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france: he normally blends pretty well with humans and wouldn’t ever admit his secret to anyone.  the only way someone confirms he’s a werewolf is if they force him to transform (via stressful/traumatic conditions or by keeping him trapped during a full moon), or by killing him.

sealand: his guardians still want him to live as normal of a ‘childhood’ as possible, so his lycanthropy is disguised as hypertrichosis.  this works well, especially because due to his age, he’s still prone to getting caught in-between forms.

belarus: her toughness does very little to protect her due to the telepathy of the pack.  when a comrade feels pain, she feels it as potently as if it were her own.  she feels life is pretty bleak as a result, destined to either be alone or bear the burden of a thousand hurts.

england: has turned many people into werewolves without even knowing it.  upon drinking rainwater from a pawprint he’s left, people have turned in places he’s passed through.

russia: becomes obsessed with his affliction and throws himself into learning everything he possibly can on it.  he travels to places where there have been recorded sightings of werewolf activity - even if those reports are embedded in legends.  he reads up on ways to turn and alleged ‘cures’.  he tries to find others and is still trying to this day.

italy: human clothes are necessary for him to turn back into a human.  one time, he got stuck in his wolf form after a lover scorned stole his clothes.

finland: being a part of a pack has really improved his outlook on his new condition.  he loves such a strong sense of brotherhood (and sisterhood.) pack telepathy feels akin to a family group chat.  he finally feels like he belongs.

australia: his go-to way for evading werewolf hunters is to remain in hiding until the ones tracking him grow old and die off.  he ages much slower than they do.

canada: shifts during the full moon, when in danger, or when overly emotional.  luckily, his reserved nature and tendency to keep himself makes it so usually, he only finds himself shifting during the full moon.

india: wasn’t turned via a bite and has never turned anyone via biting.  personally, he finds that such a primitive and grisly process.

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prussia: his view of his own body is surprisingly disconnected compared to what many might think given how he hypes himself up.  sure, he’ll joke about having huge meat or whatever with the boys, but his honest feelings about his body?  it’s a vessel he’s inhabited for a very long time, and eventually, he’ll leave it.

taiwan: has also tried to embody a very neutral mindset with respect to her body - which has been very difficult with how standards of beauty have been enforced throughout history.  finally, though, she’s at a place where she’s focused less on how she might appear to others and more on what her body does for her; who cares about stretch marks on her thighs - her legs take her all sorts of places.  who cares if her nail polish is chipped?  her hands are capable of doing great things.

romano: his view of his body fluctuates wildly.  on one hand, he knows he’s objectively handsome - people respond well to him when he flirts, he knows how to dress, and he’s done a few modeling gigs.  on the other hand, he can’t seem to draw the emotional attachment to his attractiveness that seems to provide others some sense of happiness.  in this way, he feels like his looks have failed him massively, and as such, he hates himself.  

lately, mirrors are difficult to look into and he tries to avoid casual pictures with others.  he hates that there’s another man walking around with his face that people seem to like much more.  he hates how useless he feels in this stupid body a lot of days.

norway: overall, he’s pretty okay with his body.  sure, sometimes he wishes he were a little less lanky, maybe a bit taller or something - just general things.  he has a relatively positive body image though.  he feels like his history has tempered him well.  he doesn’t have any serious complaints.

turkey: he’s been struggling with his body image lately.  he’s become obsessed with working out, and when relaxed, he gets panicked over how his ‘chiseled’ form seems to soften.  he often gets frustrated with his hair, instead of seeing an endearing set of curls, he feels like he struggles to keep himself looking tidy.  being one of the older nations, his face looks like he’s worn through some time, even by human standards, and the light indentations of crow’s feet by his eyes also have him imagining himself as past his prime - a sentiment that really scares him.

despite all of this, there are things that he likes about his body that he clings to - his eyes, for one thing, which are still as vibrant and sharp as they ever were.  his impressive stature is another thing, his large, sure hands and his firm handshakes are others.

slovakia: has a very neutral view of his body.  it’s been through some shit and served him well.  he’s thankful for the days he can spend giving back to it and taking care of himself.

japan: he has a few anxieties about his body; he wishes he were taller and while his hair isn’t messy or anything, he feels like his haircut makes him appear young - he only wishes he had the eye to know what cut would suit him better.  he feels like he can’t escape looking ‘cute’ with one of his insecurities revolving around him feeling like he can’t look dashing or handsome instead.

that being said, he’s proud of keeping in shape.  his early mornings working out and practicing judo have paid off.  he likes the warm brown of his eyes and his skin is really nice too.  he doesn’t think he’s bad looking, but he feels due for some change.

macau: he loves his body and how he looks.  

he’s proud of his height and has great posture.  he thinks his eyes, so warm a brown they almost remind him of sweet honey, are beautiful - and he’d be right.  his clothes fit him well, and his comfort in his own body fills them in return.  he looks great as is, and when he dresses up, he looks phenomenal.  he truly believes that inner beauty shows through on the outside, so he tries to be the best person he can be.  

so far, people seemed to have responded well to him.

china: he likes his body overall; sometimes, when his joints pop and crack, he starts to worry about if he appears old or not.  he definitely isn’t as flashy as some of his colleagues, and so occasionally, he’ll feel a little plain, but overall, he thinks he looks good.  

his long hair is sleek and healthy and he wears it well - not everyone can.  his body is lean and toned because he takes wonderful care of himself.  he’s clean-shaven, with a strong, auspicious nose and full lips.  no one asked his opinion, but he thinks he’s reasonably handsome.

seychelles: loves her body and is another person in the feel-good/look-good camp.  

she loves how curly her hair is, all springy and lively.  she likes that she can stick flowers in it and they stay.  she loves her red hair ribbons and how good they look with her dark, warm skin.  she wears the calluses on the bottoms of her feet with pride; she lives in a place where she can run barefoot and feel the sand between her toes.  her eyes are dark and shine like port in crystal.  

her self love is infectious; people tend to feel good just being around her.

