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#hunting dogs
sticksandsharks · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a more complete set of visdev for the Hunting Dogs from my Wildercourt story project
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littlesmartart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
so I have this sort of AU idea in my head where on the day of Jin Ling’s 100-day-celebration, in the moment Zixuan is killed he gets transported to the future via some sort of… time travel shenanigans. he has no idea what’s going on but he’s out in the middle of nowhere and apparently not dying any more, so he walks around and inexplicably winds up bumping into this random Jin disciple who’s out on a night hunt with his dog - so he goes over to ask what the fuck is going on and where they are, planning on being polite and feeling very awkward because this kid seems familiar so is probably a cousin he forgot existed, oh god he has so many annoying cousins, why is the Jin sect so obnoxiously fertile… and then he notices that this kid is carrying Suihua! his sword!
so naturally Zixuan is like “oi oi where did you get that, give that back kid” and the kid, who can’t be more than like fifteen but is obnoxious to the max, is like “uhhhh no fuck off, this is my sword, do you know who you’re talking to?” and Zixuan is like “um do yOU know who you’re talking to??? I’m the Jin sect heir and that’s my sword” and this (vaguely familiar, why does he remind Zixuan of Jiang Cheng???) kid just puffs right up like “you’re talking shit, I’m the Jin sect heir and this is my sword!” and Zixuan scoffs like, “okay, sure, lemme prove to you that this is my sword” and holds out his hand and calls Suihua, who goes shooting out of her scabbard and right into his grip.
the kid IMMEDIATLEY fucking LOSES IT, goes totally red in the face and is on the verge of loud angry crying like “you have to give that back RIGHT NOW, my father left that sword to me when he died and it’s the only thing I have of his!!! I won’t trade it for anything!!!” and Zixuan just stares at him, the cogs in his brain suddenly starting to turn and he’s like “wait… your father left it to you? and you’re the Jin sect heir? …a-Ling?”
the kid stares him, part furious, part desperate, part bewildered, and demands “who the fuck are you to address me so informally, huh???” and Zixuan is so confused and overwhelmed he almost falls over but he’s like “a-Ling… I have no idea what has happened here… but I’m your father. I’m Jin Zixuan. the last time I saw you was on your 100-day-celebration, and you were just a baby!”
and poor a-Ling is freaking out, shaking, and chokes out “but you DIED” and then just bursts into tears, and then Zixuan starts crying because I headcanon him as a sympathetic crier for NO REASON other than it would be so embarrassing for him, and basically yeah I don’t now where this AU would go but Jin Ling should get some really good hugs from his dad!!!
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hedgehog-moss · 22 days ago
I am 1,60m and I'm amazed a llama could jump so high! Miss Pampe could go for the Olympics.
I'm 1,62m and I've once seen Pampe jump a fence that was level with my eyes! without taking a run up or anything, she just crouched down like a puma and boing! She was on the other side. Pandolf watched her with awe.
She rarely high jumps unless she's freaked out though (like that time hunting dogs got into the pasture); when she's just in a mood to escape and go for a fun countryside walk by herself, her preferred method is to take down the fence with the power of her neck. I'm not sure I can describe it well so here's a bad finger drawing on my phone to give you an idea:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She started doing this because my first fence was made with fairly elastic material (like in this video), but then I replaced it with increasingly solid stuff and she was unstoppable. She broke wooden crossbars that were placed at perfect height for the Neck Chop; taut barbed wire got lost in her wool, never touching her skin as she lowered it with her neck to step over it; very strong electricity barely tickled her (her thick wool is a great insulator) as she pushed down on the wire until it snapped; little spikes like those pigeon deterrents were very appreciated—she happily scratched her neck on them, used the row of wooden teeth like a perfect llama-sized comb until she broke them all. As for the anti-Pampe scarecrow, she ate its wig.
In the end I figured that if the fence was as tall as her, with a wooden rail securely bolted at the top, even if she could fit her head over it she wouldn't be able to put any force behind her neck chop, and so far it seems to work. Except I haven’t quite finished installing the rails everywhere and she certainly noticed!
Tumblr media
I am hurrying.
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sticksandsharks · 10 days ago
Your designs are so cool and novel and folk-tales-y! What's the story on the hunting dogs, though? They make me shudder and I love it.
Thank you for the kind words, I'm definitely aiming for folk-tale designs, so I'm happy it carries through!
The Hunting Dogs are part of the Wolf Lord's retinue. They are a working class of the Court and help with maintaining order, taking on roles of guardsmen, watchmen, etc. They also accompany the Lord Wolf on hunts within the vast lands of the Wildercourt.
They take their jobs very seriously, but also have a playful and very passionate side to them - as expected of dogs.
I'll answer a few more Hunting Dog questions in this post!
Tumblr media
Sure, go for it! I'm glad you like the design to want to iterate on it with your own idea. :)
Tumblr media
It's hard to tell what the material is made of, but the crude form of the mask seems more of an imitation. The Hunting Dogs themselves are fond of actual dogs, and would likely find it distasteful to wear the flesh of a four-legged companion.
