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The French Revolution/Napoleon’s Reign

Erzsébet: Roderich, please! You don’t have to do this! We can find another way!

Roderich, on his knees in front of Francis but peeking out from behind his legs because he doesn’t want to be rude: There is no other way.

Roderich: *slowly presents ring*

Francis: Oh, yes, of course, that’s what you’re doing down there. I knew that.

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The German States: Austria - Roderich


“And Bavaria’s brother is the one who you must be the most careful about. He is the only one who could challenge me for my right to raise you. He would steal you away from me at the first opportunity. He is  the only reason that I’ve kept your existence a secret for as long as I have.”

As Prussia paused again, Germany already knew who he was turning his attention to. He had a memory that might have been a dream. It was blurry and far away, but he remembered it none the less. It featured a dark haired man who was imposing in his presence rather than his stature. The figure told him that he would be going to war, and then the dream faded away.

He expected the name that Prussia was going to speak, and was hardly surprised when his brother continued, “I have known Austria since I was your age. I know him more intimately than any man alive, and yet I am not sure where to start.

Roderich is as prim as a peacock and just as vain. He cares about his fine clothing and his expensive jewels, and has always balked at the idea of dirtying them. His wealth has granted him the ability to dress as he pleases, and he makes no secret of it.

His position was given to him when he was quite young when the Habsburgs took possession of his land. When I was a knight he was already a lord. Though he is the younger brother, he was groomed for leadership.

I know that he has never known a day of hardship in his life. It is almost too kind to just call him spoiled. His world has always been full of power and privilege and he could never imagine what it is like to fight for those things.

While I would understand underestimating him based on his physique, make no mistake. He is dangerous.

He will never be the most threatening man on the battlefield, but in the halls of diplomacy he is the master. His power comes from centuries of prudent decisions and advantageous marriages. At one time his marriage to Spain secured him power in most of the continent.

He is an object lesson in the ways that power works. It is not always the strongest who prevails. Sometimes it is the clever and strategic mind that prevails.

I would like to think that I have learned that lesson well, and you should pay close heed. In this long game of ours I have finally secured a path to victory. Roderich is a worthy enemy, but I will win in the end.”

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“This is simply horrible. I hate it,”

//OkAy ignore after I realized I fucked up I got extremely lazy with everything! I

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Hungary: Gilbert Beilschmidt is engaged to me. I object to this wedding!

Austria: And I object to your objection.

Priest: Who’s that?

Prussia: Erzsébet’s husband.

Priest, scandalized: You proposed to a married woman?!

Germany: [shaking his head in dismay, but not surprised at all] Dummkopfs. You’re all dummkopfs.

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Prussia: [flirts with Hungary]

Austria: [stares at Prussia intently]

Switzerland: You’re really quiet today, Austria.

Austria: [still staring] Nobody plans a murder out loud.

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Prussia, drunkenly pointing at Hungary: That’s my girlfriend, you unawesome losers!

Germany, rolling his eyes: Your wife, Gilbert.

Prussia: My wife! Even better! Suck on that one, Austria!

Austria, silently plotting Prussia’s demise: ….

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Characters: Prussia and Poland

Theme: Oath for @hetalia-writers-monthly

Summary: Prussia holds a long grudge for a humiliation done years ago.

Words: 2,000


The Teutonic Knights was thinking of a number of oaths and insults as he kneeled. He knew that if the Grand Master could hear what he was thinking he would be scolded for it, and forced to copy manuscripts until his hands hurt.

He knew that the Lord knew what he thought, but he felt like He would understand this anger. It was a travesty that a holy knight should be forced to kneel in front of his enemy. It had taken a lot of cajoling to get the Teutonic Knights to even learn the correct ceremony.

After the loss at Tannenburg, there had been no choice. He could still feel the edge of Lithuania’s blade under his chin, and the thought made his blood boil. It had been a dirty trick, and there was no honor in winning like that.

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HWS Austria: Welcome to the “Fuck Gilbert” group, where we gather to say a collective “fuck you” to that stupid bitch.

HWS Austria: But first, a few words from our newest member.

HWS Spain: …I may have misunderstood-

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Gender Euphoria (AusHun)

After suggesting trying on each other’s clothes, Roderich and Erzsebet decide to take their relationship one step further.

Pairing: AusHun (Austria/Hungary)

Word Count: 2,139

Extra Notes: Trigger Warning for dysphoria/body dysmorphia! Hungary (Erzsebet) goes by he/she pronouns, and Roderich goes by he/they pronouns! Kugelmugel (Alexis) is mentioned, but they also go by they/them pronouns! This is also considered part of my “true universe” timeline (temporary name ig)

Translations: Szelerem - Hungarian: Love

They had been watching something on the television, when a woman in a suit and tie stood beside another woman, hair and makeup expertly done. Erzsebet was laying underneath Roderich, with his head on her chest and his arms wrapped around her middle. Erzsebet had his left hand in Roderich’s hair, fingers scrunching and rubbing through their soft hair, while his right hand lightly scratched in small lines across Roderich’s shoulders.

