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he sparks joy
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Don’t Forget to Water Them
by x  ig
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that showering/bathing anon is onto something.. do you mind answering for the rest of the ROs? 👀 thank you!
She's into it, but I'm not sure how sexual it'd get. It's a little too corny for her, and she loves bubble beards a little too much.
Done. Down for it. Making it happen as we speak.
The bathtub would need to be ENORMOUS, and the sexual aspect is...minimal? Not like absent but it's more of a sensuality thing.
Done. Down for it. Already making it happen. Already happening.
Nope. Hard pass. She'll hang out with you while you bathe but it's not gunna be a sexual thing.
Sure! Why not? He might not generate the idea on his own but he's down to try it out!
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This is SO sweet. 🥰
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Good Boy
Wolf Hybrid! Kageyama Tobio x Reader (Hybrid Au)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- my first time writing for Kageyama + hybrid au, he fits the wolf hybrid theme so well. final commission post for @nightmarelilyxd​ ! tysm for being patient <33
You were his to protect the moment you picked him at the adoption centre, his to fuck, his to breed.
Warnings: kageyama shifts between his human form/ wolf form, wolf ears + tail, smut, slight dub/non con, slight somnophilia, pet play(?), this is literal porn w/o plot, breeding kink
Tumblr media
Kageyama never really understood why you picked him.
You strolled right past the other hybrids practically vying for your attention and pointed a single, pretty manicured nail at him with an equally pretty smile before you opened your mouth, “I want to adopt this one.”
Even the lady working at the adoption centre tried to change your mind as you handed in the official papers to take him home. “Are you sure you want to adopt this one?” The elderly woman asked in a hushed, conspiratorial tone (probably because she thought that he wouldn’t hear her), “He came in a few weeks ago after being rescued from an underground fighting ring. You know how those hybrids are… they can make difficult pets. It doesn’t help that this poor thing is a wolf hybrid as well, most people prefer to adopt dogs over wolves.” 
Despite that, you’d gave the lady a polite yet firm smile- one that brokered no room for argument, and shoved the papers into her arms. “No worries, he is the one I want to adopt.” 
Just like that, you brought him home.
It took you 3 months to break down the icy wall in his heart. Kageyama was stubborn, he’d learn from his past mistake of being too trusting. He snarls and growls when you come too close, flattens his ears against his head and peels back his lips to flash his deadly fangs when you try to pet him. Anything to make you afraid of him. 
Against all odds, you are much more stubborn than him. And Kageyama finds himself curled against you on your bed, nuzzling his nose into the palm of your hand when you make breakfast. He starts to imprint his scent on you when you come back from work, growling in displeasure when he catches a faint whiff of another male’s scent clinging to your clothes as you laugh and scratch the back of his ears to calm him down. 
In the sixth month, he takes the final leap of faith. Most hybrids don’t ever shift into their full human form. The transformation is slightly jarring when he shifts, and he peers curiously at his five fingers, flexing them carefully with an air of muted amazement. This was how humans were? Although he retained the keen senses of a wolf (including his tail and furry ears), Kageyma couldn’t help but feel vulnerable without his claws and fur. 
It takes him a few tries before he gets the hang of walking around on two legs instead of four, and another hour before he manages to run on them. 
When the door finally slides open, he’s bounding towards you before you even slip off your shoes. 
“What- who are you?” You shriek in surprise, pushing against his bare chest in an attempt to escape from his embrace. Kageyama huffs irritatedly, fixing you with a steely glare before his curious fingers begin to wander across the curves of your soft skin. Your body feels different from his, Kageyama marvels at how delicate you feel under the pads of his fingertips, how soft you are compared to his muscled figure. He’d never felt just how fragile you were. Like a little bunny in his grasps. 
“Kage-Kageyama?” You squeak when his hands wander to your thighs, squeezing them softly through the fabric of your skirt to avoid hurting you. The ears on his head twitch, an indication that he heard you but chose to ignore your command. 
Unable to help himself, he grazes his nose across your neck; letting his tongue dart out to taste your skin. Your body is oddly flushed, as if you were running at a higher temperature than normal. “Stop!” You try to push his stubborn head away from your neck and Kageyama growls in displeasure as the loud thump of his heavy tail against the floor fills the air. You usually never stop him from imprinting you when you come home, why are you being so insistent now?
Your hands brace against his broad shoulders and shove. If it were any other person, they would have found themselves with a missing hand, instead, Kageyama forces himself to draw away and actually focus on you instead. 
His ears twitch irritatedly when you try to put some distance between the two of you, stubbornly, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. 
“Tobio,” He huffs out, trying to nuzzle into your neck again until you push him away. 
“Wait-wait, Tobio,” you try again and channel a firm tone into your voice. “Stop.” 
It takes another few tries before Kageyama detaches himself from you reluctantly and you scurry off to your room and shove a pair of black sweat in direction. “Put this on,” you squeak, averting your eyes at how...naked he is. You just can’t help yourself from sneaking a peek as he shuffles the pants on. One glance is enough to have your cheeks heating up like a furnace, your Kageyama is undoubtedly well-endowed. 
