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cactusjerk · 4 minutes ago
One of the coolest plants I've seen so far. Absolutely gorgeous Trichocereus peruvianus.
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sopersonawerewolf · 36 minutes ago
2022 Lexus NX Plug-In Hybrid Release Date, Price, Changes
2022 Lexus NX Plug-In Hybrid Release Date, Price, Changes
2022 Lexus NX Plug-In Hybrid Release Date, Price, Changes – In the compact segment, we got used to frequent changes. The current version of the Lexus NX dates back from 2015. The time for the second generation is perfect, but the Japanese carmaker had to postpone the debut of the crossover for the 2022 season. The NX will get a more aggressive look, with revisited front fascia and advanced…
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peachyteez · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
this fellow stray cat hybrid has been hanging around jiyu’s condo for as long as he could remember, although jiyu may not have noticed him. the cold winter breeze and jiyu’s open bedroom window prompts him to sneak into her bedroom one night. it was just suppose to be one night, but the gods must’ve been smiling upon him.
Tumblr media
✧ taglist: @defsoul15, @jaeminpeachy, @joongiebug, @sunsethw4, @t-tbinnie, @chanyeolol, @danibookmarks, @hello-its-ya-boi, @murralyn, @alienmashup, @panini, @moon8894, @koasworld, @taetae123094, @luv3rxcha, @treasure-hwa, @etherealbyeol, @hwaseongzzz, @lovely-sanie, @orbitiiny, @pirate-of-the-dark-seas, @babydolljo, @ms-starlight, @everrrlasting, @bls-luv-me, @atzgiggle, @arohabyeol, @rainbowmagicpixecorn, @soverystupid, @ayetothezee, @kingalls00, @sanstreasure0305, @sparklingmallow, @kpopnightingale, @rosesarethebest, @stillcantfindaproperusername, @bonbonhwa, @its-sarah-stark, @sanismybb, @frankenstein852, @peachseok, @woopetals, @exhofayemars, @pvrkacciosan, @c-sanshine
✧ notes: well this chapter took a turn 😭
✧ WARNING(S): mentions of misogyny, brief story of san attacking someone, a curse word (?)
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Tumblr media
if jiyu had a dollar for every time she had been woken up in the middle of the night in the past week—well, she wouldn’t be rich, but she’d have a substantial amount of pocket change. 
“jiyu!” mingi whispered, gently shaking her out of her slumber. “wake up!”
groaning, she habitually scooted over to make room on the bed since mingi usually wandered into her room in the middle of the night due to nightmares. “just don’t take all the blanket—”
“no! this is urgent!” he frantically tried explaining. “i think someone’s trying to break in!”
her eyes instantly shot open and she immediately sat right up in bed. “mingi, why didn’t you just start with that?” she frantically whispered back, hurriedly slipping on a hoodie. 
“i tried, but you kept grumbling!”
“okay, we’ll have this conversation again later. let’s just see if the others are awake.” slowly opening her bedroom door, she and mingi peeked their heads out to see if anyone was outside. while they didn’t see anyone, they heard footsteps and clutters out by the front door. 
mingi clutched onto her hoodie as his eyes clamped shut out of terror and his ears were slumped down. jiyu took his hand in her’s and rubbed comforting circles on his knuckles. “shh, it’s okay mingi.”
while whispering to mingi, she noticed the others tip-toeing towards them as to not alert the perpetrator that they were awake. being the predator hybrids, seonghwa, hongjoong, and yeosang were on full alert. yunho scurried over to her and mingi, quietly whimpering, while san stood and frowned at the front door.
“i didn’t think they’d come so soon...” he mumbled once he caught whiff of the familiar human scent.
“was this the one that hurt you?” hongjoong whispered. 
san nodded. “he works for my...old owners. i thought he stopped tracking me down a while ago until the other night.” he looked to the floor, guilt flashing across his features. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to drag you into my affairs—”
jiyu interrupted while holding onto yunho and mingi. “san, i’ve mentioned it before, we chose to help you, meaning we won’t abandon you even if we’re also pulled into danger. so don’t apologize, okay?” 
seeing her small smile of reassurance, his guilt multiplied. but he couldn’t do anything about it now, so he just nodded while promising himself that he wouldn’t let a single hair on their heads get hurt. even if he would be the one to take the blunt of the pain.
“oi, choi san! i know you’re in there.”
they all froze at the unknown voice from the front door.
