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John Thomas Painting Contractor talks about his recent projects and his service offerings in OC

John Thomas Painting Contractor talks about his recent projects and his service offerings in OC

John Thomas (​), our Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor, talks about his recent projects including painting mobile homes & professional offices like dentist’s offices. John can be reached at (714) 343-6132 for a quick proposal.
John Thomas
Thomas Painting

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Infrastructure 6:30 AM
Huntington Beach, California

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The Cheese Board Orange County

Beyond stoked to have opened up my very own small business! It would mean the world to me If you guys could give my business’s Instagram a follow & possibly even a share! I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time & I am finally putting the step forward to accomplishing It! … . 



Made to order.

Pictured Is our 11x8 “The Classic” box which includes 3 Gourmet Cheeses + 2 Curated Meats for only $35! Just perfect for any small gatherings or picnic!

  • Delivery Only.
  • DM on Instagram @ TheCheeseBoard.OC or Email us on
  • Delivery Fee + on delivery range. 

Manifesting nothing but blessings not just for me, but for all of us!  ♡ If you have any questions feel free to contact me on here or any of my social media platforms. I would love to cater your next event! 

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Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet SC.

Murrells Inlet is home to the “largest and most comprehensive collection of American figurative sculpture” in the US. It’s South Carolina’s seafood capital. Its state park is one of the top bird-watching areas on the East Coast. Not to mention its beautiful beaches.

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An early morning walk out on the Huntington Beach pier- a place I usually feel very much at home. This is walking distance from my actual home, but we haven’t walked out here since the stay-at-home began. Too crowded and too many without masks most of the time lately, but we thought pre-7am (after dropping off son @work) might be better. Still some without masks but much easier to avoid them. Felt pretty good to be out over the water again. For @myprettycharmedlife - where do we feel at home? . #beadmas2020 #beadmashome

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