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#hurt comfort
tumbledfreckles · 2 days ago
That Grin.
Happy birthday @magic-girl-in-a-muggle-world
Thanks for this wonderful gif prompt so I could make you something special to celebrate the day you entered this world xx
Thanks @matrixaffiliate and @midnightelite for the beta.
Tumblr media
That grin. 
That shit eating grin. 
From the second he’d been conscious enough to let it grace his features, lighting eyes that previously had been clouded with pain and a terrifying vacancy, that grin had been grinding on Lily’s last remaining nerves. 
He did it on purpose. 
She was sure he did it on purpose. They’d lived together in the dormitories for too many years, had too many run-ins for James not to know what his smile did to her. This year, when they'd had to work so closely together as Heads, even more so. The way the mischief of it, the charm in it, the god damn beauty of it. It got under her skin like nothing else ever had. Disturbed her, disrupted her, riled her up like no tomorrow. 
And the boy knew it. 
Or was he a man now? 
Continued on AO3
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kitsune-oji · 19 hours ago
Dishonesty Hurts
The first giveaway fanfic for @eternallydaydreaming2015 ! 🎉
1.753 words
Request/Idea: Before having come to the Devildom MC had been in a bad toxic relationship that ended up destroying their confidence, feeling unlovable. They start pining for one of the brothers but never thought he would reciprocate their feelings and try to convince them they are the most beautiful person he has ever seen.
Pairing: Mammon x gn!Mc
Warnings: hurt/comfort, crying, negativity
Laughter filled the room, followed by embarrassed stuttering, trying to save face when there's no need. Mammon was so easily flustered when it came his human, it was adorable to witness. Yet, he had such a hard time understanding that they weren't laughing at his expense but because he made them so happy.
He was always so energetic, upbeat and kind, even when he would never admit to it. Drowning in his insecurities and the need to put up a front because of them, Mammon never noticed how the humans eyes followed him.
There was a softness in their gaze, in the small upturn of their lips, as they fondly watched him whenever they could. No matter where they were, their eyes would always stray towards him.
Yet, they had no hope that their affection for him could ever be requited and in their experience, it would be better like this. It meant no hope that could be destroyed and tear them apart in the meantime. No hope which could be used against them, to trick them, make them believe anyone could actually like them as they are.
Of course, logically they knew that Mammon must have some type of positive feelings towards them, right? Except, they had forced him into a pact after only a day of meeting him. Like this, as the holder of his pact and master, did he really have a choice but to be nice to them?
In any way he could, Mammon never failed to tell them how much he didn't like them, after all. How stupid they were, how he'd never like some human like them and no matter how his brothers always said he was just being dishonest with himself, how could they be right? They misunderstood Mammon in so many other ways as well, thinking he was stupid or a scumbag when he was merely attracting trouble and a slave to his own sin much like his brothers were.
And maybe that was it. A misguided sense of greed, of competition because his brothers vyed for the human's attention as well and he was the first to make a pact with them. They were the only human in the House of Lamentation, an anomaly between these demon brothers who had known each other for God knows how long. Of course, this made them desirable, to some extent but such fancies always vanished just as quickly again. At the latest, when they would be sent back to the human world at the end of the exchange program.
With this in mind, the once fond gaze turned bittersweet. Always reminded of how they were tempory here, how their existance was but a brief if interesting speck in the lifes of these demons and how they'd never mean, even barely, as much to them as they meant to the human. Especially, their first man.
So when they were in their room, watching some action movie Mammon had been so excited to show them, because they were the only one to do this with him and he had no other choice than to go to this human he had been forced to take as his master, they never stopped reminding themself of it. Because if they didn't, hope may bloom and be trampled to the ground later on. They didn't know if they could go through something like that again.
On the outside however, they laughed and teased him like before, humoured only those plans of his that actually sounded plausible, defended him in front of his brothers because they couldn't stand to see such injustice against the demon who held their affections.
It caught them off guard then, when after Mammon once again told them how he'd never like a stupid stupid human like them, they responded not by smiling and rolling their eyes but actually reacting in a way that mirrored their thoughts.
"I know", the human said, triggering a silence much like the one that seemed to encompass their head, the kind of silence that was violently loud, "I don't deserve you, your affection or your time. I know you're only with me because of the pact and the fact I'm the exchange student, I..."
They wanted to tell him how they wouldn't mind if he wanted to revoke the pact with them, sever it somehow, there had to be a way. But their throat closed up, constricting and making their eyes burn, nails digging into the palm of their hands.
It felt a bit like they were dreaming, surreal. With the way they had been caught in their head recently, it wouldn't surprise them if this was another one of their nightmares. The ones that started out nice, just to turn vicious, faces of Mammon and their past partner swirling together, angry, disgusted, hateful.
The pain from their clenched fists didn't register, neither did Mammon calling out their name, not until he had taken their hands in his, gently prying them open with a worried frown on his face. He was kneeling in front of them now, looking up at them and their heart dropped.
It was done. Over. They had shown him that they knew, that he didn't need to try to be nice to them. He'd be annoyed, at having wasted so much time on them, on having such a weak and pathetic human as his master, of being bound against his will to someone he didn't even like.
But as they wanted to curl into themself, to shield themself from the harsh reality of the worlds, Mammon wouldn't let them. He carefully cradled their face in his hands, as if he was afraid they might shatter if he was any less gentle than this, as if they were fragile.
The eyes searching their face for something made them want to hide even more, the feeling of a drop falling from their chin tickling. When had they started crying?
Mammon was talking now, they realised. His voice was soft, a panicked undertone at seeing them cry like this, at the words that had left their mouth only moments prior. He was confused, worried, not scared yet also fearful in a way, of what was happening, perhaps, stumbling over his words hastily while trying to find the right ones.
"Wha- Why, you, I mean why would you-", Mammon said their name, wanting them to focus on him, listen to him, "You're wrong! I'm not with you because of-of our pact, because you're my master or something. I.. I like you, ok?"
The struggle to be honest with his feelings like this was obvious, as he was blushing immensely, looking like he might combust any second. Still, he continued to make himself speak even more, almost forcefully trying to look if not into your eyes then at your face, so you can see how genuine he's being with every word.
"You're, just, you're always there, for me, caring for me and standing up for a scumbag like me. You're so kind, funny, clever and I mean, if anyone doesn't deserve someone it's me who doesn't deserve you because you- you're amazing, alright? I always wanna be with you, want you to only ever look at me, I wanna see ya happy, because I made ya happy and I'd give you everything I have if it made ya smile at me.. "
By now, tears had started gathering in his eyes as well and his hands fell down to their shoulders, letting his head hang a bit and taking a deep breath. His human was frozen, tears still streaming down their cheeks, almost more so than before as they stared at him with wide eyes.
After a moment of silence, Mammon looked back up again and couldn't stop himself from gently tugging them into a hug, letting them continue crying on his shoulder. His voice was but a whisper now, filled with emotion and cracking every now and then.
"I'm sorry, ok? I didn't mean all of that stuff I've said. You ain't stupid and I do.. Like you, so much, ok? I can't really, be this honest with anyone but you so, I can't promise I won't say that stuff anymore but.. I'll try. I'll try so don't be sad, alright? You're my human, I can't have you being down like this because of me, I can't just beat myself up if I'm the one making ya cry, right?"
His hand had wandered to their head, petting their hair soothingly while he spoke. Sometime during it, they wrapped their arms around him slowly and started sobbing, cries wracking their frame in his arms. Mammon didn't stop his soft reassurances until they calmed down again and gently pushed themself away to look at his face.
Their own was a mess from how hard they cried and they grimaced at the sticky and uncomfortable feeling. Thankfully, their first pactmate didn't need to reach far to get a tissue, letting them blow their nose before carefully wiping their cheeks himself.
"Thank you", their voice cracked but they just repeated themself, making Mammon shake his head softly. Usually, he would say that they better be grateful but right now, nothing could make him do so. It was his fault they had cried like this, had felt so horrible for who knows how long.
But of course, they noticed how he started thinking so negatively again and went back to hugging him, letting him rest his head on their chest this time. He should be the one comforting them not the other way around, what was he even doing? Except, their hand now carded through his hair and they thanked him again, even though he felt like he didn't really deserve it.
Perhaps, when they're both feeling better, they will tell him about why they are so insecure, why they cannot understand how anyone could ever love them like they love others. For now however, they let themselves slump onto the bed, still holding onto each other as the human fell asleep from exhaustion.
Mammon still worried, but the way his human held him reassured him they didn't hate him now, that they weren't mad at him for hurting them like this. He would be better, he told himself, determined to never hurt them like this again if he can help it.