After you’ve explained how he can’t just shift into a human without a warning because you nearly screamed for help at the sight of a naked man in your house, he doesn’t really seem to understand. His dark tail swishes restlessly against the floor as you speak, and his equally dark eyes remain fixated on your neck. 
Only when you are done berating when you let him drape his wandering hands over your body, slapping away his fingers from your chest and thighs. A discontent growl rumbles his throat when you try to leave his arms and you decide to let it slip, sighing as he noses his face into your neck and squeezes at your waist to hold you on his lap. 
You’d never really had the heart to deny him anyway. You can still see the ragged silver scars across his chest from his earlier days, learning about his haunted past in the adoption centre nearly broke your heart. Sure, he looked intimidating, always looming over you with a ferocious snarl tugging his lips upwards to reveal pink gums and silver fangs whenever you brought him out. Practically snapping through his muzzle if someone else even looks at you the wrong way. But his jagged edges are always soothed over whenever you run a comforting hand over his head to soften his rising growls. 
“Tobio,” you murmur into his hair, running your fingers across his ears as he grunts. “I’ve got to prepare dinner.” 
“Stay.” He growls in a husky timbre, the pitch of his low voice sending vibrations up your spine.
You laugh at the petulance scrawled all over his features, the grumpy scowl on his mouth is betrayed by his droopy ears. He looks so darned adorable that you resist the urge to pinch his cheeks playfully. It’s hard to believe that he was the same wolf that would snarl and nip at your fingers just a few months ago. 
“Come on,” you untangle yourself from under his heavy limbs. Kageyama sniffs your shirt one final time, satisfied that you're absolutely drenched in his scent before he shifts to the other side and watch you pad over to the kitchen. 
Being in his human form was new, there were...sensations that were totally foreign to him. It was easy to get lost in your softness, his large calloused hands scarred from years of fighting touched your body like he was handling glass. Like he was born to protect you, keep you tucked away by his side and shield you from the world. And he wants more. Kageyama watches as you put on your apron and hum a tuneless song, he wants to be more than just your guard dog or pet. 
But to be completely honest, he isn’t exactly sure what you want. 
He starts to shift to his human form every time he’s with you.
Watching TV together on the extra large couch you bought to fit his large body, draping his arm over your chest when you sleep, nudging his head on your shoulder when you cook. Kageyama hates it with a burning passion when you push his hands off, hates it even more when you give him a stern glower
He just really can’t keep his hands to himself when you feel this good. 
A thought pops into his mind late at night, when your deep breaths are even and puffing into the side of your pillow. With his head on your chest, Kageyama’s keen hearing can pick up the steady pace of your heartbeat throbbing against your ribs. 
He shifts a little, and the brush of his swelling cock against his pants makes him stifle a loud whine. It’s your fault, you always make his cock react in such weird ways, and it hurts. Kageyama doesn’t understand why his cock gets so hard and leaky whenever your body is pressed against his. But it hurts, and the only thought running through his brain is to relieve himself. 
But being the good boy that he is, Kageyama doesn’t want to wake you up. He knows that you have to get up early tomorrow to get to work, knows that you're a deep sleeper and you rely on him to keep you safe. Yet, good boys definitely don’t hump themselves against their master’s leg. 
It’s so easy to turn his head and lap a tongue over your chest. Immediately, your nipples stiffen through your shirt and Kageyama wraps his mouth over one of them through the fabric as he grinds his crotch against your soft thighs. Despite the friction, it’s barely enough, he can still feel his pants getting wetter and pathetic whines begin to lace the deep growls rumbling his throat as he wraps your waist and pulls your ass against his cock to nudge his hardness against it. 
He wants to feel your skin against his, doesn’t want to feel this darned cotton that obstructs your soft body from his. 
You let out a breathy gasp, lashes fluttering when he humps your pliant body. He’s slobbering all over your breasts now, leaving large, wet stains across your thin camisole as his hips take on a more erratic rhythm in a desperate attempt to reach his climax. Kageyama half expects you to wake up and tell him off for his actions, but you remain in your deep slumber as sweat begins to matt his fringe and his heavy tail tangles with the blankets. 
He’s getting drunk, drowning in the pretty curves of your body until something hits him like a truck. 
Your scent, your arousal staining your panties each time his cock bumps against between your thighs. It pushes him from the border of sanity to ravenous. Kageyama has caught slight wafts of your scent before (when you leave your shirt outside the bathroom as you shower, your shampoo clinging on the pillows when you leave for work), but the full brunt of it, separated by only your tiny shorts and lace panties has his brain going blank and driving him mad, triggering his rut. 
This time, the heavy hand ripping away your shorts yanks you rudely out of your sleep. 
“To-Tobio,” your sleepy question morphs into a sharp whine when he nuzzles into your cunt, nipping along your inner thighs and licking a fat stripe over the seat of your panties. His heavy breaths catch in his throat when Kageyama's sharp gaze catches sight of the dark spot clinging to your panties. He might just break you in half if he doesn’t get a taste of your sweet fluids right now. 
Instinctively, you try to close your legs but his fingers dig into the meat of your thighs and his dark, wolfish gaze meets yours before he growls out a single word- a command. “Open.” 