“why don’t you open the door and we can just talk this out like grown men?”
san climbed down the stairs and stood a distance away from the front door. seonghwa and hongjoong followed in case. “you beat me to a pulp the last time, and now you just want to talk? i don’t think so,” he hissed. 
the person on the other side let out a low chuckle. “ah, apologies for that. although you and i both know that it’d be a shame if you were too badly...injured. they do want you alive and well, after all. i can’t kill you, san.”
a moment of silence passed as they all held their breaths, anticipating the next move. but much to their surprise, the person showed no signs of breaking down the front door and wreaking havoc. 
“in all seriousness, san, i really did come to talk. no weapons, just to talk.”
“seonghwa,” jiyu whispered down to the wolf hybrid. “you can check the security camera over there,” she pointed to her tablet that was on the living room table. luckily, when they had first moved in, she had installed two security cameras, both so small to the human eye that anyone would just gloss over it. 
“and again, what makes you think i’d believe you?” san asked, while watching the wolf hybrid from the corner of his eye. seonghwa pulled up the security footage to see a man wearing a long, black trench coat, and his face was obscured by a black fedora hat. he stood with his hands in his pockets, and his overall figure practically screamed danger. 
suddenly, the man took out folded papers from his pockets and held it up—almost as if he knew they were watching him. “because i came with something that you’ve been after ever since you left.”
san’s eyes widened and his body froze. there’s no way—
“so what’s the move?” hongjoong asked to both san and jiyu. 
judging from his reaction, jiyu had a hunch that whatever the unknown man brought was really important to san. she didn’t know what it was, but looking at the security footage, he didn’t seem like he was hiding anything. and his voice, she could be hearing things, but it seemed as if it held a tinge of remorse.
“carefully open the door,” she decided. “but don’t let your guard down.”
despite looking he had some objections, hongjoong and seonghwa carefully walked ahead of san, who was still frozen in spot, and cracked the door open. they both anticipated either gunshots or the person to come barging through them, but they both peeked out to see the man standing there patiently.
“oh? i see you made some friends,” he commented. “’re taking refuge with another human?”
“try anything funny, i’ll make sure you never step out of here alive,” seonghwa snarled before opening the door wide enough for the man to come in. hongjoong stood eyed the man suspiciously, as he waltzed in, stopping in front of san. 
with a better look at the man, they all noticed a mask that covered up to his eyes. the man was tall, but falling just a little short of yunho’s height, and he seemed to be in his mid-thirties or late-twenties. 
despite being terrified out of there wits, and even though yeosang was standing protectively in by them, mingi and yunho stood in front of jiyu, scared that the man would try to harm her. but their shaking didn’t go unnoticed from her. she held their hands, hoping it could comfort them. but having yeosang up there with them
“i see you’ve aged well,” the man noted, looking san up and down. “to be quite honest, i’m surprised you managed to survive out on the streets all these years. i—no we, were sure you’d give up and come back.”
“as if i’d ever go back,” san lowly, but firmly stood his ground.
the man smirked before taking a look around at each of them. “so where’s your little human friend?”
she stepped out from behind yunho and mingi before peering down over the railings. “what business do you have here?” with the exception of yunho and seonghwa, they were all surprised at her composed and level-headed state.
letting out a huff of disbelief, he started straight up at her. “i wasn’t expecting a woman.”
“hm, sorry to disappoint then,” she sneered.
she was used to the misogynistic treatment; even back at home, people always underestimated her abilities since she was a girl. she’s heard the comments, backhanded compliments, and seen the undermining looks as people doubted her. but she swore to prove them wrong one day, even though she took five years off.
“so again, what do you want here?”
the man chuckled again at her defensive tone before holding his hands up. “i come in peace, ma’am.”
“and for your own sake, i hope that’s true,” she bit back before coming down the stairs. she left mingi and yunho with yeosang. the man let out an airy chuckle before making himself comfortable on the couch, aware of seonghwa’s and hongjoong’s preying gaze on him. 