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popopretty · 27 days ago
BSD Chapter 93
The next part of "At the Airport" chapter.
It has been a while since we have such a long chapter (I keep thinking it has ended when it hasn't lol) so quite a lot of things have happened. We have both good news and bad news, but judging from the recent chapters, I might say this one is somewhat on the bright(?) side?
Tumblr media
Also, Jouno's ability is so cool!!
I don't speak either English or Japanese as my native language so do expect small mistakes and weird us of words. Please just let me know if you find anything you want to correct!
- Fukuchi asks Jouno why he betrayed him and Jouno says that it's because Fukuchi has taught him that the sound of people crying cannot compare with the joy he can get from protecting innocent people.
- Fukuchi attacks Jouno but Jouno activates his ability "atomization" to turn himself into a swarm of cell-sized particles that the sword cannot touch. He used this to get into the ADA's car when they were running away from the Hunting Dogs before. He plans to use that trick to escape from the gap of the door and report to Tecchou and Teruko. However, Fukuchi comes prepared. He has Aku guarding in front of the door and using his space devouring skill to block Jouno's escape.
- Jouno changes his plan and decides to escape through the pipe of the air conditioner. However just when he is about to get away, he is hit by something. He then realizes that Fukuchi has put fuel on his sword and turn it into a fire blade. Jouno's ability doesn't make him disappear, he just turns into small particles. Those small particles therefore are very weak when it comes to fire (especially when Fukuchi has the ability to x100 the power of anything he wields). If too many particles were burnt, Jouno will not be able to turn back to his original form again. So he decided to turn back once, take a hit on purpose, use his blood to put out the fire and run away again. However, that was a miscalculation, because the moment he turned back to human, he was stabbed by multiple blades, coming from various future at the same time.
- Jouno was then bitten by Akutagawa and collapsed. Before collapsing, he laughed and told Fukuchi that it might be the end for him, but it doesn't mean Fukuchi's suffering will end here. When he was being taken away by Aku, Jouno thought to himself that he didn't just notice that Fukuchi was plotting something. Back then when Tachihara was talking about the USB with Fukuchi, he did catch a very faint change in Tachihara's heartbeat. He couldn't tell what that was because Tachihara is a professional, but he is careful so he has prepared an "insurance" before coming here with Fukuchi. An opponent that Fukuchi doesn't expect, and one who is the hardest for Fukuchi to deal with.
- It is then revealed that Jouno has secretly given Aya a piece of paper telling her to follow him to the room if she believes that ADA is innocent. She does exactly that and has witnessed the story from the beginning. She decides to take a picture of Fukuchi as proof, but is found out by him. She managed to dodge one of his attacks and ran to the next room. But Fukuchi finds out right away and continue to chase her. Aya was frightened thinking she was going to die, when she suddenly realized that there is "one place" that she could hide.
- Fukuchi uses his sword to cut through the only possible hiding place in the room but Aya was nowhere to be found. He is left in shock.
And this is the end of this month's chapter. To be honest, I'm pretty surprised that Aya does play a role in this plan! And I realized that Asagiri would not just let her appear for fun. It would be hilarious if the one who defeats Fukuchi will be our Aya!
Next chapter coming out on August 4th. Thank you for reading <3
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houndsofvalinor-art · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Easterlings hunted him with dogs, but without avail; for wellnigh all the hounds of Lorgan were his friends, and if they came up with him they would fawn upon him, and then run homeward at his command.
-"Of Tuor and His Coming to Gondolin" Unfinished Tales
Tuor and his dogs friends for day seven/ freeform/ animal friendship of @tolkiengenweek .
12 x 9" watercolor, ink, salt, gouache
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mushroomplantasia · 23 days ago
BSD characters reacting the pick up lines
Tumblr media
a/n - I was thinking about gin and how she’d react to someone using a pick up line on her and so this brings us here. Why am I writing for so many people stoppp also I realised I didn’t include the guild IM SORRY I FORGOT THEY EXISTED 😭😭
Warning - HUNTING DOGS AND DECAY OF ANGELS also SUICIDE (brief mention for dazai’s bit) and KNIVES (for gin’s bit)
Fandom - Bungou Stray Dogs
Features - [ADA - Kunikida, Atsushi, Dazai, Yosano, Ranpo, Fukuzawa, Junichiro], [PM- Ryūnosuke and Gin Akutagawa, Chuuya,Kouyou, Tachihara, Hirotosu, Higuchi], [DOA - Fyodor, Sigma, Nikolai] & [Hunting dogs - Tachihara (?) Tecchou, Jouno]
Tumblr media
Armed Detective Agency
“Are you a cat because you're purrrrrrfect”
“I-um..thank you..” OR “IM NOT A CAT IM A TIGER 😾😾😾” Atsushi cries becoming a puddle. But seriously I don’t think he’d know how to react, I feel like he’d nod and brush it off cause he doesn’t think you’d ever flirt with him.
“You can’t spell suicide without u and i”
“I love you, let’s get married right now” somehow he’s already in a suit. He loves pick up lines and he loves suicide sooo…he loves you too.