You nearly scream when he pushes your panties aside and dwelves his tongue into your cunt, making up for his inexperience with sheer vigour as he eats you out. Your intoxicating taste floods his tongue, and Tobio feels his cock throb whenever your arousal stains his lips until he’s dying to bury his face deeper into your cunt to suck at your clit, utterly determined to make you fall apart on his tongue. He’s relentless, drawing your hips back with a pair of strong, muscled arms so that he can latch his mouth over your folds each time you try to wriggle out until your crying and wailing from how stupidly good his mouth feels on your needy cunt. 
“Tastes good,” he practically moans heatedly into your cunt, his own hips desperately grinding against the soft mattress each time he laps at the slick dripping down your folds. Two thick fingers work their way between your obscenely spread legs to hold you open as he gives you another long lick before tonguing your hole. It’s so lewd, the way your cute pet drools over the taste of your fluids whilst his tongue reaches the insides of your cunt. 
“Bad-bad boy!” Your reprimand doesn’t have it’s usual effect, instead, his throat rumbles in a displeased huff as Kageyama gives you one final lick before he smothers you under the weight of his large body and pulls you in for a sloppy kiss. You can taste yourself on his tongue when he parts your lips messily. “Mate,” he pants, barely holding himself back from claiming you right there and then. You’re human, he reminds himself through the haze of lust blurring his mind, your addicting scent still lingering on his lips, a sign that you’re more than ready for his aching cock. “Gonna mate you.” 
He keens, fumbling with his sweatpants and you squirm under his weight when his heavy cock presses wetly against your thigh. The tip is already reddened and leaking pre-cum, you wrestle back a rise of fear at how large it is. 
Impatiently, he nudges the tip of his cock against your entrance. He’s so hard he can’t think straight anymore, can’t think at all. Kageyama is practically drooling when he misses your cunt, high pitched whines so unlike his usual stoic tone echoing through the room when your tiny cunt teases his cock head. “Hurts,” His fists clench around the sheets, Kageyama can barely form the right words around the drool and sharp canines in his mouth, “It hurts, wanna mate!” 
Something in your heart breaks at the way he yelps and your tiny hands reach down to wrap your trembling fingers around his cock where you guide his length to your entrance and his hands move to hold your squirming hips still. 
“Tobio-Tobio, Tobio, Tobio,” you pant, eyes screwing shut when he finally manages to ease the tip into your velvety walls. “Slow, slow down.”
His ears pull back at your plea and pins against his head, and a part of him knows he should slow down, shouldn’t push your thighs against your chest just so he can bury his cock deeper into your plush cunt. But you feel good, so so good, having your tight pussy wrapped around his cock that he decides to ignore your words and there's nothing in his mind except for the overwhelming desire to pump his cock in your cunt, to breed you full of his pups until the heat in his chest dissipates. 
Kageyama knows that no one else can drive him this insane, no other hybrid or human could make him this animalistic. You were his to protect the moment you picked him at the adoption centre, his to fuck, his to breed.
His restraint snaps like a fraying thread the moment he’s balls deep in your cunt, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he lifts your thighs and presses your knees against your chest, letting your ankles dangle over his broad shoulders in his eagerness to inch deeper. 
Your hands latch around his biceps at the first thrust, more of your arousal leaking out to drip down your ass and Kageyama is pleased at himself when a pretty whine falls out of your open mouth. He grunts, pulling back his hips and seeing a messy ring of white coating the base of his cock before slamming forward into your precious cunt, the one that he’d been lusting over for so long. This is better than humping your thighs, better than anything else in the world. He doesn’t remember feeling this good before, feeling like he could die a happy man as long as he has you. 
“Mate,” Kageyama huffs hotly into the side of your neck each time he sinks into your heat as your pussy quivers and flutters around every vein that drags against your walls. “Pretty mate,” he lays open-mouthed kisses across your cheek and neck, careful to keep his canines from scarring your pretty skin as each snap of his hips makes you delirious with ecstasy. He’s too big, but each stretch of his cock makes you mewl so embarrassingly loud, leaves you wanting for more. 
Your thighs tremble weakly in his grip and Kageyama’s jaw tightens when you clamp down around his cock, the smell of your arousal spurs him to piston his hips even quicker, practically pining your smaller body down with his entire body weight to keep you immobile as he feels his head go dizzy- delirious. Until the only comprehensible thing falling from his mouth are the words mate and breed. 
Tears cling to your lashes and your mouth opens in a silent ‘o’, stars seem to explode across your blurry vision when your back curves off the bed as you cum around his thick length. His cock bumps against your cervix, leaving you shaking like a leaf under his chest but the dull throb of pain makes you mewl for more, twisting your hips and lolling your tongue out as you pant dumbly. 
Kageyama drools at the sight of your blissed out features, your scent seemed to get heavier when you cum. Your addicting scent makes his mouth water, and he tries to swallow his saliva in an effort to hold himself back. Yet, the only thing Kageyama succeeds in doing is to slobber all over your chest as he pants into your mouth with sharp whines. 
Kageyama feels his own cock swell in response to your orgasm, the pride at making you feel good coaxing his own climax as he humps at your sensitive cunt erratically to chase his own orgasm. His eyes lock fervently on your glistening cunt, the way it’s spread so wide to accommodate his thick length when Kageyama empties his cum in your pussy, making sure to thrust a few extra times so that it reaches every part inside of you. Warmth floods the insides of your cunt in thick, heavy spurts, making your already muddled brain go woozy from the heat. 