Without a warning, his eyes fell shut as well and he fell asleep with their warmth around him, secure in the knowledge that they were safe with him.
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callaeidae3 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finding comfort, and a sense of safety
After the others realise that Kyle Kindall has a need an appreciation for blankets. They get him natural fibre ones that won't irritate his skin sensitivity (from burn scars etc).
Kyle has never been able to keep such things - even his name, and his sense of identity, were taken from him.
For him, blankets are of equivalent value to the gifting of things such as golden rings or well fed pigs that people of different cultures value
Twelve days of Whumpmas (NZ version)
Five Golden Rings (Five big fat pigs): Branding | Obsessive Whumper | Gift-giving
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warmblanketwhump · a month ago
a Concept™️: sick characters who hide their illness not because they’re ashamed or embarrassed, but because that’s literally the only way they know how to deal with it. before, there wasn’t time, energy, resources to just Be Sick. and they just can’t turn off that instinct in their head that says that sickness just isn’t an option.
so when caretaker asks them why they didn’t tell them they were sick, they turn big, confused, feverish eyes toward them and whisper “I…I can do that? tell you? that’s okay?”
and the only sound you hear is caretaker’s heart shattering as they throw their arms around whumpee and hold them tight.
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whumpster-dumpster · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Someone recently asked me about the difference between whump and angst, so I figured I’d make up a little diagram about them and where they overlap. Maybe it will be helpful!
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Hurt/Comfort Dialogue Prompts Part II
“We need to stop the bleeding – now!”
“I hate to see you hurt like this.”
“Please talk to me. I need to know that you’re alright.”
“I want to help you, so please let me.”
“You don’t have to be so brave when you’re with me.”
“I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt for a second.”
“Seeing you like this and not being able to help – it breaks my heart.”
“If you don’t tell me what happened, I can’t help you!”
“It will be easier, if you just talk to me.”
“Don’t worry about anything. I will take care of it.”
“I need you to breathe for me. Slowly – in and out.”
“You’re normally the tough guy. Today, let me be tough for the both of us.”
“Just listen to the sound of my voice.”
“I wish I could be there with you right now.”
“Is it okay to hug you?”
Part I
If you like my blog and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee! And check out my Instagram!🥰
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bakumi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WC: 2.4K
CW: porn with a lil plot, slightly hurt/comfort, consensual unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), dom/sub dynamics, softdom!dabi, sub!reader, oral (f. receiving), vaginal sex, super fluffy and soft, creampie moment, NO BETA WE DIE LIKE MEN!!!!!
A/N: this is super self indulgent and borderline (if not) ooc dabi so i’m sorry but i just want to hold him!!! and love him!!!
Tumblr media
the tv was on, and had been for a majority of the day, but you couldn’t say what channel it was on, or who was speaking. you were too focused on the article currently displayed on your phone. you wondered who decided the wording, and the font, and the headings size as your stomach rolled.
you don’t remember when you first found it, or how long you’ve been staring at it. the only thing you’ve been conscious of is the rolling, aching waves of sadness that ebbed and flowed against your being at the thought of this truth. because dabi, your dabi, couldn’t truly be gone, could he?
your brain scrambled over the past couple months you'd spent together wondering when things had gotten to this point. it was always easy with him - you’d found him in the alleyway next to your job, a crummy gas station, huddled next to a dumpster similar to the way you were huddled against your couch right now.
back then he had been bleeding out from a stab wound to the stomach, which he insisted he had gotten grappling with a grizzly bear rather than a league raid (and when you'd look at him with deadpan, disbelieving eyes, only to tumble into little pearls of laughter he melted from the sunshine of your smile, instead of the blistering heat brewing beneath his skin, like usual).
when you had patched him up during your break, with a tenderness dabi had forgotten was possible, he found himself hurt in that alleyway consistently, until you took him to your apartment and told him to show up here instead. and then began the routine, which slowly faded into a … convoluted relationship of sorts, because it certainly wasn’t a friendship.
there wasn’t this underlying tension, one that left you eager for his visits and aching after them, with friends. he’d unintentionally become your home, your heart, and could only hope he felt the same.
could only hope he had felt the same, you corrected, a pain gripping at your chest so intensely you gasped. as you wondered about your appearance (surely ruined by the hours of crying, rendering you dry of tears), footsteps rang through your apartment. you instantly stiffened, freezing up at the implications. your apartment was right by the stairs, so you could always hear when someone was walking up them, which would be annoying but the only person who ever used them was -
a knock sounded at your door, sending your stomach in knots and your head reeling in lightheadedness. you don’t know how long passed before a second knock sounded out. you stood on shaky legs, stumbling to the door with heaving breaths.
“dabi?” your voice crackled out of your throat, torn apart from your earlier crying. “please, dabi, please be dabi.”
“‘m right here, doll, gotta open the door,” you heard him say, (your) dabi say.
you fumbled, for only a frustrating seconds, with the lock before it flew open, and dabi into your arms as you both sunk to the floor. you were crying again; tearless, heaving, body-wracking sobs that shook your frame where it was pressed against dabi. his hand circled your back comfortingly, face pressed into your hair as he whispered incomprehensible mumbles that you understood with ease.
“they said you died,” you finally whispered, hiccuping on your words. “thought you were gone, thought i’d at least get a goodbye”
“i know, sweetheart, i know,” he shushed, kissing your hairline. “‘m so sorry it had to go that way, but s’all over, ‘m all yours now. couldn’t tell you till it was done, but i’m here now, ‘m here.”
you sniffled from your place in his neck, nuzzling further into it as you shifted from your place on his lap. “don’t get it, how come it had to happen?”
dabi repressed a shiver as your lips ghosted over his neck. “they think i’m dead, doll, so i’m free. set the whole thing up with hawks ‘n everything’s all taken care of. it’s me ‘n you now, sweetheart. we’ll get outta here, travel the world. whatever you want.”
“just want you,” you breathed out against his hammering pulse, barely aware of the words and their weight. dabi’s hands tightened their hold on you for a desperate moment, before he pulled back. his face melted into a little half grin, eyes painted in adoration.
“there’s your face,” he mumbled, grin spreading at the blush coating your cheeks. “there ‘m girl, missed her.”
you squeaked at his words, the reality of the situation hitting you at once. “i don’t understand! you’re, how come you’re, and we’re, and i’m-“
“c’mon doll,” he cut in, playful mirth dancing in his eyes. “don’t tell me you haven’t picked up on it? my little crush..?”
your eyes widened, disbelief painting your features. sure, there’s always been the tension, and you had hoped your crush was reciprocated, but to hear it like this? you couldn’t believe it, you mind muddled. “your … little …crush?”
dabi sighed, heavy and dramatic. “alright, you caught me. ‘s more than a crush.”
“more?” you whispered breathlessly, suddenly noticing the close proximity you'd unconsciously floated to. when he nodded, your noses brushed.
“me too,” you softly spoke, eyes hooked on his lips, and his tongue as it popped out to wet them. “‘s way more than a crush. i didn’t think, i mean i can’t believe you also—“
his chuckle melted into your lips as he pressed his own against yours. it was soft and sweet, and as you began to move your lips against his, in a synchronized dance of sorts, you poured every emotion you had for him into it.
his tongue traced the seam of your mouth, and without hesitation your lips parted for the male. he licked into your heat, tracing your teeth and obscenely sucking your tongue into his mouth for a beat with a groan.
as his kisses trailed down your neck, and his hands wandered towards your chest, you pulled back with a whine.
“wanna, i need, bed, please,” you barely got out through your pants, staring up at him with swollen lips and rosy cheeks.
he groaned, gravely and deep. “sweetheart you’re killing me, c’m ‘ere.”
your hands gripped his shoulders, wrapping around them to pull yourself into his neck, mouthing at the skin there. not wasting anymore time, dabi hitched you farther up on his lap, your legs wrapping around his waist, as he stood up and began towards the bedroom.
“wan’ you so bad, dabi,” you practically moaned out, in between kisses and small nips against his neck.
“i know, baby, gonna take care of my girl, patience,” he cooed, walking through your bedroom’s doorway and slowly lowering you to your back. at his soft, calculated motions you drew back from his neck with a pout.
“y’being so soft, dabi,” you grumbled softly, a deep blush pooling in your cheeks “always thought you’d be…rougher.”
you felt his cock, nestled against your inner thigh, twitch whilst a groan escaped his lips. “fuck, doll, y’driving me crazy,” he paused, cupping your cheek as he spoke next. “and ‘m gonna go slow tonight, sweetheart, cause tonight’s about you. tonight, ‘m not fuckin’ you, ‘m…cause i…”
he stumbled over his words, straying his eyes from yours as he drew in on himself. your gaze softened, and it was your turn to cup his cheek. your heart was mush in your chest at his words, at his lack of them being so dabi, something you could never fault him for. and you knew, you knew dabi was about to say those words through his actions. because he couldn’t say it, not yet at least, but he could damn well show it.
