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linkbetweenlinks · 2 days ago
Ok but the Zelda wiki says that Hylian people possess pointed ears to receive special messages from the gods themselves. And that this also includes sending telepathic messages to other Hylians across time and space. Can you imagine the Chain using this ability???
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tortilla-of-courage · a month ago
Can I just say that the Hylain Alphabet is weird. Like why I should there so many repeating letters?!? It makes it really confusing to decode if your starting out. I understand that it’s a fictional langue, but who thought it would be a good idea that X and I look exactly the same! It would be hard to read for the hylains to. TL:DR, The Written Hylain langue is Confusing. Thanks for coming to my TED talk
Yeah, for us it can get really confusing, and it makes it hard to decode stuff sometimes. But I'd guess the in-universe reason for the repeating letters and stuff is just that the sounds those letters make either just don’t exist in that Hylian or the repeating letters actually have a double pronunciation
Like, in SkSw for example, we have this "translation" guide of written Hylian to English:
Tumblr media
D and W, E and K, G and Q, P and T, O and Z, X and I. Those pairs share hylian symbols. 
So, retaking what I said above, this could mean those symbols have two ways to be pronounced, which isn’t totally unheard of? In many languages, like Spanish and English, the letter “C” can have both a “S” and a “K” sound, despite being completely different letters. In Spanish, “G” can have both an English-esque “H” sound and a normal “G” one. 
The opposite theory would be that, in the case of the letter shared by D and W, one of those sounds doesn’t exist in Hylian - which, if we listen to the ballad of the goddess sang by Zelda and Fi, could be W’s case, since that noise could easily be replaced by a u sound, that has a unique letter in the alphabet.
But there’s also a third possibility here... As much as Hylian’s written in English throughout SkSw, we know for a fact it’s not pronounced the same. Let’s take “Link” for example
Tumblr media
We know Link is written this way in Hylian, both because Nintendo confirmed the above translation of the alphabet, and because, in-game, we see Zelda wrote his name that way in the letter she sends to him at the very beginning:
Tumblr media
but we KNOW his name isn’t actually said “Link” in Hylian! - It’s actually “Madas”/”Matdas”. Fi says it all the time, along with the Hylian for Master: “Mari” (Mari Madas = Master Link). You can hear Fi saying his name in the very first cutscene with Link in it, the one the above screenshot is from
So, going from the written “LINK” and the spoken “MADAS”, the corresponding sounds for each letter could be something like this in Spoken Hylian:
Tumblr media
....i uh, got a bit carried away with this but the TL;DR basically is - Hylian might be written in English in some cases, and might be confusing since some Hylian letters share English ones, but that’s most probably because in Spoken Hylian the noises those letters represent are very different!
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5ecardaday · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild– Player Races
If you’d like to support what I do, find free pdf’s for my content, get insight into my design process, and get access to other exclusive homebrew content, feel free to check out my Patreon, whose link can be found on my page.
So right now I’m in the middle of a special “theme month” on Patreon, focused on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is the result of Week 2 of 4, player races for all of the major races found in Hyrule in the Age of the Wilds. In addition to these 6, there’s also an extra race that you can only see over on my Patreon! Plus, patrons got exclusive access last week to stats for the four Blight Ganons used as bosses in the game, as well as stats for Calamity Ganon himself. If you want the chance to use them in your own game, head over to Patreon and sign up for as little as just a dollar a month.
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mikaorangeart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This triforce swap AU still lives in my head rent-free, so I made this mini-comic thingy to satisfy the Urge To Create™
Finally, it's done! As with most of my high-effort comics, this took a huge amount of time and effort to make. It was a ton of fun, but also a massive pain.
The designs for the OG versions of these characters here were mostly based on their designs in Twilight Princess, though I changed a few minor details here and there.
By far the most fun part was doing the borders here! I based the details on Zelda's page on medieval illuminated manuscripts and Jomon pottery (with some cues from the Shiekah tapestries we see in BOTW), Ganon's page on Persian carpet patterns and Islamic mosaic art, and Link's page on Viking/Norse runestones.
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fdevitart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if in the next reincarnation, the Triforce pieces get swapped?
I imagined this unlikely trio of heroes some time ago, and I finally decided to post it here + some headcanons, enjoy!
Ganondorf “Gan”
Prince of the Gerudo tribe
Feels guilty and responsible for what his past incarnations have done and constantly apologizes for it
Little sibling syndrome
“Don’t do the thing!” *does the thing anyway*
Chaotic Good
A Jock
Ranger of Faron’s Forest, born in the village of Ordon.
