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#hunter x hunter

So, I hate Meruem. Before you come at my throat, I have my reason. Just a heads up I’m only where the first human ant surrenders after Meruem and the Royal Guard is like “Peace! I’m out!” Anyways, the reason I hate Meruem is because not only did he kill my favorite ant Peggy (the penguin looking one), but he also ATE HIM !!!! I- WHY PEGGY?! I loved Peggy! 😭 Anyways thanks for coming to my TED talk. 💚

-FG Out

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hi I’m pretty new to tumblr and ill be taking any requests for HCs and fics :3 I have a ton of free time and I want some experience and inspiration so ill definitely get to your request. im cool with writing nsfw, I can write f/m and wlw. (if mlm is requested ill attempt it)

I’ll write for 

  • hxh
  • ohshc
  • death note
  • soul eater
  • rent a girlfriend
  • kayuga sama
  • saiki k 
  • mha
  • sword art online
  • black butler
  • kakegurui
  • one punch 
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imagine you’re the child of the richest mafia lord and you catch the leader of a group of thieves trying to steal something from the mafia. you save him from all the beatings and possible death in exchange that he becomes your pet.

well, of course he doesn’t like it. he knows you. you’re spoiled and you’re bratty. that impish grin on your red colored lips proves it. but then again, does he have any choice?

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Just started this crazy show about hunting i think? And like, go AWAY jefree star tf are you doing here lol. Bet he doesnt even have his big game license this season

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