It’s clear that you weren’t made to fully take him, because milky white spills out of where the two of you are connected and it makes the back of his throat rumble at the sight. He wants to seal his cum in you, make sure nothing is wasted or it meant that he wasn’t breeding you right. 
Your soft whimpers makes his ears snap to attention, “I can’t anymore, To-Tobio!” You gasp when his soft cock twitches to attention again, rubbing against your raw walls when he shifts backwards and gives you a short little thrust, the lewd squelch of your juices mixed with his echoes in the air each time his cock moves. 
He wants to stop, he really does, but each time his cock isn’t buried in you, he can feel it aching again. Sweat matts his dark curls against his forehead when he rubs his fingers over your clit experimentally, groaning when your body seizes up. This is what you like.
You can’t help but squeeze around his cock again when he presses down on your clit, making you cry out at the sudden pleasure shooting up your body. “More,” he gasps, swishing his tail and giving you another sloppy, messy kiss on the cheek before licking your lips, “Wan’ more.” 
You sniffle, curling your fingers around his wrist as he stares pleadingly into your dazed out gaze. “Good boy?” He asks you, still eager for your praise despite the way his greedy cock is throbbing impatiently in your pussy, just a few agonizing moments away from fucking into you until the ache goes away. 
“Good boy.” 
Your sweet voice is all he needs to continue.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 6 days ago
A cow hybrid boy gave birth to 7 babies in my basement and I ended up cooking and eating one of the babies because I was so hungry.
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Porsche 918 Spyder
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"My neck, my back, go warm up my heatpack"
(🎨 by ElkingArt)
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The Half Naked Portrait -Klaus Mikaelson Oneshot
Tumblr media
Warning:Alpha/Omega talk but not Omegaverse, Smut, Fingering, Masterbation, Vaginal penetration, slight breeding kink if you squint, slight teasing, praise kink
I admit, maybe walking down to the kitchen in my underwear wasn’t my smartest decision in the middle of the night but it was the middle of the night! I thought everyone was asleep!
"I didn't expect this tonight."  The voice behind me made me jump nearly a foot in the air before turning to see Klaus leaning on the doorway.
"Don't start, you make one rude comment and you'll find all of your paints in your bathroom sink."  I wasn't in the mood for one of Rebekah's brothers to make me feel bad about myself at 2:45 in the morning.
"I would never.  You think I find joy in making women feel bad about themselves?  You look...lovely."  I rolled my eyes, refusing to look at him as I grabbed a soda from the fridge.
"Whatever you say.  Goodnight Klaus-"  he grabbed my arm as I went to walk passed him and I looked up seeing a softness in his eyes that I never had before, though to be honest I tried not to pay too much attention.  I had a crush on the hybrid from the moment Rebekah brought me home and I didn't want to be the best friend pathetically crushing on her brother.
"I mean it Y/n.  You look good enough to eat, never let any man tell you otherwise, and if they do send them my way.  I'll be glad to set them straight."  I was completely floored, unsure of what to do now as he released my arm.
"Um...thanks I think...Goodnight."  With that I retreated upstairs as quickly as possible, going back to bed, unable to forget the look in the man's eyes as he looked down at me.
Honestly that whole experience is probably the only reason I responded as I did now.
I had come to the mansion to find Rebekah, hoping for a random girls day after Damon had pissed me off but she wasn't answering her phone and I realized she wasn't home as I let myself in and heard no one.  I was just about to leave when that changed, focusing hard and hearing a heartbeat sounding like Klaus' erratic werewolf pulse but it was faster than normal.  I crept my way up the stairs and began hearing ragged breathing, his door being open leading to me peeking in and seeing him laid on his pillows with a grip around his cock.  I turned as quickly as I could, moving quietly back to the stairs before I heard him speak.
"Oh god!  Y/n!  Fuck!"
I was stunned and I peeked back in to see a canvas in front of him.  Though his eyes were now closed, it was a painting of me...in my underwear...the same underwear he had seen me in 2 nights before.  He was being honest the other night, he really had liked the way I looked...clearly quite a bit.  As I continued looking at the man and his death grip on his cock, a cock that's thickness was literally calling out to me, I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I slid my shoes off just inside the door to step quietly, taking my jacket off as well before ending up right next to his bed, watching him lick his lips as he continued stroking himself, hips thrusting every once in a while as if he couldn't stop himself.
"Please?  Just like that gorgeous, fuck!  Please?"
With that I hopped onto the bed and threw my leg over him, his eyes flying open instantly.  "So, do I have to do it just like that? Because I personally think I can do better."  I grabbed his arms, pinning them by his head which he allowed as he was clearly too stunned to move at the moment.  "But you did sound so pretty begging for me like that, the big bad hybrid, begging for my tight little pussy, never thought I would see the day."  He seemed to snap back to himself when he heard my teasing, glaring up at me and throwing my hands off, grabbing my waist, and flipping me onto my back.
"Only for you gorgeous, however you should watch how hard you push your luck."
