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grcycosmcs · an hour ago
        i only owe four more replies , if my thread tracker’s accurate , so i’m putting out a starter call. no promises about when they’ll get out bc i can never seem to keep them , but i’ll be working on them asap  !  as always , reply with who from / for ; or like for a random pairing  !  no limits , so go wild !  ( updated to-do list will be here )
adrien agreste ( miraculous ladybug ) : 0 / 0 DONE
alex claremont-diaz ( red white & royal blue ) : 0 / 0 DONE
alex mercer ( julie & the phantoms ) : 0 / 0 DONE
amber millington ( house of anubis ) : 0 / 0 DONE
edward cullen ( twilight ) : 0 / 1 DONE
jenny leclue ( jenny leclue ) : 0 / 0 DONE
michelle blake ( 911 : lone star ) : 0 / 0 DONE
paige michalchuk ( degrassi ) : 0 / 0 DONE
paimon ( genshin impact ) : 0 / 0 DONE
sofia bicicleta ( unsleeping city ) : 0 / 0 DONE
jiang yanli ( the untamed ) : 0 / 0 DONE
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notmewrongbitch · an hour ago
Me choosing music to do my hw with
*Literally any popular pop singer song*
Me: no thanks
*Fairy Tail Sad Theme to get depressed and not do the hw at all?*
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bokutourl · an hour ago
i was going to submit hw tomorrow and then i checked and the deadline is today
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actual-garbage-gay · an hour ago
ok so. i did a meditation today bc they’re a better alternative to naps for me. and i am far less anxious than i was! but i still am not interested in teaching myself science. i don’t wanna
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grcycosmcs · an hour ago
Tumblr media
*&* – was that [ shannon purser ] ? oh no no , that was just [ jenny leclue ] , a [ canon character ] from [ jenny leclue ]. they are [ eighteen ] years old  &  [ are ] aware that they are not actually from washington dc. too bad they can’t stray from this city for long.
b a s i c s .
dc arrival : since april 2016
current occupation : student / unlicensed private investigator 
last canon point : post-game
memory status : somewhat affected
s t a t s .
full name : jenny leclue
nicknames : none
age : eighteen
date of birth : november 19
hometown : arthurtown
previous location : arthurtown
gender : cis female
orientation : asexual
native language : english
traits : persistent, reckless, witty, blunt, observant
m e m o r y  e f f e c t s .
she remembers only to the point in which the first game ends, everything after that is completely blank between then  &  her arrival, since the follow-up game is yet to come.
b i o g r a p h y . 
jenny, who is actually a book character, was an only child, born to parents who both worked at her small town’s university. she grew up learning a lot from her mother in particular, who was a former detective turned criminology professor. she absolutely fell in love with the idea of following in her mother’s original footsteps, trying to find cases to work on around town  &  showing off to her mother’s students from a young age. she unfortunately lost her father when she was young as well though, as there was an apparent accident at the university’s lab where he was working. 
it was about a year after her father’s death that there was a murder, the first for their small town. jenny was the one to have initially come across the body, & excited to have a real case rather than a juvenile one for once, she ended up taking it upon herself to start investigating despite knowing she should have called it in. her mother was arrested for the murder that day & convinced that she couldn’t have been the one responsible, jenny spent all that night investigating past the town’s curfew, accidentally unearthing a much larger case in the process.
a d d i t i o n a l   n o t e s .
her tag drop can be found by clicking here
p o s s i b l e  c o n n e c t i o n s .
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hevendemo · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ghirahim for @yogfan14 birthday last week!
This was super fun to draw!
Timelapse available here
¤please do not repost my works
Follow me Hevendemo @ Artflow▪︎Instagram▪︎Youtube▪︎pixiv▪︎Twitter
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hiddenwashington · 2 hours ago
woundedwrldd said: robb will b here & can i change kirei's fc back to maisie williams pls ??
everyone keep following! you have 36 hours to post on robb!
**kirei monsula is now kiernan shipka maisie williams!
Tumblr media
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stone-senpai · 2 hours ago
oKaY So liKe
my school is acting freaky again BUT SO AM I. its not that i hate learning or homework but like. ho w the fU c K do my teachers expect me to complete 4 HOMEWORKS BY MONDAY??!?!?! and tbh i wouldn't have been bitchy about it if it was normal hw, but like on monday we have 2 projects due, one music homework and some other shit. but before that on friday, we have a GROUP project due. :D
this dumbass doesn't really have that much of a problem surprisingly. in real life i am somehow a lot calmer. the only one im worried about is music and the rest of them im gonna procrastinate i guess. lmfao. i have an ICT thing too, but i don't rly have the software for that and my teacher knows abt it so thats sorted. for the group project i decided im gonna finish the entire thing on my own because im an impatient degenerate so yeah.
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hiddenwashington · 2 hours ago
@grcycosmcs​ said: +++ jenny !
everyone, be sure to keep following! you have 36 hours to make an in character post!
Tumblr media
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fakeramen07 · 3 hours ago
I didn't mean to click the post button
while I'm here I guess I should remind yall to eat something if your hungry and to drink plenty of water
don't u dare fucking die,,, stay healthy :)
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technothefruit · 3 hours ago
I hope everyone is havin a funky day
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ashildrs · 3 hours ago
Not to be talking about pjo/hoo on main but why do the hoo characters just have no depth to them at all? Like blah blah it's a kid's book... who cares? you can still let your characters develop and have basic personalities
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 3 hours ago
jianzhu: i lost my pupil today
kyoshi: bc you killed him??????
jianzhu: sometimes i can still hear his voice
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