“i know, dabi. i know, you don’t have to say it, ‘m all yours,” you whispered against his lips, before bringing your mouth to the shell of his ear. “now please make love to me.”
a desperate noise leapt from his throat, and he immediately began his sloppy descent towards your core, dotted with kisses and pointed nips when you squirmed too much for his liking.
he slowly peeled your layers from your body, huffing in feigned annoyance when you whined for his clothes to do the same. you felt yourself slowly melt into the mattress, his slow worship of your body stoking the growing heat in your body, slowly clearing your mind of anything beyond dabi and what he was about to do.
when the cold air met your sopping cunt, followed soon after by the warm panting from dabi, you writhed with a shrill whine at the sensation.
“please, don’ wanna wait anymore, please.”
“i know, baby, you’ve been so patient f’r me, such a good girl,” dabi spoke into your slit, nose brushing the skin there and grinning as you clenched around nothing. “such a good girl f’me.”
without warning, he began his ministrations. an unpredictable pattern of groans flew from his lips as he slowly got hooked on your pussy, it’s smell and flavor like a drug as it coated his lower face. you weren’t sure if it was because of how you felt about him, but he was quickly ruining any other man for you. it was as if he was magic, hitting every spot that made you squirm and quickly bringing you closer to the edge.
his tongue was driving you crazy, tracing his name against your clit before teasingly circling the tight hole he’d yet to enter. a symphony of noise poured from your lips, dabi’s baritone groans thrumming the baseline. just as you were about to scream from the frustration of dangling on the edge, suspended before pleasure as you were, he moved across your slit, lapping and dancing around your clit, then suddenly changing direction and slamming his tongue into your pulsing hole. your back immediately arched, orgasm slamming into you suddenly, white spots flitting across your vision and a keen spilling from your lips as the knot in your stomach finally burst.
you vaguely perceive dabi carrying you through it, unconsciously whining for a kiss as you drift down from your high, reminiscent of a leaf from a tree. as dabi’s lips glide against yours, and you blink the post-orgasmic haze from your bleary eyes, you let your hand wander down until it’s gripping dabi’s length.
“sweetheart, fuck,” he whines, whines, panting where he was mouthing at your neck as you begin to stroke his cock. “ah, shit, y’so good to me, doll, but not tonight, yeah?” he wrapped his hand around yours, dragging it, and his dick, towards your core “can i fuck you? can i fuck this pretty pussy instead?”
your hazy mind warmed your body pleasantly at his words, guiding his aching length towards your pulsing hole. “want it so bad, please, dabi!”
“m’all yours, sweetheart, all yours,” he whispered against your lips and his mushroomed head (purple with neglect, dribbling with precum) slowly pushed past the initial ring of muscle, body pressed firm against yours, nipples brushing as you breathed, moaned, (loved) in tandem.
airy, whiny moans spilled from your lips at the slow canter of his hips against yours, the strength and depth of each stroke sending you scrambling for purchase, anything to ground yourself from floating into the stars. your hands landed on his back, scratching deep lines (ones he’d admire in the mirror, later) before traveling to grip at his hair, then the sheets as you squirmed from the pleasure. slowly getting hooked on his cock, you begged for a kiss to your cervix, and fat dewey tears welled in your eyes as you received one.
dabi kissed at your face, catching the tears on his lips, thoroughly pussy drunk on the heat and grip of your cunt. he was mesmerized at its ability to swallow him whole, thrust after thrust, a little white ring marking a halo at his base.
“so good dabi, y’so deep,” you groaned, pulling his face towards yours and tucking it into your neck as you cupped his head. tears sprung in your eyes at his existence, at him and his quiet love. “y’mine, mine, mine”
“all yours, don’t worry baby,” he whispered into you, words melding into your skin. “are you close? can feel you squeezing me, doll, feels so fucking good.”
you moaned unabashedly at his words, eyes rolling back as a thrust grazed your g-spot. “fuck! right there, s’close, s’close dabi, all cause ‘a you!”
wordlessly, he picked up the pace, lifting his face from your neck to place his forehead against yours. as your breath mingled, his hand began its journey towards your clit, stopping to palm at your breasts and tweak your nipples. finally reaching your bundle of nerves, cantering his hips into yours faster, his own high was rapidly approaching. one, two circles of your clit sent you careening down the cliff, pleasure consuming you wholly as your cunt gripped like a vice around dabi. you writhed and whined as you tumbled through the throughs pleasure, grounded and caged in by dabi’s lithe body. carrying you through your orgasm in chase of his own, it was when you (bleary and barely conscious) scratched at his scalp and pressed a tongue-less, soft kiss to his lips that sent him over.
his warmth pooled inside you, mixing with your own release. you don’t remember how long you spent with him tucked against you, cunt still hugging his cock, just that the bliss of it left you hazy. when dabi did finally pull out, he headed into the bathroom for a towel to clean up. you whined as your cunt fluttered and released the mix of cum inside you.
“dabi, i want it to stay in,” you pouted, eyes drinking in his swollen lips and lidded eyes as he entered the room again.
“oh sweet girl, let me help,” he whispered, fingers scooping the cum that had begun leaking and gently working it back into you. you hummed at the sensation, grinning at him as he then took the towel and wiped you, then himself down. throwing the towel down on the ground, despite your slight huff at the action, dabi settled against your chest with a kiss.
“mine” you whispered against him, words carving into his skin.
“yours,” he tattooed back.
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wincemag · 6 months ago
An interesting facet of the hurt/comfort syndrome is that it is actually anti-violent. Un­like many violent escapist stories, such as the Ian Fleming novels, these tales tend to examine the unpleasant consequences of violence in some detail. They portray violence realistically and dramatize its full consequences. In these stories, the main character is hurt purely as a deus ex machina to permit the ”comfort” portion of the story to take place. Emphasis is placed on the love lavished by the comforter on the friend/lover who’s been hurt.
Connie Faddis and Becca Orokin on hurt/comfort as a subgenre that takes violence seriously, To Slay or Not To Slay, Interphase #3, 1976.
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hugehuggywhore · a month ago
A Mountain Of Paper (Huggy Wuggy x Artist! Reader)
A/N: I am not obsessed- totally not obsessed-
Warnings: None- pure fluff-
Summary: Huggy has noticed how mush you enjoy making art. And he takes it upon himself to make you even happier in his own way. Can be read as platonic or romantic-
Tumblr media
While you could have never imagined you would end up living in an old toy factory with a sentient organic plushie creature, it definitely wasn't the worst thing. Far from it actually.
Huggy had definitely taken some getting used to, seeing how large he was and how he rarely made a sound whenever he moved. But he had never made a move to hurt you. In fact he seemed to do everything he could to make you smile.
Which is what lead to this. Usually you would sleep on Huggy with the two of you surrounded by a small mountain of pillows and blankets. But this morning you had been missing 1 Huggy Wuggy, though he had placed quite a few blankets on top of you to keep you warm.
You could hear the occasional shuffle or sound of metal creaking echo through the factory, letting you know Huggy was somewhere in the vents, using it as his preferred way of travelling through the large factory.
As you got up and stretched, yawning as the last of your sleepiness was chased away by the sounds of the birds in the tress outside the factory. Over the years the lot the factory was on had been reclaimed by nature, slowly turning into a small forest, though Huggy was still taller than the trees growing on the property.
That's when you heard breathing behind you. Whipping around you turned to Huggy standing over you, bending down to be closer, eyes sparkling with barely withheld excitement. He then reeled away, wrapping his long fluffy blue arms around you and plucking you off the ground and into his arms.
Walking into the next room he excitedly put you down, gesturing for you to cover your eyes. Once you did you heard shuffling and a few other strange noises. You then saw felt Huggy's hands pull yours from your face as your eyes adjusted you realized your were staring at a mountain of paper, pens, markers, pencils, and a few other things you assumed were probably used for writing-
Huggy stared at you excitedly, small bunny-like tail wagging into a blur as he eagerly awaited your reaction. Turning to him your heart almost exploded from how adorable this was. Smiling, you cooed, opening your arms for another hug. "Thank you Huggy! I love it!"
Perking up Huggy rushed back to you, quickly picking you up and smushing you to his chest, spinning around as happy purrs came from his chest.
Living with Huggy was strange, but you would always love him and his strange shows of affection.