"Really, you think you can say that after what I just heard?  ‘Please gorgeous, please?  Oh fuck, just like that!  Please Y/n?  Ple-’”  he cut me off with his tight grip around my throat, eyes bleeding to yellow as he growled.
"I would shut that pretty mouth before I decide to use that instead and leave you desperate."  He grabbed ahold of my pants, pulling them and my panties both off in a blink before spreading my legs.  "Fuck if I wasn't right, such a pretty pussy, and attached to such a loud fucking mouth."  He leaned down, quickly smashing his lips to mine, keeping me from a sarcastic response before I felt him push two fingers into me which found no difficulty in doing that with how wet I was.  "Christ, you're fucking dripping.  Is this all for me princess?  Seeing your Alpha desperate for your pussy got you all hot and bothered?"  A third finger joined, stretching me a bit as his thumb found my clit and my hips thrust up, hoping to grind against something in my desperation.  "So fucking needy before I ever did anything, look at you sweet girl."  His lips found mine again as he lifted me up under my thighs to get me right where he wanted me, his cock lining up at my entrance and thrusting in without hesitation.
"Fuck!  Oh God!  Please?!"
"There she is, there's my sweet little Omega, just needed put back in your place, didn't you?  Seeing me desperate made you a cocky little thing but you just needed your Alpha to stretch you out."  He gave a few shallow thrusts for me to get used to him before he began really moving, making me quickly realize that the combination of a vampire and werewolf cock can't be good for my health.
"Yes!  Yes Alpha!  Needed your cock so much, please?  So good Alpha, so fucking-"  he cut me off, practically taking the air from my lungs as he completely bottomed out, stretching me more than I ever have been before.
"So good for me, my good little Omega.  Tight little pussy's been needing me to fuck her for a long time, hasn't she?"  He then stopped, as deep as he could get before pulling me close and flipping us over, letting me adjust on top of him before thrusting up into me almost violently as he ripped off my shirt and bra, getting his hands on my breasts for the first time and pinching my nipples.
"Oh God!  Fuck!  Fuck Alpha Please?!" 
"Cum for me princess!"  I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to, this new angle being too much for me to bear and that tight feeling in my stomach snapping as my nails dug into his chest drawing blood down his toned stomach.  "Sharp fucking claws princess, shit!  Tightest pussy I've ever fucked, gonna have me whipped before long.  Such a good girl, cumming so good on my cock."  He was still hammering up into me but as my head dropped and I whimpered he flipped us back over, turning my head up to press his lips to mine.  "My pretty girl."  I whined, shoving my hips up into him when he stopped.  "So desperate."  He sighed, shaking his head, lifting my legs to his shoulders before beginning to move again.
"Please?  So close, please?!"  I really was whining now, that tight feeling back in my abdomen and getting tighter as he smirked down at me.
"Gonna cum again for me?  Go ahead love, cum for me while your Alpha fills you up so good.  Cum!"  As if I was a puppet on strings his words threw me into my second orgasm as I felt his hips stutter and push in as deeply as possible, filling me just as he'd said, possibly more than I ever had been before I realized when I truly did feel full.  "Fucking hell Y/n, that was amazing.  Please tell me this wasn't just a onetime thing for you?"  He relaxed onto me, his face in my neck where he kissed tenderly making me giggle as his stubble tickled.
"Not after this, I'm gonna need an encore.  That was...Fuck!"  He hummed, leaning back to look at me and I peeked my eyes open to see his smile and deep blue eyes back once again.  "I love the yellow eyes, but next time I'd really like to just look at these pretty blue ones."  He smiled bashfully, trying to fight off the blush that made its way to his cheeks.
"You really are gorgeous.  I need to make this beautiful body a permanent fixture on my bed."
"Well I don't know about that, but-"
"Nik!  Have you seen Y/n?  She texted me that she was coming here but I don't-Ahh!  What the fuck?!"  We both turned to see Rebekah in the doorway, her eyes now covered with her hand.
"I guess we should have shut the door."  He mumbled, face back in my neck once again.
"How long has this been going on?!"  She sounded pissed and I suddenly felt a bit bad.
"About 20 minutes."  I admitted and she let out a huff.
"This is the first time?"
"Uh huh."
"You swear?"
"You think I would fuck your brother and not tell you?  I came here looking for you but instead I found your brother with his hand around his-"
"Okay!!  No more, that's enough!  I believe you, just...clean up and come find me.  I'll be downstairs-"
"Sorry dear sister, she's mine today.  After all, aftercare is important.  Shut the door on your way out."  Rebekah growled, slamming the door behind her and I could suddenly hear Kol's howling laughter from downstairs.
"He's going to tease me relentlessly."  I groaned, dropping my head to the pillows before Klaus kissed my cheek.
"I won't let him.  Don't worry my little Omega, you're mine to care for now."  I looked up at him in shock at this statement.
"I am?"
"Of course sweet girl, you think I could let a gorgeous girl like you get away...or a tight pussy like this?"  He shifted his hips to drive his point home and I groaned, settling down with him as he pulled a blanket up over us.  "Sleep love."
"But we're-"
"I'll take care of you.  Just sleep."  I relaxed as his lips found my neck again, pulling me into a peaceful sleep knowing that I would be awoken to another round and a gentle hybrid.