“...did you really bring it?” san asked, not wanting to get his hopes up. this was the same man that hunted him down for years on end, yet he came here, claiming that he managed to retrieve the items san really wanted? it was near to impossible that he was telling the truth, but there was that sliver of hope.
bringing out the papers once again, the man laid it on the coffee table in front of him. “you can check for yourself. i may work for them, but i’m a man of my word.”
jiyu waltzed over and peered at the papers the man laid out. her eyebrows furrowed at the contents. his birth certificate and adoption forms? 
coming up next to her, san stared at the forms with widened eyes. they were indeed what he had been after for the past few years, and the man really did bring it to him. so many questions ran through his head that he couldn’t even form a single sentence. the home was dropped into a tense silence, the only sound being the ticking of the clock above the dining table. 
seconds turned into a minute before san could croak out a sentence, or rather, a question. “b-but, why—”
“i’ve had a lot of time—years—to think,” the man leaned back on the couch and stared up at san. “it’s pretty stupid and childish to chase you down for something that wasn’t even your fault, don’t you think?”
san was still cautious. “so you took these for me to do...what?”
“well, what do you think?” the man leaned forward, resting his arms in his lap.
jiyu’s eyes slightly widened with surprise. “you want to set him free, don’t you...” 
“that’s one way of putting it, yes.”
“there’s a catch, there’s always a catch,” san sarcastically scoffed. “no way you’d give these to me for free after all these years—”
the man let out an exasperated sigh before leaning back on the couch and throwing his hands over his face. “oh my god, i ended my contract with them, you fucking idiot.”
san just silently stared at the man with the most comedic look on his face—widened eyes and his jaw slacked open like it was unhinged. meanwhile, jiyu just facepalmed at the revelation. 
“now why didn’t you just open with that?” she grumbled. leaving out important information seemed to be the night’s theme. 
“i thought i’d make it a little more fun. it’s not all that fun to just say my piece and go, now don’t you think?” the man mused before standing up. “my contract was ensued until i brought you back. i just told them a little white lie about how your trails went cold after a while so i just assumed you were dead. and poof, took these and left,” he gestured to the papers on the table.
“...will they still look for him though?” jiyu asked, unsure that they’d just give up looking for san just like that. 
“probably. they were one to never get their hands dirty anyways. especially since their daughter’s in the hospital—”
san tensed at the mention of hospital, something that certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the man. “so she doesn’t know, does she?” he referred to jiyu. “or all of them for that matter.” at some point along the way, yeosang, mingi, and yunho had joined them downstairs, yet they still stuck close to yeosang just in case things went downhill again.
san silently shook his head, mentally preparing for the worst when they found out about his sins. 
“san here,” the man started, “is the one that put the family’s only daughter in the hospital.”
they glanced at san with the same thought. how did a cat hybrid manage to put a human in the hospital?
“to put it short, something provoked him to go feral, and he ended up attacking her until she almost bled out. we don’t know what provoked him to this day, but the family turned on him after that incident. and since he has no memories of the moments right before and when he was feral, it was hard for him to defend himself, so he ran away.”
taking a look at san, who looked like he just wanted to disappear, she felt her heart ache for him. he’s been alone for so long...all because of a potential misunderstanding. 
“either way, i’m still the reason she’s been injured for so long. not only physically, but probably mentally, too. imagine the trauma from being attacked by a feral hybrid.” a deprecating chuckle escaped san’s lips. 
seeing him look so down, she stroked his head. “hey, it wasn’t your fault. hybrids can’t help themselves when they go feral. it’s like you’re trapped out of your own body, so don’t blame yourself. you might have attacked her, but it wasn’t you.”
it was amazing to him how reassuring her words were, and how it was so easy for him to almost believe. there always will be that small part of him that will always blame himself for what happened, whether he liked it or not.
the man stood up and brushed his pants. “i believe i’ve overstayed my welcome, so i’ll take my leave now,” he bowed to the six of them. “and i apologize for the fright i might’ve caused.”
before the man could open the door to leave, san felt compelled to at least thank him for what he’s done. “wait! thank you...for everything...”
after a moment’s pause, the man turned around, and judging from how his eyes turned upward, it seemed as though he was smiling. “it was the least i could do after everything i’ve put you through the last few years. i’ll see you around, choi san.”
and with that, the man took his leave. 
once he closed the door, he heard their muffled voices, most likely discussing san’s future. he smiled before looking up to the sky. “well now, where am i to go next?”