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writeouswriter · 2 months ago
Thinking lovingly about him*
*The character in my writing that I’ve put through immeasurable pain and misery
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ahlogic · 2 months ago
Genshin Impact
prompt: s/o who plays a sad match maker
summary: they've been with you the longest and loved how you helped people with their romantic struggle, but why is it that you always looked so lonely?
pronouns: you're pretty, closer to female.
distance: crush to lovers
attendance: kaeya, diluc, and zhongli
﹤⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹥
Tumblr media
KAEYA ALBERICH-- marked present.
dear Kaeya sees everything. first he thought you were just shocked how your plan actually worked, but then it happened again and again and again.
he loves the first instance where you're overjoyed for your friend, both of the new happy couple spouting about how they are so thankful for you. and you smile.
he watches the how the creases don't meet your eyes, how you nod when you mind appears empty.
how he just wanted to reach out to you and ask what was wrong? weren't you happy for them.
and you were! you were very happy! but this ache in your chest, you sometimes feels guilty when it takes hold of you. why can't that be you with someone to love?
kaeya would try to take you away from your nonofficial job, to help you with your struggles that you refused to open up to him about.
"just know i'm here if you ever want to pour your heart out to." he means that. you're there for him. how could a man who's romantically interested in you not allow you room to open up to him? simply not a man at all.
it's not until you're in the middle of the night with kaeya, on a hill by a tree with your head rested on kaeya's shoulder, that you finally let down your walls.
"I'm so lonely." You break the silence, dragging Kaeya from his thoughts and forcing him to look at you worried. "I'm constantly making people happy, and I love to help. Happy couples in love is my goal." You're silent after that. Kaeya thought you dropped the conversation until you picked it up, pawing at his left sleeve and he stiffened from your proximity.
"Lonely is a common stepping stone. Some people are stopped in it's miserable pass, but why are you dear?" He asked, a small smile forming on his face, stroking his hand through your hair.
"I should be happy, shouldn't I?" You ask, watching how the soft cloth of his baggy sleeve morphed in your hands.
"You can only feel as happy as you allow yourself, are you happy?"
"I'm happy here with you." You reply quietly, a small smile playing on your lips. He choked back a laugh and looked down at you, ruffling your hair.
"Oh, you always know how to make a man have a good time." You both observe the sky for some time.
Silence suffocates you both again and you drown in your thoughts once more.
"Kaeya." You voice broke and he looked down at you once more. You locked eyes with him, half-lidded eye lids with the most defeated and vulnerable sense. Your lips begin to quiver and tug down, no matter how much you fought them not to. "Why do I feel like I'm missing out on the world?" Kaeya narrowed his eye at you, suddenly taking in your words as though they were the last thing he would ever hear. Your hues suddenly began clouding with tears. "Kaeya, can I not have love?"
The moment you finish your sentence, he swoops forward and presses a hand behind your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. With shock evident on your face, you kiss back relaxing, tears falling from your eyes.
With his arms secured tightly around you, he pulled back. For a split moment, you see him vulnerable. Someone who was just like you, lonely on the sidelines. A smile graces his lips and he pulls your back into his chest and rests his head on top of yours.
"I will always be here for you. I love you. Don't ever forget it, my love." Your eyes grow wide, and then, you allow yourself to cry. You were loved. And this night will be talked about in the morning once you let out all this bundled stress.
Tumblr media
DILUC RAGNVINDR-- marked present.
Diluc knew how you would come to his tavern late at night with a new couple as they treated you to drinks and food. he couldn't help but realize the discomfort that you expressed when they showed any form of affection, how they would even so look at each.
every smile that left you was far to wide or too small to be shown as overloading happiness. perhaps Diluc was just good at reading people from his time being a tavern owner/bartender. afterwards you would come to him and talk to him to catch up. you would follow a routine of this and walk him home.
he didn't want to pry into your life since you generously hadn't pried into his. but the boy was so curious from your actions. whenever he bluntly asked about it, you would show him that disgustingly fake smile and bow. "don't worry about me! i'm fine!"
you were always made him want to strap you down and torture you for an answer but it's not as though you were doing anything bad when helping others.
did you not trust him? he tried his best to be there for you with his busy agenda. would money make you talk? just kidding..
but as you sat on the couch of his large home with him getting you tea and treating you, you asked him a sudden question.
"Diluc, do you have any romantic interest?" You ask, harmlessly. You accepted the tea from him, muttering a thank you. The red haired man flushed suddenly and he sat across from you, pulling his grape juice filled glass to his lips.
"Why ask such a strange question? ...I might." He looked away, feeling strangely coy around the subject. No matter of the doubt he had a crush on you. But as soon as he answered, he saw that expression again. The tight smiled response and widened painful eyes.
"Oh, that's good." You couldn't keep your voice steady as you did with your mutual friends. "What a lucky girl." You looked down at your lap, a thousand thoughts plaguing your mind.
You both sat in silence, drinking and mulling over your drinks. He was far too uncomfortable now to start a conversation. He didn't want to confess but, you said lucky? So he's worth being loved right? You might be interested him too, right? But you probably think he doesn't like you, he is very out of touch with is feelings, it would make sense.
"Do you think," You start out, cautiously. "that someone might love me? Th-that I can find love?" Eyes never met his rare red ones and he frowned. You're so beautiful. Of course, he's glared at multiple men who looked even a slight bit interested in you. This is for your happiness although, not theirs. Not his.
"Yes." He answers, then clears his throat. "I believe so." "Tell me about this girl..." You ask quietly, trying to drop the strange conversation. "She's insecure. And...pretty dumb." He looks away when you look up at him suddenly. A smile grew on your lips and you nod. Your smile isn't as forced as it was beforehand. You were relaxing. “I invite her on walks a lot, and try to get closer to her, but I tend to be busy. So I give her permission to my house when I'm away..."
Everything led back to you, but you simply couldn't believe such a thing. You shouldn't give yourself false hope. In response to your negative thoughts, you eyes begin to well. "(Name)," he stood up, knocking you out of your thoughts. His eyes narrowed down at you. "I love you. I want you. And I want you to want me." He lowered his ungloved hand to make you look up at him, hand wiping away a fallen tear. "Please, let me love you."
"Please." You choke out, eyes never leaving his gaze.
Tumblr media
ZHONG LI-- marked present.
he always thought humans were interesting. but also very sad creatures. he thought becoming the closest thing he could would help him in his discovery of understanding how they worked.
you were a puppeteer, a sad good puppeteer who was meant to do only want you were good at, matchmaking.
he saw what you did was clever. you brought two people together to the point of bond where they would make a contract to live their lives together.
as the nights would grow long however, he watched how your eyes dulled, when returning couples or new distressed singles would ask for help or advice, praising their love ones and giving their thanks in gifts and trinkets. why must you look so sad?
he allowed himself often breaks with you, where you would take him out to eat. he saw all of your actions as platonic, maybe a side joke about how he isn't able to take you out since he had a mora deviancy. you took him out for stress relievers, whenever you two needed it.
he would tell you tales and such and watch you fall closer and closer to him. he didn't quite understand it but he noticed himself slowly wanting to become closer and closer to you when you two parted ways.
he watches you from afar as you assist others in their feuds.
he would ask you whenever you two were alone if you were okay. mortals mental health is an upmost priority after all. but you would shake your head and put your hands up. "I'm fine. don't worry"
then why did your actions go against your words?
You picked up his menu and handed it to the waiter along with yours, smiling and thanking the man politely. Turning back to Zhong li, you watched him take a sip of his warm tea, seeing him smile in approval. "Thank you for kindly taking me out again. It's nice having these moments with you." He spoke from his heart, the heart of an immortal who lived for so long and you laughed.
"If it's you, I'd do anything." You immediately feel embarrassed from your words and looked away. The closure he felt from your words was strangely new. His golden eyes skim over your features and he takes another sip before setting his glass down. "Please, do not mind my rudeness but I have a question."
"Shoot." You answer, reaching for your ice water.
"Why must you look sad when gracing others with love?"
You freeze at his words, processing them slowly. You take a sip. "I don't." His eyes narrow, displeasure from the lie making his mouth feel bitter, sweet honey tea not helping. You fix your mistake to satisfy his observant eyes. "I do. But it isn't that I'm upset that I am good at pairing people. It's just that..." You rest your head on your hand, reverting your gaze to somewhere else. The restaurant wasn't busy, pretty mundane to the point where rowdiness wasn't appropriate at the time of night. A peaceful environment for the both of you. "love is so complicated."
