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#hws gerita
kan-bea month ago
Tumblr media
Commission for t.trentalexander from IG!!
must be nice to be in love 馃ぇ
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honda-nihon-kikua year ago
Germany, seeing a newborn dog: Puppy!
Germany, seeing an adult Doberman: Puppy!
Germany, seeing a Clifford the Big Red Dog: Puppy!
Germany, seeing a large and monstrous hellhound: PUPPY!
Germany, seeing the three-headed hound of Hades: P U P P Y
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helozinha-arta year ago
There are three types of couples
Kiku: I'm cold.
Alfred: Take my jacket!
Feliciano: I'm also cold.
Ludwig: I told you to bring an extra coat *takes off jacket* You're going to get sick like this.
Francis: I'm so cold.
Arthur: Too bad, I can't change the weather.
(Original quote from Twitter, I just changed the characters involved)
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capncronchnberriesa year ago
Tumblr media
imagine being this powerful of a couple
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hetalia-fanart-memes3 months ago
Germany: I鈥檓 in lov-
Germany: Lov-
Germany: I have feelin-
Japan: It鈥檚 okay, take your time.
Germany: 鈥taly.聽
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emjiajia13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檝e been pretty busy as of late, so these are only sketches of ideas that I鈥檒l likely abandon sometime XD
Gerita+Ludwig(Skin Warning) and some charts I鈥檝e filled out.聽
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callhimfelia year ago
can we accept how sweet ludwig is?
Literally this man. This m a n. He does everything for anyone and rarely asks for anything in return. He always is the first to help and does everything. This man cooks, cleans, manages two grown adults and he is the youngest of the axis. This man came out to the desert to rescue someone he didn't even like being around. He formed a friendship and a relationship although growing up with violence being the only answer. He encourages his friends and even researches his feelings to make sure he addresses them in a good way. He doesnt deny his feelings and addresses them for the sake to bulid his relationship (looking at you Bon san Valentino) and even when his feelings are denied, he tries to move on! He does everything because he cares, hes acts so tough but he cares so so much. He literally is good boy[tm].
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stuckinthehetaliafandom2 months ago
Italy: So I'm kind of crushing on someone, but I'm worried about telling you who it is because you might not like it...
Romano: Just rip the bandaid off already.
Italy: It's Germany
Romano: Put it back on
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aphclauda year ago
every time i think about how tender and loving ludwig and feli are with each other, especially in the manga i just
Tumblr media
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honda-nihon-kikua year ago
Germany: Feliciano, would you mind if I came home with 10 puppies?
N Italy: ...
N Italy: What's in the box?
Germany: ...
Germany: I think you know
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pokunea year ago
Romano: Welcome to the FUCK GERMANY club!
Romano: Where we tell that potato bastard to FUCK OFF!
Italy: I think I might've misunderstood the objective of this club
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ask-noodle-geritaa year ago
Tumblr media
be careful chirren that鈥檚 a lotta GERITA
sorry for being away! I still can鈥檛 come back but I drew some Gerita regardless聽
image inspired by something @hws-germany shared and i just had to draw it聽
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schmitskatz2 months ago
Tumblr media
the formula 1 driver and his engineer
(i tried properly rendering this drawing but somehow cleaning it up got rid of the character so scratchy style it is lol)
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dranoko9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ah yes. Me. My stupid brother. And his 180cm tall potato boyfriend.聽
sometimes a family can be a boy, his german boyfriend, his big brother, and HIS german boyfriend and their pet bird~
don鈥檛 worry, romano was just pouting til prussia came late to bed ////
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