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Upon watching a drama movie for the second or third time, does anyone else hate when it gets to that one bittersweet scene right before the climax when all the characters are actually genuinely happy for once but sadly it’ll probably be the last time they’ll be all together and truly happy and joyful before everything goes to shit? Like the scene in Parasite right before the Parks come home from their trip early and the Kim’s are relaxed and having fun together. Or the Christmas celebration scenes in Hustlers. Ugh my heart 💔💔💔💔

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.. tryin’ 2 get something going 2day..if you know whats up and whats happened you already know theres more cash to be made in the next 3 months than the last 3 YEARS. aint no joke, take it from a 20 yr vet in this shit..hustlers - get it in, and dope fiends - get it on…to work, motherfucker.. aint no $200 an ounce shit no more! get ur asses a job u wanna get 💯💯

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My New Read in my quiet moments; coming out of the shower, on the shitter, or after a meditation.

In difficult times or what we perceive are difficult times… How are you leveraging every moment?
Are you reprogramming your mind?
Are you choosing a different vibrational pattern? (Read Power vs Force)
Are you learning to create and are you collaborating?
Are you learning new skills?
Are you learning to be by yourself? - Needing no approvals of others for you to thrive and shine in the good, the bad and ugly times.

Or are you just like everyone else… Watch endless hours of Netflix, visiting friends like it’s holidays or has your lazy partner in life convinced you to relax and take a pay vacation… Because you think your government will support you to the end?

#hustleandmotivate #hustlers #goodreadschallenge2020 #reprogramyourmind #unforgettablemen #selfmademan #behindthedoor #selfexcellence #menshealthandwellbeing

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