"It is." You perk when he responds. "I believe I have been experiencing symptoms of it, but I don't know who to go to for assistance. I've never fallen in love before." Zhong li says this brutally, your eyes widening, staring into his glowing eyes. "I wish these feelings were only on those around me. But it seems as though I had other plans."
"Man, I wish I could find love. You're so lucky. Being as handsome as you are, you can get anyone as long as you point at them and ask. I can't imagine anyone who would ask that of me, though. Not even being able to imagine me doing that to someone." You blow a raspberry and eye the table with doubt. He thought over your response and somethings just didn't add up. His feelings completely went against yours. You were wrong.
"Why do you think that?" You make eye contact again from the astounded tone he used. He sounded as though he was upset. Quickly to attempt to ease the conversation.
"Well-- I just think no one could fall in love with me. There's nothing to fall for, y'know?" You let out a nervous laugh and shrink when he suddenly stood up.
"There is plenty to fall in love over. Your hair which is softer then a silk flower when I run my fingers through it, your bright eyes to see me easily lift my mood after a long day, same with your smile, and your voice as soft and graceful in the morning as well as it is at night brings a sense of ease to me. You make me feel as though I can breathe and look forward to what you have to throw at me. You make me feel at home which I could never feel all my life I lived." Your eyes watered and you choked back an answer while putting at hand to your mouth.
His eyes become soft and gentle as he looks down at you, bringing his hand up, he points at you, pulling you close with the other one.
"Allow me to have you, and I will allow you to have me, for I have fallen for you."
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magpie-to-the-morning · 11 months ago
“my child is completely fine” your child’s favorite fic genre is hurt/comfort
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grousemouse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Where are Dick and the demon brat? I could have sworn they were right behind us…”
Stranded on an island, pursued by people with guns set on wearing them down, the Batkids fight to survive. Also Dick is Damian’s dad.
My gift for the wonderful AuroraKant for the Dynamite Duo Exchange. It was such a good prompt and so much fun to draw!! @dynamiteduoexchange @sassydefendorflower (click keep reading for image description)
[ID: The first digital drawing shows Stephanie Brown and Jason Todd trekking through the jungle, both bloodied and bruised. Jason has a bullet wound in his calf, and is leaning on Steph to continue walking. Stephanie looks determinedly forward while Jason looks back, asking: “Where are Dick and the demon brat? I could have sworn they were right behind us…” The second digital drawing shows Dick Grayson carrying Damian Wayne on his back through the jungle. Both of them are also bloodied and bruised, and Damian is unconscious with blood dripping down his forehead. Dick is looking determined as he trudges forward, saying: “C’mon Lil’ D, just hang in there. You’re gonna make it. I promise.” END ID]
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warmblanketwhump · 6 months ago
there’s no comfort quite as pure as someone wrapping a towel or blanket around someone who’s soaking wet and shivering, hugging them close to block the wind and rubbing their arms, shoulders, and back to try and warm them up
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ra6nvindr · 2 months ago
when you two have a really bad altercation
ft. diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich (separate)
warnings: jabs at insecurities, mentions of domestic abuse (?)
notes: hurt comfort (diluc) AND hurt no comfort (kaeya), gn!reader, might make something where kaeya is the hc and diluc is the hnc :o, not proof-read, part 2 here
a/n: a small something to get this tumblr started :)  ::  you can tell how much i blatanly favor diluc hehe sorry
synopsis: after dating for a year, you two had your first real disagreement. neither of you expected it to go as far as it did, and they end up revealing their true feelings about you.
Tumblr media
You had always known your lover was a busy man. You respected his hardwork, his passion, and his love for Mondstadt. You loved how he protected it yet never sought out praise or rewards for it. But, even knowing his heavy workload, couldn’t he take time to at least see his significant other?
You understood being occupied with work and busyness too. After all, you were a member of the Adventurers’ Guild. Day after day you fought against enemies that threatened the lives of helpless citizens, but you always seemed to make it home with just enough time to spend it with Diluc.
Of course, that extra time usually wasn’t filled with your partner’s companionship. It was you, alone in the manor, reading books that you’ve read countless times before just to pass the seconds. Even the servants held pity for you. After the third week of not having a real conversation with Diluc, what you felt was more than just frustration. You decided it was time to address it.
Dusk seemed to have come much slower than it usually did the day you decided to talk to him about his distance. You noticed how he had barely left his office that day, not even to eat. Using that as an excuse to see him, you mustered up every ounce of courage you had and entered the room, plate in hand. “I got you dinner, Luc.”
You could tell fatigue took a toll on him as his back slouched forward above his paperwork. His left hand rubbed both of his temples as his right held a pen loosely. “Thank you (Y/N). Put it at the end of the desk, I’ll make sure to eat it later,” he said, eyes glued to yellowed paper. You stood firm next to him, earning a heavy sigh, his head turning towards your figure. “Yes?”
“Diluc.” You found that fighting Abyss Mages were easier than looking Diluc Ragnvindr in the eye. “You should take a break,” you smiled softly at him, “I really want to go to Starfell Lake with y—”
Before you could finish your sentence, Diluc’s booming voice cut you off. “Hah, do you think I have the time to deal with your childish needs? Can’t you see with your own two eyes that I’m busy? If you want to go to Starfell Lake, be my guest! I don’t care!”
He shut you up quick. Swallowing your voice, you manage to spew out an apology. “I’m sorry, Diluc. Yo-You’re right, it was dumb of me to even think of such a thing. I’m so sorry for disturbing you.” Your head felt like a ton of bricks as you held it down far enough to not even see his expression in your peripheral vision.
You couldn’t see the sheer guilt and regret he had on his face.
“Oh my gods, (Y/N), I apologi—” He began, lifting his arm to run his hand through his hair—a motion he did often to cool his head. He stopped when he saw you flinch, hard. “(Y/N)?”
Your stance had been that of a person used to being hit. Eyes closed, your face crunched up as if you were already in pain. Your shoulders and arms drew close to your chest to prepare for the impact that never came.
You didn’t even realize what you had done before you felt his strong arms hold your waist. Your stomach felt the tiniest of drops of wetness from where his head laid. “I’m so, so sorry, darling,” his breath shook, “I didn’t mean to snap, nor did I mean to at all scare you.” He lifted his face, showing his pained expression, “Are you okay? I’m so genuinely sorry. I should have listened to you, if I did then I wouldn’t have let my aggressive frustration take hold of me.”
You eased into his arms, “Diluc, it’s okay, really.” 
He shook his head, “No, it’s not. I promise that I won’t ever do such a thing again. If I do, just slap me out of it. No—you can even stab me out of it!” He held you tighter, “I don’t ever want you to feel the need to hide your thoughts from me, gods forbid you fear me. I don’t want to lose you, not you too.” He bit his lip in an effort to ground himself, “Seeing that look on your face made my heart physically shatter. I can’t believe what I’ve done to you.”
“Diluc!” You shouted to grab his attention. Cupping his face into your palms you inched towards him, “Stop apologizing! I get it! You’re forgiven!” You backed away, “It makes me more uncomfortable hearing you beg for forgiveness than you getting angry with me.”
He loosened his grip on you, grabbing your hand to place a gentle kiss on your knuckles. “All right, I’ll stop,” turning your hand over to kiss your palm, his eyes seemed to glow a little more red than you remembered, “as long as you tell me the name of the bastard who caused that kind of reaction.”
"I'm tired, (Y/N), let's talk about this later." Kaeya shrugged you off as he always did when he came back home to you. It was the tenth time he had come home late in the night, and you began worrying since long before. 
Insecurities ate at you like a worm eating an apple inside out. It gnawed at you whenever you stood beside your boyfriend, who seemed to shine brighter than moonlight itself. You felt out of place next to him, and it definitely didn’t help as he began ignoring you for weeks.
You stepped in front of him before he entered your shared room. "Kaeya, if we don't talk about this now, when will we ever? You barely have time for me anymore!"
He snapped. It was the first time you felt the icy cold glare of his he usually used on enemies. "I don't want to hear another word coming from your mouth, got that? I told you that I'm not in the mood."
He was persistent, but so were you. "You will never be in the mood, you and I both know it. So please, talk to me now. Make some time for me now. I doubt it will take more than five minutes if you just allowed—"
"You're annoying, ya know that?" Kaeya snarled at you. "Words can't describe how much you irritate me. No curse word nor amount of curse words would do justice to the amount to sheer hatred I have for you whenever you're like this."
You scoffed in disbelief, "Why the fuck are you trying to pick a fight? I just wanted to have a conversation with you, Kaeya! Why do you make everything so difficult?” Exasperation and devastation was evident in your tone of voice, but it was obvious that Kaeya didn't care.