“Be mine it's meow or never”
“……..” just two people standing staring at each other intensely. I don’t really get why you thought this would work but oh well, now you made things awkward.
“Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?”
“ha…are you joking or nah?” Nervously chuckles cause he likes you. Again, like Atsushi, he’s probably gonna have a hard time believing anyone likes him.
“Something's missing from my calendar. A date with you.”
“There’s something else missing from your calendar; get back to work” secretly he blushes and doesn’t stop thinking about you all day. He knows pick up lines are stupid and don’t align with his ideals BUT DAMN HE REALLY LIKES YOU.
“Is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”
“It’s a candy cane” he pulls one out and starts munching on it. You aren’t surprised, ranpo always has candy with him.
“Your face is a work of art. Let's frame it. We should frame it with my legs.”
“Say no less” she’s already got her keys so you can go home. She’s practically dragging you out, even if you aren’t actually dating.
Port Mafia
“I bet you drink lots of wine because the antioxidants are obviously doing your body really good.”
“uh yeah” you broke Chuuya. He cannot function anymore. I don’t really think Chuuya knows how to interact with people he likes so he’ll just laugh awkwardly or pretend not to get it.
“Hey, are you a knife Cuz I really want you inside me.”
“……” she doesn’t say anything but she’s blushing real hard right now. It’s gonna be on her mind all day.
“Do you happen to have a Band-Aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knees falling for you.”
“*twinkle eyes*” She’s now planning your wedding. You’ve now unlocked Higuchi, she’ll always be by your side.
“If you were a fruit, you’d be a ‘fine-apple”
“I’m not a fruit” He doesn’t get paid enough to deal with you. He’s gonna be smoking an extra pack of cigarettes because of you.
“I swear someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.”
“Thank you, you’re so sweet <3” she lets you drink some wine with her. You’ve made it into kouyou’s elite club so you should be really excited.
“Are you the mafia? Because I don't think the boss gave you permission to torture me with those good looks.”
“Rashomon” he doesn’t kill you (yet) but he does tell his sister and constantly brings it up.
“I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.”
“If you were a Transformer… you’d be Optimus Fine.” You are soulmates. He gets your a transformer car the next day and now you’re obsessed with him.
Decay of Angels
“Is your name Remy cause I want you to pull my hair all night long”
“You’re very odd” I don’t think fyodor would have time to deal with your pickup lines also he doesn’t have time for pop culture references. He’ll probably get Nikolai to explain it to him.
“If you play your cards right the highway isn't the only thing getting plowed tonight.”
“I would never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is impossible to find” like Tachihara, man is equipped with lines. He’ll most definitely like you now cause no one else responds to his foolery in the DOA
“Are you an electrician? Because you’re definitely lighting up my day/night!”
“Okay thank you” no he’s literally not gonna understand why you said that or what you meant by it. He’ll just smile and nod
Hunting Dogs
“If you were a song, you’d be the best track on the album”
“Dang shawty….” Starts playing the guitar and has a rose in his mouth. Do not question it.
“If you were a taser, you’d be set to ‘stun.’”
“I don’t get it” he doesn’t get it. You could try explaining it but that just ruins it now, doesn’t it?
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sticksandsharks · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
thanks for all the responses to and kind words about the Wildercourt visdev!! here’s a lil drawing of Tasyi and a couple apologetic Hunting Dogs from the Court.
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dwinkus · 20 days ago
there has to be some science behind autoplaying when you scroll past stuff on netflix and hulu. like it scares and confuses and angers you enough to click on something or scroll past more Content. it’s like I’m a bear in medieval times and someone is unleashing hunting dogs on me
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rabentochter · 17 days ago
Reasons Why Sylvie’s Betrayal is Imminent + why it Mightn’t be as bad as you think it is
We’re heading towards the final episode, the final countdown, and there’s already theories flying around that Sylvie might betray Loki. Here is why I think she is going to betray him and has been foreshadowed since Episode 1 (the episode is basically telling us everything that’s happening in the series, like for real).
1. Trust is for Children and Dogs
In the first episode, Loki has just been detained by the TVA and he and Mobius arrive in the Time Theatre. Loki doesn’t trust Mobius not to kill him and point out that this is a “killing-me kind of a room.”
“Not big on trust, are you?”
“Trust is for children and dog. There is only one person you can trust.”
“Yourself? I like it. Slap it on a T-shirt.”
So, on the one hand this a situation where Loki expresses his distrust towards Mobius/TVA and that he cannot trust them, on the other hand— He says it is only safe to trust himself, and that he is not a dog. While this is in character and fitting for the situation, the line gets a different, more important meaning when it gets revealed that they’re hunting another Loki.
If we skip to Episode 2, Loki confronts the other Loki Variant. One, that he could trust, according to his own words since it is a version “of himself”. But, as we all know, Sylvie says she is no Loki but Sylvie, so Loki would do well not to trust here. But remember the dog line?
They fight in the wallmarkt, Sylvie kicks Loki’s ass and dogs appear, after he offered her his hand and trust.
Tumblr media
He’s surrounded by dogs. Which might be a coincidence, but so far, nothing has been a coincidence in the show, so why would the dogs be one? The dogs are a warning sign and just a wonderful way to reference the don’t trust anyone but yourself line in episode one.