Was born deaf: his townspeople gifted him a couple of magical blue earrings that function as hearing aids. Mostly communicates through sign language, but he picked up some words.
Animals, elderly people and children instantly love him
The Mom Friend ™
Lawful Good
A gentle soul
Heir to the throne of Hyrule
Struggles a lot with her abilities and the awareness of the potential danger of corruption
Can be a bit snobbish
Diplomacy 100/100
Worried 24/7
Neutral Good
A Fancy Lass
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taymatosama · a month ago
Miphlink is so good y'all. It hits all the tropes to make me feel invested:
Childhood Friends
Human x Inhuman
Separated by Duty
Separated by Tragedy
Blossoming Love (A.K.A not love at first sight)
Love beyond Life and Death
Lore-wise, it's probably the ship with the most amount of text and subtext backing it up, arguably even surpassing Zelink by a bit in this aspect.
It's a shame that it is not as popular as it deserves to be within the fandom.
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tortilla-of-courage · 3 months ago
The Hylian written languages are a mess, man. But it’s nice seeing how they vary and how that’d affect how the Links communicate. I thought it’d be fun to share this since apparently written Hylian isn’t like, common knowledge in the fandom. Might be useful for art or the alike maybe? not sure
(really long post so. under a read more it goes! TL;DR of what’s in here: talking about and showing the written Hylian in almost all Zelda games, similarities between some, brief appearances in other games, and what writing system each Link would use according to all of this (basing it on the LU AU’s Links, but it could apply to any other Zelda AU out there), plus me trying to Connect The Dots™)
Written Hylian jumps from English-based to Japanese-based then back and forth, so in theory they could also sound completely different between each other, but that’s another issue. 
Anyways, here’s a totally-not-messy timeline of the games with their respective written languages (note: when i say english or japanese, i mean english/japanese-based Hylian, except in Link’s Awakening where it’s literally just those languages)
Tumblr media
for convenience i’m gonna show and kind of explain each Hylian here really quick
First off, “English 1″, or the Skyward Sword Ancient Hylian alphabet
Tumblr media
The first one chronologically. The start of a language-evolution nightmare. Anything you find in SS with this can be translated to English simply by replacing them with the latin alphabet.
Then we have “Japanese 1″, or the most common Hylian syllabary (syllable-based language) across the games
Tumblr media
For some reason, Hyrule decided to switch to a syllable-based writing system all of a sudden and everyone said ok. With this one you can translate anything in Minish Cap, Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks to japanese. It can be a bit difficult because of a lack of distinctions japanese has (double consonants and half-sized syllables for example) but it can be done.
(As a fun note, this one can be found in Ocarina of Time 3D in the carpet of the Temple of Time, and in Square Signs! And also in Twilight Princess, in some of Kakariko’s Gravestones)
Then we have “Japanese 2″, in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.
Tumblr media
Alright still syllable-based. That’s cool. Though this one’s way more square-ish than the last one, and it’s missing some syllables, so it complicates translations. The missing syllables are the ones with the variation marks “Japanese 1″ had. So, for example, in this syllabary, “ha/ba/pa” are the same symbol.
Tumblr media
Going by the Fallen Timeline first, in A Link to the Past we’re shown a variant of Hylian that is referred to as “Mudoran”... which is gibberish, basically.
Tumblr media
As far as I know, there’s no visible Hylian or other in the Oracles games, but we can assume they’d speak/write whatever language Labrynna and Holodrum have.
Link’s Awakening seems to just... have English and Japanese. At the same time.
Tumblr media
In A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, we’re introduced to a new alphabet, “English 2″, which is also used in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity, often called “Modern Hylian”.
Tumblr media
It’s really similar to Skyward Sword’s Hylian, to the point of sharing many of its characters... except they’re all mixed up and/or slightly modified. 
Here’s a messy comparison between the two for funsies. You can technically crossread between the two but it won’t make sense for the most part. The only word i’ve found that’s the same in both is “NO”
Tumblr media
In Zelda I and II there’s no written language to be seen like, anywhere because of the game’s limitations. While we’re at it, Hyrule Warriors doesn’t show any distinct Hylian either.
So! Child timeline! Termina uses the same “Japanese 2″ syllabary as OoT. That one’s easy.
Twilight Princess introduces a new alphabet, “English 3″, that’s the most similar to the latin alphabet out of the others.
Tumblr media
TP’s many signs with this alphabet though seem to use it with English, Japanese, and/or gibberish. It really depends on where it’s being used. Most one or two word signs base it off english.
