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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
The Not-So-New Girl: Spencer Reid Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: In which the team realizes Spencer has known the new agent a little longer than they thought.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 3.3K
The alarm on my phone rang violently into the peaceful morning, waking me from my sleep. I groaned as I reached for it on the nightstand, squinting as it's bright blue light hurt my eyes. Once I saw the time, I quickly sat up. It was a little later than I'd originally planned on waking up, but thankfully I hadn't slept in too much longer.
I looked over to the other side of the bed, where Spencer still slept peacefully. I gently shook his shoulder.
"Spence. Spence!"
He grunted in response, tightly squeezing his eyes shut in an effort to force himself back to sleep.
"We slept through the alarm."
"Y/n/n it's still super early." He said as he sat up, rubbing his eyes and realizing trying to go back to sleep was useless.
I got up and start moving around the room, making sure all my clothes were laid out in a nervous sort of way. Spencer just watched, talking in my movements and habits.
"I really don't know why you're nervous." He said. "The team is gonna love you."
"I know." I said. "Well I mean, that's at least what you say. And Agent Hotchner said the same thing at the end of my interview. But what if they don't? What if I don't fit in? I haven't met any of them yet except JJ, and the only things I know about them are from the stories you've told me. And what if I'm not any good at this? Sure I went through all the courses and did well on all the tests but that doesn't compare to being out in the field."
"I know." He said, swinging his feet off the bed and walking over to me and placing his hands on my shoulders, rubbing soothing circles with his thumbs. "But JJ loves you, you know that. And I know you two have been getting really close recently. I promise you that everyone is gonna love you."
"But what about us? They don't know we're together."
"It won't make a difference. Honestly they'll probably all be shocked I managed to get a girlfriend." I laughed, and Spencer smiled.
"Besides, we both told Hotch we're together and he knows, and he's ok with that. As far as people at the BAU go, isn't that all that matter?"
I nodded. "Yeah I guess so."
"Don't worry." He said. "You're gonna be a great profiler. I'm so proud of you."
I nodded. "Thank you Spence." Spencer leaned down and placed a gentle kiss to my lips.
"We better start getting ready." He said. I nodded.
We both went into the bathroom to brush our teeth, side by side as we did almost every morning. We both spit the foamy toothpaste into the sink and dried our mouths once we were done, and Spencer left me to do my hair and makeup with a quick kiss on the cheek. He let me have the bathroom and he did his hair at our dresser.
I did my hair in a side braid to try and combine class and practicality, which I'm pretty sure is the definition of BAU fashion. I did my makeup as I usually did, which wasn't much. Just enough to look a little more put together than I would without it, like a finishing touch.
By the time I emerged from the bathroom, I could tell Spencer had already finished getting ready by the fact he had already left the room and I could smell coffee being made in the kitchen.
I looked at my outfit, one of the few new outfits I had bought for my new position in the BAU. Today's was a black blazer, light grey-almost silver silk button down, and grey and black plaid pants. Very Olivia Benson if I said so myself. I was very grateful for the BAU's more relaxed dress code than that of counterterrorism's.
Ever since I'd gotten out the academy and assigned to counterterrorism, is always known I wanted to be a profiler. Even before I met Spencer, I knew that was my goal. But after I met Spencer, I had someone to push me to that goal. Even before we started dating, which didn't happen until about four months after we'd met, he encouraged me to take the classes.
I cried the day I got the phone call from Strauss telling me I'd been hired. Spencer was so excited that we'd be working together and finally get to spend more time with each other, and I was thrilled to finally get out of counterterrorism where I did a lot of desk work.
Spencer and I had met almost a year ago. I had bumped into him while getting lunch for everyone in my office while he was doing the same for everyone in his. While we waited, we struck up a conversation in which we both made the realization we only worked a floor away from each other and had never met each other. He gave me his card before he left, and it was the start of a great friendship. After a few weeks of getting to know each other I'd fallen hard, and thankfully he had too.
We've been dating now for almost eight months, and I'd moved in to his apartment after I got the job at the BAU so we could go to work together and to be closer to Quantico since we could get a call at any hour.
I looked in the mirror once my outfit was on. I looked and felt good as I slid on my black heeled boots and slipped my favorite gold necklace on over my head. I spritzed on some perfume and secured my watch tightly around my wrist before hearing my phone ding with a notification. It was a text from JJ.
JJ I'm so excited for your first day! You're gonna do great! I'll see you in a bit!😘
I smiled at the text, sending her a quick thank you and heart emoji. JJ, aside from Hotch, was the only person that knew about Spencer and I's relationship. Once we had decided we were serious about each other, he wanted me to meet his best friend (besides me) and her husband as well as his godson Henry. They had immediately accepted me, and I had gained an amazing friend in JJ. She was another person who had been there to push me in my last few weeks of courses.
I took one last look in the mirror before stepping into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee before we left.
Spencer's back was facing the coffee machine as I nervously stepped closer to him, me boots echoing against the floor. He quickly turned to see me, and his eyes seemed to light up and his face soften as he saw me.
"Wow." He said.
"Do I look ok?" I asked, biting my lip nervously. I held onto my blazer and tried to stand up a little straighter.
"You look amazing." He said. "And that suits you way more than what you used to wear to counterterrorism."
I laughed as he held my coffee out to me, which I gratefully walked over and grabbed. I sat down on one of the stools at the kitchen island, happy we had a few minutes before we needed to head in.
"Are you excited?" Spencer asked as he sat down on the stool next to me. I could tell he was gauging to see if my nerves from earlier had gotten any better.
I nodded with a smile. "Yeah."
"Still nervous?"
I nodded again and repeated my answer from before, just a little quieter.
"Don't be." He said, summarizing his words from earlier.
"So..." I said. "About our relationship, are we gonna tell everyone?"
"I think we should just let what happens happens. Have a little fun." Spencer said with a smirk.
I laughed. "Ok. This should be good."
We both took the last sips of our coffee and Spence places our mugs in the sink. It felt like he was rushing us out a little early, but that was one of the last things on my mind. We grabbed our bags, phones, and guns and I grabbed my box of things from my old desk.
"Here, I got your go-bag." Spencer said as he grabbed it from where I had left it next to his by the door. I smiled gratefully at him and headed out to his car to make the drive to Quantico.  
Once we arrived we grabbed my things,  Spence still packing my go-bag and made our way up to sixth floor, and I had to admit it felt weird to not be stopping at the floor below. My nerves increased as the elevator made its way closer to my new floor.
"Hey." Spencer said, noticing my tenseness. "Breathe."
I smiled softly and closed my eyes, doing as he said. As soon as they were opened again, a soft ding would be heard, signaling our arrival. Spencer quickly placed a kiss to my cheek before the door opened.
"Remember you'll need to go see Hotch again." He reminded me. I nodded. I could see through the glass doors the only other people in the office were Hotch and JJ, as well as who I could only assume was David Rossi in his office.
JJ's head immediately looked up from what she was doing when she heard us enter, and a large grin broke out onto her face as she saw who it was.
"Hey guys!" She said as she made her way to us. She gave Spencer a hug first before turning to me. She gave me a tighter squeeze than she had given him, no doubt a form of reassurance.
"I'm so excited you're here." She said to me. "You look great."
I nodded. "Me too, and thank you!"
"You guys are here pretty early." She said, looked at Spencer.
"I thought getting here a little early might help with Y/N's nerves. She's been a little anxious all morning." He said.
I shot him a glare for revealing that, which made JJ laugh.
"Ahh. I get it, but you'll be fine." She said once she had stopped.
"I hope so." I said. She put a hand on my arm and rubbed it affectionately.
"I think Hotch is waiting to see you to go over a few more things. He's in his office whenever you're ready. You can leave your stuff by my desk." JJ said.
"Thank you." I said, setting my things. Spencer put my go-bag down as well. I nervously looked over at Spencer.
"Go." He said gently with a little smile, nodding in the direction of the office. He placed a quick peck to my forehead before I left he and JJ to themselves and made my way up the stairs. I knocked on the door. "It's open." I heard Agent Hotchner's voice day from the inside.
I opened the door and tentatively stepped inside, causing him to look up from his paperwork. His head jerked up, and his face softened almost into a smile as he saw me.
"Ahh Y/n." He said, standing and coming around his desk. He extended his hand out for a shake.
"Agent Hotchner." I said as I shook his hand.
"Please, everyone on the team just calls me Hotch." I smiled at his statement.
"Hotch." I said as he gestured to the seat in front of his desk.
"Welcome to your first day." He said. "At the moment we don't have a case, but you know how quickly that can change, so you can hopefully spend the day getting acquainted with the office and the rest of the team. I know they'll be excited to meet you. I just need to go over a few more things with you."
I nodded as Hotch went through explaining a few things he now needed to tell me since I was officially a BAU agent. As he spoke, I could see the rest of the team coming in through his office  window. I saw a tall, dark skinned man come in with a woman in bright neons next to him. I knew that they had to be Derek and Garcia. He went over to his desk and she joined him, rolling a chair over.
Another woman soon entered with silky jet black hair. Since I knew in one way or another everyone else I assumed she was Emily Prentiss, the fascinating daughter of a diplomat with previous ties to Interpol.
An older man soon descended the stairs after exiting the office next door to Hotch's, and I knew this was David Rossi from having read his books over the years. I watched as the all talked and joked with each other, and it was obvious how well everyone fit together.
I hadn't realized I had fully turned my head to looking out the window until I heard a voice say, "I think you'll be a good fit."
I jumped and turned back to Agent Hotchner. "I'm sorry." I said quickly. "I guess I'm just a little nervous."
The corners of his lips formed a small, barely there smile. "It's ok. I understand. You haven't met any of them before? Even with you and Reid's relationship?"
I shook my head. "Only JJ. She invited us over for dinner several months ago and we've been friends ever since."
"Come on." Hotch said standing up from his desk. "I'll introduce you."
I stood and quickly followed him as he stood by the railing that separated the raised offices and the bullpen. Those facing this end of the office in the circle of conversing agents looked up as the unit chief cleared his throat, and action gaining everyone's attention. I could see Reid and JJ smile up at me as I stood a few feet from Hotch as the rest looked at me, and I knew they were likely profiling me.
"Everyone I'd like you to meet the team's newest member, SSA Y/n L/n. She joins us from just downstairs in counterterrorism and I think she'll be a great asset to the team."
He patted my shoulder, giving me a nod as he went back into his office. The team watched as I slowly descended back down the stairs of the office. I stood next to JJ, Spencer stood at her other side. I smiled nervously at the other agents, who then broke from their stoic facades and into welcoming smiles.
"Hi." The dark haired woman said, extending a hand. "I'm Emily Prentiss."
After her, the taller man introduced himself. "Hey. I'm SSA Derek Morgan, welcome to the team."
"Thank you." I said with a smile.
"David Rossi." The older man said as he stepped forward and clasped one of my hands in both of his. "Nice to meet you. I've heard many things from your superiors down in counterterrorism."
"All good I hope." I said with a laugh.
"Excellent my dear." He said with a wink.
Finally, the colorful woman stepped forward.
"Hi! I'm Penelope, the oracle of Quantico. It's so nice to meet you!" Instead of a handshake, she pulled me into a hug. "Sorry, I'm a hugger."
"It's ok." I said with a genuine smile. "It's refreshing."
She grinned as JJ rubbed my shoulder. I smiled at her. I noticed that I had identified everyone correctly from the office window. From over her shoulder I could see Spencer smiling proudly at me. We made brief eye contact before Rossi broke the silence.
"The desk next to Emily's is open and waiting for you." He said, gesturing a desk between Prentiss' desk and one that had to be JJ's judging by the photos of her, Will, and Henry.