2. The Loki Theme
It is an age old problem of Loki, to betray people while he also doesn't betray them by betraying them while making sure he is on top of the game and survives.
So far, Loki betrayed himself, Mobius, he wanted to betray Sylvie, I think, but chose not to.
Episode 5 was a Mischief of Lokis betraying each other for the Throne and betraying their own words to save other Lokis (Pressing F to pay respect for Classic King Loki). There is, without doubt, a pattern to the Lokis and the theme too strong as to ignore it.
But we haven't seen a betrayal from Sylvie yet, which is interesting considering that Sylvie also is on the quest to find the solution to "What makes a Loki a Loki". We have seen her magic, sword, the Loki armour, the sass, the thirst for revenge. The betrayal is still missing though.
Can a Loki be a Loki without a betrayal?
3. The glorious purpose
All the Lokis have one. Be it to conquer Midgard, sacrificing themselves, or eat themselves, the list is big.
Loki's is this time to find himself (and become the god of stories but that's another post), and Sylvie's seems to be to end the TVA so that she can live her days out in freedom, without being hunted down like a dog.
But what if her glorious purpose includes betraying Loki to accomplish hers? After all, while Loki has given her his word not to betray her during this — there is a noticeable lack of her reciprocating that promise, which might be because maybe he has no journey of his own but two companions, facing their own worst enemy but only one gives their word not to backstab the other multiple times?
Curious, indeed.
4. Love is a Dagger Metaphor
Love is a dagger. It's a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It's beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it... dagger disappears.
Now here’s the fun thing, I don’t care whether you think what these two dorks have going on is romantic or platonic or queerplatonic, fact is that they feel some kind of love for each other. And while is full while talking about love, this is interesting.
Not only is this conversation happening with Sylvie, who is considerably less than impressed, but also is it a nice play on how their relationship evolves. First, they are far from each other, but then get closer.
They see themselves in each other, which leads to the dialogue on Lamentis-1 where Loki and Sylvie both see themselves in each other. They share a moment, causing the Nexus event.  They fight together, Loki literally bleeds on screen when they’re in the Time Keepers’ chamber before know, gets pruned.
They made plans for the After, exploring things together but—
Will they?
Because what if Sylvie does disappear, like the dagger did? And not necessarily because she dies or anything, but maybe because she betrayed Loki.
+1 Why it might not be bad if Sylvie does betray Loki
I know, it sounds ridiculous. But here is the thing, Loki’s journey is about forgiveness, self-love, and acceptance. If Sylvie’s purpose includes betraying Loki to be free of whoever wanted to see her gone and had her running for millenials, then I don’t see why she wouldn’t.
B-15 even said so herself, “She needs it.” and Loki knows all about revenge and going far, knows about Sylvie’s needs (oh that sounds interesting out of context), I don’t think he’s going to be surprised should it happen.
The most interesting thing is if Loki will forgive her for it. Ultimately, Loki has betrayed, has seen betrayal happening to others of himself, but he hasn’t experienced one himself yet. He has mellowed over the time, been put to trials and he could accept Mobius lying to him, but not lying to himself.
In Agent of Asgard, there is this remarkable panel:
Tumblr media
Loki forgiving himself/the more misguided version of himself.
I’m bringing this up, because so far, the show has done a rather remarkable job of delivering a re-interpretation of Agent of Asgard, with keeping to the same themes/topics/lending characters’ backstories to others — like Mobius being some kind of Verity Willis, Loki’s only true friend who could smell out lies, the whole god of stories vibes. But all that aside —
There’s a great possibility Sylvie will betray Loki. But not because she has been planning on doing so since the beginning but more to make good on her own glorious purpose and will do everything in her power, to achieve that too.
Loki isn’t going to learn from this that everyone he loves is betraying him, since he still has Mobius who he managed to make a fan of arson and crimes, and perhaps, still Sylvie after this where they start off on an even footing.
Sometimes, we need a fight with someone to come back stronger than we were before and that might just be the case with Loki and Sylvie.
There’s a moral in this somewhere, but I am tired.
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slytherdor-artfics · 14 days ago
My House is your Home
BNHA Hybrid fic
Summary: After finally becoming financially stable and months of your friend hounding you, you finally decide to get a hybrid. What you didn’t expect, was to adopt not 1 but 6 hybrids. Much less, did you expect to get so attached to them, as they did you. What you did know, was that you were going to not just house them, but give them a loving home.
Meet The hybrids:
Bakugo Katsuki (Pomeranian): Grew used to being the only pet and being spoiled which caused him to develop a superiority complex. After his past owners got a new hybrid they decided to return him since he would attack the other hybrid without provocation. Is often seen with Kirishima Eijiro and sometimes is followed by Midoriya Izuku.