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denmark: is a shower.  like, he can’t wear gray sweatpants in public (not that he wears sweats in public really - that’s more alfred’s thing.)

america: is also a shower.  it’s one of those things he’ll obnoxiously refer to as a ‘curse’ in front of others.  ‘oh poor alfred and his huge meat.

canada: is a grower.  it’s terribly obvious when things start to heat up and he gets hard.  a spontaneous erection is his biggest nightmare - he’d take a real life manifestation of the dreaded naked dream over this any time.

england: shower.  he doesn’t tend to bring attention to this attribute unless it’s behind closed doors.  those who are more intimately acquainted with him might fluster him by shooting some knowing glances in public spaces.  

italy: is a shower.  also tends to wear tight pants.  he calls it ‘playing to his natural strengths.’

australia: is a shower.  those wetsuits do him all kinds of favors; he’s practically an attraction in his country.

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Uncle Denmark!

- Will go to all your events and cheer for you the loudest. It’s almost embarrassing and he’s been asked to leave once or twice but that’s uncle denmark for you

- Sometimes is a little reckless and would totally let you use that spare piece of plywood in your dad’s garage to go sledding on a snow day. Would also take the fall for you when it inevitably breaks

- If you come out, he will relentlessly support you and buy flags and shirts

- 10/10 would sneak you an extra cookie even after your mom says no

- and maybe even a little spending money at Christmas

- But most of all, Uncle Denmark is the best because he’s a kid at heart and has your back no matter what

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Warnings: Fluff, anxiety mentions.




You didn’t know what possessed you to attend this trip, but here you were. As a person who lived in Illinois all their life, you knew all about the Sears Tower (Willis Tower, you know, but true Chicagoans remember). They used to be the tallest buildings in the world until they were surpassed by the Petronas Towers. It was an architectural marvel that Chicago had boasted for close to fifteen years.

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America: Hey guys! Come together for the picture!

Mexico: Put me down maldito gringo! PUT - ME - DOWN!!!

Canada: (After the camera flash) Uh, what happened? 

And now the question is, who kept the picture? You decide!

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Lovino: Besides why wouldn’t I remember how much I underestimated? I didn’t expect that you could be energetic on stage especially you after your attempt in “socializing”-

Ilario: Ahhhhhh Please- please stop remembering things ~๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐~ Let’s pretend those things never happened at alll !!!

( The shy child embarrassed about how awkward he is. On the other hand, Chiara cannot accept the fact that Lovino knows more people than her, amazing XD)

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this is a sketch i did a while ago but i think the world that im prolly not gonna finish but i think the world should see it. my armeni.a oc and @raqhaelia​‘s gr.eece : P 

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(Here’s an extra because submissions deserve extras, and this wonderful drawing is especially deserving of that)

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Question from this!

For Czech, I don’t have any canon/canon ships for her, buuut, I do have one of her and my Mongolia OC!

If I had to choose a canon/canon ship, I guess her and Monaco would be cute together?

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nyo america is a horse girl i dont make the rules

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heya! Thanks for asking, and I’ve been inactive in hetalia for a hot minute so I’m sorry it’s been so long! (also I was kinda running out of pairings to discuss lol)

Ship asks!

I’ll do Iceliech for this one. I don’t ship it as much as I did when I got into hetalia, but it’s still one of my favorite rarepairs and I think they’d be very cute together. I’d love to see them in a high school or maybe even middle school AU (although the middle school one might be cutting the age line a little) where Emil has sort of grown into himself but still gets awkward really quick around unfamiliar people, and Lili being a little shy as well but amazingly good at getting to know people by virtue of being sweet and overall pretty friendly. I feel like they’d meet eventually by running in the same friend circles and it’s kinda just your cliche awkward teenage romance lol. But with less awkwardness because I get secondhand embarrassment, and a lot of accidental fluff.

Another random headcanon I’m kinda fond of is Iceland being really fascinated by insects. Maybe it’s their incredible diversity and how they’ve managed to carve out a home just about anywhere; maybe it’s how they seem so fragile—easily crushed by a stray thumb or shoe—but have thrived for so long, longer than humans have been alive; or maybe it’s because they’re everywhere, hidden in the most unexpected places and beautifying them; but they’ve always captivated him. He takes photos of them, zoomed-in crystal-clear macros that star fuzzy honeybees, elegant dragonflies, humble beetles, and he hopes that the people who look at his photography will be captivated by insects, and their strange, ethereal, sometimes grotesque beauty, the same way he is.

He’s also read up on how to pin/preserve insects but is hesitant to try it because he feels guilty for killing something for aesthetics only. For now, he’ll just keep taking photographs in order to show others the beauty of the world of insects. Meanwhile Lili has a hobby of pressing flowers; they either come from her garden or are a few common species plucked from a hillside or trailhead. So they go outside for slow walks in the setting sun, silent in the warm twilight, Emil taking occasional pictures of stray butterflies, and Lili admiring the flowers. They don’t talk, but they don’t need to. The time and the warmth is enough.

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…you’re awfully confident that I won’t snitch, huh?

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A SERIES OF SHORT STORIES: let mary in the world meeting god dammit

i had no idea what to call this but god dammit let this poor sweet child in the world meeting!!!! she just wants to see what its like to be a country!!!!!!! after all, germany is like a dad and will do anything to make her happy

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