"Thank you." I said, grabbing the box I had sat down by JJ's desk earlier and sitting it on top of the empty desk. I smiled at the new beginning the desk seemed to symbolize. I spent the rest of the morning organizing everything in my new desk and answering many obscure questions from my new coworkers, from this was mundane about favorite sports teams and TVs shows to ones about high school hobbies. I also spent the morning stealing glances at and from Spencer.
"Y/n, JJ and I are going out for lunch." Emily said, appearing at the side of my desk around noon. "Would you like to join us?"
I smiled. "That sounds great."
She smiled, motioning for me to join them. I slid on the blazer I had taken off earlier and grabbed my purse, waving at Spencer as I left.
Time Skip
Emily, JJ and I re-entered the office, the three of us laughing and joking. I was happy to have clicked with Emily so well so quickly. They had spent lunch getting to know me better and I them, as well as getting the lowdown on the other team members. Spencer smiled at me and followed me with his eyes as I made my way back to my desk.
"So, when you thinking about asking her out pretty boy?" I heard Morgan ask him while throwing baseball he kept at his desk between his hands. Even with my back turned the grin on his face was obvious.
"Hmm?" Spencer asked, shaking himself from a slight trance, which made me blush since I knew he'd been watching me.
"I've seen you watching her since Hotch brought her out of this office on her first day. So when are you gonna ask her on a date?"
I looked over my shoulder as Spencer smirked, unable to help himself. "Who's to say I haven't already?"
A confused look spread onto Derek's face and he caught the ball tightly in one hand. "How?" He asked. "She literally just got here.”
He shrugged, not giving up his secrets. We locked eyes as she stood from her desk and he smiled at me. I smiled back walked over to him. He gave me a slight smirk as I approached, knowing I had heard their conversation and had read his mind.
He cupped my cheek in his hand and leaned up to kiss me.
After a few seconds, I pulled away to see Morgan's jaw dropped, Garcia in the doorway with a similar reaction, Emily looking shocked, and JJ trying to hold back her laughter at everyone else.  
He wrapped his arm around my waist as we turned and looked at everyone.
"Since when?!" Morgan asked, clearly shocked.
"And why didn't you tell us?!" Garcia asked, running over to join us.
"Eight months." I said, looking over at him with a smile.
"Why didn't you tell me at lunch?" Emily asked, a smile forming on her face.
"H-" Morgan began, but Rossi entered.
"What's going on out here?" He asked, making his way down into the bullpen.
"L/n and Reid are dating?!" Morgan said, still unable to believe his words.
"Yeah, you didn't know?" Rossi asked. Everyone, including Spencer and I looked at him.
"You knew?" Morgan asked, speaking for everyone who hadn't already known.
"You didn't?" JJ asked the rest of them. I had to hold back a laugh.
"Hotch told me when we were talking about her after she'd been hired. From what Hotch told me about Y/n after he hired her they seem perfect for each other."
I blushed and looked down and Spence ran his hand up and down my side.
"How did JJ know?" Penelope asked.
"Spence told me about her right after they met. Will and I had them over for dinner. I've known for like...9 or 10 months now."
"Spencer! I'm offended you didn't tell me!" Garcia said. I giggled as I observed the close relationship all the team members had to each other.
"Well then atta boy Reid!" Morgan said, his face finally going from confusion to a grin. As we all laughed, I realized I didn't need to be worried about fitting it at all.
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teamsladsandgents · 3 months ago
(i mean, if you WANT to write for him, and don't act like you didn't see this coming) 42 with peter stone!!
(oh hell yeah--also your pfp staring at me while I write this is...<3)
Distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead.
Peter had come home early for once...not that it matter, since he instantly went to his home office, closing the door behind him. You huffed; you had missed him, and he promised to make more time for you. When he mentioned coming home early, you were excited, thinking he was making good on his promise. That is, until the office door closed.
But you had a plan. Pulling on his old jersey, and grabbing a bottle of his favorite scotch, you knocked lightly on the door.
“Yes?” Peter called out.
He didn’t glance up when you came in, and you suppressed a huff and eye roll. If he was working this hard, you knew it was important. But, since he had come home to work, it wasn’t that important.
“Thought you might like a drink,” you explained, coming to stand in front of his desk. He finally glanced up at you, eyes flickering over his jersey before locking with yours.
“And is that all you thought? No ulterior motives here?” he asked, lips twitching upwards.
You shrugged. “Not at all. I just want you to relax, babe.” He raised an eyebrow at you, and you gave him an innocent smile. Placing a glass on his desk, you poured him two fingers before passing it to him, the ice crackling in the glass. His eyes never left yours as he took a quick sip. He set the glass down, giving you one last amused look before turning his attention back to his work with a thanks.
You hummed softly as you made your way around the back of his chair. Peter tried his best to ignore least until your hands went to the base of his neck, rubbing at his muscles.
“Hmm, no ulterior motives, huh?” he huffed out a chuckle as you continued massaging him.
“I told you I wanted you to relax. This helps you relax,” you replied. He chuckled again, resolutely working on the papers in front on him. You rubbed his neck as he worked, then moved out to his shoulders, feeling the tension leave his muscles. Once finished, you leaned in close, kissing his shoulder, making your way up to his neck.
“And now?” he asked, amused.
You nipped the spot under his ear, reveling in the small, harsh intake of breath he took. “Just relax, Pete. Let me help you relax,” you murmured into his ear. He scrunched his nose from the feeling your breath on his ear, and you continued trailing kisses up and down his neck.
Then, feeling bolder, you started kissing his strong jaw, nipping lightly before licking to soothe the spot. A low rumbling emanated from his chest, and he turned to capture your lips with his. You smiled against him, and he pulled back, eyebrow raised.
“Is that what you want? Kisses?”
You nodded, leaning back in to kiss him once more. You pulled back, and he let out a mock groan.
“Well, how can I deny you that?” he asked, rolling back in his chair. He stood, paperwork and scotch forgotten as he pulled you out of his office and towards the couch.
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themetaphorgirl · 10 months ago
Okay but Alex calling Hotch 'bubba' has me SO SOFT OMG
he needs so much love. so much attention. does he realize this?? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 
also the nickname he picks for her is VERY VERY CUTE and I just love them being friends (and pseudo siblings)
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
Sooner Than You Think: Spencer Reid Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
*GIF isn’t mine! Credits to the owner!*
Summary: In which you have been keeping a secret from your husband that finally comes out during a case with children.
Warnings: Fluff.
Word Count: 1.9K
Episode: s13ep17 (The Capilanos)
Matt, Spencer and I quietly made our way down the beige hallway of the hospital. We were on our way to the room where Dylan, our only witness to the most recent murder, was currently residing in recovery.
We found the room, and the three of us stood at its open door, watching and quietly waiting for his mother to acknowledge our presence. She turned a few seconds later and saw us, leaving her son's bedside and coming over to us.
"Hi, Mrs. Wilson." Spencer said. "We're Agents Reid, Simmons, and Reid. We're from Quantico."
"Hi." She said quietly, her eyes flitting between the three of us.
"We're so sorry for your loss." Matt said.
Mrs. Wilson swallowed deeply. "Before he stopped talking he said he wished he'd called for help sooner."
I gently laid a hand on her elbow, she glanced over at me with a sad smile.
"Irrational guilt, especially for a child, is common after a traumatic event." Spencer said.
"Is he going to talk again?" Mrs. Wilson asked worriedly. "The doctors here can't tell me."
"Most likely." I said. "But what he's doing is called disassociating."
"It's a psychological form of self-protection." Reid finished. "Do you mind if I talk to him?"
"Please." She said, and stepped aside so he could enter the room. I placed a hand on his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze as he stepped inside.
Dylan's mother and I, along with Matt watched from the doorframe.
"Hi Dylan." I heard my husband say quietly. "My name's Spencer. I'm really sorry about what happened to your dad. I can't imagine how scary that must have been." The young boy just started off in another direction.
I looked sadly up at Matt. "I can't imagine what this must be like. Witnessing your own dad's murder." I said, keeping my voice low enough that the Mrs. Wilson couldn't hear.
"I know." Matt said quietly. He shook his head, I'm sure thinking of his own children and pushing the thought out of his head."
We watched as Spencer handed Dylan a notepad and a pencil; I knew he'd been hoping Dylan could draw what he had seen of the unsub. I could see Mrs. Wilson's eyes fill with tears for a moment.
The young boy drew for a while, at one point grabbing crayons to add color. I was surprised he could remember so much detail and information.
"He's been drawing for a long time." His mother said quietly after several moments of the three of us watching. I snapped out of my slight trance and glanced over at her.
"That's good." I said. "The more detail he remembers the more likely it is what he remembers is accurate and will he more helpful to us find out who did this."
"He introduces you as Agents Reid and Reid." She said. "Are you married?"
I smiled softly and nodded. "A little over three years."
Dylan's mom smiled. "He seems like a good man."
I looked over at him and smiled. "The best."
"Do you have kids?"
"Not yet." I said quietly.
Dylan handed my husband his notepad back.
"Thank you Dylan." Spencer said. "This is really helpful. I'm going to go show it to my friends now, ok?"
Once it appeared the young boy comprehended what Spence had said, he began walking back over to Matt and I.
"Well, he's gonna make a good dad one day." she said.
He showed us the drawing as Mrs. Wilson went back to her son's bedside.
"Wow." Matt said when he saw it. My eyes widened in surprise. Dylan, as I had hoped but not expected, had remembered more details than we thought we would have.
"He's not compartmentalizing at all." I said, which had been our initial theory when we heard Dylan said the unsub had been dressed as a clown.
"Not at all." Spence said. He got out his phone to call the rest of the team at the station.
The next day, I was back in Dyaln's hospital room, this time with JJ joining us. I was coming with Spencer anyway, and JJ just wanted a break. She and I slid in quietly, seeing Dylan and his mom asleep. We sat in some chairs on the other side of the room. Spencer's entrance woke her and Dylan and up.
"Hi Dylan." He said quietly. "That picture you drew really helped us a lot."
I smiled and shook my head as I watched him.
"He's so good with kids." I said quietly, looking over at JJ.
"I know." She said. "I've known since the first time he held Henry he would be a great dad."
I nodded, smiling at the thought and trying to keep my hand from instinctively touching my stomach.
"Have you two thought about having kids yet?" JJ asked.
I bit my lip; I hadn't told anyone yet. Not even JJ and Emily, two of my best friends. My silence gave me away.
"Y/n!" JJ whispered excitedly. "Are you pregnant?!"
I looked over at her with a smile. I nodded softly.
She gasped happily.
"Shh!" I said. "Spence doesn't know yet!"
She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "I'm so excited for you all! Congratulations!"
"Thank you." I said.
"How far along are you?" She asked, touching my stomach gently.
"About 6 weeks. I just found out a few days ago. The afternoon before we left actually."
"How did you know?" She asked.
"I'd been feeling sick recently and I couldn't think why." I said. "So the other day I was texting Kate and I asked her. She said it sounded like how she found out she was pregnant so I went and bought a test when I went and got everyone's lunch. I would've asked you but I didn't want you to get too excited."
"Well either way, I'm so excited for the two of you. Do you want a boy or girl?"
"I don't know. I haven't even had time to think about it. I would love to see a mini Spencer Reid running around but as long as it's a happy baby I don't care."
JJ just grinned in response and hugged me again. I laughed.
A small voice said "He was wearing a shirt like that."
We both looked up to see Dylan pointing at his mom's shirt; he was talking again, answering Spencer's questions.
I gasped and smiled, along with his mom across the room. Spencer look over to Mrs. Wilson.
"Like denim?" He asked.
"Yeah." Dylan said. "He also smelt like horses."
His mom got up from her chair and hugged him. Spencer smiled for himself at the interaction, and I could tell he was enjoying the interaction between the mother and her son. JJ noticed too, and looked at me with a grin.