Tumblr media
Midoriya Izuku (California Sable bunny): Was used as prey for dog hybrid hunts and is shown to have a fear of most people and dog hybrids. Also idolizes the popular Jack rabbit hybrid, Toshinori Yagi. Is often seen around Todoroki Shouto and sometimes seen around Bakugo Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shouto (Siberian Cat): Was abused by his previous owners to try make him be a submissive ‘trophy hybrid’ to show off. He always rebelled against his owners which caused them to return him. Often keeps to himself and tends to lash out on unknown humans. Is often seen around Midoriya Izuku and sometimes Bakugo Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijiro (King Shepard): Was neglected by his past owners who showed more attention to their other hybrid which created a huge onset of insecurities. These insecurities caused their owners hatred to grow and to return him to a shelter- he now strives to be the best hybrid he can be. Is incredibly happy and excitable. Is often seen around Bakugo Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Shinso Hitoshi (Ragdoll Cat): After adoption by his past owners, he was continuously verbally abused saying that he will never be a good enough hybrid. Eventually was returned when he became more recluse from his owners. Is often seen with Aizawa Shouta.
Tumblr media
Aizawa Shouta (Maine Coon Cat): Used to be a great hybrid before his previous owners killed one of his friends (Oboro- Australian Shepard dog) and started attacking the owners whenever he got the chance. Otherwise became incredibly quiet and doesn’t seek out human attention. Is often seen with Shinso Hitoshi but can be seen trying to take care of the other hybrids (Bakugo Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, and Kirishima Eijiro).
Tumblr media
I plan on having updates every Tuesday and Fridays (starting with Ch. 1 on 07/20/21), but btw I am just starting college so there might be missed updates so please stay patient with me :))
Taglist request form
Chapter 1: Ragtag team of hybrids
Chapter 2: Making Bonds
Chapter 3: Shopping! COMING SOON
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whorefordazai · a month ago
s/o who’s good at cooking
ft. dazai | akutagawa | tecchou | ranpo | jouno x gn! reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
notes: this was requested by @scul-pted and ahh i love this idea !! i think it was funny to write since i can’t cook at all 😭 hajajsj these boys deserve some good meals oh dear 0_o
Tumblr media
we all know he literally cannot cook at all.
so it’s pure chaos when he’s with you in the kitchen. pots and pans are everywhere, ingredients are sprawled out on countertops, there’s literal flour in his hair, but he’s so hellbent on making that dish 😔
“y/n, what do you think will happen if i put this tomato in the blender ◕ ◡ ◕ ?”
he’ll follow you around in the kitchen with his arms circled around your waist, practically attached to your body. “c’monnnn are you doneeee?”—“not yet T-T”
well, you would’ve been done if he hadn’t set the stove on fire a few minutes ago 😄
“oh look!”
“…wait, what’s that smell…?”
“it’s the stove on fire 😇!!”
apart from the chaos, he can actually be kinda helpful when you’re cooking. like when you’re cutting up stuff (don’t let him near the knives) he’ll bring you the veggies or spices. he’ll help you get things from hard to reach places.
he’ll probably fall asleep on your shoulder while you’re stirring the pot cuz damn helping out in the kitchen is tiring 😞
“dazai, don’t fall asleep yet. you still have to eat the food i’m making T^T…”
he presses a soft kiss on the back of your neck. “mhm. but sleepy 😴”
he might fall asleep for a bit, so when you’re done with the food, you slowly wake him up. gently tickling his cheek or patting his hair, you smile. “pspsps dazaaiii. the food’s ready ◕ ◡ ◕”
AHH HE LOVES IT SO MUCH—i mean, he’s been mainly eating canned crab and alcohol for the majority of his time, so this meal will definitely be something he’ll enjoy.
bonus points if it’s crab 😉
no one has ever made him a meal so he’s a bit flustered when you expectantly look at him with a genuine smile on your face. he’s like—AFFECTION 😦?? *dashes away*
the more you cook with him, the more he’ll start to learn. he can finally make pasta 😊!! you’re actually very proud of him for making it this far so hug him please >_< (he’ll die from becoming red <3)
Tumblr media
he doesn’t really cook either 😭
i’d like to say he’s more skilled than dazai when it comes to being calm (for the most part) when in the kitchen. the most he can do is cut up veggies and other ingredients with rashomon 🕺
i think gin does most of the cooking, as in like light baking or small meals. nothing too big or extravagant. so he knows a thing or two about it, not being completely oblivious.
his favorites are figs and tea !! but he hates beans and mandarin LMAO
he’ll definitely be surprised and weirded out when you first decide to cook for him.
“ryu, i’m gonna make you a meal ^o^”
“…a what ಠ~ಠ”
hajsjs he’s a bit skeptical at what you’re planning, because he’s really picky when it comes to food. gin has been the only one cooking for him—so why would he suddenly enjoy the meals you make?
but since you’re his s/o, he’ll silently watch and let you do it anyways 😒
he’s literally speechless when you walk up to him with a plate of fig cake in your hand. his face is like 😯✨
AJSJS and when he takes a bite of it, you can see the slight sparkle in his eyes cuz it’s the best goddamn fig cake he’s ever had in his lifeeeee
from then on, he’s not that hesitant about you cooking—and you actually make pretty good food but he’ll never admit that T-T
“ryu, try this dish i made!”
“what? no.”
