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kawacy4 months ago
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Vampire Husband
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kaity--did20 days ago
How鈥檚 that insane husband of yours were all dying for an update
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Tumblr media
He鈥檚 lost his mind actually
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suga-kookiemonstera day ago
That was so cute how tae was standing with anderson鈥檚 son while his wife took a picture with jin 馃槀
his wife was geeked af too 馃槀馃槀馃槀 jin felt awkward cause she was married and she was like ain鈥檛 no problem...ain't no problem 馃槒 and anderson was like ...OK babe, time to go LMAO
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frommyfavoritebooks2 months ago
You were never asking for too much.聽
You were simply just asking the wrong person.聽
- A Gentle Reminder, Bianca Sparacino
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kaity--did6 months ago
I was feeling a little useless in my marriage, thinking 鈥渢his man does so much for me, what do I do for him?鈥 And then this beautiful wonderful man asked me 鈥淚鈥檓 making brownies, can I substitute the vegetable oil with corn starch? They鈥檙e both vegetable based right?鈥 And I remember that I keep him alive and safe from himself every day
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one-time-i-dreamt5 months ago
I married Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version) and he was such a sweet and attentive husband and is funny and cute and creative and we were very happy together!
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