I stood across the room from the small table where two young boys had been coloring with their moms. One was Dylan, who has been released from the hospital. The other was Mikey, the nephew of one unsub and the son to the other. Spencer and I had been coloring with Dylan until Mikey and his mom arrived to see her husband. The two boys seemed to be fast friends, even after having just met. I wondered if they knew who the other was, or if they'd ever know.
I stood next to Spencer, his arm draped around my shoulders and mine was on his back. We along with the rest of the team watched as Dylan walked over to Mikey and handed him a piece of paper.
"I made this for you." Dylan said to Mikey.
"Thanks." Mikey said, seemingly surprised. Their mothers stood behind them, hugging each other tightly. My heart was happy at the sight of Mrs. Wilson not holding Tony's actions against his wife.
"He's on an adventure to find his family in the forest." Dylan said, explaining his drawing.
"How much farther does he have to go?" Mikey asked.
"He doesn't know."
We all smiled at the innocent interaction as Mikey wrapped and arm around Dylan's shoulders and brought him closer to him. A few moments later their parents led them out of the station.
"I can't wait until we have kids someday." Spencer whispered as they left, seemingly to no one in particular, though I know he wanted me to hear.
"Well..." I said quietly, figuring now was a good a time as ever to tell him.
He looked down at me. "What?"
I gently grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my stomach, yet to show.
He looked down at his hand and back up at me, slightly confused for a split second. I could see the pieces had clicked in his eidetic brain when the tears began to form in his eyes.
"No." He said quietly in disbelief. "Are you...are we pregnant?"
"You're gonna be a dad, Spencer Reid." I answered, a huge grin on my face.
"Oh my god." He said quietly. "I'm gonna be a dad."
After a moment his tears began to flow and he broke out into a huge grin. He wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in my shoulder before picking my up and spinning me around. I laughed as he sat me back down.
"What's going on here?" Rossi asked with a smile, and I had a feeling he could already tell. Spencer looked back at me, making sure it was ok to tell the team the news. I nodded and glanced over at them, letting him deliver the news.
"I'm gonna be a dad!" He said excitedly.
The team's eyes lit up and their jaws dropped, all except JJ, who stood there with the same grin from earlier shaking her head.
"Congratulations kids!" Rossi said, first to hug us and give us both kisses on each cheek in his usual excited or congratulatory way.
"I can't believe we didn't know!" Emily said, following in next.
"I didn't know either until a few days ago." I said, wiping a tear I hadn't realized had fallen and laughing.
"You guys are gonna be great parents." Matt said, wrapping me in a tight hug. "It's the best decision you'll ever make. And please, don't hesitate to let Kristy and I know if you guys need anything. She'll be so excited to find out."
"Thanks Matt." I said.
More hugs were exchanged.
"This baby is going to have more love then it knows what to do with." Luke said as he came over an hugged me.
"You've got that right." I said with a laugh.
We all began to talk amongst our leaves excitedly, Reid talking with Rossi and Matt while I talked with Emily and Tara until Luke's voice rang out again.
"Ok wait a minute, hang on." He said. We all looked at him.
"Who knew?" He asked. "Because you can't tell me someone on this team didn't know before this."
"That would be me." JJ said with a grin. "And I call godmother."
We all laughed as we packed out things up and hopped into the SUVs to head to the airport. Once on the jet, Spence took his usual seat next to me. He looked over at me, his eyes sparkling as he gazed at me with his chin propped on his fist.
"What?" I asked quietly, brushing some hair from his face.
"You're gonna be such a great mom." He said quietly.
"And you Dr. Reid," I said. "Are going to be such a great dad."
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iconicc · a month ago
IDK bro you give me the biggest nyc girl aesthetic :)
Tumblr media
Send me your fav emoji & i'll guess your aesthetic
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winterscaptain · 6 months ago
from the plot bunny vault, 2010 - 
You check yourself, patting your Kevlar and seeing a spatter of red across your sleeve. “Is that my blood?”
“No,” Aaron replies, prompt and unperturbed. “It’s mine.” 
When he crouches and continues his advance toward the barn, you can see the bullet graze at his shoulder. 
send me a rose for an excerpt from a wip!
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themetaphorgirl · 9 months ago
I love your new profile pic!! It's so cute!!!
🥰🥰🥰🥰 thank you!!!!! I took backstage while I was getting ready for a performance of Charley’s Aunt; with the corset and bow I realized I looked like Patricia from Carousel of Progeess!
Tumblr media
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
I Love You, I Just Don’t Like You: Aaron Hotchner Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
*GIF isn’t mine! Credits to the owner!*
Summary: In which Hotch takes a bullet for you and you can’t help but feel a little angry amongst all your other emotions.
(A/N): I hope we all like Hotch imagines, because I definitely like writing them so there’s gonna be a lot of them.
Warnings: Gunshot, mentions of blood. You know, normal Criminal Minds stuff. Angst if you squint.
Word Count: 3.7K
"Alright Morgan and Prentiss you take the front. Dave, you and JJ take the back. Y/n and Reid you guys head to the basement and I'll check the shed."
We all checked our vests and guns before we headed off in our separate directions. Rossi and JJ headed to the back of the house, Hotch in the lead on his way to check the shed. Before we all got too separated, Aaron shot me his usual "be careful, I love you" look, which I responded to with a smile as always.
Garcia had finally found the unsub's house after three days of tracking him and his victims. We'd been called in after two separate woman had been found behind local elementary schools stabbed to death. Thankfully, a maintenance worker or other teacher had found both instead of a student. This unsub, Gavin Thomas, had been torturing and killing elementary school teachers. The unsub's mother, an elementary school teacher, had left him as a child after leaving her abusive relationship with her husband. She had passed away a week prior, the day before the first victim. We also assumed the unsub himself had likely been abused as well.
A third elementary school teacher, Abby Cates, has gone missing since we'd arrived, and we assumed he was holding her hostage.
Spencer and I followed carefully behind Derek and Emily as we made our way to the front door, our eyes darting from side to side to make sure no one was coming from the right or left.
We got up to the door and Derek beat on it.
"Gavin Thomas! FBI!"
After no answer Derek briefly turned back to the three of us, all of us nodding before he kicked the door in.
He and Emily each took one of the rooms adjacent to the front door, as Spencer and I headed to what we assumed was the basement door. I could hear Emily and Morgan clear the ground level of the house as Reid and I made our way carefully down the stairs. We held our flashlights tightly in our hands under the barrels of our guns as we quietly descended the stairs.
We could hear movement once we reached the lower landing. I pressed my ear to the door and was able to hear muffled voices from the inside, an agonized woman and angry man.
"He's in the basement." Spencer said quietly into the coms. He unholstered his gun as he looked to me. I nodded, and he jerked the door open. Once we had a view of the basement, we could see him approaching his victim. The victim was in fact Abby, who was sitting on the floor distraught and appeared to have been badly beaten.
"Gavin Thomas FBI!" He yelled as we entered the basement. He quickly pulled his own gun from his waistband.
"Put the gun down!" I yelled as he hastily pulled the woman from her position on the floor, pulling her against his chest and holding the barrel to her head. Her sobbing worsened.
"Stand back!" He yelled, flashing the gun towards us before back at Abby as yelped at his arm tightened around her neck.
"Gavin you don't want to do this." Morgan said as he came down the stairs, quickly followed by Rossi, Emily and JJ.
"But she left me! For no reason!" He yelled angrily, pushing the gun closer to Abby's head.
"Gavin she's not your mother." I said carefully, trying to talk him down. "Your mother is dead. This is just another elementary school teacher. She hasn't done anything to you."
"Why would she do that?!" He asked. Hotch had made his way down the stairs by this point.
"Gavin your mother left because your dad was abusing her."
This got his attention, and he moved the gun from the victim's head to my chest. "What?"
"Careful." Morgan said quietly from behind me, where everyone else had their weapons aimed at Thomas.
"Your mother didn't leave you because she didn't love you. She left because your dad was beating her and she couldn't take it anymore and wouldn't go to the police."
"That's not true!" He cried out, waving his gun. "She left because she hated us!"
"No. She loved you."
"Then why didn't she take me with her?!" His gun was moving wildly with emphasis to his words, and if he'd been trying to aim at me he was failing.
"Because she didn't think she could get both of you out safely. And that's because he abused you too right?"
He was angry now. "No! Why would you say that?!"
"I'm not saying anything that isn't true am I? Now, put the gun down, and let her go. Don't put another kid through what you went through when your mother left."
"Shut up!" He yelled.
"Gavin..." Rossi warned, but he was too late. A gunshot rang out in front of me. Coming right at me. I could see the barrel was pointed at my arm, thankfully not a fatal shot. Another one sounded from behind me just as I closed my eyes and braced for the impact, knowing I couldn't move fast enough or that if I did the bullet would hit another member of the team.
But instead, I felt myself falling to the ground, and I heard three bodies hit the floor instead of just two. I looked to see Hotch on the ground next to me. He pushed me out the way. He should've been fine, but because of the angle that he'd pushed me from, the bullet managed to shot through the small gap between the Velcro that secured the best to his body and appeared to be lodged in his abdomen. A 1/1,000 shot most likely, but I knew if I said anything about such a stat out loud Reid would have the exact and I'd be even more worried.
"Medic! I need a medic!" Reid yelled into his com as he and I began working to remove Hotch's vest and stop the bleeding.
"Come on. Come on Aaron." I said, although I knew he probably couldn't hear me because he was slipping in and out of consciousness. "Come on stay awake. Please."
I tried to keep my emotions in check as Spencer took of his vest so he could remove his sweater and use it to put pressure on the wound. There was a lot of blood, and I knew it was likely the old stab wounds were causing some of it.
During this time, Morgan walked over to the unsub and checked his pulse, confirming his kill shot. Emily and JJ went to comfort the victim and helped her upstairs to the waiting ambulance. Rossi stayed with Reid and I as we waited for the paramedics.
They finally came, and Reid explained the situation as Rossi gently pulled me up from the ground. He grabbed my hand in one of his and placed the other on my shoulder. Once I was fully standing I turned and buried my face in his shoulder and let my tears flow, his arms now fully encircling me as they loaded Aaron onto a stretcher.
"He'll be ok sweetheart. It'll be ok." He said soothingly as he stroked my hair. They began to take him up the stairs outside the house. As I stood here, I couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed at what Aaron had done. We promised not to let our relationship interfere with our jobs, and now the situations was a lot worse than it would've been if he'd just stayed where he was. Gavin was distraught and likely wasn't a good shot anyway, so the bullet probably wouldn't have even him me. If it had it would've just been a flash wound. If it had somehow managed to hit my vest, it would've only caused some minor bruising and burns. Now here was Hotch in a possibly critical condition.
Reid, Dave and I made our ways back up the basement steps, both making sure I didn't fall in my hysterical state. I knew that judging from my little medical knowledge and the placement of the wound, under normal circumstances Hotch would likely be ok. But I also knew that he had lots of issues from his stabbing scars, and depending on the where the gunshot entered would factor into a lot of things.
I watched outside as the loaded him into the ambulance.
"I'll go with him." Morgan volunteered. He looked to me for confirmation that was ok, and I nodded wordlessly. I knew that I didn't need to be in that ambulance.
"Come on. I'll drive you to the hospital." Rossi said, leading me quickly over to one of the suburbans so we could follow the ambulance.
After 10 minutes that felt more like hours, we arrived in the George Washington Hospital parking lot. Thankfully since this case had been in DC we were home and not in a strange hospital, which arguably makes waiting slightly better.
Rossi and I, along with Spencer who had ridden with us, entered in immediately behind Hotch's stretcher. We stood next to where the doctors had made Morgan stop and watched. They immediately wheeled him back into surgery, and I watched with tears as he along with the EMTs and trauma surgeon disappeared behind the doors leading to the OR.