"Well if you weren't such a clingy bitch then we wouldn't have this argument, now would we?!" Kaeya shouted at you the same way he shouted at his men when they would do something wrong during practice. You felt like a child being scolded by their parent, and you hated that.
"I wouldn't be clingy if you just gave me the attention a good boyfriend would!" You rebutted, fighting the tears that begged to be released from your eyes' waterline. 
You heard the leather of his glove squeak as he clenched his right fist, "Oh, I'm the bad guy here, huh?! Well I'm sorry I have to fucking babysit you at your grown age! You're so fucking useless and in need of my help all of the time that it gets so tiring, you know that?!" At that point he was just naming things irrelevant to the topic.
"What the hell are you even on about now, Kaeya?!" Your voice cracked, but that didn't stop you from retorting back. "You take that back, or so help me I'll—"
"Or you'll what? Huh? What can you do?" He poked your chest harshly with every question he asked. "You're a nobody that I just so happened to pick up for fun while on a journey, that's it! I've no idea why something like you got so attached to me. You're unattractive, weak, and most of all, revolting!"
Kaeya was so caught up in his speech that he failed to see your violently shaking figure. Fear struck you so hard that you were sobbing in place, choking on the tears that you tried so hard to keep in.
Your knees gave in. "Is... Is that how you thought of me this entire time?" Everything made so much sense now. Ignoring you, being indifferent towards you, not sleeping in the same bed some nights. You couldn't bare to see his face, not wanting to accept the truth—not wanting to see the real expression Kaeya wore when he looked into your eyes.
"(Y-Y/N)..." It was the same gentle voice you had heard when you first met Kaeya. Even then, even with that comforting tone, you knew better. You knew not to trust that sweet, addicting sound.
Eyes locked to the ground, you turned and ran away as fast as you could from the cryo user—not like he would chase after you anyway. 
You couldn't bare to look at him again after that, nor at yourself.
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sempaiko · 2 months ago
So, this was my summer... any help would be appreciated greatly!
Here's a link to my paypal if you'd rather directly send anything: HERE
Tumblr media
Look I love hurt comfort, but only fictional. XD
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Hey, I was wondering if you could do some prompts for someone having a chronic pain flare and their partner fussing/Looking after them
Hi :)
Caring for their partner prompts
"Alright, I will be your nurse today, if you like it or not."
"How do you always know exactly what I need?" "I pay attention."
"This is so stupid." "It's not stupid, it's your body. And I'm here for you, until it stops being stupid."
"I want to help you, please let me help you."
"You know I'm not dying right?" "Am I not allowed to still care for you?"
"There will be better days, but I will be here for all of them."
"I don't like seeing you in pain."
"That's it, you go back to bed and I'll bring you everything you need."
"You don't have to do all of this..." "But I really like doing it."
"I'm not only doing it for you. It's much more fun, if you're not in pain."
- Jana
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heartshapedimagine · 10 days ago
summertime (is meant to fall in love) [Remus Lupin x reader]
word count: 4.4k
summary: you’re in love with remus lupin. too bad he wants to keep you a secret.
“I want to go home. Will you come with me? Please?”
I’d do anything you asked me to, he thought.
tags: marauders era, smut, angst, hurt/comfort, friends with benefits situation, mutual pining, secret relationship, nsft, explicit content, friends to friends with benefits to lovers, fem reader, she/her pronouns used for reader
requested by anon here
It was summertime, a glorious British summertime that felt like it wouldn’t ever end. The days were long, hot, and full of fun. Remus and his friends had thrown every themed party you could think of - tiki bar, pool parties, half-birthdays and anniversaries that didn’t exist, you'd attended them all at his hip, and you both had a secret.
When the night had ended, usually marked by either James or Sirius throwing up or giving themselves a concussion, and the rest of your friends from prior years at Hogwarts had gone home, Remus Lupin took you home and fucked you silly.
You remembered exactly how it started that summer after school ended. Remus had always been your type: kind, intelligent, quiet. He wore too-big t-shirts and wrote song lyrics on his arms like tattoos, watched you too closely when you spoke. He let his eyes drift down to your mouth when you laughed. When he sidled up to you at the start of summer, lean and tall and smiling like you were the sweetest thing he’d ever seen, you knew you’d let him take you home.
And you did. Every party after the first, he’d find you. That first night, the first time you slept together, he’d said, “Hi, sunshine.”
“Hi yourself,” you’d said.
You’d traded compliments, hidden away from everyone else at the party in the hallway of the Potter’s cottage. He was shy with the way he spoke but not his actions, pushing the hair out of your eyes with enough care and softness that you felt your heart in your throat.
He was smooth. It almost shocked you, expecting him to be awkward and inexperienced. He proved to be anything but, wrapping your hair around his finger and leaning in.
You knew exactly what you’d said, his mouth an inch from yours. “You have a pretty mouth.”
“You think so?”
You hummed your agreement. “Uh-huh.”
“Pretty like yours?”
You felt his breath against your lips, his inhale stealing air from your open mouth. He leaned down to kiss you, slow and steady. You were hesitant and then suddenly not, pushing your hands up his face, fingertips at his hairline. Where your lips touched, a yawning chasm opened in your stomach.
You tried to fill it all summer long. With booze, with books and with Remus.
Nothing worked. You could fuck him three times over and still not feel like it was enough, spending hours in his room watching him sleep at night wondering what it was that was missing. You’d always been a sad girl, lonely. You chalked your sleeplessness up to the thing that had always been wrong with you.
In truth, at first, you weren’t sure it had to be Remus. Fuck, anyone might’ve done. You’d always given your heart to the first person who asked for it and even the ones who didn’t ask to begin with. You gave and gave until you felt like you were empty of anything useful and then you filled it up with boys and alcohol and cigarettes. Now, if it had been anyone but Remus, you knew it would’ve made you crazy.
Still, you were having fun. Tonight the theme was fancy cocktails - a competition. Everyone brought a pitcher of their favorite drink and the group judged it on appearance and taste.
You were winning.
“Amazing work, Y/L/N!” Sirius cheered, knocking back the dregs of virgin mojito you’d provided. “Can barely taste the booze!”
You hadn’t put any alcohol in them. You finished your own, grinning at the praise you received, feeling like you’d pulled one over on them all and knowing it would be a funny story to tell them all at the next party.
One person wasn’t fooled. Remus, who didn’t really drink to begin with, was lovingly cradling his own glass of mocktail across the room, shoulder-to-shoulder with James. He was giving you a look that said, I know exactly what your game is.
You bared your teeth at him, smiling widely. He shook his head in amusement.
“What’s happening there?” Lily asked you.
“What?” you asked, startled.
“You and Remus,” she explained. “Giving each other the eyes.”
This was the part you didn’t like as much. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
Because the morning after the first night, Remus had shook you awake. “The wardrobe,” he’d whispered, ushering you half-naked and lethargic into his walk-in wardrobe.
You heard voices from the other side of the door. Sirius. They talked for a while, Remus ushered him out. And then you were climbing out of his wardrobe feeling dejected. It had to be a secret, you realized. Remus didn’t want anyone to know he was messing around with a girl like you.
He’d walked back into his bedroom, tugging a hand through his hair. “That was a close one.”
“Yeah,” you’d agreed, smiling even though your chest hurt.
Maybe you should’ve called it off. After all, what kind of respect could you have for yourself if you let him fuck you when he was too ashamed to admit it?
None, as it turned out. None for yourself at all. Remus had gorgeous eyes and a wonky smile, a way with words and gentle hands that made you feel as though you were a deity to be worshipped.
Despite his keeping you a secret, he treated you like a complete gentleman. He was nice to you. He was kind to you. You let him hide you away like a taboo and you lied to all your friends.
Lily licked salt off the rim of her glass with a knowing expression. “I think you’re lying, Y/N.”
You sought Remus out without thinking. “We’re just friends.”
“How many times have I heard that!” she giggled to herself. Lily fanned herself with the empty drinks tray and you sighed at the relief the small gusts of wind gave you.
“God, it’s hot.”
“Isn’t it?” She sighed out the corner of her mouth, blowing stray hairs away from her damp forehead. “Thank god James already likes me, I couldn’t pull any boy like this.”
“You look lovely,” you said honestly. She smiled her soft, wistful smile at you.
“Thanks, darling. You don’t look half bad yourself.”
You blushed, covering your mouth with your hand. “I look fully bad.”
“Aw, c’mon Y/N. We need to have the pep talk again?”
You felt your eyes widen. “No, we don’t. If I have to listen to Sirius wax poetic about my legs again I might lose my dinner.”