“You think I’d look good in a suit?” She asked. All she recieved was an aborted moan from Roderich, as he had stopped the (as Alfred would’ve called them) “scritches” to ask. Roderich then moved their head so that their chin was instead on Erzsebet’s chest, so that they could stare into her eyes. He looked back to the tv, analyzed it for a second, then turned back to Erzsebet. He scrunched his face a little, “Erzie, I love you, but moldy yellow isn’t your color.” She let out a small laugh and curled her fingers in his hair, “I wasn’t asking about that one,” he half-shrugged, “I just meant in general.”

Roderich looked like they were in thought again, just for a second, then did a head tilt. “Well, ja, you could pull off just about anything.” Erzsebet smiled, “Really?” Roderich smiled back and pulled his arms out, grabbing onto Erzsebet’s sides for leverage. They pulled themselves up to his lips and planted a chaste kiss. The smile he had as he pulled back was dopey, “Really. I’ve even got a suit,” he began with a blush, “it’s green, which is, you know.” They motioned vaguely. “Your color.” Erzsebet launched into a hearty laugh, tilting his head back. After a few seconds, he leaned his head back forward, pushing her forehead against Roderich’s.

“Funny enough, I’ve got a dress here. Purple, which is,” She lifted her right index finger and booped his nose, “your color.” Roderich’s eyes shined for a second, staring at her with mild awe. “Y-“ He stopped himself, choosing to face plant right in the center of Erzsebet’s chest. She giggled, a little baffled by their reaction, he lifted their head back up. “What, szerelem?” Roderich refused to make eye contact, instead looking at the tv. After a few seconds of silence, he finally asked, “Would… You’re bigger than me.” She chuckled, “Only by five centimeters.” Roderich looked into his eyes, a mix of fear and determination in their usually stoic or soft features, “Can I try the dress on?”

Erzsebet stared at him in disbelief - not because he didn’t absolutely love the idea of Roderich wearing his clothes (which she would then have bragging rights about), but because she couldn’t believe he actually asked. She had caught them every now and then looking at her clothes, and had even caught him staring longingly at one of his hoodies, but he didn’t know if they had really wanted to try something on. She was broken out of her thoughts when Roderich shifted, she had let the silence go on to long.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have asked-“

No! No, sweetheart,” She sat up, making Roderich sit up as well. He instinctively curled into himself, arms wrapping around his torso and head lowered. She placed her hands on his cheeks and lifted his head to face her again. “Szerelem, love, I’d be exhilarated, to see you wear it.” Roderich’s face lit up again, and Erzsebet couldn’t help but smile back at that wonderful face. She then smirked, “You wanna do it now?” They reddened, “We were just talking about clothes-” He barked out a laugh, “Dearest, I meant the clothes?” Roderich looked absolutely flushed, and diverted their eyes away from his. Erzsebet’s hands moved down to Roderich’s arms and gave a small squeeze, then moved to grab their hands in his.

“Let’s go!” He said with an eager smile, pulling Roderich off the couch with them. Roderich followed him up the stairs and to the bedrooms. Alexis was sleeping over at a friend’s house that weekend, which left the house to him and Erzsebet. He was grateful because, although he knew Alexis would benefit from seeing the two break gender norms, they didn’t want to risk Alexis seeing if something went disastrous. Roderich’s room was directly in front of the stairs and to the left, while Erzsebet’s room (really, it was a guest room that Erzsebet had claimed as his) was a straight shot from the stairs, connected at the corner.

Roderich shuffled nervously at the top of the stairs, right in front of the rooms. Erzsebet turned to look at them, still holding onto their hand. “You okay?” He asked. Roderich let out a breath, “Can… Can you try on mine first?” They asked, again, avoiding eye contact. Erzsebet smiled and nodded, stepping to Roderich and cupping his face in his hands before leaning down and giving the other a kiss. This one was a bit longer than the one on the couch, but not long enough for Roderich. As they pulled apart, Roderich’s eyes were still closed, and his lips were still slightly parted. Erzsebet chuckled at that. He leaned into Roderich’s ear and whispered, “Give me a second, szerelem.” Roderich nodded, reluctantly letting go of her. He watched her walk away into his bedroom, believing she would find the faded feldgrau green suit.