“but it’s your usual favorite…?”
“NO 😡”
(he’s actually going to sneak into the kitchen at 4am when you’re sleeping to try the food. never confront him about that please 🕺)
Tumblr media
he’s so pretty heLP
he definitely doesn’t have much experience with colored and a variety of foods. after all, he’s a hunting dog and i’m assuming the military doesn’t serve gourmet dishes everyday T^T
so when he finds out you’re really good at cooking, he’s like “oh cool 👍” but that’s only because he hasn’t tasted your wonderful cooking skills ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
one day he’s just minding his own business when he smells something…something strange…unfamiliar territory 🤔
it’s you cooking 🤗
“umm…what are you doing 0_o?” he’s only asking because he literally has no idea what that mouth watering scent is.
“oh, cooking! i’m almost done.”
he doesn’t really have a strong opinion, mostly because he kinda trusts you to make something that won’t poison him.
honestly, even if you do make something poisonous, he won’t mind because he’ll just simply give to jouno for him to eat 😈
dude once he gets a bite of your food, he’s done for. i’m talking moan worthy flavor right there and hitting the spot 🤞 you’ve probably leveled up his taste buds or something.
“oh this tastes…amazing 😓!!”
you smile in approval, animated tears falling out your eyes T^T
“do you think i can give some of this to the ants outside? i think they’ll quite enjoy this.”
Tumblr media
even tho he prefers sweets over anything, he loves your cooking just for the simple fact that he gets spoiled by you T-T
he’ll sit in the dining table like a child with both spoon/forks in his hand and a handkerchief by his chest waiting for you to bring his meal. that sounds so bad omg hajsjjs 😭
but once he tastes your food, he can’t stop the compliments that spill from his mouth. like, wow?? who let you make such good shit?? he’s a bit appalled and to why he’s never tasted it before.
btw—after tasting your food, he won’t ever try anyone else’s. kunikida will bring a home cooked meal for everyone in the agency to try and he’ll be like “no 🤚 if y/n didn’t make it, i won’t try it.”
you’ve got him addicted to your cooking now.
does he help out in the kitchen? not really definitely no, but he tries !!
he’ll sit on the counter top and eat your ingredients before you shoo him away from the kitchen. just imagine trying to make him go away by leaving trails of candy all the way back to the bedroom.
he knows you’re trying to distract him but since you’re doing it with candy, he won’t complain—
this is maybe spoilers: but your cooking reminds him of when his mother used to cook for him so he actually really loves it regardless of all the teasing he does :)
you’ve seen him tearing up a bit because of that so you just bring him in your arms, pat his hair, and press a kiss on his forehead >_<
Tumblr media
he hasn’t cooked a single meal in his life before.
cooking? homemade meals? actually putting in the effort to feed yourself nutrients? ha, how weak you are.
he actually doesn’t know how to put together ingredients to make a meal
so when he sees you making meals, he’ll be a bit intrigued. he’ll slither into the kitchen like a ghost, walk up behind you, and tap your shoulder, making you jump. “whatcha doing 😊?”
“cooking a meal !”
“…for who 🤨?”
he doesn’t know why you’re making food for the both of you since he already eats take out and some military packaged meals so he’s a bit confused. no one has ever cooked for him before??
he can actually smell every single ingredient you’re putting in the dish so he’ll call you out. shouting out random things like: *sniff* “oregano!” *sniff* “salt!” *sniff* “tomatoes!” *sniff* “carrots!”
“how the hell do you smell carrots—??”
once you’ve prepared the dish and it’s in front of him, he’ll just kinda sit there and continue smelling it. he’s not sure if he wants to eat it or not.
“aren’t you going to try the meal i made?”
“i think smelling it is making me full already 😇”
“that’s not how it works—”
SO you’ll have to physically shove it in his mouth (i know it sounds sadistic okay, but he’ll never try it on his own). grabbing his face, you’ll take the spoon and shove it in his mouth while he’s trying to run away.
“it tastes good, right?”
“…maybe ಠ~ಠ”
yes. yes it tastes amazing. it’s literally the best thing he’s ever had in his life. will never ever complain about you cooking again 😎!!
Tumblr media
tag list: @viintom-exe @starglow-xx @dazaianti @asthepetalsdance @pickleisrandom @its-chuuya-bitch @ijustwantfreenetflix @atsushisgf @the-wholesome-ranpo @missshrek @todorokichills @astreankitsune @spoopy-fish-writes @fyodamn @missrown @trashykawahq @scul-pted @gogolyouwhat @jessbeinme15 @bakajinko @ranposlover @shadyteacup @mushroomplantasia @internetkilledtheroxstar @fashionablyfailing12 @chuuyasboots @bsdparadise @alittlesimp @requiem626k @smadhuman-animebitch @bsdwhore @3-am-depression @diary-of-a-poltergeist @mars-w0rld @rirk-ke @knjksj0301 @kyoks @kiyokoxd @coveringthebiconissue @hanazou
Tumblr media
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peashooter85 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
German dog headed hunting hanger, late 18th century
from Czerny's International Auction House
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weaver-z · a month ago
do you think fanfiction is a lesser form of media
Not inherently. I've read a lot of incredible fanfiction that, frankly, deserves a spot on any library or bookstore shelf.
