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Do you think there's a symbolic reason as to why she chose purple as her main color? Or does she just really like purple?

I did talk about this a while ago, so I’m going to link an old ask on here because I really like what I wrote then:

But yeah, there’s both a meaning and she also just really likes purple. I mean it’s a neat colour.

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Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) / Catwoman (Selina Kyle) - Catwoman (1997) #51-52

I forgot to add this to my previous post of random recommendations. It’s a really nice team-up between Helena and Selina. I don’t think there’s a lot of them in comics, at least not very long ones. As a bonus, the art throughout the these issues is very beautiful and I really like how Helena’s costume looks.

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Originally posted by dinah-lance

gif not mine (but I love it sooooo much, she’s such a cutie)

This was requested by - emofairygayhey i was wondering if you could write something with helena bertinelli about where the fem reader (who’s dating helena) has anger issues like way worse than helena and she snaps and just complaining screams at her friends and says a bunch of stuff and like just completely loses it and helena is the only one that can calm her also sorry if this makes absolutely no sense lmao 

I hope you like this even though I changed the request a little and also everyone else too :)

italic text - Y/N’s Thoughts

Word Count - 910

Warnings - A Few Swear Words 

It wasn’t exactly a secret that Helena Bertinelli had a bit of a rage issue. The entire Birds knew it, including Harley. So one of the many reasons why she adores and loves you so much is how patient and good you were with her when she did get a little too angry. Like a time when she came home after a more stressful night than usual, she stormed into the apartment muttering something under her breath. Turns out, Dinah had been playfully messing with Helena again. 

“Helena, what’s wrong?” you said glancing up from your book 

“Nothing” Helena again mumbled, frustration and anger clearly laced in her voice as she walked into our shared bedroom. About a minute of silence before Helena’s voice broke it “You know what this is don’t you?” She said after she walked out the bedroom holding her crossbow 


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Do you think Helena will ever ride into the sunset and retire or will the end of her war come from dying in battle?

I like to think that she does retire eventually. I mean a big part of her character is her love for children, so I’d like that at some point in her story she gets to settle down with a good guy and have kids together… and leave Huntress behind. I don’t like the idea of her dying in battle. It’s too dark and ruins what her character stands for. She’s always been a survivor, even against the most impossible of odds. So it would be a disservice to her character if her story would end with her dying in a fight.

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Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) - Random readings (not necessarily in chronological order)

  • The Batman Chronicles #1 (1995)
  • JLA #32 (1999)
  • Batman: Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma (1998)
  • Batman: No Man’s Land #0 (1999)

Just a few random reads of Helena that I enjoy and I think you guys might enjoy too. They’re ranging from well-known to not as well known as far as Huntress stories go, but nonetheless they are very good reads and they really do a good job at capturing the character of Helena.

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I loooove the Birds of Prey at the airport!!! Could u maybe do BoP proposing?? Thx!!❤️

So I’m going to use s/o for “significant other” and then you can decide who they’re proposing to (x reader, canon characters, ocs, whatever your vibe is)

Harley: She isn’t really one for getting married, but if she were to propose it wouldn’t really be premeditated. Her and her s/o just blew something up, or just managed to lose their pursurers after doing something illegal, and she would swing her arm around her s/o’s shoulders and be like “we should get married.” She didn’t have a ring so she just pulled off one of the ones she was wearing and was like “take this.” Absolutely nothing changes about their relationship. They still live together in a cluttered, maximalist flat. They never actually got *legally* married but one of the wedding gifts was a forged marriage certificate.

Helena: I could maybe see her getting proposed to, but if she was the proposer: Watched romance movies to prepare. Read a bunch of Buzzfeed lists about the perfect proposal. Bought a nice, classic ring. Practiced her proposal in the mirror. Wrote her proposal on her arm so she wouldn’t forget it. Washed her proposal off her arm so her s/o wouldn’t notice. she didn’t kneel when she proposed, she just sorta was like “hey I have something for you” and handed the ring in the box to her s/o who opened it and was like “is this…” and Helena was like “yea it’s a wedding ring.” They struggled with getting legally married, because according to the government refuses to believe Helena is alive. 

Dinah: Went to an antique shop for a lamp, came out with a ring. And also the lamp. She’s responsible like that. She wound up carrying the ring around for a few weeks because the moment kept not feeling totally right, or something would come up. Anyway, her s/o was like “let’s go out to dinner” and Dinah was like “I am going to propose @ this dinner. I must.” They get there and Dinah’s s/o proposes to her. And Dinah’s like. What. How. Dinah pulls out her ring and does her proposal too, and her and her s/o then proceed to enjoy a lovely dinner together. The double proposal becomes one of their running in-jokes.

Renee: She isn’t really a romantic, but she’s willing to give it a try. I could see her doing some sort of living together arrangement without marriage? She has a ring that’s been in her family, and she’s going to do something nice and fancy for her s/o, but she realizes that isn’t really for either of them, and she winds up doing her proposal while they both eat alcoholic ice cream in pool chairs one hot summer day.

Asks are open! An ask is all I ask for!

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Earth 2: Society #18

  • Writer - Dan Abnett
  • Penciller - Bruno Redondo
  • Cover - Bruno Redondo & Alejandro Sanchez

“The Final Fate of Earth 2″ Part 2

The Wonders explore this strangely blank world that Fury has apparently created using the Pandora Casket, but they keep being attacked by legions of Sandmen. “Cohesion” is imminent, but will the Wonders live through whatever that is?