After a few minutes, she chirped, “Ready!” He watched eagerly as Erzsebet strode out. The suit jacket and pants were a faded feldgrau green, while the shirt beneath was a true feldgrau green. He looked absolutely, “Handsome.” Roderich said breathlessly. Erzsebet smiled and chuckled, holding his arms out and doing a small spin. “Yeah? I hoped so. I’m surprised with how well this fit, considering how short you are.” He playfully winked at the other’s scowl, “Only by five centimeters.” Roderich replied with a huff. Erzsebet walked over, slightly smug, and uncrossed Roderich’s arms to grab their hands. “Your turn?” He asked. Roderich looked over their outfit again, “We could put your hair in a bun, if you’d like. That’d probably bring the whole look together.”

Erzsebet looked off in thought for a second, then leaned in and hummed against Roderich’s lips. He pressed another chaste kiss to those lips, “After you try on the dress.” Roderich let out a huff of a chuckle, leaning into the other’s space. If he could, he would’ve likely knocked Erzsebet onto the floor with how hard he was leaning into her. He pressed another kiss against her lips, trying to, again, make the kiss last longer. Erzsebet leaned back, smug look on his face as Roderich puffed their cheeks and glared at them.

“I’ll even kiss you after.” Erzsebet offered with a smile, swinging their hands between them. Roderich looked to her room, almost fearfully, before looking back to her and swallowing minutely. “And… You’re sure it’s okay?” She nodded, squeezing their hands. “Trust me, I’ve wanted this for a while.” He admitted, getting a surprised look in return. Erzsebet nodded their head back to the room, “You want me to help?” He asked. Roderich shook their head, “You can pick any dress you want.” She offered. He nodded, squeezing her hands and letting go. He walked into the room, looking a little like a dog wearing booties for the first time. She stood where he had before, leaning against the banister.

After a few minutes, she felt as though something was wrong. “Erzsebet!” He screeched, panic in his tone. She rushed in, worry drawn on her features. “What?” She questioned, walking to the far wall of the room. She couldn’t see Roderich until she looked to the standing mirror, seeing him curled up against the bed. She carefully walked over, kneeling in front of him. “Roddy, dearest, what’s wrong?” She asked, reaching a hand out to delicately touch his knee. “I don’t have…” They motioned to their chest. “The right requirements. I can’t wear a dress.” Erzsebet shook his head, “No, no. Just because you don’t have breasts doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress. I, uh, here.” He grabbed their hands, lifting them up.

They crossed their arms against their torso, curling in on themselves again. “Szelerem, take off the dress really quick.” They nodded, lifting the dress above their head (Erzsebet had yet to see which one it actually was). She moved to her dresser, pulling out her black bra and bringing it over to them. “We’ll try this.” He quirked an eyebrow, “Your bra? I can’t fill them-“ She grabbed his hand again and gave a comforting squeeze, “I’ve got a plan.” He nodded, trusting her.

“Hold your arms out in front of you.” He did as instructed, and she pulled the straps over his arms, walking behind him to clasp the back. She then walked back to the dresser and opened her underwear drawer back up, pulling out a couple pairs of socks. She undid the bundles and stuffed an equal amount in each cup. After she was done, she stepped back, looking up and down his front. “Is that okay? Need them to be a bit bigger?” They shifted from side-to-side, looking contemplative. “No… I think it’s fine now.” She nodded. “Got it, I’ll go back out so you can do your big reveal.” She grabbed his hands and leaned in, leaving another chaste kiss before letting go and leaving.

Within another few minutes, he said nervously, “Ready…” She stood straight, waiting for them to emerge. The air was literally punched out of his lungs when Roderich emerged. His left hand balled into a fist and came to rest in front of his mouth. Roderich had picked a purple dress. The top was pomp and power purple, fading into a pale (almost pink) purple. “Babe…” She murmured, feeling a sudden hit of desire deep in her gut. This, this was it, the thing she wanted most out of him, just to be themself. “What? Does it not look good?” She lowered her hand and walked up to him, wrapping her hands around his waist and knocking their hips together, and began swaying them slightly. “It’s perfect.” Roderich smiled then, a true genuine smile.

Erzsebet leaned in and kissed their lips, hands moving up to the small of their back. Roderich’s hands came up to her shoulders, holding on as she began to lean forward. He chuckled into the kiss, the thought of her dipping him fluttering into his mind. He pulled back slightly, looking dazedly into her eyes, “I take it you like the dress?” They asked with a chuckle. Erzsebet nodded eagerly, dipping them back more so he could plant a kiss to their chest, right above the black bra. Erzsebet chuckled, not remembering giving them such a lacy one. “You, in my clothes? Oh.” Erzsebet leaned back, pulling Roderich back up into another kiss, this one, more passionate than the last.