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moping-bitch · an hour ago
can you do a part 2 and 3 of dog hybrid izuku x reader smut again please
Part two AND three? Crissake dude don’t overshoot your shot, slow your roll
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thecherrygod · an hour ago
i decided to listen linkin park again in whatever order it came and leave out all the rest started and i havent listened to anything from this album at least since 2015 and i may be having emotions
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mingisapphic · 2 hours ago
I start crying because I was alone, thinking that they had left me. I whimper and slowly go out of the bedroom, crying more when I saw them both. I sit down right where I am, crying and hiding my face as I curl up.
chan frowns, rushing over and gently pulling you close, “sweetie? what’s wrong?” he asks softly, kissing your head gently
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rose-of-tori · 2 hours ago
See You Again
A one-shot sequel to I’ll Be Back home is up on Ao3! Read See You Again here.
Stray Kids x Day6
Pairing: Hyunjin/Jisung/Minho
Jisung reunites with his family a month after fleeing from the police in the nighttime.
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bibs-biribis · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wither!Techno is pretty hype and all, but Techno as Just Some Guy™ will always be really funny to me
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hq-girl-next-door · 3 hours ago
Tell me your secrets how do you summon a haikyuu anon
Hope your day is going well just wanted to stop by and say I love your writing and watching interactions between you and your wife give me so much serotonin you guys are absolutely wonderful
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
God pls I don’t know how to take such affection from others! My heart! 🥺😭 I’m glad that the wife and I can give you such happiness though haha really you should see what it’s like here in the house on a daily basis. It’s much worse irl 😂
But about the Haikyuu Character Anon I uh- y’know I really don’t have an answer for you! I really only asked for them a couple times, spaced out in posts, but never really got anything from it. Then out of the blue I got a Kenma and Tooru I count myself lucky that I have them on my blog! Though I really hope that my Kenma anon is doing alright now that I think about it, since I haven’t heard from them recently..
Anyway! Please pop in at any time if you feel comfortable, and stay safe and hydrated!! *mwah*
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cytellaxartblog · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have actually completed a oc ref sheet... that’s rare for me.
Anyway, meet Roxie she’s got close ties with Manic.
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kiirokero · 3 hours ago
Outro: Love is Not Over (10)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Daycare Teacher! Hoseok x Single Mom! Reader.
Genre: Single Parent! AU, Teacher! AU, Hybrid! AU, Fluff, Angst, Adorable Kids,
Warnings: None :)
Word Count: 1.8k
Note: One of my longer chapters. Hopefully it’ll warm me up for writing more in one sitting. Also, special thanks to my cat, Cookie, who gave me the emotional support I needed to finish this :)
Summary: Years after a relationship goes south. You are the single mother of a beautiful 6-year-old golden retriever hybrid who you named Yunho. He is the light of your life. Yunho is everything to you, and you’d do anything for him. But you’re a human. Yunho doesn’t care, he will tell you he doesn’t. “You’re still my Eomma. No matter what.” He says. But you can’t help but feel like you will never be enough for him. You can’t be the mother he deserves. You can’t show him the ropes of being a hybrid, and you can’t teach him things the other moms can. But you try. You try your damn hardest. So, when a handsome German Shepard hybrid comes into your life, helping you and guiding Yunho in a way you can’t, you can’t help the cozy home he sets up in your heart.
Chapter Guide:
Previous / Next (Coming Soon)
Tag List: @kurochan3 @mrcleanheichou @anonymous-armys-blog @bella-raina @purelyecstacy @lindsayjoy444  @unicornbabylover @xicanacorpse @creatorspalace @thesweetest-peas​ 
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Tumblr media
      “Eomma! Come on!” Yunho whined, pulling on my skirt, trying to drag me to the door. I chuckled, gathering the rest of our things before I relented, following a bouncing Yunho over to the front door. “They’re not going anywhere, bub,” I sighed, yet the smile on my face betrayed my tired tone. I opened the door and Yunho ran over to give Yoongi a hug, clinging to the older cat hybrid. 
    Yoongi chuckled. His gummy smile and round cheeks showing. He was dressed in an all black and rather stylish outfit for where we were going, but it screamed Yoongi wholeheartedly, so it fit. “Yoongs!” Yunho exclaimed, rubbing his face into Yoongi’s shoulder. “Ah, you’ve gotten so tall, haven’t you?” Yoongi chuckled, putting the boy back to the ground. Yunho stood tall, his hands on his hips and a smug smirk on his face. 
    “I have! Mr. Hoseokie said I’d be just as tall as him when I’m grown!” Yunho boasted, and I know that Hoseok’s observation was most likely true. Yunho was pretty tall. His dad was too. “My tall boy,” I cooed, ruffling Yunho’s hair as I walked up to Yoongi. Yunho whined, but I knew it was out of embarrassment rather than anything serious. 