Dave led me over to the private waiting area we'd been directed to since we were agents, and I sunk into a chair, exhaustion from the day setting in. Reid sat on one side and Rossi on the other, and Morgan sat in a chair across from us as we waited for the rest of the team. While we waited for them, I called Jessica to tell her what had happened. Once I told her Hotch would likely be ok, she decided she wouldn't tell Jack anything until he was out of surgery.
Emily and JJ soon entered the small waiting room we were.
"Anything?" Emily asked.
I shook my head. "They just took him back to surgery."
She nodded and sat down next to Morgan. JJ came and stood in front of me, placing a hand on my shoulder and gently squeezing it. "He'll be ok. Remember, this is the same Hotch that survived Foyet and an SUV explosion."
I smiled softly at that as I felt Reid's arm wrap around my shoulders. As one of my best friends, we could pick up on my cues and knew how best to comfort me. I watched from the corner of my eye as JJ crossed to other side of the room for some privacy.
"Hey." I heard JJ say quietly into her phone. I assumed she was calling Will. I could hear her explaining what had happened.
I could tell he asked about me because I saw her glance over at me before saying "She's pretty shook up. And she's obviously pretty worried."
He asked her something I assumed, because she responded "I think she'd like that."
Soon after she hung up and came back over to the rest of us. I leaned my head onto Reid's shoulder as his grip tightened around me. Garcia showed up a few moments later in her usual flurry, asking what happened and what we knew.
A while later some new faces appeared at the door. Will had come and brought Henry with him. My mood brightened a bit at the sight of my godchild.
"Y/n! Spencer!" He said excitedly.
"Hey bud!" I said as happily as I could muster. I lifted him up into my lap. Will came over and handed my a coffee, my usual order from Starbucks from a large to-go carrier he had brought in with drinks for everyone.
"Thank you." I said gratefully. He smiled and rubbed my shoulder lovingly as he passed around coffees to everyone else in the room. Spencer and I played with Henry for a bit, before my eyes began to droop and JJ called him over to her. I leaned my head back onto Reid's shoulder and shut my eyes, trying to fall asleep to calm myself and make the time last faster, but I was too anxious to sleep.
"How are you doing?" Rossi asked after a bit.
I shrugged and sat up. "I don't know Rossi. I'm scared. I'm anxious. And I can't help but be a little mad at him for jumping in front of that bullet at the same time."
Rossi chuckled. "And why is that?"
"Because!" I said. "When we started dating one of the promises we made was that we wouldn't let our relationship interfere with our jobs. And he just decided to jump in front of a bullet for me!"
"He didn't want you to get hurt." Rossi said with slight amusement in his eyes that I was angry about the situation.
"Oh I had a vest on I would've been fine. The guy was too emotional to make a good shot. He'd have just shot my arm if he hit me. If we'd managed to him my chest I would've been fine." I said.
"How do you know he wasn't just protecting a member of the team?" I gave him a look as my answer. He laughed.
"Ok ok. Maybe you have a point. But you know Aaron isn't gonna let anything happen to you."
I softened. "I know."
"You've got a good one." Rossi said.
I smiled. "Oh that I definitely know."
We waited for the doctor to come in, the only time I got up was when JJ made me go with her to the bathroom. She took a makeup wipe from her purse and removed what little was left on my face, mostly just mascara streaks. After 3 hours, a doctor came in. We all looked towards the door and I stood.
"Aaron Hotchner?" She asked for clarification.
I nodded. "How is he? Is he ok?" I asked, desperate for answers.
She smiled and nodded. "He lost quite a bit of blood but the bullet missed all major organs. We were able to remove the bullet and it only mildly damaged some of the scar tissue from his previous stab wounds. We just want to keep him 48 hours for observation but after that he should be ok to go home. It's also my recommendation he stay out of the field for a few weeks, but I'll let your people handle that."
I felt myself collapse back into the chair in pure relief. Spencer our a hand between my shoulder blades and Rossi's hand went to my shoulder.
"Can we see him?" JJ asked. The doctor nodded.
"He isn't awake yet, but he should be in a few minutes. He's in room 306."
"Thank you." I said gratefully. Once she left I placed her head in my hands and let a few tears of happiness fall.
We all headed through the halls to Hotch's room. We stopped outside and gazed in the window, watching he sleep peacefully. A nurse was in the room, finishing filling out a chart and setting up his IV.
"Y/n I'll go to your house and get you some clothes. Let me know if he wakes up while I'm gone." Emily said. I nodded and thanked her as she smiled, talking the house key I handed her and heading to my house.
We all entered the room, and I pulled a chair up to sit by Hotch's bed. I gently grabbed his hand and stared at his face. This man had literally taken a bullet for me.
JJ and Will sat down with Henry on the small couch on the other side of the room. Reid sat in one of the other chairs already in the room while Morgan stood by the door and Rossi went outside to steal some chairs from the hallway for everyone else.
I felt much less anxious now, but the time still seemed to pass slowly as we waited for Hotch to come to. After about an hour, I felt his hand twitch in mine.
I sat up, and the team noticed. Everyone's eyes feel on Hotch as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked around at his surroundings before horsily asking "What happened?"
"You got shot." I said. "The unsub fired at me and you pushed me out of the way."
He nodded gently, the memory seemingly coming back to him. Rossi seemed to have nodded to the team, giving them a cue to leave for a bit.
"Um." JJ began. "We're gonna go get some food. It's been a long day. Do you guys want anything?"
I shook my head. "I'm good. Thank you though."
The room slowly cleared out until it was just Aaron and I.
"Hey you." He said to me once we were alone. I smiled. "Hey."
"Where's Jack?" He asked.
"He's with Jessica." I said. "I called her once we got her but she didn't want to tell him anything until you were out of surgery so he wouldn't worry. JJ's gonna call her now."
"Good." He said.
I smiled softly before I couldn't hold it in anymore. "What were you thinking? You scared the crap out of me!"
He smiled before saying "Because you were gonna get shot if I didn't step in front of the bullet."
"Hotch the guy was a bad shot it wouldn't have been fatal! It probably would've just grazed my arm. At worst it would've hit my vest and I would've hurt for a few days. But look at you! You're in the hospital with a gunshot to your stomach now! Besides we said we would keep our relationship out of work." I called him Hotch, something I rarely did when we weren't at work. It generally meant I was teasing him or mad at him, and I could tell by the look in his eyes he knew it was the latter.
I couldn't help but laugh a bit at the situation though. I knew I was being slightly dramatic, but it was a necessary conversation, although this was mostly just a lover's quarrel I was trying to keep a straight face during.
"I know," he began. "But I can't bear the thought of losing you. So when I heard that gunshot go off my instinct was to protect you, no matter how unprofessional it was. I know we promised not to let our relationship interfere with work. I'm sorry."
After a minute of me looking down at our hands, he gently placed his other hand on top of them. I looked up at him.
"I'm sorry I scared you." He said. "Please forgive me."
He almost had a puppy dog look in his eyes as I looked at him, both is us trying to see who would break first.
"I love you." He said finally, knowing I would break at that.
I sighed and looked down, before looking back I'm at him with a small smile. "I love you too. I just don't like you right now."
He laughed, his beautiful dimples appearing on his cheeks. "Ok. I can work with that."
I smiled fully for the first time in hours as Hotch looked at me. He scooted over in his small bed.
"Come here." He said, moving a few wires so I could slide in next to me. I kicked off my shoes, anxious to finally get them off my feet. I groaned at the pain in my feet and carefully climbed into the bed next to him.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I lay my head on his chest. I draped my arm carefully across his waist, carefully not to brush to wound. He smiled again and kissed my forehead. He lay together in silence as the warmth from his body slowly lulled my into a much needed sleep. I could feel Aaron's breathing slowing as he fell asleep as well, but knowing him I knew it wouldn't last long.
An hour or so later, the team came back in. They were all talking amongst themselves as they entered the room.
"Shh." Hotch said as the walked in, having woken up after about 30 minutes. They all looked to find me sleeping. Their noise had woken me up, but I wasn’s ready to wake up and was trying to force myself back to sleep.
"Shouldn't you be the one sleeping?" Morgan asked, confusion evident in his voice. "I mean you are the one who got shot."
"This has been a long day for her too." Rossi said in my defense.
"But we brought her a milkshake." Garcia said. That got my attention and I cracked an eye open.
They all laughed. "There she is." Morgan said with a grin.
I felt Hotch's laughter vibrate his chest and I sat up and gratefully took the milkshake from Garcia.
"Told you she'd want something." Reid said proudly.
"Thank you Spencer." I said.
"He's learning the ways of women after all." Rossi said. We laughed.
"Here Y/n, I brought you some clean clothes and some stuff so you could shower. I also grabbed your glasses and contact solution." Emily said, placing a bag of things from my apartment by the chair I'd resided in before Aaron had woken up.
"You're a Saint." I said gratefully.
"Daddy!" We heard from the hallway. Hotch's face lit up to see Jack running into the room, Jessica not far behind with a handful of balloons. We all smiled as Morgan lifted Jack up to careful hug his dad.
"Y/n!" He said with just as much excitement as he reached over and hugged me. After Jack made sure for himself Aaron was ok, we all began to ask him about his day as I sipped on my milkshake. He told us about the test he'd gotten a 100 on at school and then he asked us about today's case.
I laid my head on Aaron's shoulder as we all talked, grateful he was going to be ok. These are the moments I'm most grateful for our little family.
And the moments I'm most grateful I get to love Aaron Hotchner.
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qvid-pro-qvo · 6 months ago
Y (because i feel like this might be a chaotic answer)
Y: A character you want to protect.
literally every character that svu or criminal minds has every touched thanks
okay i’ll do this 
svu: melinda warner, george huang, olivia benson, rafael barba, nick amaro
criminal minds: derek morgan, penelope garcia, aaron hotchner, emily prentiss
send me fanfic asks!
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duchesschameleon · 4 months ago
📩:"you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” w/ nick maybe??🥺
📩 - a five sentence fic
you’ve only recently started spending the night with nick, so really you can’t be faulted for diving under the covers when nick said he heard you snore.
“it’s not funny nick!” you whine, as he pokes around the blanket to find you.
“so you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” nick says, pulling back the covers to look at you. when you nod, he smiles and leans down to kiss you. “well it’s a good thing your snoring is cute, just like you,” he whispers and you groan, rolling your eyes as he peppers your face with more kisses.
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stxrrywildflower · 11 months ago
Favorite Harry Styles song? Favorite One Direction song?
my favorite harry styles song is either canyon moon or carolina!! for one direction it’s fireproof 😌 how about you?
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
can you do a spencer x reader where spencer has to go on a classified mission and can’t tell anyone, not even the reader and they’re dating. the only one who knows he’s on a mission is hotch but everyone else thinks he’s gone and the reader falls into a depression until he gets back. song for inspo: not love lontalius ❤️
Gone Then Back Again: Spencer Reid Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: In which Spencer leaves you and the team to go undercover, changing your lives, then changing them again with his sudden return.
(A/N): Hi! This is probably the angsty thing I have ever written, and I don’t write much angst so I hope you like this! I actually enjoyed writing it a little more than I thought I would. It’s also really long, so there’s that. Also highly recommend listening to either Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol while listening or some angsty John Mayer (which is about 50% of it-). Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! Also if you are comfortable, please let me know once you have seen this so I can post it in a better more visible format. Something happened when I tried to add in the “keep reading” and now (as you can see) all you can see before you click is the ask.  
Warnings: Angst.
Word Count: 4K
“Y/n, can I see you in my office for a moment?” Hotch asked, pulling you from your thoughts. The team looked to me, everyone confused since I hadn’t done anything wrong to their knowledge or my own. I nodded, standing up from my chair and walking up the steps to our unit chief’s office.
I took one last glance over towards the doors, the ones I’d been waiting for my boyfriend to come through for the past thirty minutes. It was never like Spencer to be late, and I was beginning to get worried.