“What dinner? You’ve barely touched the buffet,” James said, sliding into the seat next to Lily. He pressed his hand to her shoulder, tugging her close.
“The buffet!” Sirius said, following closely behind him. Where James was, Sirius was. “I’ll make you a plate, shall I?” he suggested,
You shook your head vehemently. “I don’t have the appetite.”
“You don’t have an appetite for anything except cigarettes,” Lily said pointedly. “You need to take care of yourself.”
“Oh my god, you guys are ganging up on me again.”
“We are not!” James protested.
“We kind of are,” Sirius shrugged. “You need to be ganged up on sometimes, doll.”
“You guys worry too much. Plus, Remus hasn’t eaten anything and-“ you paused, having instinctively turned your head to seek him out. He was chatting with Marlene McKinnon, his hand gracing the skin of her arm. You swallowed.
“And you never gang up on him,” you finished weakly.
“Remus has bigger problems than not eating dinner,” Sirius said, chuckling.
You felt the comment strike you straight in the heart. Of course he did. You were silly to make your friends worry, silly to be weak where people could see you. And, of course, they were right - your problems were small.
“I know, I’m being stupid,” you said regretfully, rising to your feet. You put your glass down a bit too hard.
“Oh, Y/N, he didn’t mean it like that-“ James began.
“It’s fine,” you injected your tone with false cheer, smiling as widely as you were able. “I’m rather hot. I think I’ll go get some air.”
They all frowned at you. You ignored it, pushing through the small crowd of people hovering in the kitchen to the sliding glass doors. The garden was empty where people had taken refuge indoors, the day almost too hot to bear.
You had a million racing thoughts and no solutions. You reached an arm above your head to rest against the warm brickwork, back to the sun, and took a deep inhale through your nose. You were too sensitive these days, emotions strung every which way like a washing line with too many clothespins, buckling under the weight.
Sometimes living felt so heavy. With the help of your friends, the washing line stayed up, but this new weight - this want for the unobtainable - was like a soaked woolen jumper. You were collapsing beneath it. The only person who could take it down was flirting with Marlene 20 feet away through the thick stone walls.
You pressed your hands to your eyes and suppressed the urge to scream.
You let yourself stand there until the blistering sun turned your brain to mush. The music felt louder when you walked back in. You weaved through hot bodies to run yourself a glass of water, letting the water run over the brim and wet the back of your hand to press against your forehead.
Marlene was giggling. You downed the water in three large gulps that made your throat hurt and let yourself out through the front door. Remus would have better company tonight.
Remus had some unresolved issues, to say the least. He was a werewolf, for one. That was a kicker. He was poor as dirt, for two, though that could be related back to point one. And for three, he’d fallen for a girl he couldn’t have.
He knew that kissing you at the start of summer was a bad idea because he wouldn’t be able to take it back. He hadn’t exactly been expecting you to go home with him as many times as you had. Okay - he hadn’t expected you to go home with him the first time. But you’d looked so pretty, sun kissed, beaming, like sunshine incarnate. He knew if he didn’t make a move, it would be the biggest mistake of his life.
He hadn’t expected to fall in love with you.
That was technically a lie - how every man you knew wasn’t tripping over your feet was a mystery to him. You were breathtaking. Still, knowing your face and knowing your heart were two different things, and he was almost sure he knew both like the back of his hand.
He’d been trying to pen a letter to you all morning. He would’ve rang you, only he wasn’t sure where you were. You’d disappeared early that night, before the sun had even begun to set. His stomach churned at the thought you’d accompanied somebody else home.
He put the end of the pen between his lips to scratch his face.
Sunshine, it started. Sunshine, I missed you last night.
Sirius worried he hurt your feelings. Where has your appetite gone?
I wish you’d eat more, you know. I wish I thought you’d answer the phone this morning. Who took you home last night? I have no right to be jealous, but I wish it were me.
He would’ve struck through the incriminating lines had they not been most of the letter. He sighed, setting it aside on the pillow next to him. The headboard creaked behind him as he put his head back, eyes rolling back to stare at the wall.
There were so many things he wished he could say to you.
The telephone started ringing. He hopped onto his feet, heart thumping at the anticipation that it could be you on the other end.
“Pads,” he sighed.
“Expecting someone else?”
“I - no, of course not.”
Sirius' voice sounded permanently tinged by sarcasm, even over the phone. “Sure, buddy. Drinks at mine tonight?”
“With who?”
“Anyone who survived last night, I would assume.”
“And there it is. God, what’s wrong with you? Cracked in under 20 seconds.”
Remus grumbled, annoyed at being found out. “I’m just asking,” he said defensively.
“Right. I thought you were sweet on Marlene?”
“I am,” he lied. “I asked about Y/N because you made her cry yesterday.”
“I did not! Who told you that? Was it James?”
“She didn’t cry!” he sighed over the receiver. “I’ll apologize tonight. I wasn’t trying to.. belittle her problems, I was more poking fun at you.”
“Cheers, Pads.”
Remus felt like he could hear Sirius’ eyes rolling through the phone. “You know what I mean, twat. She’s been sad all summer, thinks we don’t notice. I’d never judge her for that.”
Remus softened, “I know that, Pads. She does as well.”
Sirius cleared his throat. “Yeah, we’ll. Tonight, 8PM, don’t bother bringing booze unless it’s more of those mojito’s Y/N made.”
“They weren’t alcoholic.”
“Yeah, and I’m the minister.”
8PM rolled around sooner than later. You were the first thing he saw, all splayed out on Sirius' sofa like a girl from a magazine, soft and inviting. The space next to you was empty, James and Frank Longbottom were sitting opposite you talking passionately.
"Fuck off mate, if it's anyones season, it's the Italians'," Frank was saying. Remus sat down next to you without a word, leaving a friendly distance between you.
You let your legs, hiked up beside you, drift down flat so that your socked feet were under his thigh. "Hi, Rem."
"You okay, sunshine?" he asked quietly.
"So-so," you smiled at him, tilting your head to the side. The drink you were balancing on your stomach was leaving a circle behind on your bare skin, your shirt having ridden up where you led.
"How are you?" you asked him.
"I'm great, thanks," he answered, tone formal.
You smiled to yourself like you were in pain. "Yay."
"Is something wrong?"
You shook your head. The bitterness fell away, uncovering the kind girl he knew. "Nothing, Remus. I think I'm tired."
He threw his arm around the back of the sofa, peering into Sirius' kitchen. Lily was singing something, voice scratchy, Sirius providing the back up vocals for an audience that seemed more than pleased and half-cut.
"That's a show," he said.
You followed his eyes. "They've been like that for ages. I think they're stuck."
He didn't allow himself much time with you, feeling as though the gaze of each party-goer were burning into the back of his head. He didn't want anyone to think too deeply into your friendship, doling out conversation and smiles to as many people as he could so nobody could call favoritism. He felt like an idiot, parading around, talking to girls he'd barely known from school.
You didn't move from the sofa all night, letting Sirius wait on you with cold drinks and snacks. Remus caught flashes of him giving you his apology. You smiled it all away, letting your hand run down Sirius' arm in comfort. It's alright, your mouth moved. I knew what you meant.
He wasn't sure you did.
You stepped out onto Sirius' balcony, pulling a pack of Marlboros out of your clutch.
You looked stunning like that, silhouetted by the setting sun, puffs of smoke spiralling away from you into the calm night. He watched your lovely hands flick away ash, twist away the burning end into the wall. He was content to let you have a moment to yourself, do as you like, when you lit up a second.
He meandered through the room, waylaid by James and a terrible idea, Emmaline with a suggestive touch on his bicep.
You were watching him approach, eyes heavy with an emotion he couldn't figure out.
"Ciggy?" you asked, offering him the packet.
He waved his hand. You shrugged, putting the carton back in your bag.
"Suit yourself," you said, settling down on your knees. He leaned deeply over the railing, trying to understand what was going through your head tonight. You watched the sky changing colour in silence, staring unseeingly. The setting sun threw lines of colour up your face.
He surprised himself, reaching out to squeeze your shoulder. "You alright, sunshine?"
"Yeah," your voice was high strung. You cleared your throat and took a drag of your cigarette.
"You seem sad tonight."
"Hey," he said, gently pushing your shoulder back, forcing you to look at him. "It's not your fault."
You blinked rapidly, pressing your lips together. "I'm just tired."
"I know you are. You want to go back inside?”
“I want to go home. Will you come with me? Please?”
I’d do anything you asked me to, he thought. “‘Course.”
You insisted on showering first, washing away the sweat and dirt from the last two days. Remus was waiting at your bedside. You felt frustrated with him and his stupid band shirts and his pretty face, sat on your bed like he’d done all summer long, one leg tucked up under the other at the edge of your bed.