    I gave Yoongi my own hug, squeezing him as tight as I could before he swatted at my arms to get me to let him go. “Geez, since when do you hit the gym?” Yoongi joked as I pulled away. “Never. I’m just a single mother. The most effective workout routine,” I joked back, earning a smile from older hybrid. 
    Suddenly, a horn honked, piercing through my ears, startling both Yoongi and I. Looking over Yoongi’s shoulder, I saw Hyejin peaking her head out the window of her car with a blinding smile on her face. “Let’s go! The amusement park is waiting!” She called. Yoongi and I sighed, and I shook my head with a smile as I walked Yunho over to the back seat, buckling him in. Yunho was happily kicking his feet back and forth as I got in beside him, Yoongi getting in the passenger seat. 
    Today was a beautiful day. It was a cool; the sun peaked through wispy clouds that painted the cerulean sky as a calm breeze brushed past every now and again. It was perfect sweater weather. Not quite hot, but it wasn’t too cold either. The perfect day for walking around an amusement park with everybody. 
    “Hoseok’s meeting us there, right?” Hyejin asked, looking at me through the rear-view mirror. “Yeah, he said he was on his way there, like, five minutes ago,” I answered. Everybody. Including Hoseok. 
Tumblr media
      Soon, we arrived at the Line Friends themed amusement park. Everywhere you looked there was either a Brown standing alone, or a Brown with one of his friends. It was cute, no doubt. Having gone here before, I know I can have as much fun here as all the kids, so I was also excited. But nothing beats the excitement of 6-year-olds. Yunho and Hajun were bouncing in their seats, trying to stay still as Yoongi regurgitated the common rules we had for going here. 
   “Okay? Hold someone's hand until we get inside,” Yoongi said, unbuckling his seatbelt as Hyejin and I got the boys out of their car seats. Yunho instantly grasped onto my hand, looking around the parking lot with stiff ears. “What’s up, bub?” I asked, realizing he was looking for something. “You said Mr. Hoseokie was going to be here...” He pouted. 
    “Ohhh” I said, nodding. “He is, we just have to find him,” I explained. Yunho instantly straightened up, holding his nose up in the air as he took a huge breath through his nose. I realized he was trying to sniff Hoseok out, and I chuckled. “Yunho, small sniffs, remember?” I said, reminding him of what Yoongi had taught him. 
    Yunho nodded, “I know! But Mr. Hoseokie said it’s a good way to clear my nose, so I can smell better,” He clarified, and I felt myself taken aback. When did Hoseok teach him that? Before I could ask Yunho about his secret meeting with the bubbly man, he caught something. Instantly, he pulled me a few cars over to where Hoseok stood. He was currently locking his car and throwing his backpack over his shoulder, pulling a white hat over his head. 
    “Mr. Hoseokie!” Yunho exclaimed, still staying by my side, but waving his hand to get the older hybrid’s attention. Hoseok’s ears perked up before he turned his head, eyes lighting up as he saw Yunho and I standing there. “Hey!” Hoseok smiled, putting his keys in his pocket before he walked up to us. 
    He was dressed pretty casually. He wore a white shirt that was tucked into blue denim jeans that matched the jean jacket he was wearing. He had on slightly scuffed black boots and silver rings hung from his ears, matching the rings that adorned his delicate-looking hands. He looked, comfortable. Not in a bedtime way, but in a... boyfriend way...
    I tore my eyes away from his hands, focusing my eyes (and mind) on his face, which looked exactly the same as last time, but he still made my heart skip a beat. “Hey, Hoseok,” I smiled, ignoring what was going on with my heart. Later. I’d address it later. “Hey, Y/n, how are you?” He asked, his heart-shaped smile appearing on his face. 
    “I’m good! We’re good. Yunho was excited to see you,” I smiled back, looking down at the boy beside me who’s eyes were on Hoseok’s swishing tail. “Have you now?” Hoseok teased, grabbing Yunho’s attention. “Mhm!” He hummed before blurting out, “I like your tail. Your fur is long,” Hoseok chuckled, quirking a curious brow as he brought his tail in front of him, looking down at it. “Hmm, kinda. It’s always been a bit long,” Hoseok shrugged. 