Hotch pulled the door closed behind me as I sat down, and it was then I noticed his blinds were closed. I began to get even more nervous with this observation, because that can only mean something was wrong. Very wrong.
“Is everything ok sir?” I asked, and he sighed. He seemed nervous, almost upset.
“I don’t exactly know how to tell you this.” He began.
My froze. I knew that tone of voice. It was the same time of voice he used when comforting the family of a victim or doing a death notification.
“Hotch just say it.” I said bluntly, wanting him to just rip the bandaid off. He looked at me for a moment, giving me an opportunity to change me mind before he took a breath and began.
“Spencer resigned last night.”
My stomach dropped. “What?”
“He said he couldn’t handle the job anymore. He wanted a fresh start. Right after he left my office he got on a plane, but he wouldn’t tell me where he was going.”
As my brain tried to comprehend what I was hearing, Hotch reached into his desk drawer and pulled out an envelope. I immediately recognized Spencer’s scrawly handwriting on the front of it with my name written in it. 
“He asked me to give you this.”
With shaking hands, I reached out and took the envelope. I opened it to reveal a short letter.
Dear Y/n,
I’m sorry. I’m sorry this is happening so sudden, and that I didn’t tell you I was thinking about leaving. I know we made a promise years ago to never keep secrets, but I kept this one. I need this fresh start, and I hope you’ll understand. One day you’ll understand. I do not regret any choices I made in joining the team, and most of all I do not regret loving you and letting you into my life. Please don’t ever doubt my love for you, and maybe one day we’ll be together again.
All my love,
I felt like all the air in my lungs had been knocked out. I reread the letter a few times, before looking up. Hotch’s eyes were full of sympathy as he watched me, although I could barely see them through my tears.
“D-did you know?” I asked quietly. “That he was thinking of leaving?”
He shook his head. “No. I didn’t. If I had I would’ve done everything I could to talk him out of it Y/n, I promise you.”
I nodded. “Does the team know?”
“Not yet.” He answered. “I was just about to tell them.”
I nodded, and we didn’t exchange anymore words as he handed me a tissue from this Kleenex box he kept on his desk. I tried my eyes, even blowing my nose in an attempt to pull myself together before we had to go and tell the team.
Hotch waited with me, being entirely patient. I suppose he of all people understands what it’s like to have the one you love suddenly ripped from your grasp.
I finally forced myself out of the chair, Hotch opening the door for me as I walked to the conference room without any of the usual pep in my step. The team noticed, and they were all visibly concerned.
“Conference room.” Hotch said, and everyone followed.
JJ entered and saw me crying. She sat down next to me and placed and hand on my shoulder. “Are you ok?”
Normally I would lie and say I was, but there was no hiding it today. I shook my head, not meeting hers or anyone else’s eyes. “No.”
Penelope handed me a tissue, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and putting her chin on my shoulder.
Derek looked around. “Pretty boy’s still not here?”
“That’s what we need to discuss.” Hotch said. He sighed. “Last night, Reid came to me and handed in his gun and badge.”
“What?” Prentiss asked.
“He said the stress of the job was getting to be too much and he wanted to get away from it all. He left my office right after and I have no idea where he is.”
Derek lowered himself into a chair, unable to wrap his head around the fact the kid that may as well have been his little brother had up and left everyone with no notice.
“Hey never said he wasn’t happy anymore...” JJ said, and I could see the tears welling in her eyes as well.
“I was just as shocked as the rest of you, but we’ll get through this.” Hotch said. “I’m not looking to hire anyone anytime soon.”
We all slowly left the room after that; there wasn't much else to say. We headed back into the bullpen where we began to comfort each other.
“Did he say anything to you?” Garcia asked quietly as we all sat and stood crowded around my desk.
I shook my head. “Nothing.”
“Do you know where he went?” Derek asked.
“No.” I replied. “But I don't think he’s just in Vegas.”
 pulled the letter from my back pocket, handing it to him. It was so personal and I knew he only meant for me to see it, but at the moment it was the best we could all get to a goodbye. “He left me this. I don’t think he wants us to know where he is.”
Morgan passed the letter to the others after he finished. The others had a few tears slide down their cheeks, and I knew Morgan was holding them back.
“Have you tried calling him?” Emily asked softly.
My eyes widened, and I shook my head vigorously. With everything that had happened in the past twenty minutes, I hadn’t thought to call him. I knew it was probably a futile effort, but I immediately pulled my phone from my pocket. I dialed his number and put the phone on speaker, the office falling deadly silent as we waited for whatever answer we were about to receive.
It rang once, twice, three times. After the fifth time, the phone beeped.
We’re sorry, the number you have called has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
The line died afterwards, and I slowly put my phone on my desk. JJ covered her mouth with her hand as Penelope started to cry.
“He’s really gone.” I said softly. I leaned back in my chair, my head falling onto Morgan’s hand that was resting there as we all began to shed a few tears over the loss of our friend, our genius, our brother, and our love.
Hotch and Rossi watched the scene sadly, still standing in the conference room. Hotch shook his head; he hadn’t wanted to do this to the team, and especially not Y/n.
“Do you think we did the right thing?” Dave asked, mostly just to vocalize the thought that had been running through his head for the past week.
“I don’t know.” Hotch admitted. “I really don’t know.”
The conversation he, Reid, and Rossi had had a week ago with Strauss began playing though his head:
Strauss has called an emergency late night meeting with the three men that was of upmost secrecy. They entered her office to find Andi Swann, head of sex crimes, standing with her. Erin didn’t hesitate to get straight to the point, as per her usual.
“Andi Swann is requesting Dr. Reid to join her on an undercover assignment in Seattle.” Strauss said bluntly. The three men who stood across from her had varying degrees of surprised looks on their faces.
“Why?” Spencer asked.
“They’ve been investigating a sex trafficking ring based out of a university there, and they’re just on the verge of cracking it.”
“I need someone to go undercover and infiltrate as a professor, and you are my best option.” Andi said.
“How long would Reid be gone?” Dave asked.
“I’m not entirely sure yet, but I predict no more than a few months.” She replied.
“How soon would it start?” Hotch asked.
“As soon as Dr. Reid can leave.” Strauss answered.
“What’s the catch?” Rossi asked, knowing there was always one, and if you were lucky only one. 
Andi sighed. “ can’t tell anyone. Even if you say no, this conversation doesn’t leave this room.”
“Why?” Spencer asked.
“This assignment is highly classified. Agent Swann and her team aren’t entirely sure how widespread this ring spreads, and since this is one of the biggest universities on the West Coast no one can know. No one on your team can know besides Agents Hotchner and Rossi.”
“Not even my girlfriend?” Reid asked quietly, that part hurting him the most.
“No.” Andi answered, giving him a sympathetic look. “You wouldn’t be allowed to have any contact with anyone where except Hotch, myself, my team, and Chief Strauss.”
“It’s a lot to consider.” Strauss sympathized, but only barely. Enough everyone in the room was slightly surprised. “But we need an answer.”
“What happens if I say yes?” Reid asked.
“We would brief you on what we have so far, and then fly you to Seattle under a new identity and a teaching position. You would pose as a professor and find out whatever you can that could help to shut this trafficking ring down.” Andi told him.
“And the team?” Rossi asked.
“I will give you the discretion to cover up Agent Reid’s absence however you see fit, but might I recommend not faking anyone’s death this time?” Strauss said.
Spencer looked to the two older men, the two he commonly looked to for guidance.
Rossi shrugged. “Up to you kid. We’ll support you either way.”
“You’d be a huge asset to us Reid.” Swann said in an attempt to persuade him.
After a few long moments, he nodded. “Ok.”
“Great!” Strauss said. “Agent Swann will being briefing you tomorrow and you’ll leave early next week. Remember, it is vitally important you act as though nothing different is happening.”
Easier said than done.
Six months went by. For the first few months we’d all, especially me, kept up some hope that Spence would change his mind. That he would walk back through those doors again, call one of us, or write a letter even. But none of those things ever happened.
For the first two weeks after Hotch had pulled me into his office, I took some personal time. He had gently suggested it would be a good idea and I gladly took him up on it. I was told when I came back the team didn’t work many cases during that time.
The team had taken turns coming to visit during those first few weeks, almost as if he had died. Which, to us, he might as well have died with no contact or any remote idea where he was in the world. He could have died for all we knew, but no one liked to think or talk about that.
Penelope would come along with Morgan and try to cheer me up, and would usually manage to bring out a few smiles. I had a feeling she was trying to help Derek as much as she was me. Rossi would bring me pasta and sit and talk, mostly trying to keep my mind off the situation for at least a few hours. Emily came just so I would have someone, and JJ was my shoulder to cry on. Hotch even came a few times, and was honestly part of what helped me get back to some form of normal.
I have felt every type of emotion: sadness, anxiousness, anger, guilt. Sadness that he was gone, and not here with us spouting off facts or helping me sleep at night. Anxious because the one person who could always calm me down and make me feel better wasn’t here. Angry that he had left without telling anyone, not telling me. He could’ve at least warned us.
And maybe most of all, I felt guilty. I felt guilty that I, of all the people in the world who should’ve been able to see something was wrong and he was struggling and I didn’t. I messed up. I knew from the little a Morgan had opened up to me about as well as the others that was the common thread among all of us.
I had bad days, bad moments. Sometimes I’d walk past our favorite restaurant or accidentally order two coffees, one the way Spence liked it or pouring too much sugar into one. Lots of nights I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes it was when we’d be on a case and know Reid would be the only person who would be able to connect the dots or know that one obscure fact that could break the case, and we couldn’t even call him. Slowly getting back to work helped though, even if a lot of things reminded me of him. 
I’d had a few sessions with Dr. Tara Lewis, a friend of mine, when she had some time. She worked as a forensic psychologist mostly but I was more comfortable talking to her than the Bureau shrink. She’d been helping me sort out everything I’d been feeling, and I was really getting somewhere.
Until one day all my progress came to a screeching halt.
It was a normal day, and every member of the team had been getting used to Spencer’s absence little by little. His hole on the team still wasn’t filled, literally and figuratively. Hotch hadn’t hired a replacement and everyone knew there would never be another Dr. Spencer Reid.
Until one day, there was. Specifically, the original Dr. Spencer Reid. He came walking back through the doors of the BAU, and abruptly back into everyone’s lives.
Emily, JJ, Morgan, and Penelope were having one of their early morning conversation, crowded and perched on and around Morgan’s desk. Y/n still hadn’t arrived, but they knew she was having a session with Tara.
Emily saw him first. To say she was shocked would be an understatement; she dropped her coffee mug, not even flinching when it shattered.
“Emily?” Garcia is asked worriedly.
“Guys.” She breathed our quietly, placing her hand gently on Garcia’s shoulder and turning her towards the door. Their jaws dropped as they saw the colleague that they had thought was long gone was standing there.
Everyone felt a different emotion: some felt happiness, some felt shock, some felt anger.
Penelope was happy, if not shocked as well. She ran over to him and gave him a big hug, which he gladly returned.
Emily and Morgan were in shock. Prentiss just stood where she was and Morgan tried to grasp the fact that the best friend he’d accepted as gone was suddenly back in this life.
“Nice to see you again kid.” He said, almost coldly.
And JJ, JJ was angry. She had cried for hours with Y/n, her closest friend along with Reid and his girlfriend, over him leaving and now he was back.
“You better have a good explanation for what you put us all through.” She said. “Especially for your girlf-“
She was cut off by the light flickered on near the elevator, signaling someone was coming up. The team panicked, knowing that it was Y/n and they were going to have to find a better way to tell her that Spencer was back than the way they had just found out.
JJ grabbed his arm, pulling him up the stairs into Rossi’s office as the others scrambled behind her.
She entered the room, Rossi sitting calmly at his desk watching the scene unfold. He’d been aware Spencer was due to come home, and he’d been preparing for this moment. He sat his ink pen down as the others entered the room and JJ slammed the door.