When they moaned into her mouth, she pulled back. Roderich pouted at him again. She smiled back and slid her left hand back into the hair at the nape of his neck. “Before we do any of that,” she whispered, mirth in her tone. She stepped back, and began walking down the stairs, still holding onto his hand. Roderich willingly let themself be dragged, curious as to what he was planning. Erzsebet let go as soon as they entered the living room, leaving Roderich to stand alone in the middle as he grabbed his phone. He opened up YouTube and pulled up the Blue Danube Waltz, Op. 314. As the music began, Erzsebet bowed, and Roderich chuckled and curtsied. He held a hand out to her, and she kissed his knuckles before standing straight and walking into his space. Since she was the taller of the two, she placed her left hand on his waist and held his hand with her right one. He placed his right hand on her shoulder, and squeezed their conjoined hands.

The two began to dance. They were doing far from the traditional waltz, the two more or less just twirling around the room and giggling like lovesick teenagers. Before they knew it, the song had ended, and a comforting silence had settled in the room, the two leaned into each other as they swayed to the nothingness. Roderich’s head was on Erzsebet’s right shoulder, face curled into the joint between her throat and shoulder. His hand had vacated her’s, and was wrapped around her shoulder. Erzsebet’s hand had moved to their hip, holding them close to him. Roderich’s other hand moved to Erzsebet’s nape, twirling a strand of hair there.

The two leaned back momentarily, staring lovingly into the others’ eyes. “I love you.” Roderich broke the silence. Erzsebet smiled, leaning in and pressing his lips against their’s, “I love you too.” He whispered against their lips.

This was the clothes they were wearing (or at least inspired by)

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he has eyes just like his father by lakeffectkid

Summary: Kugelmugel asks for a name. Austria doesn’t know what to do now, but a solution appears in due time.

Comment: it’s just cute interactions between Kugelmugel and Austria with the latter learning to be a father. They make a cake together. It’s nice, very wholesome

Rated G, Warning: None apply, No romantic relationships, Kugelmugel & Austria, Fluff, Word count: 1238, complete

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Characters: Prussia, Russia, Austria

Ships: RusPru, PruAus

Summary: Prussia and Austria discuss the Eastern campaign and the inevitable end of the war.

Word Count: 7.7K


The night was pleasant, but all the window coverings were pulled shut to hide the light. If the bombers could see the light, they would likely aim for it. There had been relatively little damage done to Berlin by bombings so far. But, even with heavy bombing of British airfields, there was reason for fear. This, being the center of operations was of the highest importance. There was no question that it must be protected.

Austria felt physically sick; he had been feeling uneasy for years now. He knew the source of the feeling, it came from the destruction being levied across Europe. He had been in wars before, but this one felt different. Even the Great War had not felt like this. He was walking by himself through the halls trying to clear his head. He no longer had a place in the Reich. He was following blindly now, little more than a cog in this war machine. No one was telling him what the strategy for the war was anymore, they just gave him directives. Ludwig was using his ideology as his only guide and taking no input from anyone else. He hardly asked his brother for any advice either.

It was a mistake and even Austria could see that. Only a fool would ignore the fact that Prussia was a brilliant strategist and a skilled soldier; Ludwig should be going to his brother in all military matters. But, the reason he did not was all to clear, it had been so in the last war too. Germany wanted to prove that he could win his own wars without hanging onto Prussia’s coattails.

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I’m gonna be frank, I’m one of those people who sees the Germanics as siblings. HOWEVER, they do have an interesting dynamic and if I didn’t hc them as siblings then I could probably get into it.

It’s worth noting I’m American and a lot of the people I see who say they wouldn’t be related aren’t American, or at least more aware of some cultural complexities than me, so anyone who wants to explain why they wouldn’t be related and enlighten me, please be my guest!

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HWS Hungary
I don't know how to tell you this, Austria, but you're in love with me.
HWS Austria
HWS Austria
Oh my God, I AM.
HWS Prussia
What kind of confession did I just witness?
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Why You Shouldn’t Let Sealand Plan a Prank (And Why You Shouldn’t Let Belarus Help Him) by Hetalia_Trash

Summary: I dreamt this up one night and made my best friend turn it into a fanfiction.

Comment: Sealand wants to do something fun for Halloween and gets Ukraine to help plan, who drags Belarus into it. Goes about as well as expected, aka horribly. This is a personal favorite, and a fic I think everyone should read, if you aren’t too terribly against the idea of temporary character death and their s/o and friends and family seeing them dead. It ends well, but is a bit sad along the way

Rated T, Warning: Temporary character death, Ships: England/France, Lithuania/Poland, America/Russia, Germany/North Italy, South Italy/Spain, Hong Kong/Iceland, Austria/Switzerland, Denmark/Norway, Finland/Sweden, Canada/Prussia, Greece/Japan, Canonverse, Angst, Word Count: 14k+, Complete

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