This was my first request here on Tumblr and I hope it was just what they wanted. Be sure to message me if you have a Bucky or Klaus request, anyone you want really and I’ll let you know if I’ll write for them.
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delusionalpuffball · a day ago
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aphoniaa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nightwing lore/views on different phenotypical mutations
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heartspark · 3 months ago
Doodled my lovely dragon for fun with more of a python shaped snoot! I love ball pythons and she's inspired by them so this is definitely an optional snoot shape for her 🐍🌸
Tumblr media
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mewtwoandme · 2 months ago
What would the babs look like grown up?
Here they are, Mewtwo and Gwen's non-cannon edge lord of a son and their sweet, innocent doll of a daughter ^^
Tumblr media
I really shouldn't have spent time on this but I did, damn my own curiosity...cause I know the more I keep doing this stuff with them the more y'all are gonna get attached to these two XD I just sketched it out quick cause I'm still working on the other comic at the moment lol
(And yes, before y'all say anything, I know the one has the Joker colors lol that's a regular gardevoir's color palette I can't help that XD)
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diamond back terrapin and alligator snapper sauropods
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cactusjerk · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tbh I think high content Bengals look really weird. It's like someone just played with the sliders during character creation.
I forget what this boy is. It's either f3 or F4.
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Klaus x human!reader
Tumblr media
Includes: female sub reader, Dom Klaus,Dub-con (I think), blood, pain kink (if you squint your eyes), biting, breeding kink, somewhat enemies to lovers,size and strength difference, unprotected sex (wrap it before u tap it), p in v, fingering, oral (m and f receiving),marking you(not really consensual), nicknames (daddy, love), praising, degrading (only once or so)
(let's pretend that it's possible to get pregnant with a hybrid's kid.)
Summary: Klaus is sick of your attitude and how you refuse to submit to him. At a party, seeing you flirt with his brother, he decides that'll he'll force you into submitting if he has to.
!!!remember kings, queens and all the in-betweens, consent is key.
Klaus watches from afar as your hand flirtatiously, lays on Elijah's torso. His eyes darken as you throw your head back, laughing at whatever Elijah said. Klaus strains his hearing, eavesdropping on your conversation.
"I don't know if I said this or not, but you look absolutely ravishing tonight." Elijah compliments, your cheeks heating up at the compliments.
You look down shyly as he reaches for your hand, kissing the top of it. "Thank you, Elijah. You look-" you stutter, looking up at the breathtaking man before you. "Charming, as usual." You smile, Elijah returning the gesture.
Music starts playing in the background, couples gathering on the dance floor. They start swaying from side to side in each other's arms in a beautiful rhythm.
"May I have this dance, my lady?" Elijah bows down slightly, hand extended as he watches you with a raised eyebrow. You put your hand in his and he presses his lips against it, once more.
"It'd be pleasure to dance with you, my lord." You giggle, playing along with him. He leads you to the dance floor, wrappings his arm around your waist, the other gently holding your hand.
A minute or so in, he pulls you in closer and you rest your head on his shoulder. You're always at ease with Elijah, he's like your comfort person. He always makes sure you're okay and he's the person you go to when you need comfort.
When the dance is over, you slightly pull away, so that you're facing him. His eyes dart down to your lips and you get anxious.
What if he kisses me? You think.
It's not like you wouldn't date Elijah, but you don't want to ruin what you have. You also don't have any romantic feelings towards him, at all.
Just as his lips were inches away, you felt a chill run down your spine. Quickly, you were separated from his arms and your back hit something hard. You felt a pair of arms snake around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer, like they're shielding you from Elijah.
"Klaus?" Elijah questions, eyes furrowing.
You try to pull away, but his strength compared to yours gives him an advantage. "Klaus, let go!" You try to pry his hands off but to no avail.
"Nicklaus, let her go." Elijah demanded, moving closer to you.
A laugh rumbled from Klaus' chest, his nose rubbing against your necklace, inhaling. "I told you multiple times that she's off limits, Elijah."
You trashed against him, even elbowing him, but he wrapped a hand around your throat. "Klaus just- fuck off! And who are you to tell people if I'm off limits or not?" You yell, grabbing some of the people's attention.
Before you could say anything else, Klaus put you over his shoulder. When multiple people looked over, he pulled down your dress so that your thighs were covered. He didn't want anyone to see what's his.
When he was out of sight, he used his speed to go to his house. In a blink of an eye, you were up against his room's wall. You heart was beating out of your chest at the sudden shift.
You were fully aware of the situation you were in, you short and tight dress riding up your, you thongs peeking from beneath. Klaus was pressed against you, his knee parting your thighs as he studied you.
"K-Klaus, I'm serious, let me go." You said in a quivering voice. You couldn't help but feel scared, knowing very well that the hybrid can kill you if he desires to.
"Are you all scared now, love?" He smirked, and brushed a curl away from your face.
You rolled your eyes, despite the situation you're in. You're almost as stubborn as him, which is another reason why he likes you. Although you might fear him, you always say what's on you mind. "Stop being a dick and let me go."
You and him always play these mouse cat games, but this time it's different. His eyes don't hold this usual playfulness in them, the look he was giving you scared you. Although you'd never admit it out loud.