That being said, fanfiction faces the same issue as, say, those cheap-ass erotica books on Amazon that my friends and I hunt for to giggle about on calls: fanfiction has zero quality control unless quality control is actively sought. Beta readers exist and are often used by better, more experienced writers, but as far as I can tell, most authors (like, I will admit, myself) do not use them for fanfiction out of laziness, confidence in our work, or both.
I am sure that I would find at least one wonderfully-written self-published erotica book on Amazon if I hunted and scoured the site like a hunting dog, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of novels (even mediocre ones) that go through the rigmarole of the publishing process are simply better-quality than the majority of works of fanfiction, taking far more effort and planning.
I say this as someone who has written well-received fanfiction: the effort I put into my fanfiction is not the same as the effort I put into my original work. I enjoy writing fanfiction because the scaffolding of the existing worldbuilding is there for me to use as I please, allowing me to skip the characterization already covered in the original text to move on to my own interpretations of the story's themes and characters. That's great, and I love it, but I do firmly believe that writing my own (original) work is more time-consuming, mentally engaging, and rewarding due to the extra effort I have to put in to establish the world and characters.
To be frank, I really hate the way you phrased this question with your hackles raised, asking if I think fanfiction is a "lesser" form of media. I doubt you expected or wanted a good-faith response, but here it is.
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darkwood-sleddog · 3 months ago
It is increasingly concerning to me to see more and more “sustainable” and “cruelty free” food alternatives & legislation that aims to ensure that small farmers cannot raise and/or hunt their own food. So many of these alternatives focus on corporate sold/lab made foods and legislation that will ensure only large corporations are the only ones that can afford to keep producing food.
Food is a human right. You should not have to pay a massive corporation to be able to eat. Legislation that makes it harder for poor people to keep and raise their own livestock is harmful. Legislation that excludes indigenous peoples from their native hunting lands & food species is harmful.
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whorefordazai · a month ago
Hello!~ This is for when your requests open back up again, but can I request separate hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, Tecchou, and maybe Jouno with an s/o who got their/her COVID vaccine? I got mine and my arm hurts so baddddd 😭😭😭
s/o getting their covid vaccine
ft. dazai | chuuya | tecchou | jouno x gn! reader
genre: fluff, comedy
warnings: mentions of needles (?)
notes: sorry this is so late bae, but i’m glad you took one for the team and got the vaccine 😭 i did too and my arm hurt like a bitch omg >_< also, first time writing for the hunting dogs so hope it isn’t too ooc !! i feel like these are too short, so i’m sorry about that !!
Tumblr media
first, he pretends to be proud of you for getting it.
some people are suspicious of what’s in the vaccine, and others are just completely uninterested.
but there’s no way in hell he’ll be getting the vaccine with you 😭
he’ll make up excuse like “I’M AFRAID OF NEEDLES HOW COULD YOU EVEN SUGGEST THAT—🙀” and “sorry, darling. my immune system isn’t strong enough to support the vaccine’s…ingredients 😕”
anyways, he’ll come with you to give you support. he’ll offer to hold your hand while the doctor gives you the shot. if you oppose to it, he’ll be so offend oml.
“dazai, you don’t need to hold my hand. i’m not exactly a kid, you know 0_0”
*cue disbelief face*
“HUH?? am i not allowed to hold your hand anymore? what, am i embarrassing you 🤨? are you afraid i’ll look like your father—”
bonk him.
but if you do let him hold your hand, he’s 100% (0%) serious about it. intensely looking at the needle being inserted into your arm, he’ll have a straight face. after the doctor leaves, he’s a whole different story. you watch him with “i’m so over this” eyes as he pretends to hyper ventilate and fall over.
“dazai, are you okay—”
“but i’m the one who got the shot 😶”
“SO?? it gave me ptsd. whatever shall i do.”
he flops onto your lap like a pool noodle, wrapping his arms around your waist and clinging to your chest. you roll your eyes, patting his hair. “well i suppose you can stay here -_-”
when you get home and your arms starts hurting, he immediately looks around for any pain killers and makes you take them. you’ll probably get a fever and he kinda has no clue on how to manage that—so he asks for advice from yosano.
if you do end up getting a fever, he’ll try to make you canned soup <33 and he’ll make sure to feed you more medicine until it passes.
but don’t be fooled, he’s in bed with you the whole time 😭 doesn’t matter if you say “dazai, you’ll catch this fever too !!” cuz he’s under the covers, his cold body attached to your warm one. “mhm, i don’t care. you’re warm >_<”
cute, very cute.
but he ends up catching your fever too 😆 so now you’re both sick <3
Tumblr media
he tries to be responsible and get the vaccine, he really does.
he won’t suggest it at first, but if you say you’re gonna go get it, he’ll reluctantly nod his head and be like “yeah, yeah. whatever. it’s just a shot. i’ve done worse.”
after he watches you get your vaccine, it’s his turn. and he’s perfectly fine, totally acting mature. but that’s only until he gets home 😭
cuz damn his arm hurts so much.