Batman, his son, and the Huntress lead off this story with some nice character moments. Dick and John are still getting used to each other and trying to figure out what their relationship is going to be.  Helena is also trying to find what part she might play as well.  The others are mostly focused on the mystery of the world and what’s happening.  It’s a cool mystery that I’m intrigued by.

Redondo’s art makes the Sandmen feel very creepy and threatening - mostly due to the fact that there are a seemingly endless number of them.  The masked faces and silent attacks make them all the more enigmatic.  Their black costumes also stand out against the stark white backgrounds making that threat more distinct.

A cool chapter in this story!

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So, I finally watched Birds of Prey (I know, I know I haven’t had the time and then the ‘rona showed up so I couldn’t hit the theater), but that meant I could watch it on my steaming device, yay early access! 

As a whole, I actually really liked it! Very Fem-strong, and with a name like ‘The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn’ I totally expected that. (Also a female director, so the entire thing was backed by a plethora of woman, I am totally not complaining)

Loved the interactions between characters, Huntress was awkward and deadly, which honestly, I can relate to. Black Canary was gorgeous, and a bad-ass to boot. I’m now officially in love with this iteration of Harley Quinn, but I will say I didn’t like how Renee Montoya was subjected to a lot of slap-stick humor moments, and to me it just felt like they were wasting a good character. 

Also, one last thing, I have never before in my life laughed so damn hard at the demise of a villain. Roman Sionis was a power hungry control freak with a pension for cutting faces and humiliating people, so honest he got what he deserved. But it was so sudden? Like, I felt like it was rushed, and maybe that’s what the director was going for, but oh my God, I had to pause the movie because I was dying, then I had to rewind it because I just could not believe that it happened. 

All in all, I loved this movie! Thank you for coming to my impromptu movie review, and please forgive my insolence for not having seen it sooner, lmao.

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All I can think of is your yandere huntress drabble; pls, what would happen if one day down the road of their kidnapping, her little darling wakes up during one of her secret late night “cuddle” sessions (nsfw?))

Ooh that’s a good one!


Anna had slipped her fingers in minutes ago, savoring your warmth and causing you to moan softly in your sleep. She smiled as you buck your hips in your sleeping. You enjoyed her! The moaning got louder as you finally orgasmed. She grinned even wider. You were so cute!

Your eyes flutter open. You feel her thick fingers in your hole. You jerk back and she looks sup in surprise.

“You’re supposed to be sleeping.”

“How long?” You shake.

“Not long.”

“No how long?!”

“A week.”


“I love you.”

“Stop.” Tears fill your eyes.


“I dont care if you keep me prisoner here, but you won’t touch me without my permission!” You shriek, face red.

“You’re mine.” She loomed over you and you shook. “Dont forget it.”

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Just trying to figure out wardrobes for my DCSHG customs. My eraser is so crappy. In order: Huntress, Renee Montoya, Batwoman, and Zatanna.

I found a few promising ebay listings for Barbie clothes, but I’m going to have to dig my mom’s childhood Barbie out of storage to do size comparisons, since I somehow didn’t bring a single Barbie with me when I came down here? Got one Barbie head, I think.

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I love your blog!!! Do you have headcanons for huntress and Dinah becoming closer after BOP? They’re so cute in the final scene
  • So, Helena has just inherited her crazy family fortune and is Very Wealthy, but all she’s done her whole life is Revenge Things
  • And one of the Birds made a pop culture reference and Helena didn’t know it and that’s how they figured out she didn’t really know how to live her life without this whole revenge thing
  • And they have list of things they’re working through to teach her about 
  • And Dinah needed a place to stay one night because her a/c stopped working
  • And she went over to Helena’s nice two-bedroom apartment
  • And Dinah was like “there’s nothing here. you have no decor. how.”
  • So they wound up on a trip around Gotham to Dinah’s favorite vintage decor stores
  • And Helena was like “this is…fun.” cause she hasn’t really done much shopping
  • so basically Dinah introduced her to the idea of shopping for pleasure
  • and the novelty wore off eventually
  • but Helena LOVED seeing Dinah’s favorite stores
  • Cause it let her get to know her better
  • And Dinah loved watching Helena try new things
  • like vintage jeans
  • and cinnamon cereal
  • (Harley introduced Helena to Sal’s egg breakfast sandwiches too, but thats a whole other post)
  • Anyway
  • The Birds may have technically been a crime-fighting unit, but they were also a social group
  • and Helena and Dinah were especially close
  • Anyway, Helena wound up being kind of a prankster sometimes,
  • and once she got pop culture her pranks got REALLY GOOD
  • One time she told Dinah all about this dinner she was gonna take her on that was gonna be “the authentic Italian experience” 
  • and Helena picked Dinah up and they both were really dressed up
  • and Helena took her to Olive Garden
  • And partway through the meal Helena pulled out this MASSIVE tote bag she’d folded up and hid in her fancy little clutch bag
  • and they filled it up with about 400 breadsticks
  • And Helena and Dinah were both too polite to run so they just stayed and finished their food
  • and when the waitress was like “how is everything?”
  • they were like “great” :)
  • and there’s just this massive bag of breadsticks sitting next to them

It’s a little goofy, but it’s late where I am so

My asks are open! An ask is all I ask for!

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