"Since you can't seem to drop the attitude, I'll gladly fuck it out of you." His eyes were glued to your lips, watching as you licked them nervously.
"I don't think you have the balls to, Nicklaus." You jested, challenging the way older hybrid before you. The chuckle that rumbled from his chest sent heat to your core.
"Although I love the attitude and act you have on, you can't deny that you're wet for me." Just before you could protest, he moved his head closer to your neck, planting a kiss on it. "I can smell it, love."
Your cheeks became a bright red, mentally cursing him for his heightened senses. You gulp as he plants more kisses down your neck, then on your collarbones.
"Klaus..." You start, trying to push him off with very little effort. You couldn't deny that you found Klaus very attractive, to say the least. But, he has hurt your friends many times before.
"Mm?" He mumbles, continuing to suck on your neck. One of his hands trailed up, lightly resting on you chest. He didn't want to force you into something, although he could easily compel you and have his way with you.
Your human and fragile frame against his was enough to make his dick twitch in excitement. Him being a hybrid still meant that he was half wolf, and he wanted to fill you up with his pups.
"Please..." You breathed out, pressing your thighs together, only for them to be parted by his hand. He rubbed you over the fabric of your dress, making you sigh from the feeling.
"Please, what?What do you want, darling?" He asks, finally looking at you, after admiring your bruised neck. Your lower lips slightly quivering when he started rubbing you faster. "Say the words and daddy will give it to you."
"I want..." You looked away from his intimidating gaze. "I want you, daddy." You confessed, almost shyly, his eyes darkening at the name that came out of your mouth. Klaus, being a 1074 year old vampire (this is series age btw not book age), he was quiet skilled and you were dying to experience that.
"Your wish is my command." One corner of his lips turned up in a smirk. Before you could blink, Klaus had you on your back on his bed, with him between your now parted legs.
His soft lips quickly found yours in a rough kiss. You tried your best to keep up with his pace, but he quickly took control of the kiss. He bit down on your lip, drawing blood, and quickly licking it. He stops to undress you and you don't retort, you let him undress you until you're in your thong.
"What a pretty sight." He admires your every curve, taking you in like a starving monster. "I could get used to you laying on my bed like that."
"Daddy, please.." you beg, needing any type of relief, as you slowly take off your thong, spreading your legs wide for him.
His eyes quickly went to your glistening core, a low growl erupted from him. "Such a filthy little slut for me, aren't you?" He quickly shrugged out of his clothes, only leaving his trousers on. He kneeled between your legs, eyes on you as he uses his thumb to rub your clit, slowly.
You throw your head back, relieved that he's finally touching you. He kisses your swollen clit, liking his lips to taste you, his pupils dilate as his wolf wakes up.
He thrusts his middle finger into your aching cunt, before quickly adding another. He uses a pace that a human wouldn't be able to do, it was quick yet firm. He had you squirming with only two fingers.
"Oh, god, yes!" You moan out, gripping the sheets tightly. You felt your orgasm nearing, and the room was filled with your sweet moans.
"Not god, love. Just me." He cockily points out, but you're too far gone to reply and he knows it. He could tell by the way you clenched around his fingers, so tightly. The bulge in his pants only grew at the sight before him.
At the same moment that you came, Klaus bit into the inside of you thigh, drawing blood with his fangs. In a way, this intensified your orgasm, combined with his thumb that pressed down on your clit. You breathlessly watched as he sucked on your bleeding thigh, your blood dripping down the side of his mouth.
He licked the two parallel cuts, then pulled away. He pulled out his fingers that were soaked in your cum, then put them inside his mouth, not once looking away from you. He let out a soft moan at the taste of your juices. After licking them off, he used his thumb to catch the drop of blood that was trailing down his chin, before licking it as well.
You were confused at how you found this rather arousing. You know that you should be freaked out at how he casually bit you, drinking your blood. But the Klaus you know would've sucked you dry, he didn't.
"I need to taste you, again." He whispered more to himself than to you. His mouth latched onto your cunt, drawing a breathy moan out of you. His tongue moved against you in a way you haven't experienced before, you were already seeing stars.
"Slow d-down..." You trailed off as he his teeth slightly grazed your sensitive clit. He sucked on it, then entered you with his tongue, tasting more of you. Your back arched as you neared another orgasm.
Soon enough, you came all over his tongue, and he greedily cleaned you up. He pulled away, and you watched as he smiled at your messy state. Your mascara was running down your face, and your lipstick far gone.
Your legs were shaking by that point, but he was far from being done with you. He carried you, placing you down on your knees before him. You already knew that he wanted and your mouth drooled.
You pulled down his trousers, then his briefs. The sight before you was unreal. He was atleast 11 inches, his pink tip leaking, pointing slightly upward.
Your small hands wrapped around his veiny cock, moving them up and down. Klaus wrapped your hair around his fingers, keeping it away from your face.
"Open up." He commanded and you complied.
With one swift thrust, he entered your mouth, making you choke on his cock. He gave you a moment to adjust, and you took a deep breath through your nose, and bopped your head back and forth.
"Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so good around me. I can't wait to be inside your tight cunt, have you all full of my knot." He says, taking control of your movements and fucking your face. You loved watching him become undone because of you, throwing his head back, his lower lip between his teeth as he closes his eyes. "Just like that..."