Reid sat on the couch by himself as the others stood or sat in the armchairs, keeping their distance while their minds processed what was happening.
Rossi broke the icy silence first. “I’m gonna get Hotch in here.”
He texted him to simple words: They know.
Within the next sixty seconds Hotch was also inside the small room.
“What the heck were you thinking Reid?!” JJ asked angrily, trying to keep her temper under control.
“You just decided to leave and not tell anyone?” Morgan asked, having a similar internal dilemma.
“It’s not like that!” Spencer said, and he slowly launched into the exploration of the undercover work he’d been doing.
After the explanation, and his sincerest apologies, the team also apologized for how they’d reacted.
“I get it.” He answered. “Now I just don’t know how to tell Y/n.”
I entered the office after going to my weekly session with Dr. Lewis to find it empty. I looked up to see the blinds drawn and the door shut to Rossi’s office. I looked at the room next door and found Hotch’s office empty. Weird, I thought, but I just sat down at my desk.
I’d began filling out the new paperwork that had been left on my desk while I was gone when the blinds to Rossi’s office slid back up and JJ stepped out. She looked at me with a small smile as she stepped down to see me. I stood up as she came over to me. As she got closer, she looked like she’d gone through about twelve different emotions in the past half hour.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“You may want to sit down for this.” She said.
I scoffed. “JJ I have been though enough in the past six months that I don’t think I need to sit down for whatever it is you’re about to tell me.”
She sighed. “Ok then.”
She motioned towards the office, and I could see Rossi nod through the window. The door opened again, and Hotch stepped out first. He gave me a tight-lipped smile before stepping aside, another figure stepped out
A very familiar looking figure. One that held curly hair I used to love running my fingers though and a smile that always made my worst days better.
But he had left. He wasn’t supposed to be here.
“Spence.” I breathed.
“Hey Y/n/n.” He said with a crooked smile.
I knew I should be happy, but I was angry. He let me think he didn’t care and was done with everything and now he just going to come back up my life like nothing. He started making his way towards me.
"No." I said, shaking my head and running back out of the BAU and letting my feet carry me back to Tara's.
Spencer stood where he was, tears forming in his eyes. Morgan walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
"She'll come around." He said. "Give her time. You just dropped a pretty big bombshell on her."
Spencer just nodded, turning his head and letting his friend hug him.
I ran to her door after taking the elevator to her floor, stopping when I saw the Dr. Tara Lewis nameplate. I knocked, hoping she was in her office and had a minute.
"Come in." She said.
I stuck my head in, very aware I probably looked like a mess. "Do you have another minute?"
She immediately put her ink pen down as I entered the room, coming around the corner of her desk and turning on her electric kettle so we could have some tea. She handed me some tissues as we waited on the tea, and soon after she handed me a mug and sat down next to me.
"Ok." She said, leaning back and putting her elbow on the top of the sofa, propping her head up on her fist. "Talk to me."
I sniffled, taking a sip of my tea. "Spencer is back."
Her eyes widened. "What? I though he resigned?"
"I thought so too." I said. "We all thought so. But then he just showed back up today with his gun, badge, and ID tag like he never left."
"Do you know why?"
"I have no idea. I just got so overwhelmed I came here hoping you could help me make sense of all of it." I said. "I didn't even wait to hear his explanation. I know I should be happy he's back, but I don't know if he still wants to be with me and I can't help but feel angry."
"That's understandable. He left without saying anything. Are you at all curious as to why he left?"
I nodded. "Yeah. I am."
I didn't have to wait much longer for an answer as I got a text from JJ:
I know you'd probably rather hear this from him, but since you're probably with Dr. Lewis I thought I'd text you.
Hotch, Spencer, and Rossi has to make it look like he resigned and left everything because he went undercover with Swann's unit. She and Strauss had to make sure no one knew, including you. He's the reason the took down that trafficking ring run out of the colleges.
He knows your angry and he gets it, but he never meant to hurt you. He's heartbroken that you ran out.
A tear fell down my cheek as I read it. I handed the phone to Tara so she could see.
"He knows what he did." She said softly.
"But I can't help but be angry." I said. "I thought he was done with me, with his life here. He just walked out and I was finally learning how to move on. And I know that sure, it wasn't his choice, but how do I forgive him for that? How do I go back to him after that even if I still love him?"
Tara sighed, gently placing a hand on my knee. "I know it's a lot to take in. And honestly, forgiving him and accepting and adjusting to what happened is probably going to be a process just like it was when he left. But Y/n, you thought he had left you for good. You thought the man you wanted to marry was gone, and now he's back. Not many people get that chance. I've seen how they two of you are when you're together, and I think it would be a mistake to not give him a chance."
I thought about what she had said, and then nodded.
"You're right." I said, and then let out a breathy laugh. "You're always right."
She laughed as we both stood up. "I try."
I placed a hand on her doorknob as she went back to her paperwork. "Thanks for the tea, and the ear."
Lewis smiled. "Anytime. And remember anytime you need it, especially in the next few weeks, my door is always open."
I smiled. "Thanks Tara."
I stepped into the hallway, running to the elevator and back into the BAU. I re-entered to find everyone in the bullpen as expected, all I assumed asking Spencer about his work with Swann.
Everyone turned to me as I entered, and Spencer looked at me. I could tell his eyes were a little puffy from crying, and I started crying again.
He ran over to me, and I held my arms out to him as he engulfed me in a hug. He nearly lifted me off the ground, holding me like his life depended on it.
"I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear, his chin on my shoulder. "I wanted to tell you so bad."
"I know." I said, taking in a deep breath of his scent: a mix of coffee, old book, mint toothpaste, and his cologne. "I've missed you so much."
"I love you." He said, his voice cracking. "So so much."
"I love you too."
"I'm never leaving you again." He said as he finally let go of me.
I looked up at him. "You better not. Because you're stuck with me."
He laughed, wiping his tears. "There's no one else I'd rather be stuck with."
He cupped my face in his hands, leaning down to touch his lips to mine for the first time in months. A warmth spread through me, one that I hadn't felt in ages. One that I hadn't realized I had missed so badly, and I knew then we would be ok, and that he wasn't going anywhere.
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themetaphorgirl · 10 months ago
*not me reading the new PSOLC chapter in class-nope couldn’t be me* it was worth it.
you are an ABSOLUTE CHAMP!!!! proud of you 😂 you’re a delight and I appreciate you
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iconicc · a month ago
ishi!! congratulations!!
can i get 🤍, ☔️, and 🌸 (i think you know what i’m gonna say - enemies to lovers w/ nick amaro)
Thank you 🥺🥺 !!! Appreciate & love u so so much <3
🤍- cast you in a tv show
Tumblr media
Explanation: your energy? Unmatched.
☔️- I’ll shower you with some love 🥰
Where do I even start? You are soo incredibly sweet, kind & smart. You’re always there when I need to rave about amaro or just rant about SVU. I appreciate u SO much & I’m so glad I have you in my life <3
🌸- send me a trope & I’ll come up with a blurb :)
Nick amaro!! Ugh he has my heart!!
Okay so early in both of your careers, when you’re freshly in the whole detective seen - the two of you have a competition going on who can get more arrests (Jake & Amy type of thing). You both knew Fin from back then and all he did was egg you both on and somehow talked you both into making a bet out of it. Oh the prize? A promotion. Yes, your captain was in on it as well (you were the two best detectives in the precinct- the only reason he hadn’t picked the person receiving this promotion was because of your and Amaro’s constant arguing.) With the ongoing bet, strings start attaching- feelings bud. You both know the repercussions of either one of you winning the bet and the both of you always try to get out of claiming your arrest - knowing the promotion is going to take the other far away. Somehow, you win- being smug about it you make Amaro take you out for a “friendly” drink which latter turns into confession from both of you in your drunken state.
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winterscaptain · a year ago
how do you think hotch would react to you telling him you’re pregnant? 🥺
Aaron Hotchner x Female Reader
oh, anon how i love you! just a little drabble for this one...
words: 350 warnings: mention of bloodwork, pure joy, y’all.
You hated getting your blood drawn, but your doctor informed you it was just procedure – that he wanted to check on something. You shrugged and rolled your sleeve up. With your healthcare, it wouldn’t cost you anything or put you out too much. 
You called Aaron on your way out. “Hey, honey. I’m on my way home...Yeah, everything’s fine...They just wanted to do some bloodwork – all routine, I think...”
“Hello? Yes, speaking...That’s me.” You said, Aaron’s head in your lap. “You’re sure?...Oh...Yes...Thank you...Yeah, you too.” You put your phone down beside you and your fingers stilled where they were in Aaron’s hair. There was not a single thought in your head at the moment. 
He felt you freeze and looked up. “Who was that?” He asked with a kind of forced nonchalance. 
You were proud that your voice stayed even when you answered, “My doctor.” 
He pushed himself up and faced you, watching and studying. You offered him a small smile, but your heart was beating wildly out of your chest. 
“...Did your test results come back okay?” 
You reached for his hand and found yours shaking. 
He gripped your hand with a fierceness and took your face in his other hand. “Honey, you’re scaring me.”
You huffed, and it was almost a laugh. You covered his hand with your own. “I’m pregnant, Aaron.”
Aaron.exe has stopped responding. 
You watched him reboot, blinking rapidly. Before you could blink, his arms were around you and his lips against yours. He was laughing. You kissed him back 
He pulled back and looked at you. Really? His face seemed to say. 
You nodded, shocked that for once, he was speechless. 
He pulled in a deep breath and closed his eyes. Your hands fell to his shoulders as he ducked down and hugged you around your middle, his hands finding their way under your shirt. He lifted the fabric and pressed a kiss below your bellybutton that was so sweet it brought tears to your eyes. 
“Are you happy?” You asked. 
He looked up at you, sitting up straight and bringing his hands to your face. “Yes,” he said. “I am so –“ he kissed you once, twice, “– desperately happy.” 
+++ tagging some of the team: @arganfics @quillvine @stxrryspencer @agenthotchner @hurricanejjareau @octothorpetopus @ange-must-die @ughitsbaby @rousethemouse @criminalsmarts @dr-reid-ismyspiritanimal @shrimpyblog @genevievedarcygranger @ssaic-jareau @saintd0lce @good-heavens-chris-evans @angelsbabey @writefasttalkevenfaster @venusbarnes @vintagecaptainspidey
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
Hi you!! HUGE congrats on 500 followers you amazing human being! So so proud of you, you deserve every single one of them! Any chance of one with number 23 and the wonderful Aaron Hotchner? I trust your judgement entirely on the context so the only other request I have is to get our fave BFF Rossi in there somewhere!! Thank you! :))
Hey you!! Thank you so so much! I say it everytime, but your support truly means so much!! By the way, this was legit so much fun to write!
Also, who would I be if I didn’t include BBF!Rossi?!?!
Prompt #23: “No one has a romantic bone in their body anymore! What happened to playing songs outside windows, glitter and sparkles on homemade Valentine’s cards, dancing in the rain?! What happened?”
hurricanejjareau’s 500 Followers Celebration!
It was a rare night off for myself and the other members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, so of course Rossi suggested we go out to dinner. And as per usual, we all agreed once he threw in the fact he would foot the bill.
The restaurant was fairly crowded to be a weeknight, and the only plausible explanation was that Valentine’s day was Friday (two days from now) and some couples were celebrating early. 
“Alright pretty boy.” Morgan said. “Let’s hear some of your facts about Valentine’s Day.”
Spencer was more than happy to oblige, and began to spout of facts about the infamous day of love. “It’s estimated that 1 billion cards are exchanged all over the world for Valentine’s Day. The holiday is second only to Christmas in the amount of cards bought and given to other people. Out of the 124 million households in the US, it is probable that somewhere around 43 million will buy flowers, and the most likely flowers to be bought are red roses. Nine million people annually will buy their pets a gift for the holiday. And did you guys know it has also been found that 18% of women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day?”