    Yunho nodded, still not taking his eyes off of Hoseok’s tail. “I have long fur too...” He mumbled out, bring it to his front to show it to Hoseok. “It’s very lovely, suits you perfectly” Hoseok said sincerely, and I thanked the stars that he said something sweet. Yunho loves his long fur, but the dog hybrids he plays with are short-haired. He often feels left out. Many times I had to tell him it’s his fur and no one else's, but the reassurance from another dog hybrid must feel nice. 
And I could tell it was, cause Yunho blushed, and smiled. 
Tumblr media
   The six of us were now walking through the park, stopping at most of the attractions that the boys pointed out. It’s been eventful. Yoongi almost threw up once already, and Hoseok was already carrying the 2 plushies that Yunho won from game stalls. He insisted he should carry them, not budging even when I had an open hand that wasn’t currently holding Yunho’s. 
    Currently, we were walking past the food stands while Hoseok and Yoongi talked about something they had in common. Whatever that could be... It was music. I would like to say I wasn’t hanging on their every word, but that would be a lie. Hoseok and Yoongi both liked hip hop, but Hoseok was more upbeat while Yoongi liked raps that told a story, no matter how depressing. “I know! I like his music too!” Hoseok exclaimed, happily chatting next to me. 
    “You know, Hoseok, Y/n used to sing in college,” Hyejin smirked, causing me to whip my head around at her. I gave her a what the hell are you doing? Look and she just shrugged, taking a sip of her lemonade with the biggest shit-eating grin I’d ever seen. “You did? Ah, I bet your voice is amazing,” Hoseok commented. “N-No, it’s not anything special. I just did it for fun,” I awkwardly chuckled, avoiding Hoseok’s soft smiling face that was looking right at me. 
    Hyejin and Yoongi both scoffed, unimpressed. “Lies! You were literally a performing arts major before you changed it to professional journalling and that Korean class that just restated things we learned in highschool,” Hyejin said, and you wanted to sink into the ground. “Wow, performing arts? That sounds awesome,” Hoseok gushed, putting his hand on my shoulder. I had to physically supress the gasp that bubbled in my throat as Hoseok whispered to me, “Maybe you can sing for me sometime?” 
    Before I could dwell on his words and their implications, however, Yunho and Hajun were gasping, pointing at the colorful merry-go-round which was playing a soft, jovial tune from the speakers placed around it. “Eomma! Can we go? Please?” Yunho asked, looking up at me with his puppy eyes (Very fitting) “Yeah, let’s go,” I nodded, letting him lead me to the ride, Hoseok still beside me while Yoongi, Hyejin, and Hajun were hot on our trail. 
    Once Yunho got on the ride, I couldn’t help taking out my phone to take pictures of his smiling face, waving at him from behind a protective gate. He really was a little ball of sunshine that lights up my life. “You raised him well,” Hoseok spoke up beside me, looking at Yunho giggle as he whooshed round and round. Hoseok’s side profile was just as elegant as any other angle. Chiselled jaw, a cute slope to his nose, and those same amber eyes. 
“I like to think so,” I answered back, still admiring Hoseok. 
“No, seriously Y/n. As a teacher, I meet plenty of parents and kids. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen. Seeing you and Yunho gives me hope for others like you,” He stressed, turning his head to look me in the eye. 
“Like us?” I asked, taken aback by how sincere he looked. 
“I’ve met single parents before, some don’t always do as well as a job like you,” Hoseok sighed somberly.
“What can I say, I love Yunho. Even if we make an odd pair,”
     Hoseok chuckled, “I won’t lie, you two are the first single human parent and hybrid child dynamic I’ve ever seen, but the way you love your son is admirable, and I can tell he’ll grow up happy,” He smiled, scooting a little closer. “Thank you, but you know, now that’s partially because of you,” I stated. “What do you mean?” Hoseok tilted his head, brown furrowed, “You're a good influence. He mentioned you taught him how to sniff out scents easier, something I could never do, so it’s nice that you're around.” I said. Hoseok was quiet for a minute before he spoke up again. 
“I like being around you two... Do you want me around?” Hoseok asked,
“... Yes,” 
    The two of us stood in a comfortable silence after that, just letting the wind roll through our hair as we watched Yunho have fun. The air around us feeling oddly domestic. “Eomma! Did you see me?” Yunho exclaimed as he got off the ride, wrapping my leg in a tight hug. He looked up at me, awaiting my answer. “I did! You were so cool!” I chuckled, grabbing his hand as the six of us regrouped, continuing through the park. 
Hoseok and I walked a bit closer now. 
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