fuck them I don’t give a shit if theyre from that dump meteor city they are cheapskates thats it

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It still feel so surreal to me that a significant part of the Hunter Association despised Ging so much that they were willing to vote Leorio, a random dude, or even Gon, a 12 Yo, as their president.

Like, you know what’s worse than randomly assigned administration? Fucking Ging Freecss.

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hnnghhh this man

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A/N: YAYYY!! How cute!!! I hope you like this a lot. I made Killua already know the reader, but Gon definitely is meeting the reader!!

Word Count: 1672


When you told your husband you were pregnant, he had just come home from a mission. Usually, Illumi had little energy and wanted to relax after his trips. But you could not wait to tell him you had someone joining your family in the months to come. When you brought the news to him, his sleepy eyes widened and he had a huge smile. He lifted you up and pressed a kiss to your barely visible growing tummy.  He knew you were going to be such a great mother. 

Illumi seemed to have prepared for everything except your actual pregnancy. The nursery was established and he had purchased toys and clothes, but he knew very little about the side effects of having another human grow inside you.

While you two lived on your own, he never left you alone when he had to go on a mission, so he made you stay under the care of the butlers. Canary and Amane would watch over you, making sure you were well fed and such. 

Every time he left, he would have to comfort you as you cried. He felt bad, but did not understand why you were crying so much. He was never gone more than a few days - a week at most. Before you were pregnant, you would be sad when he left, but you hardly cried about it. Now he made sure he was extra efficient at his tasks so he could return and you could relax. 

Yet when he was back, you would sleep so much. How could you miss him when he’s gone and then barely interact with him when he’s there? He found your change in behavior fascinating and concerning at the same time. 

Along with your emotions and low energy, Illumi was amused by your meal suggestions. Usually, the two of you would eat the same thing together, but he could not bring himself to match your cravings. He gave you a blank stare as you requested a “rice ketchup sandwich”. This combination easily would have made you gag before pregnancy, but now it seemed to be the most delicious thing in the world. It did not stop Illumi from nearly gagging though as he prepared it for you one day. 

Keep reading

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Gon x Black!Reader X Killua

The gang had just finished up a mission it wasnt too challenging but it was a fair workout and it was a rare occurrence that everyone was together Leorio and Kurapika. They were all heading back to the nearest town but decided to stop for the night. Currently everyone was settling down to slumber in the middle of the woods. They all unpacked and turned in for the night. Amora was already sleeping after everyone found their spot. Gon Killua and Amora lie on the ground near one another. Gon and Killua lie next to each other with Amora next to Gon. Gon started to doze off but Killua showed no signs of drowsiness as the two chatted before bed.

“Everyone is so strong! We’re a pretty amazin’ squad.”

“Mmm, well I dont know about Leorio. We seem to be watching his ass every time we go on a mission with him.”

Gon laughed a bit nervous.

“he’s… uh strong in his ow- o-oh?”

Killua tilted his head at him when noticed Gon’s jerk.

“What is it, Gon?”

“Oh uh…”

Gon shifted and turned in his covers to look over at Amora.

“I just felt Mori shaking.”

He stated plainly.

Killuas brow raised.

“Shaking? What, is she having a bad dream?”

Gon made a sound of affirmation looking down at her frightened face.

“Mm, I think its a nightmare. She doesn’t look too good…”

Gon frowned, brushing his fingers lightly across her cheek. Killua smirked a cats smile and said.

“Hohh, are you worried about her?”


Killua made a face.

“You’re no fun to mess with.”

Gon’s response was just a laugh and say.

“Am i?”

Despite Kiluas words, he was undeterred and tried again. His smirk reappearing.

“Why dont you hold her hand then.”

“That’s a good idea Killua! But we should both hold her hands.”

“Ah! Huh? Why do- Why do i have to to?? That doesn’t make any sense. You’re right next to her and wont that be uncomfortable?”

Killua made another face at him. This didn’t make much sense, wasnt one of them enough? Besides, Gon was a lot better with this kind of stuff. Killua didn’t know much of anything about pleasant skin contact.

Gon pouted at Killua and said.

“Of course it makes sense! She needs both of us!”

Killuas brow twitched at his nonsense, not looking too convinced. He sighed as a breeze carrying the sent of wood passed by and rustled their hair. Killua ran his hands through his tight dense cloud of curls.

“and how do you know that?”

Gon looked happy to answer.

“I heard her say it in her sleep, both our names!”

That gave Killua stop.

“You- You heard… You’re not as innocent as you look are you?”

Gon suppressed his own snide smile with the twitch of the corner of his lip. Gon didnt let it get to him and pressed Killua further.

“Killua look focus! While we’re arguing, Mori is suffering by herself!”

Gon squirmed to sit up and crawled over Amora to the opposite side of her. Killua got a better look at her without Gon in the middle of his view and realized what he was talked about. Amora was trembling with her eyebrows drawn together, her body tense. He let out a small,


“You see? She needs both of us!”

Gon snuggled up and got comfortable with Amora and slid his hand down her arm to find her hand. Her tension eased but… she still looked quite stressed.

He sighed. Well, he supposed this was bound to happen hanging out with these two. He usually didnt care much about leaving his comfort zone if fact, he didnt even know he had one until the Hunter exam.

He supposed he should just…? Killua scotted closer to her and awkwardly positioned himself to search for her hand under their blankets and take hers within hers even in his reluctance, when he took her hand, she finally relaxed even breathing a sigh of relief. He smiled tiny.

“I guess… This isn’t so bad.”

Killua muttered, Gon giggled lightly.

“Of course not, it’s helping us too!”

He made a sound between amusement and satisfaction.


Now that he thought about it, he was actually starting to feel sleepy. Although at this point, he hadn’t slept in a day but everything right now felt right, immeasurably so. He looked at Amora and Gon. Gon looked right back at him, seeming to get drowsy again. It felt good in a way he’d never felt before. He was certain if he never met them, he would have never gotten to experience this feeling. His eyes watered as he closed them, as Gons arm held the both of them.

As they slept in the night Leorio and Kuripika could be heard whispering back and forth to one another about what just happened they didn’t seem to notice them quiet during their exchange so they could hear and sneak in on their conversation them better.

Notes: I wholeheartedly believe gon plays dumb so he can mess with Killua back, I think he’s pretty emotionally intelligent. Killua knows. Killua gets a lot of love from the fandom but I love them both for different reasons. I feel like you cant have them apart so poly! I think i want to kept everyone in their 20s even with the sfw stuff (Even if i depict certain scenes in the show. ) just because thats how I imagine them. Killua and Gon are 22 Amora is 21. Killua is Albino Black Gon is Black and Mexican so my descriptions of them will fit that.

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