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honorbestowsacrown · 2 days ago
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another screencap redraw of the moment ever
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olivas-posts · a day ago
He protect
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twogoldenflowers · a day ago
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Nose Boop!
I got the idea for this when I was at the Magic Kingdom Parade at Disneyworld a couple days back where Mickey and Minnie booped noses. Inspiration can come from the most random of things lmao.
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midwesterosi · 2 days ago
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i wanna be barely hanging on (when you make me lose control) 
((click for high quality))
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boingaloings · 9 hours ago
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some well deserved rest!
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sweetzka · a day ago
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Its been a month that I haven’t post because artblock and watching kids cartoon,i watch the owl house and very exiciting and depressed for the next episode,but hey look at this couple very cute.i wish we have a lot of hunter and willow content :)
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ramielshyte · 8 hours ago
Felt too lazy to paint the whole thing, so I'm not fully satisified but I think it's good enough :>
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glimpse of us
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sypnosis: you and hunter have been dating for three months now, but it still seems he's not over his ex.
hunter sighed as he flipped through the textbook. he was studying for his potions test, and was having trouble focusing.
he slammed the textbook shut and groaned. he put his head down, grateful for the cool wood of his desk.
his eyes rested on the bracelet on his wrist, his team bracelet.
it had been the captain's idea. he recalled how her eyes were lit with excitement as she had suggested the team come over to make them.
he had stayed later than everyone else, helping clean up. and because he was hoping that they could—
"hey hunter, you in there?"
he jolted up, quickly coming to open the door.
you stood there with a grin, giving him a peck on the lips in greeting.
"you said you have a potions test, right? i thought i could come help you study!"
he thanked you, and ushered you in. he had you, he need to forget about her.
she'd take the world off my shoulders, if it was ever hard to move
hunter quickly landed and got off his palisman, beginning to grow more angry at himself.
he sat down on the dirt, putting his head in his hands.
you sat down next to him, and put a hand on his shoulder.
hunter put his head on your shoulder and sighed. you wrapped an arm around him, "hunter it's ok, you said the move was complicated. let's take a break and we'll try again, ok?"
"but, the game is in three days! i don't want to let," he faltered, the captain running through his mind. "the team down."
"and you won't," you said, as you squeezed his shoulder.
"come on," you stood up, extending a hand to help him up. "i'm starving! do you think darius has any good snacks?"
he rolled his eyes, but took your hand. flapjack and your palisman quickly followed after you two.
but as he looked back at the makeshift field, he couldn't help but think of the captain.
she'd turn the rain into a rainbow, when i was living in the blue
you and hunter laughed as you watched some dumb show on the crystal ball in front of you.
you turned to him and gave him a big smile. intertwining your fingers, you leaned into him and turned back to the show.
both of you burst into laughter as some character managed to make a big mess of everything.
but as your laughter died down, he wished that he could laugh about this with willow.
perfect don't mean that it's working, so what can i do?
you laughed with luz, amity, and willow as hunter and gus argued about if their palisman got into a fight who would win.
"as fun as this has been," you said while whiping away tears of laughter, "i said i'd meet up with viney and edric so we could work on our project for beastkeeping. hunter, we're still on for tonight, right? "
hunter looked toward willow quickly, before nodding at you.
"ok, i'll see you guys later!"
the group waved good-bye to you as you walked away.
"we'd better go too," luz said looking at amity and willow. "we've gotta pick up the shirts for tommorow's game!"
"i'm so excited to see how they turned out," willow squealed.
hunter smiled at her enthusiasm.
"see you two at practice," willow exclaimed, running after luz and amity.
"so," gus drawled. "seems like you and y/n are doing pretty good."
"huh? oh yeah, we're doing great, we have a date tonight."
"you know, i thought you were going to be sad forever after—well, you get the idea! it's really awesome that you and y/n are together!"
the bell rung throughout the halls of hexsides hall.
hunter quickly stood up, "we'd better get to class!"
"alright! see you at practice hunter!"
'awesome, huh? '
why then, if she is so perfect do i still wish that it was you?
hunter shook his head, as he berated himself.
'what is wrong with you, you have an awesome girlfriend! willow—'
hunter jolted, as if something had shocked him. he ran downstairs, where you stood with a big grin.
he felt his jaw drop. you looked gorgeous.
"is it too much," smile beginning to dim. "i know i shouldn't—"
"no," he exclaimed, feeling his face flush. "you look... perfect."
"alright lovebirds," darius said rolling his eyes. "i've got some work to do, so if you two don't mind...?"
"bye darius," hunter sighed.
he opened the door for you, quickly calling for flapjack.
tonight he wasn't going to even think about her, tonight would be amazing.
you deserved that.
when you're out of sight in my mind
you and hunter walked along hand in hand through the streets of bonesborrough, talking about everything that had been happening this week.
something caught your eye.
"hunter look," you pointed at a jewelry stall. "let's go!"
you pulled him along, as he laughed at your excitement.
"wow! everything is so pretty!"
"seems, you have a good eye miss," the merchant noted.
hunter looked at the seller.
oh titan. he had been here.
with willow.
he began praying to whatever god was out there, that the merchant say nothing.
"this one's gorgeous! how much," you said looking at a necklace with a magenta colored stone.