“is…is your arm hurting too…😶?”
he’s trying to downplay the pain but pls he really can’t. he’ll try to comfort you if your arm hurts tho. for some reason, he’s fully prepared for this.
like he has medicine, heating pads, ice packs, blankets—wilderness survival type of shit
chuuya gets sick a lot (even tho he tries really hard not to 😭) so expect a lot of whining from him. he becomes a whole ass toddler when he gets that fever oh lord. his body is burning up.
he’ll wake you up in the dead of night, slowly tugging your shirt.
“y/n…y/n, babe…wake up…”
you turn your head to see chuuya sitting by your side, he’s shirtless; only wearing pajama pants. body glistening with a thin layer of sweat. a look of concern grows on your face. “what’s wrong, chu?”
before he can say anything, he flops onto the bed, unable to stay up. you blink a few times.
“HUH?? are you okay? what’s wrong with you?”
“i…i think i’m sick.”
yeah, he is. so now you’re stuck taking care of a sick chuuya ☺️
his body is all hot, he’s shivering. his hair is slightly damp, so you start to fan it with the nearest magazine you can find.
sick chuuya is a baby.
he’ll come up behind you, tug on the hem of your shirt and rub his sleepy eyes. you’ll turn around to witness his adorable pose.
“aw, chu—what’s the matter 🥺?”
“i threw up on your pillow.”
Tumblr media
he’s kinda neutral about it, doesn’t have a strong opinion on whether you should take it or not. he’ll take it with you tho 😭
after he gets it and his arm starts hurting, he’ll complain. but it’s not your usual complaining—more like:
“ow. ow, my arm. my arm hurts. y/n, my arm is hurting o_o”
“WELL, tecchou. maybe you should’ve taken my advice and not gone outside in the hot sun to watch ants, hm??”
“but…ants 🐜 >_<…”
jouno will tease the fuck outta him 😭 and you too, you’re not at mercy. he’ll be like “HAH! look—he can’t even do push ups anymore. what a weakling 😈”
and tecchou’s ego gets a little hurt, so he ends up showing jouno he can do push-ups by letting the blind bat sit on his back while he does the exercise.
turns out it was just an evil plan to manipulate tecchou into doing jouno’s bidding i—😭
but now pretty boys arm is in so much pain :(( so please take care of him or something cuz this man won’t accept the help at first. he’ll play it off cool, acting like it doesn’t hurt.
but once he does except help, he’ll fall asleep on your shoulder ;)
Tumblr media
you’re not immune from his ruthless teasing at all lmaoo 😭
if you’re complaining about the pain, he’ll try to hold in a laugh by dramatically clamping his mouth with his hand—but then cackle 😭
if you get mad over that, he’ll simply sling an arm over your shoulder, pull you in close and press a kiss on your forehead to let you know he’s just mostly kidding around :)
this guy doesn’t know how to take care of someone, so don’t expect much. he’ll probably shove a few pain killers in your mouth if you say it hurts. then he’ll kiss you, pat your head, and then go on about his day.
he’ll be super protective of you tho, but it’ll be very subtle. it’s not like him to be attached to someone so if you’re sick, he keeps you safe in his room <3 you’re his little prisoner <3
if you’re too sick to even sit up and eat something, he’ll feed you.
yeah, THAT’S RIGHT. i said jouno will help spoon feed you 🤫 you think he wants to do it? definitely not. but will he let you starve? definitely not hahajsj
so he’ll reluctantly wake you up with soft pats and help you sit up. then he’ll bring a spoon full of soup up to your lips and be like “sip 😐”
“aw, is jouno actually caring about someone for once 🥺?” you’ll tease him. he’s almost at his breaking point LMAO pls
“say ‘aahh’ the airplane is coming !!” he teases you back. if you pout, he doesn’t care, he’ll shove the spoon in anyway so that now at least you’re pouting with food in you.
even tho you guys are pestering and teasing each other all day, it’s actually a very sweet experience omg 😭<33
Tumblr media
tag list: @uwu-monster101 @viintom-exe @starglow-xx @dazaianti @asthepetalsdance @pickleisrandom @its-chuuya-bitch @ijustwantfreenetflix @atsushisgf @coveringthebiconissue @the-wholesome-ranpo @missshrek @todorokichills @astreankitsune @spoopy-fish-writes @fyodamn @missrown @trashykawahq @scul-pted @gogolyouwhat @jessbeinme15 @ranposlover @shadyteacup @mushroomplantasia @dazais-belladona @fashionablyfailing12 @dazailiones @chuuyasboots @bsdparadise @alittlesimp @requiem626k @smadhuman-animebitch @bsdwhore @3-am-depression @14th-century-homosexual-spirit @mars-bakery-shop @rirk-ke @knjksj0301 @kyoks @kiyokoxd
Tumblr media
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quarkmaster · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
The Mother of Huskies
Birthday gift for the Mother of Huskies herself.
Steve Wang
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sticksandsharks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
my characters Lotte (the girl) and Veles (the “dog”) from a tabletop game I’m playing.
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