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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Looking at Watership Down fanart made me remember that one time I tried writing a Land Before Time fanfic with the backstory of Hyp. Instead of being all cutesy and stuff I turned it into Watership Down with dinosaurs.

I never posted it online. But here’s the first few paragraphs:

Rain poured out of the evening sky. An arc of lightning outlined coniferous trees in white, a loud crackling boom following behind. Water rushed down the steep stony escarpment, wind churning oozing mud. The air smelled of nothing, the damp hiding scents. 

Against the jagged steep hill a small creature, a gray lump, was making its way to the top. The dinosaur, only slightly taller than a modern red fox and as long as a human is tall, stepped carefully up the slick incline. 

The dinosaur was a Swift Foot (a Hypsilophodon foxii) and it was a mature male named Hysil. In his jaws dangled a small, kitten-sized hatchling. His clawed feet found niches and crevices which he used to climb. Working slowly, he left no room for rash decisions; the hatchling was the sole surviving member of his family. 

Along the south east, cries drifted like a melancholy sigh against the wind. Pitiful feeble squeaks were cut off by another relentless crash of waves. The island shoreline had turned lethal, ground filled with hidden sinking sand pits. Even the most stout animal of Hysil’s herd was ensnared; the air burst with another round of shrill distress calls. A call Hysil couldn’t afford to respond to lest he, too, become trapped and the big water swallow him up.

This inspired me to rewrite said fanfic into an original work.

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