"300 snails."
you looked at it sadly. "sorry, it's very beautiful! but i'll have too—"
"here," hunter slammed a bag of gold on the counter.
"hunter! no! i couldn't possibly—"
"y/n," hunter gave you a smile. "please, i want too."
he nodded towards the merchant, who thankfully didn't recognize him.
"thank you for your purchase!"
"here let me put it on you," hunter said.
you touched the stone, it was cool to the fingertips. you moved to hug hunter, who quickly wrapped his arms around you.
"thank you," you whispered into his chest.
but as hunter looked at you, all he could think about was when he came here with willow.
cause sometimes i look in her eyes and that's where i find a glimpse of us
you heard the sound of soft music and an idea formed in your head.
"hunter, let's go this way!"
you began tugging him along until you were faced with tons of couples dancing to the sound of the music.
"no way."
"please hunter! just one dance, and then we'll go," you pleaded.
he groaned, but reluctantly agreed.
the two of you walked into the crowd. hunter placed a hand on your waist, sending a shiver down your spine. you placed a hand on his shoulder, and placed the other into his.
you began to sway to the beat of the melancholy song. you smiled at hunter, as you placed your head onto his shoulder.
but even though all you could think about was him, hunter's mind went elsewhere.
and i try to fall for her touch, but i'm thinking of the way it was
hunter opened the front door quietly, he had already dropped you off at home.
"jeez, darius! don't do that! you could have given me—what's that thing that luz says? a heart attack," hunter exclaimed as he turned on the lights.
darius chuckled, "sorry, i didn't mean to scare you." his face become more serious.
"is something wrong?"
"you tell me, little prince?"
hunter sighed, as he turned his . "i hate when you're being cryptic!"
"are you really over willow?"
hunter jumped. "o-of course i am!"
"are you? you can lie to yourself as much as you want, but i see it in your face when your looking at—"
"i'm tired," hunter said through gritted teeth, moving towards the stairs.
"hunter! if you're not over her that's fine, but break it off with y/n. because if you keep stringing y/n along, you're going to end up hurting a lot of people. including yourself."
hunter didn't even look back as he said, "the flyer derby game is tommorow. i should get some rest."
said i'm fine and said i moved on
you anxiously searched for somewhere to sit, you would have gotten to the field earlier but viney had insisted your group get the project for beastkeeping done today, that way she didn't have to worry about that on top of the game.
you thankfully found somewhere to sit.
"hi darius!"
"ah y/n."
"hope you don't mind that i'm sitting here!"
"not at all."
he seemed nervous, but you didn't think about it that much. hunter was his son, so you tallied it up that.
"hey mind if we sit with you guys?"
you turned to see edric and emira.
"of course not," you replied. emira settled in between you and darius, which darius was grateful for. while edric took your right.
darius looked around, "wait is—"
"alright, i got the—oh! darius."
"oh boy," emira sighed.
"looks like someone is excited for the game," edric teased.
you felt your face grow hot.
"come on he is my boyfriend! i just want him to know that i support him."
"hey nice necklace," emira said.
"thanks! hunter actually—"
but you were cut off as the announcer started.
throughout the game you were on the edge of your seat. but the emerald entrails prevailed.
you shouted with everyone else, as you beamed with pride. you looked toward the team, as you watched your boyfriend overflow with excitement and adrenaline.
"we should—" emira began but she never finished.
and then you felt your heart break into pieces.
because you watched along with everyone else as hunter kissed willow.
i'm only here passing time in her arms
hexside's stands went quiet.
and when they separated, hunter looked to his team, and saw the shock on their faces.
what had he done?
and as he looked up at the stands to find you, he saw the confused faces of his classmates. the anger on edric and emira's faces. the shock so clearly written on luz's face. disgust overflowing in amity's. dissapointment painted on darius' face.
and he saw you.
he saw the tears spill from your eyes. he saw you run away.
from him.
but before he could chase after you, he felt something hit him.
"what the fuck dude," she screamed at him, her fist still clenched.
but he didn't have time to think, he jumped on flapjack and flew after you.
hoping i'll find
you were surrounded by edric, emira, luz, amity, and even darius.
emira and edric seemed ready to hex him out of existence, but you tore away from the group. luz and amity squeezed your shoulders for support. and as you walked towards him you looked at the ground.
you took his hand, and for a minute he had some hope.
until he felt you press something cool into his palm. he looked at it.
the necklace.
"i think you should give it to her," your voice barely coming a whisper.
"bye hunter," you said as more tears spilled from your eyes.
and you let edric, emira, luz and amity pull you away.
away from him.
darius sighed, "i warned you hunter. there's nothing to do now."
and hunter was left alone.
he felt someone touch his shoulder.
but this time when he looked at her, he saw you.
a glimpse of us
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im not manifesting i am manifesting
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nebelihood · 13 days ago
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Look I painted it
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elizuart · 2 months ago
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When Hunter first find out about emojis 😂😂😂
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deodorant-stick · a month ago
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He doesn’t know she made the flower he picked
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demelly · a month ago
Grom night!
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bersqunk · a month ago
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Thanks to ⬇️ for the idea 😁
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cherryrobber · 28 days ago
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andrew-haaz · a month ago
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silly doodle
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theserlingjewishcupcake · a month ago
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zandraz · 21 days ago
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Willow and her late afternoon: watering the plants
And a little bit winter here. Say hi to flapjack
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