Reid was looking in the direction of Emily as he said this, and she quickly swallowed the sip of wine she had been taking. “Are you implying that I don’t have a valentine and am going to send myself flowers, or that I’m going to buy Sergio a present?”
He look flustered. “N-no of course not! I just happened to-”
“I know Reid.” She said, everyone letting out the laughter they had been holding in. A blush fell onto his cheeks as he let out a string of chuckles at himself. I shook my head.
“To answer your question boy genius,” I said. “I think it’s safe to say none of us knew any of those things, so thank you for enlightening us.”
I tipped my glass to him and Spencer smiled at me in response, clearly happy that someone enjoyed his string of facts. I always encouraged his rambling and tangents when time wasn’t of the essence, because I was so fascinated with the fact someone could have so much knowledge pent up in their head. I’d worked with Reid for a few years at this point, and it still blew my mind. 
“So,” Rossi asked from his place at the head of the table. “Does anyone have any plans for the big weekend?”
JJ spoke up first. “Will and I are going up into the mountains to stay in a cabin for a few days. No kids, and no phones unless one of us gets called in.”
Penelope was next. “Kevin is taking me to dinner.”
“I was just going to hang out with Sergio and watch cheesy rom-coms.” Emily added. 
I laughed at that as Spencer shook his head. “Not a thing. I was planning on watching the Doctor Who marathon that’s happening all weekend.”
“Savannah and I were just planning on staying in.” Derek said, rounding out most members of the team.
“No one has a romantic bone in their body anymore!” I said in surprise, trying to keep myself from laughing as everyone looked at me confused. “No one is doing anything original! What happened to playing songs outside windows, glitter and sparkles on homemade Valentine's cards, and dancing in the rain?! What happened?”
“Ok first of all,” Derek began. “Did you just reference Say Anything? And second of all, if you’re such a romantic why don’t you have any big plans?”
“First off, yes.Yes I did. And second.” I said, pausing to take a swig of my drink. “You seee, I don't count.” I grinned. “I’m single.”
Morgan rolled his eyes as Hotch and the others laughed. 
As I started talking to JJ, I didn’t notice Rossi nudge Aaron’s arm at the head of the table and quietly said, “So, it looks like you’ve got some work to do.”
Two days later, Hotch was preparing to take the elevator up to the sixth floor as Rossi caught the door just before it closed. Their hands both shot out in front of them to catch the doors before the slid closed. They eased back open as the older agent stepped inside the small metal compartment.
Once the doors were shut and the two men were traveling up to their floor, Rossi kept his eyes trained on the panel of buttons as he spoke. 
“What?” Aaron asked, knowing the agent next to him had a question on his mind. 
“ was that ‘work’ you needed to do?” He asked innocently.
The normally stoic unit chief had to bite back a smile. “It’s been handled.”
Rossi smiled and nodded just as the doors opened. “Atta boy.”
Hotch rolled his eyes as the two men walked to their respective offices. Aaron just hoped his plan would work. 
I finally ran into the office, a few minutes later than normal but still with a coffee in hand. I had had to fight a sea of people wearing the traditional Valentine’s Day colors of red and pink in my usual coffeeshop, which had made me a little later than expected.
When I finally opened the doors to the office, everyone seemed to be waiting for me.
“There you are!” JJ said. 
“Finally!” Penelope said.
I frowned in confusion. “What’s up guys?”
“You lied!” Morgan said.
“What?! What did I lie about?” I asked, not recalling anytime recently I had lied to him or anyone other members of the team.
“You said you were single the other night at dinner!”
“I am?” I said, my voice raising in question because to my knowledge there had been no reason to suspect otherwise. 
“Then explain those!” Emily said, nodding over to my desk.
“Explain what?” I asked, looking over in the direction the others were until I saw them. To my surprise, there was a bouquet of a dozen red roses on my desk sitting inside a glass vase. 
“Woah.” I said, walking over to the bright red flowers and noticing a card. 
“Woah is right.” JJ said. “Do you know how much a dozen roses cost? Let alone on Valentines Day?”
“I don’t, but I know someone who does.” Morgan said. “Hey Reid!”
Spencer looked up from his case file, ready to answer whatever Morgan’s question was. “How much does a dozen roses cost for Valentine’s Day?”
“On average, $42 for the flowers alone, but the a nice vase like the one Y/n got usually makes it about $60.” He answered. My eyes widened slightly, I hadn’t realized how expensive roses were.
I noticed a small white envelope in a plastic holder and feared the worst. 
“You guys didn’t read the card, did you?” I asked my lovable yet nosy coworkers.
“Of course not!” Garcia said. 
“Do you really think we would stoop so low?” Morgan asked. 
“Yes.” I said flatly, and he responded with a shrug. He knew I was right. 
“Well, we didn’t.” Penelope answered. “Besides, if we had we wouldn’t be asking so many questions.”
“Actually, you would.” I countered. “You'd be trying to cover your tracks, or just be nosy, but I get your point.”
I opened the small white envelope as the others rolled their eyes at my comment to find a handwritten note inside. A handwritten note in very familiar handwriting:
I know this isn't exactly me standing outside your window with a boombox over my head, or a valentine with a lot of glitter, or dancing in the rain (in my defense, I don’t think we’re quite to that last one yet), but I hope these are a start.
Dinner with me tonight?
P.S: Jack wanted to make you a Valentine, and I made sure he put plenty of glitter on it. 
I couldn’t help but break into a huge grin as I read and reread the note. 
“Well, who is it?” JJ finally asked. 
I came back into reality, shaking my head as my grin faded into a subtle smile. “No one.”
“Oh come on! We all know that's a lie!” Prentiss said. “Just tell us who it was!”
“Nope.” I said as I sat down in my chair, popping the ‘p.’
“Fine.” She relented, and the others dispersed back to their desks knowing that wouldn’t get anything out of me. As soon as the others were gone, I opened the larger red envelope that had been resting under a corner of the vase, almost hidden. I opened it to find a large, pink valentine covered in lots of glitter and construction paper cutouts. I opened it to find it was from none other than Jack Hotchner. And judging by the second signature under his, it was also from Henry LaMontagne. 
I looked up into Hotch’s office window, where he was looking out me a expectantly as he could without getting caught. I could tell he was excited to finally make eye contact. I nodded and gave him smile as my answer, which he returned with one of his own. 
A few hours later, I walked over to the coffee machine to refill my mug. As I poured a new cup, Rossi approached me on my other side.
“So,” He began, refilling his own mug, which I knew was a cover. “I guess you do have a date for tonight now, right?”
I could feel my cheeks and ears turn bright red. Of course he knew. “Shut up Rossi.”
He let out a good laugh as I walked back to my desk and tried furiously to stop my blushing, an effort that wasn't helped when I saw Aaron staring down at me from his office window again and laughing at the exchange. I shook my head at him as a smile played at my lips before I went back to work. I was now suddenly eager to get this paperwork done, because for the first Valentine’s Day in a long time, I had a date. 
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writefasttalkevenfaster · 2 months ago
hmmmm. fake dating??
omg yes i love fake dating :) i always considered doing it but i never have found the right fic to do it in. i would 1000% be down for it (i just need to the right idea). it probably would be hotch or sonny tbh - but i’m legit open to anything (oooh peter could work well). its a v versatile trope :) 
send me a trope and i’ll tell you how likely it is that i would write it! 
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iconicc · 4 months ago
i’m back!!
🧠- Cast you as CM character!
Tumblr media
You’re a mix of these two & no one can convince me otherwise 😌
🤠- cast you as fanfic tropes!
Unrequited love OR fate/destiny ones 🥺
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rorygilmre · 9 months ago
Okay so I was only getting bits and pieces of the Thomas Gibson story, so I came on here to read all of them and I WAS AS STRESSED OUT AS YOU WERE OMG WHAT THE HECK
i was not prepared for this today. i am entirely malfunctioning. i have lost all chill. 
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
Wingman/Wingwoman: Aaron Hotchner Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: In which Rossi convinces Hotch to accompany the two of you to a jazz club as his wingman, but ultimately has other plans in store for the evening.
(A/N): Inspired by one of my all-time favorite Hotch and Rossi scenes.😂
Warnings: Minor spoilers for Season 10.
Word Count: 3.3K
Episode: s10ep10 (Amelia Porter)
"I don't get it. Why didn't you say anything?" Rossi asked from his seat next to me.
"Yeah Hotch. What did you just forget to tell us?" I asked teasingly as Dave and I began to grill Hotch on the events of his personal life he'd "forgotten" to bring us up to speed.
Also known as the events Rossi and I had been speculating over in our after work phone calls, dinners, and conversation with Garcia over the last few weeks
"It didn't come up." Hotch answered simply, like that was going to end the discussion. I rolled my eyes at his response. He and I both knew Rossi wasn't going to stop there.
"Hello?!" Rossi exclaimed. "We're not talking about switching to decaf! You and Beth broke up!"
"I mean it's not just something you mention in passing." I said. "Especially not when Dave's involved." He smiled in satisfaction at that answer.
"Dave," Hotch began, with a shake of his head at what he believed to be Rossi and I's dramatics, but Rossi continued none the less.
"I have a 20 year old bottle of scotch we could've drowned your sorrows in." Rossi said.
"Yeah and we all know I'm basically the team shrink, I hear everyone's problems all the time." I said, and Rossi nodded in agreement.
"It wasn't like that." Aaron said, sitting up in his chair. "She got an offer to run a major gallery in Hong Kong. When she asked for my advice I told her she should accept."
"So you encouraged her to spread her wings and fly." Rossi said, drawing wings in the air with his palms.
Hotch laughed, a rare and welcomed sight. "My exact words were 'I didn't want her to have any regrets.'"
"That's nice. Good for you." I said with a small smile, and I meant it. Truth be told as much as I liked Beth I couldn't help but be a little excited that Hotch was single again, although I knew that was selfish and more importantly unprofessional.
Hotch met my eyes with a smile of his own as I could see pieces adding up in Rossi's head beside me.
"There was that time you took Jack on the impromptu weekend to Orlando. Was that to tell him about Beth?" He asked after a moment.
Hotch looked down slightly before quietly answering "It was an effort to distract him, yeah."
Rossi smiled sadly. "You're an excellent dad Aaron. Don't you ever doubt that for a second."
"Never." I said, reinforcing Rossi's statement as Hotch smiled. I loved making him smile.
"So what's your social life been like in the meantime?" Rossi asked as casually as possible for him, changing the subject. I knew he was fishing for information. He even took a sip from his coffee mug, unintentionally emphasizing the fact he was looking for the tea on Hotch.
Confusion flashed over his face as he looked at the two of us. I looked away and scratched the back of my neck after the question, trying to show that I actually had no idea Rossi was going to ask that particular question.
"Well I don't really have time to meet anyone." He said in a tone that almost made it sound like he was questioning his answer. "We're kinda busy here."
I covered up my small laugh at his answer with the back of my hand.
"Well what about online dating?" Rossi asked. Aaron and I both looked at him with one of those looks of "what the frick?"
"Really?" Hotch asked, with an almost comical look on his face.
"Do you know how many of the women in our cases meet their abductors or murders through online dating." I asked. "I mean we've all heard about the Dirty John case!"
"Bad idea." Rossi coincided. Suddenly, an idea flashed into his head.
"Look," he began. "There's this little jazz club down in DuPont circle."
"Oh yeah!" I said, knowing where he was going with this.
"Y/n and I were planning on going Saturday night. You're coming with us."
"Oh no no no." Hotch said shaking his head, immediately sensing this was a bad idea. He was probably right, but that's never stopped Rossi before.