He wanted to go faster but he was afraid that he'd lose control. He didn't want to hurt your pretty face, it'd be a shame to ruin such a thing. After about fifteen minutes of him fucking your mouth at, what he considers, a slow speed, he pulled out. You pouted, looking up at him, but he only caressed your face with his thumb.
"I'm only gonna release my knot inside you." He began. "Why don't you get on the bed, love?"
You laid down on the king sized bed, watching as Klaus positioned himself. You wrapped your legs around him, pulling him closer and urging him to put it in. "Patience, my sweet Y/n." He smiled.
You opened your mouth, wanting to reply, but only a gasp left your mouth. He thrusted, only half way in, stretching your walls.
"Fuck," he hissed, then pushed himself all the way in. It was uncomfortable, the biggest you ever had was 7 inches, so Klaus' was definitely hard to adjust to.
He waited for you to get comfortable before he moved at a safe pace. "Faster, daddy, please.." You asked, when it started to feel good.
Your soft walls felt like heaven around his big cock, sucking him in, having him in a chokehold. He didn't need to be told twice, he started moving against you in really fast, but steady, thrusts. Only a few thrusts in and he was already found your g-spot. He moved down to suck on your nipple, maintaining the rhythm of his thrusts.
"Oh, yes yes, so good, daddy!" You exclaimed, grabbing into his shoulder for support. Your words only encouraged him to go harder, already grasping that you liked it that way.
He watched your face with what looked like interest. The way sweat moved against your bodies as you became one, the sound of skin against skin filling the room. He loved the sounds that fell from your lips. It made him want to lock you up so he could be the only one who gets to hear them.
Your were one of the prettiest girls in Mystic Falls, and it definitely left alot of guys smitten for you. Klaus didn't like the looks they gave what's his. He wanted you all to himself, just him to do whatever he pleases with you.
"I'm gon-na come-" you cried out as you came all over his cock, but he didn't stop. If anything, he went faster
"Good girl." He smiled down at you, as you looked at him through your lashes. "Come again for me, hm?"
You were too cock drunk to say no, so you quickly nodded your head. Klaus quickly changed your position, having you ride him, his back resting against the headboard of the bed.
You moved up and down, his eyes were glued to the way your tits bounced. Your body was like a very beautiful painting to him, he couldn't get enough of it. Klaus groaned when you clenched around him, almost milking him. You tiredly rested your head on his shoulder, and he chuckled before taking control of your hips, causing you to yelp when he moved you all the way up then pulled you back down. The position allowed him to hit deep places in you that you didn't know existed.
He slammed you on his cock repeatedly, making you throw your head back. You were so tired and worn out, but oh did it feel good. You've never been fucked like that before, raw and good. But then again, how many hybrid men did you meet?Just one. The knot in your belly tightened once more making you scrunch your eyebrows.
"Daddy, I'm gonna come again." You sobbed out, it was all too much. It hurt, you were so overwhelmed you barely remembered how you ended up here."I don't think I- can.."
"I know, I know, but you'll be a good girl for me, right? Make daddy proud of you." He ran his finger through your hair soothingly, his other hand guiding your hips.
"Y-yes, daddy, anything for you." You murdered.
"You're mine, Y/n " he said, possessively as his dick twitched in you.
"All yours, daddy." You moaned out as you came, your eyes fluttering around him, your cum dripping down your thighs and into the base of his cock.
"I'm gonna have you all swollen with my knot, make you carry my pups." He grunted, hid fangs showing. "You're gonna be such a good mother for them, my lovely mate."
Your mind couldn't really process what he was saying, so you just nodded along. He kissed your neck as he released his knot at the same as you came. He quickly found the right spot then bit down on it, finally making you truly his. Forever.
You screamed out, the pain that coursed through you made your neck go numb. Your fingernails digged into his shoulder as he continued to drink from you.
"No, no, no, no..." You tried to push him away but you were too tired. Tears trailed down your face from the pain. You were so relieved when he stopped, but you only sobbed harder. You knew what it meant for a wolf to mark someone. It binds you to them. He pulled out and his knot, combined with your cum, dripped your thighs and into the bed, making a mess.
"Shh, it's okay, love. I'm right here." He cooed. He used his speed to clean you both up then dressed you, as well as take the bed sheets off. He cuddled you as you held into him, still crying.
You know that you should leave but you felt attached to him now, like he's your only comfort. "Why?" You pulled away, wiping your tears on the sleeve of the shirt he gave you. Looking at him through teary eyes steered something in him, but he doesn't regret it. He knows that you body is adjusting to this.
"Becuase you're mine, Y/n. You said it yourself. Don't you want to be mine, always?" He asks.
You shake your head. "N-no, I want to be yours." You say quickly. It was the truth. The only thing that kept you away from Klaus was how bad he was. Deep down, you craved him. You wanted him close to you.
However, with all that aside, you could finally admit your feelings. You've always had feelings for him but you just denied them.
"You're mine and I'm yours. You're gonna carry my pups for me, be all swollen." His hand moved down to your belly. "We're gonna have so many little hybrids running around." He smiled, kissing the top of your head.
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