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“Spooky know. Spooky know return one day sooner better, but.. Why Dread friend stubborn back to?!

Dread friend no care Universe? We play Universe all time! Remember fun time, good happy memory, no want now? Care for small dragon family, but..

Spooky Dread family too.. 

Spooky just, want help Universe. All Spooky feel good now for.”

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Help me name my shiny Pokémon because I am uncreative

I used to name all my shiny Pokémon, but I can’t think of any lately! Please help lol

You can totally symbolically adopt them if you do, like one they do with seals

I can send u a cute pic of them or whatever. As a signal of adoption


I have a bunch more unnamed ones too, cause brain don’t work

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“Bah hah, go on n’ get kiddo. Sure there are plenty of lil buggers who need a biting, pfft.“

“Um. Every company dress funny? Don’t Dread friend need dress funny too?“

“Feheheheh, oh don’t you worry, I got myself a good ‘un! Something truly horrifying and disturbing..”


“Hmf! Well, Spooky not have dress funny though?“

“Oh, don’t worry, I picked one out especially for you!”



((Pixie, Dread and Spooky are at the party. Pixie is running around biting everyone. Dread is looking for scary looking costumes to treat the little ones. And lord knows whatever Spooky is doing?))

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I felt especially proud of this piece in particular. Charizard and Hydreigon are two of my favourite Pokémon and I just felt like drawing them together. I would have drawn Espeon too, which is my third favourite, but I wasn’t sure how to fit it into the drawing.

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Hydreigon often gets characterized as malicious and aggressive, even though its bouts of rage are often entirely out of its control. However, it appears that in ancient times, either Hydreigon were calmer or ancient people knew how to tame them, as there are many pieces of scripture depicting them as docile and even craving human contact. Currently the two prevailing theories are that either air or noise pollution has had an adverse effect on the population or that the ancient texts were somewhat exaggerating in order to intimidate other peoples.

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