You abandoned your towel and didn’t bother getting dressed, standing in front of him in question, nervous even though he’d seen you like this before.
“Come here,” he said softly, holding his hands out.
You climbed into his lap, knees either side of him. He pulled you tight against his chest, completely ignoring your nakedness. Your wet hair dripped down his back and dampened his shirt.
“Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing your hair off your shoulders. His voice was ridiculously earnest, to the point where it soured your mood even more so. You clenched your eyes shut as hard as you could and dug your face into the side of his neck.
“Is it me?” he asked. You shook your head.
“I know why we do this, and why we’re a secret, but I’m still your friend,” he said comfortingly.
You were confused. You pulled away from him, dropping down onto his legs. You pushed your own legs shut as much as you could for a semblance of decency.
“Why are we a secret?” you asked him.
“You said you know why we’re a secret. Why are we?”
He frowned back at you. “I didn’t peg you as cruel, Y/N.”
“What are you talking about?” you asked incredulously.
“I’m a werewolf, Y/N. Everybody knows, even if they won’t say. And I’m,” -he gestured to his face- “this. We’re not compatible.”
“So we’re a secret because you think I’m ashamed of you?”
“You have every right to be.”
You held back the urge to dig your nails into your own arms, crossing your arms over your chest to hug yourself. “I’m not ashamed of you, Remus. How could you think that? I thought you were the one hiding me.”
His upset melted into confusion. “Why would I hide you?”
“You shoved me in your wardrobe,” you wanted to sound mad. It came out miserable.
He was quiet for a while, drawing lines up your naked thigh that he had no right to draw. “I thought you wouldn’t want anyone to know.”
“I don’t care who knows.”
“No. Tell the papers,” you said, laughing. “I think we’ve miscommunicated, Rem. I like you, I don’t care that you’re a werewolf and I certainly don’t care about your,” you gestured to his face-, “this. I actually quite like your face.”
“I - I’m sorry for flirting with Marlene - I thought it would take the heat off of you, not upset you.”
“It was a lie?”
“It was. I swear it.”
“Oh,” you said. Your voice cracked. You forced your chin down into your chest so he couldn’t see the beginnings of your waterworks. “I lied as well.”
“When?” he asked, wrapping an arm around the small of your back. He rubbed the pad of his thumb under the soft skin of your under-eye, catching a tear before it could fall.
“I told Lily that nothing was going on between us, but there’s actually so much between us I think I might combust sometimes. And I don’t like you, I’m in love with you,” you admitted, blinking as to allow the tears collecting in your eyes some reprieve.
He kissed a tear where it ran down your cheek.
“Don’t cry, sunshine. I’m in love with you, too.”
Your heart seized with relief. You laughed, sobbed, wiped the tears from your face none too gently.
“Will you kiss me?” you asked, chest heaving.
He held your head in both hands like he was cupping water in a stream, fingers behind your ears and thumbs rubbing half circles in your cheeks. When he kissed you he tasted like your tears, lovingly tilting your face to the side to place his mouth against yours.
“Silly girl, who would want to hide you?”
You tightened your legs around his thighs unthinkingly. His breathing faltered. He held your face in place, kiss moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jawline before bringing both hands down to your neck, your shoulders. “Turn around?”
You did, sitting in the space between his spread thighs. He pulled your back against his chest, using his hands to massage your breasts. You sighed, letting your full weight rest on him. He hardly minded, tweaking your nipples with his fingers.
“You’re incorrigible,” you muttered, letting your head fall back at the juncture of his neck. He kissed the tip of your nose. One hand slowly moved down your sternum and your torso, your heart stuttering in anticipation. He used his full hand to cup your cunt, the other hand hooking under your knee and bringing it up towards you so that you were spread wide open.
He used his middle and ring finger to spread you further, prompting the slick you were producing to dribble out sluggishly down between your legs. He used a finger to gather it back up, pushing it inside you.
“Fuck,” he said. “All wet for me, aren’t you, sweetheart?”
“Sunshine,” you corrected.
“Oh,” he said, pushing two fingers inside you, knuckle deep, smiling at your pants. “Sunshine. My mistake. You like when I spread you open like this, sunshine?”
You covered the hand he was using to further fondle your breasts. “Uh-huh.”
“Use your words.”
“Yes,” you said shyly.
He nodded, satisfied. He moved back so that his back was against the headboard, putting a pillow behind his shoulders. He shrugged his trousers off, kicking them onto the floor.
You followed him up. He turned you around again, pulling you bodily onto his pelvis so that you were lined up above his dick. You braced your hands on the mattress so you didn’t slide down, your chest at his eye-level.
He pumped his shaft, his boxers now pushed down, hissing at you when you wiggled.
He pulled your calves up using both his hands until the tops of your thighs were pressed into your stomach. Using your calves to guide you, he pushed you down onto his dick, head pushing into you with a wet pop.
You moaned. Not only did it feel amazing, you were turned on by this cruel display of strength, how he could hold your legs by the ankle and lift you up effortlessly, fucking you on him like a toy.
He moved his hips to meet you. You keened, desperate at the feeling of being full. It was always shocking to you when he bottomed out, feeling as though you had stretched an unbelievable amount to accommodate him inside you.
“Okay?” he asked.
You were more than okay, making an unintelligible sound of pleasure when he did the thing he knew you liked, pulling all the way out to thrust back in. He let go of one of your legs and it flopped uselessly to the bed, instead moving his hand to grip your waist. The more stable the position, the firmer he could be with you.
He bottomed out, stayed there a moment to mess around with your insides, pulled out and repeated. You were a mess on him, bringing your hands up to play with your tits as he fucked into you. He kissed the hand closest to his mouth.
“Lovely tight cunt all messy on me, always making a mess, aren’t you sunshine?
“Rem, please.”
“Fine,” he laughed, letting your other leg drop. You dug your heels in the bed unnecessarily, knowing Remus would hold you up. He brought the hand that wasn’t tight on your waist to guide his dick, rubbing the tip up and down from your entrance to your clit until you were shaking.
“Oh, sunshine,” he mouthed, pushing back into you. “You’re so fucking warm.
His lewd choice of words made you whimper. He used his pointer and middle finger to target your clit, rubbing the sensitive bud uo and down with tremendous speed. You pushed your leg as wide to the side as it would go until every pass of his fingers made your cunt feel white-hot.
You grit your teeth, eyes closing tight as your climax rolled over you. He persevered, manipulating your clit so that your contractions felt never-ending and your eyes burned. You pushed your legs close tight, pulling his hand away.
Remus’ grip on your waist was so tight you suspected you’d have little fingertip bruises in the morning and you couldn’t care less, doing your best to push your hips down on his dick. He gasped, held you in place, fucking up into you so fast you had to grip his bicep to stay steady.
He came inside you, turning your face so he could kiss you as he slowly pumped his cum to what felt like the deepest point of you. You spread your fingers against his t-shirt clad chest, breaking the kiss to lean your forehead on his cheek to catch your breath.
He had other ideas, kissing down your neck until his mouth was poised over your pulse. He shifted you up so that your skin was right against his mouth and sucked until you could feel the bruise beginning to form, blood vessels shattering at the surface of your skin. He kissed the bite once he was done.
“There,” he said. “No more hiding that you’re mine.”
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oriorwriter · 9 months ago
How to write softness
(if reposting, please use @irbelletti)
If you’re writing a book with a lot of action, battles, death, and blood, you should definitely add a little softness!
But how should you do it?
I gathered here a couple tips from great books I read that portray softness beautifully.
1. Get contrast
If your characters are grumpy and generally aggressive or cold, a fluffy moment is guaranteed to MELT the reader. Believe me, it does. 
Make your characters show softness only in specific moments if they’re not super warm people, and only towards specific friends, members of their family, or their significant other.
It will give your story a lot more depth and will make the reader yearn for more.
2. Decide the degree
A little stroke or a full blown eight-minute hug?
Make sure the softness is appropriate to the moment (for instance, it’s weird for two people to start embracing and kissing if they’re in the middle of a literal war) and if it’s in character.
Remember that for colder characters a simple arm caress shows a lot, and will never be forgotten by either the other character (the reiver) and your audience!
3. Brainstorm
Ideas for gentle softness can be:
Ask for consent to touch the other (meaning to caress them or kiss them)
Brushing leg against leg (or elbows, shoulders, arms)
holding hands
holding pinkies
blowing kisses
smiling encouragingly from afar
asking if they’re okay
moving closer without saying anything
resting their arm on the other character’s shoulder
protecting [keep reading]
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