sticksandsharks · a year ago
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a more complete set of visdev for the Hunting Dogs from my Wildercourt story project
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theclassymike · 2 months ago
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Logan Lerman via Ana Corrigan.
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fromcenotaphy · a year ago
Dean and Sam hunting together: well that’s the show isn’t it? saving people hunting things etc etc. brotherly moments that make you either go awww or want to throw them off a cliff. practically reading each other’s minds on hunts bc they’ve been doing it for so long. terrible communication any other time
Dean and Cas hunting together: hunter husbands. standing 1.5 inches away from each other at all times. constant bickering constant eye sex constant rifling through each other’s pockets oh god they’re so fucking married
Sam and Eileen hunting together: extremely sweet together. heart eyes while discussing lore and/or tactics. pretending not to be worried about each other because they each really want to respect the other person’s independence and hunting skills.
Cas and Eileen hunting together: murder besties. taking turns beating the shit out of villains while the other person nods approvingly. roasting their boyfriends during stakeouts. mutual agreement not to tell dean and sam how many people they’ve blackmailed.
Dean and Eileen hunting together: sky-high levels of competence. kicking ass left right and center. off-the-charts wittiness. spn would only be 1 season long if it was about these two because they would immediately solve every apocalypse in the most practical way possible and then spend the rest of the season getting drunk together at dive bars.
Sam and Cas hunting together: terrible, terrible idea. the case may get solved but fifty new problems will be created. maximum chaos minimum planning. all ancient curses and alternate dimensions are fair game. cosmic regime changes ARE on the table. 90% chance that one of them ends up in a coma.
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madcat-world · 5 months ago
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Hunter - BenedickBana
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foo-omp · 3 months ago
First Kill - Trailer- @netflix
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iconsfinder · 6 months ago
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mndvx · 2 months ago
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HUNTERS – In The Belly Of The Whale (S01E01) ››› Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
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rarepears · 9 months ago
Sung Jinwoo suddenly finds himself to be a Prince
So here are the facts:
Sung Jinwoo is Korea's newest S rank.
Korea's previous 10th S rank defected to the US.
Korea really needs more S ranks.
Sung Jinwoo isn't motivated by fame or money or anything really tangible as far as they can see.
In conclusion, KHA needs a way to made Sung Jinwoo stick to Korea and not get tempted by any offers from other nations. Aka they do a shit ton of digging.
And while digging through Sung Jinwoo's family tree - don't ask why, someone was just curious - they find that one of Sung Jinwoo's ancestors on his mother's side was a daughter of the House of Jeonju Yi, but given that daughters marry out of the family and lineage is normally traced through the father's side, Sung Jin woo and his parents never knew about that particular fact.
But now the Korean Hunter Association does. And they broadcast this bit of fact widely.
It's great marketing; it's a great moral booster. It sounds just like out of a fairytale and god knows that the world needs more fairytale stories during a time of great chaos and violence from sudden gates emerging.
So people start calling Sung Jinwoo a prince. Prince of Korea, in fact. They cling onto the hope of the royal family, legends, and religion.
And the existing few members of the House of Yi make it official too. It's as though being Korea's 10th S rank wasn't enough, Sung Jinwoo is seen as representing Korea as a royal member in the international stage, complete with diplomatic immunity (which he unofficially had being a S rank).
(Jinah loves being an official princess now though.)
Sung Jinwoo barely is able to squeak through without having to do ceremonial duties under the excuse of being needed to respond to gates any moment.
But anyhow, Jinwoo is screwed. No country is now going to want the hot potato of stealing Korea's prince now, either. Just as the KHA wanted.
It doesn't help either that Beru keeps using "My Liege" even in public, adding to the whole mess.
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zamequarius · 3 months ago
Cale Henituse right now:
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gravitywillnevermeananything · 10 months ago
Danny phantom fic were jack side of the family is having a reunion . Jack gets to finally gets to see his (many) siblings after like 15 years, because everyone one got caught up in there work and kids... But each one of jack sibling is a type hunters, like Jack sister a vampire hunter, his younger brother werewolf, little sis a witch hunter. Just a group of sibling hunter's all with the same passion as Jack . And to top it all off each one of kids is secretly what there hunting .
Jack's older sister kid boom 💥 vampire teen 💥 "she just going though a goth phase and those red stains are from cherry slushy "
Jack's brother kid boom 💥 tween werewolf 💥 bitten on a hunt gone wrong, now has to deal with human and werewolf puberty
Twin witch nieces, 💥 mom left those occult books just laying around and kids are curious, how was they supposed to know they had the gift
Just Danny finally meet his cousins and finding out their all in the same boat as him. Hiding there secret identity to the most obvious parents. A big Cosmic joke
Edit; I just remembered that the Fenton family canonically and historically did hunt witch as seen in Infinite Realms" episode by the appearance of John Fentonightingale who's is ancestor to the Fenton family fom Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1600s. All coming together, baby
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aceofcaydes01 · 10 months ago
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From destinythememe on Instagram. I feel attacked 🥲
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porte8a2 · a month ago
First Kill - Killing Legacies Theory
Season 1 Episode 7
Cal and Jules are in her room, hiding from MAAMS. After Margot leaves, Cal and Jules discuss the hunters plans that laid out the attack on the night of Jules' coming of age ceremony.
Cal states they still don't know how to kill legacies and Jules has this look on her face, like she knows exactly what can kill legacies. Jules then asks Cal if her heart is safe with her. I don't think she meant safe from a stake in the heart. I think she meant emotionally, spiritually. Jules already knows Cal will figure it out eventually. When she does, Jules will have no protection.
So, how do you kill a legacy? With love.
Think back to Margot with Sebastian who was barely hanging on to life. She said, where you go I go. Meaning if he died, so would she. She meant that literally.
It would also explain why legacies are so concerned with making political matches for power and prestige, since love would be their Achilles heel. Why open yourself to be vulnerable?
"Is my heart safe with you?" Jules knows Cal can kill her because she is hopelessly in love with her, heart and soul. Cal does not grasp the depth of this statement or Jules' feelings for her.
I think this concept will tie back to the only hunter to ha e ever killed a legacy. I think in the past a hunter and legacy fell in love. They killed the hunter and in so doing, killed the legacy. I think the guild then did some propaganda spinning to hide the truth of that.
We get hints through out the show, Margot and Sebastian. Jules and Cal. Even Oliver and Carmen. Oliver states, "Why does anyone do anything? For love." Elinor also does everything she can to remove emotional attachments from her life (I mean, she's psycho but that's another story).
One could say it's just the Shakespeare influence on the show but I don't think that's all there is to it.
I hope this show gets renewed because it has so much potential.
Rant over. I'm calling it here. To kill a legacy, one must love a legacy.
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theclassymike · a month ago
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Logan Lerman taken by Ana Corrigan.
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jericho-12 · 11 months ago
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“What does it mean to be a Hunter? I say, it’s all about where you belong. The Warlocks have their libraries, the Titans have their walls.....But Hunters belong in the wilds.” - Cayde 6
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madcat-world · 6 months ago
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Red Hunt - Blackhood-art
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spartanlocke · a month ago
when that hunter in crucible kills you one too many times
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bqrares · 2 months ago
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Credit: Beauty Queen Rares
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