"This isn't just about you Aaron!" Dave said, cutting him off. "I'm shall we say...intrigued by the in-house jazz singer. And you," he said motioning to Aaron with his coffee mug, "will be my wingman. You can give Y/n the night off. Maybe she'll meet someone."
I blushed and looked down with a laugh as Rossi got up from his chair before Hotch could argue with the decision.
The man behind the desk knew he didn't stand a chance. "Can't wait." He said sarcastically.
We both watched as Rossi left the room, likely to refill his mug and socialize with the rest of the team.
As soon as Dave was out of earshot, Hotch turned to me. "So you wingwoman with Rossi on the weekends?" His eyebrow was quirked and I could see he was genuinely intrigued by the thought.
I shrugged. "Beats sitting at home. Besides I usually get free dinner and drinks out of it."
Hotch and I both laughed as I stood up, preparing to head over to my own desk and get ready to head out on the next case.
"And maybe Rossi's right." I said, turning back to Hotch as I got to his door. "Maybe I will find someone."
I left at that, using that sentence as a little hint. I walked back to my desk wondering where that little bit of confidence came from, but I wasn't complaining.
Time Skip
After one heck of a case that barely got us home in time for our little "outing", I found myself in my apartment in front of the mirror. After having sent a few dozen texts between JJ, Emily, and Garcia and changing my outfit about half as many times, I'd finally settled on a green silk wrap dress and heels.
I pinned back my hair that I had curled a little earlier with a cute hair clip, waiting for Rossi to arrive at any minute to pick me up.
As if I'm cue, like the gentlemen he is, at 7 o' clock sharp, a knock sounded through my apartment. I smiled at Dave's ever present punctuality.
I grabbed my phone and keys and put them in my purse before heading over to my door.
“How do I look?" I asked as I opened the door, which was my general greeting to him when he arrived. But tonight, it wasn't the usual man on the other side of the door.
A bright red blush creeped into my cheeks as Hotch's tall figure appeared behind my door. He had on a dark sweater and khakis, a very different look for someone used to seeing him in suits everyday.
"Y-you're not Rossi." I said, the little bit of confidence draining from my system.
He chuckled. "No I'm not. But to answer your question, you look beautiful."
I blushed again, but this time it was for a more romantic reason as opposed to slight mortification.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
I reached over and grabbed my jacket from the hook by the door. "Yeah. Let's go."
He smiled and stepped aside so I could exit, reaching a hand behind and shutting my door behind me. I turned the key to lock to deadbolt and he gently placed a hand on my shoulder as we walked back down to Rossi's car waiting on the street. The smirk on his face was more than evident as I entered the car, him having "profiled" the small crush I had on our unit chief ages ago.  I'm pretty sure he just talked to Garcia, who I'd let that I information accidentally slip to several months ago.
A while later we found ourselves clapping as the jazz singer that Rossi was "intrigued" by finishing up another number in the dimly lit jazz club. From the moment we walked in, it was evident why it was a place he would frequent. But it was small and nice, the acoustics making the music fill the room at the perfect volume.
"Isn't she great?" Dave asked with a grin and a slight love struck look in his eyes.
I nodded. "She's great. You could do worse." He ignored my lighthearted jab.
"So when are you going to introduce yourself?" Hotch asked with a smirk. I looked over at Rossi with a similar expression, raising my eyebrows to ask the same question as I took a sip of my drink.
“Oh I don't know guys." He replied. "I'm not going to plan. I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what opportunities arise. And I suggest you two do the same."
His eyes flicked between the two of us as he said that last sentence, almost in his own way of trying to push me to make a move. But in my opinion (and lack of confidence) doing that would be going against the flow, so my plan was to just sit quietly and enjoy the music.
"I'm here aren't I?" Aaron asked.
"Yes and it's a great start-" Rossi began, and I laughed to myself, sensing he was about to hear a very similar speech to the one Dave had given me I'd first started wingwomaning for him. It was his way of both of us trying to get a date.
But as I glanced over, I saw he wouldn't get the chance to finish this speech.
"Rossi." I said, and smirk playing at both Hotch's and I's lips as I alerted him of his interest's impending arrival. I concealed my warning and smile with another sip of my drink.
"Hello." She said, greeting the three of us. "Thanks for the bottle of champagne. The bartender told me you sent it." The singer emphasized "bottle" with a slight raise of her glass.
"So much for being a secret admirer." Rossi said slightly defeated. Hotch and I both snickered quietly to ourselves, making amused eye contact.
She held her hand out to Rossi. "I'm Celine. Destin." He gladly shook it. She spoke quietly in an almost soothing tone.
"Nice to meet you." He said. "And these are my friends Aaron Hotchner and Y/n L/n."
"Hi. How do you do?" Hotch replied, always to formal one, extending his own hand for a handshake.
"Hi, nice to meet you." I said, mirroring his actions with a slightly shyer response. I'll never figure out why Rossi likes for me to come with him on these little outings. Celine eyed the two men wordlessly.
"Strong, silent types." She observed, looking to me for confirmation, as if she knew I'd know the answers she was looking for.
I nodded. "That would be correct."
"Intelligent." She continued. "Honest eyes." She said, and it was then I could see she was talking about me too with the last two comments. I replied with a smile and another nod.
"So you're definitely not politicians." She concluded, warning a chuckle from the three of us.
"FBI." Celine concluded. Rossi and I nodded, as Aaron smiled and pointed at her, confirming her theory.
"Wow. You could be a profiler." Rossi said. Hotch and I smiled in agreement. I had to admit, I was a little impressed. Hotch and I made eye contact for a brief moment, smiling at each other before looking back over to Celine.
She turned her gaze back to Rossi after they had both observed Hotch and I for a moment.
"Care to join me for a drink?" She asked Rossi.
He brightened. "I would be honored." He said. He slid out from his seat in the booth, but not before trying to discreetly throw me a wink. I rolled my eyes and laughed before taking another sip of my drink.
"I feel like we're being left to our own devices." Hotch joked after the two were out of earshot. I laughed. "Like there's an outcome he's expecting."
"Maybe there is." I said, taking another sip of my club soda. Hotch watched.
"You don't drink?" He asked me.
I shook my head. "Not really. Never really been my thing. I said going out with Dave gets me free drinks but I never said what kind."
Hotch laughed in response.
"You did a great job earlier by the way." He said, referring to the case we'd just finished. "That was one of your better takedowns."
I shook my head. "Still lost the unsub though."
He sighed, knowing that was bothering me. "Y/n I'm not sure there was much chance of that ending differently. You know that right?" He seemed to ask almost gently, like he was treading on eggshells.
"I know Hotch, it's just-"
"Aaron. We're not at work even if we're talking about it. Please, call me Aaron."
I smiled softly at that as I looked over at him. "Aaron." I said, trying to adjust. He replied with his own smile and satisfied nod.
"I just hate losing anyone you know? No matter how big of a scumbag that unsub was or any unsub, it's just not something I've ever really gotten used to."
"I know." He said. "It's part of what makes you so good at the job."
I smiled at that. Maybe he was right. "Thanks."
He nodded and took a sip of his own drink, letting a comfortable silence settle.
"So, is this what it's like all the time?" He asked, a look of confusion of his features.
"Is what like this all the time?"
"You being Rossi's wingwoman? Is it always just you sitting alone. I mean you aren't alone right now but."
I laughed. "No not really. Honestly he strikes out a lot of won't even get the guts to go talk to the woman."
He laughed, a real laugh, one that you could see vibrate in his chest. It spread a warm feeling through my chest.
"Truth be told I think he just likes the company." I said. "And I like his stories and the free food so I keep coming."
Aaron laughed. "That's fair. I can imagine it gets a little boring something though doesn't it?"
"On the rare occasion I do end up alone, incredibly. Most of these places have bad cell service and I never remember to bring a book."
He chucked. "Have you ever found a date this way?"
"Oh no. Definitely not." I said. "Although honestly I don't usually look very hard. I'm just one to let that sort of thing happen."
He laughed again as we both took sips of our drinks. I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye. Even once we'd say our drinks back on the table, mine emptied, his eyes still lingered in me.
I turned to look at him, a blush creeping into my face. "What?"
"I meant what I said earlier." He said suddenly. "It's wasn't just a courtesy."
"What did you say?" I asked, honestly not entirely knowing what he was referring to.
"What I said at your door." He said. "You do look beautiful tonight."
I smiled, not really believing what I was hearing. "Thank you Aaron."
"You know," he said quietly. "I think I might know what outcome Rossi's looking for here. Between you and I." If I didn't know Aaron Hotchner so well, I'd think that maybe he was almost being shy.
"Oh yeah?" I asked, turning in my seat and propping my elbow against the back of the booth. I pressed my cheek against my fist and looked into his brown eyes. "And what would that be?"
"I think that maybe he's hoping I'll finally tell you that I think you're very attractive." He began slowly, his eyes gazing back over to his drink. "And that I think you're one of the best people I know. How much I love seeing you with Jack, and that I think your way of always seeing the good in people is very endearing. How overall I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever met, inside and out. That you are one of the most intelligent people I've ever met, Reid excluded."
I laughed at his last statement as he continued. "But most of all how you're one of the few people I can always count on to make me smile even when I don't think it's possible, and that I've caught myself slowly falling in love with you for a while."
I took in all the information, stating at him with him with my mouth slightly agape. He looked at met nervously, causing my to quickly regain composure and give my own confession.
"Will if that's true," I began. "Then I think he also wants me to tell you that I think you're incredibly handsome. That you're an amazing dad and I've always admired that about you. How your smile makes me melt everytime I see it, and how even happier it makes me when I'm the one that brings it onto your face. He'd want me to say that I think you're one of the most thoughtful and caring people, even if you don't always show it. And that the fact you care so much for every member of our team has only made me fall in love with you just as hard over the years."
Hotch smiled and chuckled at my own confession. He slid a little closer to me in the booth and gazed down at me. He took the opportunity, our faces just inches from each other, to brush some stray hair behind my ear. His thumb brushed over my cheekbone as he let his hand linger.
"How would you like to go on a date with me? Besides this." He asked quietly.
I nodded, a smile forming on my lips. "I'd like that."
Aaron's face broke out into a grin. He leaned down and gently kissed me, his hand still caressing my cheek. We pulled away with matching smiles.
"How about tomorrow night?" He asked after, referring to the date. He placed another gentle kiss on my lips. "Granted we don't have a case?"
I nodded. "That sounds great."
He kissed me again. "I'll pick you up at 6?"
"Don't be late." I said with a laugh. "You weren't late tonight so I'll always expect you to be on time."
He laughed. "Deal. I'll be at your door at 5:55."
I laughed as he kissed my forehead. We both looked into each other's eyes as Rossi slowly reappeared at the table. A smug grin was etched onto his face, not surprising either of us.
"So I guess my little plan worked?" He asked. "I got to wingman the two of you together."
"Yeah." I said with a laugh. "I guess you did."
"Finally." Rossi said with a joking eyeroll. I could see Aaron's face light up with laughter. "Penelope will be happy to know."
"I'm sure she will." I said with my own well-meaning eye roll.
"So how did it go with Celine?" Aaron asked, laying an arm around my shoulders as I scooted closer to him.
"We're going out next Friday." Dave said happily.
"Good for you!" I said as Hotch laughed.
"So we wingmaned you too then?" He asked.
Rossi thought about it for a minute, before replying, "I guess we make a great team then."
I rolled my eyes as he raised a drink to his statement. Celine stepped back onto the small stage for her next set. I raised by drink to conceal my words. Hotch caught on, and leaned his ear closer to me.
“How long until the entire office knows?” I asked quietly.
“I give it until Monday.” He said, the serious look on his face attempting to hide a smile.
“Oh, being generous I see.” I said as I took a sip of my drink. I swallowed and sat it back down. “I full expect to have a call from Penelope waiting when I get home.”
We both laughed, knowing we were in for it now.
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