Also, this alphabet can be found in... Skyward Sword! Yeah, all the way back there. You can find it in the Sealed Temple and the Sky Keep (though it’s gibberish), as well as on one of the game’s covers:
Tumblr media
Then Four Swords Adventures, and all the games in the adult timeline (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks) use “Japanese 1″.
So. What does this mean for the Links, you might ask? After that stupidly long exposition text wall, I can finally go to that.
i’m basing these on the Linked Universe AU’s Links, but the info above could be used for the Links in any other Zelda AUs. For people unfamiliar with the AU, “Hyrule” here is the Zelda I/II Link, and “Warriors” is the Hyrule Warriors Link. “Legend” covers all the other games in the Fallen Hero Timeline, and “Four” is the Four Swords and Minish Cap’s Links. The rest I think are more obvious.
Sky uses “English 1″. He could, in theory, see Twilight’s Hylian and have the vaguest feeling of knowing it, but since it was on the doors of the Sealed Temple i’m not sure.
Four and Wind use “Japanese 1″.
Time uses “Japanese 2″. Like Sky, he could potentially see Four and Wind’s Hylian and think he’s seen it before, but since it was just on the carpet I don’t think he’d have paid much attention to it.
Legend and Wild use “English 2″.
Also besides “English 2″, Legend also knows Mudoran, English, Japanese, and Labrynna’s and Holodrum’s languages. Multilingual king.
Twilight uses “English 3″, and if he ever paid attention to the gravestones in Kakariko Village, might recognize Four and Wind’s Hylian too.
Warriors could use any of these tbh, considering the mess his game is.
I have no idea what Hyrule could use either. Probably English 2 like Legend? Something else entirely?
Sky, Legend and Wild look at each other’s writing like “oh that looks familiar :)” but when they try to read it it makes absolutely No Sense.
I’m pretty sure I had more points to this when I started this post but I seem to have forgotten about them and i’ve already spent maybe 6 hours on this.
Conclusion: Written communication isn’t really a viable option for the Links unless they teach each other their respective writing systems. Chaos ensues.
Bonus! Both “Link” and their nicknames in each of their writing systems (using “English 2″ for Wars and Hyrule as placeholders)
Tumblr media
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teneblog · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t dislike age of calamity’s story, but the marketing was very misleading so I won’t be getting the game at full price or firsthand. I do wish there had been an alternate ending to tie into botw, but reflecting, I think, both Links would envy each other in some way; because for what they both gained, they lost something in the process they didn’t know they could lose. 
“The grass is always greener on the other side”
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artisticazadia · 9 months ago
He looks so... smooth, like way too soft. But he's baby this way and I like it a lot !
The cloth/poncho thing is inspired by Revali's official scrapped concept, i simply didn't had the Cream motifs.
Tumblr media
It is a scene i want to write in my next chapters, where Revali exclude himself from the world for some times as he feels uncomfortable with the earlier events presented in my fanfic.
Zelda hears him sing as she obviously always seems to catch him on the spot, and she remarks that his singing is pretty good. Revali reaction is a soft yet confused "r..really?" And this is what this image represents.
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puppetmaster13u · 3 months ago
Okay so Grian's original skin was literally just link
You can see it in Evo. He can also time travel, like Link Then there's Skyward Sword, where the hylians bonded with Loftwings- giant birds- and lived in the sky Therefore From a lore standpoint Grian could totally be a Link.
There's also Wynncraft, which he was an admin of. Where he used magic wands, y'know, like in LOZ most of the time when you use magic. 
Link has also gone to alternate worlds before, such as in Twilight Princess, and also in Smash Bros, another point towards this. 
Now, this means something great: 'Evil' Grian is just Dark Link who hasn't had a good fight in a while and is down to cause some chaos. Or, both have merged into one. Who knows at this point. 
Now, even better. Think about this In a couple of the games, Link gets split into 4 links: Red, Vio, Green, and Blue. So by that logic, Grian is either Red, or, he can split himself into 4 gremlins. Which could cause a lot of chaos. 
Vio is shown to be the logical and analytical side, who doesn't hesitate to fake changing sides, and actually has done so. He’s the part that understands redstone to an extent, and will use that knowledge for traps. Green is the leader, the one who keeps everyone safe, and would kill if needed, though prefers not to. Red is the remains of childish innocence and is shown to be the magic specialist, especially fire magic. Blue is the angry one. The one who wants to break and wreck things. He's shown to use both bombs and a hammer. Perhaps a Ban Hammer from Grian's time as an admin? There was also some definite sexual tension at the least between Shadow Link and Vio, so take from that as you will. (This gives a chance for disaster bi Grian)
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